A good middle name would be Phillip.
Wayyy too basic and popular for my liking, and you get mail backwards, so yeah.
I like it as a nickname for the name "William" (in my opinion). But it's a good name and that's why many people like it. Simple, short and powerful. Still, I myself prefer it as a nickname not a name.
Too British. Don’t understand the popularity here. Its growth rate grew too fast. Reminds me of oasis.
Looking at the hate comments of the name Liam just makes me want to cry. I'm not named Liam and I also LOVE this name! I think it is a wonderful name and that Liam can be a perfect name just by itself.
I don't really like it on a boy that much and it's mail backwards... I like it on a girl tho!
In 2014 I gave birth to twins and my son I named Liam Thomas. I named him after my Irish grandfather and I still love his name! He was diagnosed with autism in 2018 and has overcame large barriers. He went from being 100% non-verbal to now having a very large vocabulary, he's learning new things everyday, he is very curious, loving.
Why are people hating on this name for being too common? Why would so many people be naming their sons this if it was a bad name? In my opinion, it's handsome and attractive.
This name is great even tho it's very common. I have a relative named Liam and during my time as a CIT at my camp, there's been 3 Liam's that I've seen already. Also to the guy that said Lincoln is a good middle name for someone named Liam, one of 3 Liams' bestfriend's name is Lincoln. Same with the other one you put on there, Liam Adam. We have a Liam, a Lincoln, and an Adam.
I know that it's #1 for baby boys right now, but I have never met anyone with this name. I know of the celebs, but I don't actually know them.
I think Liam is a pretty cute name.
Wow, I didn't know Liam was such a hated name. I think it's cute, much better than William. I like both, however :D.
Not my favorite... makes me think of a mommy's boy.
Some middle names:
Liam Lincoln
Liam Ivan
Liam Adam
Liam Mahklouf.
This name is everywhere. One of the most uninteresting names. Plain and common. William is on another level. Classic; historical and charming.
Liam, Liam, Liam...People say it's common and boring, but I think it's a cool name. It makes me think of "lime" for some reason.
It looks chopped, like there's something missing. Oh--there is! The Wil that belongs in front of it.
It's really common and honestly I can't get the appeal. William is so much better.
Holla! Guys, Liam is a perfect and very unique name! Such a strong and lucky name. You don't need to stress yourself to find a perfect name to name your son.

Liam is the right name for your son, trust me.
I prefer Lia.
Liam is an adorable and cool name >w< I understand people think this name is overused, but at least in my country, it's not as common as William or other popular foreign names such as Kevin, Nicholas, etc. Maybe that would be unique for parents who want to name their son Liam. Of course parents can name their child whatever name they like; all up to them.

So I will name my future son Liam and he would get some compliments when people asked me about his name. It will come to hilarious question like...
Q: "Liam... is his full name William?"
A: "No, just Liam!"
I agree with Clara from below. In my home country of Ecuador, this name is considered exotic and uncommon. My husband and I have chosen this name for our little one because of its rarity over here. Granted, in the States it might be common in some areas, but probably not as common as say, for example, a John or a Joseph.
Thank you for agreeing with me. I live in Indonesia and this name has never been used before. Again, I've only met boys named William and no Liam.
Boring and overused.
It’s okay but it’s getting really common.
I never met a Liam before. I think it's a nice sounding name. It's a YES for me.
I don't know why this name has gotten so popular. It's a NICKNAME for William and now all of a sudden it has become a first name only. Just use William please! (I also adore the name William)
I also hate this name, it’s boring, William is wayyyy better.
Honestly, this is a boring name. William looks a lot more mature and sounds also stronger. Liam looks like a short form of William, but just boring as a full name. Really nothing much interesting. Just boring.
Liam is a beautiful and adorable name. I understand why people say that the name can only work on little boys but think about it y'all. Basically all the Liams right now are under eighteen, when all these boys grow up then it will become a common man name as well.

Just saying.
I rate Liam 2/10.

It is an overused nickname. However the most important thing is that it has an horrible sound in my opinion.

I much prefer Will. It is sunny, friendly and dignified plus the word 'will' has its own meaning in English.
I think it's boring.
Why not name a child William instead of Liam? It's getting so popular, and if you choose William, you can still call him Liam as nickname!
I agree with most of y'all. Liam is a very adorable sweet little boy name but as an adult or a young adult it would be a bit diminutive. I want to name by child Liam Drake (as a first name) but I think that it should be William Drake to give him some more flexibility when he gets older. I will still call him Liam until he's eighteen. :)
Liam is a nice Celts Irish short name for William.
It should mean more significance to people who want to reflect their Irish Heritage, which I like the idea of, my concern is the name becoming too overused and many people having no connection to Ireland who are just using the name because it's 'Trendy'. It is a strong name and I get why it's become the most popular name, but I hope its Irish links don't wash off and it just becomes another trendy name.
Nice name I actually prefer it to William, here in England I know more Liams than William's - it tends to be common amongst those with Irish Heritage, and I suppose it's interesting to see an Irish name at the top of the US name charts, and may lead to a rise in other Irish names being popular - it's a pretty decent name.
I like this name, and it's nice to see a Celtic name get so much attention, but that's the problem. 'Liam' has been topping the charts for a while now, and I wouldn't want anything about me (if I was named Liam) to go like this;
"Oh, d'you hear Liam. F won the football award this year?"
"REALLY? Wait... which Liam. F? The one in Mr. Price's class or?"
"No, no, the Liam. F in Mrs. Smith's class."
"Ooooohhhhh, right. So many Liams these days..."
Nice short simple name.
It's so common here in Ireland that it would probably be classed as a traditional name which is funny as in America it's seen as trendy - nice to see an Irish name go popular in the States though.
Basic/boring/simple-minded. Give your child the name William so they can change their diminutive when they are grown up.
If you want to name your child Liam, be aware that there probably will be another Liam in his class, and he may have to specify which Liam he is. I recommend choosing a different name instead. Try going with Leo, Leon, or Leone instead. There won't be five other boys with these names in his class or youth group, that's for sure. If you still want to use Liam, try using William as a full name and Will or Liam as a nickname. :)
Use William and Will as a nickname. You definitely won't regret it ;)
I would consider using this if I had a son. Nice alternative to the traditional William and I wouldn't say Liam sounds informal, would also be good to use to reflect Irish heritage. James, Joseph, Robert and Thomas would all be good middle names.
There is nothing wrong with the name Liam. However, I wouldn't choose it myself, only because it is extremely popular where I live. Also, I live near a Liam that is a bit of a n*b.
Nice, but way too popular.
This is a very handsome name that is one billion times better than boring old Will.
My job as a kindergarten teacher seems to always have me encounter this name, last year alone I had four boys named Liam. On a personal note I like this name but it is overused to the point that it has lost some of its charm due in no small part to its popularity. If a person likes this name fine and if you don't? That's fine as well.
When I was born in 1982 my mom had decided to name me Margeaux if I was a girl and Justin If I was a boy. I’m very happy I was born a boy! Lol. I’ve always loved my name minus a weird phase when I was 6 where I wanted to be called Steve! I want a name for my son that has a feel like Justin. Liam fits the bill in my opinion but I wish it wasn’t so common over the last few years. Otherwise I really like the name! It sounds fresh and attractive. I may do Liam as a middle name. I think the combination of simplicity and distinction is what makes this such a popular name. Plus Liam Hemsworth is my cousin, so I can’t help but like it.
What the HECK is this name.
Liam is an Irish diminutive for the formal anglicized name of William. What's interesting by a mere observation on the popularity chart, according to the U.S. one, it seems to have risen out of nowhere as a trendy name for boys. I personally don't have any strong feelings one way or the other as I have not met a person by that name, probably because the majority of those that do are very young and are not of working age.
I'm surprised Liam is popular. I've never met anyone with this name. I guess it sounds nice.
Me too.
Will is such an ugly old person's name, however, Liam sounds fresh, new and lively.
This name sounds nasal in American English. If you want to call your son Liam, it would be more fair to name him William. He will be a full grown man one day and deserves dignified options in case he doesn't want to be referred to by a diminutive. In my opinion, moms who choose this name aren't very creative.
I just had my adorable baby boy and I have settled on this name because we like how it delivers on the sound and ease of
spelling. A good name and the popularity of it is not an issue for us.
I find this name as having a certain charm that exceeds the plain dull sound of the name Will in spite of Liam's popularity. It definitely deserves the recognition that currently persists for this forename as the top US pick for parents in this decade.
My name is Liam. Out of every Liam in the world, I equal only ONE.

You might think I love my name. You’ve got it all wrong.
I asked my family to call me Will when I was twelve (shoutout/upvote to all the Will-supporting comments on Liam) and I was called that for a few days but everyone kept calling me Liam because it’s so strange to change a name to a whole different aspect. Anyway, if you name your kid this, you’ll have to deal with the Liam A and Liam Z thing. There are so many Liams in the world, it’s ridiculous! People are like “Oh, that’s my cousin's name” and “You know that’s the most popular name in the US?” like I haven’t heard that a million times before. It makes me so mad just to see people cheer upon my name.
And then when my parents divorced, I got a new stepfather who encouraged me to keep climbing and don’t give up. But then we all gave up. Probably the worst experiences of my life were when I was a child called Liam. My legal name is now Will, I changed it six years ago. I’m 28. Never have your kid go through the same.
Liam Hemsworth (Brother of Chris Hemsworth i.e. Thor in the MCU) portrayed Gale in The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay Parts I and II [2012-2015]
I hate to be a downer, but I absolutely hate the name Liam. I don't know why, I have just always really disliked it.
Forget about Liam, Will is the hottest name ever!
As a William nicknamed Will, I certainly have to agree with nylon panda.

I'm not really a huge fan and I hate when people say Liam at the end of William. It's "Will-yum". But there are worse names. It does sound good, just not at the end of William imo.

I'm not trying to be cocky, but trust me, most people with a William related name are handsome if I do say so myself ;)
BTW "LIEM" in Hebrew is "my mother" and can be used for both boys and girls.
I don’t want to sound like a baby boomer, but I kinda dislike trendy names. 1, you’re gonna run into like 5 people with the same name, 2, it takes the originality out of the name, and 3, it’s gonna become dated eventually. I do like some trendy names like Ava, but I dislike others. But Liam is okay.
Sooooo cute for a teenage boy

But then it kinda gets old and childish once you're older...

This is why I want to stay as a younger teen for the rest of my life.
I think this name is only popular because of One Direction member Liam (the name started increasing in popularity around the time the band increased in popularity as well). I find it weird to name your kids after pop stars/actors, in my opinion.
Usage: Irish, English (Modern), French (Modern), Swedish (Modern), Danish (Modern), Norwegian (Modern), Dutch (Modern), German (Modern), Finnish (Modern), Czech (Modern), Slovak (Modern), Hungarian (Modern), Polish (Modern), Russian (Modern)

Pronounced: LEE-əm (English), LYAM (French, Danish, German), LEE-am (Swedish, Norwegian, Slovak), LEE-ahm (Finnish), LI-am (Czech), LEE-awm (Hungarian), LYEE-am (Polish)
Mila is an anagram of Liam.
I only know 2 Liam's, and they pronounce it "Lee-ahm".
Liam Dominic Byrne is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Hodge Hill since 2004.
I know this name is very common this year for boys and is becoming way too overused! Personally I think it’s a cute name. It’s unique in my opinion. Only because I never met anyone with this name. I like Liam for a girl. It’s a little soft sounding and unique. For a boy, I’ll admit it says it’s so popular, but I like Liam for boys and girls. Though I prefer it for a girl slightly more.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Liam who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 726th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I think it would be kinder to name your child William, then if they outgrow the nickname "Liam" they have a ton of options for other diminutives to use.
I think that Liam is an awesome name, it's really cute.
It's an okay name, but it makes me think of lamb.
Liam is a nice name but I'd rather use this as a nickname for William than a legal name.
I'm tired of this name. It's used to death.
There is a YouTube series called Liam the Leprechaun. It is hilarious! :)
Not everyone wants a unique name. So what if it is used often? It is a nice name and if you like it, you should use it regardless of what others think. If you like Liam and want your child called that, then there is no reason to use William or any other name.
This name is number 2 now, and is only behind Noah. It's nice, but very common. I like it better then William for some reason. I do like Lia for a girl though.
For the life of me I don't understand the appeal of this name. William is nice, but Liam sounds like someone trying to talk with their mouth full of food. It just sounds clumsy to my ear.
Prince Liam of Nassau is a Luxembourgish prince and the youngest son of Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg. He is the third grandson and fourth grandchild of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. He is currently in fourth place in the line of succession, behind his paternal uncle Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, his father and his sister. He has a sister, Princess Amalia.
I am a Liam. It is very interesting about the haters of my name or others who have the same name. This is like the largest collection of dislikers of this name I have ever seen. It is very uncommon but we have people here saying it's so overused, like clique or something. I have always been a good person, always held good ethics. I guess that in this day and age, people must INVENT stuff that is offensive to them for no reason or they feel inadequate. They feel if they are 'OFFENDED' they will get more attention than the person with the name. If you dislike me for my name, not ever knowing me, then here, here is something for you to 'dislike' to go with your prejudices.
This name is quite hot at the moment. It's even more popular than William which is the original name. Please give this overused name a break.
I used to think this name was okay, then someone pointed out that it sounded like someone saying "limb" with a Southern accent. Since I live in Tennessee and there are an increasing number of Liams, I can't stand this name anymore.
This is the name of my stepbrother, and I think it's a great name!
I am so sick of hearing this name. It's rising nonstop in just about every Western country, and pretty much every popular TV show has a major male character named Liam. Do you want your son to have to share his name with half of the boys in his school? And no, Liam Hemsworth isn't that great of an actor. Please, do your kid a favor and pick something else!
Liam Dunbar is a character in the MTV show Teen Wolf.
Liam is a beautiful name. It doesn't need to be a nickname, it's better on it's own!

Lastly it is NOT plain and boring and what's the point of spelling it Lliam? It doesn't change anything, it will still be pronounced lee-am!
It's not a bad name at all. Sounds very soft-masculine and sweet. However, I find it a tad too nickname-y and far too common to ever want to use it. Shame, because I do like the name.
This name is trendy and childish, William sounds much more mature and it will age better.
It's more of a nickname for Uilliam.
To be honest, I don't like this name, it seems childish and weak to me. It's actually uncommon because there's no Liam's where I live nor have I heard of any, but I prefer William even though it's more common.
Liam Payne, a singer-songwriter from Wolverhampton, sings in One Direction. I think this is an overused name, but I really like it, it is beautiful (to you haters of the name).
I named my son Liam in the attempt to select a name that's unusual in the US. Big mistake in 2014! This was the #2 name? Next time I'll do more research and choose a more unique name. But I love it and it's perfect for my son.
Love the name "Liam". My father was Irish, so we all have kind of Irish names. Oldest to youngest.. Liam, Tara, Daniel, and Emma. So us first two had Irish names.. 20 years later we asked our father how he named us. He said, get ready for this. LTD as in limited...Liam Tara Dan. And Emma was a surprise. Yup... Our father said that to us, lol.
Love the name Liam. Short and simple and won't get all the unwanted nicknames a William might get. However I think it's pretty popular at the moment.
I've never been a huge fan of the name William, probably cause it's too formal and sounds like an old mans' name to me. But I absolutely love the name Liam. It's simple, but very handsome. Kind of youthful, but I think it can stick with a boy through life. Great name overall.
Please just name the kid William. Liam is so immature sounding, a college party kid and whiny. It sounds like a "baby" name. He's a minor for 18 years. Give him William, that sounds more professional.
Liam Dunn (1916-1976) was an American character actor. He played the judge (Barbra Streisand's father) in the movie What's Up, Doc?
For those of you who believe that the name Liam is a new trendy name or a shortened version of William, you are incorrect. This name has been used in Ireland from when the Normans arrived in the 12th century. It is the short version of Uilliam the Irish version of Guillaume as Sean is Irish for Jean not John. This name has been in my family for generations. I am the sixth in line to have this name. Both William and Liam have evolved from the same German name Willahelm. Liam has no other connection to William. It is not a shortened version of William as most people appear to believe.
My name is Liam. It is not short for anything in my case, it is not only an Irish or English name because I am Australian born and raised. And personally, I love my name and so do my friends.
I like this name, but I like Will better as a nickname for William. I definitely think Liam works better as a full name than Will does, though.
Liam Booker is a character on the MTV television series "Faking It."
A strong, handsome, masculine name. ♡ ☺.
In Ireland 'Liam' is not a shortened form of the English name 'William'. It is a full name in its own right. When I was growing up in Northern Ireland, catholic people who wanted to call their son 'Liam' would often officially name him 'William' because giving a child an Irish name was a sure way of broadcasting his religion. This, of course, could be detrimental, not only in social life, but also in business and career life. It wasn't the same as, for instance, calling him Jonathon, but shortening it to Jon or Jonny. Liam would always have been the name that the parents intended their son to be known by. It's the same for other names such as Sean/John, Seamus/James, etc. I grew up with lots of people with these names and they were never known by anything other than their Irish name until they started work, where they would most likely have gone by the English version to avoid any problems.
Liam Lynch, creator and star of the sock puppet show Sifl and Olly that was on MTV in the late 1990s.
This is my older brother's name (he's 21.) I always loved it growing up because it was such an uncommon name at the time, but has a great meaning and works well with our Irish roots. I still don't know any other Liam's besides my brother, but I know that it is becoming really commonly used and I wish it wasn't! Still, I think it is such a strong sounding name and to me it is timeless.
I live in Ireland and I know a few Liam's however they are not everywhere like some of these comments seem to suggest. I think it is a lovely Irish name and never have I known anyone to use it as a nickname, perhaps this is an American thing? I prefer it to names like William and if I didn't have an Uncle with the name I would certainly consider naming a child Liam. My verdict? Beautiful name.
Liam Broggy (born 2000 in New York City) is an American child actor.
Liam is an okay name, in my opinion. I really can't view it as simply a "short form" of William. It's good enough to be its own name, I think.
I like Liam. I'm aware of its popularity, however even that is geographically based. In the area we live in it is less common and we get compliments on it.
Liam Payne is a member of the British boy band, One Direction.
Danish/Irish hiphop artist Liam O'Connor who is mostly known by his stage name L.O.C. He is the most successfull rapper in Denmark.
Something about this name sounds odd by itself if you know that it's a nickname for William. And if William is not what first comes to mind, the second thing I think of is some badass 90s rock music and two brothers arguing.
I think it's a masculine name and love it. I like the name a lot.
This is one of those names I'm really getting sick of, with all these little Liams running around everywhere. But I think it's a nice alternative nickname for William, and would make a good middle name.
Liam a nice alternative to Will or Bill (for William). I think it works especially well when paired with a stronger name.
I love the name Liam. I think it's adorable, masculine, sweet, simple, and gets straight to the point. It will work on all ages. I've never met a kid OR an adult named Liam, and I am around younger kids quite often. I don't think it's too popular. It ranked #30 in popularity for 2010 (I believe anyway). I would suggest using it if you love it.
Not a fan as a full name but it's cool as a nickname, have you considered spelling it Lliam?
Liam Bradley (1943), Australian composer for film and television.

Liam Finn (b. 1983) is a musician and son of Split Enz and Crowded House member Neil Finn.

Liam Fulton (b. 1984) is an Australian professional rugby league footballer. He play for the Wests Tigers in the National Rugby League (NRL) competition.

Liam Foran (b 1988) is a rugby league player who currently plays for the Newtown Jets in the New South Wales Cup.

Liam Jurrah (b. 1988) is an Australian Rules football player who currently plays for Melbourne Football Club. He was the first indigenous person from a remote area to play senior level football in the Australian Football League.

Liam Hemsworth (b. 1990) is an Australian actor best known for his roles as Josh Taylor in the soap opera Neighbours and as "Marcus" on the children's television series The Elephant Princess.

Liam Bartlett is an Australian television journalist.

Liam Ayoub is a Lebanese-Australian rugby league player for the Wests Tigers in the NRL.

Oodles and oodles of Liams here. It's name which appears to have a remarkable level of staying power.
I love it as a nickname for William. It is very cute. But it's ridiculous as a full name. It's a NICKNAME!
Should be added to English names as well, since it is common in Australia, England and the United States.
Liam Geller is the main character in the K.L. Going novel: King of the Screwups.
I love this name. I just wish it wasn't so popular! :/
Liam is the name of my soon to be son, it is a combination of our two names Lila and Sam. We both have bloodlines in the names origins so I think it's totally cool.
This is my English professor's name. He pronounces it LIE-am, but I've never heard it that way before.
Swedish biathlete Anna Carin Olofsson-Žídek and Czech-Canadian serviceman Tomáš Žídek have a son Liam Žídek (born 2008).
Pronounced LEE-ahm.
I just love this name! I liked it from the moment I heard it a few years back and I like it more and more the more I hear it. Oh I just hope I have another son so I can name him this:) I liked reading the lengthy blurb from a Liam. Definitely leaves a good impression of the name!
I don't really like this name. I think William is a wonderful name, and Liam just seems incomplete.
I like this name. It is strong and good for people of all ages. I just looked at the name and realized it's mail backwards. ;)
For some reason, I love this name as a full name. I don't like the name William, but love Liam. I think it's cute, and sounds strong and masculine. I don't think it's annoying or anything. I only know one Liam, so as far as my area, it's not extremely popular.
Sorry y'all but I hate this name. I've always thought it sounded and looked annoying, and then I actually met someone named Liam and he was dull and hideous. Too bad.
My dad's name is William but he goes by this. I think it's lovely!
Although not exactly famous, on the show LOST, Charlie Pace's brother was named Liam. They played together in their band Driveshaft.
Liam Cosgrave served as Minister for External Affairs from 1954 until 1957. During his term as Minister, Ireland joined the United Nations. He also served as the fifth Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland between 1973 and 1977.
Haha, wow, I didn't know I was that popular. Please, keep commenting! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name (or have offered your nonsensical ramblings regarding the origin, popularity and standing of this name as, well, a true name and not simply a nickname), you will now be afforded a brief summation of my findings. Liam is the Gaelic form of today's common William (Wilhelm in Germanic times, Uilliam in Normanic usage). While it is often used as a nickname for a boy who was actually born "William," it is indeed its own name. For the user that says it is just a "trendy nickname of a boring name," I guess with your logic you believe that the United States is just a rebellious outspoken subsidiary of and still a part of England, huh? Just because you are born with an ordinary name does not mean you have to hate a truly "original" (for the States at least) name like mine. I have never heard anyone hate the name in my entire life besides one girl who then said that after she met me, she liked the name. In fact, just the opposite is true, as I get compliments daily. Girls absolutely love it. It is indeed cute yet formidable (see literal translation "the will and desire to protect"), steeped in tradition yet individualistic, not to mention fun. Trendy? I was born in 1981, making me 27, and it was the 791st most popular name in the United States. While I concede that today it has risen dramatically in popularity, I assure you it has not become commonplace in the States (currently 89th). I don't really know any other Liams, but I have met a few in my travels. If you want a trendy name, look at Madison, Emma, Isabella and other names that are popular today. On the same note, names are cyclical in nature anyway. They come and go with the ever-changing landscape of a society. Continuing, how can a name be "trendy" when it is one of the 10 most common names in two countries and top 50 in five others? I smell a glib and jealous user, likely one who thinks that Wikipedia is a great source from which to cite, haha. Obviously I am a bit subjective here, but I assure you this name rocks. P.S. It also oozes of sophistication, strength, culure and loyalty. And noble counselor and ambitious guardian.
I can't believe I used to think this name was cute. This is an annoying and bland nickname (not a legal name), and it's getting too popular. It's also the word "mail" spelled backwards. ;)
I love the name Liam. I wish it wasn't as popular as it is now, but maybe that will increase my chances of meeting a Liam because I never have.
Liam is NOT an Irish short form of William. Liam is a short form of Uilliam, which actually is the Irish translation of William. My great-grandfather was named Uilliam by his parents (1894) and his mother called him Liam. I wouldn't say Liam is exactly trendy, but it's certainly not as rare as it once was.

For the record, Liam hasn't been around for centuries. Uilliam probably has been though and even I know William has been.
It is getting pretty popular, but I still like it.
Liam Kyle Sullivan is a famous comedian/actor best known as his character "Kelly" on youtube. His video "Shoes" (which stars Kelly) won a 2008 People's Choice Award for Best User Generated Video.
Liam is not "centuries old." William is centuries old. Liam is an annoyingly trendy (and recent) nickname.
Means: HELMET - determined protector.
Famous bearer: Liam Clancy of the Clancy Brothers.
Liam is a Celtic derivation from the Germanic William meaning "Diligent Guardian" or "unwavering protector".
I don't know how anyone can think this name is trendy unless you consider a name that is centuries old to be trendy. Depending on the source, it is a shortened form of Guillaume (French), Willhelm (German) or William (English) and means "helmet" or "strong protector." My son is named Liam, and he's always had a hard head, so I guess it fits! Even though the name is becoming more common since the early 90s (when my son was born), Liam still gets a lot of positive comments on his name - people seem to love it.
*rolls eyes* Yet another "trendy" name.
How is it a "trendy" name? Names come and go in popularity, it's not like someone made this up recently and suddenly tons of babies were showing up with the name.
In Star Wars Episode II, Yoda calls one of the younglings (jedi in training), Liam (most likely after Liam Neeson).
I really hate this name, I'm not sure why, I just do.
Tori Spelling's son is named Liam Aaron.
My older brother is called Liam and I know quite a few Liams. Personally I don't like the name that much, I think it's whiny and not very individual, I think it's really quite boring. I don't know if it's because of my brother, but I don't think I ever really liked the name.
Liam Aiken is an actor who played in A Series of Unfortunate Events as well as Good Boy.
I've always hated this name, and I could never figure out why, until my mother told me a kid named Liam tried to drown me when I was little.
I like Liam very much, but not as a short form of William but as a whole name. William is somewhat too common for me.
I love this name. It's cute.
This is probably one of my favorite boy names. It's both cute and strong.
I think this name is more popular outside of Ireland; I don't think many young boys are named this anymore.
This is actually a nice name. It is masculine, strong and it flows nicely off the tongue.
I only know one boy named that, but I like it. When I was a child I thought that it was a spy.
Also a Hebrew name. Means my (Li) people (Am).
A famous bearer of this name is the lead singer of the British rock band Oasis: Liam Gallagher, real name William John Paul Gallagher.
Liam was the birth-name of Angel, a character from the "Buffy the Vampire" and later, "Angel: The Series" TV shows.
Liam is mail backwards!
Famous bearers: Liam Neeson (famous Irish actor - Star Wars, Les Misérables, Kingdom of Heaven, etc) and Liam Aiken (Klaus in A Series of Unfortunate Events).
Liam Neeson's full name is William John Neeson.

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