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Mary Fitzgerald (born 1980) is a real estate agent for the Oppenheim Group who is notable for starring in the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset.
A DARLING little name, just perfect. Very English. I love Maria and Mary equally but Mary is a little more humble and understated - I picture it on a sweet faced scullery maid in Georgian era England, Maria is more romantic and international. Both utterly gorgeous in their own ways.
Also used in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian:
Mary Anne
Mary Eve
Mary Joan
Mary Agnes
Mary Edith
Mary Barbara
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Helena
Mary Louise
Mary Frances
Mary Georgia
Mary Catherine
Mary Josephine
Mary AlexandraThe Mother of God + other saints.
Christian names are great!
I respectfully disagree that this name is dying out. It's still in the top 150 names. Mary is less popular than before, but not gone. When it leaves the top 1000, it will be gone. The name is still popular among Catholics.
Since it was conjectured that Mary was probably an Egyptian name first, I looked up meanings of the heiroglyphs and found several meanings;
Phonogram mr; determinatives to hoe; till the soil.
phonogram mr; determinatives to love; loosen the soil; till.Canal:
Determinative/logogram of; to love, canal; river, lake, river Nile, lover, friend.
Phonograms mr, mj; phonetic-determinative mr.
A simple and beautiful name in itself, but also the name of the Mother of God, so it has a beauty, importance and power that goes beyond any other female name. Whether you spell it Mary, Maria, or Marie, I love it!
Absolutely gorgeous. Mary is a beautiful name. It's beautiful, classic, timeless and lovely. I love it so much. ❤❤.
One of my favorite bearers of this name is Mary Jo Kopechne, who tragically lost her life in the Chappaquiddick incident in 1969.
Mary is such a nice classic name! I love the combos Mary-Rose and Mary-Jane.
Mary’s Song is a track from American artist Taylor Swift’s debut self-titled album. Her life is the subject of the song; a story of her and her husband through the years and how their love has continued to last.
I don't really like the name but it's an okay name I guess, but I prefer Marie better!
A few months ago I left a comment from different account expressing my hatred for this name. I have since changed my mind. I no longer HATE Mary. I do dislike it though. It's kind of just plain, dull, and boring in my opinion, and while I would hate to have this name, that does not mean everyone would. Mary is just a fine name. It's surely dated, that's okay. I know a young Mary who wears this name pretty well. If you like this name, give it to your child. There isn't anything wrong with it. You don't have to agree with my opinion though. :)
I think it's classic, and sounds sweet and soft.
In Ontario, Canada, between 1913-2019 usage of the name Mary peaked for girls in 1954, when it was given to 2776 girls. In 2019 it was given to 56 girls.
For boys usage peaked in 1936 and 1939, when it was given to 13 boys in those years.
I'm a Mary. I grew up being called by my first and middle name, Mary Helen, by family. In school and as an adult I use Mary. There were times I thought it was plain. In my 30s I revised a nursery rhyme and my tagline became: Mary, Mary quite contrary,
No longer plain and ordinary! I usually only meet other women around my age named Mary. I was born in 1958 and my dad just liked the name. No religious connection.Now I feel it is a unique name.
It might be literally the most common name amongst women in the U.S., but it's actually pretty underused nowadays. I know 3 Marias, 2 Maryams, 2 Maries, a Miriam, a Marianne, and a Mary Kate, but not a single person whose name is simply Mary.
It’s very boring now and does not need a comeback at all. This name has lost its charm how many years ago? Why not Marika or Marie as a first name or something, names with more personality.
Mary would be utterly a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e on a little girl today. So underused and definitely due a comeback :)
Marry me Mary!
I personally heavily prefer Maria and Marie.
Personally, I hate this name. My great grandmother is named Mary, and she always hated the name, so she ended up going by Wylene (her middle name) instead. Now, this name is fine for an older woman in her 50's-90's, but I can't imagine a young girl named Mary. In fact, I looked through my brothers' elementary school yearbook from 2020-2021, and there was not a single child named Mary. If you are considering this name for your child, here are some reasons not to use it:
1. It is plain, dull, and boring
2. It is old-fashioned and will look dated on a a young child. It was popular a hundred years ago, but that doesn't mean it is now
3. If your child ends up not following Christianity, they may not like having a biblical name.
If you like this name, then maybe consider using Marie, May/Mae, or Molly. Now, if you like this name, or it is your name, then that's fine. I just don't really like it. I'm only 13, so don't take what I say too seriously. If you like this name, then use it.
Boring and outdated name. Seriously, a name that has been 1 in the US for literal DECADES can't stay fresh for long. Although the name itself is okay, and I can partially understand people liking it. But please don't give this name to a boy. They'll get laughed at constantly.
Simple, yet very nice.
My great great grandmother's name was Mary. It's pretty boring tbh, and she had no middle name. She was Slovak so she could have been named Mária, Miriam, or Marika had she not been given the Anglicized version her name, which would have been prettier.
Wonderful! I do like Marie because it's more Now-a-days but Mary is wonderful as well!
Mary is such a cool name on an edgy girl. Hendrix howled “The Wind Cries Mary”... Because it’s not as common now, it’s even more so. Elegant and classic, mother of God.
Mary Calvi is a reporter for CBS News This Morning and is also a co-anchor for "Inside Edition" which airs on the same channel.
Very dated and B O R I N G.
I like the sound, but I like the spelling "Mari" more.
Prefer Maria and Marie.
When one accounts for every variant of this name, it is the most common feminine name in the world, and the second most common name after John (Yochanan).
Classic but overused and boring name.
I really don't understand why this name is popular to be honest with you. It's classier than most I'll give you that, but otherwise it's really boring and the meaning is weird.
Mary Garlington is an American actress best known for her role of Lu-Lu Fishpaw in the 1981 movie Polyester.
Mary is an elegant, simple, classic name. I think of Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. Mary is well out of the top 100 now for baby girls. It is a lovely choice, but not an obvious one.
Lovely name, don't meet many little Marys now, I adore Maria and Mariya as well.
Myra and Mary would make good twins.
According to, Mary is the #1 girls name in the Philippines (in terms of how many Marys there are).
Mary Brian (1906-2002) was an American silent film actress, known for playing Wendy Darling in the 1924 silent film version of Peter Pan.
“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me... Speaking words of wisdom: Let it Be”I’m surprised literally nobody mentioned this song. Let it Be is a song by The Beatles.
It's classic beauty in a simple name.
Classy, and elegant. Wouldn’t use it though.
My 4th grade Christian Living Education teacher said that this name means "Mistress". I don't know where she got that from though.
I should elaborate. My teacher meant "Mistress" as in a woman in a position of authority, not "Mistress" as in a woman who has sexual relations with a married man.
So plain, overused, and extremely dated!
Mary. She is the Mother of God. Yes she is the Mother of Jesus, but Jesus IS God. For that reason I like the name. And it isn't overused.
Mary is an absolutely beautiful name. ❤️.
I like the name Mary a lot and it is not really going extinct in the US. It is just going on a much needed hiatus after decades of it being overused. Now you are more likely to encounter a girl with a different name than you are with this beautiful classic. :)
Mary is such a classy and sophisticated name. Truly timeless. It works with a middle name and without one, works with most surnames as well. Sounds so elegant but still refined. Heartbroken that this name is sadly dying out in the US. I guess it ran its course. What a pity.
In the 1992 anime series 'Floral Magician Mary Bell', one of the main characters is named Mary Bell von Decasse (マリーベル・フォン・デカッセ).
This name is really popular. It was one of the most used names for many decades, always on top. However, despite being overused, Mary is a classic, great name. Just a good quality name. Simple elegance!
Mary Wollstonecraft, mother of Mary Shelley and regarded to be one of the first feminists. Incredible philosophical writer.
Typical 50-70 year old lady.
Mary is a classic, it is also elegant and beautiful.
Mary McCartney is a famous bearer. She is a photographer.
I understand where some of the other comments are coming from when they say that Mary is a pretty simple, too common and an old-fashioned name, but you can't deny that there's something special about timelessly classic names, such as Mary. I mean, they're classics for a reason. It's honestly amazing to think how this name is still around today, even after some 2,000 years of usage! It says something about the name and how beloved it is. I know that it may seem overused, but it's had a somewhat slight decline in recent years, and I think it would be very sweet to meet a little girl named Mary in our current era. Or even a teenager, or young adult. Just because it's a common name doesn't lessen its worth. Besides, names that are popular today will probably only have their peak for so long, whereas Mary has been around for many centuries and generations.
I must say that the meanings “rebellion” and “sea of bitterness” are quite unfortunate and rather sad, as I do believe the meaning of a name is important. However, “wished for child” is a much more beautiful and pleasant meaning. Also, when most people think of the name (or at least I do), they probably think of the respected and beloved Virgin Mary. That being said, a lot of females with the name Mary were likely given that name in honor of her, which, in my opinion, adds to the beauty of the name.
Overall, I think Mary is a very sweet and timeless name.God bless you.
I can't stand it. Too many girls named Mary.
I know WAY too many Mary’s in their 50s & 60s to even consider this name!
Mary Test from the animated show Johnny Test.
Mary Ann Singleton (Hawkins) was a character in Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City series.
I love it. The meanings are great. Plus there is the Blessed Virgin Mary to consider... :)
I like Mary. For those of you saying that this name is popular, where do you get your information? Maybe I'm a bit close-minded, as I only know 1 Mary and she's my classmate, but I live in the Philippines! Most of our population is Christian. Some of you said to use Maria as an alternative, Maria is more popular here, why does Mary get more hate for being a "plain name" when Maria literally has more people in the world than Mary (I only know 2 people named Maria but that's still more than Mary)! Maybe some people are saying Mary is common because they know many Marys, but surely the same can't be said for people who live in the U. S. Mary is out of the top 100 there, unfortunately. It's *certainly* not as popular as Olivia and Sophia as some of you make Mary out to be (plus, why dosen't anyone think Everleigh is popular? Everleigh currently is above Mary in the charts). I think Mary is a nice name, plus you're naming your kid after the Mother of God! As well as many other great Marys! As for the meaning, my 4th grade teacher said that Mary means "Mistress" which I think is a lot better than "sea of bitterness" (don't know where she got "Mistress" from though). A person named Mary reminds me of a very regal and kind woman in 1890's Great Britain with the voice of Vesta Victoria. I think that if you name your child Mary, there won't be another in her class, maybe even profession (or at least there won't be another that goes by Mary). The only Mary she'll probably run into is old women, but people won't immediately think of an old woman because of her name (at least I hope not). I think Mary can be fit for all ages, I even named one of my main characters Mary and she was born in the 1910's and I plan for her to be portrayed in all ages.Overall Mary is a nice name that's unfortunately not as popular today.
Bloody Mary. If you chant “Bloody Mary” in the mirror 3 times in the dark she will appear.
I love this beautiful and classic name. Much like the name "John," it has a reputation for being generic and plain. However, it hasn't been overused in a long time. I'd even say that a young girl with the name "Mary" today will probably stand out a bit, although I wouldn't describe the name as "old-fashioned" by any stretch of the imagination.
Very plain, boring name. I know of probably 20-30 Mary’s between the age of 50 & 70!
There’s something about this name that turns me off.
Mary is such a boring name.
Mary is okay, but like, really? Can't you do better? Nowadays, I would pick a name like Marie, which is much more fashionable. No offense to the name Mary, and as other people have said, can't we move on to new names? Mary has lots of lovely equivalents people!
Mary has got to be one of the blandest names ever. I mean, at least Emily and Jane are pretty, but Mary just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It just sounds so unpleasant. It's time to move on, people.
When I was a little child in school there were 3 other Marys in my class, Mary Jane, another Mary Jane who went by Jennie, and a Mary Anne who went by Mayme. This name was very popular when I was born, but I still called myself Mary rather than my much more uncommon middle name of Laverne or some other nickname as I feel like it didn't suit me, but it did get annoying at times when 4 other Marys responded to "Mary". Unlike when I was born this name is fairly rare nowadays, so I don't think that Mary is going to be confused with another Mary. I personally feel like Mary is a wonderful name as it is short, simple, easily recognizable, and it is the name of the Virgin Mary. Thanks for reading what I feel about Mary :)
How about folk singer Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary?
I think this name is best when paired with another name as a second first name. Like Mary Catherine, Mary Clare, Mary Grace, Mary Elle, something like those.
I love the name Mary! It's classic, timeless, and so beautiful.
Mary Brunner was probably the first member of the Manson Family. She gave birth to Charlie’s biological son Valentine Michael “Pooh Bear” Manson. One of her nicknames was Mother Mary.
Mary is very pretty, but I don't think it fits with my surname. :( Maria works better with my surname.
A lovely name.
Approximately 4,374,608 people in the United States have the name Mary.
I love Mary, but I love Maria more. :D.
I think Mary is the most beautiful name in the world and quite possibly the most beautiful sound ever. I don't know why I love this name so much but I can't imagine a more beautiful name than Mary. I'm so happy when I meet a girl named Mary. Especially if she's a redhead. I've always loved redheads named Mary and I have no idea why, to me if you have red hair and your name is Mary, you're perfect. I wish this name was as common as people seem to think it is.
Mary is quite nice, but I prefer Marie or Maria.
I think this name is very pretty and sweet. It’s too bad it’s not as favorable anymore, considering the association with old ladies. But, I expect it will become popular again in about 30 years and be considered “retro” or something like that. I know four Marys who are all members of Gen Z.
I think this name goes well with any middle name. I know a few Mary Catherines and Mary Annes, but I also like Mary Emma, Mary Margaret, Mary Ava, Mary Ella, etc. I love this name!
Such a classy and distinguished name for females! It’s common, but not as common as John’s use as a man’s name. Mary is still quite a popular and trendy girl’s name because of its meaning behind the name. It’s beautiful, elegant, and noble for girls! It’s often used as a middle name, particularly when spelt Marie. So this would be more unique as a first name, whether it's being spelt Marie OR Mary. I love the name Mary for a girl, even though I wouldn’t use it! This name does have some rare masculine usage from the past, but would you name a boy Mary because of that? I know I wouldn’t!
A lovely classic. I also love the Arabic form Mariam. (Mariam is such a common name in my area.)
It's a pretty and classic name. I disagree with it being overused- maybe it has been in the past, but it's not used very much anymore. I've met only one girl named Mary.
Mary Livingstone, actress and wife of Jack Benny.
Pretty, but overused and bland.
I think Mary is a great name. My best friend is named Mary. She is awesome and she loves her name. It is biblical and is shared with the mother of Jesus.
It's a cute name, very classic and old fashioned but timeless, not overly sexy but not unsexy either, just cute and friendly. On the other hand, it's the perfect name for a red-haired girl, and it's the most beautiful name in the world when a redhead has it. I don't know why but I'm instantly attracted to any redhead named Mary. No exceptions. If you're a woman, if you have red hair and your name is Mary, I have a crush on you. If you have that winning combination, flaunt your beautiful red hair and flaunt your beautiful name. Most likely it's because to me, I associate the name "Mary" with a beautiful redhead who loves to smile and never stops smiling no matter what, the type of girl that manages to be both cute and hot at the same time.So overall, I find the name cute and timeless but under the right circumstances I also think it's the most beautiful name in the world.
It’s old fashioned. It’s a little plain and a little overused, but it still has a nice, classic sound.
This name has been used for a long time and has been widely accepted by many people.
This name is supercallifragilisticexpialidocious! It just reminds me or Mary Poppins and to me, it's a nice name. It could sound calm, intelligent, elegant and beautiful, but it could also sound fun, bubbly, and playful.
I love the name Mary! It’s so beautiful and elegant sounding! It’s just as pretty as Marie! This name is timeless and I see how popular it can be! That’s because it’s a pretty name! But I love it best as a middle name, but it’s okay as a first name!
It’s grown on me over the years.
Never liked it much due to overuse, however I liked one derivative of it and that is Marijo.
THE MOST BORING NAME! Way too common and not even pretty. Just uggghhh!
I have never, ever liked this name. It’s not only boring and way too common, but it’s also neither pretty to read nor hear. “Marie” is a lot prettier and more exotic.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Mary who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 7th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Boring, and probably THE most common/overused female name of all time.
Mary will always have a special place in my heart. To me, the name is so classic and meaningful that it can never be overused and outstay its welcome.
Mary is overused and typical.
Glad Mary isn't that common anymore. Can't wait for the top baby names for this generation to drop on the charts. Random, but I only picture redheads with this name.
Mary Ingalls, Mary, Mary, quite contrary.
Reminds me of someone who is slim, cute and graceful. Mary is a beautiful name.
Mary Agnes (Squeak) is a character in the book The Color Purple. She is Harpo's girlfriend.
Mary is a name of one of the Lisbon sisters from the film, "The Virgin Suicides".
This name is actually quite uncommon nowadays. It's a lovely, modest and feminine name. Plus, it fits all age groups well. You can't go wrong with Mary.
Mary is just too common. I prefer the variations.
Fairy Mary is a character in the Tinkerbell series. She is in charge of all the tinker fairies.
Although it certainly is used quite a lot, I love the namesakes of the Virgin, an extremely important figure in Christianity, and Mary Magdalene, the first witness of the resurrection. However, due to its popularity (though it is declining), if I was using it as a namesake, I would use a different form, as a middle name, or, if it's for Mary Magdalene, Magdalena/Magdalene.
Another bearer of the name Mary is Queen Mary the first who was also known as Bloody Mary.
Mary Moo Cow from Arthur, anyone?
An anagram of Mary is Army.
I think it's an adorable and sweet name, very good on a little girl. It has a delicate sound. Its meanings are awesome. Also, I see it on strange or somehow creepy female characters. I prefer it to Maria or Miriam. However, the bad thing is that it's too common.
This is a classic and recognizable name. I think it's very pretty, and not too dated- it's adorable on a little girl, and smart and classy on a full grown woman.
I have a Great x 2 grandmother called Mary so I have a soft spot for this name, even though I don't like names as religious as this.
Mary is a nurse in the video game Trauma Center. She moves to another city and is replaced by Angie.
Mary Vance is an orphan that the Meredith kids discover in Rainbow Valley. She eventually gets adopted by Cornelia.
Mary Rose is the name of a rollercoaster at Alton Towers.
My middle name is Mary. I really like this pretty, feminine name. It is extra special to me as I was given this name in honor of my paternal grandmother. I think it is a timeless classic.
Mary Ball Washington was the mother of George Washington.
It's too plain, simple, old-fashioned, and boring.
Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, R.E. is the wife of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark. Frederik is the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark, which means that should Frederik inherit the throne, she will automatically become Queen consort of Denmark.
Mary Rose Byrne is an Australian actress. Byrne made her screen debut in 1992 with a small role in the film Dallas Doll. In 2000, she played a leading role in the Australian film The Goddess of 1967, which brought her a Venice Film Festival award for Best Actress. From 2007 to 2012, she played Ellen Parsons in the cable television series Damages, which earned her two Golden Globe and two Emmy nominations. Along with co-star Glenn Close, she appeared in all of the show's fifty-nine episodes. Byrne has also starred in the films Troy, 28 Weeks Later, Knowing, Insidious, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as the comedies Get Him to the Greek, Bridesmaids, Neighbors, its sequel Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and Spy.
Mary Claire "Niña" José is a Filipino actress. She was a competitor in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 1 in 2006. She is currently a contract actress for the ABS-CBN television network. She has appeared on the cover of FHM Philippines magazine. She mistakenly known as model Yassi Benitez.
Mary is a beautiful name. I think of a devout, consecrated young lady, even spirited and strong-willed to stand by what is right.The name 'Merry' would be a lovely twist on the traditional spelling, too.
I prefer to think of the derivation of "Mary" using mir as the root word. From Latin; mir (wonderful), mirare (to wonder at or to look). It could also mean "to witness". It seems more in keeping with Mary's character to associate her with witnessing and miracles than salty, bitter, harsh, etc.
In 1811, nearly a quarter of all the women in Britain were named Mary.
Mary Frances "Debbie" Reynolds was an American actress, singer, businesswoman, film historian, and humanitarian. She was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her portrayal of Helen Kane in the 1950 film Three Little Words, and her breakout role was her first leading role, as Kathy Selden in Singin' in the Rain. Other successes include The Affairs of Dobie Gillis, Susan Slept Here, Bundle of Joy, The Catered Affair, and Tammy and the Bachelor, in which her performance of the song "Tammy" reached number one on the Billboard music charts. In 1959, she released her first pop music album, titled Debbie.
Mary Louise Brooks, who worked professionally as Louise Brooks, was an American film actress and dancer noted as an iconic symbol of the flapper, and for popularizing the bobbed haircut.
Used in Scandinavia (Norway).
Mary-Jean Anaïs O'Doherty is an American-born coloratura soprano. She was the first prize winner in the 2013 Paris Opera Awards. O'Doherty was born in Houston, Texas, to an Australian father and an Armenian mother, Eliza Basmadjian, from Greece.
Very pretty name, it has always been very common.
My mother's name and my least favorite name ever. It's boring, over used, and goody-goody.
Mary Uranta is a Nigerian film and television actress, producer, model, singer, [1] and businesswoman. Born and raised in Port Harcourt, she competed in beauty pageant Miss Niger Delta, where she achieved the rank of first runner-up.
How about:
Mary-Jo, Mary-Rose, Mary-Ellen, Mary-Ann, Mary-Jane, Mary-Joy, Mary-Beth, etc.
Mary is a little simple and boring. Marie, all though over used as a middle name, is a fairly uncommon name. Maria is nice too.
If you add another name it's fine.
Eh. It's not a bad name by any means, it's just extremely boring and not very pretty. I prefer Marie or Maria.
I had an old friend that named her daughter Mary. I feel like Mary is a much more unique and refreshing name because it is not used as much, rather than these trendy or unique names. But each to his/her own.
It is simple, but good name for girls only. It looks nice with a suffix-name after. Mary-Anne, Mary-Rose, Mary-Grace, etc. Terrible for boys, sweet and pretty on girls. I imagine a creative, smart girl.
I used to not think much of this name, but it's really grown on me. I love it as a middle name for Charlotte.
An ugly name overused by snobby Middle American Catholics. As a former Catholic, I can tell you that this name isn't very good and most of the women with this name are Republicans.
Not only is Mary often a family name, it is the name of generations of wonderful women spanning generations from biblical times until now. At Christmastime, when carols are sung and readings are read, the name Mary is lovingly celebrated. It is plain, but this is a name with strength and beauty in its simplicity. Never underestimate a Mary. She will be intelligent, kind, passionate and loyal. She will become a loving mother and your longest, most loyal friend.
Very boring, plain jane kind of name... sorry.
It's shocking and kind of sad to see that the name Mary isn't being used very much anymore. It's a really great name and it's sad that people are naming their children other confusing, weird names over such a great classic like this. I would love to name my daughter Mary if I ever have one, especially since it is not as popular anymore and there won't be very many people with her name anymore; it'll be unique, but normal, and be beautiful all at the same time.
Mary Winstead is an American actress.
I don't think it's plain or boring at all! It is very old and has a lot of history to it! I only know of two Mary's. One of which comes from a very religious family (explaining their name choice) and one I go to school with. And I think she is the only Mary in the school. I'd much rather see Mary's than so many Ashley's, Alison's, or Emily's, although those are lovely names as well.
Mary Quant, a Welsh fashion designer.
Very plain and dull name I think.
Mary Church Terrell was one of the first African-American women to earn a college degree.
Mary is not overused at all. I do not personally know any Mary's. But to embellish it, you could add a name after it like Mary Kate. My sister's name is Mary Jane and we call her MJ. It is a totally unique name, but marijuana references by random people have been a problem. Nonetheless, Mary Jane is awesome and different!
I love this name. It is not overused anymore and has become unique. Mary- it sounds so pretty.
Mary, Mungo and Midge is a British animated children's TV series.
Mary Winchester is a character on the television series "Supernatural." She is the mother of the show's main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester.
The name Mary is amazing and beautiful. I love how it's the name of Jesus's mother. The name Mary definitely deserves to be used more! :)
Mary may have originated from myrrh which means 'bitter'. It is a resin from a tree with thorny branches. It was used in medicine and for it's fragrance, may have been synonymous with a term for 'perfume'.
In 2011, twice as many baby girls were named 'Nevaeh' than 'Mary'.Many parents are deterred from using this name because of it's former popularity feeling it is too played out for their unique child. From sociologists' research in the U.S.
Mary Pope Osborne (1949-) is the author of the Magic Tree House children's books.
Totally boring now. I bet every girl named Mary would claim that she was named after her grandmother.
I grew up with all the jokes about "Mary." So, I hated it. However, now that I am older (47), I embrace it, and prefer using Mary Elizabeth, (my middle name). As I learned my family tree, I really embraced it. Lol lol :)
Mary Melody, a character in Tiny Toon Adventures.
I guees the name is kinda dull and boring... though it is the name I was supposed have. Not named Rose... my dad wanted to name me after my grandmother who passed away of cancer many years before I was born... what's creepy about all this is that I'm the grandchild that was named after her, and I look so much like her that it's just creepy, people who knew her say I'm like her somewhat...
I ADORE this name, and will definitely name one of my children Mary.It's so pure, and short and sweet. It's got a very cute sound to it, in my opinion. I like Mary Frances as a name :)I've only known one Mary my age, so it's not at all popular in this generation!
Growing up in Scotland, the only time I heard the name 'Mary' was in relation to someone else's grandmother, so it surprises me to learn 'Mary' is considered popular. I always thought of it as very old-fashioned when I was young (I'm 40 yrs old) but I have to say that when people learn my name they frequently comment on how lovely it is. It's better than my middle name: Hilda. Now THAT name was a constant source of embarrassment and still is; I seldom use it when filing in forms, etc.
Anyway, I could change my name if I wanted to and the fact that I haven't means I'm not that bothered and I'll be 'Mary' until I die. By the way, the negative comments about my name made me laugh; we Mary's have a wicked sense of humor. Innocent? Ha!
A rather infamous bearer of this name was British conservative activist Mary Whitehouse. She was quite the nasty old prude.
I love this name! But for some reason, it seems that EVERYONE has an Aunt Mary. I have three: Mary Heath, Mary Reaves, and Mary Livingstone. I know about six or seven other people who have an Aunt Mary, too. Also, this was the name of my paternal grandma, though she went by her middle name, Suzanne. I'm really fond of this name and I intend to name one of my daughters this in the future, but I must admit that most of the reason for that is to honor my Aunt Mary (Livingstone, that is!).
I used to think this was a boring name, and preferred Marie or Miriam to Mary. Recently, I have started to see how lovely Mary is-she is timeless, and goes with so many other names. Long live Mary!
I actually have never met anyone named Mary, which I find kind of sad, considering it was so popular for so long. I don't see anything wrong with naming your daughter Mary, especially nowadays when there are so many awful names being thought up. Mary would be a nice break from all that, I think :)
This name is kind of like Rose. A lot of different names have been added to the end of it to create new names. (Mary Jane, Marianne,, Marilyn, Mary Kate, Mary Jo, Mary Lou...)
I like the Virgin Mary, but this name is a little plain. It is far from ugly, but it would make a nice middle or Confirmation name.
It's a good name. But because "Mary" by itself means the Blessed Virgin Mary (in my family), I'd use it as a double name - Mary-Anna, Mary Sophia, Mary Madeline, etc.
Mary Amelia Ingalls was the blind, older sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of Little House on the Prairie. She is often a main character in the books.
In Arabic: مريم (Maryam)is a name was mentioned many times in the Quran wherein there is A surah (chapter) on her name. Maryam is one of the most favourite names among Muslims.
In Northern Ireland a common pronunciation for the name Mary is MEER-ee. Interestingly it sounds very close to Miri, which (according to Smadar Shir Sidi, at least) is a Hebrew nickname for Miriam, the original form of Mary.Here Mary is very common among older women, but for younger women and girls alternative forms like Maria (which I adore) are more popular. Though from personal experience (yes, the best evidence is anecdotal) I have found that Mary is still a common middle name among Catholic girls.
Nice name, but boring and overused.
Mary (1662-1694) was the daughter of King James II of Great Britain and his first wife Anne Hyde. She later became joined Ruler of the UK, together with her husband William of Orange.
Mary (1605-1607) was the daughter of King James I of the UK and his wife Anne of Denmark. She was the first child to be born after her father became King.
Henry (1594-1612) was the oldest son of King James I of the UK and his wife Anne of Denmark.
Mary (1897-1965) was the only daughter of King George V of Great Britain and his wife Mary of Teck.
Mary was also the name of another daughter of Queen Anne of Great Britain and her husband Prince George of Denmark. She was named after her older deceased sister.
Mary (1685-1687) was the oldest daughter of Queen Anne of Great Britain and her husband Prince George of Denmark.
Mary (1723-1772) was the daughter of King George II of Great Britain and his wife Caroline.
Mary Debenham is one of the characters of Agatha Christie's famous novel "Murder on the Orient Express".
Mary was the name of one of the daughters of King Edward III of England and his wife Philippa of Hainaut.
Mary was the name of the eighth daughter of King Edward I of England and his wife Eleanor of Castile.
Mary was one of the daughters of King George III of the UK and his wife Charlotte.
Mary (1496-1533) was the daughter of King VII of England and his wife Elizabeth. She was the younger sister of King Henry VIII of England.
Mary (1467-1482) was the second daughter of King Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville. She was the younger sister of Elizabeth of York and aunt of Henry VIII of England.
Mary was the daughter of King Stephen of England and his wife Matilda.
Mary, Princess Royal (1631-1660), oldest daughter of Charles I of England and his wife Henriette Marie of France. She married William II, Prince of Orange. Her son William became King of England later.
A good name to honour a child with, and not as fancy as Marie or Maria, although they are nice names too.
Mary Jane Blige is an American singer. She is professionally known as Mary J. Blige.
Mary is one of the names of the new princess of Sweden, daughter of Crown princess Viktioria and Prince Daniel, born on 23 February 2012. Her full name is ESTELLE Silvia Ewa Mary.
Despite the extreme overuse, this name stays classic, to me at least, because it sounds timeless and now that it is becoming less common, maybe will regain some of the freshness it lost in the last one hundred years or so. It reminds me of a sweet little girl with braids, though this may have something to do with the fact I love Mary Pickford-another reason I don't think it's plain or boring.
You cannot use this name for a kid in England. Here it's seen as old fashioned, ugly, and it's used as slang all the time. I'm really surprised to read comments saying it's overused, because here barely anyone under 40 has this name.
Ugh, Mary. It's been popular for, like, ever. Hasn't anyone gotten tired of hearing it?
I love the name Mary! It sounds very pretty.
Mary Stevenson Cassatt (1844-1926) was an American painter and printmaker.
Mary is a very reserved sort of name, one that you have to consider carefully. Not just because of the Virgin Mary, the most obvious reason, but it has a very kind and caring feel to it. So it seems like the sort of name that adopted girls have, because you have to be kind and caring to adopt a child.
Mary Beale (1633-1699) was an English portrait painter.
Mary is a place in Turkmenistan.
My name's Mary, & I can't put into words how much I hate that name and have always hated having it! The uber commonplaceness of it, makes me feel totally anonymous, and I just feel that my parents didn't describe me as anything but a typical person on the street, and that having this name contributes to me giving that impression to people - particularly, those who like the name Mary, who are always ultra commonplace people I feel an immediate revulsion towards! I am an original, sensitive and talented person, but Mary suggests just the opposite of that - all commonplace names suggest to me typical people, and that gives connotations of being undistinguished, untalented, uncreative, insensitive, cruel, crass - to sum up undesirably inferior and mundane - and also, to choose a commonplace name doesn't suggest imagination, so people often believe since your parents were obviously unimaginative, you must be the same. Mary is chosen as the typical name on the census, then time and again, as the first name for a typical person in scenarios in non-fiction books - it's very depressing for somebody who yearns to feel special. It's association with the mother of God also isn't very flattering, because pregnancy isn't essentially pretty - who thinks of a mother when they think of a pretty girl - rather, to be mumsy is to wear an apron and be plain! I think everyone deserves to feel special, and be honoured as an individual who belongs to a particular parent or family, not just to the sea of mass humanity - so I hope this very plain name has had it day.
Giving you the name Mary was probably the best gift your parents ever gave you, as it associated you with ideals and personages far greater than you'll ever probably be able to aspire to. Mary is the 109th most popular name in 2010. That's hardly commonplace. I gather that you'd prefer to be named Kaylee or Keeley or Madison or one of the other trashy, fake names that every other trashy airhead is named these days. I bet that would make you feel real special, huh?
I really like Mary - it's a very sweet name. I'm a big fan of Mary as a double first name - Mary Jane, Mary Beth and Mary Kate are my favourites.
Mary is the name of the protagonist of "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" by Carrie Ryan.
Mary Jean Pearle was a famed victim of domestic violence. She was stalked and threatened by her ex-husband, John Battaglia, for years until he killed their two children (Liberty and Faith), and was sentenced to death.
I think it's creepy. Like a mean-old-witch-down-the-street name. When I picture it on a teen, I see a not-well-liked shy girl with glasses who's into secret occult practices, and on a little girl I think of a child who wears white Victorian dresses and plays with weird-looking dolls. I much prefer the alternatives Marie (mer-REE) or Maria.
It's a simple name, but it's so pretty! I love the combination Mary-Jane, but everyone would think you named her after the Spiderman character.
My impression of this name is that it's kind of like Sarah. It's nice, not a fad name, and can fit anybody. But still very overused.
"Mary, Mary" a song by the Monkees is the reason I have become quite fond of the name.
Mary Ann Britland (1847 - 1886) was the first woman executed by hanging Strangeways Prison, Manchester, England, after killing 3 people from March - May 1886.
The "MAIR-ee" pronunciation is also used in the northeastern U.S.
Scratch my last comment. Actually, "MAIR-ee" is the usual pronunciation in the States. It's just that in a large part of the country "merry" ("MER-ee") would be pronounced the same. (The northeast keeps the distinction.)
To the person who said they couldn't think of any nicknames: I have an older cousin, Mary Theresa, and we call her Marsey (MER-zee). :-)But anyway, I think Mary is a very pretty name, and definitely not "overused" (I've only met one other person my age--18--with this name). I'd say Maria is far more common. But if I were to ever use the name Mary, her middle name would have to be Jane.
I have a friend whose first name is Mary, but she goes by her middle name, Maureen, which I much prefer, both for her and all around. Mary is kind of plain, for both her and most girls. It doesn't show her much of her wonderful, unique personality.
Mary Camden is a character from the popular TV show "7th Heaven" (1996-2007), played by Jessica Biel.
Mary Miles Minter (April 1, 1902 – August 4, 1984) was an American film actress of the silent film era.
I really do hate this name, and if you are planning on naming your daughter this, I beg you to reconsider. Whenever I hear the name "Mary" it conjures up two images for me. I honestly think of these things:
1. A sickly, geriatric ewe with short fleece and dags around its behind (no doubt because of the nursery rhyme "Mary had a Little Lamb", only my mind distorts it to a more sinister creature)
2. Mary Bennet, from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". ENOUGH SAID.There is nothing more repugnant than the name Mary. Do not fool yourself: it is not pretty, it is not dainty and feminine. It is weak, whingey and terribly archaic. I must confess I don't like Maria or Marie either, though they are slightly more tolerable than plain old "Mary".I'm sorry if your name is Mary or Maria or Marie or any name similar to these. I'm sure you're a lovely person who thinks your name quite becoming, but I could never find any beauty in your name so as to give it to a child, a pet or a character in a story even.
Why does everybody have to be so hard about this name? I'm a bearer of this name (it's my first name) and I admit, I don't like it much but I feel terribly upset about all of people saying this name is a horrible just because it's roughly translated as "bitterness". I'm called Mary-Amanda and I'm not bitter (I can be on occasions) but that doesn't mean I'm a horrible person.
Mary Seacole (1805-1881) was a Jamaican nurse who was involved in the Crimean War. She aided British soldiers through the use of herbal remedies.
May is a nickname for Mary. My first daughter will be named Mary. I'll be using May as a nickname.
I can't believe no one has mentioned MARY AUSTIN! Mary Austin was Freddie Mercury's "love of his life" (that is who he wrote the song for.)
At one time, 1 in 20 female babies were named Mary.You can check the popularity for around 1910, it's true.
In my opinion, although this name may still be on the popular side because of all the Marys who were named when this name was more popular- and although it may also be on the plain side- this name is absolutely beautiful in all its simplicity. Plus, I've only known ONE Mary who's relatively around my age, and she seems nice. I much prefer this name to all it's variants: Marie, Maria, etc. And what name could ask for a better bearer? As a Roman Catholic, Mary the Blessed Mother plays a big role in my faith.
Mary Ellen Walton was the daughter of John and Olivia Walton on the tv show the Waltons.
According to, this name means "myrrh".
Mary is really a beautiful name, but I cannot think of any nicknames for it! I would use this as a middle name rather than a first name.
One of the first "classic" girls' names. I think it's beautiful and probably rarer now than it has been since Christianity came to England. There are enough variations and historical bearers to satisfy almost anybody.
Well, I think it's a beautiful name. I used to think it was hideously overused, but I don't really think it is anymore. It's got a nice, cute sound to it.
The main character in Betty Smith's coming of age novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, is named Mary Frances but is called Francie throughout.
There have been some nice modern bearers of this name, unfortunately the religious connotations ruin it for me.
The real name of the child known as "Boo" from the 2001 film 'Monsters, inc' is supposedly Mary, after her voice actress: Mary Gibbs.
I like the sound of this name, but I personally find it a bit too plain.
The name Mary actually derives from Miryam. And the meaning for these names is "someone who is always worshiping God".
Timeless. I wish that Mary was back in fashion over tackier stuff like Madison. I think it works especially well as a double barreled name like Mary Violet, Mary Susanah and Mary Scarlett. Beautiful!
This is my middle name, and I have to say that it embarrasses me, for people tend to think of it almost as a joke. The only other people I know with this name are my grandmothers, my mother and my elderly neighbor; The use of this name is becoming more and more sparse. It is a nice enough name, I suppose. But it's one that is picked on by today's youth.
Mary is the name of a Scissor Sisters song.
This name "Mary" was from the Lord's hand, He always had a PROPHETIC MEANING behind all the names He chose for history on Himself/for Himself. If you are a Bible Scholar, you would know what is behind the name "Mary" without research. Her mission was "to get THE WORD out" < that is the true meaning from God, Jesus is "The Word" ("The Word of God, made flesh and dwelt among us." < Scripture) That is why God had 5 Marys all around Him < He was making this point. And, Mary is known as "the first evangelist". She told all about the Lord's rising from the grave and witnessed (without this, there'd be no church/following). "To get The Word out" is the TRUE meaning of "Mary" THAT'S where the phrase came from < The church is founded on getting The Word out, that's what we do, and the Lord said the church is female "The bride of God" and there will be a wedding feast coming for us."His bride" for getting "Jesus" < "The Word of God" out there.
I think that the name Mary sounds better put together with Jane. Mary Jane sounds beautiful.
I like this name, but it doesn't sound very original.
Even though it is a very popular name, and people are getting bored of it, it is my first name, and I'm proud of it, it may not be my favorite name. But I think it's kind, even if there is a bloody Mary.
Mary Norris Allerton was the wife of Isaac Allerton, one of the most prominent Pilgrims to arrive at Plymouth Colony on "The Mayflower".
Mary-Jane Watson from the Spiderman Comics!
Famosu bearers:
Actress Mary Elizabeth "Sissy" Špaček
Actress Mary-Louise Parker
Actress Mary Beth Pape
Actress Mary Anderson, 1859-1940
Actress Mary Anderson, born 1920
Skater Mary Anderson
Singer Mary Coughlan
And many more.
In Victorian times this was a quite popular boy's name.
Mary Carlson is one of the fictional Carlson septuplets.
On June 17, 1880, twin sisters Mildred Widman Philippi and Mary Widman Franzini are born in St. Louis, Missouri. Both live to be 104 years old with Mildred passing away first on May 4, 1985.
Twin sisters, Mary (16 ounces) and Margaret (19 ounces), are born to Mrs. Florence Stimson of Old Fletton, Great Britain. They are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as lightest twins.
The Fischer quintuplets are born in Aberdeen, South Dakota, the world's fourth surviving set of quints and the first in the United States. Jimmie, Cathy, Margie, Mary Ann and Maggie join five other siblings and are joined by a single baby sister, Cindy, born September 24, 1964.
I love this sweet little name called Mary! I love to pronounce it as MER-y, NOT like MEIR-y, but almost as in merry, except not two r's. It's really sweet for a little girl and on an adult as well. I really adore this sweet little name! And it's Biblical as well-you can't go with Biblical names. Mia, Maya, Jessica, Destiny, Olivia, Isabella, and Madison can pass away along with Nevaeh, but Mary lives on forever! Because Biblical names, most of them are timeless!
Ho. Hum. This name is nice but WAY to overused. It is so BORING! But I think it would make a nice middle name.
It may have been overused in the past, but now I think that it would be a good choice for a name.
Kind of like Catherine and Elizabeth, this name is a very safe choice that shouldn't lead to bullying or job discrimination. It's a name that suits little girls and grown women alike. However, it is a bit of a dull choice, and some surely name their daughters Mary for religious reasons, which looks like a sure sign that they value the poor girl's virginity more than her won wishes about her life when she's older. So, quite a few unwanted children have probably gotten this name when the parents haven't been in the mood for considering anything more than the common options. But this is a name that you can combine with other names, and there's nothing wrong with it per se.
After seeing your comments on the William and John pages, I came here to Mary specifically to see if you would make the same remark about unwanted children when it came to girls' names! Voila! Please stop believing that you can judge whether or not a child is wanted by his or her name. It's patently ridiculous. There must be many unwanted children with unusual names. Personally, I find Mary to be too generic, but I would never go on from there to say a baby named Mary is unwanted. Please stop being so insulting and accusatory towards parents of children with common names.
Famous bearer = Mary Robinson. She is Ireland's first president or first female president and she was in Irish Parliament.
I love the simplicity of Mary as a first name; also, she has so many lovely nicknames that you can call her by.
This name has recently became one of my favorites! It's great for a middle name and I really want to honor Mother Mary.
Mary Patricia McAleese is a famous bearer. She is Ireland's second female president and the world's first woman to succeed another woman as an elected head of state.
Also used in Ireland.
Mary Ann Nichols (August 26, 1845 - August 31, 1888) was the first known victim of unidentified English serial killer Jack the Ripper. She was better known as Polly.
Another famous bearer of this name is acclaimed stage actress Mary Martin (December 1, 1913-November 3, 1990). Among notable Broadway roles she originated included Maria in "The Sound of Music", Nellie Forbush in "South Pacific", and Peter Pan in "Peter Pan". She was recognized with Tony Awards for all 3 roles.
Singer Mary J. Blige is a famous bearer.
Mary Sue Milliken is a chef and is included in the new book: In Their Shoes by Deborah Reber.
I agree that it only sounds good with long first names if being used for a middle name.
I love this name! I don't think it sounds plain at all. I think it's simple, but not plain. I love it because it's so simple but so pretty at the same time! X)
It's quite plain on its own, but I love it combined with another name - for example, Mary-Lou. Especially if the second name is something a bit unexpected instead of a standard like Mary-Anne. I also love Mary-Jane (M.J.) but I think the drug reference has kind of killed it.
It is mostly from all the wonderful namesakes and the sheer simplicity of this name that I love it. I am delighted how much it has fallen out of popularity and it's becoming a more unique and less bland name.
I prefer it used combined with a middle name. Such as Mary-Elizabeth.
My middle name, but only goes well with long first names.
A famous bearer is fictional character Mary Callahan from the movie "Universal Signs". She is played by Sabrina Lloyd.
The name was so common that people rejected it. Now, the name is so rare that I think it's due for a comeback. It's a winner.
A Mary Sue is an unrealistically perfect character in stories and fanfics who can do no wrong. This association has ruined this name for me.
Maria has been more popular than Mary since 1996. If you are thinking of naming a child Maria instead of Mary because Mary has been more popular, you should be aware that there are more Marias than Marys in the future generation. I think both names are lovely.
Famous bearer includes Mary Ingalls, the elder sister of famous author Laura Ingalls Wilder, and daughter of Charles & Caroline Ingalls.Mary's character was in all of the 'Little House' books, portrayed by Melissa Sue Anderson in the famous '70's-'80's television series, and also in many miniseries and movies based off of the life of the Ingalls Family.Mary Ingalls was born in 1865. She went blind as a teenager as a result from a case of scarlet fever she had had previously. She died in 1928.
Mary Read, one of the notorious female pirates on "Calico" Jack Rackham's ship during the Golden Age of Piracy.
A very sweet name for a girl.
I have this name and I have to say, it is a bit overused. My great-grandmother was called Mary-Edna. I was named after her in the Mary part. I remember during middle school, there were four Marys in my class other than me. I was called by my middle name, which made it even more confusing because there was two other girls named Amanda too. Lol.
Beautiful name! I will be naming my first daughter Mary Katherine. :)
I like this name. I think it's very pretty.
I dislike this name highly. It's WAY too overused. To plain for me.
Canadian silent film actress Mary Pickford is a bearer of this name.
Actress Mary Astor (1906-1987) is a famous bearer of this name. She was born Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke.
Famous bearer: Meryl Streep was technically born Mary Louise Streep.
Also, Farrah Fawcett was technically born Mary Farrah Fawcett.
Mary Katherine Gallagher is the name of Molly Shannon's character in Superstar. Also, Cameron Diaz's name is Mary in There's Something About Mary.
In Britain, Mary is pronounced MAIR-ee, not as MER-ee. It would be nice if this pronunication could be added to the entry, as not everyone who uses this site is American!
MAIR-ee = MER-ee.
By this site's pronunciation guide, the word "air" would be pronounced ER.
"Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" is an English nursery rhyme.Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And marigolds all in a row.An alternate of the first line is "Mistress Mary, quite contrary," The last line is also alternated as "And pretty maids all in a row."The rhyme is thought to have reference to Mary I of Scottland and Mary I of England.
My name is Mary Anna, and although I go by just Anna (to differentiate between my grandmothers, both of whom are named Mary Anne), I do like the name. It might be old-fashioned and overused, but that really shouldn't matter. Name your child whatever you want. I do admit though, that I have been jokingly refered to as "Bloody Mary" because of my fondness for bloody horror movies. There are also a few (idiotic) boys who ask me where's my little lamb. I've learned to ignore it. After seventeen years, I can ignore anything. :)
Mary Boleyn, sister of Henry VIII's 2nd wife, was also known to be his mistress during his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.
This is actress Nicole Kidman's middle name.
Mary-Sue Pleasant is a character in the games The Sims 2. In the game, her husband is cheating on her with the maid.
A pretty name that can also be used as a middle name.
Mary Kay Bergman was a voice actress who provided most of the female voices in the first 3 seasons of South Park and for the movie too. She commited suicide.
Mary Cassatt was an American painter who lived in Paris and became part of the French Impressionist's movement. She painted and associtated with Degas, Renoir, and Monet among others. She was well known for her paintings of mothers and children.
I think the name Mary sounds plain and dull and a bit ugly. But I think it also sounds comforting and gentle, like somebody's grandma.
My name is Mary-Rose, but I tend to just go by Mary, and I've had a very happy 24 years with the name. I'd much rather be a Mary then something trashy like Madysynn.
I love the name Mary, it has a soft feel about it. I'm also Catholic which encourages me to like it even more. I think this name is great and again because I'm Catholic I have met families in which every daughter has Mary as their first name, but they go by their middle name.
Mary is a character in the popular video game Devil May Cry 3. Throughout the game, the main character Dante calls her Lady. It's later revealed that her name is actually Mary.
Mary McLeod Bethune was a black American woman born shortly after the Emancipation Proclamation. She started Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona, Florida, to give young black girls a classical, practical, and spiritual education.
It seems everyone is always tacking other names to the end of Mary: Mary-Grace, Mary-Jo, Mary-Kate, Mary-Pat, Mary-Elizabeth, Mary-Anne, the list could go on and on and on.
Mary is technically my first name while Grace is my middle name. However, my parents never intended for me to go by "Mary", my name was "Mary Grace." I ended up going by the name "Gracie", but I think that Mary Grace is one of the prettiest names in the world and I plan on going by it as an adult.
In the novels 'Witch Child' and 'Sorceress' by Celia Rees, Mary is the main character, who is later named Eyes of a Wolf by her new Native American 'family'.
I think that Mary as a middle name is a filler name now (like Jane or Anne). Like if they really didn't plan a middle name and didn't want her to have no middle name.
This name has been used to excess, but I still think that Mary is a lovely, wholesome, classic name. Both of my grandmothers have had a form of Mary in their names; maternal: Natalie Marie; paternal: Mary Frances. All of the few Marys that I have known have been kind people, and I have had a good impression of the name.
Bearer is author Mary Hoffman, mother of fellow author Rhiannon Lassiter. ;)
Mary Poppins is a famous bearer!
I hate this name. It is boring and overused. Some people think it is a good name but I think they are wrong. Very wrong. It is one of the most awful names I have ever heard of. And it doesn't help that it means sorrow or bitterness.
Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of president Abraham Lincoln, bore this name as well.
"Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow..."
There are authors named Mary Higgins Clark and Mary Jane Clark.
I know this is quite an old fashioned name, but I would definitely use it for a child today, because it's so sweet and pretty.
Mary is an anagram of the word army.
The name Mary is so refreshing. I have come to love this name.
I once read that it meant "bitter", as in "bitterly loved".
I love this name. All girls are created in Her Holy Image. Sadly, this name has become extremley popular. If you like the name Mary, use a variant, like Maria, Marie, or Mairead.
I like this name because it goes with anything. You can have Mary-Jane, Jane Mary. Elizabeth Mary, Mary Elizabeth. Annabel Mary, Mary Annabel. In my opinion, THE PERFECT NAME!
Mary very well might be a bit of a plain-Jane (plain-Mary?) name, but it will forever be a classic. It's very pretty in its simplicity, and makes for a nice middle name.
According to the Social Security Administration Mary was either #1 or #2 on the most popular list from 1880 to 1965. Wow! It was definitely overused for YEARS. However, the name has been on the decline every since. In 2005 it was #72 on the most popular list.
In Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," Mary is the third of the five Bennet daughters.
Mary is the name of the main character in The Secret Garden.
A famous bearer is Jesus's mother, Mary.
Another is Mary Magdalene, one of the girls that saw that Jesus was risen and saw the angel.
I don't like the sound of this name--I much prefer Maria, which seems to be the name of every other Spanish/Hispanic woman. Tad overused ;), though wonderful all the same. However, despite my dislike of the sound, I do really like this name, because of the Blessed Mother Mary.
Personally, I do not think that the name Mary is boring or overused. I think that this name conveys a sense of gentleness and grace.
Now Mary is more commonly used as a middle name as it is rather boring. One of my sister's middle names is Mary after various older members of our family. I prefer the variations on it such as Maria, Marie, Marianna etc.
I think this name is lovely, but the only Mary I have ever met was a total spoiled brat. Left me with a bad impression. I prefer Miriam much better, less common and I like that is it the original name. I am a bit tradional!
I believe that this name was a derivative of the Greek or Hebrew 'miriam' which means to heal with a sting, or bitter healing, supposedly myrths of cassia and allure, in similarity meaning of the cliche 'the truth hurts'.
Very unpopular, murderous queen {supposedly}, Mary Queen of Scots.
Extremly boring name, sorry to everyone who has this name.
Elle Fanning (actress) is actually named Mary Elle Fanning.
I have to agree, Mary is pretty but it is overused and sounds boring now.
There is a Celtic (more specifically, Gaelic) form of Mary, spelled Maery, which means "bittersweet". It's a fairly common name in Ireland.
What does 'sea of bitterness' mean?
Mary-Kate Olsen is an... actress?? lol.
Nice but a bit dull.
I agree this name is boring and overused. I've always thought its spelling and sound are plain and anything but special. Maria is more unique,I guess.
I think this name is boring and overused. I prefer the unique variations that have sprang from Mary, such as Marianne.
Mary Lou Retton was an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics. Not only that but she has a great smile.
Mary Tyler Moore is a famous actress and animal-rights activist.
Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein and wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley, was a famous bearer of this name.
The ledgend of how to see Bloody Mary is to stand in front of the mrror with candles or a light on at night in the full moon, then turn around 3 times saying: "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary." Then the lights will go out and you will see Mary in the mirror.
Mary, however common (and being the name of the Christians' Holy Mother), is a lovely, timeless name. My paternal grandmother (1921-2004) was christened Mary Frances.Mary Tudor, half-sister of Elizabeth I and queen of England, was reknowned for her steadfast Catholic ties and for her dislike of Protestantism, thus leading to her fierce and bloody crusade against the Protestants during her short reign, which earned her the nickname "Bloody Mary".I wouldn't say that this name is common, but when "Mary" is called out, there's sure to be at least a score (20) of heads that will turn.Mary, and one of its pet forms, Molly, has been used among the gay community to refer to the more feminine gay men.
Begging your pardon, but Mary is the CATHOLICS' Holy Mother, not the Christians' Holy Mother.
For the person that put that "this is the Catholic's mother of god not Christians" you're just crazy! Us Christians also have the virgin Mary as our mother of god! Dang!
Actually I am a Protestant, and I can tell you that it is only the Catholic branch of Christianity that has the Virgin Mary as their Holy Mother. Protestants believe if too much attention is focused on Mary, we will not properly worship the Father and the Son.
There is a ghost story about someone who is called Mary. She died and became Bloody Mary. Queen Elizabeth 1's sister was called Mary. Everyone called her Bloody Mary when she was queen, because she did many very bloody acts.
It actually means "living fragrance".
A famous bearer of the name is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.
Very popular in the Victorian era. Has dropped from popularity, but a large amount of Catholics have it as a middle name or second middle name, especially in Quebec.
Meryl Streep has a daughter named Mary Willa.
This name was considered a holy name by the middle class English people.
According to Jewish tradition, Miriam (the name Mary comes from) means "bitterly wished for child".

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