Dark and deliciously gothic! What a fabulous name.
The Kings of Bhutan wear a hat called the Raven Crown.

Lmao this site is full of Karens. Imagine thinking Raven is a crazy or out there name. Squares, that's all I gotta say.
Who the f%k would name their kid Raven. You seriously have issues. It’s one of the stupidest names ever. I think people do stuff like this just to get attention. Goth was over in the 90’s. If ya want your kid to be normal, name them something normal.
A person named Raven with raven black hair would look nice.
I like it. I think it’s cool. I prefer it on a girl, but it’s nice on a boy.
Raven is also a Scottish and German given name, used for both genders. And, Raven is used as a surname in English, Scottish, and North German. So, I think that the "Usage" of this name should be updated to read, "English, Scottish, German".

Personally I think this is one of the best names in English. It fits both a boy or a girl, however, I like it more on a girl. It gives me dark academia vibes for sure and reminds me of a person with dark black hair and pale skin, but Raven can look good on everyone, I'm just telling what it reminds me of:) Rae can be a good nickname.
It's a nice name but it's strongly associated with Raven Symone. It's basically a one person name.
I am not a fan of animal names, but this name is different than any other animal name.
This is the name I choose for myself when I changed it. What a lovely, powerful name. I'm glad to be apart of the other Ravens in the world now.
My name is Raven, and reading all these comments hurt. Please do not stereotype the name or say it's unprofessional and won't suit a middle age women. I don't have pale skin and jet black hair, or do witchcraft. And don't tell people to be careful about naming their kids Raven, because they don't fit your stereotype of the name. It's disrespectful.
My favorite character in "The 100" is called Raven!
I never really thought I would, but I like the name Raven... it goes quite well with Robin? I suppose I wouldn’t mind having two kids called Raven and Robin... XD.
Makes me think of an old hippie lady who practices witchcraft and makes potions under the full moon.
Reminds me of a very elderly lady with warts and moles everywhere, I agree with noisynora.
Also reminds me of the song “Crab Rave”.
Gothic name. I love it.
Reminds me of “That’s So Raven.”.
I like the combination Raven-Rae, it sounds very unisex, Raven-Ray is good for a boy.
My family has dark hair (not all of my family) this would probably suit someone with dark hair.
Cool name. Although I prefer Raven on a boy.
Goth name. Love it. By the way, when I say goth, it’s a compliment because I am a bit of a goth myself.
I’d use it as a book character.
I love it. Very cute on a baby and kid, nice and unique for a teen. I do find it a little weird on a grownup but it’s alright, and it’s not girly. Super cool.
My name is Raven. I have only met one other at University (female) and keep hearing of a guy named Raven in the area, I have yet to run into him it seems he is a few years younger than me. I do like the unique-ness of it. I always get compliments on it and sometimes people sing me the theme song to the show "That's So Raven". I tell people I am goth as a joke because I am clearly not goth. ALSO, as far as a professional name goes, I am doing just fine in the tech industry with my name. People actually really like it and it makes people remember you easily. I do get how my name is very "white" because I am hispanic and come from an area with mainly hispanic people, but it doesn't bother me.
Sounds super goth. It sounds cool, but it doesn't really fit a professional adult.
Raven as a given name is super goth. Like, the ultimate goth name. However, it's a really nice nickname. The sort of nickname a parent calls their kids exclusively.
I was given a more masculine name– which I hated for multiple reasons: childish nicknames, weird pronunciation in other languages, and just didn't fit my cultural background. Decided to change it to Raven (even before turning 18). Good riddance!

Raven just stood out as having a greater strength in its meaning and connotation than with either gender. It's not hard for foreign speakers to say, and seems to be pretty easy for native English speakers to remember.

In general usage, it's definitely not as goth/trendy/feminine as you might think!
Reminds me of Robin, Cameron, Ashley, Morgan, Riley, Taylor.
This is like the most gothic-sounding name.
My name is Raven, but I was a Raven long before any passing trend. I was born in 1980, and my name was one of the strangest names that people responded to for a long time. So many times people used to ask if it was my real name, sometimes I made up a story for them since it seemed so much like they wanted to know the great story behind how I got my name. To some I would tell them that my full tribal name is Raven Who Flies Alone. My name has also shown a change in the times, for the first 20 years people used to say "Like Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven" but for the last 20 years people said for a while "Like Raven-Symone" which turned into "Like That's So Raven."I like to respond that I am the OG. But actually, I was named after a soap opera character from the show "Edge of Night."

It is definitely a name the brings up a physical and social description for many people.
Raven does not really symbolize death, it symbolizes more the end of one thing and the beginning of another... a conclusion and a new start.
My 15 year old daughter's name is Raven and I love the name. It fits her personality. I gave the honor of naming her to her three older brothers so yes, it's very special.
Raven is a cool name. It brings to mind a girl with very dark hair.
I personally can’t stand the name! To me it sounds like a name that a stripper/pole dancer would give out as a fictitious name in some trashy night club. Definitely doesn’t sound like something appropriate to name a child.
My name is Raven and my parents didn't pick it due to what was popular at the time (That's So Raven) but after our house where my parents met and I used to hate it but I have grown to love it and people say that it suits me a lot. However, don't be restricted by hair colour and the idea that they should have black hair because I am a bright ginger and apparently it still suits me. However when picking this name always be aware that people will ALWAYS sing the "That's So Raven" theme tune to them.
My name is Raven, and I'm in a love/annoyance relationship with it. My mother, thirty at the time, had gone through namebook after namebook and found nothing until instinct told her to go with it. She never really looked into the meaning.

Here I am, twenty odd years later, and can say I am just as booknerdy and creative, with a touch of paranormal, as my name would suggest; with a hint of trickster that my mother despises. I am also, ironically, a Ravenclaw.

The annoyance when it comes to my name, is the connection that people made to "That's So Raven" growing up; I had a serious hate for that theme song. My mother didn't even know she existed. Other than that, it's the typical not finding your name on souvenirs and the like.

Personally, I find that while technically a unisex name, Raven (or Ravyn; an alternative I can agree with) is more suited for a female, while Corbin (a French variant) is more suited for a male.
Around 28 years ago as a young teen at the age when girls start choosing their baby name, I was obsessed with the name Raven and I decided that when I had a daughter I was naming her Raven Paige. 23 years ago today I had my first child who is black haired and deep dark brown eyed. Her hair was over 2 inches when she was born. So of course my chosen name Raven fit her perfectly then and everyday since. She is overly intelligent, mischievous and in every way a Raven. I believe it was meant to be that I named her Raven. I just felt I needed to reply.
A wrestler who wrestled for ECW, TNA, and WWE had this as his stage name. His birth name is Scott Levy.
I don't care for this name and don't recommend using it for an actual person but I do think that Raven is at least better than "Haven"
Though with Haven & Raven on the charts and both being trendy, I wouldn't be too surprised to see "Aven" enter. Maybe it will one of these years, sooner or later. Hopefully!
My name is RAVEN, my parents faced a lot of comments about my name when I was little and they tried to change it into "RAY". Then they would decide to wait for me to grow up and let me choose what I want to do with it... when I grew up I was the only one who was named Raven in my neighborhood, the only one in class, the only one school and college, now I am 25 years old and still the only one one named RAVEN in my entourage! I see myself as special now... in a way the name reflects the person- you might be called "JOY" and be always sad, it might be "BEAUTY" and she's like a beast... YOU MAKE YOUR OWN NAME SPECIAL!
In espionage circles, a "Raven" is a male agent who regularly employs sexual seduction in his tactics. A "swallow" is the female equivalent.
Attested as a male name in 12th century England.
This name reminds me of two people; Raven Symone, and the character Raven from the Teen Titans cartoon. I don't have any real opinion of Raven Symone, but I love the character from Teen Titans and I loved the show growing up. So I do have a soft spot for the name, even though I agree it sounds a bit tacky and immature. I think of it as more feminine, though it can work as a masculine name.
My name is Raven and sometimes I don't like it because I don't really know many people with the name Raven. I know one person and I grew up with her but her name is spelled Ravyn instead of an e it's a y. I do love the poem 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe.
Raven is my daughter's name. She is now 20. In the past 20 years we have knows two other Raven's who were both boys. One was her age, one was much older. Her friends sometimes call her Ray. I like that it could be used for a girl or boy. She (is very girly) wishes I would have named her something prettier. That's so Raven came out when she was 4 and now it is a bit more common with girls but we still haven't met any.

As a side note: I am also writing a book and the romantic male lead has this same name.
Raven is a bird, black bird. Yes, also from a show called Teen Titans, but if you want to find out about the name Raven, then don't look at Teen Titans for help.
My personal impression of the name is that it's an awesome, rare name.
The last name Raven (which I have) is actually derived from Scottish descent and has a very cool meaning. Not death. It means dark haired person and it was chosen because of the relationship of Odin the Nortic god because he had two ravens as advisers to tell him what was going on in the world.
I quite like the name, but it reminds me of Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, the main character of the terrible fan fiction My Immortal.
I would be careful to name a person this. It takes a certain character to really pull this name off in later life. I know from the experience of bearing this name as a child. I was taunted mercilessly in Sunday school and summer grade school. I could also say that I have been cursed with sores and losing my family. Personally, I am talking about my own experiences. Raven is a beautiful and great name for some. It just wasn't for me. Plus, I was born blonde and my hair is now dark blonde. A name has some merit on your health and the way people look at you. And also remember you by. To keep my mother happy, I changed it to Rayelle. I still like both names. But I want to be called Lilac or Flower. To bloom forth out of.
I named my son Corbin and the meaning is Raven. I originally named him after an actor on Lonesome Dove. But when I started digging into the meaning I found that Ravens are known to the Native American culture as a symbol of faith and good health. The Raven brought light into the dark. And at the time of my life he was born I was in much need of his light! Being as my family history stems from the Native Americans it's a perfect fit. Ravens are mistaken for Crows... CROWS are associated with WAR and DEATH. Do your homework people.
I named my daughter this when she was born In 2012 and I have only met one Raven since. I personally can't see it as a masculine name. We picked Raven Whitley as her first and middle because of family history, not because an actress. I think it is a beautiful name and suits her well, seeing as how she is dark haired, blue eyed, and sneaky.
In Native American myth the Raven is seen as something entirely more positive. It is looked at for its wisdom even though it can be a trickster. My daughter is Native American and named Raven.
The name Raven sounds like it should belong to either a black girl or to a dark-haired, brooding white girl who writes a lot of poetry. Either way, it doesn't seem like a name for a baby who has a chance of growing up to be a cheerful blonde.
I love this name. :) It is not at all "trendy". Thankfully, Raven isn't of those names that screams the word "trashy".
My name is Ravyn, which is a somewhat common variation. I think it would be a good idea to add my spelling to variations.
I think the name Raven is beautiful and Gothic. I would name someone this.
Some people above have complained that Raven was "trendy" because of "That's So Raven." This is not the case. Raven-Symone's impact on the use of the name came years before when she was a very young child actress playing the character Olivia on "The Cosby Show." The real boom in the name began in 1990 when she started on "Cosby". Raven's peak year as a girl's name in the USA was 1993. "That's So Raven" didn't begin until 2003, and by that time the name was falling in use and that show did nothing to revive it.

It's also clear that the character Raven Alexander on the soap opera "Edge of Night" really began the regular use of Raven as a girl's name in the USA. The character was created in 1976. In 1975 there were 17 girls born in the USA named Raven, and in 1976 there were 100. In 1977 there were 299 and it made the SSA top thousand for the first time.
Beautiful name, on either male or female.
My name is Raven actually. And personally, I love my name! I think it works well for me and I love sharing my story of why exactly my parents named me Raven. I was not named after the actress, she wasn't famous yet at the time. My father picked the name. He's from London, England. And he grew up near the Tower of London which is guarded by Ravens ( the bird). The legend is if the ravens were ever to leave the Tower, the tower would fall. He loved the name ever since. And I love having this name because it's symbolic of something. I couldn't be happier with it.
I love ravens-they're beautiful and creepy! I would never call a boy Raven. It's quite feminine. Ravenna is also cool:)
I think people ought to be careful of calling a name trendy or ridiculous just because you don't understand why someone would choose it. Americans especially may only be aware of your own impression of the name, and not the historical use of the name, or the family history behind naming a child Raven. We named our daughter Raven in 1981 - long before Raven Symone was ever thought about. Our last name, McKie, comes from the Scottish clan, who were great warriors for the Protestant Church and the Gospel. The McKie clan history involves a test where our McKie warrior had to prove his skill with a bow. He shot two ravens with one arrow, then went on to lead in the fight for the Protestant church in Scotland. It is such an important part of our family history that the clan's shield contains an arrow with two ravens on it. The place where the shot was made was named the craig of the two ravens. When we researched our family history we chose the name Raven based on that story - long before we ever knew anyone else named Raven. Though you may think it sounds ridiculous because of a popular actress with the same name, not everyone selects that name for that reason. The name holds a meaning of respect, skill and heroism in our family.
To me, this name is tacky and made-up. Sorry. Had to get that out there. Ravenna is cool enough, but I don't find Raven pretty AT ALL. And people spell it "tryndee" like Ravynne. I think this name and all its variants are ugly. Sorry to the Ravens.
I love it! I think it sounds beautiful and gothic.
I once met a man named Raven. He was a nice guy, but I honestly felt a bit sorry for him. The name is gothic, youthful, and, in my opinion, feminine. It won't suit a middle-aged woman and it especially won't fit on any snooty bimbo or intelligent business woman. Plus, the whole "bad omen" thing isn't a nice meaning for any name.
I love this name. However, it is ridiculously gothic, so I doubt many people could get away with naming their child Raven. ;)
Alexander Raven Thompson, who was normally styled A. Raven Thompson, was a prominent British Fascist (one of Sir Oswald Mosley's lot) in the 1930s-50s.
I happen to love this name! A good friend of mine is named Raven. The cool thing about her name is that it is really easy to remember for some reason. No one has gotten her name wrong yet (remembering who she is AND her name spelling). That's lucky!
Raven: one of those quintessential goth names. Whenever I hear this as a name, I think of a girl who is obsessed with vampire movies, black clothes, depression, drugs, and cutting herself. It also brings to mind a porn star. Not a very classy name.
The actual bird is cool, the name is hideously trendy.
Raven is the name of one of the (male) main characters in the game Tales of Vesperia for the XBox360.
Xandria has a song called "Ravenheart", from their album of the same name. The song is a reference to the Edgar Allan Poe poem "The Raven". There's a line in the song that goes:
"Will I get back whom I adore?
Thus spoke the Raven: Nevermore"
Obviously a reference to "The Raven". "Ravenheart" is Xandria's most famous song. I think Raven is a beautiful name.
In the book Sunshine by Robin McKinley, the name of the main character is Raven, and her nickname is Rae, which then gave her the nickname Sunshine, which is what she went by. It's interesting because Raven makes you think of darkness and night, and Sunshine makes you think of light and day. It actually made sense, because the book was about vampires, and Sunshine was a vampire slayer. Though she also fell in love with the vampire Constantine. Anyway, it's a great book, and I love the names Raven and Sunshine, though I don't like Rae.
Raven De Head, the middle child of the infamous De Head family in "The Big Birkett", alternately known as "The Sweet, Terrible, Glorious Year I Truly, Completely, Lost it". All of the boys in the De Head family - sons of the man who blew the head off the statue of the town's founder - are named after birds.

I like this name on anyone, really, mainly because I've heard of several different Ravens: Raven De Head, Raven-Symone, and Raven from Teen Titans. I'm sure there are more that I just have yet to see.
I like this name on either gender, but I prefer it on boys because it sounds WAY too trendy for girls. It sounds really mysterious on guys, though. It also makes me think of That's So Raven when I hear it on girls, and I hate that show. -.-
My guess is that this name is very popular with young, naive, and immature parents who don't really bother thinking past how cool and edgy the name sounds on a young person to consider how strange it might sound on a very conventional middle-aged person. This doesn't really sound like a feminine name to me, and it will sound very bizarre on a person who looks conventional, no matter the age or sex. Don't even think about giving this name to someone who doesn't have dark hair. It will not work. This sounds like the name of some pale, black-haired, angst-ridden teen boy. I suppose such teens pick this name for their future child, regardless of their sex.
It's a cool name but it sounds almost negative.
Love, love, LOVE Ravenna (rah-VENN-uh) but I can't stand Raven. Too trendy!
Like the person before me, I met a girl named Raeven. I agree that her parents should have spelled it correctly. With the added E it looks tacky.
I met a girl named Raeven. I don't like it and her parents could have at least named her Raven.
'Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."'
I like ravens, and think I'd like this too, if it didn't summon up images of sulky goth teens. Or have so many horrendous 'alternative' spellings, like Raevin and Rayvyn. Urgh.
I personally think that Raven sounds good as a boy's name.
I think this name CAN work for people, and I like it. It gives me the image of a very strong, maybe mysterious person. I know it may be looked at as meaning death, but it is also associated with intelligence. It doesn't give me a negative feeling. I think it works better on a boy than a girl though.
Although the name Raven itself doesn't mean death, the bird of its namesake is often associated with death. This is most because the Raven is a known scavenger feeding off of dead animals, they also have a sense when an animal is weak and dying and will often hang around a dying animal waiting for its demise. So whenever a large flock of ravens is seen it usually, not always though, means something/someone is about to die. In ancient, ancient times bodies of criminals put to death were left to the ravens as well as other scavengers, they also seem to have stayed around for the killing of the criminal. The bird also has a habit of hanging around cemetaries. So it is no wonder why ravens are seen as a bad omen and associated with death and why the name provokes some negativity.
I actually like the name, for me it provokes a feeling of mystery and a connection to nature.
It's okay, even though as someone pointed out ravens are usually very negative symbols. As far as a name, it's nice, but it has too much association with the girl from That's So Raven for me, and I really hate that show.
I find this more of a name for a girl rather than a boy. No offense to boys named this out there, just saying what I think.
Raven Simone & the children's T. V. Show "That's so Raven" has made this name much more known. Now it just seems trendy and insubstantial. A Raven can also be an omen of death which is not something I would want my child to be associated with in any way.
I'd like this name because of Poe's poem, if it weren't so trendy.
I met a boy with this name the other day and I felt that it really suited him, just like it suits the female bearer than I know. I personally think this name is one of the few that works for either gender!
The Norwegian variant is Ravn, a masculine name.
The entry states that the raven was the sacred bird of Odin. Sacred is not necessarily correct, but they were undoubtly associated with him. Odin had two ravens, Hugin and Mugin. Both flew out into the world each morning and returned in the evening to tell Odin what they had seen. [noted -ed]
Ravens are also assosiated with The Morrigan in Celtic mythology. One of the forms The Morrigan took was that of a raven.
Not surprisingly in the Norwegian armed forces the raven is assosiated with Intelligence.
Two ravens form the Norwegian Intelligence Services, The Intelligence Batalion and the Defence School of Intelligence & Security's insignier.
Yuck. Trennnnndyyy!
No offense, but I have just never liked this name for a person.
Raven is a wonderful name. It is beautiful and mysterious at the same time. I don't think it's necessary to think it's evil just because the bird is black and Raven DOES NOT mean death. Like it says here, it simply means "black bird."
This name is NOT a bad omen and in the bible it is a good thing. The birds that fed Elijah, hello. Since this is my middle name I quite like it and the fact it is unique. People are always saying it's awesome and I am proud to have it as my nickname and middle name.
In old English legend, it is said that when the Ravens leave the Tower of London, the British empire will fall. When threats of Bird Flu arose in 2005, the Ravens were shut up to protect their health.
One of the two Tlingit moieties (major clans). The other is the Eagle.
I think this name means "Bad Omen" since it is often used as a bad sign. Like in Edgar Alan Poe's "The Raven". Or that movie called "Omen" where the Raven kills people. That is my opinion of the name.
"The Raven" is a narrative poem by Edgar Allan Poe.
There is a cartoon character called Raven in Teen Titans. She is said to be the End Of The World, but luckily her friends and Raven stopped it. Raven means "death" and other things which are bad.
Famous Bearer: Actress Raven-Symoné, who goes by Raven, stars in the TV series "That's so Raven". Also she has been in Dr. Dolittle 1 and 2, and the Princess Diaries: The Royal Engangement. Also, I love this name.
The raven, along with many other animals, were considered signs of death during times of superstition.
Means: courage, wisdom, leadership, trickster or cunning.
Those are not the meanings of the name, it's what could be associated with the Raven bird.

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