My name is Destiny and I love having the name Destiny.
I like this name, honestly. Think about it, the word “Destiny” has a powerful meaning.
I honestly really don’t think this name is that bad. Here’s my honest opinion on the name Destiny:On a scale from 1-10, 0 being the worst, Destiny is a 6.5/10. I don’t see the name so much a stripper name, or even tacky, or ghetto. On the brighter side, it actually has meaning, and it’s not even the worse “stripper” name one could have. Desirée would be better in my opinion. However, Destiny is familiar without being common to the point you share a school with at least 3 of them. (Think Olivia today) It has a lovely meaning, and it has allure! I mean, since we wanna go that route calling names “stripper” or whatever (Which is not okay but I digress), strippers use certain names not only to protect their identity but also give their sexy alter ego a name to reflect it. Besides, my name gets called a stripper name quite a bit, but at the end of the day I could care less because I know there’s so much more to my name than just that.
I would love to have this name.
Not all emotions etc., are meant to be or translate well into proper names. A couple people have referred to it as such, but as someone clarified, it isn't a virtue name. Given every name in existence is made up, I always find it amusing when people refer to any name this way. If it hasn't been around in a previous century or decade, then it's a newer made up name, but that shouldn't be and isn't a legitimate reason to dislike this or any name. Personally, as a first name, I don't care for Destiny because it sounds silly. As long as it remains that way though, I also feel that with the right first name, it would make a nice middle name. I really like the suggestion "Destine" that someone made. I think it would make a lovely first name, as would Desiré / Desirée.Also, I very much agree with anonymous user 9/11/2015 who said "Don't respond to a dislike towards your child's name with an assumption about why any other parent chose any other name! That's just wrong!"
People who don't like the name "Destiny" being associated with strippers, cope.
I love the name Destiny. There are so many cool and incredibly beautiful potential stories that could lie behind the name.
“Don’t judge others by their names.” Do people not know what implicit bias is? You can look it up yourself if you don’t know. There’s always some judgement based on a name, so you don’t know what you’re talking about at all.This is a website where people share their opinions, and if someone has an opposing opinion than you, then you have to deal with it.This name is trashy, too popular in the ghetto parts of my city of the school I went to, and it sounds like a stripper name. There will be some who agree and others who disagree. If you don’t like opinions, then leave. This name is worst than Jada.
Wexfordvi3, Implicit bias is necessary as it helps human beings navigate through the world when making decisions. However, just like judgement, it can be good or bad. Social conditioning skews perceptions, good judgement and the ability to make and act upon rational conclusions. At least on the topic of names, it's very obvious to me this is the case with you. Instead of separating a name and looking at its individual qualities, your judgement is tainted by who it is you personally know in any social context who has and doesn't have a particular name. In your case, implicit bias causes you to make irrational, unrealistic conclusions, and why you would never make or be likely chosen for jury duty. The only Destinys I've been aware of are tacky and/or unintellectual Latinas but it would be irrational of me to assume every Destiny in the world falls into this category. Jada is a beautiful name, as is Danielle that another commenter incapable of good judgement referred to as "chavy". And, although newer and/or names that are more modern in their use, as are beautiful Nevaeh, Kaylee, Chanel and Cheyanne that an irrational Destiny ironically referred to as "modern tacky crap". As are also just as beautiful Madison, Ashley and Riley for either a male or female that the commenter who's under the impression these names are strictly boy's names is unfamiliar with the term unisex and how/when from a linguistic standpoint this does and does not apply.
I prefer to keep it a word and not a name! Kinda dorky, also like, what were the parents thinking? Their child doesn’t have a Destiny so they named them Destiny.
It's fine. I never understood the hate this name has received.The meaning is nice, it is spelled correctly. I don't get Destinee or Destineigh but I can't figure out for the life of me what is wrong with Destiny.To me it really fits into the Serenity, Cadence, Hope, Faith, Amity - category. Perfectly okay word name with a fine sound.
Destiny is an amazing name. My name is Destiny and l love it and don't hate or talk crap about the name just because you hear it a lot- that doesn't mean you have to crap on it. The name Destiny is unique and lovely, love my name.
Desmond and Destiny would make great twin names!
Geez so much hate on this name. Destiny is a nice name. It was rare when I was growing up, hitting popularity big time at the beginning of the 21st century. This is my niece's name, Destiny Rae.
I love the name Destiny, it's unique and beautiful not everyone is lucky enough to have this name.
Destiny is such a beautiful name. I have the name Destiny and I love it! I don't think there is anything wrong with the name Destiny. I know many people with the name Destiny (including me) who are not strippers. I think the name is very beautiful and I am very lucky/proud to have it.
I have no idea what haters are going on and on and on about. It is not ghetto, trash, tacky, flashy or trashy! It's very pretty, and uncommon, and beautiful and unique.
My cousin named her daughter Destiny and at 12 years old, she's a beautiful blond, goofy, funny, athletic tomboy. It fits her because she's Destiny and she's unique. I wanted to name my daughter Cassidy, which is Irish. I didn't do it because others said it's a stripper name... but now I realize, it doesn't matter. A name is a name. Also, women who strip are human beings too. There are reasons why strip clubs exist and if you are beautiful and can dance and make $$$$... good for you. They are our mothers, daughters, sisters... All the stereotypes and judgements are from close minded people.
I prefer Desta.
I associate this name with strippers, trash because of the Destiny's I met.
Destiny Rogers is an American singer-songwriter from Lodi, California. She is best known for her debut single, “Tomboy”.
I like it, especially spelled Destinee.
This name is simply too flashy.
Typical trailer trash name.
No disrespect intended, but this is one of my least favorite names. That is probably due to the fact it is so overused where I live, and has some negative connotations (which I won’t repeat because they aren’t very kind).
I prefer the variation Destine. Lovely meaning.
It's okay, but it's way too common where I live.
I guess it's like Trinity, but more uncommon, either way, not good.
I called my daughter Destiny as I was told I had fertility problems so she was destined to be here.
My name is Destiny and I hate it. It is a good name, but I prefer Delilah! ("/)
Like most "virtue names", it sounds corny.
Your name is so beautiful, anyone with that name (including Destiny bias) is so beautiful and means so much to me.
Most beautiful name ever.
Sounds nice.
Stop judging people by their names! I'm never going to be a stripper! The name isn't trashy, it's beautiful! I'm not white I'm Spanish so there ya go, you jealous people! I think every name including Destiny is unique and gorgeous! Ya better stop judging! Put yourself in somebody else's shoes! Nobody is making fun of your name so why make fun of others?
A nice name.
Destiny is a good name. I don't see anything wrong with the name called Destiny.
I used to think it was corny but now I admire it. What's wrong with being blatant and straight to the point, if it's expressing something meaningful?
Sorry, but Destiny is the quintessential stripper name. And to the commenter below me, it is not a virtue, smh. Thankfully, this name seems to be dwindling in popularity. It just isn't a good name for a person. It is the name of a great video game, though, so maybe that's some consolation!
I don't think it's corny. I think it is a very pleasant sounding virtue name.
Destiny is a lovely name.
It’s garbage.
I absolutely dislike my name! My name is Destiny and I hate it. Funny story- my biological father (I call him my sperm donor for personal reasons lol) changed my name from what my mom had originally named me literally an hour after she had given birth and was sleeping. My name was supposed to be Kellice and I completely love that name, but yeah. So if you plan on naming your kid Destiny, don’t. It’s a horrible name to have. It’s so annoying having to correct people when they misspell it or listen to all the terrible jokes or name callings that come with it.
I love the name, honestly. It doesn’t represent a stripper, strippers can have all names. Although, people find it funny to joke but in reality you sound stupid, just sayin'. If you got the name just like them, girl or boy, don’t worry, your name is beautiful, don’t change it for no ugly peeps.
Err... I used to want this name when I was a kid, but now I don't really like it. I think it's the pronunciation. Dest-in-ee. Don't like it.
This is my name and I get a lot compliments on how beautiful my name is. Someone here said that people think of a white trash stripper whenever they meet someone with this name, but that's just them being a judgemental, shallow human being. There are some names that I don't like but I would never judge someone for having that name or think of them as being white trash just because they have a name I don't like! Personally I think those of us with the name Destiny are very lucky because I love this name. :)
Destiny Chukunyere M.Q.R. is a Maltese singer from Birkirkara, Malta. She won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015, where she represented Malta with the song "Not My Soul". Chukunyere was born on 19 January 2002. She lives in Birkirkara and currently attends a secondary school in Ħamrun. Her father is Nigerian former footballer Ndubisi Chukunyere, while her mother is Maltese. She has two younger siblings: a sister named Melody and a brother named Isaiah.
I was also named Destiny Faith because my parents went through a difficult time financially, but chose to have me anyway. I graduated from university Magna Cum Laude, have spent over 4 years teaching and impacting multiple lives of children, traveled to over 35 countries before age 30, and am proud of my name. It is derived from the Latin word "destinare" meaning "to determine". I'm determined to live my life with meaning and make each moment matter, and part of this can be credited to my name. The comments about Destiny being a stripper name or having sexual implications are small-minded and stereotypes from conscious biases that exemplify judgemental presuppositions.
I love the name Destiny so anyone with the name Destiny, keep it up don't let people try to change you!
I was named Destiny Faith because my parents had tried really hard to have a kid, but my mom had two miscarriages before she had me. Sure, it's a little tacky and people like to crack dumb, repetitive jokes, but I think that reflects more on them than the name itself. Most people I've met usually comment on how pretty is, and I've rarely met anyone else named Destiny.
Stripper name.
This is my first name, and well, I hate it. It makes me sound like a porn star, I get too many "it's your Destiny" jokes, and I know for a fact it's going to sound juvenile and stupid when I try to get a higher-paying career. That being said, I'm not going to change it, only because of the story my mother tells me about how she came to name me. Doctors said that, after an accident, her uterus was too damaged to ever bear a child; but she thought it was Destiny when she became pregnant with me, so that's what she called me. A nice story, even if it is for a lousy name, so I'm keeping it for her.
Destiny is not trashy at all. It means more than a word for some parents and they might choose it, because it symbolizes something important for them.
I like this name a lot, I think it has a nice rythm and it will definitely age well.
Destiny is a good name and it's actually rare. There are many people in the world that are only focused on your education and future and not your identity. Albert Einstein was successful and his name is very unusual. A name is a name no matter what.
Have you ever heard of don't judge a book by it's cover?
I have to say I have never seen such ignorant and judgmental comments in life before regarding a name. Though my name is spelled VERY differently, the conclusions most of you have made to the name are just hateful and once again ignorant. How does somebody's name define them? If anything any other Destiny or in my case ( I know none other; Destahni) pertains to strong beautiful outgoing women. I am 22 years old. I have been working since I was fifteen years old. Never once a stripper or anything of such job titles. I am head of inventory after only working a year at a global company. Did my name get me this far? I think not. You people are idiots. Remember, only God can judge. Not a single person in this world has the right to decide whether or not a name, a person, or a person's actions is right or wrong. Open your hearts. Open your eyes and mind. Learn to be accepting even when you do not agree.
I am not very amused by all of these harmful things that you seem to call words. You all seem to think that people with the name Destini will become or grow up to be a stripper or someone with no education. I happen to be in all the honor classes that are offered to me. I have big dreams for myself that involve an Ivy league College and owning my own laboratory. Your name doesn't define who you are. I am proud to have my name and I am educated and in control.
My name is Destiny and I'm not uneducated at all. I honesty like the name not because it's the name I was given but because its meaningful and does not determine the individual given the name... in many cases people were given the name because of the meaning and that's how they should be seen... as someone who matters. Those who have not represented themselves well are who to blame- no one is the same. The word and name "Destiny" is nothing other than its meaning. Not trashy or slutty.
I'm surprised to find that nobody has called this name pretentious yet, because that is exactly how I see it. I personally don't believe in Destiny, so the meaning of Destiny has absolutely no significance to me. At that point, it doesn't matter if the meaning is beautiful. Also, I am not hating on YOU because I think your name is pretentious. Hating a name is not the same as hating a person with a name. Trust me, I like boys' names on girls, surnames for first names and boys' ending in -ayden. I know what criticism feels like. And to the person that said that people don't like this name because they probably have a name that has no meaning to their parents or whatever, screw you! Don't respond to a dislike towards your child's name with an assumption about why any other parent chose any other name! That's just wrong!
One of my old classmates has a young daughter called Destiny. I don't know, it's just one of those names that sound like the parents tried too hard with. I prefer more modest names, even if they're not unique as such.
People need to stop hating on my name. There is nothing wrong with the name Destiny. My daddy gave me my name and I hate when people say my name is stupid or it means something that it doesn't mean. The name Destiny is a very beautiful name, and if you don't think so too then there is something wrong with you, and if you pick on people just because of what their name is and you think you're better than them then you're a snob and nobody likes snobs except for snobs, so people need to stop hating on my name. It really hurts my feelings when someone says the name Destiny has a sexual meaning or something like that because it doesn't and that is stupid. I don't know why anyone would hate on you because of your name.
Why would be Destiny trashy? It sounds, looks and means beautiful. Yes, Desstyneigh is trashy, but what's wrong with the original form? I think it's rather adorable than unintellectual.
Aww Destiny, your name is beautiful. I named my daughter Destiny as well due to unfortunate tragic painful circumstances as well. Actually, I don't think they hate your name but hate themselves and the plain, non meaningful or stagnant name in which was graced to them by the parents that could not decide what would best describe what was in their hands.
WHY DO PEOPLE HATE ON MY NAME? I happen to be white... yes... and I happen to be country but not trashy. I'm a very respectable young lady and I am also educated... my grandfather named me Destiny when I was born because he said I was my mother's Destiny to get her life in order... she was going through a very tough time when she got pregnant with me and the whole reason she is still alive today is because I GAVE her a reason. My grandfather knew this... that is why he named me this.
I absolutely ♥ the name Destiny! It's a very pretty and respectable name for a girl. ツ I don't get why so many people hate it on here. I suppose it's because this is a word name? I think people should cut some slack over the name Destiny. Destiny is not trashy at all compared to modern, tacky, crap names like Nevaeh, Kaylee, Chanel, Cheyanne and Desiree. Overall, I see nothing wrong with this name. (^‿^v).
Ok, so my name is Destiny. I have had people make fun of me all the time because of my name. I have heard trashy, slutty, stripper, prostitute, and plenty more. But there is a reason my mom named me that. For one she was told she couldn't have kids. For two she about lost me, so that's when my strict non white trash non trailer park mother knew I was Destined to be on this earth I was her Destiny. And then you have my middle name, Jewel, which I am sure some of you idiots are just rolling around on the floor with laughter right now. It comes from my great grandma Blanche Jewel. She died from breast cancer. So why don't you get to know someone before you just judge them by their people what does that say about you? Destiny is a southern name and Jewel is too. I think that you people that think it is trashy or think that a girl named Destiny is for a girl that is completely illiterate. Please think before you speak because you sound trashy and illiterate.
My name is Destiny. Here are some truths about carrying this name. On the positive side, you will rarely meet anyone else with your name and your name is interesting and unique. On the negative side, your name gets picked on a lot. I dread introducing myself. Simply saying 'Hi I'm Destiny' turns into really bad pickup lines like.. 'You wanna be my Destiny? ;)' 'It must have been my Destiny to meet you. ;)' 'It must have been Destiny for us to meet. ;)' Sometimes just introducing myself people just start laughing. No joke. Also, I can't tell you how many times I've been sung 'You are my destinyyyyyyyyyyy' or how many times I've been asked if I was named after the girl group Destinys Child. Or how many times I've been asked 'Do you have children? Cause if you did they'd be Destiny's Child heh heh heh..' I'm constantly asked what my Destiny is.. I've had plenty of people refer to me as Density because of Back to the Future. I've heard plenty of comments about my name being a 'stripperish name'. Often asked if my parents are hippies. People either mix up your name with names that sound alike like 'Bethany, Stephanie, Desiree' or they go off the deep end and think your name is 'Trinity, Dynasty, Serenity.' I hope this is helpful. I personally wish I had a more normal name.
Geez, that's wonderful. Apparently, I'm to become a stripper, prostitute, and I'M WHITE TRASH! Fool, I am not even white. That's really fantastic. Er, one thing. I didn't know my future and my name was based on my ME! I am my own person, sure people with that name probably made bad decisions but so what! That's not me is it? I'm not Miley Cyrus, and I'm sure as hell am not a stripper. So thank you, really. I had lots of fun reading your nice comments. Totally made me like my name 10 times more.
I hate it, but not for the reasons you may think. Yes, it’s trashy, and yes, it’s a stripper name, but that’s not why (although a parent should be deterred by those alone...). Destiny is one of those crappy word names - what’s next, Kismet? Oh, please don’t tell me that’s a legitimate name. Destiny is a stupid name because for one, it puts pressure on the kid. Second, Destiny itself is contrived, because people need to write their own futures, not follow a predetermined route, which is what this is doing (again, are you intentionally setting your child up for being a stripper? No? I thought not). But if you like it, go ahead. Just beware of what people might (ahem, probably) will say.
I think it's nice, but when most people hear Destiny they automatically assume trash.
WAY too common.
My name is Destiny. :) I had fun reading the comments here. Personally I don't like my name very much, but 9 times out of 10 I get comments on how beautiful my name is when I introduce myself. People online just like to bitter about things, I guess. :)
Although this isn't my name, I think it's very nice. People who think it is a stripper name are being a bit narrow-minded, in my opinion. People tend to dislike names that are unusual like this one, but I think it's just unique. I think it sounds very sophisticated and elegant.
This is my name. I love my name. It describes how I am. Only some people with this name become strippers. This name has become popular. I hate how people label this as a Stripper name then everyone who has this name is a stripper. I am proud to say I am not a stripper or have I ever been one nor do I plan on being one. SO STOP JUDGING AND GET ON WITH LIFE.
I wouldn't say it was trashy... but... I can't ignore the fact that in the UK, this tends to be what chavs call their daughters. I'm not trying to bring anyone down - I just think people should know that because generally, if you don't know its slightly darker side, it's a nice name.
My name is Destiny and I believe it is a great name for a girl. I saw some of the other comments on this name and would like to say that I am in my mid-30's with a PHD making over 150k a year. I have never heard that this name is trashy before I read it on here and that is crazy. Everyone should have a daughter named Destiny!
Trashy, tacky, and ugly.
This is my first name. I don't really like it that much, but almost everyone I meet says it's pretty. The only time I've heard bad comments about it is here, and I can very well say I'm the exact opposite of a prostitute.
I like this name I think it's cool but it just has to be the first name of Miley Cyrus who I am NOT a fan of. So this tag totally destroys the name to pieces for me.
I like it, but since I met a stripper who goes by this name, I wouldn't use it.
A gorgeous name. This name makes me think of the 90's as a whole.
Kitsch! Kitschy! Sorry!
Don't get me wrong I've met really good people named Destiny but it sounds so trashy, I mean come on. I don't even like the word! I agree with the person who said this name was Slutty. No offence. I just can't stand this name. It sort of sounds like the name of a prostitute or stripper. It does sound like a stripper name though. Anyways it's extremely tacky and trashy.
BTW: I really don't mean to offend anyone.
I don't like this name. I don't think that all people named Destiny are strippers, but gosh darn it, it sounds like a stripper name! I think that it's perfectly fine if you like it, and you want to name your daughter this, but I just don't like it. BTW I'm not judging anyone by their name, if you walked up to me and said, "Hi, my name is Destiny." I would give you a fair chance like everyone else. I wouldn't write you off as a stripper, but that is what I think of when I hear this name.
This is a beautiful name! Pretty, nice, but still very simple.
Stray away from this, please.
I have a daughter called Destiny, although she is 10 she will never be a slut or a stripper and how can you say that just by a name. The name Destiny is beautiful and unusual and I don't live in a trailer.
I really like this name, but I think it's better off as a middle name or something. Like other people said, she probably won't be taken seriously once she's grown up, which would be unfortunate.
Simply naming your child 'Destiny' may not be enough to show how trashy and poorly educated you are. Why not name her DesT'Nee or Desstyni to really show them?
This is one of the chavviest girls names beginning with d, along with Debbie and Danielle.
The crème de la crème of the white trash names. I want to barf whenever I hear this name. That's how much I hate it. And it only gets worse knowing this is the first name of Miley Cyrus!
I don't see how people can judge a person from their name. Like someone else said I feel bad for the Destinys that are respectable women. And as far as my opinion goes I can see a grown woman with the name Destiny, it's a very pretty name.
This name is tacky and low-class.
I know some of you think it's a really cute idea to use this name, but just take a moment to imagine that your daugter will, indeed, live past the age of 17. Now, I bet you haven't even considered such a wild idea as this, but try to imagine that your daughter might even want to get a higher education, a well-paying job, and a high position in life. If this is, indeed, her name, it will make her seem somewhat uneducated, superstitious (the name itself is a clear statement of that), and immature, as it doesn't suit a grown woman at all. The name sounds like a tacky pseudonym, and it's not even original anymore. And, of course, if she somehow manages to become successful, she'll have to deal with prejudice and people questioning her competence simply for not changing her name!
Cheap, common and trashy.
I am not really crazy about this name, but it might work as a middle name with the right first name.
This name is really childish. I can't imagine a grown woman named Destiny.
For you Destinys who aren't the steryotypical person, I feel for you.
I love this name. I named my oldest daughter this. It is very common now. At the time it wasn't very popular. But she was my destiny, she was the reason I straightend my life up.
It's not a proper name really is it, a bit like Heaven or Honey, something made up to be a bit different.
I don't think Destiny is a name for girls who are strippers. I think it's a beautiful name.
Do you_want_your daughter to grow up to be a stripper? Do you? Then go right ahead and name her Destiny.
Only yokels name their children like this.
This name is the epitome of trailer trash.
Destiny, although pretty, to me is overused and it also sounds like a name for a fast and reckless girl.
It's very pretty. It is the name of a night club I went to once. Hopefully if you named your daughter this, she would be more memorable than my night out, but just as fantastic.
I love this name. When I have a daughter this will be her name. I have thought and thought about it and this name is very unique. I know no one who has this name and it's very beautiful.
Sorry to all who have this name. But it's pretty and all but it seems kinda slutty, sorry.
I don't really like the name Destiny, but it's far better than all the Madisons, Ashleys, and Rileys that were supposed to be boy names.
Something just does not seem right about this name. It sounds like a joke of some sort; "I'm your Destiny," "I hear Destiny calling," "Don't deny your Destiny," and it has sexual undertones; "I had an encounter with Destiny!", "Don't deny your Destiny", and this could go on. Don't you think that it sounds at least somewhat unsettling to name anybody (human or animal) after fate?
I can't stand this name. It's far too popular for something that sounds like it came from a soap opera.
Miley Cyrus, who stars in the Disney show Hannah Montana, has the real name of Destiny.
I really like this name, it's so beautiful!
Destiny Hope Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, is the star of the Disney Channel's popular Hannah Montana.
A famous bearer is Destiny, one of the Endless in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. Destiny is the oldest of the Endless and also appears in The Books of Magic.
Nobody seems to like this name, but I love it!
I think this is a beautiful name! Very strong.
It makes me think of in "Back to the Future" when George McFly was supposed to say "I'm your destiny" but instead says "I'm your density!"
This comes from the Latin verb "destinare" meaning "to make firm, establish".
I have heard of females named Destiny, but I have also heard of males named Destiny.

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