Gender Masculine

Meaning & History

Old Norse name, derived from the element hróðr "praise, fame" combined with either geirr "spear" (making it a relation of Hróðgeirr), herr "army, warrior" or varr "aware, cautious". This is the name of a legendary Danish king, the same one who is featured in the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf with the name Hroðgar.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesHroðgar, Hrothgar(Anglo-Saxon) Ruggiero(Carolingian Cycle) Roger(Catalan) Roger, Rogier, Rutger(Dutch) Roger, Rodge, Rodger(English) Roger(French) Roger, Rüdiger(German) Hrodger(Germanic) Rezső(Hungarian) Ruggero, Ruggiero(Italian) Ruth(Limburgish) Roar, Roger(Norwegian) Hrōþigaizaz(Old Germanic) Rogério(Portuguese) Rogelio(Spanish) Roger(Swedish)


Sources & References

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Entry updated December 7, 2022