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Very good name and I love the nickname Ollie!
Another parabolic name in the USA that’s going to flop in a few years.
I think this is a lovely name.
Very cute name.
Oliver is a nice name!
Much better than the female variant, Olivia.
I don’t like it, it sounds ugly.
I think the name Oliver is cute but better as a middle name.
I like the name. It is a strong masculine name. I always think of Oliver Cromwell.
Why is both Olivia and this name so popular? Why would you name your child similar to an olive?
Oliver James Lanning is the firstborn son of Missy and Bryan from Daily Bumps fam! He has a younger brother named Finley.
I love how the name sounds but it's just too overused.
Wow, I had no idea this name is very common... I only know 2 boys named Oliver. Otherwise, I think it is a handsome name.
My mom is surprised how popular this name is.
I only like this name for a pet.
I think Oliver is a nice name. It sounds strong, classy and refined. I love Ollie for a nickname. It ages well, too, as I can easily picture this handsome name on a cute infant, playful little boy, adventurous teenager, caring young adult and sweet elderly man.
Overall, I think Oliver is a good name.
Also Spanish (Modern). There are 17.093 bearers of this name in Spain, and the average age of the bearers is 14 (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
I honestly can’t imagine this on someone over the age of 10...
This name is so lifeless.
This name reminds me of a rat. Sorry, but any Oliver in my mind is going to have whiskers and be kind of a weirdo. Never met or seen an attractive Oliver. The name sounds like someone who is stuck up or just a complete weirdo. No hate to anyone named Oliver. Just the name. Ew. Sorry. Oliver sounds like an egotistical cat’s name mixed with a cheesy rat.
I have a dog named Oliver so every time I hear this name I only think of dogs so I would never use it. Ollie is probably the best nickname for this name.
Used to be just unique enough to make it a pleasant one. Just too overused now.
It is fine. It isn't my favourite name, but there are definitely worse names out there.
I love the name OLIVER. It is regal and masculine. I named one of my 3 English Cockerspaniels 'Oliver' 5 years ago, and I had no idea that it was, or was about to become, so popular.
My Oliver is a beautiful blue roan, tan, black and beige color, with beautiful dark eyes and expression, and long silky black ears. He suits his beautiful name very well.
However, I don't like "Ollie" as a nickname. He always gets his full name.
Trendy. That's all I can say.
Just, I don't like this name. It's really popular these days and also, nothing much interesting about this name. Actually, quite a boring name. Oliver. Really. There are better names than this.
This name is very hillbilly.
In the Full Metal Alchemist adaptations and the Manga, General Oliver Mira Armstrong is one of the main characters. She is also the older sister of Major Alex Louis Armstrong or 'the strong-arm alchemist'.
Name of the day January 1, 2021.
I honestly really don’t understand why this name is so popular right now. It’s not in the slightest way attractive to be honest.
This name is the best, only because my brother is named this though.
His nickname is Oli (We didn’t really like the trendy spelling of it)
In my opinion it is a very trendy name but it's not really anything I’d call a child (especially when my brother is called this).
I love this name. Cute but not too feminine, nice diminutive (Ollie) and modern and trendy. You won't get the side eye with this name!
I think it's hella ugly. I don't know why it's so popular right now.
I can certainly understand why it's gotten so popular. I especially like the American pronunciation of this name. I've always had a certain obsession with this name.
It's awesome for a cat and a human- both are equally awesome! I named my cat Oliver only for 3 reasons: 1) he is as round as an olive and 2) he eats ol iv er (all of are) food and 3) his favorite treat is liver! So ya, but cute name, love it on a boy, Olivia for like a girl, it's awesome! Even for a human and cats or even dogs! If your name is Oliver you rock even if you're a cat, dog, or human!
Noice.. sounds like olive. Olive or Ollie are the nicknames.
My middle is named Oliver, nicknamed Ollie.
My little brother's name is Oliver and he’s very cute, it’s a shame that he has severe autism.
We call him Ollie most of the time but we spell it ‘Oli’ because it looks more different and nicer.
I like the name Oliver and may use it despite my dislike for Oliver Cromwell, who committed genocide against the Irish. Apart from that it's a decent name.
Strong, classic name, not hard to see why it's become popular, although I don't like the nickname Ollie- it sounds wet.
A decent name.
I absolutely stan this name, it reminds me of a smart upper class man who is talented in engineering. I have a Oliver shrine in my bedroom as I am ready to call my son this name.
Oliver/Ollie/Olly/Oli is extremely common here in the UK. I have met about 6 Oliver’s or Ollies.
The most common boy's name in England and Wales.
In the Dr. Seuss story "too many Daves" the author expresses that he'd rather name his child "Oliver Boliver Butt".
My little brother's name is Oliver though he prefers to call himself Ollie. No one knows why but I like Oliver pronounced ol-iv-er.
There are two Spanish versions of this name according to Oliverio and Olivero.
Strong, classic male name. Even though it has French origins it makes me think of England. Not hard to see why it has become so popular.
Oliver "Olly" Thorn is a famous left-wing political video essayist on YouTube.
One of the better names, it reminds me of Oliver Queen from the Arrow.
Oliver and Olivia would be adorable names for boy and girl twins!
Good strong masculine name, Only bad Oliver I have ever heard of is Cromwell, who committed Nazi Regime like genocide against Irish Catholics in the 1600s and as a result banned Christmas because it was a 'Papist Celebration', would still use the name though, and other than in England could imagine it becoming really popular in the Southern US (Tennessee, Alabama etc).
I love this name so much. I'd never use it, but it's so charming.
Oliver from Ni no Kuni.
In Denmark, the pronunciation of the name is O-lee-VUH.
I was supposed to be born Otis but then I was born Oliver. When I was young I always thought my name was super different. And WOAH! The name started blowing up! Never thought that would happen! Then I began to think my name was nice. It still is, yanno? I love being Oliver!
Very common, only because it’s such a great name!
According to, there are 27 people in the U.S. named Oliver Oliver.
Oliver Sykes is the lead singer of the band Bring Me The Horizon.
Add Usage: Russian, Dutch

Pronounced: AHL-i-vər (American English), AWL-i-və (British English), AW-li-vu (German), AW-li-veh (Swedish)

It is used in various languages.
I thought that name was overwhelmingly scarce for humans in America, but not for their pets. How did it become this popular here, when it's only popularity was in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Eastern Europe? Speaking of Switzerland, is Oliver popular there?
This name, Oliver, has a timeless quality about it that is most certainly not quaint and that is precisely why it sounds classy with style. A good name to have despite its obvious popularity.
A very nice sounding name that happens to be ultra popular and I like it?! I'm not one for trendy names but this one makes the cut. I don't know what quality about this name makes me like it but oh well. Oliver only makes me think of the nerdy character portrayed by Mitchell Musso on Hannah Montana.
Oliver is a name I'd exclusively leave for the dogs.
Such a shame this name is so popular because it’s one of the nicest boy's names there are. I could never use this unfortunately, but oh so adore this name!
I'm an Oliver and I'd say this is one of my favorite names.
Ten years or so ago, this would have been a good, solid, not too common choice. Now it seems like every other kid is named Oliver.
Any person whom speaks ill of this name is of a lower standing and class than that of a typical Oliver.
Oliver is a big jumper in 2016 Italian chart. In fact it is #142 masculine name for babies born that year with +27 positions than 2015.
Oliver is boring.
Probably if I were not a BtN user I would be excited because it was one of my faves years ago. But as I am active here I've seen it too much.
This is what a relative of mine would call a "beat-up name." As in, someone with this name with get bullied because of it. I have to agree that it sounds wimpy and like a kid who would get teased and/or beat up a lot. The nickname Ollie isn't any better, and actually sounds like a wimpy redneck name, too.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Oliver who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 753rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I think of a nerd when I hear this name, that's not a bad thing though.
Oliver is a very popular name, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest. It's good-natured and energetic, and while it's just as fashionable, I think it much more refined than the feminine form, Olivia. In my opinion, it goes best with one-syllable surnames. There is the unfortunate association with Oliver Cromwell, but it also has positive connotations, such as the fictional Oliver Twist or Oliver Wood from the Harry Potter series. There's also the French Olivier and Spanish Oliviero, which are also nice choices, however I prefer Oliver.
I think of Oliver Twist immediately. It's an okay name.
2p! England's name in Hetalia: Another Color.
I am black mixed with Irish, German, Puerto Rican, Native American, Viking, and who knows what else, lol. idk, but my last name is Oliver and I love my name.
Oliver is a great name and I love the quidditch captain, Oliver Wood.
Just a krispy name in general. Love it. SO GREAT!
It's not a bad name, but the name "Oliver" sounds so fancy. Sounds like that one kid that had good manners and always wears neatly done clothing. Not bad characteristics at all, but that is just what I imagine.
Overall, ok name. Not my favorite at all, but I see the appeal in this name.
A lot of people seem to love this name though, since this name is ranking very high on the rankings these past few years.
I love the name Oliver. It’s not a very common name where I’m from but one of the main reasons I like it is because of a personal connection- my middle name is Olivia and I was named after my great grandpa, his middle name was Oliver and he played a big role in my life so I would like to keep it in the family.
Seriously? No one thought about Oliver queen? C'mon man...
Every other person I know is naming their son Oliver, and while I don't hate the name, I certainly do not like it. It is hideously common and has lost its shine because parents have ruined this name by naming so many children Oliver. Ollie is also a terrible nickname, in my opinion.
This name is AWFUL (!) along with Olivia, Olive, and Olly.
Oliver Vanetta 'Doolittle' Lynn (1926-1996), talent manager and husband of country singer Loretta Lynn.
I love the name Oliver! I would call him Ollie for short. When I say Oliver I think of a cute little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. I would call my son this!
Oliver Bjerrehuus is a Danish model. He was born in Denmark to actress-turned-writer Suzanne Bjerrehuus. In 1997, Bjerrehuus traveled to New York City, where his career took off when he landed jobs for such entities as Calvin Klein, Nautica, and Giorgio Armani. In 2003, Bjerrehuus moved back to Denmark. He is currently an actor in his home country, but still does some modeling.
Oliver Rolf Kahn is a former German football goalkeeper. He started his career in the Karlsruher SC Junior team in 1975. Twelve years later, Kahn made his debut match in the professional squad. In 1994, he was transferred to Bayern Munich for the fee of DM4.6 million, where he played until the end of his career in 2008. His commanding presence in goal and aggressive style earned him nicknames such as Der Titan from the press and Vol-kahn-o from fans.
I love the name Oliver. It is an old, classic masculine name that wears well with age. Famous name bearers include Oliver Wendell Holmes (U.S. Supreme Court Justice), Oliver Stone (director) and Oliver Sacks (neurologist and author). I love the nickname "Ollie" as well, for a young boy.
Russian name.
Oliver is also a character in "Thomas The Tank Engine".
I love the name Oliver! It fits a mischievous little boy as well as a dignified old man. I personally like names that don't sound strange at a certain age.
This name has been in our (Hungarian) family since the 17th century, according to family tradition, introduced by a female Scottish Catholic refugee to Transylvania, who wished that her descendants should remember our Scottish heritage, even though she (as a woman who married into a Hungarian family), could not lend her own name. Well, if the story is accurate, it worked! I'm named Oliver, as is my son, my nephew, my father, and many fathers before me, and we do remember our (distant) Scottish heritage (recently confirmed by DNA analysis…). It was very unusual when I grew up (in Canada -- I never met another Oliver besides my Dad while growing up), but on visits to Hungary it was nice to have people immediately accept it, rather than constantly comment on "Oliver Twist", the way they did in Canada. Now it's popular in Canada, and even more popular in Hungary.
Oliver (born William Oliver Swofford) was a singer popular in the late '60s and early '70s. He is best remembered for his two hit songs "Good Morning Starshine" and "Jean".
I don't particularly like this name, both because it's too common and because I just dislike the sound. Other than these things, it's a decent name, just not to my tastes.
My brother is called Oliver and I haven't met anyone called Oliver apart from him. I think it's a really sophisticated and rare name, but I don't like the nickname 'oli'/'ollie'. It just sounds like a type of bloody spread you'd put on your butter.
I love this name. It's not too rare, but not too popular (not where I live in the US, among my age group anyway. I only knew one Oliver in my life.) Sounds sort of British/French to me. I imagine an Oliver as more of the cordial gentleman type. I think it sounds good on both a young person and an old person.
I think people get the cat association from the movie Oliver and Company. I wish people would stop giving animals human names; it limits our scope. It's better as a human name and should stay that way.
I think this name is very handsome as well as vintage. I am 5 months along with our gender surprise baby, and if Oliver wasn't so popular we would definitely be choosing this name.
Boring. Old. Annoying. What is there not to love about this. (Hint hint sarcasm) Oliver seams like a really whiny obnoxious kid growing up in the year 1842. It doesn't really work good on a grown man. It doesn't even work good on a five year old.
A Vocaloid3 voicebank developed and produced by PowerFX Systems A3 in collaboration with VocaTone is named OLIVER. It's made to be a young, classical type vocal, around the age of 12, and was modeled after a Vienna choir boy. The names "Cody", "Treble", and "Devin" were also considered during the development stage of the software.
I've never cared for this name. I always think of olives and olive oil. Not a great thought when you think of a name.
It's a very common name, but actually, I can sort of see why. It sounds very nice and handsome, but these qualities do wear down with overuse.
I always think of olives.
Reminds me of an olive tree.
Oliver Postgate was an English animator, puppeteer and writer. He was the creator and writer of the popular British children's TV programmes the "Clangers" and "Bagpuss".
This is a nice name, but I prefer its French form, Olivier (o-lee-VYAY.)
Oliver Stanley "Olly" Murs is an English singer-songwriter.
This is SUCH a cute and charming name! :3.
Strong, masculine name. It is getting popular but that's only because people are appreciating it :)
This is my son's name and it really suits him. He's a very cheeky little fella with a "butter wouldn't melt" smile. I named him after my favourite musical and it just so happens that one of his first words was MORE! Amazingly classic, timeless name.
Oliver is the protagonist of the Walt Disney movie Oliver & Company.
It always reminds me of a name for an annoyingly, bratty little boy.
This is my partner's name, and I love it! It's one of those Germanic names that remind me of something strong and noble. Beautiful name with a cute nickname.
I always thought this name was great. It's one of those that sounds innocent but heroic to me if that makes sense. Like it's intended for a good-hearted character. Cute name.
I'd really like to name our son this- it goes well with all the girls names we've picked out for his twin sister. The only problem is that its getting quite popular. I don't regard it as 'trendy' myself, but others might. I think it's too old fashioned and charming to be called trendy. Despite the popularity, its an excellent name, and we're still considering it!
In the book 18, Pete's 13 year old son is named Oliver.
I find it quite strange that this is the most popular name for babies in England right now, despite Oliver Cromwell.
The name Oliver has another meaning in Norse. It means "Affectionate". This comes from several sources. My suggestion is that if you are naming a child or pet or novel character and the meaning is important, that you research beyond this site, as it somewhat frequently leaves information out.
This name is awesome so long as you don't call him Ollie. It sounds tough:) But I hate any feminine variations... somehow, on a girl it sounds fat.
Oliver Riedel the bassist of the German Industrial band Rammstein. His nickname is Oli (Pronounce Oh-lee).
One of the cutest names ever. For a child, teenager and adult. One of my faves.
I like this name because it means peace.
This name is just awful. I think of a big pile of livers... That's just gross and so is this name.
It's decent, but I don't particularly care for the "liver" sound. "Ollie" isn't the best nickname, and it sounds a bit wimpy.
My husband's name! But he prefers to go by Ollie. The name really suits him as I always picture someone blonde to be named Oliver, just like he is.
Very trendy right now. But I think it's nice.
I LOVE the name Oliver! It's #38 in 2009 in my nation of origin, Hungary. I REALLY want to name my little son Oliver... at the moment! :D No, Oliver is very cute. I personally know of a little Oliver (I have never met him, just saw pictures of him, he's Hungarian) and he THE cutest little boy! Thank goodness he is called Oliver with that cuteness which describes him.
It is also used in Czech, Slovak, Estonian, Hungarian and Late Roman.
Oliver was a character in "The Brady Bunch"; he was the son of Carol Brady's brother Jack and his wife Pauline and came to live with the Brady family while his parents were in South America.

Much younger than the Brady kids, it was an attempt to get the appeal of a precocious youngster back into the storyline. Brady fans see his arrival as the turning point upon which the show "jumped the shark" or marked a decline.

Cousin Oliver Syndrome is the name that fans use for the phenomenon of sitcoms casting young kids to try to boost ratings.
Whenever I hear this name, I think of a boy in about 19th century England with peasant clothes (especially the hat), somewhat like Oliver Twist. Somehow, though, it makes the name seem more sexy. I have a strange mind sometimes.
It's also sporadically used in Croatia.
An all time favorite of mine. A very nice name. I've never met an Oliver.
I'm surprised no one commented about the deliciously evil Oliver Reed.
In The Netherlands Olivier B. Bommel is the name of a comic book character in the books of Marten Toonder. I don't know the English name. It's the friend of Tom Cat (Tom Poes in Dutch).
I myself don't like this name, but I used to like the stories of Marten Toonder.
Nice, strong, wonderful name.
In English, Oliver is old slang for the moon. Origins of such usage may be traced to Oliver Cromwell and the Roundheads, as the moon, when full, resembles a great round (presumably bald) head.
I really don't like Oliver. I immediately think of Oliver Cromwell, who was a butcherous genocidal dictator and a curse upon Ireland. One of our worst curses is "malacht Cromail ort" which means "The curse of Cromwell upon you". Some people would still use that curse. I would have liked it if he hadn't existed.
Famous bearer is the character Oliver Warbucks "Daddy Warbucks" in Annie.
Love this name. Think it's very classy, in a way, but still boy-ish. Plus, Oliver Sykes couldn't hurt it's credibility. :)
I love the name Oliver- on a girl. It sounds horrible on a boy! Oliver sounds so much like Olivea, a variant of Olivia I've seen too many times.
Fictional character Oliver Bachratík from the TV crime show "Mesto tieňov". He is played by Róbert Jakab.
Oliver Oken is a character from the Disney tv show 'Hannah Montana'. Portrayed by Mitchel Musso.
Oliver was Burgess Meredith's real first name (Oliver Bergess Meredith).
This has a strange pronunciation in Norwegian. It sounds more like "Oh Liver".
Jamie Oliver is a British chef that bears this name.
I like the name Oliver because it is a strong, classic name that I think ages well. I also like that it is not too common, but not unheard of.
It's a coool name.
Oliver in Catalan language is also the name for the olive tree, we say indistinctly oliver or olivera for this tree, and the fruits are olives. To make a difference between the personal name and the tree name we pronounce oli'ver or oli ver'.
Oliver Skyes is the troublesome lead singer in the band Bring Me The Horizon =].
Sure it brings to mind 'Oliver and Company' to most, but it brings different things to my mind. I used to have a dog named Oliver. Before he was put to sleep.
I love this name, it's a very old and masculine name. I would love to give my future son the name Oliver as a middle name.
Oliver Phelps playes George Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.
I don't see Oliver as a cat name, even though I do like the movie "Oliver and Company".
Also an unusual masculine name in Slovenia.
I like this name---I actually prefer it to the feminine version Olivia, although my distaste for Olivia may relate more to people I've known than the name itself. But I don't find Oliver outdated at all.
Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774) was the author of "The Vicar of Wakefield" and "She Stoops to Conquer."
No offense but I just can't stand this name, it sounds stuffy and outdated.
I think Oliver is a fantastic name for a boy! One of my favorites for a future son.
Czech model Pavlína Pořízková & Ric Ocasek have a son Oliver (23th May 1998).
Oliver Queen is the alter ego of the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow.
Tommy Oliver is the name of a character in the Power Rangers universe. He appears in more episodes than any other ranger.
Since when is Oliver a cat's name? I've never heard of a cat named Oliver. It is however my son's name & he's always receiving compliments for it. It's one of my all time favourite names.
Most people probably associate it with a cat because the main character in the Disney movie Oliver & Company is, yes, an orange cat. It's supposedly based on Oliver Twist. I personally think it's a good name, and don't get the whole 'cat name' thing, either.
This is a very cool name. And not overused either.
I love this name, but my husband can't stop thinking of Oliver Twist.
In As You Like It by William Shakespeare, Oliver is the oldest son of a famous duke. In the beginning of the play he is very mean, especially to his younger brother Orlando, but then he has a change of heart and becomes good.
I like this name for a cat but also a human. It makes me think of a cute little old man. My sister only likes it for a cat.
I love the name Oliver! What's with this idea that Oliver is only a good name for a cat? I'd totally name my son this.
The defining trait of Oliver in the Song of Roland, is wisdom, of which his name is repeatedly linked to, in contrast to his companion Roland, who represents strength.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Oliver here:
I have never liked this name for a boy but it is great for a cat.
I agree. Oliver's a GREAT cat name, but not a people name.
A famous bearer is Oliver Cromwell, one-time Lord Protector of England, in place of the King, during the English Civil War. There is also the song "Oliver's Army" by Elvis Costello, referring indirectly to Oliver Cromwell.
A famous bearer of the name Oliver is Colonel Oliver North.
*sings* 'Oliver, Oliver, never before has a boy asked for more; Oliver, Oliver, don't ask for more when you know what's in store' - From Oliver! The musical, based on the story "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens.
The was my first boyfriend's name. He pronounced it 'Oh-liv-er'.
Whether or not it originates from "elf army", Oliver surely today is closely related to the olive tree. Olivier is listed as the French version of Oliver, when in fact "olivier" is simply French for "olive tree".
Oliver Wendell Holmes was a wonderful poet and his son, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., was a United States Supreme Court Justice. Oliver Hardy was a comedian/actor who partnered with Stan Laurel.
I think Oliver is a good cat name... not for a person.
I agree - Oliver is a great name for a cat.
The name of the main character in "Oliver Twist" and "Oliver!".
Another person named Oliver is Oliver Wood, the Quidditch captain in the early Harry Potter books.

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