I do NOT like this, name. Bad name. Sounds to my ears like wet eggs slapping the concrete after being thrown out of a fourth story window. Anyone who has this name should expect me to chase them through a dimly lit New York subway after dark.
Martha is not unattractive! Sure, many of you think it is very old-fashioned, but that doesn't mean it is ugly! Same with Jane and Carol! They are all pretty names! This is also reminds me of the kind maid Martha in the novel The Secret Garden.
Martha Swatek is a barer of this name. She was the actress for Marge in Jaws 2.
Homely name.
Name of the day, 2-26-21.
In the novel "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood, and in the TV series based on it, the "Marthas" are a class of women who cook and clean for upper class families. "Marthas" are basically housekeepers and servants.
I prefer 'Marta' over 'Martha', because it sounds less old-fashioned. Marta seems more unique. (also the only thing I can picture when I think of Martha is Martha Speaks)
Even if this name is not so popular anymore, as it was really common many decades ago, it feels like it's still going strong, because Martha has class, such a great name with some meaning in it, unlike some trendy names these days. Good name!
Old and lumpy. Very unattractive.
Martha Nielsen is a character from the German TV series "Dark". She is played by Lisa Vicari.
I actually really like this name! I don’t mind that it’s “old fashioned” either.
I know it's associated with an older generation of women in the U.S., but I always liked this name. I do prefer "Marta" over "Martha".
One of the ulitmate old lady names. It also sounds very dull and just isn't pretty to me.
I totally agree with the comment above. I just don’t find this name pretty or interesting at all.
A Martha I know of is Martha Boswell, she was the eldest sister of the Boswell Sisters and the one who played the piano. The Boswell Sisters are my favourite singers! My favourite song is by the Boswell Sisters (The Object of My Affection) they sang numerous songs and appeared in movies such as Shout Sister, Shout, and Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round, they were most popular in the 1930's. Martha married George Lloyd and her sister, Connee, was her only attendant.
I used to love the show "Martha Speaks" when I was a little kid.
Anyway, I really love this name, Martha is super pretty.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Martha who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 137th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
It was my given name, and I hated it and still hate it. I tried to like it, but it was no use. I changed it legally when I was in my 20's. My parents were angry, of course, but I was the one who would have carried that burden through life, not them.

I guess if I had gotten along with my mother it might have been different. I hated her, and I hated the way she pronounced my name: "Mar-THUH" like a mushy snowball thwacked right in my ear. My middle name was ugly, too, a family surname, not a first name.

All I can say is that if you're going to saddle a child with this name, at least give her a decent, socially acceptable middle name so she can use it if she hates her first name. I would have preferred Anne, Jane, Lee, or Mary to my given first name. And I don't care for nicknames.
Such a classy and stately name, and I love its meaning.
Why so much hatred? I actually like this name. I bet anonymous users have terrible atrocious names and that’s why they love to hate on good names. Do you know how many old people have YOUR name?! MARTHA is NOT an old lady name so don’t hate on it, but it’s okay not to like a name.
Martha Dunnstock is one of the characters in the movie Heathers.
Martha Parke Custis was Martha Washington’s youngest child and George Washington’s stepdaughter. She suffered from epilepsy, and unfortunately died at age 17 after a particularly severe episode (although, having died as quickly as she did during an episode leads some to believe she may have also had a heart problem).
I like the name Martha. It sounds pretty and classic. In So Awkward there is a character called Martha. I love it.
On Gilmore Girls, Sookie and Jackson had two children, Davy and Martha.
To me this name has an image of a hard-working woman with a warm personality and good manners. I've known two Marthas and they were both like this.
The name Martha was given to 389 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Martha are female.
Martha Asahi is a Japanese professional comic artist and Cosplayer, graduate of Osaka University of Arts, mother of one. From 2013 to 2015, she had been leave for three years. One of the Global cross-dressing cosplayer duo VENaS Japan, and she is a rare cosplayer who doing a lot of works which got permission from Japanese copyright.
Princess Märtha Louise of Norway is the only daughter and elder child of King Harald V and Queen Sonja. She is fourth in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne, after her brother Haakon, and his two children.
What an UGLY name! I despise the name Martha with a passion.
I feel like this name works for an old, sweet lady, or a young child.
I like this name a lot, in my top 10.
Pronunced "MAHR-thah" in Greek.
It is also used in Brazil (Brazilian Portugese).
I'm proud to be a Martha. Yes, it sounds old fashioned but it's a name that signifies dignity and strength. It's not a common name and never a popular name which makes it distinctive. In Aramaic, it means lady. It is the feminine version of Mar, which means lord. Besides, it was my beloved grandmother's name. No more need be said. Name trends come and go but this name is timeless. All you Marthas out there, bear your name with pride.
Martha, rambling rose of the wildwood. Martha with your fragrance divine, oh Martha how I wish you were mine. So, goes the old song that I was sung by my father many years ago. I can't say I really love the name nor can I say that I hate it. It has been mine all of my life and I have not taken the time or initiative to change it, so it must not be that bad. All of my life I have thought that it was an old lady's name, and now I guess that I am aging that I have become more and more the symbol of the name. I guess I just haven't found another name that I like better or would want to keep. So, I hang on to this old thing and hope that in the hereafter there is a far better one waiting for me. And yes, my kids are all instructed not to name any of my future grandchildren Martha - ever!
Many people think of the name Martha as an "old lady name", and to some extent, I agree with them. However, Martha is an admittedly cute name. It is distinctive, and now quite uncommon. Old names such as Olivia, Emma, and Ava are now coming back in style, so why shouldn't Martha?
'Martha' is a song by Tom Waits.
My mother's name is Martha and it sets a high bar for anyone else who has the same name; Like Oprah or Beyonce, it is one of those names that stands by itself: The name reflects tradition and a strong, selfless, fearless, classy, thoughtful person that everyone looks up to. Someone who brings out the best in everyone.
Not a bad name. It's just really dated and I see it more fitting on somebody who is 50 years of age or above.
My name is Martha Jayne, and I'm 25, so Martha isn't completely an "old lady name". I'm named after my grandmother, Martha Ann, who goes by Marty, and *her* grandmother, Mary Jane... My mom added the 'y' to 'Jane' when I was born because she said I was too special to be a "plain Jane"...
Mar or Mor in Aramaic means "sir", "master", or "Saint...". Mar Yeshu Mashikha means, in some forms of Aramaic, "Lord Jesus Christ". The "tha" in this name feminizes the title, giving Martha the meaning of "respected lady", or in later use "(female) Saint...". Mart Maryam, for example, is an Aramaic form of Saint Mary. [noted -ed]
The name Martha is an amazing name! Martha sounds nice. It reminds me of the character with this name in the novel The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. :)
When I was little I didn't like my name. I knew no one else with the name Martha and I was teased because my name was unusual or, as some have written here, sounded like an old woman's name. But I grew into it. It is a classic, elegant name (not that I'm necessarily elegant). It is old-fashioned, but old-fashioned names are all the rage these days.

Way to make people feel bad about their name by saying stuff like "it sounds like vomiting" and other horrible things! Please. Some people will find fault with everything.
I have a beautiful little sister named Martha, who I call "Miffy\". She's adorable, and this is such a classy name. I love it!

She also gets:

Martha is the name of the heroine, Cara's, mother in "The Unicorn Chronicles."
Martha is the name of the annoying but amusing talking dog on the children's show "Martha Speaks".
When I think of the name Martha, a strong, but feminine, person comes to mind; kind and pretty, with a good head on her shoulders. I think it's a good name that ages well.

I would not use it on one of my own children, but that's only because it hasn't reached my favorites. Martha is a name that will never grow old. A gem forever.
Name of the Day: February 26, 2013.
The meaning listed here is questionable. I find for biblical names, concordances are often much more reliable for accurate meanings...


Mar- THUH.
Martha Costello is the main character of the recent BBC series Silk. She's an awesome character.
I think this name is awfully cute. And not to mention pretty, while other forms of it are too. However it's really outdated. Maybe as a middle name, but other than that I wouldn't use it.
The impression I get from this name is that of a nosey neighbor, nosey woman. It's probably because of the tv character "Martha Huber" played by Christine Estabrook, from the tv sitcom "Desperate Housewives". Makes me think a "Martha" is someone who is a nosebag and gets into everyone's business, it's not her business but she likes to make it her business. On the contrary, a Martha is a rich and successful business woman such as "Martha Stewart", whom I love. Personally, I like this name, I'm pleased.
The book "Indigo" by Alice Hoffman, as well as the book "The Secret Language" by Ursula Nordstrom, both have important characters in them named Martha. Also, the "Gemma Doyle" trilogy and "His Dark Materials" both have supporting characters named Martha in them.
Martha Hatter is a character in Diana Wynne Jones's brilliant 1986 fantasy novel Howl's Moving Castle. She is the main character Sophie's half-sister.
Someone mentioned George and Martha as a story about two hippos. Also, George and Martha Washington. But another George and Martha, (and what Martha brings to my mind) is Elizabeth Taylor as Martha and Richard Burton as George in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Great movie.
It's a pretty, classic name, and not too common. It won't sound dated in thirty years time (Chanelle, anyone?), and it grows with the bearer. I think Martha May is a nice combination.
It has a nice old fashioned ring to it, not in the bad way though. Also a very nice meaning.
'Martha' is a beautiful opera by von Flotow -contains the beautiful Irish tune 'The last rose of summer' which has been incorporated into the score.
A few people mention Martha Kent as a famous bearer. Another famous (although likely not by first name) bearer within the DC universe is the late mother of Bruce Wayne/Batman, Martha Wayne, wife of the also late Thomas Wayne.

Apparently Martha was a really mumsy name when those characters were created! lol

It's not my favourite name but it's okay and cute-ish, I think.
Martha will be the Hannah of the next generation. Get in before the curve.
I used to know a girl called Martha, and she was really witty and bubbly. =D Now, I think it would be a good name for a dog (I don't mean that in an offensive way) because Paul McCartney's Old English Sheepdog was called Martha.

It's a pretty name. ^_^
Song by Country Joe and the Fish: Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine.

I prefer Marta.
In the High School Musical movies a smart, hip-hoppin' girl is named Martha Cox, played by Kaycee Stroh.
I love the name Martha, it is such a cute name that ages well. I can imagine a little Martha, an adult Martha and a grandmother Martha, unlike the immature-sounding name I was given (which I plan to change).
I can't believe some said this name sounds like vomit. Also cannot believe how many people think of old ladies. I love this name. It is an old fashioned name. I am proud to be named Martha. One of my favorite nicknames would be Marty. I am 25 and have met 3 other people named Martha, 2 of which were around same age as me. And I also love how French people pronounce the name Mar-ta. It is all around a beautiful name. The name also has a Bibical meaning, which I love about the name. And then there is Martha's Vinyard, which was named after the explorer's daughter. So Martha is a great name. I love it.
In Dutch and Limburgish, Martha is also used as a short form of Margaretha.
Another famous bearer is Martha Graham (1894-1991), known as "The Mother of Modern Dance".
I find this to be a very sweet name with a lot of dignity and class as well.
I love this name, I think it sounds so pretty, it's feminine and classic, and not trendy! I love using the nicknames Mary or Marley for this name. Not a fan of Marty.
One of my best friend's names is Martha and she's 15. So it's not as old as some people make it out to be =). I used to not like this name until I met her and know I find it really pretty. And no one misspells it!
There's a series of children's books about two hippos named George and Martha.
Martha Brewster was the name of one of the aunts in the play "Arsenic and Old Lace."
This is the name of my great-great aunt. I like it and all, but it DOES sound a little old-fashioned. Like my aunt. AND, let's not forget my Aunt (times twelve or thirteen) Martha Washington. Yep, I'm related to her. :D
This name reminds me of an overweight, black-haired woman.
Martha Davis is the lead singer of the famous band from the 80's called the Motel's, whose hits are "Only the Lonely" and "Suddenly Last Summer".
I really like the name Martha, along with the nicknames, like Martie.
Yuck. I would hate to be named Martha. :[
A famous bearer is actress Martha Issová. Daughter of Syrian director Moris Issa and Czech actress Lenka Termerová.
Thomas Jefferson's wife and eldest daughter were both named Martha.
One of the characters in The Secret Garden is named Martha.
When I think of this name, an old-lady comes to mind.
Royal namesakes: Martha of Sweden, Crown Princess of Norway (the wife of King Olav V and the mother of Harald V) and her granddaughter Princess Märtha-Louise of Norway.
The new Companion on "Doctor Who" is named Martha Jones.
My name is Martha and I'm only 24, so it's not an old lady's name. I like my name and think it's a pretty, feminine name, not to mention I like its meaning. There are several authors named Martha, among them Martha Graves and Martha Moore. There are several fictional Marthas, like Martha Kent from "Superman" and Martha Sowerby from "The Secret Garden," among others. Again, I like my name and I know for a fact that it's not for old ladies.
Martha Mackenzie is one of the teens in the Australian soap, Home & Away.
Full first name of Dixie Chick, Martie Maguire.
Martha is a very nice name and sounds like somone who has a lot of dignity.
There is an author named Martha C Lawrence.
"Ma was the name of the Great Goddess of Comana; MA was the amulet representing Isis's fountains of nourishing fluid, MA was the primal deep, the world womb; MA was the death-rebirth syllable of the Persians, MA was the spirit of Intelligence, which in Hindu belief first bound together all the elements to make coherent forms." The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, by Barbara G. Walker

"Artha: Sanskrit "riches" or "abundance", root of Indo-European names for Mother Earth."
The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, by same author.

I think it's pretty clear that this name means Mother Earth.
I have also seen the nickname Marty used for the name Martha.
Wow! I can't believe you left out Martha Stewart. Eeewww! Really, all lock up now!
Feminine and beautiful. I always thought this was the feminine form of Martin.
If I have a girl this is what I am naming my child. It is so beautiful and the Martha I know is is the most generous caring considerate person I have ever met and I only hope to be half as wonderful as her!
A friend of mine once said that "Martha sounds like vomiting." I concur.
A famous bearer is Martha Jane Canary aka Calamity Jane.
Martha Kent (née Clark) is the name of the fictional character who is the adotptive mother of Kal-El of Krypton (who the Kents named Clark, who is known as Superman).
Actress Martha Plimpton is a (young) famous bearer.
Martha my dear is a song by The Beatles (I think Paul's sheepdog was named Martha).
This comes from Aramaic "Maretha" meaning lady or mistress. It is the feminine of mar, mara meaning lord or master.
I didn't use to like the name Martha, but then I read "The Secret Garden" and did. I guess it grew on me.
One nicknames of the name Martha is Matti which is much better because Martha sounds like an old lady's name (no offense to the senior citizens who read this).
I don't think it sounds like an old lady's name. I think it's actually pretty, and lady-like.

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