Ugly, boring name. It makes me think of someone who is smart but also incredibly pretentious.
It's such a serious name, and an excellent one to have, because of St. Martin. It also works well as a middle-name. Bernard Martin, Robert Martin, Edward Martin...
A top favourite of mine! I don’t know why, but I have just always loved the name Martin. Everything about it is perfect - the length, meaning, history - and it isn’t overused! A handsome classic.
Martin Dear from Channel 4's Green Wing.
Martin Goodman from Channel 4's Friday Night Dinner.
This is the coolest name in existence.
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Also Maltese:
You'll find bearers on social media.
Also Norman (Cotentinais): -- Saint Martin
Martin is a nice name! It reminds me of a man from the early 1900s, and Wild Kratts. Martin Luther King Jr. is also a cool association. So, yeah, I like it. Plus, it's uncommon nowadays.
Very stanky name that I hope is never heard again. Martin is a very bad name. I prefer Harambe after the monkey.
A cool, strong name for a boy.
Martin Luther King.
This name is awesome. Anyone who bears it should feel very lucky.
Also Ligurian:
The actor Martin Landau is a famous bearer.
I like it! It sounds strong and masculine.
Martin "Marty" Deeks is a character on NCIS Los Angeles played by Eric Christian Olsen.
What seems to be somewhat peculiar is on how I hardly have met anyone by this name. It might not be as common as it once was. Who knows?
Also Romansh.
Source: "Vornamen in der Schweiz. Prénoms en Suisse. I nomi in Svizzera. Prenoms in Svizra" (1993) published by the Association of Swiss registrars -- his son's name
Trayvon Benjamin Martin was a 17-year-old African-American child who was fatally shot by George Zimmerman.Rest In Peace, Trayvon ♥️.
Also Venetian:
It isn't my cup of tea.
Every Martin is super handsome, smart, and all the ladies love him. It is the name of an international man of mystery, success, and prestige. Any woman married to a Martin must be ecstatic and super lucky to have a man named after the God of War which drives all of his successes.
Some guys love him, too, @somedude ;).
Maybe the name is not that bad, but it doesn't feel stable or elegant. Martin is a really common name in many countries, but also the most popular surname in France, so it feels like a lack of stability for a name. Probably also many animals have this name. I just don't like how this name is used for basically for everything. Not nice.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Martin Ødegaard - Norwegian professional footballer.
Martín de Porres Velázquez, O.P., was a Peruvian lay brother of the Dominican Order who was beatified in 1837 by Pope Gregory XVI and canonized in 1962 by Pope John XXIII. He is the patron saint of mixed-race people, barbers, innkeepers, public health workers, and all those seeking racial harmony.
This is a name that I've always liked a lot! It should be more common than it is now.
This name is quite common in the Czech Republic.
This name sounds quite bland and overused in English. But it sounds really good and interesting in Spanish, I do plan to name my son Martin, which in Spanish is pronounced mahr-TEEN.
Very handsome. I like it more than Marvin.
Also used in Estonia. [noted -ed]
Nice name, very usable cause there is a versión of the name in a lot of cultures so it won't feel wrong or out of place.
Sounds very nice!
Martin is the leader of the Rowdy 3 from the TV show Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. He is an energy vampire like the rest of the original Rowdies and no one knows if Martin is his first or last name.
This is such an amazing name. It really is a shame it's so underused.
Also Dutch
Pronounced: MAR-tin (Dutch), MA-dehn (Danish), mur-TYEEN (Russian)
I am a Martin. It's a unique name and I am glad to have it. I don't meet many others, but it is more popular in England. My name was chosen out of a hat of names that my 6 previous siblings gathered when my mother was pregnant (before gender could be known through technology). They each had to put a boy's and a girl's name into the hat. My eldest sister won: for St. Martin of Tours. I was called Marty in school and still am by family and old friends, but I took on the full formal in college. If I was a girl, I would have been Susan.
Also Occitan: (Source: Michel Grosclaude, Dictionnaire étymologique des noms de famille gascons, 2003)
Hello, my name is Deidre Martin from Alabama. There are many Martin's down there.
There have been two singers named Martin. Martin Stenmarck is a Swedish singer who represented his country in 2005 Eurovision with "Las Vegas". He automatically qualified due to Lena Philipsson's Top 10 ranking last year, but he did not duplicate her success. Martin Vucic is a Macedonian singer who represented his country in the 2005 Eurovision with the song "Make My Day". He qualified for the semi final but did not crack the Top 10.
Martin is one of those names that can travel quite far in more cosmopolitan circles. It is very versatile for most Western European languages which offers it the unique ability of being able to transition easily for a person who
is a jet setter in a foreign land.
Just FYI that on the main view for "Martin" it states that "Мартин" is in Russian, but "Мартин" is actually Ukrainian, and "Мартын" is in Russian.
Sorry to lay down such a fact on all these Martins but Martin backwards is nitram and do you see where I am going with this? Real homies will know.
In 2018, 47 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Martin who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 234th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Handsome name.
Martin Penderwick is the father of the Penderwick sisters.
I named my son Martin (born 8/17) and I love it! It fits him perfectly and I think Marty is a cute nickname too.
I don't know what, but there is something really charming about this name.
I really like the name Martin and the fact that it can be a last name or first name (my last name) I think it sounds cool and different. I think there should be a lot more Martins in the world.
Martin Bryant is an Australian Mass Murderer. On April 28, 1996, he killed 35 people in the town of Port Arthur, Tasmania, in what was up until 2011, the largest mass shooting by a lone gunman.
Martin Eric Stephens, an Australian former bartender, was convicted in Indonesia for drug trafficking as a member of the Bali Nine. In 2005, on his first trip to Bali, Stephens was arrested at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar with 3.3 kg of heroin taped to his chest and concealed under his clothing. After a criminal trial, on 14 February 2006 Stephens was sentenced to life imprisonment. His appeal to the Indonesian Supreme Court to have the sentence reduced to 10 years was rejected in January 2011.
Martin Tungevaag is a Norwegian DJ who has achieved success in the European music market with "Samsara 2015" on Sony Music and "Wicked Wonderland" on the German EDM label Kontor Records. He has been nominated for a Grammy Award and has also built a strong fanbase within the party scene across Europe.
Martin Fenin is a former Czech football striker. He is currently working as a scout at the German club 1. FC Magdeburg. He has represented the Czech Republic and formerly played for the youth teams of the Czech Republic from the under-16 level. Fenin started playing professional football for FK Teplice. In 2007 he won the Talent of the Year award at the Czech Footballer of the Year awards. Following his performance at the 2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Canada, many large clubs expressed interest in him. Juventus was one of the teams in the scramble to sign the Czech forward from his home club. The deal looked to be sealed but Fenin had a change of heart after claiming he would not be happy as Juventus would loan him out to Udinese Calcio or Genoa CFC for a season. He then swiftly agreed to a deal with Eintracht Frankfurt worth €3.5 million, where he got to a good start, scoring a hat-trick in his first match. In the last day of transfer window 31 August 2011, he moved to Energie Cottbus.
Martin Samuelsen is a Norwegian professional footballer who plays for Peterborough United, on loan from West Ham United, and the Norway national team. After long spells at the academies of Vard Haugesund and Manchester City and short trials at big clubs across Europe, Samuelsen signed for West Ham in June 2015. Samuelsen, a versatile player, can play both central and wide midfield positions as well as a forward. He went on loan at Peterborough United for the majority of the 2015-16 season.
This name is excellent, I wish it could be used more.
Erik Martin Broberg is a Swedish footballer who plays for Örebro SK as a midfielder.
An excellent name. God rest Martin Luther's soul.
For being such a nice name, I'm surprised there aren't more people named Martin!
This name is fantastic!
Martin Crane is Frasier's father on the TV sitcom Frasier.
Martin is my brother's second name (David Martin) and I think he got his Jack-of-all-trade personality in his name. (Just my opinion) because he always tries a lot of things and the things he does and makes is really compatible to Martin's name. He is also bubbly.No one calls him Martin in the Philippines because Martin is not so popular name and also David. Most of us call him David and not Martin.
Martin Mystery is an Anime-influenced TV series loosely based on the Italian comics Martin Mystère.
Martin is the name of Finn's dad in Adventure Time.
Martin Freeman (born September 8, 1971) a British actor from Aldershot, Hampshire, England. He is famous for his roles in The Hobbit (2012) and it's 2013 sequel, as well as the BBC TV series Sherlock where he portrays John Watson.
I really like this name. Actually, I've probably met more people with this as a last name, or with a variant of it as their first name. Still, it's really cool and sounds nice. It can fit someone of all ages. A cute nickname would be Mars, which I like but fear it would get a lot of teasing. It'd be nice to see more people with this name.
Chris Martin, lead singer of the band Coldplay, bears this surname.
Actor Martin Freeman is a famous bearer.
I like this name, I might use it as maybe a third choice. I also like marten, but I wouldn't want people to assume I was being kre8tiv, so I'd just go with Martin. I like the name on its own but as nicknames Marty or Mattie aren't bad :)
Marten Reed is the main character in the webcomic Questionable Content.
Martin Septim from The Elder Scrolls is another famous bearer. A moral, righteous warrior, he's definitely a worthy bearer of the name.
Martin Prado of the Atlanta Braves is from Venezuela and pronounces his name "mar-TEEN."
I really like this name. It sounds very strong but not "macho-man-like." I like names like Colin, Roger, etc.- very traditional (however not overused) names.
Martin Billany (better known as LittleKuriboh) is an internet celebrity. He created Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series and inspired all the abridged series that followed.
Martin is also a very popular name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Martin Glaessner was a geologist and palaeontologist.
Martin Kabát is a fictional character from the play "Hrátky s čertem" (1956). He was played by Josef Bek.
This name is also used in the Netherlands.
Martin Johnson is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in Boys Like Girls. An amazing singer. Punk/pop, which is amazing.
German: MU-tinn.
This is my middle name, and possibly my favourite. Am I the only one who thinks this could make a fine female name? Anyway, bird-related names like this usually seem quite pleasant, like Robin.
I hate Martin Luther with a burning passion, so I'm not exactly happy if people name their sons Martin after him. The man was a lunatic. Very intelligent, and a proponent of reading the Bible for oneself and taking responsibility for one's own salvation, but a lunatic all the same. He hated women and Jews and saw demons everywhere. On the other hand, the name makes me think of the geeky character on the Simpsons. I guess the name wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for these associations.
So what I got from your comment is that all people that name their son Martin either name him after Martin Luther or Martin from The Simpsons. Is that correct? If so... assume much? That is such a broad and false assumption, I don't even know where to begin. Don't think to yourself that all people name their babies after someone or something. Parents can choose a name just because they like it!As for the name, I wouldn't use it myself, but if I did, I certainly wouldn't name it after the two you've just mentioned! I would choose the name because I just like it!
In Guardians of Ga'Hoole, one of the owls is named Martin. He is a saw-whet owl and in the Chaw of Chaws (a very important group in the books).
Actor Martin Lawrence is a famous bearer.
Its means "Warrior", "Knight". I like this name cause it represents me. I never give up. I fight for my family. I fight for myself.
Not-so famous bearer: the man who helped Brom and Eragon find a man named Jeod in the city of Teirm.
In the Portuguese legend of Saint Martin (here known as São Martinho) it was a dark and rainy 11th of November and he found a beggar to whom he gave half of his cloak and, all of a sudden, the rain stopped and the sun appeared. It's because of that that the 11th of Noveber is the day of this Saint and the warmer days in the middle of November are called the Verão de São Martinho (The Summer of Saint Martin).
Martin the Warrior. Main character from the Redwall series. At least as important as the patron saint of France.
I couldn't believe this wasn't posted yet, so I decided I would. Martin "Marty" McFly from the famous "Back to the Future" trilogy.
Could it not also have the bird, a Martin, as a namesake? I believe it was so in England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (history geek in me coming out, sorry!)
Well. My name is Martin. I like it, wouldn't have it any other way. I don't like the many nicknames though for some reason. But, Martins (myself included) I know tend to be shy. If there's one thing I could change about myself it would be that, and there probably isn't any correlation - hell, Martin Lawrence- he's not shy.
American actor and activist Martin Sheen, of Apocalypse Now and The West Wing, is a famous bearer.
I never used to be that fond of this name, but now every time I think of the name Martin, I think of the great actor Martin Shaw from "Judge John Deed".
Martin is common in my family. I love it. I picture a nice strong man who is wise and friendly.
Martin the Warrior is from the Redwall series!
Martin Prince is from the Simpsons.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Martin here:
There was a Martin Lloyd in at least 3 episodes of Stargate.
Martin the Warrior Mouse, the guide character (also known as the Omniscience Character) of the books of the Redwall Abbeys.
A nice strong name - my grandad, his father and his grandfather all had the name Martin; my mum also has two cousins with this name. There is also a character called Martin on 7th Heaven.
Martin Gore from "Depeche Mode".
Martin Brody is a character in Peter Benchley's novel 'Jaws' and Steven Spielberg's film of the same name. In the film and book, he is the police chief of a small seaside community which is being terrorised by a man-eating shark.
In Bulgaria it's pronounced mahr-TIN. [noted -ed]
Famous bearer is Martin Heidegger, a German philosopher of existentialism.
Martin Van Buren was the 8th President of the U.S.A.
Film director Martin Scorsese is a famous bearer.
Also Martin Luther and Martin Luther King.

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