This is such a cute name.
Princess Beatrice just named her baby daughter Sienna Elizabeth.
I prefer it for a dog but super cute!
Sienna is a very beautiful name and I love it so much.
Horrible and tacky. If you use for your daughter Sienna why not Portland or San Francisco or Detroit?
Sienna is a wonderful name. I have found that all people with the name Sienna are sooooo pretty. I wish I was a Sienna.
Sienna and Siena both are beautiful ❤️.
This is my cousin’s name, and I think it’s beautiful! A great choice.
A great name for a crayon or mini van. Or perhaps a little girl who lives in a trailer park.
Sienna Khan from RWBY, Leader of the White Fang after Ghira Belladonna stepped down.
My name is Sienna and I was born in 1968 and as a child it was so unusual and I always had to explain the meaning and wanted to be a Sarah to fit in. I love it now. My Dad is an artist and has a sense of humour and as my maiden name was Brown my name was on pencils! I am a fiery personality and love adventure or can be extremely quiet. I am one extreme to the other, all or nothing! I was born way before Sienna Miller so maybe she was named after me! Lol! I also have brown hair and green eyes so not a pretty blonde for sure. It is so strange to hear mothers calling out my name to their daughters, it was never heard of in the 60s!
Sienna has bogan appeal.
My name is Sienna and my nickname is Sisi.
Sienna Chardonnay Crystal & Chanel what a sister combination! Tacky all the way.
Sienna means red/brown color.
Bogan name for sure!
For some reason NO ONE can pronounce my name. It’s Sienna and frankly I’m starting not to like it. It’s pronounced SEE EN UH. But people always pronounce it SIE as in eye with an s in front, and then Enna. People also pronounce it See ANNA, Senna, SEENA, and many more, it’s such a simple name- just get it right.
I really like my name, Sienna, but I find it upsetting that the only definition of my name is "reddish brown". Why can't it have an actual meaning (example: delicate, kind, etc.) and not just some brown! It feels like an insult that there isn't a good definition of what my name means. I search it up, and all I see is, "reddish brown." All of my friends' names mean something like peace, strength, wisdom, and even beautiful flower! Can someone be nice enough to give the name Sienna an actually nice meaning, and not just an color you find in a 64-count Crayola Crayons box?
My name is Sienna, and honestly I’m not so sure I like it anymore, everyone says this name is Italian but it is actually Old English. My family is German and Irish but I was named after the Italian city Siena. I used to like it because it was unique and pretty but now people call me Anus because backwards my name is Anneis. Anyway I like the name, it’s strong yet light, and not too long or short, I have ginger or strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes so it doesn’t really fit me, everyone says I look like an Emily or Kaitlyn, which is annoying because those names are such boring white girl's names.
I like Sienna Rose, I am Sienna Joy T_____, two middle names and yeah that’s my opinion. Bye.
My name is Sienna Rose and I personally hate my name. The biased version of Sienna is dirty blond/blond hair with dark brown eyes and they keep to themselves. Personally I’m loud and talkative I have jet black hair and hazel eyes. I’m tired of the soft feminine pink girl name. I despise pink and dresses. I also don’t wanna hear the crap about colors. I hate my name but it might be nice on others.
I am a Sienna, and personally I am friends with everyone and am very outgoing and smart. I have blonde hair with blue eyes.
I met a Sienna once. She was horrible and mean.
I've only met one girl with this name. It was the first I had ever heard of it, but I think it's pretty.
I named my daughter Sienna Ray. Love, Love, LOVE this name for her.
It sounds like someone who is dedicated to fitness and eating healthfully.
Personally when I think of my name it reminds me of a field of yellow flowers, sometimes sunflowers with a sunset in the background. I feel like this captures the color part of the name. Then again, it is biased but I definitely think I look like a Sienna because I have dirty blonde hair and brown eyes but again it’s biased.
As my name is Sienna I was named after the colors Burnt Sienna and Raw Sienna. Just to put out the name is also used based on the color.
The name Sienna comes from the Italian town Siena. It also means orange brown, almost a burnt brown colour like the tiles used on the rooftops there. It also means old and wise. I love the name Sienna Rose. It is unique and classy and beautiful for a girl. It is a lot better than Paris, Channel, Scarlott or Mia(h), those are kind of unusual but chavy names and remind me of popular, prissy girls at school. I know a few Sienna's and they are very good natured and well liked. Also very beautiful! Maybe it's all to do with the name!
My name is Sienna and no one else I know has the name. I want to know some meanings behind the name besides the color >:(. Reddish-brown my butt. I'm white with ginger hair and green eyes. So no that doesn't fit me. My family is from Ireland not Italy. :(.
I like the name, it's pretty but there are so many Siennas that I know and most of them are your cliche queen bees. So yeah, don't name your kid Sienna because it's too popular and there will probably be 20 Siennas in their school.
Sienna is used also in Italy.
Despite being very rare according to ISTAT it was used for newborns since 2006. In 2016 were born less than five Sienna.
I like it because of the colour meaning.
The double N is a bit annoying because the original form is Siena (town) and 'terra di Siena' (colour). But Siena is not a given name so I pick Sienna anyway until Siena will be used more.
I have a Sienna Rose born in 2014. I have gotten so many comments, everyone says it's such a pretty name. I don't see it as "tacky" at all! I think it's gorgeous as a newborn and can also grow with her into adulthood.
Also it's not as popular as I thought!
Pretty enough as far as color names go, and I have used it as a name for a character of mine. However, I can't really picture it on anyone past the age of eighteen, and find it a bit too close to Sierra, a name I dislike. Other than this, it's alright.
I LOVE the name. I have since laying my eyes upon Sienna Miller back in 2004 or so, when she broke out in Alfie. I swore she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen in the light of the media. She was strong willed, determined, and cheerful without coming off too pretentious. I named my daughter after her back in 2011. I don't think there's anything tacky with the namesake of a child being that of a movie star. They're well known, and if their work inspires you or you find yourself enthralled with cinema like I do, then anything is a respectable way to name a kid. Tacky to me are just the overdone names, much like the trashier "stripper names" referred to previously. There are a LOT worse names than Sienna. Her little brother Leonardo will be here in the summertime as well!
My name (born in '97) and I like it and I personally don't think it's tacky. My cousin's names are Tiffany and Candice (Candy); which I find a lot more tacky than Sienna. I have a friend named Siena also to further dispel the Sienna Miller association.
My name is Sienna and no offense to anyone, and I value the people's opinions that say the name is sweet and very feminine, but I'd just like to get my opinion out there. It has always seemed more free, spontaneous, smart, and joyful to me, though I'm biased because that's me. It felt more happy and yellow and bright and ecstatic rather than pink and princessy or whatever other girly interpretation people decide. None of those are wrong however, Siennas can be girly and feminine (I myself love dresses and bows and had tea parties with my stuffed animals when I was little) but they don't have to always be proper and perfect, as I feel people were using the word feminine, though I may be wrong. Feminine isn't always playing dolls, it can mean playing sports as well. I do improv comedy and yesterday I ran into a wall quite hard and was perfectly fine and unaffected (though slightly startled). All I'm really saying here is that Sienna's can be pretty and love princesses and pink but are not limited to just that kind of feminine.
Also, I do not think it is a tacky name. I mean absolutely no offense to anyone, but I feel like I need to say (write) my opinion down here if other people are. I just disagree with a few people when they say Sienna is a tacky name. Tacky means that something is in bad taste, but if we all have different tastes, who's to say what's bad?
A bogan name. I agree with the commenter above - it has the same feel as Chardonnay & Crystal & Chanel.. if you can't afford to go there on that overseas holiday, or buy that luxury product, name your kid that. Tacky. It also reminds me of acrylic paint colours, like 'Umber' and the like.
I personally love it. My daughter is Sienna Brielle Grace, and I feel like it's such a feminine, sweet name.
Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery have a daughter born via surrogate named Sienna May.
Twin for SIERRA.
Sienna is a model of minivan produced by Toyota from 1997 to present. The automaker Fiat also has a model called the Sienna.
Um, no. Just like "Sierra", this name doesn't fit anyone over the age of 16.
I love this name, however it makes me think of Brown, not Red. :P
Sienna Devereux is one of the main characters in a book series called Vampire Beach.
I think it's a pretty name. But it's WAY too modern, and it sounds rather artificial and almost made up. It's got its appeal, but I'd skip it, if I were you.
I really really love this name. I think it sounds very elegant and smart, but in a weird rustic, underused way. I want to use it for a character in a story I'm writing, but the plot focuses around fire so I'm afraid it'll be tacky since Sienna means red and all that.
I think this name is very ugly and overused.
Well, I'd rather wanted to use it as a guy's name.
Pretty nice if combined with a classy name. Sienna Skyler or something like that sounds just ugly.
Any name based on this beautiful Tuscan city is worth having.
It reminds me of a crayon.
I love the name Sienna, it definitely does not seem in the least bit tacky to me. It sounds so elegant and care free, but will suit a woman well through her whole life.
I like this name. I think it sounds classy and smart.
Sienna, Chardoonay, Crystal they are all the same - tacky.
Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg have a daughter Sienna Goldberg, was born at 2:20 am on 24th August 2005 in L.A.
Actually, the daughter of Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg is named Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg.
I really like the name, it sounds nice and short but it also has something about it that makes you think about it.
I think that it definitely grows with the person because it's a nice name for a woman who's 100 years old! This is because it reminds me of "cien" or 100 in Spanish.
I love this name and I like it much more with two n's. I've only ever met one little girl named Sienna (she's about 8 now) but I never knew her well. To me, it is a beautiful and elegant name that can grow with the child. I also find it very funny that it means orange-red because, whenever I think about it, I think of cool blues, pale turquoise and woody browns.
I love "Sienna Rose." I know a girl named Sienna. We're not close, but I love her name.
A very pretty name.
This is my daughter's name and she is 1. I chose it because it's classy, feminine, and light. This name will best suit her when she's an adult, that's why I like it so much. Her nickname is 'Cece'. Sienna is gaining popularity, but she will never be 1 of 4 Olivia or Ava's in her class. Her full name is Sienna Kate and siblings are Callista and soon-to-be brother, Chase.
Not a fan of this name; I can't see its appeal and I'm sure there'll be an outbreak of Siennas, named of course for the lovely Sienna Miller, which I personaly think is tacky.
I think it is a beautiful name, and it goes well with the middle name Mary, Sienna Mary Bla Bla Bla.
I'm seeing this name everywhere here and I don't see it's appeal.
It IS a feminine name but I think that you can call someone this without the risk of them sounding girly and stupid - it feels intelligent too.
My 2 day old granddaughter is named SIENNA KRISTINA. I find the name chosen is perfect for a delicate little girl, feminine in every way. I know she will do the name justice, as will it do her.

I love names without letters that 'drag' down. She will have a lovely signature (will look great on her driver's licence), LOL.
My daughter's name. I thought it was very beautiful and feminine and it's growing in popularity.
Famous Bearer: actress Sienna Miller.

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