I could never manage to like Molly, because it sounds exactly like the Portuguese word for mushy/ squashy/ flaccid. Even if I could forget this, I'm sure I still wouldn't like the name, considering my pattern of preferences. This is a Peggy name for me, that is, a nicknamey word which I dislike as either name or nickname. To make it worse, it's sad that Molly somehow sprung up from Mary, the most important of all feminine names, but without keeping its Marian identity, unlike Marianne or Mariette, which are recognizable Marian names.
Molly is a cool saucy name it's coollllllllllllllll.
Cool beans!
The fact that someone would even think of naming their child Molly is BEYOND ME! What a horrible name! Also, the name Molly in general kinda sucks. The letter M stands for manipulative, mean, median, mode. That is horrific. Math=baddddd. So why would you name your child after math? You parents need to get a sense with reality. Your child will get bullied! I will personally ensure that. If you want we can set up an appointment and I can bully them for you! My pleasure. Jk I love the name Molly, simple yet saucy (:
Molly McGee from The Ghost and Molly McGee (TV show)
Cute name. Shame about the drug reference because even though I have never done drugs it’s all I can think about now when I hear this name and I would worry about bullying.
Molly is a really cute classic name. I also found out that Molly is a type of fish. I also like Milly.
I really like this name and think it has several positive associations. The only drawback is it is an old slang word for Cannabis, and even if you have positive feelings about that and see it as medicinal that would be something to keep in mind that it could come up occasionally. But other than that I think it is a lovely name and a lovely choice.
I know some people may find it boring but I have a bit of a thing for short girl names that end in ly and lie such as Molly, Holly, Kelly, Callie, Ellie, Milly, Tilly, Allie, Halle, Polly etc. They're so understated, sweet and relatable and I am convinced you could give the lead woman in any 90s romance movie one of these names and have it work for this reason.
The name "Molly" has been used since medieval times originally as a nickname of "Mary".
"Likable and down-to-earth, mild yet saucy".
I am a Molly! People always tell me it's "cute". Sometimes I wish I had a more serious full name for business and leave Molly to a nickname but I wouldn't prefer to be called any of the names that Molly is a nickname for, so Molly will do!
I only heard the drug reference joke when I was in high school and college... and even then only a handful of times in total. It's a pretty low brow joke and there isn't an immediate association to a large majority of people.
To everyone saying that in Ireland Molly means a prostitute... very irrelevant. Molly has been solidly used as an independent name in Ireland and the UK since the 18th century and remains popular there to this day.
According to the book Freakonomics, this is THE WHITEST popular girls’ name!
I think Molly is a really sweet name. I love it.
MY name is Molly and I love it. I would really like to use it for one of my kids someday. It never gets mispronounced and I love all of the nicknames like Molls, Moll, Mollsie, and Mo. I think it is cute and simple and I don't meet many Mollys. It is a name good for all ages. If I were to name a kid Molly, I would make her sister's name Maizie.
My youngest daughter, who is almost 16, is named Molly. Her middle name is Michele. I chose her middle name first and then Molly sounded great with it. Her dad calls her Molecules, which is a fun nickname. She loves her name because it’s rare. She is a beautiful girl. She’s a straight A student and a cheerleader. All of her friends love her and the adults in her life often select her for awards and honors. She also has strong leadership skills. Pretty amazing personality traits for a girl named Molly.
I actually like it! It sounds so sweet, gentle, and harmless, like a little girl!
Molly Weasley is the mother of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. In addition, as someone mentioned below, Molly Burke is a blind Canadian YouTuber.
I just love the way it sounds and rolls off the tongue. And the way it looks just catches your attention. It's one of those old fashioned names that is so pretty and deserves a comeback.
Reminds me of a dolly.
Not of my favorites, but name itself looks quite good, but I think Mollie looks little bit more interesting. However, just a sweet, simple name.
Hmm... I don’t particularly like this name anymore. I can’t think of the right word to use, but it sounds a little ugly to me, but there are worse names out there for sure.
My mom's "Starbucks name" is Molly. Her real name is Arzélie, but that's obviously too hard for the baristas to spell/pronounce. She chose Molly because she is a redhead, much like Molly Weasley from Harry Potter. (She chose to spite the baristas with a hard-to-spell variant of Molly: Mahleigh, but I like the plain Molly better.)
Molly is Loonette the Clown's dolly.
A great name for girls who are a little bitter, but still sweet!
It's really sweet.
Cute nickname.
Adorable name.
I'm a Molly, and I've always loved it. I just wish it wasn't such a common slang for a drug because it makes me feel completely upset and sad. So can we please stop naming drugs after names lol.
I actually kinda like the name Molly. I don’t think that associating it with the drug means you do drugs yourself, cause there’s also some names slang for other drugs. (Ex: Mary Jane is slang for Marijuana.) But if you put the associations aside for a second, it’s a pretty good name.
My name is Molly and overall, I like my name. I think it's cute and charming. I don't think the majority of people will think of the drug or link it by hearing this name, besides the people who do drugs themselves.
When I hear this name, I think of the drug.
I adore this name. I'm genuinely considering it if I ever have a daughter. It has such a beautiful, flowery, delicate air to it. I associate it with someone really pretty and sweet, but it would also be interesting for a tough chick too. I know it's associated with MDMA, but it's never the first thing I think of when I hear the name Molly (despite being in college around a lot of it). As someone named Fiona who's endured plenty of Shrek jokes, I feel for this kinda name association. Still, it doesn't ruin my opinion of Molly.
This is an adorable name, but in the U.S. everybody associates it with the drug Ecstacy (also known as MDMA). We may want to wait until the association passes to continue using this name. I think it sounds better on a girl than a grown woman. I do love the folk tune "Molly Malone".
Yuck! This name makes me think of Ecstasy/MDMA. An illegal drug! In addition to that, Molly is the name of a main character in Rabbit Proof Fence, a movie WHICH I HATE!
Wow! I don’t think of the drug when I hear this name. I think this name is really cute! :)
Molly Finch, who is Edith Finch Jr.'s 10 year-old deceased great aunt in the popular game "What Remains of Edith Finch".
Molly Burke, a famous Canadian YouTuber. She is particularly well known for her videos on living with blindness.
Molly is a very cute name! I don't think of the drug when I hear it. I don't think it sounds too childish, either, especially compared to other popular names nowadays like Kaylee or Jaylyn.
I’m a Molly currently in my mid-twenties, and reading these comments is the first I have ever seen/heard any sort of concern for it being "too young" or "fit for a toddler", as in, that has never been and I assume never will be my personal experience. When I was little, I actually felt like my name wasn’t cute ENOUGH. It seemed a little...flavorless? I think my young self honestly would have loved something trendy. But I also would guess that most kids feel at least a little self conscious about their name at some point- whether because it’s too unique or too common or too easily targeted, etc. I never disliked it by any means, but I like it more as an adult than I did as a kid and I particularly love that meeting other Mollys is rare and I usually get to be the only one, even in large groups/organizations. As for drug jokes, I got it a lot when meeting new people in college but it never bugged me one bit. It gave me and the stranger (who probably said some variation of "I can’t seem to find Molly") something to laugh about for a second. From my friends the worst I ever got was Molls Balls, which also never bothered me.The only weird thing I have to report is that, every once in a while, people think I’m saying Miley. My regional dialect definitely makes it sound like MAH-lee, which I guess sounds like Miley with a think southern accent? But I always find that funny. Anyways, in conclusion, name your daughter Molly if it’s a name you like. It truly has minimal problems and is familiar without being too common, and I think it ages perfectly fine!
Molly Benson is an actress, perhaps most of note for providing the voice of Nerissa in the video game The Wolf Among Us.
Cute name!
I don't understand why people bully kids named Molly. We all know it's slang for a drug, there's no need to state the obvious. Overall, I love this name. If you like it too, who cares what other people think? It's your opinion, not theirs. If you are considering naming a kid this, go right ahead.
Molly Guldemond is one of the lead singers in the Canadian indie band Mother Mother. Their music is very good, but sadly very underrated.
My name is Molly, I used to wish my name was Mary when I was a kid but I'm glad that isn't my name now. Definitely not a trendy name like Ashley or Madison, it is classic and has never been too popular. I was named after my grandmother's friend she lost touch with but continued to speak highly of throughout her adult years. My grandmother has proud strong Irish roots and I like that my name represents some of my heritage. I was worried about not being able to carry this name professionally but it hasn't stopped me from getting a masters degree.
Sounds jolly and sweet! I love it.
Molly is the name of a drug.
Molly Anne Biederman was a little girl in the UK who battled a Wilms Tumor and unfortunately passed away on December 30, 2006. R.I.P. Molly. Btw I like this name, it’s cute.
I like this name!
So many people seem to be associating this name with Margaret; it is actually a diminutive of Mary. The 'l' and 'r' sounds are interchangeable in many languages - something about the position of the tongue, I think. Think Harry and Hal, Sarah and Sally, etc.
When I was younger (like, in elementary school), I was obsessed with the name Molly! It was my favorite name of all time - every short story I wrote, game I played, whatever - at least a character was named Molly. If I read a book with a Molly, I'd get super excited. Then, I actually met someone named Molly who wasn't the nicest person to me. And every time I'd revisit those memories and stories, all I'd think of was the not nice Molly. I branched away from the name... and then met another Molly who's a totally awesome person! It still isn't my favorite name - it's a good nickname for Amalia (like my name, Maya!), but it's alright. A great middle name, too, I think! Also, I like the spelling Mollie a lot for a younger kid, and Mali is an unusual one that's quite nice! By far, my favorite spelling is Mali, because it's more unusual and it gives a more cultural flair, plus I find it more... flavorful? I don't know...
I think Molly is a great name I know some people don't like it for some reason but I think it's so cute. Like Youtuber Molly Bruke I think that name is so cute for her and suits her well. I think it wouldn't be cute for either an American or Japanese girl. I think it's cute for Japanese girls because they are kinda girly/cute so I think it is suiting for them. American, because it's just classic and cute. I think Molly is a cute name for girly girls or girls that are into cute things like pusheen and rilikuma like the name is just tooooooo cute. If you want a cute and fun name for your baby girl, Molly is a great one!
I think it's an amazing name.
Beautiful and strong name for a girl and a woman. I don't think of the drug.
Molly is one of the two main characters in the Beatles’ song Obladi-Oblada.
I love this name.
Molly Hooper is a doctor in the BBC show 'Sherlock'. She helps Sherlock, John, and the Scotland Yard with experiments and is a good friend to Sherlock, John, and Greg.
Pretty, and a good middle name too.
Saying a name doesn't have dignity does not make sense. If you rely on your name to define your self-worth then you must be lacking confidence. Through your actions and words, you give your name its own meaning and dignity.
In 2018, 19 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Molly who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 396th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
A Molly is a common fish you would find sold for home aquariums. I personally have positive associations with the fish. The name itself doesn't age well to me, it suits a young female better.
My name is Molly but it was not my name from birth, I changed it when I got adopted. My birth name was Brandi and personally I love this name.
The drug doesn't come to mind when I hear this.
So is everyone just oblivious to the fact that Molly means “bitter”? Why would anyone want to name their kid that?
This name makes me reeaally happy.
Don't like it, either as a name or a nickname.
Not often do you hear the name Molly. With the name Molly Jo Malone, do you know how many times people asked if I ever heard the song Sweet Molly Malone?
I LOVE THIS NAME! My name is Molly and I think that it suits any girl (especially me). However, it rhymes with too many words. For example, it rhymes with polly, folly, dolly, etc. All in all, I think it is a good name.
Molly Vera Thompson is a character in Barbara Park's novel The Kid in the Red Jacket.
I absolutely LOVE this name! It is my name and has been since I was born. I have only known one other Molly. I think it is a very dignified name and suits all ages. It is amazing.:)PS: If you want your child to be called Molly, name her Molly!
My sister's name is Molly and my other sister's name is Madeline. Molly shouldn't be a nickname for Madeline. They are both unique names that are not alike in any way except for starting with M.In my opinion Molly is a great name for girls of all ages. The name has suited my sister since she was a baby, and it's not a name for an old lady or a pet.
My name is Molly. I've always liked it, even as a kid. It's nice having a name that is easy to pronounce and is almost never misspelled. I was never teased for it. It's also nice that it's not overly popular, although I did always hate the confusion when there was another Molly in my class in school (but that was rare). My middle name is Rose, and people still tell me how much they love the name Molly Rose. As a kid, I heard a lot of "Good Golly Miss Molly" comments from adults, but it didn't bother me. It was their way of being friendly. :)
I love the name Molly so much and if you want to name your kid that then do it {the name means star of the sea}.
My name is Molly and you honestly can't go wrong with it. My full name is Molly Jo which no one calls me but it's nice to know that you have a cute middle name to stop you from growing up too quick.
I'm named Molly and going through high school is very difficult. Today, I get made fun of a lot because of all the songs and drug references. I highly suggest you make this a double name such as, Molly Kate, Molly Grace, Molly Anne, or Molly Elizabeth. If you like the sound, another option could be Mallie! It's a great name, but could make your little girl quite uncomfortable or bullied.
Stupid name. Simple as that.
Really tacky, sounds like a dog's name.
Molly Templeton, known by her stage name Mememolly is a Canadian British Internet personality. She hosted the video blog Rocketboom from July 2009 to July 2011. Templeton started secretly making YouTube videos in her bedroom when she was 16 and eventually her parents found out about it. After a few years working independently in web video and studying fine art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, she went to New York to host, write and produce at Rocketboom. In July 2011 she left Rocketboom and was later employed by My Damn Channel as Director of Talent & Audience Development.
I like it but it's so common. Also I like it for babies, toddlers and kids but for any older than 13 it's too young sounding. Molly Moon is a movie.
Molly Luft was a German prostitute, noted for her obesity and lurid make-up. She was born as Edda Blanck in Pomerania and grew up in a middle-class family in West Berlin. In 1967 she got married for the first time. In 1975 she began working as a prostitute. A year later she got divorced from her first husband and married Archibald, a U.S. Army Sergeant stationed in Germany; two children were born of that marriage. In 1983 she and her husband were convicted of sexual assault of their daughter and received a suspended sentence of three years; she got divorced soon after.
I really like this name but someone named an illegal drug after this name. Why didn't they name the drug something else because they just ruined a nice girl name!
Molly Sterling is an Irish singer and songwriter who represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song "Playing with Numbers". Molly Sterling grew up in Puckane, County Tipperary. She was educated at Kilkenny College and then at St. Andrew's College, Dublin, where she is currently a 5th year student.
I've never met a Molly I've really clicked with. I'm sort of cautious around Mollys now because of the ones I've met. I once knew a Molly whose middle name is Mary and I thought it was ridiculous to have two names with the same meaning, and one even being a diminutive of the other. Like really?
Molly Holly (born Nora Greenwald) was a professional wrestler. She retired though.
Molly is Sailor Mercury's name in the French dub of Sailor Moon. The English dub used the same name for Sailor Moon's friend Naru (who is called Nanou in French).
Molly also means "waiting for the Lord".
Molly is also a nickname for Margaret but traditionally it's more used as a short for Mary or Marie.
Anybody who thinks that Molly is too "nicknamey" or cutesy (feeling that it won't age well) I have an Aunt named Molly (in her 50's and Molly is her actual name) the name fits her perfectly. Her mother named her during the 60's! It's one of those names that works on all ages.
Sounds like a cheerleader's name.
It reminds me too much of the word "mollify".
Umm excuse me?! All of the above are saying that they are ashamed of their name Molly? I love my name to bits! It's simple but very cute and I don't think anyone should be ashamed whatever their name is! I'm actually quite offended that people with the name Molly are ashamed of their name because there is nothing wrong with the name, and you should never be ashamed of it!
Molly Roloff is a reality TV star on TLC's Little People Big World.
I have always loved this name. It's very cute and feminine. But, when I think of the name Molly, I think of an adorable little girl. I don't think it's a good name for an adult. Maybe I'm just thinking this because one of the orphans in "Annie" is named Molly and she's supposed to be the really cute one. But, I still like the name.
Molly is classic, loveable, relatable, unpretentious, easy to spell and pronounce, neither too popular nor too obscure, feminine, fun to say and easy to remember. It has everything going for it. It's a name with so much vitality and youthfulness, but it also carries well into adulthood while retaining that spark of childhood dreamery that draws people in.
Molly Hale is a character in Pokémon 3: The Movie.
Molly Kate Kestner (Born: November 29, 1995) is an American singer-songwriter known for her song "His Daughter".
According to an article in The Guardian, Molly is the third most popular name for dogs in the UK in 2014. (The most popular one is Poppy.)
Great name! Feminine without being too frilly. Very respected and decent. It's cute and absolutely ADORABLE on a little girl but ages with the person.
I have an aunt who's been living with the name "Molly" for over 50 years without a single problem
Molly is a name on its own. I disagree with anyone claiming that it isn't or that it doesn't age.
This is a cute, pretty, girly and sweet name for a girl. (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡.
I am a Molly and I love the name. I would never change it as I think it really suits me. Being a bit of a girly girl, the feminineness of Molly has always pleased me. However, I think Mollie is less so, but that may be just because the only Mollie I ever met was a tomboy and obsessed with ice hockey. It makes me sad that some people don't like Molly, but oh well! And I also think it is a fine standalone name, seeing as I was named for my great great aunt who also bore the same name. Another interesting thing is that my Hebrew name is Malcah Esther, meaning Queen Esther, so Molly (being close to Malcah) also kind of means queen.
I just love the name Molly for a girl. It's a classic!
I don't find the name that pretty, and for some reason, it reminds me of getting blisters on the mouth.
I'm a grown woman living in the U.S. with the given name of Margaret. Right after I was born, my Irish grandmother, also Margaret, told my mother to call me Molly and it stuck. I'm the only Molly around (except at the dog park), nobody ever calls me Margaret, and there's never any confusion about the Margaret/Molly thing. Molly is a perfectly OK name, not pretentious, over-used or trendy. I have a short last name which sounds fine with Molly.Also, I don't know any scullery wenches named Molly or otherwise.
Its not a name. It's a NICKNAME. It has absolutely no dignity as a full name. I pity anyone whose parents would have chosen that as their full name. If you want a girl to be called Molly, name her Margaret, and then call her Molly and introduce her as Molly. Nothing wrong with it as a nickname. But no one will take you seriously with a full name like a scullery wench.
WHYWHYWHY would ANYONE do this to a child?
This is MY name, so don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I hate it. People always say it's such a cute name, but I don't want a cute name; I want a name with dignity. It sounds like a shopping mall, it sounds like mauling someone. I guess it's cute on a baby or dog, but don't use it for your daughter. Choose a better name, like Madeline or something, and just call her Molly when she's little, so she can outgrow it and have a decent name once wants one - I promise you, she will at some point. But don't use Margret as her full name, it's old-fashioned and ugly.
I do not like this name at all. I think it fits a doll or a dog.
This name is not 'low class' in any way! And it'll be fine when she's older-it can suit any age. Though I prefer it as a nickname, Molly sounds a lot more mature compared to names like Kaylee and Kayden. If you want to call a name low class and childish, do it to a name like those!
This is a terrible name for a girl. Once she grows out of puberty she'll be stuck with a name that sounds undignified, and more suited to a low-class chambermaid or something.
I love this name! It's adorable and classic. My second choice for a daughter is Margaret Olive, with the nickname Molly :)
Boring name, according to someone named "Kennedy". I'll take your opinion with a grain of salt.
BORING name *yawn*
I prefer Mollie.
Molly Kathleen Ringwald (born 1968 in Roseville, California) is an American actress.
Molly Helen Shannon (born 1964 in Shaker Heights, Ohio) is an American actress and comedian.
Molly Caitlin Quinn (born 1993 in Texarkana, Texas) is an American actress.
Molly Sims (born 1973 in Murray, Kentucky) is an American model and actress.
In Ireland this name means a prostitute or a gang member's girlfriend. Please don't name your children this.
A Molly is a pregnant cat.
Molly Sims is an American actress and model.
Love this name. I disagree with it being too cutesy, plus, look at names like Kaylee and Baylee rising the charts. Makes Molly look really grown up. I think it will age well.
In England it's generally pronounced Moll-ee.
I think that Molly can also be spelled as Molli. I am using this spelling for a story I'm writing and I think it should be identified as an alternate spelling as well as others.
This is my cousin's name and I love it. I hate it when people use it for dogs, it completely ruins the beautiful feminine name that it is!
Molly O'Connell was the runner-up on America's Next Top Model, cycle 16.
Molly Moon is a young girl with supernatural powers, the main character of a series of books written by Georgia Bing, the first of them being "Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism".
A bearer of this name is Molly Bish. She was only 16 when she was sadly abducted from her lifeguard duty at a pond in Massachusetts on June 27, 2000. Her remains were found three years later. She is also the namesake of the Molly Bish Foundation which helps spread the word of child safety.
Sorta cute, I guess.
My name is Molly, but it wasn't chosen as a derivative of Mary, but as an English version of the name Malke (Mal-kah).
A Molly House was 18th century slang for a homosexual meeting place - their equivalent of a gay bar. A Molly was a homosexual man who behaved effeminately or dressed in women's clothing. A Molly dance is a type of English Morris dance, traditionally performed by out of work 19th century ploughboys. Generally at least one of the ploughboys would be dressed in women's clothing.Molly is a slang term for the drug ecstasy.Molly is the name of band's D.A.D.s's trademark cow skull.Molly is the word for a female mule.
I don't like the o sound in this name.
This is my grandmother's name, so if I ever get a daughter she would definitely be named Molly. It's suitable name for any ages, so I like it pretty much.
Molly is a beautiful name.
Molly Shannon, a comedian and the creator of the character, "Mary Katherine Gallahger".
The Beatles had a song called "Obladi Oblada" about a couple named Desmond and Molly Jones. Molly is the singer in a band.
I really like the name Molly. I think it's a great name for a little girl and a mature woman. It's one of those names in my book that you just can't go wrong with. Love it! (:
'Molly' Meldrum famous Australian music and media identity, compeer of 'Countdown'.
My bulldog was named this. But, that's not to say it is a dog name. It's cute, but I don't think it ages well.
There is a character named Molly on the comedy show Scrubs. She plays a slightly crazy psychologist.
Molly Mahoney is one of the main character's in the movie & book, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, she's portrayed by Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman.
My name is Molly and we pronounce it like Mall-ee. Or Moll-ee. Depending on who's saying it. I love my name, because no one else my age has it, but little kids have it all over the place. But even if my name was popular, I'd still love it. :)
This is a sweet and simple name, though I don't see it aging very well.
Isn't there/wasn't there a band called Flogging Molly?
Yes, there is a band called Flogging Molly. They play Celtic-influenced punk music.
My name is Amalia, but my nickname is Molly. All my friends from elementary school call me Molly, and so does my family and everyone I know from outside of school. All my middle school and high school friends call me Amalia, because when I started middle school, I was too lazy to tell the teachers to call me Molly. I love the name Molly, but like a lot of people, I don't like it very much by itself.
I love this name! My name is Annabel and I was very close to being called Molly. When I have my daughter I want to call her Molly Annabel. In Ireland Molly is a pet form Mary, but also used a lot as a first name. It's a beautiful name, with a lovely freshness and brightness to it. It also has an element of fun to it and it's a name that will grow with the person.
Molly isn't my name, but I like it. It's cute, classic, and a bit old-fashioned in a good way. I think it would continue to be fine for an adult woman-even to put on her PhD *dissertation*. And I agree, if you want your child to be called Molly, name her Molly. Whatever you want your child to be called, just give him or her that name to avoid confusion and be done with it.
Someday when I do have children, if I have a girl I'm naming her Molly. I think it's a beautiful name! I like how it has a youthful charm, with a touch of class. If were to change my name, I would definitely pick that name!
Too cutesy for my taste - there are better names out there.
I had always heard it as a girls name, until last year when my science teacher was a man named Molly. He's Irish and evidently it's been the tradition to name the men in the family Molly for as long as they can remember. I thought this was interesting, and, personally, I think Molly is a very nice name, reminiscent of sweet girls with big blue or brown eyes.
Also, in the songs, "Good Golly Miss Molly" (Don't know who wrote it, famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
and "Across The Great Divide" (The Band).
Molly Carlson is one of the fictional Carlson septuplets.
There have been perfectly intelligent and respectable women called or named Molly, but it does sound quite cutesy. It's still far better than Dolly and Polly. It sounds more like a nickname, though.
Famous Bearer: Molly Malone. She was a fish monger. I do not know if she's real or not because some people say she's real and others say it's a legend. If you want to find the story on her, search for the song "Cockles And Mussles" .
Also used in Ireland.
"Molly on the Shore" is a famous composition by Percy Grainger.
I have no clue how people get "Molly" out of "Mary". They sound nothing alike other than the "M" at the beginning of the name. I know two Molly's, one Molly and one Mollie. No Marys. Mary/Molly makes no sense what-so-ever to me. Oh well. I still like this name, only not as a nickname for Mary.
It actually does to me - then again, that's probably because I'm a Linguistics major. Given a long period of time (a millennium, perhaps), it's entirely possible - and hence plausible - for the "a" in "Mary" (or rather, the sound it represents) to become deformed and pronounced as the "o" in "Molly". Likewise, "r"s can be deformed into "l"s. These changes might have been intentional in the case of the Mary-to-Molly transition, though, because people of the time were looking for affectionate ways to call girls named Mary (nicknaming's not a new phenomenon) - hence the intermediate forms of "Malle" and "Molle" (taken from the name's entry) came about, and evolved into the name that we now know as Molly.
Also, Molly is the name of a character in the Peter Pan series by Dave Berry. Peter and the Starcathcers, Peter and the Shadowtheives, and Peter and the Rundoon. They all involve a young girl named Molly Aster.
Molly Malone is a folk tale character in Ireland. She is a fishmonger like her mother and father.
In the Harry Potter series, Percy Weasley eventually has two daughters with a woman named Audrey, to be named Molly (in honor of his mother) and Lucy.
Actors Kate Magowan and John Simm have a daughter Molly Simm.
Each time I hear this name, I think of the Incubus song, "Anna Molly".
I like Molly but not as an independent name. It doesn't really hold up well that way---I would say put Mary on the birth certificate and call her Molly even if you never call her Mary; besides, I'll bet a whole lot of us have a Mary in the family we can honour that way, it was the most popular English name for centuries.
Molly is pretty and sweet - works on both child and adult.
A Molly is a kind of tropical fish.
It is not a name to put on your PhD thesis.
Molly Gibson is the main character of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel "Wives and Daughters."
When I hear the name Molly I think of a girl who's whimsical, a dreamer, a little headstrong, and very loving and cute. I think it's a wonderful name -and one what would age relatively well, I think. I could see an adult woman with this name, although perhaps a double name, such as Molly Margeret, or Molly Elizabeth, to bring some grown-up sophistication to this name. But just call her Molly when she's young.
When I think of the name Molly, it reminds me of the American Girl doll from the World War II era.
My name is Molly. I used to think it was a name only for little girls and grandmothers. Though I have seen it cropping up quite a bit in fiction, I've only ever met another Molly once. I have grown to like it.
This name is popular again, but this name for a child sounds like an old lady. EEW. Try Olivia or Allie next time.
Oh no! Icky old lady name? Olivia and Allie will sound like icky old lady names someday. I rather like this name. It's cute, yet not entirely childish. I like the vintage feel to it.
Molly has been on the top 1000 list since 1880. It was most used in the 1990's.
There is a song by Stephen Foster called, "Molly, Do You Love Me?"
In the Fisher-Price line of stuffed animals called Briarberries, there was an adorable bear named Mollyberry. She loved ballet, and had a baby sister named Baby Maggie. She also had a best friend named Berry Kate.
Can also be used as a name in its own right.
My name is Molly and I didn't know it was a pet form of Mary, I thought it was an actual name. But anyways, I like it, even if others don't agree it's a real name.
Molly is my name and I really like it, but I used to absolutely HATE it, and wanted any other name! Now I like it.
My cat is named Molly. It sounds like a kid or pet's name, but I think it'd be strange for an adult.
I absolutely love my name! I don't think it's too young sounding, plus what's wrong with staying a little younger forever? Who says that names have to be formal to be great names? Molly's easy to say, spell and remember. Plus, the Molly's I've met in my lifetime I could count on one hand. So it is not common. At least here. Plus, if I turn 40 and decide that Molly sounds childish, my parents gave me a great middle name as well--Colleen. I win both ways. ;)
I just love this name. It is very pretty and a name you can easily grow up with. Funny though, I read somewhere that it was an Irish variant form of Mary, not English. I guess you learn something new every day. I like the meaning of "wished for child" with Mary.
I have always loved that name, ever since I was a young'n. It's always been easy on the ears. It's simular to Holly but when you put that M in there it sounds so full of heart, it's short, sweet, cute, yet bold and strong. Truly a name that's all around beautiful. When I say it out loud, I can't help but to smile, and how a smooth shot of whiskey warms the body on a cold day, that intoxicating name warms my heart and soul.
I'm an adult Molly and I don't regard my name as not "grown up" enough - I have always liked it and I don't think I will stop.And as said above, naming your child Mary or Margarite/Margurite would only ensure a nickname of Mare, Marg or Marge not Molly so if you want a daughter called Molly you name her Molly.
Molly is sweet and cute, but not formal enough to use as a stand alone name. Mary and Margarite are wonderful formal names and create a much more grown-up appearance on formal documents and in social situations.
I don't really like the name, but it can be cute and it doesn't sound stupid if you are an older woman.
My little girl's name, I love it. I'm English and over here we love older style names. Molly is pretty and is not an ugly name. I liked Molly because it is not too common here, not many Mollys where I live! And all the Mollys that I know are pretty and very clever! Gorgeous name.
Molly is my name and I like it very much - it's a gentle and lovely name. I would highly recommend it for your baby girl.
Stupid, horrible name, it's common.
There is a rather famous woman from Maine who saved Hannibal Hamlin's (the vice president of A. Lincoln) life when he was a baby. Her name was Mary Agatha (she was baptized as a Catholic) and was also known as Marie Agathe. Her people's language didn't have the letter r, so they pronounced her name Mali Agat. The English settlers heard this and thought it was Molly Ockett. So she became known as Molly Ockett or Mollyockett.
Molly Bloom is a fictional character in the novel Ulysses by James Joyce.
Molly Ringwald was a popular "brat pack" actress in the 80's.
I'm not a big Nirvana fan, but I do like their song "Molly's Lips".
The Molly Maguires was an organization of miners fighting their oppressive working and living conditions in Pennsylvania around 1865 to 1875. They took the name from an Irish woman who led an anti-landlord organization in Ireland during the 1840's. The story was filmed in 1970, starring Sean Connery and Richard Harris.
Molly is such a nice name! It's good for when you are a child, and it doesn't sound too juvenile when you get older.
Molly is my name and I like it very much. I was surprised though, that it is a pet form or Mary.
My name is Molly Ann King and I want to say I love my name and I have always known that I will keep it for ever.
Molly McIntire is the name of the World War II-era American Girl doll.
My name is Molly and I dislike it because I feel that it lacks dignity (it is only barely a real name). If you are thinking about it as a name for your daughter, I suggest that you name her Mary or Margaret and call her Molly.
Despite what was said above if you want your child to be Molly name her _Molly_. Naming her Mary or Margaret would mean she would eventually end up "Mare" or "Marg/Maggie" respectively.
If you want your child (or yourself) to be called Molly, all you have to do is introduce her as Molly. Using Mary or Marguerite on a birth certificate doesn't matter - people won't call her by a new nickname if she already has one that she uses exclusively. I've even seen school enrollment papers filled out Mary "Molly" _____, so that a girl would be called Molly at school.
My name is Molly and love my name. I used to think it was a bad name and I wanted to be named Cloe but now I have accepted my name.
A noted bearer of this name was Margaret "Molly" Brown of the Titanic, although she was never known as "Molly" well after her death, and how she came to be known as "Molly" is dubious.
Molly Weasley, the over-protective mother of Ron Weasley and major mother figure of Harry Potter, is a very famous bearer of this name in the Harry Potter books.
Molly Pitcher carried water to wounded soldiers in the Revolutionary War.

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