Maybe use it for a dog, but this name sounds very 'kiddish' for a human.
Oh my gosh majority here hates this name, I personally love it!
Oakley’s cute on a little girl but when she enters secondary school this name loses all of its charm. I can’t imagine it on a boy.
I have 2 year old twin girls, their names are Willow and Oakley. Oakley's middle name is Mae.
It's such a pretty name for a girl and a strong name for a boy.
If you like the name but worried about it being too common I've never met another Oakley (England).
Oakley is such a cute name especially if you like nature names!
Great name for a dog, not a human though.
In 2019, the name Oakley was given to 50 boys and 20 girls in Ontario, Canada.
Oakley is such an ugly name that it sounds similar to the word.
Sorry, call me old-fashioned, but I can't handle these modern names. Oakley seems like a very ugly name to me, it doesn't even seem like a name, just a surname and, honestly, with the number of beautiful names in the world, choosing Oakley from among them seems like an unwise decision.
I liked this name, but now that I know family vloggers used it, I definitely won't.
Famous bearer of the surname is YouTuber Tyler Oakley (1989-)
Too trendy.
It doesn't have a very good flow.
This is becoming very popular! I’ve seen so many people name their kids Oakley. Personally, I prefer names with nicknames. I guess you could call them Oakie Dokie or something like that. But you do you- if you like the name Oakley, name your kid Oakley or some other variant.
Cute, though a little childish. This can be unisex.
Can't imagine this on girls.
It sounds very pretty and Nature-ish and perhaps unique to me. Oaks are a type of trees and they symbolize knowledge, morale, strength and in Greek mythology it was a symbol of the powerful god Zeus. So the name has very nice roots and meaning. And the “ley” at the end just adds a little sweetness to the name. So in no way does it have a bad history and it doesn’t sound alien or weird. I like it.
I think it's cute and unique. I think the association with the exploited child doesn't make it better though.
Ugh. I don’t see the appeal!
I agree, youtubers Kyler & Mad, or now The FishFam used Oakley for one of their twins. Oakley Madison and Taytum Nicole are the twin's names, along with their third child Halston Blake, and now their son Oliver Rhett.
Way too cutsey and trendy.
I don't see the appeal but prefer it on girls.
Okay for a boy. Absolutely no for a girl!
Ugg, just ugly. I'm sorry. I do not see the appeal!
Please please please don’t do this (or Oakleigh which is even worse) to a poor child. Would the nickname be Oak? Hate this name and would hate being stuck with this name!
This might be cutsey/trendy for a couple of years, but I don’t see this aging well. I would hate to be stuck with this name for life!
It’s different and kinda cute. I like it.
I love Annie Oakley, but not the name Oakley. I don't like it for either gender.
I think it’s very cute and unique name. This is a name I will definitely consider for my future children. Much love!
The use of this name on American females (which is primarily a 2010s phenomenon) may possibly have been inspired by the American sharpshooter and entertainer Annie Oakley (1860-1926), who was a renowned international star and is viewed as an early feminist by some. (in English)
Really cute. Manly.
It’s cute and unique.
I think this name is pretty. Hardly ANYONE has this name it’s rare and unique and I will recommend this name 98% I am picking a name for my dolls and I found this as a name and I love it.
YouTube family vloggers ‘Kyler And Mad’ have identical twin daughters Taytum And Oakley.

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