Lmao my name is Jada & people find that attractive at my school. I am also mixed and it’s a beautiful name it means gift, wise, and beautiful woman, so for all the people hating, calling it lower class, please stfu. Don’t be mad because your name or your mother who blessed you with it DIDN'T give you a pretty name. Don’t judge people by their names when you don’t know them luv.
From a girl who’s mixed and named Jada it’s not even that bad, and I feel like the reason why people comment this stuff is because their name is ugly- THAT'S why I say to never ask opinions because trust me, they will give you THEIR opinion and it’s not even ugly, tacky, nor ghetto, it’s better than any other name that starts with a J for girls, EVERY NAME IS BEAUTIFUL IF YOU WANNA PICK THIS NAME GO FOR IT NO NEED TO ASK ABOUT PEOPLE'S OPINIONS.
I mean it's not horrible but it's kind of ugly.
I actually really like this name, it's pretty. Jade is a good nickname. To those saying it's "middle class and trashy" it's actually a really beautiful name, especially the Arabic meaning:
This is my deadname. It's okay I guess, I don't like it at all really. But I think it's really pretty on some people. A ton of people think it's associated with stupidity and the lower-class, however that's blatant racism and it appears on a lot of common ethnic/racially stereotyped names. This name definitely can sound confident, intelligent and absolutely wonderful at times! I just personally don't like it on myself. Some of my nicknames from it are Jay, Jade, J-Baby, Kisses (from the rapper,) Ada and Jades, gem and jewel sometimes too. If you plan on naming a kid this, don't feel discouraged by the comments. Go for it!
Hate it. Never should have been a name.
It's kinda pretty. I think it could grow on me.
My name is Jada, and I hate it. I'm glad my teachers gave me the nickname Jade (and I didn't even have to ask). I can't wait to change my name from this monstrosity to something that fits my personality better. Some would probably say it's a waste of money to change my name from Jada to Jade, but it would be better than to have Jada as a name. Not only that, but I knew about SIX (6) other girls with this crappy name. I hated it since I was 8 or 9 years old (I'm 18 years old now).
Jada is decent at most but I much prefer Jade.
Jada is a nice name.
Okay, yeah, I'm definitely not a huge fan of this name either. However, I do not think that it's "tacky" or "cheap" at all. Actually it's far from that. It's way better than a bunch of other modern names like Destiny and Nevaeh. I prefer Jade, but I will stand up for Jada.
Jada sounds alright, but it's very common where I live. I prefer Jade.
A pretty alteration to Jade.
Jada is pretty, but I prefer Jade. Contrary to some ignorant comments, it's not a tacky or trashy name.
This is a very nerdy and ugly name. I HATE IT.
I saw this on the page for Juda and figured it could also relate to Jada: derived from Arabic جاد (Jada) "to be excellent".
My name is Jada and I've actually met plenty of people named Jada. I've met black, white, and even a little hispanic girl with my name and I've also met a few Jade's. Anyway, for the people saying that Jada is a trashy, middle class name, that is not true. As a matter of fact, it is stupid to suggest something like that before you even meet a person just because of their name. That's stupid.
Pretty name. Don't think I'd use it but it's always nice to see.
My name is Jada. I think I'm a confident young lady. I plan to be an actress. Looking through these didn't change the way I see myself. I know that I am not tacky. I love my name and I wouldn't change it for all of the money in the world. And that is coming from someone who is younger than 15. All of the Jada's are beautiful.
Wow, so many judgments of the people behind the name, how do you know what kind of person Jada is until you meet her/him and get to know them? Everyone has a bad name association, but that doesn't mean everyone with that name is the same. There is probably someone out there with a bad association of your name, do you want to be judged because of it? I like the name because it has all the initials of my 4 immediate family members. It's a personal reason, but not judgmental.
My name is Jada and I'm trilingual, on my way to college, I've written a novel about the concepts and struggles of morality, and I'm also a fairly talented musician. I don't appreciate people assuming that my name is lower-middle class at best. While it is not a traditional name, I wouldn't call it a trashy name. I've never really liked it, but I refuse to stand by and watch it be ridiculed. It could be worse. I could've been called Dixie Rose (I really do appreciate my mother for saving me from my father on that one).
Jada is not a tacky name or cheap. My name is Jada. How would you like it if your name was Jada and people were calling you tacky? Many people named Jada are all different. Some are girls some are boys. Out of all the Jada's I met they are all very creative.
Okay so my name is Jada and I wouldn't want to change it for the world, it's not tacky or cheap or loose, and my best friend's name is Jada and we're both confident, funny, smart, active and creative girls.
It looks as though it would be pronounced JAH-da, like the Italian equivalent of jade, Giada. That doesn't mean it should be spelled jayda or jaida or something crazy though. That just makes a cheap and tacky name even cheaper and tackier. This is basically the female version of Jayden. Enough said.
Though I am sure many parents who have chosen Jada think of it as a variation on "Jade", its origin is different. Jada Pinkett Smith was named after soap opera star Jada Rowland, and Ms. Rowland was named by her jazz fan father after the song "Ja-Da" with its line "Ja-Da Ja-Da Jing Jing Jing". Ms. Rowland therefore rhymed her name with "Prada". However, she wasn't quite famous enough to have radio or TV announcers who knew how her name was pronounced mention her often, and most of her fans, including Ms. Pinkett Smith's mother, assumed Jada rhymed with "Ada" when they saw it on the credits of "The Secret Storm", the show which made Ms. Rowland famous. So the name goes back to jazz nonsense syllables.
Belgian tennis champion Kim Clijsters named her daughter (b. 2008) Jada Elle.
Wow! Surprised to see so many people calling this name "tacky" and "lower middle class"! Maybe it's because I'm not part of the generation who used the term "jade", but though I happen to prefer Jade to Jada, Jada is still a nice name. The first time I encountered a woman named Jada was my second semester at college--just a few months ago, actually. She was a senior (graduated now), and she was a brilliant writer and visual artist (ceramics being her specialty, I believe). Very talented, smart, and sophisticated--but humble too, not arrogant or pretentious. Thanks to her, the image I have in my head of "Jada" is an intelligent, charismatic, creative, and precise woman. And also, thanks to the Jada I knew, I can only see this name on blonde girls/women now.
This name is simply beautiful!
Well, with your hand on your heart: do you see highly educated, economically successful, intelligent people name their daughter Jada? Of course not. This is a lower middle class name at best. I'd hate to be a woman named Jada, as the name isn't very mature either.
It's so tacky.
Nope. Cheap and tacky.
Jada is a beautiful name. Jade is a beautiful stone. Not to be referred to a cheap women. I never heard that before nor does it make me view the name any different. This is such a beautiful name. I love it. I picture it on a classy beautiful women or adorable little girl. A sophisticated woman like Jada Pinket Smith. She definitely is not cheap. It is a beautiful and lovely name. I may possibly use this name on a future daughter.
I think this is a terribly cheap and tacky name to give a girl, mainly because many years ago "jade" was a term used for a cheap, tacky, and loose woman. True, many people may not realize this, but I think there are enough literate people out there who do. The only woman I've ever known to name her daughter this happened to be cheap, tacky, and loose herself, so maybe that has colored my perceptions!
Such a beautiful sounding name. I like it much better than Jade.
When I first saw this name, I didn't like it. But the more I think about it, the higher it climbs on my favorite name list now.
Jada is the name of Neal Morse's daughter. Neal Morse is a musician (Christian and prog). When Jada was a small baby the doctors found a hole in her heart. Neal's wife, not nearly as devout as Neal, took Jada to the church and asked God to help her, and Jada's heart healed and she's doing great today.
Jada Pickett-Smith, the wife of Will Smith.

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