Iris (with this spelling) is also a Portuguese given name, used alongside Íris in Portuguese. And, Iris is also sometimes used as a masculine given name in various languages, such as Portuguese (especially Brazilian Portuguese) and English, albeit very rarely. Some known male bearers of this name are Iris DeBrito (a Brazilian footballer), and Donnie Iris (an American musician).

I think this is a pretty, underrated and whimsical name.
Well, this is my name, so, right off the bat I like it. When I was little I didn't love this name, for a couple of reasons, like the fact that there aren't many nicknames, but when I started getting into Greek mythology and found out that there was a goddess named Iris, I started liking it a whole lot more. The fact that it means rainbow will forever be funny to me, considering that I legit dressed up as a rainbow for Halloween about a decade ago.
I think of an eyeball.. an odd name.
Such a gorgeous and wonderful name.
Never understood the hype about this name. The meaning is beautiful however.
Iris is a gorgeous name.
So pretty.
My best friend has this name, we sometimes joked about how it meant the Iris in your eye and the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Now, this name has special meaning to me because of her. I like this name and its Japanese version, Ayame.
I've seen this name on a boy. It was kinda laughable, but unique at the same time.
My friends in fifth grade nicknamed me Iris, although it wasn't related to my personality. (They asked me what my middle name was, but they said it was too complicated, so I said that it was complicated because it was Irish, so they agreed they'd call me Iris, like Irish without the H.) I still love the name, and I use it for many of my characters while writing.
Iris is the name of the main character in the sci-fi TV series "Better Than Us" (, an empathic android designed to be a family companion and guardian.
Iris a pretty name. I love how it means “rainbow” and is overall nice.
Please don’t do this to a poor child. I would absolutely hate being stuck with this name!
It's one of the most popular names in history I guess... and I really like the name. Like I can name my dog Iris the next time or a hamster.
Personally, I wouldn’t name my kid this. Anyways, I think the meaning behind Iris is lovely, and the sounding of it is okay. Wanna name your child this, go for it. :)
Also Slovene: [noted -ed]
My name is IRIS and for those of you that are thinking of naming your newborns Iris, IT IS A GREAT IDEA. I can not tell you how many times people have said how much they like the name. It also has so many meanings. It is modern and old fashioned at the same time. I love the flower and the color of the flower. In fact, there is an Iris purple color. I love that it is the name of the goddess of the rainbow (Rainbow meaning all colors all inclusive). I love the fact that it is the name of part of the eye meaning sight and vision. It is a GREAT NAME.
Iris Versari (12 December 1922 – 18 August 1944) was an Italian partisan from Emilia-Romagna who was decorated with a Gold Medal of Military Valour on 16 April 1976. In January 1944, Iris joined the Italian partisan brigade commanded by Silvio Corbari, fighting alongside him and also becoming his lover. Together, they took part to many brave actions against the Nazi forces. On 18 August 1944, at dawn, in Ca' Cornio (near Tredozio), the house where Iris was hiding with Silvio Corbari, Arturo Spazzoli and Adriano Casadei was surrounded by Nazi troops. Informed about their presence by a spy, the troops tried to break in the house. Although she could not move because her leg was wounded in a previous gunfight, Iris managed to kill the first soldier who entered the house. But then she realized she could be an obstacle to her comrades’ escape and decided to kill herself. Despite her sacrifice, Corbari, Spazzoli and Casadei were caught and killed. Her dead body, together with those of her comrades, was hung under the colonnades of Castrocaro Terme and then on a lamp post in Piazza Aurelio Saffi, the central square of Forlì, so that everyone could see them.
Iris Adami Corradetti (March 19, 1904 – June 26, 1998) was an Italian opera soprano, and latterly a singing teacher. Adami Corradetti was born in Milan in 1904. Her father, Ferruccio Corradetti, was a noted baritone singer at La Scala and other European venues, and a music critic. Her mother was Bice Adami, a soprano singer.
I love this name. :) It makes me think of flowers, spring and summer and the colour of the eye, which I think is a beautiful meaning besides the flower. Iris in Greek mythology is interesting too, and gives the name further lovely associations. I think the sound is soft and simple but beautiful. It's a name for any age, and any personality could grow into it.
I think it’s gorgeous! I’d totally use it one day.
The name Iris has really grown on me, I think it's beautiful.
I am considering naming my baby girl Iris, because I think it sounds very beautiful. I originally found this name on The Flash, but when I saw Candace Patton (The actor who plays Iris) I knew that who she played in the show was a perfect fit for her. To me, the name Iris means beauty, loveliness, and a rainbow amongst the clouds. When I read peoples comments about them thinking about the eye part, I think "It's not gross, because the Iris in your eye is the most beautiful color. That means the name Iris is beautiful." Please consider this name for your baby girl.
Quite unique. It’s nice.
Also Italian.

In 2018 were born in Italy 442 Iris, the highest number since national statistics (1999). This makes Iris the #87 most used feminine name for newborns in 2018.

In Italy it is pronounced EE-rees. [noted -ed]
Despite how old-style this name is considered, I actually really love it. Iris Diana is a personal favorite of mine.
I love this name! It was supposed to be my name until my father vetoed it in favor of "Nora", (I'm still salty about this) and I think it sounds nice and has a beautiful meaning!
Beautiful name.
I love Iris. I know it looks weird but it's a beautiful name.
Quite a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. I personally prefer Vaiva as a name meaning 'rainbow' more than this name, though.
Sister Iris is a character in the Ace Attorney video game. She is the daughter of Morgan Fey, the sister of Pearl, the cousin of Mia and Maya, and Dahlia Hawthorne's good twin.
My name is Iris (eye-riss) and I really like it! Throughout elementary school I was obsessed with learning about my name in my school library. Even now I still have a respectable amount of pride towards it. Most adults who hear it comment on how beautiful it is at some point while talking with me. I am the only Iris in my school and love that my last initial doesn't have to be said when being called on. It's only been misspelled once in my life and it's quite unique where I live (Eastern America). The only downsides are the lack of good nicknames that involve my name and occasionally being called Irish or Irie.
Such a pretty and interesting name. I'm always so surprised when I see a lot of "flower names" on here that are "rare use". I think a lot of them are so pretty. My best friend's favorite flower is the Iris (:
I didn't think that a name could bring so much hate- daammn... Well, where I live we don't say it like "ee ris" or "eye ris" instead we say "ee rish" and personally I really like the name, but I'm a bit biased since it is my name :) and also I'd like to clarify some of the people in the comments, I am not a hooker, addicted, child molester or any of those things. Names have NOTHING to do with your personality! Yeah... Who would've imagined, right?
Beautiful name. I've named my daughter Iris Hermione and it really suits her. It's an old lady chic name and a really refreshing flower name compared to the boring and childish Lily, Poppy and Daisy which are really popular here in Uk.
A little confused about all the negative opinions about this name... I think it sounds sophisticated and strong while still very beautiful. It seems to me to have all the qualities modern parents would want to name a daughter, so I really am scratching my head a bit over the negativity here. I say go ahead and use it, even if it probably will be very popular in a couple years.
Iris is a perfect, can't go wrong name. The rainbow meaning is heartwarming and I also really like the lettering. It just looks nice written down.
This is an ugly name? Only 22% voted this name bad. Maybe this name was at 10% before you guys started trash talking about the name and the ones who said mean things about the name were the ones who voted this name 12% more bad. So technically, this name was very very good at first but people loathe the name so much, not me. I think it’s cute. It makes NO sense to see a lot of hateful comments on a name with 22% hate instead of like a 50% or something.
I get the feeling that the same person left many of those negative comments. Weirdo.

I know it's on a speeding train to popularity right now, and I think Iris flowers are amazing, but I'm not that fond of the sound of the word Iris. Too sibilant. On the other hand, I think it's evocative of a person with style and creativity. So I'd never use it myself, but I don't have disdain for people who bestow it on their children.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Iris who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 759th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Ugly, terrible name.
Way more popular in Finland and Portugal, and with a different and even uglier sound.
Horrible. Don't name a baby after an eyeball part. Just DO NOT. PLEASE.
It was a name before it was a part of the body.
I don't get why people name kids after flowers, but I knew an Iris personally and she was never taken seriously one day in her life. She took her name too much to heart and tried to flirt with both men and women. She ended up getting arrested in a brothel in Texas.
Means a part of the eyeball, a delicate flower or a goddess of the rainbow. Kids with this name get teased, according to an Iris I know. Unless you're gorgeous, it's not good. Imagine an overweight gawky kid with this name.
Ugly name. Only knew one in my entire 60 plus years, so it is not popular for the reason that it is ugly. The prostitute in that movie with DeNiro hated her name. It sounds hard, harsh and ugly, good for a hooker, maybe.

Or a sound made by a sick seal.

Nauseating to the max.
If it is pronounced ERIS, this is the name of the goddess of hell. I cannot stand this name, no matter how it is pronounced.
By the way it was my mother's name and stupid people always called her IRISH.
I loathe the name Iris. Only knew one, and she was way before TAXI DRIVER, but still a prostitute at age 18. She was also an ex con, an illegal abortionist, a child molester and an actual MURDERER.

Though not Spanish, her first two names were Iris Monteze. Love the name Monteze, and Iris is a more common name in Puerto Rico and the PHILIPPINES.

By the way to some of us, flower names, with a few exceptions, are much cuter on dogs!
Iris is a gorgeous name. The meaning rainbow is so wonderful!
I named my daughter Iris! It wasn’t until after she was born that I found out that Irish is a very popular name (in places like the Philippines) and that she would be mistakenly called that with alarming regularity. Iris is, in addition to other things already mentioned here, also a part on an optical microscope. The Iris diaphragm controls the diameter of the beam of light entering the lens system, affecting contrast and focus in combination with other microscope parts.
Iris is the protagonist of the TV series Lolirock.
My name is Iris Rowita. This name is absolutely amazing.
It is the apple of the eye, the goddess of the rainbow and the most beautiful flower.
I really love my name.
I don't like this name on a person, but I do think of the beautiful song, Iris, by The Goo Goo Dolls when I hear it.
I absolutely love this name pronounced 'ee ris' rather than 'eye ris'.
I like the sound of and the uniqueness of this flower name! It’s on my list for a middle name!
Hurricane Iris of 2001 was the most destructive hurricane in Belize since Hurricane Hattie in 1961. Iris was the second-strongest storm of the 2001 Atlantic hurricane season, behind Hurricane Michelle.
Iris has a powerful meaning. The goddess, Iris, rode rainbows from earth to the heavens carrying messages to and from the gods to earth. She was a messenger goddess. Most people who have named their girl Iris that I know have named them because of this. No one who names their child Iris, names them for the anatomical part. That is like saying to all those boys named Matthew, who are called Matt, that they are named after a doormat, instead of "gift of God".
I've liked this name ever since I was joining a volunteer program, and the older student assigned to mentor me was named Iris. It's a special name and it reminds me of a helpful person who watches out for others.
I love this name and it's also uncommon as of now in 2017.
Also Modern Greek. Irida is the variant form, written Ιριδα. [noted -ed]
I love the pronunciation Eye-Riss however, I do have soft spot for 'I-Riss', 'Ee-Rees' and 'Ee-Riss'.
British actor Eddie Redmayne named his daughter Iris Mary. I think it's a pretty name.
I was called Iris Ann in the 50's after my mother who was Iris Mary, born in the 20s. She was called Iris as she was born at home in June, when Irises were growing in the garden and her grandmother suggested it would make a lovely name. I didn't know anyone else called Iris when I was growing up. The girls at school were Barbara, Christine, Linda and Lynn. I felt very miserable about having such a name for many years. Now in my 60s, I'm glad to have the name Iris. My mum always called me Iris Ann - I miss that. Hello to all you lovely ladies called Iris!
My name is Iris and I'm often told that I'm really cheerful! I get distracted pretty easily, but I'm really easy to make happy and I make other people happy. I don't know if that'll help anyone decide, but I don't mind either way! ^•^
I've actually seen this be used by an Isaac that uses it as a nickname. It's a cute little nickname. :)
I named our baby girl Iris. Before I did I read comments also on this web site and they helped me, mainly a long comment from a woman who is named Iris and loves her name. Iris is an archetypal name (old name with deep meaning and history), also it's rainbow and a flower. I think it's lovely for a small girl and it's a respectable name for an adult woman. I'm so glad we named our baby girl Iris, even if this name is so unusual, that in our country there is only 80 people with this name :). When we say this name, everyone loves it.
I have a Romanian Friend named Iris and I think it's a very sweet sounding name.
As a botanist, the smell of irises makes me sick. However, I find flower names very wholesome and interesting!
Iris is a character from a DC television series, "The Flash".
Given the fact that this name is very close and similar to another name (ISIS) I can't help but to hypothesize that this name will decrease in popularity. Plus, who would really want to be named after a part of an eyeball? After a body part.

I can definitely see ISIS getting off the charts really soon and if IRIS remains and stays relatively high on the charts, I'd be very surprised.
I first became enchanted with the name "Iris" when I discovered the beautiful and soulful music of singer/songwriter, Iris DeMent. Now my kitty is named after her!
I'm sorry to all you Irises out there, but when I hear 'Iris', all I can think of is Nerve, Cochlea, Sinus, and Tonsil. No flowery things here. Strangely, I would still recommend it to all of you people out there who need to name their child. :)
Iris can have two separate meanings. Much like the old English
name Spring. To bring forth and leap or the season Spring.
Iris, the pupil in your eye or Iris the beautiful purple or yellow
Bearded flower like tulip.
Iris is a beautiful, lovely name regardless of which way one chooses to pronounce it. We used a European sound to make a quirky American shortened nickname of EE-Dee, no "S" on the end, so we could have a formal and informal version of such a wonderful moniker.
This name is beautiful. Irises are my favorite flowers. Paired with the connotation of rainbow messenger Goddess, what more could be asked for? =) If we are having a girl, we like this as a second middle name.
There's a character from The League of Gentlemen called Iris.
My daughter is Iris Olivia. It took my husband and I forever to agree on a name. I loved the name as soon as I heard it. But when I found out Iris was one of the mythological goddesses who delivered messages from heaven to earth using a rainbow, I just knew it was perfect because she was a gift from heaven. She is 15months now and she fits her name perfectly. Her nickname is Iris the priss lol.
My daughter's name is Iris Marie. I had a hard time finding an awesome name my husband and I could both agree on. I am an optician by trade, and my baby sister is gay so the name absolutely has a very personal meaning. Plus, you almost HAVE to smile when you say the name Iris- :-). Iris is only 2 years old so she hasn't really had enough time to develop any opinion about her name one way or the other. She knows her name, and can introduce herself so that's kind of cool. Daddy and I are both kind of hippies so the name worked with our lifestyle too. I still haven't met more than 2 or 3 Iris's in my whole life, so there is definitely an element of uniqueness about the name. Love the history of her name, the meaning, just the overall simplicity of her name. Iris= "Viris"... That's a ridiculous connotation. The greater majority of everyone I've come across LOVES the name. Iris = Awesome!
Lemme tell you about my EXPERIENCE with being named Iris.
First of all- it's rad
Second of all- The compliments I get on it everywhere I go. Seriously. I've had people compliment my name after them just glancing at my ID in my wallet.

If you think names have to do with personalities... For me, I'm artistic, refined, a huge pain, a jack of all trades and master of none.

To me, Iris has been a goddess. The Greek goddess who formed the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth. But also a flower, coming in a rainbow of colors. Though people never seem to forget about the eye aspect, and I've gotten a lovely array of eye comments as well. The jokes get old fast.

In short; I love my name, and most of the aspects of it I find are more positive than negative.
This is very pretty sounding and I love the meaning of Iris!
The pronunciation of the name reminds me too much of "virus", thus not a fan.
My name is Iris. It is a flower, part of the eye and means rainbow in Greek, everyone I know would love my unique name that not many people have. If you do not like my name and think of it as the part of the eye, I don't care- at least it is the coloured part of the eye. The height of popularity for the name Iris is 1930 along with my friends Ivy and Isabel. A famous person with the name Iris is Iris Murdoch a famous crime writer. I absolutely love my name!
I don't think of the flower when I hear this name. I think of eyes.
We named our daughter Iris. We wanted something nice but uncommon, and not something we “made up” or just altered the spelling of… which I think can be ridiculous. (You know who you people are!) She’s eleven, and I expected that by now she’d be complaining about her name and possibly insisting that people call her by her middle name (Nicole), but so far she’s fine with it. It helps that people – friends and strangers alike – constantly affirm to her and us how “pretty” or “nice” her name is. We were kind of hoping we’d help spur a resurgence in its usage; it’s a perfectly beautiful name which, for whatever reason, is seldom used in America… at least when we used it. (To those who think it’s old-fashioned: compare it to names like Agatha, Agnes, Alma, Martha, or even the resurgent Grace, and it sounds cool, hip, and young.)

I very rarely think of the part of the eye or the rainbow goddess, and seldom the flower... I think of my daughter, and “a name for a girl.” It’s a name I gravitated towards after seeing it used in books and movies. Its most important use in fiction, for me, was the Jane Fonda character in “Stanley and Iris, ” a movie about adult illiteracy, which is a personal cause of mine. My wife’s reason for agreeing to the name is different: “It’s my favorite flower, ” she says.
The form "Iiris" has been more common in Finland since the forties.
Finnish pronunciation is usually I-ris. The form "Iiris" is always pronounced EE-ris.
I heard someone calling a child this in a store. I, at first, wondered why someone would name their child after a part of the eye. I think of that first before a flower.
I really like it actually, it sounds so sweet and subtly pretty. Whenever I hear it I can't help humming Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, it's a nice association though :)
Another interesting thing about the name Iris is that backwards, it is Siri. A fresh twist on a classic name, and great for twins.
This is my daughter Rosalie's middle name. It turned out to be quite hard to find a middle name that went well with her first name, but I think Iris goes perfectly. I would've even used it as a first name and had considered it for quite a while. There's something so sweet and innocent about this name, I can't imagine someone mean named Iris. It's suitable for all ages and is not very popular right now, I would recommend it if you like flower names but don't want something trendier like Lily or Violet. It's beautiful, whether it be used as a first name or a middle name!
Fourteen years with this name... and here's what I can tell you.

In my even younger years, I absolutely loathed my name. To me it was: Too short, not fun to say, had no nickname, wasn't as pretty as so-and-so's name, and most of all... NO ONE could pronounce it like my family could. (My family is Panamanian. They pronounced it as EE - REE - S. (E as in eat)) Last year in my first year of high school, I met TWO other girls with my name, and I was sure there were more. So the uniqueness factor went down the toilet. I never liked it as much as my middle name, which my mother told me was suppose to be my first name. My middle name being Anayansi, the name of a Panamanian princess and meaning "The Key To Happiness". Had my name been arranged that way my initials would have been A.I.M. as in AIM for your goals and never give up. Instead my initials are I.A.M., like the dog food. Excuse me as I sulk in a corner...

Eventually, I researched my name because it couldn't be that bad. I mean, its one vowel repeats twice and the two consonants that appear are in sequence like in the alphabet. Or that the recent aspiring Dragon Master in one of my favorite television shows, Pokemon, is named Iris! (Although, she needs major character development so people stop calling her a "Mary-Sue" or A fictional character, usually female and especially in fanfic, whose implausible talents and likableness weaken the story. I don't think she is that much of one, though.) But that’s not all what I liked about my name:

When I found out that my name was the color around the pupil in grade school, I would joke with my friends saying, “I see all!” while making binoculars with my hands. Creepy? Maybe, but hey, I was a kid! The Iris in our eyes are beautiful though. They come in many colors like brown, hazel, violet, blue, green, and even amber. Their purpose for to serve the human body is actually much larger than being pretty. The Iris is to regulate the amount of light entering the eyeball. They’re colored because were they to be clear and be in the way of strong sunshine, you wouldn't be able to see much.

Daughter of the marine-god, Thaumas the wondrous, and the could nymph, Elektra the amber, Iris was a goddess of the sea and sky. It was believed she refilled the rain clouds because the rainbow’s arc was often seen spanning the distance between the clouds and ocean. Most likely this is the origin of her status of Rainbow Goddess. She only appears in mythology running errands. However, she has no mythology of her own. In the book of the Oddessey, Iris was the Peace Keeper. If the gods argue or lie about something, Iris will get water out of river Styx and with water gods must pledge truth.

The following is copied by the website “goddess-guide”.

Iris’s Archetypes

The Servant:

The Servant Archetype reminds you to look at the masters and petty tyrants you defer to in your life.

Learn to let go of people or self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

The Shape shifter:

The Shape Shifter is a useful Archetype to have if you need to be flexible or perform lots of different roles.

The shadow side asks whether your chameleon like tendencies reflect a deep insecurity and inability to commit to any particular path.

As a flower...
I am royalty that symbolizes power and majesty.
The Egyptians placed me upon the brow of the Sphinx and the scepter of their kings. My three blossom leaves were identified represent valor, wisdom, and faith.
I appear in many colors. Each color has its own meaning.
Blue I am hopeful, faithful. Purple I symbolize wisdom and compliments. Yellow I am passionate and have eloquence. When I'm white, I'm pure. Yet, overall, I am known to be kind, wise, brave, trustworthy, hopeful, and admirable.

I love my name because it is unique in meaning. I have a friend who's prettier than me, smarter than me, and everyone likes her better than me. Her name is Katherine, simplified as Katie. It means pure. Not only do I have that meaning, but there is so much more. There aren't many names like Iris, from what I've seen at least. My name is wonderful, and I wouldn't trade it for any other name. Not ever.

Also, people have been telling how they picture a girl named Iris. I would describe myself as the website TV TROPES describes "Shrinking Violet" and "Dark Magical Girl". For those who don't want to look them up or can't, here's me in a nutshell (copied from the website "Tv Tropes"(dot)org):

Shrinking Violet [What applies to me]

Painfully shy and quiet, the Shrinking Violet is the withdrawn character, usually but not always female, who walks through the school hallways with her head down and wants nothing more than to blend in with the scenery to avoid all attention because she believes that her presence is worthless or unwanted. Often The Quiet One. Expect her to apologize a lot.

The reasons for her (lack of) self-confidence vary, but they usually include intimidation (or bullying) by the popular ones, or being the youngest and more sheltered daughter in the family [which I am], or in more dramatic cases, a personal event that convinced her that the world would be better off if she just shut up. In other cases, the Shrinking Violet actually manages to avoid the brunt of fights or taunts that more vocal outcasts take, presumably because she's so quiet that she might as well be invisible.

Some Shrinking Violets will accept their status, but be plagued with that nagging feeling that they can be more than they assume. Other Shrinking Violets will hate their crippling insecurities and want to reach out to others, but be paralyzed by fear of rejection. Unlike The Snark Knight, they didn't choose to be alone, but feel powerless to change it. They may even harbor a secret crush on a popular male classmate, or even on a male classmate who frequently gets picked on, which they, time and time again, cannot spit out. Prone to blushing.

One advantage to being the Shrinking Violet is that, being outside the viciously popular circle, the few friends she manages to make are the loyal, lifelong ones who'd give their right arms to help a true friend in need. Which they will, because the Shrinking Violet is invariably of the sweet-tempered, delicate type who makes a great friend and a lousy criticism taker.
In the end, the Shrinking Violet will always find her inner beauty and strength with the help of her newfound friends, or lover, Grew A Spine and blossom into a mature, self-confident woman who would make her parents proud. Well... not always. But generally. Sometimes the shy exterior remains towards strangers, and it's only the new friend (and the audience) who gets to see the wonderful person inside. The Beautiful All Along discovery is optional but highly recommended.

A male version of this trope may be treated as an instant Butt Monkey for everyone to martyr, or just called out as an emo (unlike the female one, who is so sympathetic that yelling at her or even beating her up is akin to a MAJOR offense for her friends). [I am a girl.]

Dark Magical Girl [What applies to me]

A young girl's greatest fear isn't monsters. It isn't evil. It isn't even death. No, her greatest fear overshadows all of these.

Her greatest fear is to be alone.

Normal Magical Girls have a good relationship with their family members, they make friends at school—they may be a little dim, but that's okay, and this all translates into the magical ability to defend what they love from external threats.

A Dark Magical Girl doesn't have that. For her, Parental Abandonment is not funny or convenient. Her parents are absent at best [My mom was a single mom taking care of six kids while I was in elementary school. If I didn't see her in the morning, I didn't see her at all that day. Then in sixth grade, she got a new boyfriend and spent all her time with him. A lot more things happened, but I don't want to get into it. Long story short, I was miserable if I didn't have my friends] and abusive at worst, and though she's smart, she can't understand why her life has turned out as it is. She doesn't have real friends or exploits past the academic (if she goes to school). This is because she either doesn't know how to communicate socially or she's already lost her friends and wants to avoid making new ones, the loss of which will just bring her further pain [Painfully true.]. If she seems outwardly creepy, it's another unfortunate reason people avoid her, which only leads to her being further perceived as evil or otherwise abnormal.

She doesn't want the Magical Girl's pity [a.k.a Katie], but the MG usually tries to reach out to her and gain her friendship regardless. A Magical Girl symbolizes the triumph of virtue, justice, and The Power of Love. A Dark Magical Girl asks if there is redemption and salvation for the cursed and lost.

Dandere [I almost forgot.]

A dandere character is one who is normally quiet and silent, possibly to the point of coming across as emotionless at times, but will suddenly become talkative and sweet and cute when alone with the right person if they manage to push the right button to get them to pour their heart out, revealing that they're actually just shy.
A dandere will be more or less a normal person, but, will not talk unless spoken to/required to. They will avoid talking because of their shyness, but if need be, they will speak. Also, a dandere tends to feel more power in numbers. If they're with a group that they're comfortable with, then the shyness factor of said dandere will very likely decrease if another, unfamiliar person is introduced at that time.
The name comes from an abbreviation of 'danmari deredere'. 'Danmari' means to be calm or to shut one's mouth up all the time, while 'deredere' means lovestruck.

That's one Iris personality. I'm also very artistic and was amazing at math, emphasis on the "was". I love Biology, Animation, Broadcasting, and English. I'm a writer and reader as well. That's it. Being an Iris is actually cool. If you name your daughter (or son, if you wish) this name, make sure you pair it with an awesome middle name like mine, okay? Hehe.
It's a pretty name, like the flower, but a bit unpleasant to say. Like squash undiluted, the strong s makes it a bit harsh on the throat.
This name is fantastic, it's way better than Rose. Since everybody uses the name Rose as a name filler this is a nice, unique and flowery middle name.
Iris West Allen is the wife of Barry Allen, the second Flash, the aunt of Wally West, the original Kid Flash and third Flash, and the grandmother of Bart Allen, the first Impulse, second Kid Flash and forth Flash. Wally also named his daughter, Iris West II, the second Impulse, this, after his aunt.
Iris Chase is the fascinating narrator in Margaret Atwood's historical fiction novel, The Blind Assassin. She's telling the story as an older (and wiser) woman, of her girlhood and marriage in 1930s and 1940s Canada. She's a doozy of a character and that's what makes me like this name--even though I think the name itself has an eternal charm that trendier names don't.
This is a beautiful name, and I love the flower, too. I don't think of it as part of my eye; just as a pretty, graceful name.
Iris is the name of a character from the most recent season of the Pokémon anime. She is a user of Dragon-type Pokémon.
It's also used in Norway. The pronunciation is EE-ris.
I really like it, and such a nice a meaning. Maybe as a middle name.
As a horticulturalist, I really like the flower Iris germanica, and the name always reminds me of this beautiful flower. It's probably one of my most favourite flower names! :)
Iris is the name of the Greek messenger goddess who travelled to Earth on rainbows. Personally, this is one of my favourite names, and being a Latin student who has to study a lot of mythology, I think of the Greek goddess before any flowers or movie characters.
There is an Italian opera called "Iris" written by Pietro Mascagni. It is set in Japan but the lady of the title is killed by being thrown into a sewer.
I like how subtly girly this name with most aspects of the meanings.
It's pretty, but I just can't get past the Taxi Driver connection. Why would you name your kid after a child prostitute?
Iris from "Taxi Driver" is not the first impression most people get. At least I don't think so. I mean, it's not like the name Iris is in the same league as Lolita.
Seriously, what name has a more beautiful meaning?
Iris can mean this:
Or this:
Iris is an absolutely gorgeous name. I love it.
I like this name. I don't hear it often, that's what I like about it. Also I picture a girl, quiet and kind.
This is my nan's name so I always think of it as being quite old-fashioned! Her name is Iris Rose, which I've always considered very beautiful. I would consider passing it on to a child, but probably as a middle name.
We had friends who named their little girl Iris. So classically beautiful. We also know an Iris of the older generation. I think Iris would make a very sweet middle name too.
Gorgeous, but in an untraditional way. :)
There was a children's show called "Professor Iris" or "Iris, the Happy Professor" on television when I was younger.
As a flower name I see it becoming more popular. I've also seen an increase in the popularity of boys' names ending in 's' (Jonas, Elias, Titus, Matthias) here in the US, so I believe that popularity will extend to Iris eventually. So she isn't the next Emma, that is fine. I liked that name until everyone jumped on the bandwagon.
The Latin pronunciation is EE-ris.
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is ee-RIS.
Iris, the rainbow goddess, was also the messenger of the gods.
EYE-ris sounds tacky to me, I prefer it EE-ris (the original Greek pronunciation).
This name is quite pretty, and not as trendy as Lily or Daisy. Maybe I would use it.
Iris is Mr. Holland's wife in the film, Mr. Holland's Opus.
Iris is relatively common in Sweden. It was trendy in the 1910's and 20's. Now it is becoming popular again, in 2008 it ranked # 81 for newborn girls. Iris has a name day on February 10th.
Maybe not the best to use in English-speaking countries, but still a striking, awesome name. Oh and there are a lot of complaints about it being a flower name- well Rose and Lily are flower names too. I don't like those names, but I'm saying that you probably don't complain about those.
Slimy and serpentine like Isis. I don't like it.
I love the meaning of this name, it's lovely. I wouldn't give a child this name but I have named a story character Iris.
This name is magnificent. It is unique and beautiful. When I have my baby girl within the next three years, I will definitely name her Iris.
Also used in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. Iris would be pronounced ee-rees.
I really love this name, it's so simple and beautiful. I first heard it in 'The Holiday' and Kate Winslet's character is called Iris. Definitely my favourite flower name, I just love it. I'd definitely use this in the future.
Iris is the name of a goddess in Greek mythology. She was said to have painted the rainbow. I think this is not only a beautiful story, but a beautiful name.
I like the flower, but this name sounds so harsh to me!
It looks pretty on paper, but I don't care for the sound.
I don't like the name Iris because it reminds me of the colored part of your eye. However, I do like flower names.
And in French it is pronounced ee-REES.
Used in Spanish. [noted -ed]
Also used in France. [noted -ed]
Used in Spanish, Hebrew, and Portuguese and pronounced Ee-rees (EE as in eat.)
I absolutely loved this name in my teens. The name is very pretty, and it has a certain old-fashioned charm to it. I'm not generally crazy about names ending in 's' or the 's' sound, but this is a nice enough name. It's cute, but not too cutesy for adults. Still, it's too common for me to use it.
I never knew Iris meant rainbow. How lovely.
Actress Renée O´Connor & Jed Sura have a daughter Iris Sura-O´Connor, born 19th March 2006.
I've heard it pronounced EE-rihs. It sounds better in my opinion.
I love this name, it's different and pretty. I love names like that!
Iris was the main character in the book Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.
I too dislike flower names. Maybe it's because we've always named our animals flowery names (Petunia, Daisy, Lily) I wouldn't name my child Iris, but if the parents truly like it, that's their business.
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
I usually dislike flowery names, but this isn't all sickly and overbearing. It's short and funky.
There's a movie with Jane Fonda called 'Stanley and Iris'.
Iris reminds me of a very pretty flower and a girl who is nice, quiet and out going in her own way. I do not think of it being a body part at all and I think it is an awesome name.
To me, naming a kid Iris can be compared to naming a kid Nostril, rather than other flower names. Haha, but I like the name Iris, and I won't rag on it being a body part. It's a very pretty name, with a very pretty meaning.
I love this name! I think it sounds so pretty and cute!
So pretty and refreshing!
I love the way the name Iris sounds, but I would never name anyone this or any flower name for that matter becuse if you name someone the name of a flower then what does the name really mean? It's the same as naming someone dandelion or tulip.
In the movie "The Holiday" (2006) Kate Winslet plays a woman named Iris. Oddly enough, Jude Law plays Iris' older brother, and even odder, in reality Jude Law's daughter is named Iris. Personally, I love this name. A good first name or middle name.
There is a novelist named Iris Johansen.
It's not a bad name but I wouldn't use it. Actually the first thing I think of when I hear this name is the iris in your eye.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Iris here:
I love irises, the flowers, but I could never give a child this name. It's kind of like with Peony: like the flowers, dislike the name.
Iris is Irish without the h.
"Iris" could have a nameday on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) - the day of flowers and willows (the names of the other trees also have a nameday).
Also used in Portuguese as Íris. [noted -ed]
Jude Law's daugther is named Iris, also Renee O'Conner has a girl named Iris.
Rissy is a good nickname for Iris (I've seen it in the Cheney Duvall MD series by Lynn & Gilbert Morris).
Iris is also a name of a song by the Goo Goo Dolls.
Iris is the name of Jodie Foster's character in the film Taxi Driver.
Very popular name in the Netherlands. In Dutch, we pronounce it as: EER-is. [noted -ed]
A famous bearer of this name is novelist Iris Murdoch.
In French, Iris is also a blue/purple flower.

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