This feels even more uncanny due to the fact it has a vowels that don't even normally go together in English spelling rather than at least altering it to "Nevaia" or something that looks more natural.
Meh, it's fine. But there are much worse names out there.
Seems pretty off to spell Heaven backwards and then make it a name. Just use Heaven TBH, even tho I dislike it and this name.
It seems demonic to spell heaven backwards. It's unfortunate for a person to be stuck with such a name, and I wish they could and would change it, but as good as it is to have a wholesome name, of course a name doesn't define you. Even a saint can start her life with this sinister name, and die a happy death, rearranging the letters to be in the right order (it would be quite a story). Lord have mercy! What a crooked name!
Nevaeh really isn’t that bad of a name. It has an attractive and nice sound. A lot of you guys are really going above and beyond with the comments. I’m not even gonna pay the whole “Nevaeh is Satanic” thing any attention. Anyways, I am one of the people who doesn’t exactly like Nevaeh. It’s not because it’s ugly, it’s not because it’s tacky or lower-class, and definitely not because it’s “stripper” or a “porn star name”, which I find extremely disrespectful but I digress. It’s is simply because I think there are more beautiful names out there that are classic, usable, and even a little unusual and different. Lastly I don’t care for the “It’s heaven backwards!” thing. I find that extremely boring and cheesy and if I really liked the heaven aspect of the name so much I would’ve just used a name that means “heaven”. Such as Celia, or Celeste.
I may be a minority, but I love this name! I think it sounds so wonderful.
I only just heard about this name recently and hadn't realized until someone mentioned it that the name is Heaven spelled backward. I think the sound of the name itself is fine.
I don't get what's up with the hate. I think the name Nevaeh is perfect. I feel that Heaven and Nevaeh would make amazing twins. If your name is Nevaeh just know that you are awesome and don't let the haters get you down. You're perfect just like your name. You don't deserve all the hate. To all Nevaeh's out there, you are beautiful and great.
Hi. I'm Nevaeh Katja N_____ a 15-year-old from Egypt. I'd like to explain something that seems to need to be addressed.

This name is not COMEDIC. This name is not UNINTELLECTUAL. This name is not STUPID.

Now, I'm allowing people to have their own opinions, but you do NOT treat us like this; How would you like it if you were reading about your name on here, and saw people saying, "eww crappy name" or "has a bad meaning behind it don't name your kid this"? Think about that for a moment.

It hurts me to see people saying bad things about this name. IF your opinion is not nice, do NOT voice your opinion. It is UNFAIR and HURTFUL.


PS. A message to all the Nevaeh's out there: You're wonderful people. Don't let other's comments get you down. If you're struggling, just know, you can get through it!
I don't particularly like this name (the "aeh" at the end seems over-the-top to me and sounds like it should be spelled "eah" or just "ea" but then it would lose the meaning) but that's certainly not a good reason to call it a "trashy" and "made-up" name. All names were invented at some point in time (for example, Shakespeare invented the name "Jessica" and I don't see anyone calling that "trashy" or "made-up"). I personally know a girl named Nevaeh and she is actually quite nice, smart, and funny. I wouldn't give it to my (theoretical) child but go ahead and use it for your own if you are considering it. After all, it's only a name...
Nevaeh just feels so forced.
If you want your child to be named Heaven why not just name them Heaven instead of a name that looks like it should be pronounced nev-AH-ay? If you just like how Nevaeh sounds, why not spell it Neveah, which actually makes sense?
The protagonist of Color Me In by Natasha Díaz was named this.
I personally think Nevaeh is a beautiful name!
I don't see why people hate this name so much. It's such an amazing name!
Not a great name not a horrible name either, it's somewhere in the middle. I don't honestly like this name it just isn't my cup of tea. The pronunciation is hard. If you are choosing to name your child this I suggest picking another name, for example : Angel, Angelina, Celeste, Celestia, Coraline but it's up to you.
Why torture your kid with a name like this? I don’t understand why people like this name, it’s tacky, ugly and the spelling is stupid. I don’t see any beauty in this name, especially the “aeh” part. The mothers of Nevaehs are usually teen moms or rough people. I know someone who is seriously considering this name for her daughter, and the reason why she loves is because it’s heaven spelled backwards. If you must, maybe you could keep the name the same but change the spelling?
You could go for:
I love this name! I don't get all the hate around it. Anevaeh is cute too.
I think it's pretty, tbh. I don't understand the hate. I don't care that it's trendy. Wouldn't you rather a Nevaeh than a Kinsleighe or Kaelee? I also don't understand the hate because of no meaning.

This name sounds light, pretty, and unique. Change isn't always a bad thing, the fact that it's modern doesn't matter at all.
The name isn’t that pretty, but it isn’t horrible either. And no, it doesn’t mean “heaven”. That’s not how onomastics work. Anyways, I’m honestly surprised this name gets so much hate. I can’t imagine being a Nevaeh and reading these rude comments.

Just because Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards doesn’t mean it’s hell. That literally makes no sense. You are not obligated to like any name to cater people’s feelings, but we should really be more opened-minded here. I see a lot of classist, racist, and overall just weird comments on this board. Get off anonymous and say that stuff.
The spelling doesn’t make much sense….
It's a pretty name.

People are getting worked up about it being "heaven spelled backwards" but it has a nice sound and look to it and I am sure if people didn't realize where it came from they'd think it was a very old Hebrew name.

It sort of reminds me of Hebrew names like Moriah and Neriah.

And yes, heaven spelled backwards is Nevaeh but it isn't the opposite of heaven? It is just heaven spelled backwards just like god spelled backwards is dog. But the opposite of god is clearly not dog and neither is Nevaeh the opposite of heaven. Goodness.
Let others have opinions. My name is Caitlin and I see a lot of hate about the name Caitlin, but they're not personally talking trash about you.
Why name your kid this? I mean it’s not pretty and sounds made up.
To those of you who trash talked my real name, stop being insensitive. Especially you anonymous saying that the name is ugly and stupid. I hate people who think just because someone is different because of their name being different from most other names. No one is perfect. DON'T let these jerks bother you. You're unique and different and anyone who thinks of someone as white trash or ugly or anything else just because of the name you were given. You're you and that's what matters. Not your name. Not your looks, but your personality.
Decent name.
I don’t have a problem with it, I actually think it’s kinda pretty but the phonetics don’t make that much sense not to mention the backwards “heaven” thing is kind of ironic because that’s basically hell? (It’s a satanic thing, look it up.) So that’s kinda funny.
Excuse my comment on May 4th! I just believed what I heard about the Nevaeh and Hell thing. The name surely isn’t satanic. I doubt the name would get that much hate if it was just a regular Hebrew name.
I don’t understand why some people like this name. The only reason why parents name their daughters Nevaeh is because it’s heaven spelled backwards. It even comes up red underneath when I type it (and so do some other names that are more unusual or made-up). It sounds ugly to me, especially the “aeh” part. Most mothers of Nevaehs (or ones considering the name) are usually teenagers or in their early 20s. Please don’t do this to your kid. Give them a sensible name.
This version is the best because it is actually heaven spelled backwards. I wouldn’t spell it any other way because then it’s not even heaven spelled backwards. I guess the name is okay though.
This isn't any better than Heaven. It doesn't sound and look good, either.
I guess I just don’t understand the appeal. Nevaeh doesn’t look pretty, and it sounds like a fantasy character a 13 year old would come up with. Honestly, the only reason I can see parents naming their child this is because it’s heaven spelt backwards, which is just dumb reasoning.
It's decent.
I think it’s trashy and immature. I also don’t like how it’s heaven spelt backwards.
Actually, this name is really boring, nothing interesting about it, just a boring name, immature, also not much class either. Boring!
I get that this is heaven spelled backwards, and it's trendy, but the spelling and pronunciation are not attractive.
My name is Nevaeh, I'm not satanic, or a P Star etc. I also want to say I am NOT hurt by any of your immature comments, but the fact so many people get on here and tag team one name just because "It isn't their cup of tea," is ridiculous. Why comment such mean things say that if a child bears this name their parents hate them. I got this name from my grandmother who died SAVING A CHILD, so if that name she bore made her a satanist then the devil sure had a nice side.
Okay so my name is “Nevaeh” and I would like to say that whoever believes that it’s an evil name, you can have that opinion. I’m not going to attack you for what you believe. But may I ask, why do people think that the name “Nevaeh” is an evil name? My name is Nevaeh and I can be kind to you. Just because my name is Nevaeh doesn’t mean I am going to manipulate you, steal from you, lie to you, backstab you, or make fun of you. (P.S it’s not the name that makes someone evil, it’s their actions)
Elegant and swoon worthy.
Not my cup of tea, but it isn't THAT bad. Seen worse.
My name is actually Nevaeh. I guess that means I'm automatically a bad person hey? Lol. But I kinda never understood how people can get so angry over a name. Like some people are acting like this name is physically hurting them! Chill :) It's okay to not like a name, but I don't think you have to full on rage about it. A name doesn't make anyone stupid. A name doesn't make anyone a p*** star. A name doesn't define a person! So please be kinder. Everybody is beautiful no matter what name they have!
I like this name. The only thing I don't like about it is the "ae" part in it, for some reason I just don't like it when names have ae in them.
I don’t have a problem with “made up” names as technically all names are made up - someone had to invent them at some point. But in my opinion taking a word like heaven, spelling it backwards and calling it a name is a step too far. Not keen.
I really like the sound of it but not the spelling. I still think it's really pretty!
Personally not a fan of this name.
God you people need to grow up. I don't normally even comment on this website that much, but the hate that this name gets is ridiculous. Of course there are going to be people out there who don't like this name, and I get that (I personally really like this name), but there is no need to get so mad about it. Just simply say something like "In my opinion I don't really like this name". It's as simple as that. Going full on rage about a name is completely unnecessary, and actually pretty hurtful. If your name is Nevaeh and you are reading this, spell your name backwards. There you go, you just spelled out the place you came from :)
Everyone says that Nevaeh is the opposite of heaven. Might as well name my child Lleh because it's the opposite of hell, right?
It's beautiful. ❤️ This sounds scandalous but I actually think it sounds intelligent and special.
Awful name! Awful spelling!
It sounds pretty but the spelling is terrible!
I love how it sounds! It's very pretty and cute. But the spelling... Oh dear. It's terrible. The only good part about it is that it's heaven spelled backwards. But it shouldn't be a proper spelling of the name even because of that. It looks so bad and wrong. I am sure lots of people would mispronounce it and get confused. It would be one of my favorite names if it wasn't for the ugly spelling. Thank you, bye.
It’s cool because it’s a backwards spelling of heaven.
Jeez, a lot of these comments are extremely uncalled for and toxic.
Yikes, these comments.

A bit off topic, but I honestly find it kind of funny people like to be so mean about names. Like why? I understand it’s a name you’ll have for the rest of your life, but for crying out loud Nevaeh isn’t THAT bad of a name. A lot of these comments are honestly dumb, uncalled for, not to mention immature. I get it, not everybody is going to like a certain name, or name combo, and that’s understandable. But that’s what makes this site quite toxic sometimes be honest. There a name that YOU like, you may or may not care, but if you have a child, it would be pretty hurtful to see comments saying her name is ugly, tacky, juvenile, etc. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have children, and I don’t plan on having any.) It’s okay to not like a certain name, but a lot of the time it’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it. Just say you don’t like the name and leave. Simple as that. Nevaeh is not a tacky, satanic, or ugly name. It’s definitely a lot better than other names I heard before. But most importantly, it’s not that deep.

I mean seriously, people are angry about a name. Get a life.

You are excellent. You are great. You are marvelous. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are unique. You are loved. You are smart. You are heard. You're a gift to those around you. I appreciate you. You have the best laugh. You have impeccable manners. You light up the room. You're like a ray of sunshine on a really dreary day. You are making a difference. You bring out the best in other people. You deserve a hug right now. You should be proud of yourself. You're more helpful than you realize. You have a great sense of humor. You are the most perfect you there is. Colors seem brighter when you're around. Our community is better because you're in it. You're a candle in the darkness. You could survive a Zombie apocalypse. You're someone's reason to smile. You're really something special. So thank you for being you.
Some of these comments are uncalled for and quite immature.

Stop hating on this name.
Ugly, tacky name.
The reason a lot of people hate this name is because of it's meaning; According to Laura Wattenberg of The Baby Name wizard (, meaning names like Heaven or Destiny often sound like too much for a child, and make people think of strippers. (You may not agree with this, but just look at names like Misty, once wildly popular). Add on to Nevaeh that it's hard to pronounce and weird looking (to me Neveah doesn't look anywhere near as bad), and you've got yourself a hateable name. This is in no way meant to insult anyone with this name. Sometimes these things just happen to names, and you have to deal with it. (e.g., Karen).
I have mixed feelings about the name Nevaeh. On the one hand it's a lovely name with a great meaning. On the other hand, I, for some reason, really don't like the name. This is not an insult to any bearers of it: I have known a lot of nice Nevaehs. However, I think it's fair to say that you shouldn't give your child this name, as so many people dislike it.
Not such a new name as many think. I often do ancestry research, and I've recently come across several entries for Nevaeh on those sites. There was one Nevaeh who lived from 1906-1991, and a few more from records that are from before the 1960s (the one in the '60s was a marriage record). Even though it has become a big hit lately, it has been around for a while.

Also, please remember that even if this is not a name you would choose, it is someone's name. Please treat it with the respect you would expect for your own name, whatever it may be.
So firstly, can I just take a quick moment to say that, you people are being disrespectful. Let’s be honest, there are WAY worse name out there and Nevaeh is a decently nice name at most. I’m honestly quite surprised people hate this name so damn much.
This name shows nothing but ignorance of the parents. Don’t do this to your kid.
If your name is Nevaeh please don't listen to the hate! It's very pretty! People who are hating on this name are just jealous their name isn't near as good.
I honestly don't get what all the hate is about. It's a very pretty name! If you don't like the fact that it's a reversed word, then just ignore it. You don't have to like how it reverses to like the name. Again, it's very pretty and I like it.
Look, I'm just going to say this.
TO: All you Nevaeh's out there.
FROM: Aisha

- You all have a gorgeous name. It's beautiful! Who the heck cares if it's made up? All names, words, places and things were made up at some point.

- Don't let some online haters make you feel bad. Your name is lovely ❤️
- Nevaeh is not 'Satanic'. No name is, that I'm aware of.
You know what's Satanic? Making fun of and trashing this name online.

You are beautiful! Inside and out.
Your parents are not 'stupid' for naming you Nevaeh. My friend is named Nevaeh. No. She is not illiterate. No. She is not a p*** star. She is wonderful, and so are you.
Your name does not define you! You have a gorgeous one, though. You can do anything. Anything!
Don't let haters make you feel bad. You have a great name, and be proud.
Thank you!
Could easily be interpreted as Satanic.
How many times does this have to be said?
Nevaeh is NOT a name. If you must burden a poor soul with this “Yo’neek” piece of trash, then at least have the decency to choose “Neve” instead (which is an actual name with an actual meaning, unlike Nevaeh).
Every child is beautiful no matter what name they’re given, BOTTOM LINE. Oh and every name is made up by some human at some point in time. Every word in our vocabulary has an origin. But they’re still made up from some ancient time. We have more made up dumbass words in the English language than ever in history. Come on, “Glamping”? Who the hell is responsible for that one? Another word I didn’t know until just last year you can laugh at me. It’s okay. I crack myself up all the time. I was born in 80’ everyone. I grew up the normal way. No internet to speak of. Things were so much simpler then. The name? I’ve only met 1 Neveah. And my opinion is biased but for personal reasons. And it’s a fresh wound. Like today. I didn’t know that it was Heaven spelled backwards. How would I, never heard it before. She’s a little girl whose mother, up until today, was my brother’s personal caregiver. My brother is disabled, born with Cerebral Palsy was king with me and my daughter when 2 yrs ago this woman coerced my brother into getting an apartment with her. He just left one day, and in those 2yrs I saw my brother a handful of times. And we found out just yesterday that they’ve been mentally and financially abusing him. I was right about her this entire time. She was isolating him from his family. Anyone capable of hurting someone who’s unable to care for or defend themselves is downright evil. This woman who named her daughter Heaven backwards is evil for what she did to my brother. When was young I a sleepover with small friends from church when I was a tween. We were talking about how some rock songs when played backwards have satanic chants. And back then it scared the crap out of me. (It was a church friend sleepover) Now I know it was silly. I love rock music. Then I associate it with the upside down cross which is a horrible horrible symbol of hatred and evil. I had to tell myself Stop I’m acting crazy. It’s because she hurt my brother band we finally got him out today. And I’m happy to say I googled the name Neveah and it means Heavenly. The balls on some of these comments. All of you bullies lashing out at something that doesn’t even remotely concern you whatsoever, putting a damper on someone else’s joy such as the birth of their child with the sole purpose of causing conflict, Feeling a little “less than” today are we? It’s called a therapist. You’re not even lashing out at anyone at all. It’s a friggin' search engine. You must be a narcissist. Peter Pan Syndrome? Or just a giant Dbag. You do not disrespect someone's child. Mama Bear protects her cubs. And to all of the proud Neveahs out there ain’t got time for your ignorance.
This is a cool name! I don’t care if it’s ‘made up’. It’s really pretty!
Okay I'm going to say this one time!, Listen for y'all people hating on a name like "Nevaeh" y'all are so RUDE and disrespectful! Nevaeh deserves popularity and to be a loved name because its a very AMAZING PRECIOUS GIRL NAME! Just because it's "heaven" spelt backwards don't mean a GODDAMN thing. It has a real meaning so get your facts straights before you say something bad. I honestly understand people got "opinions" but hating opinions is uncalled for like some of y'all people are just so freaking childish like if you really had something hurtful to say why say it? There is a thing called if you don't have anything nice or positive to say then why say it? There are wonderful people who actually name their kids this and they look at all these hurtful comments on this website. Well I don't care what none of y'all haters going to say because NEVAEH will forever be a wonderful name and that's PERIOD and some of y'all talking about it being a stripper name and made up? Y'all tried it? How the hell could it be a stripper name? NEVER that because that means any other names could be stripper names and that's facts! Y'all literally just do too much over one freaking name it doesn't deserve hate at all! LMAO at the end of the day all of y'all haters talking. Nevaeh will still be the best name ever! Just like any other name because if I have an future daughter I'm going to name her Nevaeh Mia! Or Nevaeh Faith or Nevaeh Joy! So I would ADVISE ALL OF THE HATERS TO STOP HATING ON THIS PRETTY NAME! I love this name so FREAKING MUCH! :)
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this name is foul. It's even worse than "Madison". A name that will age very, very poorly. I know people like to try and be creative with naming their child, but spelling "Heaven" backwards is not exactly genius.
Never in my life have I been on this site and seen a name that gets so many comments. The amount of hate this name gets it uncalled for and rude, and just to clarify it's okay for people to have their opinion and to express their thoughts, but some arguments are so stupid. For example take the argument were it says 'Nevaeh ' is a made-up name. Vanessa is a made-up name and nobody complains. Another argument is Nevaeh is a (I won't say it...) Star name many other stars have YOUR name so that is an invalid argument. I just wrote this to clarify that the hate this name gets is ridiculous it's okay to not like a name but to call it made-up, white trash is ridiculous.

Ps. Bubbles.
Means nothing. It’s simply heaven spelled backwards. No real meaning.
You know, I would just like to add a quick comment to this apparently never ending debate. I´m a thirteen year old girl named Nevaeh who just as it seems loves her name. I can respect the opinions of those around me but find it completely hypocritical & insane that people such as yourselves can find the time in the day to search the web of any possible way to trash a name.
To the many Nevaeh´s reading these comments, I have no doubt in my mind that you are beautiful from the inside out & I´d like to let you know that your name does not define you, you define yourself & will accomplish great things in life if only you put your mind to it!
Well, my husband wanted the name Nevaeh, I had to get used to the name but besides that she's a miracle from heaven.
Sorry, but this name looks and sounds unattractive to me. It also seems tacky to spell a word backwards and use it as a name.
I do not understand why this name is getting so much hate. I think it has a very pretty sound and isn’t stupid or ugly at all. I actually wouldn’t mind naming a child this. I like it because it’s rare, not immature, sounds very pretty and it isn’t too long. If anyone wants to name their kid this then go ahead. Don’t listen to the negative comments. I personally think this name is beautiful and it doesn’t deserve all the hate it’s getting.
My name is Nevaeh. I was not happy to come on this site to see my name hated. Every name is beautiful. Some people hate the name because it is heaven spelled backwards. I don't go to church but this is crazy. I was named this name because my father passed away 6 months before I was born. My mother thought it was the perfect name because of his death. My father did not like my name but I don't care. I hope you can support this name and not spread hate. I love my name and I think that it is beautiful.
Do I like the name Nevaeh? It's alright. Do I think it's kinda silly? Yeah. Do I also think it's really pretty and cool sounding? Yup. There are worse names out there than Nevaeh. This is a perfectly fine name. If anything, it's a lot better than Heaven. Of course, there are names that I like better with the same meaning that are similar sounding, like Nalani, Leilani, Nia, Neve, Niamh, etc., but Nevaeh is fine. A Nevaeh can go be Nia or Via, too, which are great nicknames. All in all, while I'm not that big a fan of this name, it really doesn't deserve all the hate it gets.
Some people can just be rude and a straight up insulting person. I named my daughter NEVAEH... NEVAEH SKYE TO be exact. It's pronounced nah-vay-auh. She's a special gift from heaven. to completely trash a name is immature and ridiculous. You don't need to go above and beyond with your ridiculous comments. Children do search their names. People don't think.
Any Nevaehs out there, your name is beautiful.
I am proud to say her name and it was inspired from the word heaven.
I'm 39 yrs old. And I wasn't a twenty year old naming her. It took a lot of research and I put a lot of thought into it.
Nevaeh isn't a name I would choose for my daughter but I am not against someone else naming their child Nevaeh. There is nothing wrong naming your child a different name. As long it's in the normal range.
Hi, I would like to address something...

I am currently commenting anonymously but please hear me out.

Nevaeh is an ugly name to some people or a beautiful name to others and that’s okay :) I’ve also noticed that this name is the only name probably that gets lots and LOTS AND I MEAN LOTS! Of comments (which is very surprising). But listen now I don’t think it’s okay to call a human being trashy, illiterate, dumb (as in somebody’s parents) Nevaeh is heaven spelled reverse and that’s it... it may have a meaning we don’t know but that’s it...

So, listen I’m trying to make this sound as clear as can be I’m not being a hypocrite, a hater but listen. Nevaeh may be a name common upon teen moms but you can’t go calling it a “teen mom name” Oh, yeah!

Yes and if your name is Nevaeh, just so you know your name is beautiful don’t let anybody bring you down!

Oh yeah, One last thing.. I’m not saying you can’t hate because that would make me a Hypocrite and an ignorant person but I’m just saying I think it’s stuck up for you to say stuff like “Trashy teen mom name” or something like “ A good name for a mom under 20” or something like that (just something similar to what you people are saying) So just don’t say that stuff.
This name just looks clunky to me and is confusing to pronounce. The name Neveh is a (dare I say better and) unique alternative or, something like Neve paired with a quirky "H" middle name; Neve Hallelujah.
The amount of hate this name is getting is astounding. You don't have to like this name, but to say it's trashy, trailer trash etc is uncalled for. I don't like it either, but damn.
I don't have an issue with people who love this name or are named this. But I honestly don't like this name at all.
I love it!
Hey people my name is Nevaeh and there is nothing bad about it. It is heaven spelled backwards. It is cool and fun to spell.
Love it.
I honsestly really like this name.

This isn’t even my name, but I’m totally fine with it. Ninety five percent of you guys are complaining that there is no meaning behind Nevaeh. It means heaven! Why don’t you complain about Jalen instead, literally an invented name. In your defense you will say Jalen sounds and looks better... then don’t complain about the meaning in a rude way. Provide a kind and gracious opinion, negative or positive, but don’t blast a fine name! I know it’s not the best name but I’m just pointing this out to y’all.
This is my friend's name, but she pronounces it Nuh-VAY.
I wish people on this site would be kinder. Imagine being called Nevaeh (something you have absolutely no say in, especially if you're under 18), coming to this website to read what people think about your name and finding mountains of hate. I personally think this name sounds good. I didn't even know the meaning before finding it here, to me it doesn't look like a made-up name, but rather like a variation of the already established name "Neve", meaning "snow". Not to mention, getting pissed over a simple name is a waste of time and resources.
Okay, I’m going to say this once- Nevaeh is a name, it isn’t “trashy” or a "bad" name. The meaning of it is peace. It’s heaven spelled backwards and it is absolutely a beautiful name. I get compliments on my name all day everyday so y’all can complain if you want.
It’s not my favorite but I don’t think it’s trashy. I actually thought it was a biblical name when I saw it. It sort of is, considering it’s heaven spelled backwards. Not great, but a good name.
Hello, another Nevaeh' here. Alright, so I came upon this site and I easily got SO mad from the fact that these people are being SO rude about a simple name. I'm here to defend that this name is innocent. It's simply rude for calling a parent stupid because "Naming this child is simpleminded" just because they named their child Nevaeh. Any fellow Nevaeh's out there, hello. You're VERY intelligent. You're beautiful. You're... every good thing in the world out there (I can't think of synonyms lol). I'm here to defend the people with the name Nevaeh. And may I remind you, it's pronounced "Ne-vay-ah". Nevaeh is simply Heaven spelled backward. It doesn't mean Hell. And trust me, it has a meaning.
It hurts to see people say VERY discourteous and rude things. And to top it off, people's names are made up. EVERYONE'S names are made up. So I find that ironically, and hypocritically untrue. If you strongly agree with me, then I wouldn't mind if you give this a positive vote. But I'll be humble about it. So if you don't agree with me, then that's just fine. Hope you guys have a wonderful day.
The first time I heard this name I immediately thought the child was named after a favorite skin lotion. When it was finally explained to me that it was 'heaven' spelled backwards I thought it was an interesting concept but somewhat religious. Not knocking the name but I am just not a fan.
Hello, YES another Nevaeh here but an 11 year old Nevaeh that just saw this website and the comment that this name was trash. One thing I will say is sometimes people who use this name aren't a slut or a stripper... They actually want a different future. Like to play women's basketball and/or work at a fast food place. Not ALL people with the name of "Nevaeh" are like that.
Hello, another Nevaeh here. Just wanna say I personally like the name.
What I don’t understand is why it is so hard for some people to just mind their own business. I don’t know who told you that hating on something or someone makes you cool but it really doesn’t. It just gets annoying.
I remember having a sub and he just had to go out of his way to say that my name has no meaning and isn’t creative. He kept commenting on how annoying he found it that parents name their children this. Keep in mind I WAS IN FIRST GRADE. If you’re going to sit and bring a 7 year old down like that maybe you yourself need some self reflecting.
I can not think of a trashier name.
Personally, I love this name, but I do not spell it Neveah. I think it is better spelled Naveah. But that's my opinion. I'm definitely naming my future daughter Naveah Willow.
I love my name- it's pretty and I get compliments all the time, and everyone thinks I'm special or something and I don't deserve it but it's still such a cool name, right?!
I actually think this is pretty, but I would probably use it as a middle name, like Ella Nevaeh or Daniella Nevaeh.
Hello! It appears you’ve stumbled upon a girl named Nevaeh who isn’t a stripper or ghetto. Congratulations! Now, before I continue I’ll let you know that I’m 13, and actually know how to type grammatically correct sentences. With that being said, I have proven that girls named Nevaeh are capable of being intelligent human beings.

First off, the name Nevaeh doesn’t have any meaning, so anyone saying it means Hell because it’s Heaven spelled backwards is incorrect. If hello is spelled backwards does it mean goodbye? If dawn is spelled backwards does it mean dusk? I didn’t think so. The name is simply spelled Heaven backwards and doesn’t have any actual meaning.

Secondly, I understand that people may have different opinions on the name and I respect that, but bashing or discriminating against a parent or their child because of their name choice, or name is idiotic to me. Just because she’s named Nevaeh doesn’t mean that she’s a stripper or unintelligent. Would you really walk up to a child and tell her that she’ll be nothing in life just because her parents gave her a name that you didn’t agree with?

Lastly, to any girl named Nevaeh, a name doesn’t define who you are. Anyone who thinks that it does is ignorant. Go be yourself and never let someone try to tell you who you are.
My name is Nevaeh and it only means belief and good luck.
1. People commenting the name is literally saying Na-vay-a. No, it isn't. The "aeh" ending is usually pronounced like "ay" or ah".
2. The nicknames Nev/Nevvy or Aya. I hate both those nicknames.
3. It sounds like a hippy/grunge name. Like a mom tried to be "uneeq" or "kre8ive". No. Naming your child an already tacky name spelled backwards does not make it less tacky. In fact, it makes it even more tacky, because it is obvious that you spelled it backwards. Heaven is an already tacky and extra name, but spelling it backwards makes it 3x tackier. And the whole "Heaven" theme is just so boring, mainstream and simply corny.
Overall I find this name ugly, tacky and over the top.
1, 5/10.
My name is also Nevaeh and I'm not ashamed of my name because all those haters out there can kiss my tail because I can love myself and my name more than I like everyone else. My mom loved what she named me since day one and she didn't want to change it because she thought it was special so I loved it too because I thought no one at my schools would have the same name and growing up no one picked on me and since I was NICE and GENEROUS I helped people who were getting picked on. I am proud to be called Nevaeh which everyone pronounces wrong (Ne-vay-ah) because my family loves it and seeing them happy to see me makes me smile.

Happy Veteran's Day.
Just give your daughter a name that actually means heaven. There are many great ones: Alya, Diana, Caelina, Celeste, Kalani. It's not that hard, people.
I think this name is beautiful. Just because it's 'heaven' backwards... that doesn't matter! Actually, it's sweet. I would name a character in a story Nevaeh. I also like the combination Nevaeh June.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Nevaeh who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 969th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I'm not the biggest fan of this name, but the hate it's getting is pretty ridiculous. A lot of people don't like this name because it doesn't have a real meaning, it's just Heaven backwards. But what about names like Jezebel and Lolita that actually have negative meanings and associations? Those names don't get as much hate as Nevaeh.
Hello, another Nevaeh here. I find it quite idiotic how people are calling this name a “porn star name” or a “made-up name”. Throughout my life of going to school not one person has bullied me about my name. Nevaeh is a beautiful name and I wear it proudly (don’t mind the trolls who say it’s “made up”). My parents named me this because they are Christians and they wanted something special, so I got this. However, please don’t ruin the name and make tacky spellings such as Naveah, Niveah or any other butt ugly spelling. I have learned to accept the phases I have gone through, I did get bullied but it had nothing to do with my name. Bullying is a thing every child has to go through and it’s the truth. When I used to be in second-grade I happened to meet another Nevaeh although it wasn’t pronounced the same way mine is.
My name is Nevaeh. It is a beautiful name. It means heaven. It is not trashy and unintelligent. I’m at the top of my class. My parents are not trash for naming me this!
My name is Nevaeh and I love my name! I don't want to be a porn star and my name isn't trashy! People have to stop hating on names and just deal with it that people name their child this. It's so sad to see so many people hating on my name and whoever else has it so if you don't like the name then you don't have to say the parents are bad or anything like that. It's also not hard to pronounce! NA-VAY-YA. The name Nevaeh doesn't mean Satan or hell but it means God's promise or heaven! Also, not just teenagers name their kids Nevaeh to hide the fact they shouldn't have gotten pregnant, so stop hating.
As an author, I keep my eyes and ears open for intriguing names to use for characters in my stories.

Recently, we reconnected with a family we knew ten years ago. Their youngest daughter, who is seven years old, has the name Nevaeh. After our initial confusion on how to spell it, we rolled with it. [I'll be honest, I first thought it was Nivea, like the European face cleanser. My bad.]

Nevaeh. A good name. A name worthy of anyone who wears it. Stand proud and proclaim it.
Here in Denmark, when naming your child you have to choose from a list of preapproved names or submit a name to the government for approval. Growing up I always questioned that rule, that was until terrible names like this became popular; now I think that rule should be applied worldwide.

To any parent thinking of naming their kid Nevaeh: PLEASE step away from the computer for 24 hours, think about what you are about to do and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY pick a different name. It may sound cute and innocent for a kid but when they're an adult, any employer would look at their CV for 2 seconds and throw it straight in the bin; Do you really want your kid being bullied and growing up with no future?

Heaven (although not really a proper name) is a much better name than this, name your kid that instead.
Nevaeh is A NAME! And just because it doesn’t have heaps and heaps, heaps, heaps of history history, does NOT mean it is not a name. It's 2018! Someone coming up with idiotic meanings like it means hell. How could this name mean hell? If it’s heaven backwards.
To be honest I don’t know why people are still hating on this name. Just deal with the fact people are gonna name their child this.
Nevaeh is an awful name. It isn't even real. It's just heaven spelt backwards, and since it is, that means it means hell.
LISTEN CAREFULLY (1) Everyone has a bad association with some names. For example Adolf is a real name and it has a bad association. (2) Why would you say a person's parents are trash just because they named a child a name you don’t like? I'm assuming you're ignorant. (3) I’m assuming you have a masters degree for telling people what not and what to name their child, like rude! (4) Na-Vay-ya. (5) It’s not meaningless, it literally means heaven, that’s its meaning. (6) Stop making up meanings like heaven sent, snow queen, and all types of horse and cow fat. YES some people won’t like this name but why go on this website and say nasty stuff about it? Are you getting paid for being a snot? And what do you mean you don’t know how to pronounce it? It LITERALLY SAYS NA-VAY-YA!
I love this name! It sounds nice and who cares if it's heaven backwards. I don't go around saying the meaning of my name to everyone. I don't understand why this name gets so much hate. There are so many trashy names out there and none get as much hate as this one. Some people need to get a life and not be so rude!
Ok, look my name is Nevaeh and I'm 13 years old. My name is beautiful and I LOVE it. No I don't want to be a porn star like... gross. Whoever has the name gives it meaning.
My name is Nevaeh and I personally don’t like it and honestly I might change it but others might like it. I don’t like the name because it makes ME cringe and there are too many people with it. It doesn’t mean it’s a name for a porn star or stripper. And the people with the name are probably really good students or workers.
On February 28, 2018 I gave birth to a 16 week fetus, my daughter, who is now in heaven. (I truly do not mean to offend anybody, this is solely my personal belief) I struggle with the loss of my daughter and I firmly believed she deserves a name and I wanted to give her one. I am very fond of unique and different names for my children and so she was not going to be any different when it came to naming her. But even though this precious little girl never got to breathe a single breath of air she taught me so very much and so I also wanted to choose carefully a name for her, something that represented who she is to me and what she taught me. I was well aware of Nevaeh being the word heaven spelled backwards and because of that definition alone I wanted to incorporate that into her name because no parent should ever have to bury their child. Children are supposed to bury their parents. However my little girl went to heaven before ever getting the chance to be on earth... And that to me is backwards so her middle name is Nevaeh... heaven spelled backwards. I just wanted to share what Nevaeh means to me and why I chose to incorporate it into my daughter's name, My Eliana Nevaeh Surrender.
I do not mean to offend anybody with this name, I'm sure you're a lovely person, but ew. I really don't like this name. It reminds me of sour cream and onion chips, and a stuck up rich girl who owns a sports car. Please do not name your child this!
I'm 10 and Nevaeh is my name. I think although this name is rare but popular doesn't mean it's bad. I would rather have a unique name and not a common name like Jessica or Amy etc. And if it's heaven backwards means it's more likely to mean HEAVEN AND HOLY and not hell or Satan.
Opposites, by and large, do not transcribe correctly unless you happen to have the knowledge of what you are saying. Heaven, generally, is believed in by most cultures regardless of whether they call it by that name. So the opposite of Heaven is no Heaven at all. Many cultures do not believe Hell exists, therefore, you have either Hell or no Hell.

Thus, Nevaeh cannot be construed as the opposite of Heaven nor a kindred spirit of Hell.
My name is Nevaeh, I'm 12 years old and I love my name. The only thing I don't like is that people never know how to spell it and never know how to say it. But I live in Massachusetts.
This is my niece's name and I love it because I love her. A name is what you make it. She is a beautiful, smart, talented, witty, funny girl who brightens up the room. Believe me, no hell is involved. Who cares if people mispronounce it? She has an even harder last name to pronounce, but she should be proud of both because they are hers and her parents loved her so much they named her after heaven. Seems like a special name to me. Besides, every name was made up at some point, was it not?
So, my name IS Nevaeh, I'm 12. I love having this name! I go to a HUGE middle school, and there is only one or two more people in the school that have it. I am okay with people not pronouncing it right the first time, because it makes me feel different, in a good way. I also think that it is very beautiful, I love that it spells heaveN backwards. I do kinda think that it could mean Hell, because it is heaven backwards. Also, knowing how to spell my name taught me how to spell the word heaven, lol. I also like it when people say, "Hey, you know your name is Heaven backwards, right?", or they give me nicknames like heaveNly and such. Also, my crush said this to me once, "Hey Nevaeh, Did you fall from Heaven? Cause you look like it. And your name says Heaven backwards. "
I LOVE the name Nevaeh.
Egh! Seriously, who thought this was the same idea? Little Nevaeh McKengie with her brothers Brody and Aiden grow up and try to get jobs. Meanwhile, Edna Thomas and her brothers Frederick and Claude also try to get the same jobs. Who's going to get hired, the people who make the employer think of 1990s-2010s college culture or the ones that make them think of working during the Depression?

Plus, why would you want your child to be the opposite of heaven anyway, which you're essentially doing if you name her this? (Consider the names Prudence and Chastity.) I mean, at least it's completely meaningless. Imagine if it had a meaning that echoed its spelling.
I just don't like this name. You would be better off with the name "Heaven" -opposite of Heaven is hell so that's one reason. The second reason is because I just don't like how it sounds. And it was named the worst name for a girl on a few lists I found online.
My name is Nevaeh and I love it. It is pronounced NE-VAY-UH. I have been a violinist for going on 8 years now. I am also going to school to become a lawyer. I get a lot of complements on my name and everyone thinks that it is beautiful. Everyone has their own opinions and mine is that my name is amazing and I would never change it. So can everyone please stop the hate on the name Nevaeh and realize that everyone has their own opinions on what they would like to name their child.
I'm not really a big fan of it, but the way it sounds is nice. Mostly the v, but you could still use something like Valerie...
I know many people hate this name, but I like it. I think it sounds very pretty. I'm not religious, and "heaven spelled backwards" means nothing to me.
I'll echo everyone's sentiment: terrible, ugly, unsophisticated, bogan name!
Listen, my name's Nevaeh and I like the name. Those who say it means hell cause it's a word spelled backwards so it should be the word's meaning backwards, so what. And it's not a porn name- so what if a porn star has that name it doesn't matter, those who have that name give it meaning. Also it means Dawn of light and it is beautiful. The name is amazing.
I actually think it's a pretty name.
I honestly don't care what people say about the name. But have you thought about kids with this name and how they would feel if you hated their name? They would think you hate them. A name doesn't need to have meaning, a person makes it a name. I am named Nevaeh and I have gone years with people not pronouncing it right or spelling it right. My mom named me it without knowing what it is "famous for". I have never met another Nevaeh and I was a few years old when it became popular. Most think it is a pretty or wonderful name. My whole name represents something: my first is yes, heaven backwards. And heaven is in the sky. My middle name is another name for sun. And last represents the water. Which I thought as a little kid was amazing and I was more connected with the earth and life sense my name represented. I have many nicknames. But a kid can't chose their name, their name is given to them. And they have to like it. And it also is believed to be based off the Irish name Niamh, which is from Ireland and means radiant or bright.
Personally, I've never liked this name. Never once and not one bit. It seems so fake and forced to me (probably because of the fact that it IS a made up name) and never in a million years would I name a child Nevaeh. If I was a foreigner looking at this name for the first time, I'd most likely be baffled over the pronunciation. I'm an American and even I had trouble pronouncing it when I first saw it. Please, please, please, if you're thinking about naming your child this: please reconsider. They'll thank you one day.
I have mixed feelings on the name Nevaeh. When I first heard this name I thought it sounded quite pretty, but when I saw it written down I had no idea it was pronounced Ne-vay-a. The spelling is awkward and I would never use it because of all the hate it gets with the whole heaven spelled backwards thing being "trashy" and it's too common/trendy to me. Also it reminds me of Nivia lotion. I disagree that it's the worst name ever as I can think of worse.
I feel the need to share why I named my daughter Nevaeh Hope in early 1999. My reason is going to sounds silly and boring, as this is what I was told when I was called to be interviewed about the beginning of this name back in 2004. I was told that this was the fastest growing female name, and my Nevaeh was the oldest. I was shocked as I didn't know that anyone else had this name except the musician that was on MTV cribs (as I received many calls when that aired). Anyways, I got the name simply from spelling Heaven backwards when I was 10. I used to love V.C. Andrews books, and I read the book she wrote that is called, "Heaven" and it is about a girl named Heaven. I was a young girl and liked to write names all over my books (you know how girls do this) and I wrote the name Heaven from the book but didn't want people to see it and think I was being weird so I spelled it backwards thinking I was being tricky (no one would figure out my secret code :)) I did pronounce this, Na-Vay-ah and I loved it. I named my "2-liter pop-bottle baby" this name in junior high when we had to take that class. And I just always knew that I would have a daughter and name her Nevaeh. And so when I got pregnant in 1998 and found out it was girl, there was no argument on the name. My family and friends all knew this would be her name. My now 17 year old daughter, Nevaeh Hope, is a wonderful, spirit filled blessing. She does wonderful in all her classes (top of her class) and we are now preparing for college. I don't care if others like or don't like the name. This is the name of my daughter and I believe her to be a piece of heaven on earth, and quite a blessing to me as every child is to their parents.
If you're looking for a "beautiful" name that has meaning when spelled backwards, particularly given that your presence here means that you must be a fan of "behind the name", may I suggest that instead of Nevaeh, you go with "Lana"?
To each their own on their opinion of a name. However, the argument that a name is trashy because it spells another word backwards is silly. By this standard, names like Dennis, Liam, May, Margaret, Enid, Damon, and Harris are trashy. Ok, I admit it. I love anadromes. Kramer, Elbert, Delia, Tessa, Marc...
There's a lot of mixed opinions on this name here, so here's mine; I don't like this name because:
A) It has no meaning
B) The spelling is awkward
C) The pronunciation is hard to tell
Even though I don't like the name Nevaeh, I think that the heaven spelled backwards thing is sweet, although some people think that gives the name a reverse meaning... In my opinion I don't think anyone with this name, or parents who have named their child this should be called "white trash" or "uneducated" as people shouldn't be judged on their name, that isn't right. Sorry if I have offended anyone.
My name is Nevaeh. I have been trying to find out what my name means for awhile but now I don't think it really matters. I get compliments on my name a lot. Sure not everyone can spell or pronounce it right but that does not make it a bad name. You are entitled to your opinion, but saying it's a trashy name because a pornstar is named that doesn't mean it is. You do realize there are murderers named Emily and drug addicts named Sara, does that mean Emily and Sara are bad names too? If so, then why are so many females named that? So it really is an asinine comment to make. I find it humorous that you would go through the struggle to look up the name and try so hard to find bad things about it, just to create some drama. Name your kid whatever you want, if you don't like the name Nevaeh, good for you. But if you do, that is wonderful and I would definitely name my child Nevaeh too.
This name is ridiculous! It doesn't mean anything apart from heaven backwards! It's like calling your child lufituaeb (beautiful backwards) - I'm sure it'll only be a few years before Lufituaeb is a name... plus Nevaeh is really hard to pronounce.
I agree with the person who said people who pick this name are teenagers or immature adults. It's a word spelled backwards. The epitome of sophistication I tell ya.
It's quite an ugly name, no way around that. Plus, while I'm not picky about where names come from, even I have to admit that "heaven spelled backwards" is a rather stupid idea for a name. It gets even stupider when people spell it Neveah or Naveah or whatever, because then you don't even have the "heaven spelled backwards" excuse as to why you gave your daughter such an ugly name. I prefer the slightly similar but much better sounding Nova.
Yes it has a meaning, but no one knows the meaning. Also, it shouldn't matter about what the meaning is, it's a name in this world that has nothing to do with you or your opinions. Everyone that I've met has said it was unique and a beautiful name.
I encountered this name for the first time in a file I was working on yesterday. Decided to check it out on here to see what history it had.

If I had a reaction to the name, honestly I've got to say it was dwarfed by the reaction I had to the comments. Putting aside the religious relevance of the name itself, I was surprised how many people - with the whole of human knowledge and experience at their fingertips via the Internet - actually subscribe to the notion that writing a name backwards reverses its meaning (that's quite aside from the idea that this is a scripturally supported concept: nowhere in the Christian holy text does it say that reversing the word 'Heaven' brings or represents 'Hell').

But by far the most amazing thing for me is that the same assertions, arguments, rebuttals and objections have rolled on, repeatedly, since 2005.


I have my feelings about this name. Others here have expressed the same feelings, over and over again. Is there anything more anyone could really offer at this point?
This name is so cool on Sonny Sandoval's daughter! Then it got ruined by other people using it.
Some pronunciations of this name are pretty, but the fact that it's "Heaven" spelled backwards just makes it feel trashy. And when I first saw this name, I thought it was pronounced NE-vay. It's so confusing.
This is probably the most hated name on this site, considering all the negative comments. I happen to hate this name too. It just doesn't sound like a name that would look professional on an adult, and it's not a good sign when it appears a lot as the names of babies on those trashy tabloid talk shows with the paternity tests.
My name is Nevaeh. I think it is beautiful. Although it's my name I love it and everyone I've met has liked it. Yes, it might look weird and be hard to pronounce, but that does not make it a dumb name.
It sounds alright until you find out about the heaven thing.
Most of the people who actually like this name tend to be teenagers and immature young adults.
I love this name and to hear people associate it as trashy and evil is mind boggling. All names have been made up at one point or another and to trash this name because you don't know how it's pronounced or it having no meaning is ignorant. The meanings of all the older names were made up as well.
First, I am going to say that no, I don't like this name. This has nothing to do with the meaning, it just sounds weird to me.

This name is getting way too much hate. Where does any name come from other than being made up? A few names come from words, but weren't those words made up? Some names come from defined name elements, but weren't those name elements made up? If you're going to hate a name for being made up, just remember that all names were 'just made up' once.

Every name has bad associations, but just because someone has a name, that doesn't mean they have the bad associations. Not every Barbara is an old lady. Not every Madison is a shallow popular girl. And no, not every Nevaeh is a porn star.
This name screams uneducated teen-mom.
My name is Nevaeh. This is honestly offensive. I am not from hell. I love everyone, and my name is beautiful. I'm sorry if you feel otherwise. My mother us not white trash. This hurt my feelings quite a bit. I'm sorry that you feel my name is so terrible.
The name itself gains too much hate for me to want my child to have it and that is really sad because (and I am mentally preparing for the hate that will bombard me with this) I actually think that it's a beautiful name. Not because of its meaning, if we all nitpicked the meaning of our names then we would all realise that every single name out there is made up, it's just that over time meaning has been given to them for various reasons, in a couple hundred years Neveah will probably be an old classic (horrified gasp). I like it because of its sound, it's such a lyrical and (for lack of a better word) pretty sound, it kind of reminds me of a peaceful river. There you go, a new meaning!
It's not absolutely horrible. I certainly don't like it, but it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Since I don't believe in heaven, this name doesn't really have any significance to me or my life. It would kind of be like naming a kid Unicorn, or Nrocinu. It's not the worst name ever, however I would probably not recommend using it.
This name has white trash written all over it. Most women who use this name on their daughters are trashy teen mothers who think they're trying to be all cutesy, when in actuality they're being trashy and low-class.
I like it! It's BtN, so the comments aren't shocking. Etymology is pretty important here. I think it's pretty, but I don't like the "-eh" ending in the spelling. I don't think it's trashy or tacky, I think it's a cute idea.
Not my taste but I'm amazed at all the negativity surrounding this name. Seeing as this name is currently in the top 100 names in the U.S. and New Zealand, there will be a lot of Nevaeh's old enough to read this stuff soon enough and who knows but one or many of them will grow up to do something incredible for the world.

Personally, while I'd likely never use it myself, I think it sounds pretty, and much prefer Nevaeh to Heaven or Heavenly... or say, something like Goddess.

The person who said this name is the work of Satan, um, really? I don't get the logic of "It's Heaven spelled backwards, which is, um, Hell?" either. That logic would mean that Lleh would be okay as a name because hey it since it is Hell backwards it must mean Heaven.

Btw, I wouldn't have realized it was Heaven spelled backwards were it not for boards like this one so it doesn't bother me when people explain it at all. Sure it may not be as unique as they thought it was, but come on. There are much worse things in the world to be concerned about than what has become a pretty popular and therefore extremely well-liked name. I'd be far more concerned about parents who are naming their child something like Adolf Hitler.
My name is Nevaeh and I don't get why people don't like the name Nevaeh. People say that we should be named something more common but personally I think it's nice to be named something different and unique. Also it's not that hard to say "n-vay-uh.
My name is Nevaeh. I can't help it, my dad said he loves the name and said it was not him or my mum that had heard of the name, it was his best friend. Now I am starting to love my name. My dad said he named me Nevaeh because he wanted it to be unique and unlike the other names. He has a plain name and he wanted me to have a unique one.
Definitely a terrible name, and pretty much epitomizes corny. Its popularity in America absolutely baffles me, especially because the name didn't even exist until 15 years ago. It sounds terrible on anyone past the age of five.
I named my daughter Nevaeh it's a beautiful name. I heard the name when I was helping teach a class at church and her name was Nevaeh. I decided if I ever had a baby I would name her that. I don't care if it has no special meaning. Ya sure, people spell it wrong and pronounce it wrong, but the beauty of my daughter's name is I love her and her name and that's what matters. People have no right to judge other people based on the name they choose for their kids. Only God has the right to judge.
Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backward ,we all know that & I think it's kinda cute, but I always wondered why they pronounce it Ne-va-ya If the A comes before the E in the Name N-E-V-A-E-H. It should be spelled Ne-Vay. I named my Daughter "Zahara Samarley" ZAHARA means "to shine brightness" I wouldn't change her name for anything because to me her name is beautiful, strong & unique. If I'm blessed with another daughter one day she will be named "Zaveah Sanari" ZAVEAH means "firm defender". So if you love the name Nevaeh go for it... But it is pronounced Ne-Vay not Ve-Va-Ya.
Nevaeh is heaven backwards! Opposite of heaven! Think before you name your children please! Really very simple association.
I actually like this name, but it's become too common, I think. I really like the sound of it, though, and the meaning of it.
MY honest, personal opinions on the name Nevaeh:

1. It can be easily misspelled, but people that know it's Heaven spelled backwards can easily just mentally write it, which a lot of people do since it's getting pretty popular.

2. I heard this once on a kid from an episode of Teen Mom, so that association kind of sticks to me. Again, I doubt many people will think of that. I hate people hearing a name once and always mentioning how they think of it, as it happens a lot with my terrible name Gabby, but I suppose sometimes this is just the way it is in life with our silly brains.

3. It has a nice flow to it.

4. A lot of people dislike it, but a good amount of people must appreciate it for it to even be on the popularity charts. People like to bash this name like it's a piñata or something. I get it, you might not be fond of it, okay, just say that if you must. No need to literally get ANGRY over someone being named this (they can't help it) or someone choosing this name. If anything, take it out on the persons that chose the name, not the one who bears it, and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives unless they decide to change it when they're older.

5. I've never heard of this as a stripper name until recently reading comments, but it can be viewed as tacky.

6. It's more feminine than a lot of other 'trendy' names out there, if that's your thing. Would be nicely paired with a more classical yet not too girly middle name to balance it out a bit. Say, Margaret?

7. Overall, this is definitely not my favorite name. It doesn't help that many really appear to despise/hate, yes they're that extreme, but also that it wasn't the best to begin with. When I first heard it I thought it was quirky and unique, but then I realized it really wasn't that uncommon & did kind of sound 'trashy' in the eyes of many. BUT, I won't judge a name (100% at least) by what others think of it. If everyone hated my favorite name, I'd say good, bye, see you, still like it, still choosing it, nice input and all, but yeah.

8. For the meaning of the name, (is there NOT a meaning according to these comments?) I'd just guess it's Heaven if there's no 'official' one. You could easily switch a name's meaning with another one. A MEANING doesn't make a name special. A name is just sounds - that's what a name is. Not some fake meaning that Vikings gave them 1,000 years ago. If you like a name solely based on its meaning, good for you.

Like someone else pointed out, whoever has the name will create its meaning by their choices, actions, etc. They'll make their own meaning, like any other name. Meanings are made up anyhow. It doesn't really mean that much. ALL names were made up at some point or another. We need change sometimes. Modern names will be created, classical names combined, and boy names into girls and vice versa. That's just the way it is. Change. Change. Evolving. Okay?

Calm down. Be grateful that you have the freedom to choose a name ~~~ Get something better to do than to bring others down for theirs!

And moms (to-be), if you love this name, if it's special to you, I say don't let others stop you or you might regret it. GO FOR IT! :)

(But I'd suggest like others have mentioned, don't change the spelling since the whole point of this name is that it's the sweet 'Heaven' spelled backwards. You can if you want, but it's hard enough for people to write it out already... Just saying. ^^

Hope this helped. All opinions are my own, with statements thrown in. *** And I agree, this name totally doesn't mean hell. Seriously? No one, obviously, would ever name their kids this if it was. It's HEAVEN spelled backwards. It means heaven or heaven related. -___-

*And I'm also sure there's PLENTY of porn stars with my name given how popular it is at the moment. That's not the worst possible thing. You don't know them, and some people need to make some money one way or another.

Also, and this is the LAST addition, do you really want to listen to someone who's watched pornographic films decide what your baby's names should be? (Because as far as I'm concerned, that's the only way they'd know that MULTIPLE porn stars' names were Nevaeh?)?
I REALLY don't like this name. It's pretty tacky. However, I do think some comments are going a bit overboard.
I'm not going to enter the debate, but I will say one thing: you can't change the spelling of this name. You can't. Naveah, Neveah, and Naveah are not okay. The entire significance of this name rests upon the spelling and if you change that, then it's just a random collection of letters with no cohesion. The pronunciation of this name is sketchy anyways, so if you take away the reason for it to be spelled in such a difficult-to-pronounce-from-reading-it-way, then it's truly just pointless.
My child's name happens to be Nevaeh. I think the name is gorgeous. I think the name is very unique, just like her. I don't think that it means stripper or ghetto or anything like that. Only people with negative minds would think of some stupidness like that.
Well my name is Nevaeh. I'm the first Nevaeh in the world. It is a beautiful name and if you think it is stupid something is wrong with your brain.
I don't particularly like this name - the whole "heaven spelled backwards" thing strikes me as a little contrived and gimmicky, and I have a feeling the name itself is going to prove to be a fairly short-lived fad in the long run - but people saying things like "naming your baby Nevaeh cheapens the baby's life" and "naming your daughter Nevaeh just tells everyone you're trash" are way over the top.
The tackiest name you could bestow upon your child. Completely made up with no history whatsoever.
Sorry, but it's just horrible! Worst name ever!
Listen to yourselves!
You're saying Nevaeh is a trashy name. But I'm pretty sure your names are common with meanings and look at how you're acting.. plain TRASHY! Just because a little girls' name is Nevaeh, doesn't mean she'll be trashy or a porn star or evil. Imagine how many pornstars and devil worshippers have YOUR name. Does that automatically make YOU one? I think the name Nevaeh is BEAUTIFUL for its originality. I'm disgusted at how people think these days. Innocent babies sent from god are given these names... why do YOU have to be so IGNORANT, UGLY, and TRASHY? LOOK IN THE MIRROR before you speak down on anyone because last time I checked ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE!
To all the people who have made ugly comments regarding the name "Nevaeh," let me just say:
My granddaughter's name is Nevaeh, she was born in 2002 and my daughter-in-law had not heard the name before, so yes, she thought she was being original (maybe she was the first), I don't know. Nevaeh is a gorgeous 12 year old, tall and thin with the face of an angel. For the people complaining about the backwards spelling of heaven being dark or evil, that's funny because the Catholic priest who christened her thought that it was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard. For the people who say it's stupid and she has no future, guess what, she is going into the 7th grade at an advanced technology and science college prep academy and maintains honor roll every semester. When she graduates, she will be able to go to any college of her choosing with full scholarships. She wants to be a petroleum engineer. And, by the way, she loves her name and is a little upset that it has become so popular, because she wanted to remain unique. Who's ignorant?
One last thing: If you MUST have this kind of name, I suggest you manoeuvre on to the Arabic pronunciation Nuh-VA-ya (نوايا ) to get an actual REAL meaning (it means "intention") and spell it Navaiya (it's best to avoid the spelling Navaya as it could lead to pronunciation confusion and constant correcting because some may mistakingly say the common pronunciation neh-VAY-uh; this spelling can possibly draw a strong familiarity to Nevaeh, so a person will presume like how the majority seem to agree neh-VAY-uh would be the standard pronunciation of Nevaeh). I think the Arabic meaning and pronunciation is quite nice whereas NEVEAH has no single, exact & correct pronunciation (I found out people have different opinions on how they want this name to be said aloud, some say neh-VAY-uh, some say Neh-VA-yuh) and it has no meaning (sorry, but "Heaven spelt backwards" is NOT a meaning, it's just a description about how it was created). So use Navaiya instead!

I really hope if you're tempted to use Nevaeh you listen to what I've said and have the common sense to spell if Navaiya or perhaps even, use a COMPLETELY different name (either method being done for the sake of your daughter's future).
I don't like this name. I have traditional taste in names, so that's pretty much an obvious reaction from me. I don't like that people try to assign random meanings to it (butterfly, snow (possibly confusing it with Nívea, which does mean snow), beautiful, angel, etc.) It means "heaven backwards". That's it. Meanings like "heaven, heavenly, heaven-sent, and heaven's gift" are all okay with me, because they tie back into the heaven concept, but random ones like "precious" are not. That being said, if this is really what you want to call your daughter, go for it. It's not my kid, and I can't stop you. Just give them a normal middle name, like the Rose one woman gave her Nevaeh, or Marie or Beatrice or SOMETHING so that if this name gets them negative attention (which I'm sure it will), they have something to fall back on. As for pronunciation, I would pronounce it "Neh-vay-uh", which I think sounds ugly. "nee-va" is pretty to me, but not a logical pronunciation for this name for most people, so you'd be constantly correcting, and I know from experience that that's irritating.
Okay, I wanna add how I do NOT like this "name". It's tacky and unclassy; I feel sorry for all the poor mites who are called this...
The Arabic word نوايا sounds kind of similar to neh-VAY-uh (though it's technically pronounced Nuh-VAA-yaa) and it means "intention". I know the second letter "و" has a "w" sound but the Arabic, Persian and Urdu language can also translate this letter with the equivalent of the English letter "v". (:
Sort of a name only a small minded person would use. I hope poor babies that are named this use a nice nick name.
I am looking forward to naming my soon to be born daughter Naveah. I love the idea of the Heaven spelled backwards but personally prefer the alternate spelling for my daughter. I will not base my opinion on a trend, a porn star an anti-heaven opinion or a rude comment that should be taken off this board anyway as it is not a way to treat or speak to other people. Such a lack of respect towards your fellow man, and to be honest I would not want any association with people who behave or speak of others choices in this manner. You become who you hang around with. Wow. Which is why I don't usually comment or make my decision based on google opinions. But this I couldn't help myself. It seems to be where all the negative people who just want to bring other people down to lift themselves up seem to hang out. So I will be gone after this post. Anyway.. I love the name because I think it is beautiful and really encourage you to name your child what feels right to you. This feels right to me and I am sticking to it. The way I pick a name is not by what society has deemed normal or acceptable or necessarily because of history. I pick it because I like it and it feels right to say it for my little one. I think it makes a beautiful and poetic adult name and I love the nickname Vea. If you don't like it.. don't pick it. Period!
And I am very Christian but did not pick this name because of the meaning people have given it. I picked it because I liked it. Your name does not make you who you are. It is a beautiful way to identify yourself... but your attitude and your heart makes you who you are in gods eyes. Remember that:)
Prayers for those who do not see what they are doing by feeding negativity into others hearts.
I had no idea this name existed, let alone that it is the 39th most popular girls' name in the US. (Then again I've four Sophia's at the most in my life, and that is apparently the most popular girls' name in the US.). Nevaeh looks and sounds like a cool name, though I don't think I personally will use it. Oddly, I think I prefer the name Heaven (though that's likely because the two Heaven's I know are extremely nice people).
I don't know where this person's cousin got the idea that this is an Icelandic name meaning anything whatsoever. It is not Icelandic, means nothing in Icelandic and it would actually be illegal to name an Icelandic child this since it is not on the list of approved names. Check the mannanafnaskrá, these are the names beginning with N that you can call a baby girl:
Go ahead, name your child Nevaeh. You can plaster a billboard to their head that says "I have no future" too, while you're at it.
Nevaeh? What kind of name is that? Name your kid Heaven for crying out loud!
As an Atheist, I find this name really hilarious. But hey, don't let anyone tell you what not to name your child. If you like the name use it, and ignore the negative comments!
This is a beautiful name. Several of the arguments against it make very little sense and can be easily proved wrong.
For example, there is an argument that states that the name Nevaeh is meaningless because it is newly made up. This is a foolish thing to say because according to, the name Anthony is "of unknown meaning". However, the name Anthony is old and has always been extremely popular. How come no one wants to fuss about Anthony being an illegitimate name? Also, very few names nowadays have relevant meanings. Most names ending in -son mean "son of so and so" and are used for girls. So you're all trying to tell me that every girl named Addison is a son of someone named Adam? That doesn't even make sense.
Another common argument is that Nevaeh is difficult to pronounce. However, there's only one accepted pronunciation of Nevaeh and that's nuh-VAY-uh. That's it. Nothing complicated.
Also, many people are saying that the name is dumb because they've never met anybody named Nevaeh. Well if the name was never on the top 1000 until the year 2000, why would you expect for there to be someone your age with his name? I was born in 1997 and even I don't know anyone my age with this name.
And then there's my favorite argument, that Nevaeh is a porn star name. I have no idea where this argument even came from. Many exotic dancers and people with similar occupations choose names ending in -anna which is a popular trend right now. So everyone named Brianna and Adrianna and Alanna is a porn star? Every Arianna you know likes to take her clothes off for money? It's the same with Nevaeh. Not every Nevaeh is going to hurl her panties at every guy she sees.
I personally think it's a beautiful name. While it is unusual, it is pretty enough to be used regularly.

It's heaven spelt backwards...
So it must the the reverse (opposite) meaning of heaven...
This ugly name has no meaning at all. Give your child a REAL name that has a meaning, not a name that is a reversed word.
In my own opinion, Nevaeh is a beautiful name. It sounds lovely and is unique.

Spelling a name backwards is not the opposite of that name. It is merely the reversed spelling of Heaven, basically meaning that Nevaeh is another name meaning Heavenly.

My name is Hannah. It is boring and common, and I hear it everywhere I go. I hate my name. If any of you want to spare your children pain, don't give them a boring, ridiculously common name. Nevaeh is beautiful.

I probably wouldn't use it on a child, just because I already have so many names, but it would be great for one of my novels.
I don't get how this name is popular. Heaven spelled backwards does not make a name. It is so ugly and juvenile.
I'm sorry but this is an awful name! It sounds nice, but the fact that its heaven spelled backwards ruins it.
What a cheap tacky moniker! Aren't there enough names in existence already? Why name a child this when there are so many underused beauties to choose from?
And to those people who say "all names were made up at some point" - not really, they evolved from meaningful language, they have etymology.
I can't even spell this without thinking about how to spell Heaven! It was cool when Sandoval did it, but it was not supposed to be a trend! He did it so his daughter could have a unique name! Not so everyone could use it! P.S. Hate to break it to ya, but it doesn't have a meaning.
I can't wait till people name their kids:v
Aihpos (sophia) (Oh, It was too common!)
Gnisselb (blessing)
Eituc (cutie)
Xam (max) (not too bad)
Yoj (joy)
Evol (love. Or evil)
Aivilo (olivia)
Aciremav (america)
Aciremav (america).
Nevaeh is is also found in ancient alchemist Triangle Book by the count of St. Germain to be "the secret word to enter paradise." I think people who watch enough pornography to remember a pornstar's stage name sound a lot trashier than "heaven spelled backward." I just read that the first celebrity to name his daughter Nevaeh was Sonny Sandoval from the Christian band POD, and he sounds much more intelligent and sophisticated then the anonymous trash slinging commentators on this page.

I was searching for a name that meant "miracle" for my husband and I to conceive after we were told that we couldn't. The only name I found was Hebrew Nesia meaning "Miracle of God." I can only imagine what negative comments I would hear from a name like that, "sounds like nausea", and a nasal cleanse also shares the same name, a name that actually meant something.

I LIKE the way Nevaeh sounds, and so do other people I've talked to. All the petty comments here will mean nothing if a parent tells their child, "WE named you Nevaeh because you ARE a gift from heaven."
IMO, not a very good name. The twins could be Legna & Nevaeh...
Beautiful name, I don't understand why idiots are comparing the name to a porn star or pole dancer, clearly you have nothing better to do than watch porn. Get a life you sad individuals.
This name is a real burden for any little girl to bear. If this was my name as a child I'd change it the minute I turned 18. I honestly can't think of a worse name. Please parents, think about giving your child a name that they can grow into not just some trendy name that *you* like. You are not the one that has to live with it.
I think this name is trashy, overused, and childish. Please choose something else.
My daughter's name is Nevaeh Rose. I didn't want to name her that at ALL at first. I thought it sounded stupid (the Nevaeh part at least). No one that hears her name out in public questions it much. If they do, I tell them her father named her, and that yes, to him it is "Heaven spelled backwards". But to me now, it is my Heaven, and if you wanna twist it, saying, "Oh, it means the opposite of heaven now that you put it backwards" yes, my daughter can be my hell at times from how she behaves at times. (As for the African roots and name your child Zulu, or the whole trashy thing, I've met more WHITE little girls named Nevaeh or some variation of it than I have of any other race)
I myself have college education behind me, and I was raised to have respect for myself. My real name is Angela, I prefer to go by Angie, now let me think. HOW MANY STRIPPERS ARE NAMED ANGELA, ANGIE, STACY, TRACY, JULIA, JULIE, JENNY, JENNIFER, JAMIE, ETC ETC ETC!?
I like to think that my fiancee and myself are not trashy people, we both were raised to treat our elders with respect, to hold open doors for the elderly, for pregnant women and children, hell for anyone in general. To offer our seat on a crowded bus to the above mentioned people. To use our manners at all times, and to never belittle people for their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, race and or religion... And we're raising THIS lil Nevaeh, this lil piece of Heaven on earth to be that type of person...

Think before you judge... If your son brought home a girl named Nevaeh that he met while living in another town and told you he was going to marry her, would you still judge her based on that name alone? Or would you give her a chance to prove herself a decent person and that she was raised by the morals and values that EVERYONE in this world wishes to raise their children to live up to and to be?

How cruel and childish you all are to degrade and belittle a pure and innocent soul and being, a child, God's MOST PURE creation, until jaded and jealous and grudging adults get ahold of them and taint and pollute them with their own agendas and try to shape and mold and conform those children to their own sick twisted thoughts and hates... Humans make me and mine ashamed to be of the human race, and make me sort of wish that I had said no to Nevaeh, and named her instead Artemis Nightingale...
Whether it be "heaven" backwards or not, if you're going to give your daughter (or son, who knows) a Christian name, give her something like Elizabeth, Sarah, or Hannah. I know way too many Nevaehs these days, and it's just a terrible name...
Well since 2000 when my boy from POD named his little girl Nevaeh there has been a buzz. I have a buddy that says if you are doing something right, people will either sue you, complain about you, or sign a petition about you. The devil and "people" in general can't stand it when good is happening. I guess we are doing something right then. For all of the non Christians who are complaining about this name, at least you have a good reason. Ignorance! I will be praying for you. As for those that are Christians... there is no excuse. Christianity has always been a faith based religion that exploits its maker and his location of residence... HEAVEN. The symbolism behind our daughter's name "Nevaeh" is that of complete faith. She was not supposed to make it into this world and she has beaten all of the odds that the doctors put out there. My God is a God of healing power and guess where he lives... HEAVEN. This is the most fitting name that my wife and I could think of. Why you ask? So each time someone asks about the name we can give glory to our heavenly father, whom allowed us to have a beautiful little girl. She is a miracle and YEP... I will exploit heaven because of it. So for all of you "so called Christians" who are complaining about this name. You need to get in the word and really study on what we are supposed to do here on this earth. We are to exploit heaven and our maker so that a difference can be made in the lives of others. No, I am not saying my daughter will become a profit or some sort of spiritual leader, but we will give her the best direction that we know how. She has 2.5 months before she is born and come hell or high water, Nevaeh's mother and I will exploit our maker and the place called heaven, where we plan on living for eternity. We are so thankful that our daughter has overcome so many obstacles and as parents, we would be remiss to not shout it as often as we possibly could. If anyone has a negative opinion about the name we have chosen, first take a look at our motivation and if you still are not convinced... well just keep it to yourself because it does not matter anyway. Anyone can run their mouth without thinking. Before you run yours, study a little bit and maybe you will learn how to be a better witness for YOUR maker. God Bless...
I will have you ignorant people know, that many common beautiful names are used for porn stars, so the fact that you're commenting that pisses me off big time. My name is Nevaeh and I will have you know I do amazing things. Do you know how many people say "Oh wow that's a beautiful name"? You guys are ignorant. To the one that said the P.O.D singer Sonny wanted a unique name for his daughter so you don't mind him using it, What the hell is wrong with other people finding it pretty and using it for their daughters? You guys are idiots and truthfully made me very self conscious about my name! So the next time you're making fun of innocent children's names, you should go ahead and look up the comments on your name. You might be a porn star too.:)
It's wonderful that you've found a name you love for your daughter that means so much to you but any Christians on BtN can think whatever they want of Nevaeh. Just because they're Christian doesn't mean they have to like it.

I don't think Nevaeh is an awful name as such, and it actually has a really pretty sound, but it's come to represent all trashy and trendy names. Look at any discussion of trendy or trashy names - someone WILL bring up Nevaeh because those associations are so stuck to it.

Who knows, though - maybe in 1000 years time it'll be a classic. Just not now.
Anyone else find themselves spelling Heaven to figure out how to spell Nevaeh?

As someone who has come across babies named Nevaeh, I can say it's pretty accurate that the mothers of Nevaehs are:
A. Trashy
B. Teenagers
C. All of the above.
"Neveah is a whole lot better than what celebrities name their kids!" -- Anonymous User 2/7/2012
Hollywood celebrities aren't a high enough standard to aspire to, in my opinion.

"I'm sick of people trying to get compliments on their 'wonderful naming style' and 'traditionalism' by saying they dislike this name [...] It's fine to dislike a name, but honestly, why waste your time hating it? // I [...] just wanted to tell everyone I am actually FINE with the name Nevaeh and I think parents should be able to name their daughters Nevaeh without being ridiculed for it." -- LittleSamGirl 8/4/2011
To each his or her own. But I honestly don't understand how bashing a name amounts to fishing for compliments.
Also, names have a pretty pragmatic use: they're meant to identify people within a certain community. But just as there are words belonging to certain registers of language that carry connotations that are secondary to their true meanings, certain names belong to a non-mainstream "register", and because they're not mainstream, they're not accepted. The ideal you've expressed is a noble one (if a little airy), but there will always be other people (unless you're a hermit), and as long as society remains as we know it, there will always be mockery directed at those with names that sound unwieldy. Hoping to aid in avoidance of the latter is why the mainstream bothers to give feedback. Thus far the consensus seems to be that "Nevaeh" is too far an outlier to be accepted into the mainstream, so if I were more liberal, I would say that now would not be the time to name one's child this.
(I remember posting another comment on this name earlier on; that was my personal stand at the time, and it has not changed.)
While I don't care for this name, I'm surprised at the reactions this name has received and why some tell others not to name their child this. (Whatever) I'm an open minded person and can understand that all names had to have had some place of origin to begin with. I doubt that people in 500 a.d. had a baby naming book to flip through. Some of my favorite names have meanings such as "God's promise," or "hollow brook," or "substitution," or "shoe," or "crooked nose," or "all-encompassing." Maybe you can already see where I'm going with this. Imagine if somebody named their son "God's promise" or their daughter "universal" today. I doubt that people would receive names like that very well, regardless of how the name was received "back in the day" when they were first created. Names were once just words (or sentences) from various languages until people made them into "names." Meanings, history, various translations, etc. gave worth to names as people nurtured all this over time, allowing for names to become more than just a word. It seems, to me, that Neveah is just an example of this.

Nevertheless, I still don't like the name Neveah or others like Precious, Star, Sparkle. But Neveah is a whole lot better than what celebrities name their kids! O.o.
I wouldn't expect this name to have one easy pronunciation. It's not like any familiar English words, is it?
But here's why most say nuh-VAY-uh:
Ignore the fact there's an "ae" in there and look at it this way: ne/va/eh.
The "ne" makes a "nuh" sound.
The "va" makes a "VAY" sound.
And the "eh" makes an "uh" sound.

As for the name itself, I think it'd be easier just to name her Heaven, so ignorant people don't assume you're some form of sub-human trash. Look, I don't LIKE this name, but I understand that there are people who like the sound and the concept of heaven being spelled backwards.
If it's the "heaven" thing you like so much, why not Celia?
I absolutely cannot believe that this name is in the top 30. It's more popular than Anna, Sarah and Ashley. Dear God, help us.
Aside from all the occult and porn star nonsense (heaven spelled backwards means hell? Who believes that?), Nevaeh is a terrible name in it's own merit. It is a clunky mess of letters and parents who pronounce it "na-VAY-uh" need to get hooked on phonics. Aside from that, if it's supposed to be heaven spelled backwards, why would it be three syllables when heaven is only two?

I've heard this name a lot recently and the parents I've known personally are all very young, uneducated, trendy people. This name is the height of tackiness. Give it to your daughter if you want it to be super obvious that she comes from a low class family.
This name is horrid. It is not classy, or unique, or even cute. When I hear this name, I immediately think that the parent(s) are uneducated, they are most likely poor, and no doubt teenagers.
I do not care for the name Nevaeh, BUT I'm sick of all the hate put towards it. People say, "Oh, it's so overrated!" But I think the HATE towards this name is overrated. I personally do think it's rather silly, but if someone wants to name their daughter Nevaeh, Jesus Christ, just let them and be done with it!

I'm sick of people trying to get compliments on their "wonderful naming style" and "traditionalism" by saying they dislike this name (it happens often in the Baby Names section of Yahoo Answers), we get it. It's fine to dislike a name, but honestly, why waste your time hating it?

I guess I kind of wasted my own time, but just wanted to tell everyone I am actually FINE with the name Nevaeh and I think parents should be able to name their daughters Nevaeh without being ridiculed for it.
I guaruntee you most of you have a name a stripper has used once. And she's probably more known than "Nevaeh" is for strippers. And I googled this name- nothing came up that was dirty, and safesearch wasn't on either. So many names are made up- and this does have a meaning- It's still heaven. But okay ignorant people, continue living with your peanut sized brains of tolerance, and see how far it gets you. This name is actually pretty, and it isn't god awful at all. If a Nevaeh is reading this comment right now, go you! Your name has started a lot of controversy, but it makes it all the better. I'd actually be proud to wear this name.
Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.
I have never understood why this is so popular. I don't like it, just because of the way it looks and sounds.
Heveah to me is an ugly looking mess of letters. The meaning of heaven spelled backwards has no appeal. Why not name the kid Heaven and be done with it?
I personally love this name. It has a meaning all its own. I think the pronunciation would be complicated to say, but otherwise, I would probably name a daughter this.
I actually think that it SOUNDS pretty in a fantasy/exotic sort of way. However, the whole "heaven spelled backwards" thing makes it horribly tacky. Also, it sounds like the skin care brand NIVEA.

If you like the sound of the name and would use it if not for the "heaven" thing, maybe you could invent a similar sounding name. You could also use a similar-sounding word or name; for example, "NINEVEH" popped into my mind while typing this.
Nevaeh makes baby Lucifer cry.
This. Name. Should. Be. Illegal. This is disgusting. That's so tacky, making a name out of something spelled backward. I am all for making up cool names, but this is a disaster.

Although I've got to admit, when vaysmommy mentioned "Vay" as a nickname, I thought that was adorable. So let's just make "Vay" a name and call it quits with the "Nevaeh" crapola.
The sound doesn't sound REALLY bad, but the idea that it's heaven spelled backwards is really dumb and weird. I mean, just name your daughter Heaven. It's still a cheesy, tacky name, but at least it's a word that has meaning. O.0
Looks and feels awfully synthetic. This name would get a fail grade by the standards of any self-respecting onomast. Where's the proof of all the meanings that all the pro-Nevaeh users have been attributing to the name? If you can't produce it, then the name most likely does not mean what you think it to mean. I mean, someone produce me proof that the name comes from Icelandic and I might believe. (Of course, it can be argued on another level that the identity of any identifiable thing is the identity that is attached to it, but that is another debate for another time and place.)

Good names aren't made up through spelling words backwards, period. (Okay, maybe only a handful of names can be, but this is not one of them.)
First of all, leave people alone. They can name their daughters Nevaeh. They just can't be offended or shocked when they find nude pictures of their "darling" Nevaeh or when she goes t legally change her name.
Pros: it sounds "pretty"
Cons: it is borne by several porn stars, it has no meaning, it is getting sickeningly popular, it is quite infantile, and it is über-tryndee

It doesn't sound very appealing, nor does it look good on paper. I'll hate it when I enroll my future daughter in school in 15 to 20 years and she has to learn with "Nevaeh H." or "Nevaeh T."
One of my pet peeves is people saying that there is "no need to make up names because we already have so many great ones." Are you insane? Like, really, are you? ALL NAMES ARE MADE UP.

Aside from that, I like the name Nevaeh better than I like Heaven, though I would never use them.
I love the name!

Look, when I first saw this name, I had no idea it was heaven spelled backwards. It's not all that obvious unless someone tells you. Also, if Nevaeh is not creative, then I wonder how Joy or Hope is any different (no offence, I in fact love those names as well). Naveah had at least some thought. And Heaven spelled backwards IS a meaning. Plus, Heaven and Hell are two different places. So if Neveah is Heaven backwards, then it should be associated with Heaven more than Hell. IF YOU WANT TO NAME YOUR CHILD NEVAEH, GO WITH IT! I wouldn't stop you.
I have to agree with the majority here, "Nevaeh" is a pretty ridiculous name. Someone mentioned that Shakespeare made up the name Jessica (he also made up the name Miranda and possibly Olivia), but for me, that really doesn't justify naming your kid a backwards word that is clearly not an English word; it LOOKS like a backwards (or misspelled) name, if you know what I mean. Shakespeare also wrote beautiful poetry and plays; that doesn't mean you should! Anyway, time will tell. Five hundred years later, we still frequently use the names Jessica, Miranda and Olivia. Anyway care to bet how long "Nevaeh" will be around for?
I really and truly dislike this name. It is just another name that's trendy and fake-sounding like Jaylen. Why do people like trendy names? They sound snobby! Why can't you just name your daughter something normal like Abigail or Maria or Rachel?
It's just "heaven" spelt backwards, and while it may be popular now, it's going to look weird as the girl gets older. Really, if you want a Christian name for your daughter, pick "Rachel" or "Leah" or something actually pretty!
I think the reason people can't imagine this on an adult is because there aren't any called this. Nonetheless, the Nevaehs will grow up and it will be quite a sophisticated name, believe it or not. Things change.

1) If you guys think Nevaeh means hell, why don't you name the girl Lleh? After all, it would mean heaven!
2) To be honest, I don't like this name, but that DOES NOT MEAN I'm gonna sit here and trash it!
3) To the person who said, "If I met a girl named this, I'd assume her parents are trash", that's SO ridiculous. Just because her name's Nevaeh doesn't make her some kind of slag.
4) Googled this, didn't find anything inappropriate.
5) Na-VAY-a
6) No alternative spellings! Or it's not right.
7) Doesn't mean heaven sent. It's heaven spelled backwards. That's fine as it is, I have no problems with that. No need to go changing it.
8) Porn stars are people, meaning they need names, yeah? I bet there's one with your name. I know there's some with my name but I don't care!
9) Never judge or bully someone by their name. It makes you ignorant and snobby. Just because you named your kid Kate or something 'normal' doesn't make you some kind of saint or good person!
10) Whoever said it was Inuit or something: that may be true, but if you use it to mean heaven, that's what it's gonna mean!
All I'm gonna say is if the "anonymous user" who posted on 5/3/2010 really did Google Nevaeh and "didn't find anything appropriate," he or she didn't do an image search with safesearch off. Oy vey...
"The Iraqi Prime Minister met with President Nevaeh Jones today."
Defies English! :)
As far as I'm concerned, if it's heaven spelled backwards, then the name means heaven. If some find that to be too much of a stretch, oh well.
Oh come on. What's next, Legna cause it's Angel backwards? Or Cigam? Because it's Magic backwards.
HOW: is this name becoming popular?
To those that say no one will ever notice that it's heaven spelt backwards: just about every person I know has been through a phase where they spelt their name backwards and insisted that everyone call them by that. In primary school, my whole class did it continuously for about six months. I personally don't like the name, as it does sound a little trashy. Especially when followed by an explanation.
My daughter's first name is Nevaeh. I like the name and she is 8 years old. I must admit, there are those times, when it is always followed by, "Heaven spelled backwards", but those are few and far between and she really loves her name.
Everyone likes this name because it's 'unique.' It's not anymore-- it's 34th in popularity.

It's ugly and trashy; it's heaven spelled backwards; when I first saw this name, I thought it was pronounced Nee-vay; it's strange.

There are so many reasons why I don't like this name.
It appears the meaning of unique is completely lost on much of the English speaking world.
How can somebody say something bad about this name? It's beautiful. Nevaeh and Heaven, the most beautiful names ever!
The fact that it didn't jump into the top 20 this year in the United States is very promising. It dropped a couple of spots. Hopefully people are now seeing it for what it is, a soulless tacky fad choice and almost a complete joke name now.
I pronounce as "ne-vah-eh".
I adore this name. It's beautiful.
While this isn't a name I would give my own daughter, I truly don't understand the gracelessness of the people besmirching it. Because it is a new, recently created name, children named this have the opportunity to imbue it with their own meaning.

Hopefully they will encounter people with more tact than has been shown by many of the people on this page.
I'm not so crazy about this name or Heaven, but I respect the people who like this name and want to name their kid that.
The ultimate baby-naming DON'T! I've never seen or heard of a name that's trashier, stupider, or more downmarket. Spelling a word backwards and passing it off as a name is something I'd expect from a twelve year old girl. Most of the mothers of Nevaehs also seem to be under age twenty-one; this isn't a name that I'd picture a more mature woman naming her daughter. It doesn't even have an intuitive pronunciation, and I hate how the announcement of the name is almost always followed up by "That's Heaven spelled backwards." I even heard this explanation when there was a story on the news about a dog named Nevaeh who had chewed up her owner's tax refund check! This name is also very similar-sounding to the Russian word nevezha, which means boor or lout! This name ages really horribly, and will look ridiculous on a résumé or diploma.
I would like to point out that the name Navaeh is hardly the first time that an invented name has become popular.

For example: the name Nerissa was created by Shakespeare for a character in his play "The Merchant of Venice." And poet Sir Philip Sidney in the 16th century invented the name Pamela for one of his poems. You can look up this info on this wonderful site. :-) I know Nerissa is not very popular, but the name Pamela was a top choice for a baby girl at one time. S

So, folks. If you don't like the name Navaeh, that is fine. You are not being forced to name your child this. A lot of responders need to take a chill pill already!
You do not even have the decency to spell it right so why on earth should I pay any heed to your comment! The cheek of it!

Inventing names is nothing new. I'm sure a few of the previous commenters would agree with that. Your examples are obvious ones although we are talking about a word, used as a name infrequently, being displayed backwards. Again, nothing new, just every so slightly tacky and Nevaeh's Saturn V blast off popularity ascent makes it all the more so. Fad, fad, fad, the biggest fad there ever was. Quoth Nevaeh, nevermore.
I'm a Christian + I don't like this name. Not because it's a fad. Not because it's heaven spelled backwards. Not because it doesn't have a meaning. Not because I think it's evil. Not because a Google search turns up porn.

I just think it sounds funny.
Such a terrible name. I pity any child who is named this. It's like totally choosing this child's religion for her, like the idiots naming their kids Jesus and other b.s. Also says something about the parents who are obviously die-hard Christians and have no intelligence to come up with a decent name instead of such a 'kre8tyve' one.
I doubt most are "die hard Christians".

Most I've seen praise Nevaeh ;) have liked it because it's "different", "youneek, "clever" and obviously the general sound appealed. It is a bit twee and sparkly too, the word it spells backwards, but I don't think the Christian religion factors much into this name at all, Sonny Sandoval aside.

Different, unique and clever it is not. It was different once, now it is just the epitome of a fad.
If Nevaeh has a twin sister, will her name be Lleh?
Horrible, terrible 'name'. It is not 'unique' - it's in the top 100. So you were a Jennifer in a classroom full of Jennifers and you don't want your baby to go through that? Why in God's name would you name her Nevaeh? She will not be 'unique' or the only one with that name. Name her Jennifer, and she quite possibly will be the only Jennifer in her school.

Additionally, I've yet to meet a mother who introduces little Nevaeh without telling me that 'it's Heaven backwards'. Yes, we all know. The whole world knows.

And to the poster that thinks 'no one' knows the meaning of their own name. What world are you living in? I don't know anyone who doesn't know the meaning of their name. My kids could tell you that before they started school.

Oh, and by the way, the word is 'anyway' not 'anyways'. There is no 's'.
I like the sound of this name, I think it sounds kind of like a fantasy character. It seems like it was the type of name created to be unique, but I think it's a little funny that it turned out to be so popular. I wouldn't use it because of the popularity and some people would have trouble with pronouncing it. But I do think it's a nice name.
The name that over-religious parents would name their kid. It's tacky already and is now so trendy. I really like how it sounds, though.
There is a song called Nevaeh by someone called Vidoll.
You are late to the party. Someone already pulled the porn card a while ago. Regardless of the unsavoury associations it's blatantly taking on, it's going to be one of those overly dated names, a bit like the modern coinage Cheryl although far, far tackier given Heaven has been turned backwards. Not clever, contrived.
I got a headache after reading, like, half the comments. Too long, didn't read. I don't have anything against the name, although it sounds a little odd. Maybe I'll use it in a story sometime. =) Heaven does sound prettier, though.

And it's apparently a pornstar name or something? I wouldn't have guessed that. Stop watching porn, you guys. :P
This is a trendy overused name that will not last the ages as real names have. It will die as it should and anyone with the name will be embarrassed to have it. They'll say my parents were idiots and they thought it was cool that it was Heaven spelled backwards. It sounds like a name that uneducated people name their children!
I hate the name because it's ugly, trashy and tasteless, outside of that, it has a history of being used in Satanic and black magic rituals. Many civilisations believe in the negative/evil/spiritual powers of words spoken backwards. Don't believe me? Look at the backmasking urban legends that exist even now. Anyway, one of the lines of the Lord's Prayer backwards is 'Nevaeh ni rehtaf ruo'. This isn't the version of the prayer we learnt, but, hey, look, that's our old friend, the name Nevaeh. This "prayer", also known as the Devil's Creed to some, is infamously used in backmasking, Black Masses, Satanic Rituals, evoking and paying homage to the devil and so forth. I'm agnostic and don't believe in all that, but that's not a very nice association, especially for a christian. You might not think it's widely known, but it is VERY, VERY widely known. At a dinner party, my pregnant friend mentioned considering Nevaeh as a baby name, and outside of me no less than two or three people came up with something to this extent. And we're no occultists. And this was a small, close-friends party. So, that's the origin of the name. Nevaeh was found, generations before anyone ever considered using it as a name, as part of satanic prayers. Given that that's the oldest known usage, it can be considered the origin, even if unintentional.

Also, names are not only made up. Look at the name Madison. Madison was once given to the sons of women called Maud. Cameron was once given to people with crooked noses. It derives from the labelling of people to avoid saying 'that guy' in a crowd of a hundred. So the real origins of these names are very different, they weren't just arbitrary or made up. Sorry, kiddos.

Besides, this name is seriously hideous. Who are you kidding?
I am hoping this starts to drop off in the next five years. Hoping. It's now getting an awfully big stigma attached to it - pretty hard to ignore it. The whole dignified "glorious heaven" 'cleverly' spelled backwards thing is being overshadowed by some pretty powerful trashy connotations.

I think a parent would be foolish to use this now. I agree with the person who said you'd be doing your daughter a real disservice. The name has no real dignity. Face it peeps, your little Nevaeh will easily be passed over for an Anna, Daphne or Beatrix one day come resume time. Some names really are that bad. Let it die.
The ultimate 'white trash' moniker.
Tony Sandoval has a lot to answer for with this name (but those who actually followed his example have even more to answer for!) This name will wreak havoc on your daughters and their future prospects! It looks and sounds low-class and thus uneducated; imagine a grown woman with this name, or better yet, imagine a Prime Minister or Judge with this name (Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Justice Nevaeh Horowitz). Stick with something classic, timeless, and elegant which will serve her well as an adult and yet still has the potential for pet names; what's wrong with Leonora, Tatiana, Lavinia, Adele, Cordelia, Cecilia, Willa, Mina, Helena, Ruth, Rebekah, Dina, Marguerite, Suzanne, Ségolène, and the like?
Horrible and just plain tacky! One of, if not the, worst names out there.
I personally dislike names like this. Give your child a proper name, not a word spelled backwards!
Probably the trashiest name I can think of.
A truly awful name. It's pure trash, well at least it is to anyone with an ounce of taste, but clearly not everyone has taste.

Also it makes me laugh to see people still referring to it as "unique" and "original". Have these people not seen how popular it is now?! It's in the Top 50 names now, so that means it's definitely not unique or original, yet still people say it is.
I like this name. Of course I support it for I am a fan of P.O.D. I think it is a brilliant and amazing name. I feel that it is very original. Someone earlier said that you should choose a "real" name. Well, this is a real name, or else it wouldn't be on a website about NAMES. If you feel that you don't like this name, or if you want to poke fun at it, don't leave a comment. Keep the negative things to yourself. This is a beautiful and original name, and I know that I am not the only one who likes it. And also, if you are confused with the pronunciation, it is on the name's page. Once again, I like this name very much, and I think it is a very good name.
How can you call it original? Seriously? Please don't make me laugh. It was once, when Sonny used it, now it's the IT girls' name in the US, "original" has gone by the wayside.

POD are okay, Sonny's naming skills are not.

And people have been spelling names backwards for a long time. It's not an original concept. Sorry to disappoint.
Try as I might I continue to pronounce this nuh VYE uh. I can't force the other 'vay' pronunciation.

Nevaeh is verbal diarrhea. Vamping it up into Neveah or Nahvaya just adds to the purulent mess it already is.

This is the one hit wonder of names.
Nevaeh Ashton, adult video star.
*chokes* Hello! Nevaeh is MY name! My parents decided on it YEARS before it came popular (i.e. used on that celebrity's kid). Yeah, some people stumble over the pronunciation, but once I correct them, they never get it wrong again. When I was growing up, I got nothing but compliments about my name - and I'm NOT a porn star, and no one has ever MISTAKEN me for a porn star, so saying that is every Nevaeh's fate is like saying every Sarah will be princessly; every Mary will be very good; every Sophie will be smart; every Ophelia will go insane. I could go on, but I won't. Nevaeh is a beautiful name, and I'm glad it's becoming more popular. I'd rather see Nevaeh than another thousand or so Madisons and Joshuas!
This name is truly idiotic. Not only is it a white-trash name, it is tacky, slutty, and you shouldn't name your children after vapid, airheaded fads.
If spelling things backwards, and coming up with crazy obscure meanings for them is the new fad we should all say Teliot means 'butterfly garden of divine beauty, and everything perfect ever created'. Do you see how silly Nevaeh is?
I'm not a huge fan of the name Nevaeh. Of course, I like names that are unique, Nevaeh is just going too far. It's getting far too popular for my taste, and I've never liked the way it sounds.
I recently named my baby Nevaeh. And there are other ways to spell it other than heaven backwards. I spelled it Nevaiya. I know there really isn't any meaning behind it but it lets you be creative or your daughter and lets you choose your own meaning. I think it makes it your own and unique.
A bad knock knock joke. I love that - genius! That's exactly what it feels like.

I don't think avocado bathroom suite so much as really bad 80's parachute pants - maybe both? It will become the most dated name of the century.
Honestly, to each their own. I feel that as long as parents are not naming their children anything offensive, eg: Hitler or Satan, then it shouldn't matter to anyone else. Parents are individuals with differing tastes and a plethora of reasons for choosing the names that they do. Nevaeh isn't in my top five, but a dear friend of mine is considering it, and her personal reasons for choosing this name show much care and consideration when it comes to naming her little ones. Nevaeh may just mean 'heaven backwards' but it sounds lovely, it has settled into being a name, it has cute nicknames (Vae, Nev, etc) and parents choosing Nevaeh are choosing it with love.

I like the name.
So, I can name my daughter poop and say it means pretty?
Corny. I'm sorry but it is. Maybe it was cute for awhile but now it's like a knock knock joke meant to seem clever but really kinda dumb.
The pronunciation of this name makes no sense. If people are trying to claim thats heaven backwards, it should be pronounced NIV-eh. The word is not pronounced ah-AVE-in, it should not be ne-VAY-ah!

I find this name ridiculous in general. I hate it when people just fabricate names with no lingual basis. And stop saying it means butterfly or snow or whatever. It means nothing, just because it sounds pretty doesn't mean it has any depth.
I think this should be pronounced with two syllables. After all it's "heaven" spelled backwards and the word "heaven" has two syllables. So pronouncing it as ne-VAY-uh seems kind of weird, even though I'd prefer it over ne-VAY.
This name is tacky and low class. If you name a baby this, it doesn't mean YOU necessarily are those things, but those connotations and its origin and meaninglessness lower the baby's place in society. It cheapens the baby's life. Names should match your class, or be a little higher (too high is odd), so the baby's upward social mobility is at least not hindered by its name and is possibly enhanced. If you are a member of the underclass and don't desire a better life for your baby, I guess you won't care about reason or tradition or sociology and may name a baby this. If you are somebody else, don't do it; please pick a traditional, more elevated name.
All you haters of the beautiful and meaningful name 'Nevaeh' out there are wrong. Nevaeh can mean anything the owner wants it to mean. Just because she made it up doesn't mean it has any less meaning. Nevaeh may very well mean 'Butterfly.' It's not up to you.
Fine then. To me Nevaeh means 'cat puke' or 'dog crap'. I will therefore cringe when I hear this name on a child.

You can't just make up a name, and then say it means something obsurce. That's like me saying, "'My favourite name is Battry. It means 'beautiful one'". D'you know why that's ridiculous? Because a name can't just mean something. It has to be an old English word for something, or derivred from a river in Tipperary, or a word that comes from something in another language. It has to mean prince or brown hair or shining eyes and it has to mean that because there is a legitimate reason for it, not because someone thinks it's 'speshal'.

Nevaeh means heaven spelled backwards. That's it. It doesn't mean butterfly or gift from above or precious child. It just means heaven spelled backwards. That's my two cents.
Okay, if Jayden gets to be the shag carpet of its generation, can Nevaeh be the avocado bathroom suite?
This name is ridiculous, trashy and belongs with the many other naming atrocities of this generation.
People, the person who first suggested that because it is spelled backwards it means the opposite of heaven meant it as a joke. A JOKE!

By the way, it IS trashy. There are REAL names that mean heaven that you could use instead. (Shocking but true.)
This is a really ridiculous name. I can't see why it's so popular. It is just "heaven" backwards! It is going to look very silly one day.
This is a name that I really don't like at all. Things that annoy me:

1) "It's a unique name!"
No, it's not unique anymore. It's in the top 50! Little Nevaeh is not going to be the only Nevaeh in her class.

2) "We named her this because she is a blessing and sent from heaven"
I don't share that 'sent from heaven'-belief but if I would, aren't all children a blessing and 'sent from heaven'?

3) Name combos like Neveah Heaven, Neveah Heavenly (Heavenlee, Heavenleigh), Heavenly Neveah etc.
Yuck. She will grow up one day, you know.

4) Misspellings like Naveah, Navaeh etc.
The name Nevaeh is heaven spelled backwards. That is the ONLY meaning. Heavan and Haevan are not words and the name just lost its meaning.
*lots of exaggerated gnashing of teeth*

New? New? Spelling a name backwards is hardly a new concept.

Thanks to one singer, it's blasted out of nowhere to be the trendy name du Jour. I'm sick of it's illogical pronunciation. It does not make one ounce of sense. Heaven 'backwards' is not something I see as positive in the slightest. Who would take a beautiful word like that and hide it as Nevaeh?

I hate dumb fads. This name is going to date disgustingly.
Although I'm personally not a fan of this name, everyone's only just jumping on the hate wagon because it's new. New names have to come from somewhere - I bet most names have fairly ridiculous origins. Just because it's a fad name which is cheaply popular, it doesn't mean you have to gnash your teeth at it.
Another shining example of a trashy name.
Ok, I definitely wouldn't name my child this, but I see no reason for all the anger and outrage over this name. It seems to me that reasonably mature beings would use this website to simply comment on the names they like and those they dislike, for whatever reason. Saying something like: "Personally, I don't like the name Nevaeh. It sounds vaguely stripper-esque, and I find it's origin somewhat tacky." is different than leaving a comment such as: "I HATE THIS NAME! IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING! ALL GIRLS NAMED NEVAEH ARE OBVIOUSLY ILLITERATE WHORES!". See what I mean? I personally think the name sounds very pretty, and I bet if you did the research, you would find some historical name from somewhere in the world that is very similar in spelling or pronunciation.
And in response to the "no meaning" argument, it's true that very very few names have one agreed upon meaning. Plus, as many commenters have pointed out, this name does have a meaning. It's heaven spelled backwords. It doesn't have the long, ancient etymology of, say, "Catherine", but someday it will. Or maybe it'll die out within the next 30 years and be forever known as a trendy female conrived name used in the early 21st century. So what? There are countless names that were once popular but are now out of date. Meaning and etymology may be important criteria in determining a name for some people, but not everyone feels this way.

So what if it's recently created by a pop cultural icon? "Some stupid rockstar just made it up. It's not real." It's true that Shakespeare invented the name "Jessica", and now it's extremely common, many years later. Imagine Elizabethans scoffing at "Jessica" and "Olivia", the ridiculous "fake" names created by some fad playwright. Every name, every word, was simply made up at some point in history. Every word of every language is derived from one simple root word. "Nevaeh" is derived from the word "heaven". Yes, it's spelled backwords, which many consider stupid and/or trashy. Guess what? No one's forcing you to use it!

Lastly, parents or guardians of children can name them anything they please. If I decided to name my daughter "Kitchen" or even "Kychenne", I may very well be the first to do so, but of course it's a real name. It's Kychenne Smith's real name, isn't it?

"Niveah" is very pretty. I wouldn't use it, but I can see why others would. Even if I couldn't, I wouldn't purposely bash the name.
I have read through every comment about this name and this is what I think.

1. Yes, it's just Heaven spelled backwards. So what? It's a name, for God's sakes, people! Just because it's Heaven backwards does not make its meaning Hell. Reversing the name does not reverse the meaning! Also, even though it has no meaning RIGHT NOW doesn't mean it will have no meaning IN THE FUTURE. Eventually one of those fictitious meanings will become the accepted meaning of the name and all of you no-meaning-Nazis will look like fools.

2. Yes, there are porn stars with this name. Guess what? There are porn stars with a lot of names! When you Google this name, yes, you get porn sites. Guess what? When you Google my name (Amanda) you get porn sites, too! Does that make my name trashy? No!

3. Every. Name. Was. Originally. Made. Up. By. Someone.

4. I think this name probably -is- just a fad. It probably -will- eventually go out of style, but that doesn't mean people will suddenly hate the name (if they liked it before). If you like a name, you like a name. Its popularity will have no effect on people's opinions of it.

I personally don't like the name all that much, but that's because I prefer older names. However, I think it sounds pretty enough no matter how you pronounce it.
Everyone is saying that this name is "made up" and "not a real name". NEWSFLASH: ALL NAMES WERE MADE UP AT SOME POINT! Just because some names have been around for a while, that doesn't mean they are more "real" than newer names like Nevaeh. I personally think this is a beautiful name, especially when it is pronounced NEH VAY UH.
Well, it doesn't sound outrageously bad as long as you pronounce it in the way it is logical in English, that is, ''nu-VAY'', and not in that hideous way ''nu-VAY-uh''. The latter sounds extremely ugly! For the name to be pronounced that way, shouldn't it be spelled ''Nevaëh'' or ''Nevaéh''? It's not some type of Greek name or anything, so I see no reason to pronounce it as anything else than ''nu-VAY''. You pronounce ''ae'' as ''ay'', right? So why assume the 'h' isn't silent? Anyway, even with the logical pronunciation, the name sounds quite foreign, and the fact that it's 'heaven' spelled backwards makes it very tacky. It gives the impression that the parents are young, naive, lowly educated, sappy religious people, and people won't assume someone with parents like that is gong to turn out very intelligent. This name has become hideously common, and it rather makes me wonder what the hell went wrong with America.
It sounds pretty pronounced Ne-VAY-uh, but it is so unbeivibly tacky.
I personally don't like this name, but wanted to say I know 4 Nevaehs. I know one 4 year old in the preschool I work at, one three year old, a co-worker's daughter, and two babies of my friends. I don't like that this name can't be pronounced the same! Out of the babies one is pronounced Na-vay-uh, one is pronounced Na-vay, the other two, one is pronounced ne-VYE, the other is NEE-veh. None of these even sound right when you break the name down!
Ne-ne is pronounced nee or neh in English
Va-va is pronounced vuh in English
eh-this doesn't make a sound in English, or the closest sound is more like a grunt, like egh or ugh.
So actually the name should be pronounced nee-vuh-ugh.
Does that sound pretty? No!
I hate this name, it sounds VERY trashy. It also gives an excuse to name a girl Rats (star spelled backwards), "If Heaven can be spelled backwards and used as a name, so can Star".
I really don't see why everyone's in such a fuss about this name. I think Nevaeh is a beautiful name; I have a 2-year-old niece named that and she is not trashy, low-class, or works in the adult entertainment industry. She is a beautiful, though devious, little girl that'll make it far in life, but I personally wouldn't name my daughter that since it's not my cup of tea.

So what if Nevaeh has no real meaning or is hard to pronounce? There are hundreds of names with difficult spellings and pronunciations and others with unknown meanings. Plus, Nevaeh can be pronounced many ways. My sister pronounces my niece's name nuh-VAY-uh. The only thing that I don't like is that the name Nevaeh seems fitting only to a small child. I can't see a mature woman saying 'My name is Nevaeh' without bursting into laughfter. LOL But I still love the name.
This name is okay I guess.

But here's the thing; a porn star had this name. Now, I know all of you people out there are saying "But I'm sure my child won't grow up to be one" etc, but it's like naming your child ADOLF or OSAMA. They're pretty cool names too, yet you wouldn't name your kids those, because they conjure up bad images (in case of you who don't know your social studies, Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden). The same thing applies to Nevaeh.

And it's another thing to call people stupid for their own opinion. Get a grip, people. It's a NAME. Just because someone thinks it's ugly or beautiful, it's not because of stupidity. It's just common opinion.

I don't really like this name, only because I don't like modern names. But hey, that's just me.
It was fresh (although silly) on Sonny Sandoval's kid and now it is just a lame assed fad. Heaven would be better. At least there is not the "it's blah blah spelled backwards" nonsense. It's semi pretentious crap.

There are no words for the similar and misspelled Neveah. Did the parents muck up on the form or something?
I love this name and people here who dislike this name get on my nerves because they only dislike it because its 'heaven' spelled backwards. Does it matter!? If you tell someone that your name is Nevaeh, people are not going to realize that it's heaven spelt backwards. It's just a name, people! And a pretty one too.
I think this name is extremely tacky and lame.
First time I came across this name I was sure it was spelled Neweh - like oasis in Hebrew, well it sounds nicely to me.
Another "heaven" name is Zulu. The Zulus are the largest tribe in South Africa today. In their language, "zulu" means "heaven", or "sky". Shaka Zulu, who had some success fighting the English colonialists in the 1800's, is the most famous Zulu of all time. If you have African roots, this might be the heavenly name for you!
Nevaeh is not a name. I have no problem with names having no meaning, it's the fact that some one decided to call their child 'Heaven backwards'. Good Lord, would you call your child Susej or Lleh, or Dog? I don't understand the reasoning behind using Nevaeh as a name.
While I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion and the roughness of others around here has been extremely unnecessary and maybe wrong, I don't like this name. I've taken the time to read a lot of the impressions on this page and I must admit, there is a lot of unnecessary back lashing. Indeed, I can't pronounce it for anything and all those awful made-up meanings when it simply means "Heaven backwards", but to say it means things like "hell" or "All girls named this are strippers, poledancers, or porn stars" or my personal favorite, "All parents who name their daughters this are trash". Such hostiltatity is unnecessary. I don't like the name Nevaeh either. But I don't think you should go whole-hog on a name. I know many Ashleys, but yet only one of my good friends named Ashley is standing out in my mind. I don't associate the name Ashley with the other girls. I think of my friend. Same with Nevaeh. I argee it's quite silly and a feeble attempt at being KRE8TIV and no girl with it most likely will be taken seriously by anyone, labeling and calling people trash is unnecessary. Just stop the hostiltity. Please and thank you.

Now that that's out of the way, I personally think it's a silly, uncreative name. It was sort of cute a few years ago, but now it's just annoying. Names like these will stand with Madison, Precious, Destiny, Trinity, and many more in the outdated stock of names in probably a matter of years. Just consider what you're doing if you chose this for your baby girl. It's not even about choosing an name with no history or real meaning, it's about how silly she will seem when she's older. Can you picture a teen girl walking up to you saying, "Hi, I'm Nevaeh." I know I can't. And think of the reactions there would be to people she first meets!

"How on earth do you spell it?"
"Cool, is it made up?"
"What does that mean?"

Four words. Pain in the butt. Not to mention those who may pick on her for having a made-up name.

Just know what you are doing if you chose Neaveh. Sure, it may sound cute or KRE8TIV but the real cute, KRE8TIV (and cool thing IMO) are names that have an actual meaning and history and not everyone is going to have such as Melinda, Esther, Louise, Josephine, Phyllis, Frederica, Roberta, Anastasia, and many more. I understand that names fall out of fashion eventually, but that doesn't mean there's a need to make up new names. There are plenty prettier and softer names around you on this site. You just need to look.
For those who posted saying that familiar English words shouldn't be used to name children, on the BTN list of top 100 girls'names for 2006 there are 10 names which are also just regular words. That mean's one in ten of the most popular names for girls in 2006 were "just words". They were:

#17 Grace
#29 Jasmine
#30 Savannah
#33 Lily
#37 Destiny
#43 Nevaeh ("heaven" spelled backwards)
#44 Brooke
#63 Trinity
#64 Faith
#95 Autumn
Just in case you love the idea of naming your child "heaven" but are freaked out by Nevaeh, here's a list of alternatives that either mean "heaven" or have "heaven" in their meaning (I've noted those meanings with the names):

Alya, Alia, Ama, Amaterasu, An, Ascención, (“go to heaven”; variations are: Assunção, Assumpció, Assumpta, Asun, Asunción, Assunta), Caelestis, Caelum, Celeste (variations: Célestin, Celestina, Célestine, Celestine, Celestino, Celestyn, Celestyna), Célia, Celia, Céline, Celino, Celio, Chiela, Diana (variations: Deana, Deanna, Deanne, Deena, Diane Diann, Dianna, Dianne), Diantha, Dijana, Divya, Dyan Haneul, Heaven, Ilmatar, June, Junia, Juno ("queen of heaven"), Kalani, Kiana, Lani, Leilani (“heavenly flowers”), Marduk, Maricela (Marie + celio; variation: Marceline), Minu, Nalani, Noelani (“heavenly mist”), Ourania, Quiana, Quianna, Salena, Salina, Selina, Silke, Urania, Uranus, Usha (“daughter of heaven”), Zion.
The uproar over this name being "invented" is ludicrous. Regardless of the means by which it was achieved, that is, by spelling a word backwards, even the original word, "heaven", didn't start out as it is now and was, at some point in history "invented".

The etymology for "heaven" is Old English "heofon" (which spelled backwards is "nofoeh") which meant "home of God," which possibly came from the Proto-Germanic prefix "khemina" (which spelled backwards is "animehk"), or possibly the Low German word "heben" (which spelled backwards is "nebeh"), or the Old Norse word "himinn" (which spelled backwards is "nnimih), which is related to the Gothic word "himins" (which spelled backwards is "snimih"), which arose from the Old Frisian word "himul" (which spelled backwards is "lumih"), or the Dutch word "hemel" (which spelled backwards is "lemeh"), or the German word "Himmel" (which spelled backwards is "lemmih"), which means "heaven, sky".

First off, can't you see how far "heaven" has come from its original roots? How does "himins" become "heaven"? Through usage, through misspellings, through corruption and so on. And who decided that the big patch of blue overhead should be called "himmens" to begin with? Come on -- it was people trying new sounds out and assigning them meanings! Hence, "Nevaeh" means "butterfly" to some. We'll see if it sticks.

Secondly, did you notice that foreign words, like "himins", that mean nothing to you, when spelled backwards don't have the same effect on you as seeing the same done to a familiar word? "Sinned" spelled backwards is "Dennis" and yet no-one gets up in arms about it! That's because it was never done deliberately and it is the breaking away from the group sensibility about what naming a child "should" entail that's creeping everybody out. Spelling a common word backwards feels too light-hearted, a joke, almost cruel, to some and they would never consider doing it. Fine -- then just don't do it if it bothers you so much.

But the fact is, naming a child is so personal an event and one of the truly defining moments in a parent's life that, however someone arrives at the perfect name for their baby, if they got there by way of love and heart-felt efforts, how can you judge the means? Or the result? At least any parent who chooses to name their child Detale or Rednow (hint: spell them backwards) spent some time and effort (umm, isn't that love?) coming up with the backwards spelling idea and skipped over established names, which is what one poster insisted we should be giving our babies, such as Arsen, Duc, Dudel, Duff, Dung, Dong, Pekka, Gizem or Latrina -- all of which can be easily found in the BTN main database, served up, with absolutely no effort required on our parts, to give to our babies! (I'm just grateful that Butkus and Dumas haven't made it on to the database yet! Oh yea, no surnames. But, hey, didn't I see Donovan and Riley and Madison.)
If you want a name "meaning" heaven, just name your kid Heaven.
Wow. What a lot of controversy surrounding a name. I wouldn't use it, because I agree with the poster who said it tries too hard, and since it became popular rather quickly, it will most likely fall out of favor quickly too. But I would never judge someone harshly with this name. There was a poster who said a person's background is half of who they are. While I think that statement if false, even if it were true, only HALF of a person's makeup is his/her background. I wouldn't turn down someone for job simply because Nevaeh was on the resume, but I would turn someone down for a job once after talking to someone, I discovered they were as judgmental as that poster who would immediately dismiss someone with the name Nevaeh. By the way, I knew someone named Dixie, a name that most people don't think of as refined. However, she was such a strong, person with a commanding presense, that no one took her less seriously because her name was Dixie. The person makes the name.
I don't hate the pronunciation completely, but the "aeh" at the end just looks hideous. Overall, this name just screams "TRASHY!" to me.
Here's my opinions:

Meaning- The meaning of the name is heaven spelled backwards. Several people said that you shouldn't make up a meaning. I sort of agree. I guess it's okay to make up a meaning, as long as you don't tell people, "This is Nevaeh. Her name means shadow," or something like that, because it would be false. However, I find it fine to say,"This is Nevaeh. We LIKE TO THINK her name means shadow." Also, it doesn't mean anything negative!

Trash- Google this name. Yes you may find gross stuff and whatnot, but there's only a little. Then there are beautiful little girls.

Naming a child this- I personally believe that most people naming their child this are using the name because they love their daughter. I mean, you saw the posts from parents of Nevaehs. They all said that they named her this because it meant heaven sent or something like that. See?

Unique?- I guess you could call it that. However, it is getting quite popular. Not that it matters to me. I see nothing wrong with giving your child a popular name. In fact, young kids enjoy meeting other people with their name.

My thoughts on the name- It's alright sounding. I wouldn't use it for my own kid, but somebody mentioned a fish. That sounds alright.
There can be nothing wrong with "creating" a name nowadays. Just remember, everyone, that nearly EVERY name has been created - yeah, a long, long time ago, but many, many names have been created on the basis of certain nouns etc. So, just because a name is being created today doesn't mean it's awful in the first place. It's important that a recently name isn't totally crazy but aesthetically acceptable. And everyone can remember Nevaeh. What I definitely find far more awful, is the fact that many people think their kids' names are "unique" if they spell Ruby Roobi and Michael Mykel. That's mostly lame and uninspired.
It's heaven all awry.
Never heard of this name. I hope I never hear of it again. Why don't they just name their kid "Heaven"? Dumb.
My opinion is: I hate the name Nevaeh. No offense, but I just don't see the point of making up a name with no meaning except 'heaven spelled backwards'. Of course, anyone can name their child this and I won't be criticizing, but I will never name my child Nevaeh. It's way too popular and I want a name that has a meaning.
Oh yeah, and you shouldn't have to make up meanings just to hide the fact this name was made up. I think it's an ugly name, and an ugly spelling. If you really want a name that has to do with heaven, try Angel, or Celine and Diane (both mean heavenly). And if you want heaven SO bad, just name her Heaven. But I wouldn't suggest it.

But come ON! It is a name that some singer made up.
Definitely a bad name. No, I am not talking about the fact that it was a recently invented name because there are several names that I do like, but are recently invented names. However, those names are not based on the backward spellings of a word. In my opinion, it's a bad name. The pronunciation (all the ways) is horrible; on paper it looks terrible; in cursive it looks terrible. I am aware that people will always name their kids no matter what the others think. Well, at least I could say that: it is definitely one of those names that I'd rather shoot myself in the head than use.
People have mentioned Googling the name Nevaeh and coming up with pornographic results, and I Googled the name Nevaeh and there were no pornographic results on the first page, nor two pages after that.

Personally, the lack of history behind the name is a bit of a turn off for me, however all names began somewhere. And I would've much proffered a name that was merely Heaven spelled backwards to a name that literally only means "Christian".

Most people don't name their children because of the name's meaning. They name them because that name sounds lovely to them. My mother named me Kristin after an actress she saw credited in a movie. She doesn't even remember the movie, just the name. And I happen to find the name Nevaeh to be rather lovely.
I can already see a problem with this name. Most little kids like to have pencils and keychains with their name on it. Well, it's highly unlikely that you'll find a pencil with Nevaeh on it. So, while all the other kids have name pencils, little Nevaeh will be stuck with the "Super-Kid" pencil.
Ok, admittedly, Nevaeh is definitely not all that attractive and probably not your most feminine pick. And adimittedly, I don't like it (along with most of the people on here) but let's not offend those who do like it. And also, please don't make up meanings. We all know that it's heaven backwards, and really, that's pretty much it. So let's not offend each other here.
And yes, my opinion is that I don't like Nevaeh. I'll just say that.
The name Nevaeh is great and I will tell detractors why. It serves as a glaring neon sign announcing one's background and anyone that matters will recognize what this background is.
So, should a person apply for a position with the name Nevaeh, I know right away what her background is. And background is half of who you are. Nevaeh tells me that she grew up in a household where people were not educated or well read enough to recognize the ancient and quasi-universal use of spelling and reading words background (black magic in all Western, Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions), so gullible (thus not independant minded) as to latch on to any piece of garbage floating in the zeitgeist, and of such a poor lineage that they could not find a proper person in their family to name their little girl after.
So, by all means, please, please, continue to love and use the name Neveah. Please. It will make the sifting and recognition so much easier for the other side.
I don't like this name. I don't like anything about it. It seems tacky and weird. I just don't care for it, but I won't bash anyone for naming their daughter Nevaeh. I'm sure there are people out there that think my name is horrible. But, again, I just don't like it.
I agree that this is a horrible name, for my own personal reasons, and I'm sure everyone has their own reasons for liking or hating it. However, there is no need to cut down people who like this name. It's not the most horrible name I've ever seen. And it's not as much of an eyesore as Emmuhleiygh (which a friend of mine named her poor little girl) or other kr8tive names. Yes, this is a polarized name. Yes it has bad (adult movie and exotic dancer) connotations. However, there is absolutely no reason to come to blows about it! After all, Jenna Jameson is the most famous Adult Movie Star of our times, and Jenna is quite the trendy name, but people haven't rallied against the name Jenna! To each his (or her) own. Save the fire to talk some sense into someone getting ready to name their daughter Blade or something more blatantly horrible.
The name Spanish name Nívea would be a good alternative for parents who would like a similar sounding name but who also want a traditional origin and a meaning.

Nívea del Valle is a character from Isabel Allende's The House of the Spirits (La Casa de los Espíritus). Her name means “snow.” She is played by Vanessa Redgrave in the movie version.
What the heck wrong with you people. Just becuase you've seen too many porn movies with characters named Naveah it doesn't mean a child named Naveah is going to become a porn star. To all the parents that name their child Naeveh I think it's an okay name. And to all the idiots that think it's a porn star name, STOP WATCHING PORN for heavens sake.
This is so cheesy. I don't understand why someone would name their child something like this.
Fighting about the quality of a name on a website is silly. Different people have different opinions, deal with it. Who cares if it hasn't been around as long as most other names? I'm pretty sure if it was much older, with tons of famous bearers who had never even considered having a job as a stripper, and had some type of meaning and hadn't been created as "Heaven spelt backwards", most of you would actually like it. But of course, you have to put on this whole scene where you can only like old-fashioned, hideous names like Dorcas because, regardless of the way the name sounds, it "has a good meaning". I doubt most people seriously consider the meaning of the name anymore. More people tend to choose a name because of what it sounds like. Walking up to a person and saying, "Hi, my name is Ziya, and it means light" won't change that person's view on the name. As for the trashy, devious association most of you seem to have with the name Nevaeh, please do consider that there is now tons of little girls named Nevaeh, and at least one of them has to be disciplined and civilized. I doubt everyone with your name acts as "wonderful" as you. It's just a name.

Anyways, I happen to like the name Nevaeh. The spelling and sound of it are nice, and spelling a name backwards doesn't change the meaning of it. I believe it can still means "Heaven", and not "Hell". I would use it myself, if the popularity of it ever decreases.
Wow, a lot of comments, didn't really think this name would be on here since so many people hate it AND it's made up.
Let's name our daughter Gnisselb, or Ylfrettub, or Wons, or Lufituaeb, or Tfig, or Erusaert. Taking a word with a nice meaning, then spelling it backwards does not make a good name. Also, this name means "Hell." It sounds like the kind of name some low-life film maker would give to some "sexy" character in one of those NC17/X-rated movies that no one watches.
I think it would be cuter just to name your kid Heaven. But that's just my opinion, so whatever.
Tacky and trashy. Every time I hear someone say, "I named her this because she's my angel sent from heaven" or introduce the poor child by saying, "This is Nevaeh. It's heaven spelled backwards" and then look at me expectantly, waiting for me to compliment them on how "creative" the name is, I roll my eyes (inwardly.) The real-life Nevaehs I have encountered have been in laundromats or in Wal-Marts, often looking dirty and unkempt, usually running down the aisles shrieking at the top of their lungs or hitting their siblings while their mothers scream, "NEVAEH! GET YOUR BUTT BACK HERE THIS MINUTE AND SIT DOWN! Do you want a spanking?" It seems to me that naming the little "angel baby" Nevaeh practically guarantees that she'll end up being a little devil. Like it or not, the name also has a strong whiff of the "stripper" about it. It's the sort of name that a stripper named Joan would pick as a stage name because it sounds sexy. I certainly wouldn't blame the kid for having such an unfortunate name, but I certainly do question her parents' judgment and personal taste.
I think this is a beautiful name. People really need to get away from using Emily, Sarah, Madison, Jessica, Ashley, etc. Those are good names, but they are way too overused and I know a lot of people with those names who give them bad impressions. Who cares if it doesn't have a meaning. I'm sure the majority of people go through life without knowing the meaning of their name, and the meaning doesn't affect you anyway. IT'S JUST A NAME PEOPLE! Well, I like it.
Oh, grow up people! Spelling something backwards does NOT make it the opposite.
"May" doesn't mean the opposite of "Yam".
There is no reason to trash names because they're recently created or made-up. Every name was originally made up! It's not like Elizabeth or Anna or Heaven or Vanessa or Marissa or any other name weren't made up. If they were nevver made up, then their wouldn't be people of all ages named Elizabeth, Anna, William, and John walking around. I am tired of the way people trash names because they were "made up" or because they're "too popular." Why do you think they're "too popular"? You name your kids names you like. People obviously love the names Emma and Emily -- or they wouldn't be so popular. And like I said, each and every name was made up.
Spelling it backwards hardly means that is the meaning of it either. It doesn't HAVE a meaning. And 'may' and 'yam' have NOTHING to do with each other etymologically, while Neveah is specifically created to be 'heaven' backwards.
I find this name sort of tacky. I'm not a fan of made-up names myself. Also, heaven backwards does not connote heaven so much as the opposite, in a way. You'd be better off naming your child Heaven.
I don't really like this name, but, come on, you do not need to condemn it to lleh! When I first heard it I liked it, then a friend told me what it was associated with. I couldn't believe it and instantly disliked it. Those of you that like the pronunciation, consider Naveya.
Just because it is "Heaven" spelled backwards, doesn't mean it means the opposite of heaven. Think about it. The name "Ria" isn't the opposite of "air", even though Ria is Air spelled backwards. Dog isn't the opposite of God. I don't personally like this name, but I thought the above needed to be pointed out more often.
Well, lots of the arguments here seem to be something along these lines: 'It's made up!' 'It has no meaning, so why name your child that?' Well, lots of names are simply thought up. Look at Daisy. It is a word, and someone decided 'I really like the sound of the word Daisy, let's name our child Daisy!' Nevaeh is an alteration of a word, and I think it has a beautiful sound. You don't have to pick a name just for its meaning, you know.
First time I saw this name, I had no idea how it was pronounced. "Nevaeh"- to people looking at the name for the first time, believe me, it really isn't that easy to pronounce. It looks like jumbled letters. I thought it was NAH-VA-AYE or NEVY-UH or something like that at first. And it means nothing. Absolutely nothing! Except 'Heaven spelled backwards', which hardly counts as a meaning. Of course, if you truly like the sound of the name, fine, use it. But seriously, how can some of you say meaning isn't important? The meaning of a name is the most important thing! It's what makes names special. So pick a name with origin and background. Instead of a meaningless concoction that will strain your eyes.

PS: There are thousands and thousands of names out there. There's no need to make up new ones. Recycle! Use something old-fashioned or uncommon, but not recently made up.
This name is growing on me. Maybe spelled a different way, but it has a very pretty sound. I like it.
I think this name is beautiful. I wouldn't name my daughter this because it has negative connotations, but I have nothing against people who do name their daughters this.
Everyone who has posted that they named their daughter this has described the daughter as wonderful, sweet, kindhearted and a true gift. It is obviously false when people shout "All Nevaehs are trashy whores!" because these girls aren't.
Vanessa was made up. Nobody trashes that.
Well personally I think this name is lovely, Vanessa is also a name that is jsut made up and Vanessa means nothing but a lot of people asociate it with butterflies and Stars. Neaveah does mean something, it means heaven, even if it's backwords. Names are popular for a reason, this name is beautiful. I think it's really immature not to like a name beacause it's popular or new. In a couple of years this name is going to be a classic. People say it's a porn star name, well so is Lola, Jolie, Heaven, Alexa, Lolita, etc. If you are thinking about naming your child Neaveah go right ahead, this name is lovely and it means "heaven".
Ps. No offence to any Vanessas, my middle name is Vanessa.
I highly doubt the majority of the people who hear this name for the first time, or even see it written down, will realize that it IS "heaven spelled backwards." I also agree with the previous (positive) statements referring to the fact that many many names were made up in literature, and to add to that: Very, VERY few names have one single agreed upon meaning. At the very least, Nevaeh means heaven, although I'm sure someone could do research and find a similar name in the past with a special unknown meaning. And then what's wrong with giving it the name a new meaning? Anyone could reference back to Latin or ancient Greece or any ancient language they prefer and find a similar sounding word or phrase and say that is what the name means!

There's nothing wrong with making up your own name. The only real downside I see to the name is this:

1) It's extremely popular
2) Lots of people seem to have very petty feelings about it, and thus Nevaeh's may get some backlash from that.

I found this name by accident, looking up several different meanings on names, and thought that the name looked beautiful and interesting, and was shocked to see that it came about by simply spelling the word "heaven" backwards. While I normally (and have stated previously) place the meaning of a name as one of my most important factors for using it in writing, I immedietly thought that the way the name came about was extremely "cool" (yes, I actually thought that word). I used to make up names in my stories all the time, but I hadn't done so in a while, so this name was actually quite refreshing.

Names gain true hidden meaning and impression over time, and I hope that this name eventually gains the acceptance of "Jessica." (first big budget movie that contains a character with this name will probably make it so).
It looks as if it's pronounced like NIVEA, you know the body products and shampoo.
I love this name, I named my daughter Nevaeh Aisling and it suits her perfectly. Don't listen to people who rant about how they don't like it. If you choose to use this you have chosen one of the best names in the world for your daughter and she will be proud.
I don't like it - it tries too hard. Sounds like someone was trying to be creative and thought, "Why don't I spell heaven backwards?"
As a Christian myself, I'm amazed how anyone could claim this piece of trash is a Christian name, when it's one of the most holy words reversed! Heaven is a holy word, Nevaeh isn't, it's just pure and simple trash. A Christian name is something from the Bible or a name with a true religious meaning. However much people who like Nevaeh try to claim it means 'heaven' or 'heaven sent angel', or some other ridiculous meaning, the fact remains IT HAS NO MEANING. I feel sorry for any young girl who will have to grow up with this name, as she's never going to be taken seriously, well not by anyone with an ounce of intelligence.
Apparently the hottest new Christian name is "Nevaeh" -- "heaven" spelled backwards. It traces it genealogy to a single cultural big bang: In 2000, Sonny Sandoval, the singer for the Christian-rock unit P.O.D., appeared on MTV and introduced his baby daughter Nevaeh. He explained the provenance -- "Heaven spelled backwards" -- and apparently the country was totally smitten.
I'm 7 months pregnant, I have a 4.0 GPA, strong independant woman. I AM going to name my baby girl Nevaeh Isabelle. I am not trash. Kids will always tease kids about names. There is no name that isn't made fun of. Now I find it so sad that adults are sitting here talking smack about a name. I know it's a new name, and I know it's a popular trendy name, and I know it has no story behind it other than the guy from the Christian band P.O.D. named his daughter that because it was heaven spelled backwards. And I like that, I like the fact of it.
What's so wrong about it? What about Angel? I know some guys by that name and they are no where near Angels, they are more like devils. What about Joseph and Mary, does that mean that all Josephs will have a role of fathering children that aren't theirs? And that all Marys will remain Virgins for the rest of their lives and somehow manage to have a son that will meet angels and be told to name them Jesus? No it doesn't! A name is just a name. I honestly believe that people dislike this name because they truly like it and secretly wish it had been known before so they would have been named that. Or maybe they are just jealous that it's a beautiful name and theirs is truly hideous and atrocious and that's why they chose to remain anonymous because they are embarrassed of their own names! And about porn names, I googled the name and I only came across 1 porn site and the rest were name definitions. And just like others said, strippers and porn stars or pole dancers or whatever else the stupid people associated the name with, they pick the new names to go by, it's 2007, I wasn't born knowing how to read, by the time my daughter learns how to read, how to work a computer, and how to browse the web (maybe 5-7 years or more) I'm absolutely sure that they (strippers and such) would have changed their stage names to something more new and common at that time, so it doesn't concern me that my child might stumble across any of those sites. And for that one person who said that people don't go by figuring out what names say backwards well maybe you're too old to remember, but in elementary and in Jr. high when we had nothing to do (and by we I refer to my generation) we would make up ways to send each other notes in class with made up "languages" so teachers wouldn't understand. Pig-latin, or the double letter gig, or whatever, we stumbled upon backwards talking and mastered it. I ekil Solrac, ksa mih fi eh stnaw ot og ot eht ecnad?! (I like Carlos, ask him if he wants to go to the dance?!) And then my friends and I when talking about certain people, istead of giving them tacky nicknames, like shorty, little, or what ever, we would talk about them using their names backwards. And when we heard how silly their names sounded backwards we teased them about it, and went about calling everyone by their names backwards. And it was so interesting when we stumbled upon those names like Ana, and Bob and such that were the same. And the rare ones that were names both ways like my arab friend Ynad' which came out to Dany. Thankfully nowadays the younger people are more open minded and not so prejudicial, and judgemental as the old ones that seem to have a problem with everything. Not only that but they are smarter, and more mature at a younger age, so I'm positive my baby wont be made fun of. It's a Christian name. Rats backwards is Star, things evolve.
Old person: what's a rat? What's A star?
A medium: A mouse! A ball of gas!
A youngin': A computer accesory? Don't You mean a famous actor/singer?

So it's a new name now, it's only been out going on 7 years, but it's beautiful, it's spelled just perfect, and it's Heaven spelled backwards! If you don't know how to pronounce it, then go back to grammar school and sue your teacher for not teaching you how to read!

And look up pornstar names for the year you were born, and your name might have been on the list at a point, so stop hating!
I find this name offensive, because it is Heaven spelled backwards, it seems to me like the opposite of Heaven, and not *really* Heaven. If one likes the name Heaven why not spell it the correct way.
How in the name of heaven - no pun intended - did this name come to be? At first I thought it must have come from the Bible somewhere because of the way it looks but no. It was made up by some people who obviously have way too much time on their hands. Heaven spelt backwards? Gimme a break, next we'll have names like Natas, Lleh and Legna.
The hostility against this name is a little much, I agree, but I personally think it is somewhat trashy. But that's just my opinion. I more of a classic name person myself, like Alice, Sadie, Clara, Cecilia, but I have nothing against people who use it. They obviously care deeply for their religion and child.
But I DO hate the people who name their children after strange things (like Cristal (champagne) and Charisma), people who choose names that are just plain mean (Princess and Precious, thats just MEAN), and people who choose a popular name and spell it a million different ways (Ashlee, Ashlie, Ashleigh, Ashliey, Ashleye, and Ashleighy are all just Ashley, which is actually a man's name.)
But Nevaeh, eh, c'mon people, at least they're being creative and it isn't just Heaven.
If I cared so deeply about my religion, though, I would probably pick a saint whose story was important to me, and take their name (Like Saint Veronica, a simple kind woman who wiped Jesus' face while he was carrying the cross.)
I understand the need some parents have to give their child a name that no other child will bear, but this made up name is not so special anyone. It seems like half the new baby girls have this name. If you want to give your child a name that is just another word spelled backwards, then go ahead. I still think that Nevaeh is a horrible looking and sounding choice of a name that means nothing other then "heaven spelled backwards".

I wish I could discover the one who originally decided to reverse the word heaven and bestow it upon the unlucky child.
Nevaeh is a ridiculous name. It's just plain YKCAT!
This is stupid. My question is if such connotations are really so important - then are all people named Justine porn stars? or all people named Jesus/Joshua Messiahs? or all people named Christian are Christians?
Terrible, terrible, terrible name.
I have little regard for people who name their child "Navaeh". They think that they're being unique, but they're not; it's like they did not even try, seeing how trendy that this name is. It's just "Heaven" spelled backwards, plain and simple; there are plenty of wonderful, dignified names that actually have an etymology. It's simply atrocious how people could think that this is a good name. Yes, this is not a baby name site and I know that, but calling your daughter "Navaeh" is like naming her "Princess", "Precious", "Happy", or similar names; they only fit for so long, and who will take them seriously as teenagers and adults? Well, if the parents are so insistent on using it, then they should go ahead; it's not the child's fault. If the parents look like fools and their child is mercilessly teased, it's their problem.
Think about what you are saying people! First of all, all names were made up at some point, I mean there must have been a time when a person said "I know - let's call the baby after the flower!". Also you are all mentioning porn stars having this name, how do you know, you're just openly insulting yourself as well as judging people by their name! My name could be Juliet and it wouldn't make me a romantic and I could be called Skye and afraid of heights! Spelling a name backwards does not make it the opposite - calling someone Nevaeh does not mean you are calling them hell.
I think it's a beautiful name.
I know some people think it's creative and pretty, but it seems a bit too trendy and tacky for my taste. That's just my impression, I suppose it's all up to the parents. I don't think it's right to make up the meaning. That's like saying "xgsou" means "gentle breeze". In what language? The name Nevaeh doesn't mean anything. It's just heaven backwards, plain and simple. And there are about 207 different ways to pronounce it. I think all the names people make up now are kind of bogus. I can think of so many older names that are easy to say and aren't too common. Is it really that nice a name if so many people say they hate it? And there are so many negative associations.
Honestly, I did not even know that Nevaeh was Heaven backwards until I looked it up. I think it's very creative and beautiful. I'd consider naming my daughter this, but pronounced "nuh-VAY-uh".
I am quite surprised that you were unaware that it was Heaven spelled backwards. You only have to look at this monstrosity to see it. Other than that, the tasteless who consider or use the name take great pride in bellowing "It's Heaven spelled backwards" at any possible chance.
Who cares if Nevaeh is 'Heaven' spelled backwards? It doesn't matter. No one hardly notices it. You think that when when you tell that your name is Nevaeh, they're going to want to see what it's spelled backwards? NO!
I am sorry if all the people here are parents that have named their child this. But how ignorant can you be? When it comes to our children, there are things that we don't want to see so we play dumb. But it has been said, you look up the name it always has an evil meaning to it. In any event why would you want to associate your beautiful angel with any of that. I name my children based on the lightness of the name because that is what she represents to me and any possibility of the name misrepresenting my child is just not good enough for her. Just think of how popular this name is getting now and what the kids that are babies now will know of it when they are older. By then it will have a solid dark meaning and children can be cruel.
I'm really disappointed in all of the unnecessary bashing here. I'm not a huge fan of the name, but I did a Google search on it, and the first thing I saw was porn. ONE tiny bit of porn. After that, all I saw were beautiful baby girls who were named this. I'm really disgusted in how everyone's reacting to this name. It's just a name. Get over it.
I think Nevaeh is a beautiful name. I first heard it when I was a little girl. When I found out it was spelled as "heaven" backward I stopped liking it so much. I wouldn't name my child anything religious because I have no idea what they'll grow up to believe. However, I think it is lovely for other people's children.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this name. I understand that everybody has to dislike a few names here and there, but why continue to insult those with this name, or the parents who have children named Nevaeh? You don't see a long debate over names like Ninel or Nivek. This name is not "trashy" just because it's been used in pornography. This name is not an "insult to religion", seeing that everybody chooses to follow different faiths. Personally, I think the name Nevaeh is a nice name, and the fact that it doesn't have a meaning aside from "Heaven spelt backwards", nor centuries of history behind it, does not make it any less of a name than your name or my name. What you say will not change peoples' opinions on this name, and parents will continue to give this name to their children. It's just another name, so get over it, don't say anything when you meet somebody named Nevaeh, and move on with your life.
Such a bad name. Such a very big, bad, baby name. Atrocious.

To the person above who named their kid Neveah and associates it with Heaven - GUESS WHAT? THE NAME IS NOT HEAVEN SPELLED BACKWARDS ANYMORE, so you CAN'T associate it with Heaven now. That's like naming someone Bird because it reminds you of mice.
I cannot believe the comments that I am reading over this name. Are people really so ignorant that they would condemn all children named Nevaeh, or assume that their parents must be "trash". How stupid. It's a name, people. And, just so you know, all names were made up, at some point. They didn't just come ready-made with the Earth. The only reason names have meanings is because people associated them with certain things and that stuck. Please don't be so arrogant as to beleive that you are better than someone because you won't choose to name your child this.
In response to the post above. You just passed Tryndee Logic 101: "All names were made up at some point".

I assume you are ignorant of etymology or onomastics. Please research these terms and re-post a serious comment.

Incidentally, bagging on the fluff Nevaeh is not the same as bagging on a child bearing the name. Their name is not their fault nor the sum of their existance. Why you have gotten these two concepts confused is THE REASON why you have passed Tryndee Logic 102! - "You are all sooo mean - names have feelings too!"
What I really have no tolerance for is people that are spiritually ignorant. If you know the Lord's Prayer it has the word Heaven in it. The Devil's Creed is the Lord's Prayer backwards which also has the word Nevaeh in it. So the only Alpha and Omega meaning for this word is hell. DO NOT NAME YOUR CHILD THIS! You are leaving them unprotected.
Nevaeh is a name. Like it or not, people will name their children Nevaeh. Nevaeh does not mean Hell. Nevaeh does not mean anything. It is Heaven spelled backwards. It is not trashy. It is not horrific. It is not the end of life as we know it. So. Calm. Down. Yeah. Porn. Whatever. How many other names are associated with pornography? /Lots/
I find it absolutely hilarious that some people describe this name as meaning 'heaven sent', 'angel, 'heavenly', etc. This name is nothing but heaven spelled backwards, period, that's all, end of story.
Quite possibly the ugliest and most classless name ever created. Why anyone would saddle a poor, innocent baby girl with an atrocious name like this is completely beyond my realm of understanding.
While the actual sound of this name is decent (Nev-ay-uh), the fact that it's merely the word heaven spelled backwards makes it rather classless and silly in my opinion. I would never use it personally, but to each their own.
It's clumsy and not even that clever. There are names created by spelling words backwards, ie Senga, but not particularly more interesting than the original.
Even though I don't personally love this name, I respect any parents choosing it for their little girls for their open-mindedness. I see nothing wrong with inventing new names; anyone on this shouldn't be saying "aren't there enough names already in existance?" And in a few hundred years or so from now, this name isn't going to be considered made up, it will have an etymology: The English word "Heaven" spelled backwords.
And for all of you that are complaining that it is a name a porn star would have, porn stars adopt pseudonyms that are popular names at that time.
Perhaps it would be a nice name for a fairy or nymph in a fantasy book, but probably not for an innocent daughter. Would not "heaven" spelled backwards be the opposite of heaven? I hope not.
I have read many of the posts here about this name. I am very open minded, however I am also biased. My daughter's name is Neveah. I thought of this because I associated Heaven with the name. Simply because it is Heaven spelled backwards. Now, I know I changed the "e" and the "a" - That was for pronunciation. Here's the deal. I actually never knew it was such a popular name. Funny how many people post negative comments but it's such a popular name. Anyways, she was named in association with Heaven because to me, she was sent from Heaven. If you don't like the name great, if you do, that's great too.
I am not going to be black and white on the issue of the name, I will leave a little grey area.
I like the pronunciation as "nuh-Vay-uh". It makes it sound like it is rooted in some traditional language. It is very pretty.
It goes along with names that I HATE, like Precious, Princess, Heaven, Queen, and Angel.

Overall, I really do not like this name. The dislikes outweigh the likes. I know that my opinion really doesn't matter because parents will still name their children Nevaeh, just as parents will still name their child Princess and Precious. I suggest that if you give your child these names that you also prepare them for a life of eye-rolling from peers and adults, rude comments, and being made fun of. It is inevitable.
Yeah, it sounds trashy and stripperish. People think they're being oh so unique, but they're not. Neveah has crept into the top 100. I personally despise it. Besides, there's about a zillion ways to pronounce it.
This name is trash fodder that has been embellished by the internet. What a rubbishy and hackneyed choice.
It sounds pretty (nev-AY), but the fact that it's Heaven spelled backward is just a little too tacky for my taste.
This name is simply hideous. Ugly, tacky, trendy, used extensively by porn stars and just plain awful. Why not name your child Yks or Duolc or Legna or something else spelled backwards? It's the exact same premise. I feel sorry for any little girls who have to go through life with this name. I'm sure they'll just love telling people that their name means 'heaven spelled backwards'. She will undoubtedly be teased and made fun of constantly. There are much prettier and unique names for girls that aren't words spelled backwards or guaranteed to be out of style in a two months.
I don't understand why anyone would choose this name for a child. It's tacky and trashy. Enough said.
When I first heard it I thought of Nivea lotion, which my grandma uses.
Whenever I hear it, I think of hair removal cream. I have no idea why.
Strange spelling, impossible to pronounce, and it's nothing more than a simple reversal of the word "heaven." Too trendy. I personally don't like this name at all. Consider the name "Neva" or even "Heaven" instead of this one.
4,457 little girls were named Nevaeh in 2005.
I would like to encourage anyone who really likes this name and thinks it's pretty TO USE IT. The responsibility of naming your child is your own. Take into consideration your child's name being misspelt, pronounced wrong, and all those things - just like you would for any other name.
I personally think Nevaeh sounds quite pretty and unique in a good way. I don't believe I'll ever use it myself but I am certainly not going to sit here and leave a comment about it being stupid.
A number of people have already commented saying it's pretty silly saying a name is stupid merely because it was made up and spelt backwards and the like. Aren't all names just made up? You look up names on this site to find its origin... realize that names have to start somewhere! Nevaeh is a newer name, and there is nothing wrong with that. Names come and go.
Also, there are all kinds of names out there that are tricky to know how to pronounce. It comes from variations in spellings and being derived from different languages and, in this case, being spelled backwards. It's kind of a name thing. Deal with it.
The porn star thing, I think, is rather silly. Everyone's name can't be pure and blameless. There's little doubt that somewhere along the lines someone before them had the same name and had a bad reputation. I experienced it myself a bit the first time I saw Casper when I was a little girl and the nasty prep girl in the film was named Amber. I didn't like it and was rather upset for about... thirty seconds. I realized that the other Amber didn't define me or who I was just because we shared a name.
The biggest load of rubbish I've seen people saying about this name however is not the porn star thing. It's the bit where people say the meaning of Nevaeh, since it is Heaven reversed, is therefor Hell. Rubbish! What a silly thing to think! Spelling something backwards doesn't reverse its meaning as far as I know. I can't think of any other words that people would be all up in arms about. This one seems to have some people coming out and saying "this name is the devil" merely because Heaven is a spiritual/religious place. It makes me upset that people are implying the name means hell simply for being spelt backwards. It's annoying as well since Heaven is a place described in the Bible, and, guess what, the Bible wasn't first written in English. So then Heaven is the English word we gave the Greek and Hebrew words for Heaven. Nobody would be all upset if we spelled something in Greek backwards and say the meaning was reversed! Honestly people, how silly. It's like saying I could go up to someone and call them a "toidi" and it would mean I think they're smart.
So really, Nevaeh is a name through and through. It's not fake, it's just as made up as the next name, and while it's meaning might not be centuries old and have heaps of history behind it that doesn't make it any less of a name.
I love the name Nevaeh. My child is named this and everybody loves it and I think it is unique and sounds lovely.
When I first saw this name on the popularity charts (before I did a search on it), I thought it was a Hebrew name. Strange, huh? Anyways, I don’t understand why everybody hates this name. Sure, it was recently created, but there was once a time when everybody’s name was a new name. The pronunciation of this name is very obvious, even though I don't actually know anyone named Nevaeh. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful names I've ever seen or heard. ‘Nevaeh’ is a different and strange name, unlike some of the names that top today’s popularity charts, such as ‘Ashley’ or ‘Taylor’. It doesn’t matter if the name doesn’t have an actual meaning, other than "heaven spelt backwards". The bearer of the name gives it a new meaning. I probably wouldn’t use this name myself, due to it’s popular occurrence in porn and what a child named Nevaeh might stumble upon while looking up her name, but I do still think it’s a nice name.
Yea, it may be a porn star name. BUT NOT EVERYONE WITH THIS NAME IS ONE, OR WILL BE ONE! If you say this name over and over, it sounds beautiful! And by the way, IT DOESN'T MEAN HELL!
Oh, sure. And you can name the little boy Lleh if you want. Or Natas or something. Stupid, idiotic name.
I had never heard of this name before and was very surprised to see that it is ranked 70 in the popularity list for 2005. I don't like this name because it is newly created and doesn't have a history as well as layers of meaning and derivation like most commonly accepted names, but of course everone is entitled to his or her own opinion of the name. What I don't understand is why this name is so popular. People are entitled to like it, but given that it is newly named up, simply a play on the word Heaven, feels trashy, and that most people have no idea how to pronounce it, I don't see why so many people want to name their daughter this. The name is not horrible, but just thinking about how much a girl with this name would be teased and how often her name will be misspelt, mispronounced and generally mangled and made fun of, frankly makes me dislike this name and cringe at the idea of naming someone Nevaeh. I also dislike this name because its artificial coinage greatly reminds me of the girl's name Ninel, created during Communist Russia by reversing Lenin, much the same way Nevaeh was created. Does Ninel sound silly to you? Well so does Nevaeh to most. There was also a fad for the name Ninel, but which passed, leaving many women with silly, artificially created names, which revealed their parents' bad judgement. Nevaeh is no different. As much as you like it, I would strongly advice you to think twice before using it for your child. The trend will pass, but your daughter will be stuck with a silly name for life.
This is frankly the worst name I have ever heard of in my life. Why anyone would want to name their daughter Nevaeh is beyond me. That this name is so popular is absolutely shocking and hard to believe.
I think the name is very pretty, the way it's spelt is really nice, it sounds like a name of a fairy or sprite in a fantasy novel. The connection with this name and porn stars etc has all to do with your own personal thoughts. Anyways you wouldn't know it was used by porn stars unless you're actually INTO that stuff yourself and that I can say is pretty gross. And yeah they (porn stars) use different names and different stage names than they do in real life. So I don't see what's wrong with this name.
It's what comes up if you google the name. You don't have to have a knowledge of porn to know that links to porn sites are showing up in your results.

Imagine little Nevaeh looking up her name, only to stumble across obscene pictures. That's what the person is trying to get at.
Please do a Google search before naming your child this. You will be directed to Porn sites, and places where you can buy exotic, um.. toys.
I would be digusted with anyone who bestowed this abominable creation on their child. Ugly, tacky rubbish.
I think it's a beautiful name! Not so much for boys but for girls absolutely! I love that name!
The way to undo God's creation is to speak his name backwards. *rolls eyes*

If I ever met a little girl named Neveah, I'd assume that her parents are trash.
With regards to the above post, is the Anonymous user suggesting that by saying DOG (God backwards) we are undoing His creation? Are you insane? What does that have to do with Nevaeh or Heaven?
I think it's unique and pretty.
It's true all names were made up at some point, but those names had meanings. You know, I can't wait for Maerd, Ybab, and Legna.

However, Neveah doesn't mean hell! It means nothing, and while, to me, it sounds hellish, just because it is reversed does not change its meaning. My real name is Andrew; If somebody named their kid Werdna (!?) would it mean womanly?
This isn't a name. It's a word spelled backwards. There is absolutely no origin to it other than that. It has no meaning, it cannot be pronounced in the English language, and it's just a horrid-sounding, hideous mess of vowels that should never have been coined. Oh, and since it's heaven spelled backwards, Nevaeh doesn't mean heaven. It means the opposite of heaven, which is, of course, hell.
Every name was invented at some point in time. I think it is perfectly fine to make up names, they will come to mean something to you and to your child. Nevaeh isn't my favorite name, but I don't hate it either and I think that it is close minded to criticise people for making up names. Did you know that the name Jessica was made up by Shakespeare?
This is a horrible, horrible name. Why use a name you must justify? "It's Nevaeh! It's heaven spelled backwards!" Ugh. So stupid.
I love this name so much I gave it to my first daughter. It's so beautiful, the way it's spelt and how we pronounce it (Na-vay-ah). Her full name is Nevaeh Aisling Wolfe, she loves it and it suits her perfectly. It's a wonderful name that I would recommend to anyone!
If you must have a Nevaeh, do the names a favor: name her Heaven and nickname her Nevaeh. This name sucks, IMO, all right? Fake names like this steal the glory from actual names.
I can't believe people think this a trashy name! My baby cousin is such an angel and she is named Nevaeh, it suits her so much! Plus, I believe it is pronounced Ne Vay A, at least that's how my aunt pronounces it.
I actually think it sounds really pretty but I would never use it due to its trendiness and meaning. But I do think the hostility is uncalled for.
Lots of people hate Nevaeh just because they don't know how to pronounce it and/or it only means "heaven spelled backwards". I actually love it. I think it is pronounced Nevaya. Just because a name has been invented the way Nevaeh was, that doesn't mean it's bad. And what's wrong with making up meanings?
I actually love this when pronounced nuh-VAY-uh. It's so pretty, I don't see what is wrong with it. Yeah, somebody was being stupid to make it heaven spelled backwards. But the name itself is nice.
My daughter's name is Nevaeh. And to me it does not matter whether it has a meaning or not, the meaning does not matter anyways. How many people do you know that even know the meaning of their name or that actually resemble the meaning of their name? (none) The name is beatutiful. If you are against this name it is probably only because you cannot say it right or because your just dumbfounded by your own stupidity. If it is not your name or your child's name it shouldn't matter to you.
*Nevaeh* is not a name that parents should give to their little girls. It is a name that a woman should be allowed to choose for herself when she begins her poledancing career. Oh yeah, and it's made up. It's just *Heaven* spelt backwards and it's downright trashy. Beware!
In a recent discussion about this name, I was informed that it doesnt mean snowy, it doesnt mean butterfly, it's as referred by a person, a made up word. The question then becomes who made it up? It had to have origin somewhere. I was telling my cousin about this and she said that in her 8 years in Iceland she had heard the name countless times. In Iceland, it means "the dawn of light", whether or not people choose to believe that is their divine right. I would tend to agree with another poster that a child's name has meaning once it it placed on that child. Saying a porn star has that name is not a good enough reason to discount it. At one point in time, everyone's names were new and had no meaning. Consider that a moment. We were not just created and POOF there's the correct pronunciation of a name or spelling or meaning. There are no baby police for naming your child. Should there have been we may have missed out on Nevaeh, Joy, Hope, Charity, Chasity or the like simply due to other people's perceptions or individual taste. All names can be argued, ultimately the decision lies with the parents to pick their child's name whether it's Nevaeh or Autumn, Rainy, Noe, or Nonie.
Though I don't personally care for Nevaeh, I do agree that the hostility it arouses is a bit over the top. It is not the first time a name has been created by back-spelling a word. The pronunciation seems to be settling into "neh-VAY-uh" as the standard, and personally I think that sound is just fine for a name. The spelling is awkward, and many people do have the feeling that spelling a word backwards should also reverse the meaning, but there is no law that says that must be so, so there's no reason to deny the parents who have given their daughters this name the meaning of "heaven"; that's obviously what they intend it to mean. As for the porn star connection, there is only one porn star listed as Nevaeh on the Internet Movie Data Base, and she usually is credited with the alternate spelling Neveah. Meanwhile there are at least nine different porn stars named Trinity, another newly popular name for girls, and nobody jumps on that one as being a "porn" name. Any name for girls which has been recently created and has become popular will end up being the name of a porn star, because porn stars of course all go by pseudonyms and tend, like most actresses, to choose stage names which are more common among babies being born nowadays than those popular among their own agemates.
Actually, I think Nevaeh is a very beautiful name. The pronunciation is extremely obvious, although I have never met a Nevaeh. Nor do I watch porn so I would not worry about what porn watchers think of the name. I mean really, a name is what your personality makes it. No one else's business. It looks like some people need to find a better cause to get all worked up about.
I really detest this name, I just can't help it. I detest it because:
1. No one knows how to pronounce it. It's na-VAY, ne-VYE, NEE-veh, ni-VAY-uh, etc.
2. It looks so ugly
3. People make up meanings for it, like "snowy", "butterfly", "heaven sent", etc. It's heaven backwards, nothing else.
4. Some people don't even spell it Nevaeh, they spell it Neveah or Naveah. What's that backwards, Haeven and Haevan!?
5. People try to convince people they are not trendy by saying: "Oh, we thought of it LOONG before it was popular!" Yeah, right.
I don't care what you people think. This is a beautiful name. I could care less about its meaning.
My daughter's name is Nevaeh. I have read many many many meanings for it, be them fictional or whatever. She is gorgeous and truly a blessing from heaven. We usually call her Vay, but not always. :-) Her father and I both have very everyday names, and we wanted her to have something special. :-)
Nevaeh is the stupidest name I have ever come across. Why would you name your baby girl this? She would probably legally change it to Neva or something. How is it even pronounced?
I don't think it matters if the name doesn't have "meaning." When you name your baby, he/she gives new meaning to the name anyway.
I agree that Nevaeh doesn't truly mean anything, aside from "Heaven spelled backwards." I do not see the need to make up names - there are already many beautiful, real names to choose from.
Some people like to assign meanings to Nevaeh, like "heaven-sent" or "butterfly." However, parents considering naming their daughters Nevaeh should be advised that these meanings are completely fictional. Nevaeh has no meaning apart from "Heaven spelled backwards." Period.
It means heaven sent.
The opposite of heaven is hell, and that must be where this name was concocted.
I feel that Nevaeh is not only heaven spelled backwards. I feel that it means worthy.
Parents considering this name for their baby girls should be aware that it is quite commonly used by actresses in pornographic films. I first saw the name in that context, and am probably not the only one with that association.

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