Per the "O'Reilly" Wikipedia page: "The original form of the name, Ó Raghallaigh, denotes 'from/of Raghallach', the name Raghallach thought to be derived from the compounds ragh (meaning 'race') and ceallach (meaning 'sociable')."
Some people think this name is better if it's only used for boys, and others think it's nicer on girls, but I think it's a great name for either gender!
My real name is Riley, in my opinion, I hate it but I love it for others, what I mean by that is I love it when others are named Riley. But for me, I hate being named Riley, and it's only because I had issues with my birth mother when I was just a little kid. Now if you are thinking about naming your child Riley go ahead, in my opinion, it's an awesome name it's made for all genders (it's a unisex name) and I think it's a very good name, the meaning of the name means brave, courageous, and valiant. It fits all types of personalities! So please if you are wanting to name your child Riley GO FOR IT! HAVE A GREAT DAY!
No other spelling of Riley can beat this one.
I love the name Riley, but I can't ever use it because my name starts with a "Rye" sound, it's a nice name tho, and it could be a girl name or a boy name, same with the name Robin! I give it a 7/10.
I have a soft spot for this name. It leans on the boys side more likely tho.
Riley gives me very laid back, but energetic vibes. I don’t know, maybe it’s because every Riley I’ve met is cool. I love this name, it’s great.
Hi, this is my name and I'm proud of it.
I love my name and its meaning and origins. To be honest I'm glad I don't have a super girly name.
I love the fact that it's unisex and I wouldn't change my name for the world.
Love this name, only absolute legends have this name!(I'm an absolute legend btw)
I had a male dog named Riley, so I definitely associate it more with boys. I didn't even know it was a girl's name.
Regardless, I don't like it on people. It sounds childish and rather informal and to top it off it's quite trendy.
I really like this name. I think it works well on a boy or girl. Riles is a cute nickname.
Like for a girl! Dislike for a boy!
Riley Capri Lewis a famous triplet to Madison "Mads" and Dakota, also a famous actress starring as the roll of Quinn in Chicken Girls.
WAY overdone.
This is the only spelling that I like. It's cool that it's a Unisex name.
I really like the name Riley. I think it's a beautiful name for either gender. It sounds soft, gentle and playful yet strong and unwavering at the same time. I love the alternative spellings (such as Reilley, Reilly, Rilee, Rylea, Ryleah, Rylee, Rylie, Ryleigh, etc.). I also think the name ages pretty well, and I can easily see it “suiting” many different personalities. Frankly, I especially like the fact that it's unisex because I love the idea of a person growing up to meet people of both genders who share their name, and not having to feel pressured by gender expectations. Of course, you don't have to give your child a unisex name to raise them that way, but I personally think that unisex names are a great way to express it.
Overall, I think Riley is a wonderful name.
I honestly don't understand all the comments saying this is a "dog" name. People, literally ANYTHING can be a "dog" name. Names aren't restricted to certain species.
I think it's cool but I would never use it I only like this name for girls, it must be because all the Riley's I know are girls.
This is a name I really dislike. I am not a fan of gender-neutral names in general though. It is quite common where I live too. But you do you. To each his own.
Someone just said that this name is childish, but I don't see why. My name is Riley. I'm not the biggest fan, but it is not childish in anyway. If you like this name, name your child this. I don't see why you wouldn't. To those of you insulting this name, please stop. It is really hurtful for people to say bad things about my name.
As someone with this name, *please* don't name your child this
The name itself is childish and won't last past the age of twelve, I mean, try to think of someone named Dr. Riley, or Gen. Riley, it just doesn't sound good. Not to mention how overdone it is, it's an incredibly mediocre name. If this is your name, and you like it, go off, live your life, you're valid :)
This name is terrible.
I like this spelling the best.
Absolutely hideous.
This name is not bad. When I hear the name I think of a girl but I’ve met a boy with the name too, just more girls. There are so many spelling variations to this but if I was to give it to a boy I would use this version because it looks less feminine.
This name is always unisex to me.I really like it for girls.
It's alright for boys.
Hi, I'm a girl over 18 named Riley (for the ones that say it's childish). I love my name and it's that simple. OH and guess what... my best friend he's also named Rylie (spelled diff) how funny is that?! I don't know why you guys hate the name and say it's basic and boring yours probably is too no offense.
I absolutely DESPISE this for a girl but I love it for a boy! The only Riley’s I knew were boys, I do not want to see a female Riley, it would make me laugh so bad at their parents, and their name. Maybe it’s because I’m from the UK that I see this name as masculine.
Riley Becker, a tiktok star with a lot of followers! Everyone knows the good ol Riley!
Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Riley Elizabeth Clemmons is an American contemporary Christian singer, best known for her songs “Better For It” and “Broken Prayers”.
I really love this name. More feminine than masculine in my opinion, but I know my opinion of the name Riley is probably heavily influenced by where I live and who I know. Of all the people I know/have heard of with this name (excluding famous people), the majority are female but they all are/seemed to be very pleasant people. Mind you, they are all under the age of 18 so from my perspective it seems to be a newer trend to give the name Riley to a girl. Lovely for a girl, nice for a boy, cool for a dog/pet, normal as a surname. Versatile name!
Honestly, just boring! Too trendy, sounds little bit childish. While the sound feels between soft and harsh, I think this looks more like a female name. I think, for males it would look better something like not Riley, but Ryle, but for female maybe Rylie, something like Kyle or Kylie, just a different letter. I don't like this name much.
Strongly dislike for a girl!
Maybe I'm the minority here but I love it for girls!
100% Male
This is a BOY name.
Riley is just so boring for a girl but so cool for a boy.
I know several guys and a couple of girls named Riley, all in their late teens/early 20s. Overdone and dated.
This is my name and I'm a girl. I've met many people with my name, most of them boys. All the girls with my name spell their name, Rylee, which I prefer for a girl, not a boy. I've also seen Rylie, which I like too. I recommend this name!
I would not want to be a girl named Riley! Nothing special... overdone.
I love it on men.
All of the female 'Rileys" I know spell it Rylie, I prefer it this way though.
Okay for a girl or boy- just not a fan. Seems dated/overdone.
100% Female
This is a GIRL name.
I don’t think it’s a bad name for a girl, it’s fine, but I really love it on a boy. But please stick to this spelling.
Alright, I’m a Riley, a boy one, and I personally do not like it when a female is named Riley. Sorry, I just have always found it to be a boy's name and all throughout elementary school my name was the only unisex name and it just bothers me. We watched 'Inside Out' in health class, and the girl being named Riley really embarrassed me. I personally just don’t care for girls having the name, especially when they spell it the traditional R-I-L-E-Y. I never knew this was a dog name, but dogs don’t embarrass you, and dogs are awesome. If I met a dog named Riley I’d think that was pretty cool. But sorry to the girls with my name, I’m just stating my opinion.
Better on boys. It's okay on girls, but it sounds sort of boyish. It would especially sound strange on traditionally feminine girls. Riley and Reilly/Reilley are the only good spellings- just none of this Rylie/Ryleigh/Rilee nonsense.
As this website clearly shows in the popularity chart, Riley was a boy’s name from the earliest recorded usage (1880s). It only got hijacked by the girls fairly recently, in 1990.
Riley is a GIRL name.
You might think I'm crazy, but it's a girl name or a pet name. Give it to a girl or to a female cat or dog.
I don’t think it’s all that bad. It can work on males, females, or dogs.
The main problem I have is the dumb respellings (Rylee, Rylie, Ryleigh) and the sheer amount of times I see this used in works of fiction. I can name at least five books and movies off the top of my head where a main character has this name.
I like this name, it is fun to say, nice melody to it. Sounds unisex to my American ears. However I do believe it is more commonly a well established male name in other case you think your baby will be a traveler and might care. But whatever, a great name is a great name!
I really like the name Riley! It’s a nice name and a cute unisex name for either gender. I especially love the name for a girl, but I understand it was originally a male’s name. The meaning of this name seems occupational, but the name itself doesn’t sound as occupational as ‘Hunter’ or something. It’s very trendy, particularly for girls, so that’s what makes Riley seem more like a female name. It still suits males, females, cats, dogs, etc. One day I’ll probably name my daughter Riley.
I've seen this name become a popular "unisex name" for girls in the last decade. I have known male dogs with the name Riley my entire life (including my own childhood dog). If you're considering it for a human, without it being a family name I do think it is worth considering if the association with a popular pet name bothers you. If you haven't heard it as a pet name I would recommend a quick google because it definitely has been a top 20 for dogs for longer than it has been trending for little girls. Yes, plenty of dogs have human names but this name has historically trended higher on pet name lists than human name lists, where many other names that have been used for pets and people outpaces the use in pets.
I named my boy Goldendoodle Riley. Love the name. I also think it’s a beautiful name for humans, both male and female.'s a bit boring to me, and sounds like it should be a nickname for a more refined name to grow into (Raisel (means Rose) would be a lovely choice for a girl: maybe Ryan or Rylan for a boy?).
Okay on a girl but very surnamey on a boy.
Honestly I think the name Riley is good for a boy and a girl.
Riley is universally accepted as unisex but I think it suits a girl better. It sounds delicate and cute.
Riley! This is a very old family name that we love. It is passed down every generation as the middle name for the men in our family since the 1700's. Love it. Spelled exactly as indicated in the heading. Can't imagine using it for a girl. By the way it is handed down from our Irish ancestors! Yippee!
An awful, awful name that no human being deserves to be cursed with.
I hear this name everywhere now, mostly on girls. It reminds me of a dog and I personally don’t like the sound of the name very much. I don’t think that it ages very well.
This name is not my style- I just think it wouldn't age well but I see it everywhere! On both boys and girls! I do think it is the next Kelly but that is not a bad thing. Kelly is a nice name for a boy or girl, it's just the ending makes it sound kinda cutesy but most of the boy Rileys I have seen have been adorable and there is something so cute about a softer name on a cute boy that is adorable to me! I don't think they would be near as cute if their name was blah like John or Joe or Adam. I think in this day and age unisex names are just too in for anyone to say anything negative for either gender. It's losers who come on these sites and try to belittle a popular name and if it's unisex it means too many people like it to not use for either gender so grow up people! It's like the masculine names Landon, Hayden, Peyton/Payton, Leyton/Layton, Blake, Logan, Ryan, Mason, Taylor, Morgan, Chase, Max, Tyler, all names I cannot imagine I would have ever given to a female but people on here claim are unisex so I guess I will run into some one day. I would more worry about a girl not wanting a boyish name because most like to feel like a princess and girly. But a tomboyish girl may love it so whatever...
I agree, this name suits animals more than humans.
Riley is perfectly unisex but I personally see it as more feminine thanks to a character in the TV series 'Sense8'.
In the TV series 'Sense8' (2015-2018), Riley "Blue" Gunnarsdóttir is an Icelandic DJ living in London. She is played by Tuppence Middleton.
Okay. My name is Riley. I am a girl (not a dog, or a boy) and I read every single comment.
Just because it was a popular boy's name, doesn't mean it can't be a girl's name. Aw heck, my name was about to be Ryan! I am, in fact, a tomboy. A really strong one to be exact. Just because it is "trendy" doesn't mean it is stupid. I never try to "be cool" I hate the center of attention!I hope you think before calling it a "stupid" or "ugly" name. A lot of people (like me) can feel like crap.
(I also was teased for all of 2nd grade because of my name. They just constantly sang the O'Reily's theme song.)
Riley Paige Busby is one of the quints on “Out Daughtered”.
Such a cute name for a boy! It's so sad that this is becoming the new Ashley :(
I really can't stand this name. The main reason is because it's just so juvenile. I can only picture kids to about people in their 20's named this. I cannot picture it on anyone in their 40's or above.
In addition to my last comment, it’s okay to name a dog Riley, but it’s not just for dogs! I’ve seen a lot of comments about how Riley is just a dog’s name, but I like the name Riley on a boy, girl, cat, dog or anything!
My name is Riley and my name is BEAUTIFUL. IT'S A CUTE GIRL, BOY, AND DOG NAME. All of you who hate it are JEALOUS.
Sounds like a hippie name but hippies are cool. Riley is the best and is better than all of you.
Riley is a great name! I agree with the comment below- She is right, amen sister.
I think the name Riley is very pretty. I have a sister named Riley and even though she is slightly annoying as all sisters are, I love her name.
An annoying hipster name. It has a "trying too hard to be trendy or different" vibe. Plus it's just kind of odd for a person (male or female.) I do think it's a good dog name, though, for something small like a Boston Terrier or a Pug.
Nope. Hate this.
I love this name for a girl or boy... or me who is non-binary, of course it's spelled more feminine (Rylea) but I do appreciate my name. If it was spelled more like this then I'd be more unlikely to change my name to something more neutral. But I do adore this name and love the way it sounds and flows.
I love the name Riley for a boy or a girl. I prefer it more on a girl, but it’s still a nice choice for a boy. It’s girly, elegant, and delicate for girls, and boyish, handsome, and strong for a boy just as much. I have some female friends named Riley so that makes me love it for a girl more than a boy. It’s a cute unisex name though.
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Riley who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 668th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Riley who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 747th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I think this is a wonderful name! It’s a nice boys name, though I prefer it more on a girl! I’ve met more girls, but that’s fine!
Riley Andersen in the 2015 Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. The emotions live in her brain.
Ugly, freaky, and trendy. Skip it.
I think it’s more of a girls name. But on a boy it sounds fine. Which speaking of it as a popular girls name, we already know who/what popularized Addison, Madison, Mackenzie, etc) as a girls name, but we can’t find where it says Riley has been popularized as a girl's name by something or someone in this very world. Riley was originally a boy's name so it can’t just become so popular for girls by 2002 for nothing. Well, not all unisex names become popular for girls explaining the excuse for its female popularity. Robin was popular for girls because of a bird, Madison and Mackenzie were popular for girls because of actresses. So what made Riley popular for girls? Let’s just say from the same roots as Marley or Lindsey.
I'm neutral on this name. I don't dislike it, but I don't like it. I think it fits both genders.
Well, it's good to hear what others think about my name? Haha
I like my name, to be honest it has a bit more character than the average Olivia or Sofia etc anyways.
I'm glad to say I'm not a dog, thank you very much :)
Riley was the colt who won the 1890 Kentucky Derby.
I would rather have it as a guy’s name because for girls, it reminds me of this one girl my sister saw in school who was very snobby and acted very rude, as well as her parents spoiling her by giving her 30 dollars for every A grade she got in school. Meanwhile, for a boy, it sounds very handsome and nice, very appropriate. Pretty much how I think of names like Avery or Jordan, as well as Morgan.
My name is Reilly Lorraine {Irish last name}. I was named after the Gaelic name O Raghailligh, which means descendant of Raghallach. It's a very Irish name and I think it displays a lot of history and your origins if you are actually Irish. Now, for those people saying it's a dog name, I actually don't commonly hear it as a dog name, and dogs are most commonly named human names, which makes me confused as to how people say it's a dog name. Countering the argument saying it doesn't age well, I believe people think this because they don't know many older people named Reilly. It will age just fine. In the end, personally, I think it's a very pretty name while being strong at the same time. If you are going to name someone this, however, it would make more sense if you were actually Irish (not just .5% Irish). I have received a lot of compliments on my name and I believe it could be a boy or girl name.
Hi, a Riley here. No not a boy, a girl. I am happy to say that I am a girl and not a dog.
Riley sounds more of a dog's name to me, it's not something I would call a person.
I prefer it more on a boy, but very unisex. It's kind of youthful, but okay.
People often name their pets names they love. Riley rocks. Its meaning is to have courage. Boy or girl - there is nothing much cooler than that. To the haters, how many dogs do you know named Ben, Sam, Ruby, of Mia, - all some of the most popular names over the past 40 yrs. Jayden on the other hand - pure trailer park!
Riley is a nice dog name and I have a friend whose dog's name is actually Riley. The dog is very playful and we like its name.
Sounds masculine and I prefer it on a dog.
To be honest, almost all of the Rileys I've met have been guys, so I can't really grasp the feminine ring to it.
I love the name Riley, it's defiantly one of my favorite names, and I would totally use it for my daughter! It's such a spunky, energetic sounding name and I think it works perfectly.
This name has been my favorite since I was six years old! It will defiantly be the name of my first daughter! Riley is such a beautiful name! I love the spelling Rileigh and Rylee as well.
My name is Riley.
I think Riley is a good name for dogs and humans.
Also, If I had a dog called Riley it would be weird to say "Come Riley, go, catch" everyday.
I didn't mind this name for the character "Riley Andersen" depicted in Disney's "Inside Out". Aside from that, I really don't like it. I agree with the remarks about this name being more befitting of a family pet. More than that, I just don't see a girl over 10 carrying this childlike name. I do not like it on a boy. It's just common and ugly.
To me, Riley sounds feminine like a girl's name. However, I also know a boy named Riley and I think it suits him well. I have had people ask me why my name is Riley because it is a boy's name. I think that it is rude and wrong to say such a thing. As for Riley being a dog's name I've never heard of that. Anything could be a dog's name, my dog's name is Amber. I know a girl at my school named Amber and I think it's a very pretty name. So you can keep your dog's name. There's people that name girls Joe so before you start hating on my name, think of something better. Also, I don't see that the spelling has anything to do with whether or not it's a feminine or masculine name. I have always thought of it as a feminine name but if there's a guy that's named Riley then I think it's a very very nice name. I think it's a very nice name for either gender. In conclusion, I think that Riley could be a dog's name, as well as anything else, and it is a unisex name although I believe it is rather feminine.
A friend named her daughter Reilly. My first impression was not positive. I was curious as to other people's reactions. I have to admit, it would make a great name for a male Irish Setter. Male, but not terribly masculine, good natured, kind of goofy in a fun way.
Why is this now a name? It is beyond abysmal for use aside from yelling it out your front door to call in the family pet for dinner. I most often hear this name on little girls. I may be biased because I utterly detest names ending in "y" because they're cutesy and not elegant, but this one is particularly loathsome, even compared to "y" ending names. I wish this would go away. I picture a woman chomping gum, wearing too much make-up and having dark roots saying "this is my daughter, Riley!" Ugh!
I like this name but I could never see myself using it. I prefer others over it and I have a dog named this. Yeah, surprise surprise haha. If I did ever use it though, it would be for a son. I HATE this name on a girl. Makes no sense to support such an obvious boy's name on a girl. *sighs*The name itself is good though. So there's that :D.
Only trendy dufi (that's the plural of dufus) would name their kid Riley, regardless of how it's spelled.
I've met both a girl and boy with this name, both spelled Riley. I do prefer the spelling Rylee or Rylie but I think it's a really cute name and I would definitely consider it one day if I have any future kids!
Absolutely despise this name! It's so popular and overused and will not age well. I couldn't see it on a 25 year old. UGH, I hate this name.
Great name for girls and boys. Riley is the best spelling.
I really like this name, though I prefer the spelling Reilly. I also strongly prefer it on males; on a guy, it sounds like the name of someone strong, quiet, calm, and very kind. On girls, it sounds like the name of a spoiled brat of a three-year-old. The kind that throws obnoxious fits in public and whines endlessly until you give into what she wants. Or a tween girl who likes bubblegum pop music and reads Tiger Beat magazine religiously while curled up in her bright pink Snuggie. Very different images conjured up by this name, and all you really have to do is change the gender.
Riley Curry is the name of basketball player Stephen Curry's daughter.
My niece's name is Riley. She's the most adorable girl I've ever known. She recently named her new great dane after herself. Except whereas her name is spelled Riley, she named her dog Rileigh. I believe it is beautiful on both of them. I've known many Riley's and all of them have hated the fact that people designate their names as being only used for one gender or for only animals. Riley is a beautiful and kind sounding name that can be used for either gender as well as animals.
Riley sounds adorable on a little child but it just doesn't sound right on an older person. I think that this name should only be a pet name.
I only like this name if it's used on dogs because it sounds too "canine" to me. If it's used on a person it should be strictly masculine only.
Cute name, reminds me of a sweet little girl.
Riley is nice for boys, girls, and dogs. My husband and I are considering it for a boy, but we do have the concern that it's a young-sounding name and won't age with him. So we're considering Ryland as the real name, and Riley for short. It's unusual so I'm hesitant, but my husband's bigger concern is a name that's too common. In our circle of friends, we have a Ryan Y., Ryan K., Ryan W., Ryan C, and another Ryan C. I'm sure they'd all just love to be "Ryan".
Why can't a name be for a girl or a boy? I don't understand why this offends people so much... especially the person up above who said it "DISGUSTS" them. My name is Kelsey which was originally a male's name. However, I think it is better suited for a female. Which is how I think Riley is. I named my daughter Riley and it suits her perfectly; cute and spunky. I think it would be just fine as a boy's name though, too. Let's stop getting so offended over what someone else wanted to name their child.
I definitely like it better on a boy; simply doesn't sound like a girl's name to me.
My lifelong association for this one is Riley the (male) gang-leader dog from Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco.
My own name is Riley (I'm a girl) and a really really (did I mention really?) good friend of mine has an older brother named Riley and it's spelled the same way... obviously... But when I found out I kinda just laughed it off. I've seen guy Riley's on TV and have even met a blind guide dog who's name was Riley. I'm okay with however it's used and I personally think it sounds good in any use... though maybe not for something weird like a hamster or snake...
Riley Anderson is the main character of the movie Inside Out.
For a boy? What? It's more for a girl but girls who are named that can be pretty but some are sweet and nice. For a boy it should be Rylan not Riley.
I think Riley is a nice name that works well for either gender. It is a little more common for girls in the US than for boys. Personally, I prefer it on boys, however, I think it sounds fine on a girl as well. For a boy I would either spell it Riley or Ryley. For a girl I would either spell it Riley or Rylee. Rylee is the most common alternative spelling for a girl with that name.
My name is Riley. I was named after my aunt who passed away at a young age. In Finland, Raili (pronounced Riley) is a common girls name. My parents changed the spelling so it would be pronounced correctly. I was born in the 60's and this name had 0 popularity. Despite the fact that some people gave me a hard time when I was younger, I have always loved my name! It's unique and classic all rolled into one. People that are hung up on whether it is too masculine for a female or a dog's name, need to get a grip. Glad I didn't get stuck with a boring common place name.
I named my son Riley, my family thought it was a tough sounding name at first but it fits him perfectly. I later found out after naming him that his dad's real dad was Irish and English on my side so Riley Robert (middle name) was perfect. He did have two other boys in his grade school named Riley. He just finished high school and I have yet to meet a girl named Riley but my cousin's dog's name is Riley. It fits both as my son and the Irish Setter dog we're both into everything when young :) It fits the name of a very athletic boy as most Riley's I know are very involved in sports. I absolutely love the name of Riley for a boy. He did have a very good girl friend named Kiely that I thought was really cute for a girls name. I would of never named him Riley if he was a girl, too masculine sounding to me. Kiely for a girl, Riley for a boy gets my vote! Would love it for girl/boy twins!
Riley is a wonderful name! It is a very classy name and sounds very Irish! I prefer it for a male than female but the nice thing is it's unisex. Anyone that thinks it's a dog name needs to consider naming their pets real pet names and not traditional people names! Besides... Who doesn't want the Life of Riley?
It absolutely DISGUSTS me how this masculine and boyish name has become so popular among girls- even more common for the girls AND IT'S A BOYS NAME...
Americans, please stop giving your daughters masculine names. Enough is enough. Riley may be at #47 for girls but that does NOT make it a girls name. Riley is just a trendy masculine name for girls.
Riley Abel, a character in The Last of Us video game.
My name is Riley. I'm male and born in the late 80s. It was such an uncommon name when I was a kid that I didn't know anybody with my name. As I got older, the name became so trendy and popular, it seemed like everyone was naming their kids Riley - male and female. Now I know male Riley's, female Riley's and one of my best friends has a dog named Riley (not after me - he had the dog before I met him.. phew)
Personally, the name sounds and looks masculine. I'm not a fan of trendy and "unique" alternatives to spellings of names so spelling it "Ryleigh or Rylee" to look more feminine looks tacky in my eyes.
My 10 month old son is Riley William. We had the name picked since we found out we were pregnant, should we have a boy. My husband's family has a tradition, all the males have the initial RWJ and honestly most other names we didn't care care for or were too common in the family. I absolutely love it. I know a handful of other Riley's as well, spelled differently, and the same boy and girl. Although personally I like Ryleigh for a girl. My son's name fits him though. I know that may sound odd, but you know when you see someone, and the name kind of matches up? Well, Riley William fits him. Haha we love it. Hopefully he grows up and does too! To all the other Riley's (however you spell it) love the name!
I am newly pregnant and came across the name Riley for a girl. I love it. I thought I would google it to see if there were any ways kids would find a way to make fun of the name and instead I came across a site with adults using terms like disgusting, trashy, get off drugs. Personally, I think if you love the name use it, anyone who spits off such hateful opinions generally fits the profile of the insult they themselves used. They therefore don't have anything to say worth respecting. Why insult people?
P.S. Spell it anyway you like. Use it for a boy or girl. I love it!
This is the name of Cory and Topanga's daughter on the Disney Channel show Girl Meets World, the spin-off of Boy Meets World.
I love the name Riley for a girl. I think it's an awful name for a boy. For a girl, though, I think it's a wonderful name. I've liked it since I was in elementary school.
My son's middle name is Riley. My husband and I absolutely fell in love with the name when I found it online when I was looking for name ideas. It also compliments my son's first name beautifully. I believe if I had had a little girl first, Riley would have been in her name somewhere. I love it for a girl or a boy. It's just a great name.
Riley is a translated version of the name Raghallaigh. Once the man with the name died, he made his name to a surname and gave it to his son; Ó Raghallaigh (Of Raghallaigh). The name remained a surname for many years until the Irish immigrated to America and started translating Ó Raghallaigh to O'Reilly. Even O'Reilly started being translated to Riley. Eventually, it became a first name once again. It currently hits #133 for boys in the United States. The meaning is "Valiant" in Irish Gaelic.
I cannot believe no one's mentioned "Riley Euegene Daring", a character in the American action-fantasy-comedy animated television series for Disney Channel called "The Replacements".
You people are so immature, cause honestly, any name can be for either gender. Some of you just have no respect for others and that's why you hear about children committing suicide, cause people like you bully them and tell them their names sound like a dog's name or your mom named you after a girl/guy. Grow up people.
To Rileysmom24. "Any name can be unisexed" uh... no it can not. That is absolutely absurd! Stay off the drugs.
I'm a girl and almost every time I tell someone my name is Riley I get, "Hey, that's my dogs name!" -__-
Singer B.B. King was born Riley B. King. He's 87 years old, so I think the name can age well on a boy. On a girl, not at all.
My son's name is Riley, it suits him very well and I love the name, as for the comments it's a dogs name, I think people tend to call their dogs human names not the other way round, I have never met a dog called Riley but I have met lots of dogs called jack, Sam and Ben and I wouldn't say to them people you named your son/daughter after a dog!
This is a good name for a dog. Riley is a cute nickname for a girl but I would never use this as a first name. Imagine an old man called Riley! Not too flattering...
Everyone's going to think I'm crazy for saying this, (which is kind of sad) but Riley is a boy name! It only became a girl name because of this whole stupid trend of giving girls boys names like Madison, Mackenzie, and Taylor. Those were all boy names at once, and still sound super masculine, at least to me. Kre8tiv spelling like "rylee, ryleigh, ryley, or rylie doesn't make it feminine, it just looks plain stupid and immature.
I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with the user above me, I find using this name for a female nothing short of disgusting. The name "Riley" only became an uber-'trend' name for girls in the past few decades (starting about the mid-eighties), but it has been a boy's name for centuries and centuries. Any website or baby name book will verify this. What's next? Edward or Bartholomew for girls? I find this name extremely handsome and rich in history for a guy, but unsightly on a female.
Wow, I'm kind of stunned on how people can bash on a name like that. Whoever has this name must feel like crap after reading some of these comments. Personally, I think it works with both guys, girls, and dogs. I don't see why it's such a big deal that it could be a dog's name. I have two dogs and one of them is named Bailey while the other is Jake- both "human" names by the way. Whoever likes this name, I agree. I think it's a very nice name. Also, I feel very offended by the term "trailer-trash". I grew up in the environment of a trailer park, and it wasn't "trash" in any shape or form. I've met some wonderful friends there who will remain my friends forever, as they are very humble, genuine people. That's all I have to say.
I like Riley. It has spunk whether it's used for a girl or a boy.
I know this one girl who spells her name "Reilei" and I think it looks goofy. I also like the spelling Rhylee. I like the beginning. But then again I might just be saying that because it's a different way of spelling it that isn't totally crazy.
I'm sick and tired of male names being turned into female names! Leslie, Sydney/Sidney, and now Riley have all been mauled into the opposite gender.
Riley is a good MALE name, but on a girl it just sounds trendy and trashy, like a teenager trying way too hard to 'be unique'. There's nothing wrong with choosing an unpopular or unusual name, but just make sure it's the right gender and the correct spelling, m'kay?
I love the name Riley, but more as a girls name. I think it isn't too common but not too uncommon. I think if I had a boy I would call him Riley or Connor. I also like the spelling Rhylee, but more for a girl than a boy.
It's hard for me to imagine a grown man (or woman) named Riley. I mean, it's better than those Aiden/Jayden/Kayden names out there, and it's cute when the kid's like, seven or so, but it just doesn't sound very mature.
Preferable as a male name for the masculine sound of the name, I just wish parents of girls would realize how many names that are ACTUALLY feminine sounding are out there and stop stealing boy's names.
This is my name, except it is spelled Rylie. To all the people who are saying this name sounds like a dog name or sounds like a stupid name, I'M 100% WITH YOU! I absolutely LOATHE and ABOMINATE this name in every way, shape or form! It is one of the most ugly, idiotic white trash names I have ever heard of in my entire life and I am ashamed to bear this name. I wish my parents could have given me a different name that sounds much more classy and will sound well at any age (like Madeline or Adrienne), but NOOO they had to pick a gaudy, lower-class sounding name like Rylie that doesn't age well! UGGHH! Plus, I always have to spell it right for everyone. Expecting mothers and fathers, I beg you, Please DON'T NAME YOU KID RILEY OR ANY FORM OF RILEY! Most likely, they are going to hate it.
I've always felt that Riley was more of a feminine name than masculine. There is actually a girl in my grade named Riley, and it fits her country-esque style perfectly! We also have another, more city type girl with an in-your-face personality. She pronounces it the same way, but it is spelled Reili.
Riley Bears was the name of the vampire created by Victoria in the Twilight saga. He acted as the secondary antagonist in Eclipse.
I don't like this on a girl AT ALL. On a boy, it's a little bit better, but still not my favorite.
I love this name for a girl :) It's a cute name!
Riley Keough is an American model and actress and daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and granddaughter of Elvis Presley. She was born Danielle Riley Keough, but goes by Riley.
It's such a wimpy, unmasculine name on a guy, yet it's trashy and totally unfeminine on a girl. To put it simply, this name sucks.
I really don't understand why people feel the need to comment on how much they hate a name. My son's name is Riley and I think it's a beautiful name and I love that it means valiant. For those who think it's only a dog name... a lot of people give their dog's people names. I have two dogs named Emma and Charlie, both people names... what do you expect people to do, name their animals after planets or vegetables?
Way too masculine for a girl, way too feminine for a guy.
I've always liked the name Riley. I prefer it as a guy's name because it would work well for a little boy, a teenager and an older man. It would be cute on a little girl and edgy for a teenaged girl but once the girl gets older it wouldn't be the same as it would for a guy. But I prefer the spelling Rilee on a girl, to make it look more 'girly'.But I've considered when I start having kids and I have a son, I would like to call him 'Riley James' depending on how popular this name is in around ten years time.
I've honestly never heard of it until my brother was born. As he grew older, he gave me a very positive opinion on this name. It now gives the image of a sweet little boy, like my brother is now. It's a very good name.
It's overused and clearly masculine but sounds still girly. Not my cup of tea.
My boyfriend's name is Rielly, and I've never seen it spelled like that. I've seen it spelled 'Riley' and 'Reilly' but I really like his name. I think it's a good name for a dog, cat, female, male, inanimate object, you name it. It's just an all-around good name.
I think it's a awesome name also because it's mine and whoever called it a dogs name I also agree but it's kinda rude.
Also alternative spelling Rylee seems so sweet.
My name is Riley and I love my name. In early 90s , when I was born, this name was very unusual. But now it became popular and I'm proud of it!
I've always liked this name, but I was a little disappointed when I learned that it was more popular as a guy's name. I like it either way, but I think it sounds better on a girl.
"The Life of Riley" was a very popular radio show in the 1940s and later a TV show. The title character was Chester A. Riley. The phrase "life of Riley" or "living the life of Riley" is from the early 1900s and means living a good, comfortable life.
I used this name in the play I wrote for my senior project. I use it for the main male character. I imagine Riley's as shy. This is probably because the one Riley I've met (who is actually a girl) is extremely shy. I also think of the arts when I hear this name. I could see a Riley being a theatre techie or one of those kids who carry around cameras everywhere.
I think Riley is a great name that ages well. When I hear this name I often don't even think of a little boy I think of a man around Riley Poole's age in National Treasure. I hate this name on girls though. It should only be used on boys.
For a boy, I think this name seems childish, like when the guy gets older, I'd be embarrassed to call him "Riley".
I don't think this name is limited to just guys, girls, or pets. I like it for all, however, I can't really imagine a 80 year old woman saying her name was Riley. It's cute for a younger woman, but not too sure if the name ages with the person. And more than half of the animals I encounter have human names like Jack, Annabelle, Isabella, Rudy, and so on. I don't see why some people only see Riley as a dogs name. Even though it does make a good pets name.
I like this name on a pet.
Yes, keep telling yourself it's a girl's name. It will make it that much more real. Read up honey and then come back and comment will you please? Ignorance is not an excuse. And IMHO Riley is as much a dog's name as Spot and Rover.
Riley is a girl's name to me because 5 people that are female have this name, so apparently, it's a girl's name, not a dog's name or boy's name!
The kind of name people use that profess to be Irish when they're just Irish in the 4 generations removed, I only drink Guinness on St Paddy's day and think Leprechauns exist kind of sense.
It sounds weird on a girl, but it sound weird on a boy as well.
It would be a cool name for a son, if only it wasn't so damn popular and overused, and if only it didn't remind me of the despicable Bill O'Reilly. It sounds a bit youthful, but I suppose that has a lot to do with the fact Riley isn't exactly a common name on old men. It's not the most infantile name out there, that's for sure. However, this name is bad for females. It's a bit of a pity that there are so many cute little girls named Riley, a name that sounds like O'Reilly, the surname of a person who certainly won't respect them if he's still alive when they've reached age 16 or so. This sounds more like a name for a tomboy who sneers at girls more feminine than herself. The name is so damn trendy that it won't sound spunky on young indie fans or androgynous females. Middle-aged women named Riley will probably feel quite pissed off about their name, as it sounds too youthful on them because of the whole tomboy sound.
I love this name. I think it is better for a boy than a girl. But it sort of works for a girl also.
I would never name a creature that is part of my family "Riley." Naming your pet something ditzy is a waste of a name, and with pets you can get away with really weird names. I love this on guys. Go Riley!
I think Riley is quite trendy and a bit superfluous. That said, it does have a pleasant sound compared to other names in the very popular surname-as-first-name category. It's an energetic name. I would expect Riley to be a girl or boy born between 1995 and the present. Personally, I don't think people should be offended if someone says this is a name for dogs. I think it's great when pets have "human" names.
Riley Freeman, the youngest little boy on the show, "The Boondocks."
Yes, very doggy. Funking up the spelling will not help. It becomes an illiterate dog name then.
I prefer it for a girl by FAR. Other spellings are:
Rylie and
The ultimate canine name. Beats Rex and Rufus. Trailer park business on a human.
Would make a beautiful boy's name, but for a girl it wouldn't be hideous.
I just read all the comments, and I'm shocked. Who'd name their dog Riley? I don't name my pets nice-sounding modern names. And I don't see what's so terrible about it, it has a very casual feel to it and doesn't make any weird impression on the people you meet.
I've known many people with the name Riley and I never once thought of it being trashy, uncool, too masculine, trailer-parkish, or too much like a dog. Names can go either way on these things; it all depends on the person.
I have a friend with this name, but it's spelled Reighley. Pronounced the same way, though.
Why would you use Riley on your son if you like Irish names? That makes no sense as Riley is the English surname related to 'rye clearing'. You were after the anglicized Irish surname Reilly (from Raghilleach). Better yet, use an Irish name that would be used in Ireland. The only saving grace here is that you used it on a son. That's awesome. This name is ralph-inducing on girls.
I love the name Riley. My son's name is Riley Ray Skinner. I love Irish names, and I love my son's name although a lot of people have bad things to say about it. I hate the name Riley on a girl. It sounds too masculine. :)
A beautiful girl's name? Wake up. It is a Joe Bloggs surname. Boring as Smith or Black and possibly one of the best dog names of all time.
If I ever use it, which I doubt highly, it'd be on a boy, mainly because well, it's ugly for a girl.
Pure trash. Boring surname too. It is not "cool".
Yes, I agree with Riley_Walsh44. I read Summer of Riley also (great book, btw), and agree that it is wonderful as a boy, girl, or dog name.
I love the name Riley and I can't wait to name my daughter Riley Lynn. Also it's a cool name.
I really like it (spelled Rylie). Really nice!
Definitely a good dog name :). Kinda trendy/trashy for a person. And the spelling variety is soooo trailer park. It was okay in small doses and spelled right but now I just have a picture of a pregnant 16-year old standing outside a pawn shop.
While I like Riley for a girl, I adore it for a boy. My cousin gave birth to her first child October 06, a son named Riley Michael. She had the name picked out for pretty much the whole pregnancy and it seems to suit him. Plus, her name begins with R (Rhianna) and I think that's kind of sweet (although unintentional). Shame I can't use the name now. Oh well; happy to have a newphew named Riley. :P
I have a 6-year-old daughter named Rylie Drew, and I adore the name! I didn't know anyone with the name 6 years ago, but I've heard it a little more lately! I don't care as much for it as a boy name, but probably only because I'm used to it being my daughter's name. We debated a lot over the spelling and finally chose Rylie, which I like the best. I can't imagine a boy spelling it that way. As for the dog comments, well, to each their own. My dog's name is Sydney, so go figure! Oh, and for you naysayers, I've had a ton of compliments on how cute her name is. There's a ton of names I don't like, so I totally get that a lot of people won't like this name, either. No biggie!
My friend's bears this name, but she spells it Rylie. The spelling allows the name to be a lot more feminine in my opinion. I think it works well in both genders.
My name is Reihle, and it is pronounced just like "Riley". I am female, and up until this past year I had never met another person named like myself. Personally, I think it is a proper name for anything. Who cares if it's a dog, cat, goldfish, boy, or girl. A name is a name. ANY name can be for both genders. Don't dog on "Riley" because you wish you had a cool name like us. :)
I personally think that it is a really bad idea to name a boy a name that is also popular, or even semi popular, amongst the ladies. Guys always seem to feel a bit more degraded when they get asked if they are a girl because of their name during roll call or something than girls being asked if they are boys. So, naturally, I prefer this on a girl.
Personally, I think this name is really ugly for a girl, but it's cool for a guy.
My name is Riley and I am a woman. I am 23 years old and just recently the name became popular. For all of you out there who consistently like to tell me that your dog's name is Riley, I couldn't care less. What would you like me to say to that? Honestly everyone thinks it's a boys name, but when I ask people how many guys they know named Riley they might be able to come up with one.So now that everyone is stealing my unique name I would appreciate if you don't torture your kids by spelling it some horrible way that no one will ever spell correctly. Riley is the easiest way to spell it. Thanks! (:
I like the sound of this name a lot, and first became aquainted with it after watching Justin Bartha's character Riley in "National Treasure". Although I like Riley more for a boy than a girl, I think Rylee would be better for a girl.
This would make an a-grade dog's name for sure. I love the declarations of love for the Irishness of this name. Riley is English for those unaware.
My grandma's maiden name was Reilley. She was 100% Irish. My mom almost named my brother Patrick Reilley, but, at the time, she didn't think of it. (His name is Patrick Joseph.) Anyways, I prefer this spelling to any other, but 'Riley' is better than some of the others.
These are comments about the English surname: Riley. Big difference if you are Irish.
Changing the spelling does not improve this name.
I love this for both genders, but spelled different for both. Reilly only for a boy, and Rilee, Riley, or Ryleigh for a girl.
Should only belong to a male.
This is the name of pro-skater Tony Hawk's oldest son.
Irish meaning small stream.
Riley is an Irish name.
I had never even heard of this name as a dog's name until I looked at this site! I do kind of see the point though I think it's ugly spelled this way. I spell it Rylee.
I love this name. I used to have a turtle named Riley, but I would use this name as a person's name. I would use Riley for a boy and Rylie/Ryleigh for a girl.
My daughter's name is Riley Madison. I think it is a cool name she will be proud to grow up with!
I have no idea why this name is popular for girls. It's harsh sounding, unisex, trendy sounding and just plain gross. I don't like it for boys either. I agree, this name is best suited to dogs and cats, not humans.
I have a friend named Riley Joyce. You probably automatically thought "girl," right? Riley Joyce is a boy, and he's very nice and I like the name a lot for both boys and girls. Usually with "trendy" names I hate them, but Riley, I think, is a great name.
Sounds very boyish to me. As a girl I would hate it if my name were Riley and would promptly apply for a change of name.
Riley/Reilly I have seen is also Irish meaning "courageous or valiant" and I have also seen the Irish meaning to be "small stream".
I personally love this name for a girl as Rileigh and a boy as Riley.
I like this for a boy spelt Reilly. ;)
This is my favorite name for a girl. I love the Irish and American sound to it, it's classic and modern at the same time.
Riley Finn was the name of a main character on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", he was male.
It also sounds like a better name for a dog than a person. If used for a person, I would say a boy.
Well, it looks and sounds like it would make a better first name for a dog than a person. A very proper, English-breed dog. That seems to be the general case with last names as first names.
I like this name as a girl's name but it is good for a boy. I have a character who's middle name is Riley and she chooses to go by it rather than Emma being as she doesn't want to be another Emma H. Also a word to people who say this is a dog's name. Where do you think they get the idea for dogs names? A lot of people names are dogs names and vice versa so leave this one alone.
My name is Riley and I think that it is a dog, girl, and guy name. You people who say it is only one, not true. I have read a book called 'The Summer of Riley' and Riley is a dog. My name is Riley and I am a girl. And I know guys named Riley. It is cool to me.
I know a guy with a dog named Riley and a girl with a son named Riley. I HATE this name on a kid, I hate these new fangled names consarnit.
Riley Poole is a character in the movie National Treasure. I do like this name - girl or boy.
Riley is Courteney Cox and David Arquette's daughter's middle name. Her full name is Coco Riley. I think it's kinda cute.
Half of my name is Riley (Rily-Aiden), and I think that it is a beautiful name for a girl or a boy. Sometimes though it is annoying when people think that Riley can only be a boys' name.
Riley sounds like a good name for a dog. Here Riley, come here Riley, that's a good dog! This is a name for a dog not a person. Put your head on straight people.
Where do you get that it's only a dogs name? I know a dog named Chelsea, does that mean that Chelsea is a dog only name now? Riley is from an Old English surname. Old English dates back HUNDREDS of years.
Riley is nice for a male dog. Not a female.
And, yes, many languages trace back 'hundreds of years'. Actually every language that's not artificial traces back thousands of years (through the languages which they formed out of, since you won't get it otherwise).
I agree with the person who said that it is a dog name. However, like many unisex names that end with a Y or Y sound, this one has gone to the girls. Why anyone would give their daughter a dog name is beyond me.
I love this name for boys, but it sounds kind of freaky for girls.
I actually think this is a great name for a girl as well as a guy.

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