I’m English and I was born in 1964. My best friend all the way through school was named Hermione (there were actually a couple of other girls named Hermione at my school too). Hermione is not an unusual name in Britain - on the contrary, Hermione is a fairly common name in Britain, especially in England. I met quite a few Hermiones in Britain over the years before I moved away.

I retired a couple of years ago and moved with my husband to Greece and Hermione is a common name here. There is even a town called Hermione in Greece.

For any woman considering to name her daughter Hermione and is concerned about the Harry Potter association and comments about it, don’t let that bother you, the association is a positive one. The name was used by William Shakespeare in The Winter’s Tale which inspired J. K. Rowling. The name has a lot of history.

Older folk will also remember the famous actresses Hermione Baddeley and Hermione Gingold who co-starred together several times.
I love this name. I love the way it looks and the way it sounds. I don’t really mind the Harry Potter association at all. The sad thing is that I ruined the name for my myself, because now I can’t get Hurt-my-own-knee out of my head. I’m sad that I ruined such a beautiful name for myself, but if you love it, use it.
It’s kind of nice, but it reminds me of when I was a kid and my mum used to read Harry Potter to me and like most of the other names in those books we had no idea how to pronounce it. This name to us was always “Her-mee-on”. But we did at least have a good laugh when we realised how wrong we were!

So yes, while a nice name, pronunciation might be an issue for those not familiar with it.
I really like this name, the problem is there is too much of an association with Harry Potter.
Where I grew up in Jamaica in the 1980s, Hermione was a very popular name. I moved to England about 20 years ago and since then I've met 4 people named Hermione.

Hermione is a fairly common name in England, I am a delivery driver and I remember delivering to an address to a mother and a daughter who were both named Hermione a few years ago!
My name is Hermione and I was born before the Harry Potter series. Hermione is a common name in the UK and I went to school with three other girls named Hermione. The name Hermione has been used in the UK for a very long time and it got some usage in the USA when the two Hermiones from the UK - Hermione Baddeley and Hermione Gingold - moved to the USA and pursued careers over there.

Hermione is Greek in origin and the name Hermione is a very popular name in Greece.

Even today I am sometimes asked if I were named after Hermione Granger, but it doesn’t bother me.

If you like the name and want to name your child Hermione then go for it!
I love the character Hermione Granger. I love this name on its own too. It has natural beauty! I would name a girl Hermione for sure!
Our little Hermeyerny is three years old and everyone says this is a very beautiful name. We named her after Hermione Granger, the intelligent, beautiful and courageous character. We call her Meyer for short.
Tortured myself to watch Riverdale, kinda ruined this name for me.
I've always liked this name before Harry Potter and was upset that the name became over-popularized as a result of it. However, even Harry Potter is not forever, and the HP devotees seem to think that Hermione Granger is a pleasant enough association (I wouldn't know- not having read the series). I would still use this name. It's a beautiful, elegant, classic name. As for nicknames, I've heard "Hemmy," but my preference is to always use letters from the actual name to form the nickname, so I would spell the nickname as "Hemi." "Hemi" is already a known word/ prefix that is pronounced like "Hemmy" and means "half."
Name itself was lovely but I don’t want to name my cat Hermione because it is connected with Harry Potter and I hate Harry Potter.
I just wish this wasn't tied to Harry Potter. In my mind all I can think of is how horrible of a person JK Rowling is, but I love the name so much.
All I think of is beautiful and intelligent Emma Watson, so...nice name.
Let Emma Watson help You how to pronounce it
I don't understand why people with this name have to be associated with Harry Potter, before the series existed people thought it was graceful name. Now girls named Hermione get bullied for having weird teeth and stuff.
I can't believe the first Harry Potter book came out when I was only 6 years old. Wow, has time just flown by. I remember when "The Philosopher's Stone" was first published (titled "The Sorcerer's Stone" in the U.S.), and absolutely everyone was raving about it - but I was a contrarian little girl who didn't like to "go along with the crowd" so I stayed away from it. I believe I stayed away until "The Goblet of Fire" came out, and after the mega-press that received and being tired of being the only person in my friend group who hadn't read HP I was like, "All right, FINE! I'll READ IT!" So I read the first book. And then the second. And the third and fourth... I stayed with the series after other friends had abandoned it, loyal to the end. I even went to themed book releases. (And I even somehow managed to avoid "Half-Blood Prince" spoilers, so that blow really landed!) HP was a key component of my childhood.

Anyway, when I started reading the books, Hermione was a completely foreign name to me. It seems as though it was old-fashioned even in the U.K. prior to the books, or at least that's the impression I get. Harry and Ron, all right I've seen those names plenty of times. Draco is kind of cool, even though the character's a jerk. Neville is classic stodgy Brit (Neville Chamberlain being my main other association). "But what the heck is *Hermione*?" I thought. I even misread the name as "Hermoine" (her-MOYN, which is very bad) for years, before realizing the I was before the O! Haha - then I kept pronouncing the name as her-mee-OWN until the movies came out and the epiphany occurred: her-MIE-uh-nee.

This name is *very* attached to the character, true; but being attached to a fictional character is not always a bad thing. And the series certainly normalized a formerly very strange name. It would certainly be humorous if a real-life bearer wasn't studious at all!
Hermione is name of the day on August 21st, 2020.
This name actually reminds me of honey.
Hermione Farthingale, first love of David Bowie and ballet dancer.
Gorgeous name but I don't think I could ever use it without someone mentioning "Oh, isn't that like Hermione Granger, from Harry Potter?"
I love Hermione Granger! She’s the absolute best! She’s awesome and we all got to admit, it’s a pretty name.
Sounds very pretty but all I think about is Harry Potter.
I would not name my kid after a character in a fictional story, but I did like Hermione Granger. I was a huge Harry Potter fan until I found out JK Rowling was transphobic. Now that I do know that, I hate Harry Potter. As good a story as Harry Potter is, I will not read the books or watch the movies knowing that JK Rowling is transphobic.
We are all here because of Hermione Granger, let's be honest haha. Either way it's very pretty!
It's so pretty and Hermione Granger is the best!
My Grandfather named me Hermione because of The Winter's Tale. My middle name is Carlisle. My parents think it's too Shakespeare. But I totally love my name.
My friends call me Hermione because I love the character in Harry Potter and because I am so much like her in so many ways. I was always in the library during the day whenever I had free time and I would spend HOURS at my local library, reading through all of the books in the kids section until I was a little bit older to move to the Young Adult section. Anyway, Hermione is a smart and beautiful name. I want to have kids but I probably won't be able to do so. I will adopt a baby and if it is a girl I will change her name to Hermione. Don't hate me! Harry Potter's legend shall never die!
Nothing is wrong with using a name associated with (or even after) a favorable fictional character. If anything, it gives a good impression.
Think of the memes.
Think of all of the Harry Potter jokes the girl will get.
Ermione is also the name of an character from the Italian telefilm La meglio gioventù. In Italy it is a rare name.
Doesn't sound very appealing to me. Besides, it's too much associated with Harry Potter to use.
I love this name, it is one of the most unique names ever.
Cute, and works for all ages. It can flow well with most last names (Hermione Smith, Hermione McKinley, Hermione... well, Granger)
Quite a few nicknames, as well.
Though it is, undoubtedly, a beautiful name, there is the slight issue of human assumption. A vast majority of the population will automatically assume the child was named after the Harry Potter character, as, regretfully, few are familiar with the Shakespearean context. The Harry Potter books were thoroughly enjoyable, don't get me wrong, but as the name is so rare, association would be immediate and most likely permanent. But it is a lovely name.
Very beautiful and posh name. I imagine an eccentric girl who's unique in her own way and I love it. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I feel this name has potential like I wish I was named Hermione, I love the quirky sound and how it flows. It's just a very pretty name and Hermes wasn't that bad of a god, he's actually patron of the planet I was born in from what I learn from astronomy, which is Mercury.
I like the name Hermione for two reasons:

1) Hermione Granger is my favorite character in Harry Potter. She is a muggle-born witch, with lots of knowledge, and she is one of Harry's two best friends. She is usually described as "the smartest witch of her age" and very bossy... Lol

2) The name is unique, and I like how you pronounce it, especially if you say it in a British accent.
Also used in English language.
I like this name and would use mione pronounced my own or Mio pronounced mee o, as nicknames.
The name Hermione was given to 57 girls born in the US in 2015.
I don't get why people will not use a name because it's in a book or movie- their names are probably in movies tv show and books. My name is actually the name of a few characters but no one mentions those characters to me, not once, or picks on me for it. I would like to use this name for my daughter in the future because it means messenger of God and my first baby who died has the middle name angel which means messenger of God. And names existed before books, tv, shows, and movies so I would not worry about using this name because of a book. It's a very pretty name and Mya may be a cute nickname.
Love the name, but if you want to believe all the assumptions, that's your choice and no one will judge you for it. However, I think it's a beautifully eccentric name and fits right in with the rise of old names being brought back in to use!
Sigh, people seem to only associate this name with the Harry Potter series (which I am a bit of a fan of, but not a loon about it. For me, it's just a great read), and not with the mythological character or the Shakespearean character. But I would recommend that you overlook the associations and appreciate this elegant, somewhat unusual name. You can associate it with whichever source you wish (the daughter of Menelaus and Helen, the Shakespearean character, the brainiac witch of Harry Potter, the peppering of actresses with this name, etc.) Don't worry about the associations, and if you don't, she won't.
I love this name, I just wish it wasn't associated so heavily with Harry Potter (I hate Harry Potter). However, I don't think I would use it, even without the HP association. It just seems long and hard to pronounce (even though it's really not). I think a good nickname would be Mimi.
Pretty, but Harry Potter really did make it kind of weird to use, in both writing and real life. Even if you do name someone this because of Shakespeare, people are going to think you're way too obsessed with Harry Potter. At least it's a good character to be named after.

The nickname possibilities are horrendous. Hermy? No way. You could probably mutate it into something that sounds better, but it's not easy.
Everyone I know who read Harry Potter books always pronounced it differently, like Hermy-one or Her-mion-a or anything but Her-my-nee.
Famous for Harry Potter's friend Hermione Granger. It sounds 'Her-MY-o-nee' but in Korea, translator translated it wrong to 'Her-mee-on-neu'. It sounds totally different. I was slightly confused during the first Harry Potter movie, the sorcerer's stone, when I heard Hermione introducing herself 'Her-MY-o-nee' after I read the book in Korean. I think everbody who read the book in Korean would have. Anyway, I don't really blame the translator because the name Hermione was difficult and confusing to pronounce. Besides, in the interview, author J. K. Rowling heard this situation and said she preferd this pronunciation more. :p
Hermione is a rather long, ugly and awkward name - harsh, ragged and nagging, not pleasant to say and doesn't roll off the tongue well at all. And oh, the teasing... Don't say your kid should just suck it up because it's a beautiful name. And the reason it's okay to name your kids Harry and Lily is because Harry and Lily are considerably more common that Hermione. However, it means messenger and earthly - I think that's a lovely meaning!
I think the name Hermione is a very unique name. It doesn't matter if it is associated with Harry Potter or not; would people stop calling their kids James and Lily just because of this series? I don't think this would be the author's intention. I also like the way it is also associated with Shakespeare, because he was a famous writer. However, I might not name my child this not because I'm afraid they'd be prone to teasing, but I like to create more original names. After all, a name stays with you for life (assuming you don't change it) and should be something unique that you're proud of! I don't like it when other people have the same name as me, and my name is pretty common (yet I haven't met many people called it).
I think that it has a similar feel to Persephone and Penelope. I quite like it.
I have been researching literary names for my daughter, and came across Hermione. I didn't know it was a Shakespearean name, from a winter's tale, as I'd only read it in the Harry Potter series, and seen the films. I have read the comments above saying that I shouldn't name my daughter this because she'll get teased, but how, precisely? I genuinely don't see the negative association with such a positive, strong, intelligent, beautiful, courageous character as Miss Granger. And plenty of boys are named Harry, without effect, and the name Luna is also very popular nowadays, and her character could certainly be criticized! Looney Lovegood... But Hermione? And I like its similar sound to Harmony, which could be a nickname. But Mya, Mon, Mione, Honey, Hera, Mona, could also be nicknames. But Hermione is flowing to say, and I've never pronounced it wrong from the first time I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I will definitely be checking out a Winter's Tale. The Shakespeare link gives it literary historical value, whereas Harry Potter gives it modern literary appeal.
St. Hermione of Ephesus was a doctor and the daughter of St. Philip the Deacon.
I really like this name, but I'm not sure I'd ever use it due to pronunciation issues. I'd probably save it for a middle name.
BTW, in Greek it is pronounced er-mee-oh-NEE. Of course, I'd use the English pronunciation, but I do like how it is pronounced in Greek, too.
Hermione is a name that is too closely associated to Harry Potter. I love the character Hermione! However, I would not name a child Hermione because that kid would be picked on for having a name from Harry Potter.
Her MY o NEE.
Who cares if this is from Harry Potter? This is an awesome beautiful name!
I know a German woman of this name, so it's German too. She goes by Hermy for short, but I don't know if she went by that before she came to America.
Love the Harry Potter series and would use this as a middle name along with Sapphira. Still like Leyla Palmira Zainab better.
My name is Hermione, I'm a teen and in highschool. I don't get bullied at all, all I get is comments like 'what a beautiful name' and things like that. No, I do not hate my name, a name is what makes someone unique and I literally would NEVER change my name. My mum doesn't relate my name to Harry Potter as she found my name in the Shakespears Winters Tale and nor do I relate my name to Harry Potter since it's the same name, not the same identity. I do get asked if my mum named me after Harry Potter but I say no and say where my mum got it from. It's actually kind of cool being the only one in my old primary school and the highschool I go to now called Hermione out of 1000 and something people. Though some people may relate my name to Harry Potter it's not like the character Hermione was a bad character, come on, the most she's ever done is turn someone into a frog. Go ahead and name your child the name you want it to be. I personally wouldn't like to have a common name, and having a unique name just makes me want to be me even more. Don't be afraid to leave the flock of sheep. I don't really like following the crowd and stuff like that, hence I don't backcomb my hair to a nest, smoke and run riots in the streets like every other 13 year old I know does, and I think what gave me that extra bit of push to be myself is my unique name. A name can do a lot, especially for the good. Though this is coming from a 13 year old teens head, I do hope this has encouraged a lot of people. :)
I loved reading the last poster's message. My daughter is named Hermione and my husband and I have often had people comment on what a beautiful name it is. She is only 7 but she has never been teased at school about it and she suits her name perfectly.

To those wondering about a shortening, she gets called Mione (just the 'Her' bit dropped).
I really like this name, but please, oh please, do not name your kid this only because you like it on harry potter lol.
I don't really have an opinion on this name. However, you should just keep in mind that any girl with this name might be bullied and she might end up hating her name once she finds out where you came up with it.
To the latest poster: I actually have the same nickname thoughts as you! Hermione is absolutely gorgeous with the nicknames Maia and Mione (MY-oh-nee)! And I love Hermione Granger the character :)
People should just forget about the character who happens to be named this in a series of rather childish books and even forget about the Shakespeare character, and use the name because they like it. I like it and I'll use it in one of my stories because I like the sound of it, not because of a famous bearer, fictional or otherwise.
I've heard it pronounced a lot of ways, but my personal favourite is HER-mi-own-ay. And if people don't know how to spell it, I can think of several nicknames: Maya, Mia, Mione, and May, to name a few.
This is a good literature name so I would definitely use it.
Hermione is a name that brings feelings of nostalgia for me. It embodies almost everything I love, from Greek mythology to Harry Potter (yes, I am a Harry Potter fan!). I also adore that it has roots in Shakespearean literature.

Overall, this is a great name and it is on my list for future daughters. I prefer Hair-my-oh-knee/Hair-my-knee in terms of pronunciation.
Hermoine just reminds me of Hermoine off Harry Potter which is not a good thing.
It's a terrible name. I doubt anyone would like it if it weren't for Harry Potter.
JK Rowling has stated that she named her character Hermione because she imagined that her parents, both Muggle dentists, to be the type of people who enjoy outsmarting others by naming their daughter something long and hard to pronounce. (So no she was not "trying to hard," there was method in this madness. See I know Harry Potter and Shakespeare! :D) I think Hermione is a pretty name but obviously anyone that names their child this now is just asking for her to be teased. Maybe in twenty years when people still read Harry Potter but the movies are no longer current it will be cool. Hermione as a middle name or a pet's name would be great though.
Blech! I think this name is long, ungainly, and ugly. Seriously, combine the words- homley, germ, hermaphrodite- you get Hermione. (I was never liked this name for the HP book character either- JK Rowling was trying way, way too hard on that one).
In a couple of years, when the Harry Potter craze subsides, it might be usable again. But even the insufferable HP character put aside, I wouldn't like this name very much. Though easy to pronounce it's still quite the mouthful, and it doesn't have a very nice sound to it. (No offense to any bearers intended, of course.)
It seems that today most people associate this name with the character Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and while I admit to being a fan of the series and I had never heard of this name before that, I must also stress that, honestly, I don't care that this name is only associated with that series. I personally think this name is beautiful. Once you hear it pronounced, its really not all that awkward. Sure, people may have trouble with it when they have never heard it before, but once you hear its proper pronunciation it really makes sense. I think the name sounds soft, elegant, smart, and beautiful. And really, Hermione Granger is an excellent role model, one that I would be proud to be associated with. There are plenty of names associated with much worse things. I would definitely name my daughter Hermione, and if she gets teased, well I hope she realizes that the name is a good name, and has been a name before Harry Potter came out, and that Hermione Granger is a great character and there is nothing to be ashamed of for being named after her.
When I was six and my little sister was born, I really wanted my mom to name her Hermione. Partly because I was really into Harry Potter, even then, haha. I still think it's a really pretty name.
It is quite unfortunate that it is so closely thought of as "the girl from Harry Potter". Very unfortunate, indeed. And because of that sad turn of events, it really is not suitable for reality. Many names have come to be ruined by modern books, this is one.

The Harry Potter character is well-enough in the role-model category (considering she has a good head on her fictional shoulders, and decent morals if you ignore the wizard/witch part of it). Once again, I do not support the naming of real human children "Hermione".
Perhaps if the hype ever goes down... a possibility.
Excuse me, but just what, exactly, is wrong with someone being a witch? You mentioned that you think the charcter Hermione Granger has good morals "if you ignore the witch/wizard part". I know many witches, thank you, and they are wonderful people with very strong morals-stronger than many Christians I know!
Hermione is also mentioned in John Milton's Paradise Lost (Book 9). He is referring to the mythical Hermione, Cadmus's wife, founders of Thebes, who were turned into serpents when they went to Illyria.
Such a pretty and graceful sounding name! No doubt I think so because of Emma Watson, though. :)
Even though I'm normally not a fan of girls' names that begin with H, this name just stands out and sounds incredibly lovely to me. No, I am not a Harry Potter freak, but I don't think the connection really hurts the name. I also love the connection to Hermes, one of my favorite Greek Gods. I find it hard to believe a girl with this name would be teased, especially in the "unique" world we live in today. And, with Hermione, It's a little refreshing to stand out.
It's a pretty name, but I'd advise against using it on a child.
This is probably one of the hardest names to pronounce unless you hear it spoken (thanks, Harry Potter). But after I heard the correct pronunciation, it became one of my favorite names.
It's a lovely name and I would definitely use it for a child. I think it's cute and unique. Plus all the literary Hermiones (I've never heard of a real one) are absolutely brilliant.
A famous bearer of this name is British television and radio presenter Hermione Cockburn (b. 1973, Sussex, England). I also think this is a wonderfully lovely name. :)
Me and my sister give this as nickname to our little sister who really acts and looks like Hermione Granger! I don't always think of Hermione Granger when I hear this name even though I am a fan of Harry Potter as I know a little girl called Hermione as well.
Great name and great character (Hermione Granger).

Unlike many others, Harry Potter has made this name awesome for me. When I hear the name Hermione, I think: intelligent, witty, courageous, loyal, cute, and heroic.
This beautiful name, was the name of the day on 8-21-09 (August twenty-first two thousand-nine)! :)
In Czech Republic it is pronounced "Hehr-mee-awn-ah" (shortly).
It's a very interesting name for sure. There have been people by this name (i.e. Hermione Gingold) and there was a woman in one of the Batman series episode named Hermione.

As far as nicknames are concerned, I think Mimi would be cute, too. Or Hero, but everyone might say "heroin" instead, unfortunately.
I don't care what anyone who happens to have something against this name either because of Harry Potter or because they hate this name, thinks. I love this name. It is definitely one of my favorites and I would name my daughter this. It's not strange or weird, it's just unique and beautiful in its own way. It might be long but it rolls off your tongue. Despite the fact that probably one of the reasons why I love this name is because I love the Harry Potter series and J. K. Rowling's character Hermione. But how bad can it be? Hermione is an intelligent, witty, beautiful, funny, and adorable character. Almost everything I would want my daughter to be like. I mean, of course there might be a couple of jokes here and there, but it is up to her on how she can handle them. Hermione means "messenger" in Greek, and I absolutely adore this name!
Pronounced HER-ME-O-KNEE in Italian.
When I first started reading Harry Potter, I detested the name Hermione, but since I read a Winter's Tale- which is, by the way, a beautiful play- I've started liking it. It's not that I don't like Harry Potter- which I do- but it's Shakespeare's poetry that brings it to life.
I love this name; I had never heard of it before Harry Potter (although I am now reading The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, so two places now) and JKR's character is wonderful. It's beautiful and rare, and perhaps unusually having spoken to many people about it, I never had any trouble pronouncing it.
Hermione is usually associated with the book and movie series 'Harry Potter', but actually, what comes to mind when I think of the name is one of the minor characters from my favourite cartoon, 'Mike, Lu, & Og'. Hermione is a Cuzzlewit girl. (The Cuzzlewits are the people who live on the other side of the island that the show takes place on.) In the episode, 'The Three Amigas', Lu gets jealous when Mike and Hermione become friends.
I've seen that some of you, because of the Harry Potter character, wouldn't use this name on a child. I really think that it doesn't matter much, at least to me, especially since Hermione wasn't a bad character. She was very wise, and kind really, not a bad namesake at all. I would name my daughter Hermione, and intend on it. I find it beautiful, mythical, rare and sweet.
Hermione Granger is absolutely my hero! I would love to name my child this but it's terrible that there's really no good nickname. I suppose Hera is possible though. Hermy would be horrible though haha. Maybe Maya could be a possible nickname as well.
What's funny is I know someone named Hermione and she hates the Harry Potter series and school, and is very pretty with straight blond hair. People are always making Harry Potter jokes, so she has us call her Hilary, her favorite name.
A girl at my daughter's old pre-school was Harmione (with an 'a'). So if you like Hermione but don't want the stigma attached to Harry Potter, Harmione with an 'a' might be a better alternative.
It's a pretty name. I like it. I don't think I'd like it as a little girl's name, though. But it sounds gorgeous for like a grandma or something haha. :) If I could rename a grandma Hermione, I would. ;) hehe
I hadn't been exposed to this name until the Harry Potter books. (And for years I mispronounced it as her-mee-OWN!) Anyway, I think this name is absolutely stunning, but it definitely takes charisma to carry it off.
Personally I wish this was my middle name or something; it is very pretty and different. Although it is only popular because of Harry Potter.
Shakespeare is a very interesting writer with an even more interesting taste in names. Two thumbs up for Shakespeare!
Myna (or Mina) is a creative nickname for Hermione, but it just makes me think of myna birds. I much prefer Mione.
This was one of my middle names long before Hermione Granger came along, and I loved the name before I read Harry Potter, but after, I sort of refused to tell people that my middle name was Hermione because they made fun of me. I think it's a really unique name that people associate too much with Harry Potter and not enough with Shakespeare.
Jean Racine wrote a play called "Andromaque" (French for Andromache) in which Hermione (daughter of Menelaus and Helene) is a main character. Orestes is in love with her but she's in love with Pyrrhus who's in love with Andromache who still loves her late husband. In the end, Hermione asks Orestes to kill Pyrrhus and when he does, she rejects him (because he killed the man she loved), and Orestes becomes insane. Hermione has quite a temper in this play.

Before Harry Potter, Hermione was in France an example of a furious lover who becomes murderous when her love is rejected. People who know the name by this play aren't likely to name their daughter Hermione!
I think Hermione is a perfectly lovely name. I wouldn't name my kid this, but a character in a story, definitely! (In fact, I have used this name several times.) The only things that I dislike about this name are its associations with Harry Potter (which I dislike), and the fact that it is not easily spelled by some. It also doesn't seem to have many nicknames, but I think that Mina (or Myna, depending on how you would like to spell it) would be a nice nickname from Hermione. This is one of my favorite names.
Since I don't read or watch Harry Potter, I'm not influenced by any Harry Potter pronunciations of this name. I like to pronounce it her-MY-uh-NEE, although I know most people would say it her-MY-nee.
I hope this name doesn't become popular, as it will get old fast. It's not a terrible name, but I don't get the appeal it has to many people. I like neither the beginning nor the end part of this name. The only decent nickname would be Mya.
In 1945's film "Brief Encounter", actress Nuna Davey has a brief role (pun not intended) as Mary's cousin "Hermione". This is an example of one of the few usages of this name in the media.
The daughter of Helen of Troy and Menelaus was called Hermione. When Helen was kidnapped by/ran off with Prince Paris of Troy, she took Hermione's baby brother, Nicostratus, with her, but left Hermione behind. Interesting to wonder what Hermione was doing for ten years while the rest of her family was in Troy.
I love, love the name Hermione. It's such a classy, elegant, intelligent, and uncommon name. I would use it as a middle name, though, due to teasing because of Harry Potter. As a nickname, I think Mione (MY-oh-nee) is really cute. Hermy is horrible, though.
I knew a little girl who had been given this name before the Harry Potter books came out, and I can't help but think that she's going to be accosted about it for the rest of her youth. It's a fine name, but parents should probably wait for the Harry Potter craze to die down before naming a child this.
JK Rowling has heard several different ponounciations of this name, which she finds amusing: Hermy-own, her-my-nee, Her-mee-oh-knee, and her personal favorite, Hermy-one (XD, Star Wars flashback).

The proper pronunciation is Her-my-oh-knee.
I love this name! I think it is so beautiful, cute, and unusual (though very well known thanks to Harry Potter). I also love Hermione Granger! If I ever have a daughter, I will name her Willow Hermione. I think it goes together so well! Great name, I encourage people to use it!
I think it's a lovely name. I just recently read 'Goddess of Yesterday' abot a girl who ends up in the kingdom of Troy, taking care of Helen's daughter Hermione. When I saw the name, I was life, 'OMFG HERMONE!'
In the poem "La pioggia nel pineto" the famous Italian poet Gabriele D'annunzio speaks with a fictitious woman named Ermione (Italian version of the name), pronounciated er-MEEO-neh.
This name will be forever associated with Emma Watson.
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I love this name. I also love the Harry Potter usage and I would use it as a similar character in a flash.
Hermione is also the title of an autobiographical novel written by H.D. or Hilda Doolittle, it is actually written like HERmione. The main character is named Hermione Gart.
This is my grandmother's name. She's always hated it. Mostly because, despite the popularity of the Harry Potter books, many people still mistakenly call her Herman.
I read that Hermione means 'maiden of high degree'.
Harry Potter ruined this name for me. I like those books, but hate the character. Anyway, the name is beautiful.
British actresses Hermione Gingold and Hermione Baddeley (who, unfortunately, detested each other).
Hermione is a used in a story written by William Shakespeare. In the story she dies when she faints when her husband Leonates accuses her of loving another man. I read the twenty tales of Shakespeare and it is very good. I hope you read it.
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's youngest daughter is called Hermione.
I think this is a lovely name. I however would not name a child this.
I admit I like the character of Hermione Granger more than her name. I don't have very strong feelings about it. I like it, but I wouldn't consider naming a child Hermione.
I had never heard this name before Harry Potter but think that it is beautiful. I like names that you can make cuter nicknames out of though. What could you call a girl named Hermione? Hermy? Sorry, but ew!
The only thing that comes to mind when you hear this name is to me: HERMIONE GRANGER.
Hermione is a very original name and it is very beautiful. I think it just kind of fits with Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.
Cute name and kind of sad because it has only been recognized because of the Harry Potter fandom, or at least it seems like that.
A lot of people have left opinions about how they like the name Hermione, but it comes from the name Hermes, which means "cairn, pile of stones". I don't get it. But on the othe hand I do love the way it sounds!
Several characters in various Agatha Christie novels are named Hermione.
I like this name, but I feel inhibited in using it in my stories because of Harry Potter.
In Spain it is pronounced "Er-mee-ON".
I think it's such a shame that the beautiful unusual name of Hermione has become so over-used due to the Harry Potter books. At least the popularity has stopped people from pronouncing it as "Hermy-own".
J.K. Rowling cleverly led fans mispronouncing Hermione to know the truth. Viktor Krum (you Harry Potter fanatics like me know who I'm talking about) always pronounces it Hermy-own. It is actually her-MY-oh-knee.
A very pretty name, but I would NEVER use it because of Harry Potter. (I'm sorry, I have a problem with those books.)
I love this name. It's so pretty and rare. I'm glad it's got some fame; the last piece of literature it was in was "The Winter's Tale" and now, of course, in "Harry Potter.
Hermione is perhaps the female name for Hermes. It's difficult to pronounce and unpopular, but a good and very rare name. Famous bearers are the main character in Shakespeare's 'Winter's Tale' and of course a female leading character in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.
Hermione Norris is a well known British actress (played Karen Marsden in TV series "Cold Feet" and Carol Jordan in "Wire in the Blood").
It's a good name with a wonderful background, but I personally would abstain from naming my child this. People would make Harry Potter jokes about that child all her life, but if you want to put your little girl through that then be my guest.

Although it really is a lovely name.
I like this name, I used to like the character in the HP movies. Anyway, Shakespeare has good taste in, and I mean this in a good-natured way, odd, unusual, and interesting names for characters.:) I'm almost envious!
In Archie comics, heiress Veronica Lodge's mother is named Hermione.
I first saw this name in the title of a David Bowie song - Letter to Hermione - (he never actually sings it, so for years I mispronounced it). Then along came Harry Potter (which I'm a fan of, but still).
This is a very unusual name; I LOVE the emphasis on the last syllable, nEE. I like it better in literature than for a real person, though.
Same as Hermiona; daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, wife of Cadmus, mother of Semele and Ino.
I like Hermione Granger: Intelligent, quick, hard-working, book-smart, cool. Names related or relating to Hermione are:
Shakespeare, like Scott and Milton, liked the accent on the second syllable on the name: Her-MI-o-nee. :)
It is an adorable name. Very feminine. But it doesn't just roll off my tongue as easy as Bonnie, or Tabitha, or Danielle does.
Heavenly name! I love it!
I love this name. Not only is it in Harry Potter and the book that I am writing, it is from Shakespeare, and through that story the name means "rebirth". The character hid from her husband, and then was reunited with him when a statue of her "came alive" in the garden. In Harry Potter it means "Girl Power" and "Intellect" as Hermione Granger is a butt-kicking girl who is smarter than some of her professors.
Not only is this name a Shakespearean character, it is also a great, dark main belt asteroid. It was discovered 5/12/1872 by J. C. Watson. He named it Hermione after the daughter of Helen and Melelaus in Greek mythology. So think about this before naming your girl "great dark main belt."
I think this is a beautiful name. Both because of its modern use in Harry Potter and because of its use in Shakespeare, both very influential literature pieces.
I strongly agree that it's smart to use something Shakespearean. Although I wouldn't name my child Hermione. I'd feel so sorry for her and her teachers to try and spell that!
It is also the name for J. K. Rowling's lead female character in the hit series "Harry Potter".
Hermione Granger's middle name is Jean.

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