Hate it! So bad! Use Matthias please! Disgusting, old, stupid, very, very, outdated, unattractive, and just horrible!
HATE MATT and MAT diminutives! Much prefer Mathew! I hate Bartholomew more, though.
Stars123  3/18/2021
It's okay, but I HATE the nickname Matt!
MythicalCreature  3/5/2021
Yawn. Can't get more boring than this name.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2021
It looks alright, but it feels dry, like something is missing in it. Not of my favorites. Not that bad, just, something off about it.
DeeDeeRee  2/28/2021
I like this name - it’s like “Bartholomew” the “ew” makes it so interesting even though Matthew is quite common. It’s a very cool type of common name. I just wish it weren’t shortened to “Matt” by so many people.
Mar623  2/9/2021
Boring! One of the plainest names ever, next to Mark, Luke, and John.
noisynora  12/29/2020
Great name.
wheelbarrow4  12/29/2020
One of Jesus' twelve disciples.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2020
I only still have this name because my family has a bloodline of Matthews, starting in 1891!
Playerbababoi  11/6/2020
Don't like this name at all, don't know why though.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2020
Matthew Gray Gubler. That's it, that's the comment.
Orecreator  9/29/2020
It sucks that Matthew Mercer ruined this name.
Jace Hendrix  9/13/2020
My favorite boy's name. It works on babies, and old men, and I love that. It's a timeless classic, and I just love the sound. I think you should use Matthew as its full form, and not shorten it to Matt. A mat is a rug people step on, and Matt just sounds tacky in my opinion. While Matthew is just amazing. When I hear Matthew, I think of a well-done steak with barbecue sauce on it. (I'm weird, okay) I love that it's biblical. It's also my favorite book of the bible. If you want to start reading the bible, I suggest you start with the book Matthew.
Anders1234  6/10/2020
Also, people have said I look like a Matthew. Another good reason to name my son Matthew.
Anders1234  6/16/2020
Imagine calling your kid something that you’re so supposed to step on.
Anisamaria  6/8/2020
Honestly not a fan, it sounds dull to me and it is also very popular which puts me off even more.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2020
American musician Blackbear (1990-) was born Matthew Tyler Musto.
callmelali  4/21/2020
The full name is good. But the nickname Matt is awful. Why would you want you son to be called something you can step on?
khaled  3/24/2020
Super common name through many decades. I had 4 Matts in a class once.
Kellan  3/17/2020
Matthew Crawley is one of the main characters in the British television show Downton Abbey. He's pretty hot.
― Anonymous User  3/16/2020
Matthew is one of my favorite classic names.
MSW  3/15/2020
My cousin Matt likes his name to be spelled Mathew.

I don’t know why. LOL.
NYEHHEHHEH95  12/12/2019
Why is everybody talking about bands from the 1970's? I don't want to have an afro and wear polyester.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2019
This name is so Boomer.
bigmama123  12/4/2019
Matthew Healy is the lead singer of the band The 1975.
harvvv  10/16/2019
Mathew is a very nice name.
Bubbles293739  9/14/2019
Very strong name. Good for about any age, if you want to name your kid Matthew, go ahead!
nylonpanda  9/14/2019
Matthew Santora is a Canadian YouTuber.
wh0sbad  7/27/2019
Matthew Busek is the real name of former Hollywood Undead member Da Kurlzz.
Sweetlittlebumblebee  5/20/2019
I LOVE this name. I don't like Matt though because it sounds too jerk-ish. My TC has this name and he's SOOOO handsome and adorable! He says he doesn't like when I call him Matthew, but whenever I do, his SMILE IS SOOOO CUTE!
― Anonymous User  5/12/2019
I think that it's a really good name for the fact that it's from the Bible and that alone makes the name one of a kind.. and I would like to be the first to let everyone know that I'm the first one to give Matt a different spelling but pronounced the same way M@.. if possible I would like to change the spelling of my name to M@. Thank you!.
Matthew Guerrero  4/8/2019
My boyfriend's called Matthew and I think it's a cute name! However I don't really like the nickname Matt and neither does he, so I never call him that. I still think Matthew is nice though. It's sort of plain but maybe that's a good thing.
― Anonymous User  4/4/2019
I have spent so much time reading these comments. NOT one of you even get a fraction of the meaning or purpose behind the letter meanings even... Here is a SMALL portion of the folder on my Full Numerology Report.

As such, M = 4, A = 1, T = 2, T = 2, H = 8, E = 5 and W = 5. Then you add together each digit and you come up with a sum total for the First Name.

4 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 8 + 5 + 5 = 27

The 27 is then further reduced to a single digit number by adding together the 2 and the 7 so 2 + 7 = 9.

Number of Matthew is: "9"

The characteristics of Number 9 are: Humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations and creative expression.

The name Matthew has created a most expressive nature, idealistic and inspirational, driven with a strong inner urge to be of service in some way that would uplift humanity as a whole.
However, there is a tendency to assume too heavy a burden of responsibility for others, which leads to worry and undue concern.
People with problems are drawn to you as they recognize you as one who has understanding and gives not only sympathy and comfort but provides also some constructive advice or assistance.
You have a generous quality to your nature, but you must guard carefully against giving more than you receive or you will find yourself doing without because you have helped someone else.
You love people, family, home, and friends and try to be a parent to the whole human race.
While you have generally stable conditions in your personal life, you may experience some problems in business affairs through a tendency to be scattering and inattentive to details.
Any health problems would show as tension in the nervous system brought on by worry.

Anyways my middle name is "Page" regardless of my own personal knowledge and uncontrollable drive towards some forces I don't fully understand yet... have brought me to the study and understanding of Theosophy. "Theos" being one of the original origins of the second verbal sound in the name Matthew itself... ah yes so now you just read the name out loud or even in your head one more time ok. "Matthew" not break down what you even just said. "Math-You" Whoa right... now how about what everyone calls me? (Mathius) is my own personal spelling but I was branded original lol as "Mathias" anyways blah blah blah (believe what you will but after writing it out and traveling through different topics and much time passed it broke down to MATH again... the break down of the name when taken to its roots though my own personal deductions (which follow Theosophy and all Ancient to Modern Knowledge's, languages, and forgotten scripts such as "The Secret Doctrine Vol. I-III" and so so so much more.) which turn it into "{Math-Is-Us"

So you have: Matthew=Math-you, and the Mathias=Math-Is-Us

Follow the rest yourself or team up with me!
MathiasRahl  3/17/2019
I have always been very proud of my name Matthew, especially since I was named when it wasn’t so common. Having lived/traveled in more than 53 countries so far no matter where I have been people have commented on how nice my name sounds ~ especially in Latin America. Guys prefer Matt while women ~ Matthew. One time aboard a luxury cruise & upon meeting a few friendly lovely Italian women ~ one blurted out “Matthew ~ what a beautiful name!” ~ much to the suspicious ear of my sweetheart! LOL.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2019
I know a lot of Matthews. It seems to be a very popular name but goes back a long time.
lily_m1102  1/18/2019
Ummmmm not sexy.
― Anonymous User  12/19/2018
Ummmmm sexy.
megustajez  12/4/2018
My brother is named Matthew and I love him very much and I also care for him and the name Matthew is a wonderful name and one of the best names in the world! Please stop hating on the name because it is amazing!
alessandra_chocolate  12/3/2018
I don't know... this name isn't that popular, but it feels popular, and I don't get the whole double T idea.
Phoenix Gemstone  10/23/2018
In 2018, 27 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Matthew who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 14th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/8/2018
This name is way too common. All the guys I've known with this name were arrogant or insensitive jerks.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2018
I really don’t care for this name, sounds rather wimpy to me.
Curious me  9/25/2018
Matthew Labyorteaux (1966 - )
― Anonymous User  9/14/2018
Matthew Charles Labyorteaux (aka, the best actor ever). Mostly known for Albert freakin' Quinn Ingalls, on Little House On The Prairie.
jordanrumsey  9/14/2018
Matthew Perry, American-Canadian actor.
buttsed  5/22/2018
Hurricane Matthew was the first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Felix in 2007, which also caused catastrophic damage and a humanitarian crisis in Haiti, and spread widespread damage in the southeastern United States.
XYKLONE  12/6/2017
As a Matthew myself I like the name but I am usually called Matt, which I am okay with but prefer Matthew. The name is quite common but is used much less lately.
― Anonymous User  10/28/2017
What a wonderful name. Guys, stop naming your child with this one. Save the space!
zwqonline  10/25/2017
Matthew Stephen "Matt" Leinart is a former American football quarterback who now works as a studio analyst for Fox Sports’ college football coverage. He played college football at the University of Southern California from 2001 to 2005. He was the starting quarterback for the Trojans in 2003, 2004, and 2005. As junior in 2004, he won the Heisman Trophy. Leinart played professionally in the National Football League for the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, and Buffalo Bills. Leinart signed a deal with the Pac-12 Network, making his official debut as a Studio Analyst on August 30, 2014. He is a recurring guest, via voicemail, on the Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take. Leinart will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2017.
cutenose  5/20/2017
I love Matthew and the nickname Matt, especially because of a character in my novel. I don't know why, but I've had negative experiences with guys called Matthew/Matt, in real life and on Facebook. It's a lovely, classic name though, and my character makes me love it so much. It's not the name's fault that some of the Matthews out there are idiots, I guess...!
Paula Puddephatt  5/14/2017
Matthew Christopher Miller, known professionally as Matthew Mercer or Matt Mercer, is an American voice actor involved in English dubs of Japanese anime as well as cartoons, films and video games. In anime shows, he voiced Levi in Attack on Titan, Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Zero, Kanji Tatsumi for episodes 13-26 in Persona 4: The Animation, and Trafalgar Law in the Funimation dub of One Piece, and Jotaro Kujo in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. His video game roles include Leon S. Kennedy in the Resident Evil series and McCree in Overwatch. In addition to voice-over, Mercer has developed some live-action web series including a Nintendo character parody called There Will Be Brawl and the Dungeons & Dragons gaming sessions called Critical Role.
cutenose  4/11/2017
To say that Matthew is a nice name would be an understatement. If I didn't have a cousin named this, a cousin whom I know well, I would use the name as a middle for a second son. So... I would use the name if I could. Kinda sucks );
― Anonymous User  2/6/2017
Wow, sexy.
Anonymous User...  12/2/2016
Super awesome very very very sexy name.
swagger17  11/15/2016
It makes an excellent middle name.
Indigo ice dave  10/18/2016
This is probably my favorite classic name for a boy, tied with Jonathan. I also adore the nickname "Matt." It's simple, strong, and works for all ages.
TrinHarris  10/10/2016
Matthew Lynch is the younger brother of one of the main characters, Ronan from Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Cycle series.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2016
Ah, yes. The name of one of my least favorite Hetalia characters.
SteamyMemes  9/5/2016
I'm named Matthew. When I was young I didn't know any Matthews. Only after I became an adult did I know of any Matthews and still that was few, but things change. Grant you there are a lot now and I know of at least 7 with my first and last name through the internet.
Mtinsley25  7/30/2016
I've been asking people to call me Matthew and not Matt because that's what I like to be called. My name is Matthew not Matt! I really like the name Matthew. That's the name I was given and the only name I go by.
Matthew1991  6/2/2016
I do have a fondness for this name, but I think it's too common and I'm tired of hearing the nickname "Matt." As far as "classic" names go, I like it more than Michael, John, or William; but less than Mark, Arthur, or Simon. It's somewhere in the neutral ground, regarding my opinion for it.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/10/2016
My name is not Matt it is MATTHEW! A Matt is something you wipe your feet on!
Matthew1991  4/25/2016
Matthew Christopher Miller (born June 29, 1982), who goes by the stage name Matthew Mercer, is an American voice actor. Some of his major roles have been in English dubs of Japanese anime, including Levi in 'Attack on Titan', Kiritsugu Emiya in 'Fate/Zero', Kanji Tatsumi for episodes 13-26 in 'Persona 4: The Animation', Trafalgar Law in 'One Piece', and Jotaro Kujo in 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders'.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2016
I prefer Matthew over Matt because Matt is so common. And Matt is more of a nickname and not my actual name.
Matthew1991  3/10/2016
Matthew "Matt" Smith (see above) was not the first Matthew to be a regular cast member on "Doctor Who". That honour went to Matthew Waterhouse, who played Adric (a companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors) in the early 1980s.
ClareN  2/8/2016
Matthew Williams, or the human personification of Canada from Axis Powers Hetalia is a bearer of the name. Either way, I love this name along with other names.
hazed-pastel  2/8/2016
Boring, overused name.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2016
Being a Matthew myself, I really like the name, but I honestly hope it goes down in popularity in the years to come because it really is a popular name. I hate hearing my name called and I turn my head to see that someone is talking to one of the other Matthew's in my class.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2015
I would like this name more if it wasn't so popular where I live. In a class of 20, we have 3 Matthews. I can't go a day without hearing it. I'm pretty tired of it, but it does have a nice sound. It's kind of like being tired of a really good song.
actingfun  9/1/2015
I have this name and way too many people have this name... and it's a really weak name and is easily made fun of and I wish I could change my name because of it even though it's in the bible and I'm Christian I don't like my own name.
Drago125  7/8/2015
I've always had a few boys named Matthew in my grade. It's popular here in the United States.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2015
I've always loved this name, it reminds me of my favorite book of the Bible, the book of Matthew.
jdstew76  12/27/2014
This is my name. I like the nickname 'Matt', but not the whole name with the th/yew sound at the end, which sounds slithery and formal to me. This name does feel very common to me, but I like hearing it and couldn't imagine having a different one. I like that it's a name of a major figure in the Bible.
nametoad  6/28/2014
I like the name "Matthew". "Matt" is a fantastic nickname to shorten it by. Very classy and sophisticated. ^^
― Anonymous User  4/20/2014
"Amy & Matthew" is a love story by Cammie McGovern.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2014
Too common and it lacks originality. It's an okay name but I can't stand the name 'Matt'. I find the Spanish or Italian version Mateo/Matteo a tad more interesting.
Bajafresh  2/3/2014
As someone who's been a Matthew all his life, I like my name unabbreviated (no, "Matt" does not live here, thank you very much), though I do think it's gotten rather overused. Everywhere I go, it seems like there's another Matthew, which can be very confusing.
admiral.naismith  12/22/2013
I like this name. I would agree that it is overused, but that has nothing do with how good the name is.
It sounds nice, not plain or over fancy. Also lots of nice nicknames!
Cheers. :)
Gio123  9/14/2013
Everyone names their child "Matthew!" Honestly, I hate it because it's trendy and sounds unpleasant.
MelissaR  3/28/2013
Matthew Quick is the author of 'The Silver Linings Play Book'.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2012
Strong name with a beautiful meaning.
Amanda_M87  2/25/2012
This is my name, and there's always a million of them! More common than dirt. There were 13 Matthews in my high school graduating class, including 5 in the same classroom back then. I'm sick of being one of a million. I've been trying to change my name for a few years. I hate my middle name too, so I can't go by that.
A mat is what you wipe your feet on. The full form looks like a comment about math: "Math, ew!"
I wish the popularity lists were available when I was born.
I Hate Top Ten  2/2/2012
Matthew Lewis in an English actor, he has played Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter films.
pinch  12/10/2011
I didn't use to like this name, I didn't really see how nice it was. But a few months ago I met a Matthew 'Matt' and he is smart, strong, popular, funny, sexy and a really kind person and now I LOVE IT! And I adore the nickname Matt:P
Grace_Scarlette  10/23/2011
Rodyboy  10/11/2011
So I know a Matthew (I call him Matt). He has quite a few nicknames such as Matty, and his facebook name is Matthew, but he goes by the name Matt in reality. I think although it's a popular name, I really like it. It is one of the few boys names that I actually like.
― Anonymous User  9/29/2011
Always been one of my favorite names, but I wouldn't use it as a first name because there are WAY too many Matthews in this world. I'd definitely use it as a middle name, though.
mrose19  6/19/2011
As a Matthew myself, I have had extreme trouble deciding whether to go by Matt or Matthew, I do think the name is a bit too common but I still like it for its sort of "sophisticated" vibe (Or maybe that's just me).
FlakyMatt  4/3/2011
Matthew is the sort of name I want to press my face against.
BonVoyage  1/14/2011
American poet Matthew Zapruder.
Missy  10/12/2010
I love it and the meaning, but it's soooo popular. I know so many Matt's, maybe as a middle name.
Chrila96  9/12/2010
Matthew Gray Gubler plays Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds, and he also does the voice of Simon Seville in the new Alvin & the Chipmunks movies. :)
Aloicious  6/22/2010
It's my little brother's name. It suit him because he's pretty strong for his age. We call him Matty because he doesn't like Matt so if you're considering this name but you don't like Matt you could always go with Matty as a nickname.
kylaaxx  6/5/2010
I've always liked this. It reminds me of a guy who is kind, handsome, and intelligent. It's one of those names that's hard to go wrong with.
Black_X  5/8/2010
I've never liked this name. It doesn't sound like it should be popular in America, and I don't like the nickname 'Matt' either. I don't know any old men named Matthew, so it must be my generation and younger.
Aureliano  4/11/2010
This name is so boring and overused. I don't like the nickname Matt, which makes me think of dumb jocks. The foreign forms of this name are so much better.
bananarama  10/25/2009
Well, one of my best friends is called Matt (Matthew). The downside to his name is that whenever someone yells "Oi, Matt!" in class, about five guys turn around and say, "yeah?" Kinda over-used, so we've taken to calling them by their last names (it's a lot of names to remember).
00Jayd-Dani  3/20/2009
Matthew Gray Gubler is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Dr Spencer Reid in the hit crime show 'Criminal Minds'.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2009
It is hard to believe this name is so popular, I only have only known one Matthew (my uncle Matt) my whole life (that I can remember). I think Matthew is a nice name, but it is a bit too formal for me, I love the nickname Matt though.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2009
Matthew "Matt" Smith - British actor, set to take up the role of the eleventh doctor in 2010.
themightyatom  1/5/2009
I like the meaning behind the name "Gift of God". However, I am not fond of the nickname Matt so I probably wouldn't use it.
RooRoo  9/5/2008
Matthew "Matt" Helders (born 7 May 1986, Sheffield UK), is the drummer for the British band Arctic Monkeys. (He is amazing.)
Charlize  8/30/2008
Matthew Friedberger is half of the Fiery Furnaces.
Old Flame  8/19/2008
I thought it was strange that people think the name Matthew is so popular, the only Matthew I've ever known is my older brother, and we're italian so we call him Matteo anyways. And I've met two other Matteos. I suppose Matthew's just not popular where I'm from.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2008
Number 4 for boys in 2005.
Patricia Underwood  7/10/2008
Matthew Dillon (better known as Matt), sheriff of Dodge (in Gunsmoke), who never misses. WE LOVE YOU, JAMES ARNESS!
welovejamesarness  5/24/2008
Matthew Cooper, also known as Eluvium. His music is very beautiful and cinematic. The man is a genius.
slight night shiver  4/30/2008
Yeah, a smidge too popular for me. But I still like it.
Patricia Underwood  2/17/2008
I LOVE the name Matthew, it's my husbands name and I think it's so strong and sexy. I call him Matt usually but other times I call him Matthew, I love the name! I love saying it. Anyone with this name should be proud!
Sarahbeth816  1/18/2008
I changed my middle name to Matthew from James as I think Matthew sounds so much more manly. My first name is Jeff, so now I feel really good about my names as I have the names of both the Hardy-boy wrestling brothers. How sexy is that?
― Anonymous User  12/15/2007
From the worlds of music and sport which always produce fine examples of manhood come: singer, guitarist and keyboard player of heavy rock band Muse - Matthew Bellamy; and now retired but still mightily sexy multiple-Olympic-gold-medal-winning rower Matthew Pinsent (his deep educated voice is such a turn-on, and he could rescue me from a river anytime!)
― Anonymous User  12/9/2007
Overused and not a tad bit unique!
CharlieRob  9/29/2007
Another good solid boys' name. You can't go wrong naming him Matthew. It sounds adult and noble, but when you shorten it to Matt, it sounds pithy and cool too.
johann14  9/25/2007
This name is way too common. I know like twelve Matts.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2007
My brother's name is Matthew. Personally I like the original Hebrew better. Mattathiah or Mattaniah.
Atarah Derek  7/14/2007
My husband's name is Matthew and he is my gift of god. He's saved me from myself several times. I think that the name is used too much. I like the different types of the name like Mattie.
sweetbrandy  7/9/2007
I am not a fan of this name. I like it a little but I feel that it is too common. I do like the fact that it was in the bible.
bandcamp2009  4/24/2007
I like the name Matthew, and it's been in my family for hundreds of years. However, I HATE the nickname Matt.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2007
A famous bearer of this name is Matthew Macfayden who played Tom in the BBC show 'Spooks' and has more recently portrayed Mr Darcy in 'Pride and Prejudice'.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2006
Matthew West is a Christian music artist.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2006
I LOVE this name but it's REALLY popular. Hopefully, the popularity will go down soon.
xKatiex  10/2/2006
I much prefer the name Matthias -- a variation with more charm and originality (in my opinion). Matthew is a bit dull and overdone.
― Anonymous User  9/1/2006
Lost's Matthew Fox bears the name.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2006
Actor Matthew Lillard is from Scooby Doo and Without a Paddle.
quixotic_alchemy  8/5/2006
Cool dude name!
― Anonymous User  7/29/2006
My brother's name is Matthew and I couldn't think of a better name for him! It fits him so well. We all call him Matt but my mom always calls him Matthew. Even though everyone says it's a really popular name, I only know one Matthew and that's my brother and I live in the bible belt so...
― Anonymous User  7/26/2006
Matt Hardy is a professional wrestler.
Brenna  7/25/2006
It's an OK name, but it lacks originality.
forzaitaliastingers  7/18/2006
Famous bearer: Explorer Matthew Perry.
Tudor  6/14/2006
Some famous Matthews: Matt Damon ("Good Will Hunting"); Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry (both of "Friends"); Matt Dillon ("There's Something about Mary"); Matthew Fox, who plays Jack on "Lost;" and Matthew Modine ("Full Metal Jacket").
breakofday  5/15/2006
Matthew Leinart was 10th pick in the 2006 NFL draft. He went to Arizona. and also made People's 100 Hottest list.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2006
Matthew is a great name for a boy but I find there are just way too many out there. Four in one classroom alone.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
Matthew Shadows is the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold.
dani_08  3/6/2006
Matthew Thiesson is the name of the lead singer of Relient K.
― Anonymous User  3/6/2006
Matthew McConahay, 2005's People magazine's sexiest man alive. I beg to differ.
dani_08  3/5/2006
People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2005 is Matthew McConaughey, not McConahay.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2006
Matthew Broderick is a famous actor of Broadway and film.
breakofday  12/9/2005
My husband's name is Matthew (Matt for short). I don't have too much of an opinion on the name except that I agree with that too many guys are named this.
pregodego2  11/26/2005
If you want to name your daughter after your husband named Matthew, you can use the name Mattea (same meaning as Matthew - a gift from God).
― Anonymous User  11/26/2005
I wouldn't like to be called Matt if my name was Matthew. A mat is something you wipe your feet on.
Dogsy  11/20/2005
I agree, strong and sexy! Matthew Bellamy is the lead singer of a sorta famous rock band "Muse". A very good band and a very good singer. Matthew is strong and sexy and I absolutely adore him!
faye_muse  11/7/2005
I think that there are way too many Matthews in the world. I know so many guys named Matthew. It's a nice name though.
hlbheather1  7/31/2005
I agree with the previous comment. There were 6 Matthews in my grade at school alone. We need to start imposing quotas on the use of this name.
alexshmalex  8/11/2005
I think the name Matthew is a STRONG, funny, Smart, and SEXY;) name. Anyone who thinks otherwise is WRONG.
― Anonymous User  2/11/2005
It's an awesome name and I really like it a lot! The name brings in a lot of personality and kindness.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2005

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