I dislike all Kirsten names. Christina and Christine are excellent names and the ones parents should choose, instead of Kirsten and whichever other similar names.
I prefer the KEER-stin pronunciation, as KUR-stin sounds like curse.
Sounds beautiful and charismatic!
Love my name. It's not a super taxing issue to have people mispronounce it. I'm not that vain and typically don't notice. Close friends have always been more offended and tend to correct people who mispronounce it. But by all means, listen to the haters. I'd love to keep it as unique as possible!
Please listen up. Get it right please lol.
It's not supposed to be pronounced KEER-STEN, or like kier-sten either.
It's better pronounced as it's spelled, KIR-STEN, but at the same time remembering not to make the letter "I" sound sharp or make it sound like an eeee.
Take the word, KIT for example, the letter I is pronounced the same in Kirsten.
Lovely name but people will confuse it with Kristen.
With 45 700 bearers, Kirsten is the 16th most common feminine given name in Denmark (2014 Data).

I love this name, it's so pretty and unique. Kirsten is one of my favorite names.
I hardly ever hear of anyone with the name Kirsten. I first heard of it from Kirsten Dunst, and she must've formed the first impression of the name for many people - cool, kind of indie, and very blond/Nordic/Northern European. It's manic pixie dream girl (MPDG).

I've seen the occasional 50-something named Kirsten, and they don't make the name seem all that desirable. I really like the way the name looks, but the most common pronunciation, "Keer-sten," seems very pretentious and elitist.

The Kirsten Larson doll (American Dolls) was released in '86, about a decade before Kirsten Dunst was known to the masses. They chose a pretty simplistic first and last name, and both end in an "en" sound. I always have a problem with first and last names sounding too similar.

I have mixed feelings about this name. It sounds/looks cool, but also seems pretentious, at least in the US. Maybe in Nordic countries it's just an ordinary name, without the exclusionary pretense it seems to have in the US.
Prefer Kristen. Dislike the "keer" sound, it sounds a little whiny.
I would use this name if it weren’t always missaid and mispronounced like Kristen.
My name is Kirstyn and I love it! Out of all five daughters, I am the only daughter who my mother named - my father named all of my sisters! My name is pronounced "Kier-stin" - think "pier" or "ear" - yes I get a lot of Kristen and Kerstin sounding pronunciations - but I am used to it. Besides, I find that when someone makes sure they say my name correctly - it's easy to know who really cares when they take the time to remember and practice the correct pronunciation. I rarely meet another Kirstyn - and if I do - I don't think I've ever met a Kirstyn with my spelling. I love the name meaning - "anointed", "Christian." I will occasionally go by the nickname of Kira - only by immediate family.
This is also a Scots form of Christine:
Also Swedish, German, Finnish

Pronounced: SEHS-dən (Danish), SHISH-tehn (Norwegian, Swedish), KEER-stehn (Finnish), KIR-stən (English)

Meaning & History: Danish and Norwegian form and English variant of CHRISTINA.
A lot of people may mistake this for the name Kristen. Kirsten is just strange to me.
Ok... this is my name. I don't like it very much. I would like it more if my name wasn't always pronounced Kristen or K- EER -sten. Mine's pronounced K-UR-sten.
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York is a famous bearer of this name.
Lovely, authentic name - but any Kirsten will be condemned to a lifetime of hearing "Did you say Kristen?".
Kirsten Haglund was Miss America 2008.
I love the name Kirsten and the way it sounds, it's modern and strong, but I dislike its meaning. I also hate the fact that a lot of people often make the mistake of saying "Kristen" instead of "Kirsten". I like Kirsten's sound more than Kristen's.
Kirsten Bishop (1963-2014) was a Canadian actress who voiced many of the female villains in the English dub of Sailor Moon.
My ex husband's name is Kirk & we named our daughter after him in 2004, Kirsten. Pronounced Kur-sten like her dad's name, Kirk, is pronounced. Ironically, my name is Christie & I just saw that Kirsten is a derivative of Christina & Christie.
The name Kirsten was given to 120 girls born in the US in 2015.
Love the name and all ways it can be said. Feminine and yet still strong. Not often that I come across this name. My daughter is named Kirsten and she regularly received compliments on her name.
Ugly, ugly, ugly! I hope it never makes its way back onto the U.S. charts.
I like this name. It sounds Viking-like, despite its meaning. But it's a shame English-speaking people very often pronounce it either like "Kurse-ten" instead of saying the 'i' correctly (as in "in" or "dim", instead of as a "u" or "ee"), or "Kristen" :(
This could be a pretty name for a girl, but it's hard not to notice that KIRSTEN is an anagram of STINKER, so I probably wouldn't name my daughter that. If people don't notice that, then I guess it's okay.
I'm pretty sure this name is also Swedish, because the American Girl Doll who bears this name is Swedish. American Girl generally does their research and it seems unlikely that they'd pick a non-Swedish name for a Swedish character. I don't know for sure, so if any Swedes want to correct me, feel free.
Kirsten Flipkens is a famous tennis player from Belgium.
Sound: 5/10
Spelling: 8/10
Uniqueness: 7/10
Overall: 20/30
Result: Average
Just my opinion
I like this name pronounced both ways I guess, although I have to say I definitely prefer keer-sten. Its much prettier and classier than kur-sten... That kind of sounds like someone mispronouncing Kristen.
My name is Kirsten. I introduce myself as 'CURSE-ten'. If I wanted to be called 'KERs-tin' My name would be Kierstin.
I really like it, in any pronunciation. I hate that it's getting popular, and that it's so close to Kristin, but it's still a good, strong name for a girl.
Years ago I knew a Kirsten who pronounced her name "Share-sten". I thought the name was beautiful and still do. So far on this site I only see one other person who mentions this pronunciation.
I used to like this name, but every time I say the name it makes my throat hurt! It's almost like it's a tongue twister name!
My name is Kirsten, and mine is a Danish name, pronounced Keersten. I hate being called 'kursten'. It sounds so ugly to me. I love my name though, it is fairly unique, and couldn't imagine being called anything else!
My dad is Danish and named me Kirsten and that side of the family pronounces it 'KYEER-sten' (the 'ky' sound like the 'cu' sound in 'cute' almost). Everyone else calls me 'kur-stin' or *cringe* 'kristen'. I prefer it said like kyeersten because I find it to be much less harsh & masculine sounding.
I think the Kier-sten pronunciation is much prettier. Kur-sten makes me think of "curse".
I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not at first but it's kind of grown on me. I prefer the pronunciation kur-sten.
Kirsten means "Little Follower of the Lord."
Kirsten Flagstaff was a famous Wagnorian Opera singer who died in 1962.
My name is Kirsten and it is numerously said wrong. A LOT of people say my name wrong like KEER-STEN or they call me Kristen! I feel very strongly against this. I love the name Kirsten though as it is not a common name. Well, I know three people in my whole entire school with the name Kirsten, and one of them is me! This name is not original and is femininely passionate and lovely!
It's a pretty and cool name despite the meaning. It doesn't sound very nice with the KUR-sten pronunciation, though.
This is my name, and I don't really like it. Either I get compared to Kirsten Dunst, or my name gets mispronounced! [I pronounce it ker-sten, by the way.]
In Norway, where this is also a common name, it can be pronounsed as KEER-sten or as SHEER-sten.
Kirsten Flagstad (July 12, 1895-December 7, 1962) was a great 20th century Norwegian opera singer.
Name of the moment, I predict the next Jennifer. Shame really. Though personally I know know one Kirsten, and she is lovely. Hollwood names like Kirsten (Dunst) and Keira (Knightly) are rapidly growing in popularity.
Love this name---and both pronunciations.
Kirsten is the name that most women in Denmark have. Earlier it was almost overused.
I like it pronounced KYER-sten.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Kirsten here:
I knew of one Kirsten and she pronounced it KUR-stin. Then the other person I met one day her name was Kiersten and pronounced it Keer-sten.
I think that the name Kirsten is quite harsh but it is femimine and can suit lots of people.
A famous bearer of the name is Kelly Rowan's character, Kirsten Cohen, on The OC.
I think Kirsten is a very pretty name, not fadish which makes it even nicer.
In Denmark Kirsten is pronounced as KIER-sten.
In my experience, Kirsten is mispronounced quite often. Some people say "Keer-sten" while others say "Kur-sten." So it is very common for a Keer-sten to be called Kur-sten and vice versa. This can be slightly annoying, but I've learned to deal with it. Just as long as no one calls me Kristen (which also happens a lot, and is more annoying than the mispronunciation, because my name is clearly NOT Kristen!).
Kirsten Dunst is a famous actress.
My sister's name and she pronounces it KER-stin.
Kirsten is a pretty name. It seems though that most girls named Kirsten are brats when they're young. Hopefully the Kirsten I know will turn out pretty cool -- someday.
Kirsten Larson is the original pioneer-era American Girl doll.
Kirsten form a book I was studying is a female name. It means the annointed one or one of God.

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