I really like this name on guys. I don't necessarily think that the name is ugly on a girl, as, depending on her character, she could wear this name with pride and make it work for herself. But I think that most unisex names sound odd on both genders - because the fashion of names vary over time. Can you imagine a guy named Shirley now? But then again, people would've laughed at the thought of a girl named Meredith. And now, its been taken over by females.
So...people will name their daughters Spencer, Aubrey or Glenn. (The last two are Unisex, used to be Male only.)
But they wouldn't dare name their sons Winter, Audrey or Gwen. (Strictly Female.)
There's a lot of inconsistency with English unisex names. Masculine names move to the girl's side, feminine names rarely go to the boy's side. Girl names are too "girly and sissy-like" for boys, apparently. People expect too much from guys, and too less from girls. The modern usage of names is really starting to show the long-existing double standard. Anything boyish on boys and girls: "hot, sexy, edgy".
Anything girlish on MEN: "Ew! He's effeminate, let's bully him. We're a part of the bandwagon!"

You can call your girl Spencer. But consider that because men are expected to be "Big Bad Macho Wolves" who do yard work, a number of feminine privileges are not given to them. They're told not to like other guys, not to wear dresses, and insulted for having high pitched voices, even though they can't control their natural vocal pitch or their natural interests.

You think that jerks will seriously NOT bully a guy for being called Brooke with an E? Even though there's only one extra letter? "UH OH, GIRL NAME! THE SPELLING DETERMINES GENDER, I'M MAD!"

Yeah..Spencer is a nice name, but it's caught up in a trend that helps girls earn an edge, it doesn't help everyone equally. Unisex names in practice, are meant to offer variety for everyone. But it only offers more names for girls, the way that English speakers tend to do it.
1. Charlie Chaplin's middle name
2. The meaning isn't something that really catches me. Don't dig it at all
3. Too much similar to "Sponser"
4. I like how it seems liked. It's a unique and not overused name
5. Only fits boys. Hate when people choose boyish names for their daughters. I can only imagine it on a boy. The sound is pretty masculine.
Spencer isn't very popular so I like it.
I think Spencer is a really nice name, for either gender. Spence is a cool nickname, too.
Spencer Jill Hastings is one of the Liars and main protagonists of Pretty Little Liars on Freeform.
Weirdly, I PREFER this on a girl. I think it’s very unique.
The middle name of Charles "Charlie" Chaplin.
Surname of Princess Diana, but anyway, all relations set aside I like this name and it could suit a male all his life.
I have mixed feelings about this name, it's a nice name, but it's really not feminine.
A train from Thomas and Friends is named Spencer. He is Gordon’s rival.
For those who want to name their daughters Spencer or any other male name, go ahead. Just remember that your daughter will probably be picked on non stop and it will be assumed she’s a boy. You have to think about what your child is going through in life otherwise you will pay the price.
Handsome name for a boy, just love it!
The only reason why I can see this on a girl is because of Pretty Little Liars. Otherwise, I much prefer this on a boy.
Only for girls.
Spencer may be used as a girl’s name according to Wikipedia but it’s traditionally a boy’s name.
By reading the comments here, I've noticed that most of you think that girls shouldn't have "boy names" well, that's just dumb, to be honest.
I think Spencer is a great name because it's mine and yes I am a male.
This name just sounds really dorky to me. Also, it should never be used for a female, that’s just ridiculous. Giving a little girl a male name is not cool, it’s dumb.
I completely agree with Murphy. People should give their daughters proper feminine names.
Why are some of the highest rated comments so sexist... Spencer works for both males and females.
This name is super ridiculous on females. Please don’t use this as a feminine name.
Spencer is nice for a boy. Naming a girl Spencer is like naming a boy Sophie. Just sounds ridiculous.
Spencer Charnas is the current lead vocalist for metal/metalcore band Ice Nine Kills.
I know girls with this name. And I don’t think that’s a good thing.
Also sometimes used as a feminine name.
I've come across Spencer as a woman's name once or twice, but this is generally a masculine name. And regarding its use as a feminine name, I have to question sometimes what makes other "feminine" names so abhorrent that parents look at their baby girl and think it's in her best interest to name her Spencer. But that's a very political discussion, for another time.

Anyway, I used to like Spencer as a boy's name. I thought it was tough yet classy, a well-rounded name. Now, however... my impression has been soured. Back in high school, I liked this name *in spite of* Spencer Pratt on "The Hills." Now, however, I find Spencer to be... well, like an insufferable, moneyed prat. Like a stereotypical college prep "alpha." Now I can't shake the association.
Spencer James Smith is an ex member of Panic! At The Disco.
Only fitting for a dog/cat. Spencer sounds ludicrous on a girl.
I'm a girl named Spencer, though I spell it with an s-- Spenser. I don't mind it, but I wish I had a feminine nickname. Penny's an idea, but... doesn't fit me very well.
Spencer Ashton Beidler, coolest man alive.
I love this name. Typically, I don't like masculine names on a girl, but I find an exception with the name Spencer. I know a woman named Spencer, and before I met her I'd never thought of it for a girl; but I actually find it really cute on a girl! Not to draw the masculinity from it; I don't think boys with the name Spencer sound girly at all. And I don't think a girl with the name Spencer sounds masculine, either. I think it works well for either. :)
I really like this name. Makes me think of Spencer from iCarly, so I totally imagine this name on boys. Spencer on girls sounds kind of... wrong to me.
Spencer is a nice name. Spencer from iCarly comes to mind. It’s strong and handsome on a boy and it will age well. I can see it has became a trendy boy name on girl, and I find that really cute, but I think it sounds more masculine than feminine. I know a famous bearer who is a female and her name was Spencer. But her middle name is Margaret, after her grandmother. Usually girls with boyish first names are given feminine middle names, it’s cute that way.
Second Earl Spencer (1758–1834), English politician.
I’ve met more boy Spencer’s than girl Spencer’s but I don’t like it for a boy. I love it for a girl:)
This is a good name FOR A BOY. It's great for a long name that dosen't require a nickname. You can definitely name your child this if you don't want them to have a nickname more frequently used than his actual name.
In 2018, 12 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Spencer who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 499th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 12 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Spencer who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 5, 035th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Nice on a boy. Funny on a girl.
This name has always been appealing to me. I prefer it for a boy but think it is lovely for a girl as well.
It doesn't even sound like a name to me, and it sounds like both a name of someone with no class and some one who is a pretentious elitist at the same time. Besides, I find the sounds hideous, from the sp to the er.
Love this name!
Terrible name for a boy, unless he's a waiter in a restaurant. Kids will call him Spencer Dispenser. Kids are so cruel. But also observant.
Spencer works beautifully for a boy or a girl but personally I see it as a girl's name, probably because of the book/tv character Spencer Hastings!
Why are people always like "OMG THIS IS A BOY/GIRL NOT A BOY/GIRL NAME" just let parents name their children something masculine or something feminine if they want to as long as the name doesn't get the child bullied or made fun of.
While traditionally a men's name, it is not unusual to hear of women with this name. It should be considered a unisex name.
Sorry girls, but this name is WAY too masculine to be feminine. This name basically screams "I AM A GUY!"
Good name that I am glad is getting some recognition for males nowadays.
Do not name a female this name though. Not feminine at all. Use a REAL girls name please.
I think it is purely a unisex name. I've met more girl Spencers than guy Spencers. It is a lovely, neutral name.
Spencer Shay was a character on iCarly. He was Carly's kooky older brother, who dropped out of law school to become a sculptor. He was Carly's primary caretaker and often filled the apartment with sculptures made of soda bottles, whisks, and other nonconventional items.
I would name my dog this.
I love this name for a BOY only!.. in the past 15 years it's been used quite a lot for boys, cracking the top 100 some years. But in the last 15 years it hasn't even made the top 1000 for girls so there's only a few weirdos out there using it for girl.
A great name for a boy!
The name Spencer screams masculinity. I don't think it fits girls at all. I love it on boys though.
Also used in the CBS TV show Criminal Minds for the main character Dr Spencer Reid.
What an awesome name, very cool and unique. Love it!
This name is *okay* I know it is traditionally a boys name but when I hear the name Spencer I think girl. I love the (female) character Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars. She is an intelligent, straight A student who gives me positive opinions on this name. Spencer Hastings' middle name is Jill, which I think goes well with her name.
The name Spencer was unfortunately given to 237 girls born in the US in 2015.
Definitely sounds nerdy, but a good kind of nerdy. The sweet kind. I see it as primarily a male name, but for a female, I think it would take a specific kind of personality to pull it off. An ultra feminine woman who loves dresses and makeup wouldn't sound good with Spencer as a name; a sporty tomboy or an alternative rocker would.
My name is Spencer and I love my name. I am a 17 year old boy and I love my name so much that I would not give it up.
Spencer Smith, used to be the drummer for the band Panic! At The Disco.
Strong male name.
For all you garboons trying to make Spencer sound like a gender-neutral name, you are WAY off the bat. You think that almost every name can be gender-bended. Well get used to it, Spencer is a masculine name no matter how strongly you support its usage for girls. Spencer will only become unisex when a considerable amount of girls have the name, or if it is rising in popularity for females rather than males.
I absolutely don't mean to bring people down who have a liking or have this name, but honestly I don't like it for even a boy, but on a girl it is worse. It's just a really strange name, and definitely not feminine or masculine. It's confusing. But what I say doesn't matter, be proud if this is your name, and don't stop liking it because of a stupid comment. And the "er" thing, I beg to differ
And much more. I've also heard someone say that anything ending in "son" is for boys. Nuh uh I don't think so. Lol.
The name isn't only used as a masculine name. In more recent years, the name Spencer has frequently been used for girls as well. It should say the name is for both genders.
Spencer is a wonderful, handsome, masculine name. It's classy and it ages very well. It reminds me of a man who is intelligent and caring. :)
To be honest, you all say that Spencer sounds masculine just because you all probably know more males named Spencer than females, so you're used to it. As someone who doesn't live in an English-speaking country (so Spencer isn't a common name here), I automatically assumed that Spencer was a girl name and was surprised when I found out it could be used for boys too. It actually sounds kinda funny and unnatural to me when referring to a guy...
I think what people aren't taking into consideration is the fact that although a name be rarely used on girls that doesn't magically make it a girls name.

If a few people decided to use Amelia on boys I doubt people would be saying "it's a boys name to because of so and so" they'd more most likely be saying "no way, Amelia shouldn't be used on a boy".

Same thing applies to Spencer and other "modern unisex" names. Sure, their are some girls out their names Spencer but the name is still historically masculine. Just like Amelia is historically feminine regardless if it gets used on a boy once or twice.

Also, people need stop being so butthurt when someone says "this is to masculine for a girl" it's just an opinion on the name not the bearer or person using the name.
It's a good name, elegant, yet strong. I have met one girl in my entire life with the name Spencer, and it fit her quite well. So in my own personal opinion the name works for both genders.

Unlike names such as Leslie, that name as far as I'm concerned should be restricted to just women.
I think that it could be feminine, too.
I mean, Spencer is a main character of Pretty Little Liars and she's female.
Oh, and it's kinda safe to call their kids unisex names because what if they choose to become trans*?
Spencer W. Kimball, a president and prophet of the LDS Church.
Spencer is an elegant and expressive name for either a boy or a girl. I think it is important to remember that all names and even language (in and of itself) was made up by people. Our perceptions, associations and meanings are all MADE UP by people. It's a NAME. Nothing more, nothing less. Masculine and feminine are only perceptions and associations that have been created by people. Those who are rigid have difficulty with changing their perceptions from what they have been told. If you like this name for a girl, I would suggest getting less caught up in other people's perceptions and go with what feels right for you. People will get over it, and even if they don't, just remember, they didn't ask your permission to think and feel the way they do ;-)
Somewhat meretricious, but still quite a handsome name.
This is one of the few "occupational surname-turned-first name" names that I think is acceptable as a first name. It's not a name I especially like, but I think it sounds and looks a lot better than most of the surnames that have become trendy first names.

It is strictly a masculine name to me. There is nothing remotely feminine about it, and just because there are real girls and fictional girls with this name does nothing to change that. (Like the name Dylan, giving it to girls isn't going to magically make it sound feminine or unisex.)

It's not like Jennifer, Lavender, or Esther. It's not the 'er' that makes it seem masculine. I think it's more the 'spence' part.
Spencer is a cool name for a BOY. It's ugly on a girl. I really do not understand the whole 'lets name our daughter a boy's name to look cool' idea. It's awful. They obviously wanted a boy instead. Spencer is not pretty or feminine at all.

Anyway, I actually know of a woman called Spencer. The name doesn't sit right at all. It sounds weird.
This is a good boys name, but I actually love this name for a girl. I think it's elegant.
Bwahahaha this isn't a girls name! Are you crazy?! Just because its used on a fictional female character doesn't mean it's a girl's name *cough Madison cough*. What is up with people thinking they can use whatever name on whichever gender they want? My god, if I met a really pretty girl (or any girl for that matter) named Spencer I think I'd probably burst into laughter right in the poor girl's face. I really like this name for boys though. It just irritates me to no end how many boy's names are being used on girls these days. There are WAY too many handsome boys names (Aubrey, Taylor, Emerson, etc.) going to girls for literally no reason at all except a pathetic attempt to be 'unique', when they're not. Sorry about the rant, its just a huge pet peeve of mine.
On the show Pretty Little Liars, one of the main characters names is Spencer Hastings. This is also a girls name. She is a girl.
I really like this name. It is also a girls name though, just to let everyone know. When I hear this name I think of a handsome, brown haired, blue eyed boy OR a beautiful girl with either dark brown or dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and long eyelashes.
MALE NAME ONLY. Are parents so unimaginative that they can't think of ANY actual girls' names? Or maybe they just want to be kri8tv and tryndee by slapping a completely masculine name on their daughters. Either way, I hope people get tired of this 'let's slap our newborn daughter with a name that's been strictly masculine for centuries just because we want to be yoo-neek' trend soon.
I have a friend named this and she is a girl. Spencer is a good name for both genders.
It seems like on every MALE name, there's a comment saying "this would also be a good girl name"
No, it wouldn't. Male names are for males, female names are for females. There are a few exceptions, but unless you want to be completely ridiculous, that's how it is. Naming your daughter Spencer is just plain stupid, are there really no other perfectly feminine names you could come up with?!
That is just totally sexist overall. Spencer is just a NAME. It doesn't matter really. Ashley is a unisex name! So is Skyler and Taylor and even Sam. So please, everyone who says sexist stuff like that, just keep it to yourself! It's a NAME. A NAME PEOPLE. I'd love to name my daughter Spencer (if I have one) so all you haters, why not have an open mind. Spencer is a perfectly good name for a girl.
How in the world is that sexist? It's not like he or she was saying that girls have to act super feminine and boys have to act super masculine. Exactly what harm is refusing to give a girl a masculine name going to do? Please explain why the original commenter was supposedly being sexist?
And you have no business telling people to "keep it to themselves". You sound very immature. Grow up. And stop using the phrase "have an open mind" to tell people to have the same opinion as you.
Definitely a male name! I've never actually met anyone with this name so maybe it's not as common as I thought. Yay!
Spenser Wempe is Miss West Virginia 2011.
Lovely name! I like most names ending with this sound! :)
I think Spencer is a great name for a girl. I would know, because my name is Spencer and I'm a girl. I get lots of compliments on my name. I feel that people should open up their minds to unisex names.
On the show Pretty Little Liars, there is a girl named Spencer.
I know twins named Diana and Spencer. They are both girls.
Spencer is a great name! I associate it with the nerdy profile Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds, so it's mainly a masculine name to me, however, I think it would be okay on a girl.
This is a very cool name for a boy, and I feel it would fit him throughout his life. I don't think it's very feminine at all, though, but the whole "anything ending with -er is masculine" thing is a bit out there. Here's a list for you:
I don't know about you, but a lot of those names seem feminine to me.
I think Spencer or Spence is an awesome name! It reminds me of a strong, loving, intelligent man. It's okay for a girl too, except that it's a little trendy, like a name used for television characters or for celebrity kids.

To the post above that compares it to a 19th century article of underwear, get real dude! No one cares because words, like language, evolve and change to take on new meanings and usages.
A Spencer is the name of an undervest, named after George Spencer, 2nd Earl of Spencer (1758-1834).

I don't know WHY you would call your child after underwear, but hey, who am I to judge?

Maybe Knickers and Tights would make a good sibset with it.
Carly's brother on the Nickelodeon show iCarly is named Spencer.
I used to "make fun" of this name because it reminded me of some nerdy person. Then I met this guy named Spencer and I know associate it with a good looking blonde haired blue eyed guy. Someone's opinion of a name has to do with their interaction with it.
This is the name of a character from Criminal Minds; Dr. Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler), who is the youngest member on his team in the BAU. He's also my favorite character.
It's an okay name, but I don't see why the "er" has anything to do with gender. Jennifer ends with "er" as someone already stated, as does Summer.
I love this name for a boy. It's so cute, and I think of an intelligent, maybe slightly nerdy man. I like it a lot. Also, I don't like it for a girl. Too masculine for my taste. I met a 6 year old named Spencer yesterday, and it just didn't fit. "Spencer. Where is he?"
Actor Spencer Garrett (full name Spencer Garrett Heckenkamp). He is the son of actress Kathleen Nolan of Peter Pan and Real McCoys (and lots of other things) fame.
I'm not a big fan of this name. It seems kind of old fashioned but there used to be three Spencer's in my grade alone, so it kind of loses its class.

And to whoever said that "er" is only for boy names, my name is Summer and I don't see too many boys with that name, do you?
Don't like it at all, sounds like a little kid trying to say "dispenser".
Spencer Grammar (female!) plays the character Casey on the television show Greek. She is the daughter of Kelsey Grammar.
How cruel would it be to name your twin sons Mark and Spencer?
It makes me smirk for a boy it's so slimy, ugly and pretentious. People actually consider this for girls? Hells to the no! All pharmacists must hereby be referred to as spencers.
Love this name for a little girl. It's just cute! "Spence". Eh. For a boy, it's okay. There's a girl named Spencer in the series "Pretty Little Liars". Look it up. (:
There is the British supermarket Marks and Spencer.
This name reminds me of that jackass Spencer from "The Hills."
Spencer is also the name of a store. It's like a Hot Topic.
Spencer Spook was a character in old comic books. (As you might have guessed, he was a ghost.)
Some people think that names ending in "er" are strictly male. What about "JennifER"? I think "Spencer" is suitable for girls.
I love the meaning of this name! And it sounds like the name. Weird!
My brother has this name and it's absolutely not a girl's name, it ends in "er" for pete's sake. If your name is Spencer and you are a girl, your parents really should have looked into the name before they named you a name like Spencer.
The 'er' statement is completely inaccurate. I don't see many boys named Clover, Amber, Summer, Jennifer, Esther, Heather. Just to name a few.
For all those girls out there named Spencer, be proud of it. Don't let negative comments about your name get you down. The name Jennifer ends in "er" you know.
Spencer Williams Jr. played "Andy" on the famous radio show "Amos and Andy".
I love this name for a girl, I don't care what other people say.
There is the cute but nerdy criminal profiler Spencer Reid on the hit TV show Criminal Minds. He is played of Matthew Grey Gublar. (Might I add the glasses really make it).
EEESH! Spencer is strictly a guy's name! I dunno why people name their precious little girls SPENCER, but they are trying to be too KREATYV. I wouldn't look down on or tease a girl named Spencer, I just wouldn't name a girl Spencer!
There is the British shop Marks and Spencer.
Spencer? What kind of a name is that? It reminds me of suspenders, like the things you hold your trousers up with. Not cool. Sorry!
Actress Jaclyn Smith has a daughter named Spencer-Margaret.
Spencer Chamberlain is the lead singer of Christian rock band Underoath.
My name is Spencer, and I'm a girl. It should say feminine too! I don't care if you say it's attributed more to boys, I want it to say feminine too!
Spencer is a nice name for a boy. I think of a man who is strong and intelligent.
Spencer is the drummer from Panic! at the Disco.
Actor Spencer Tracy was a famous bearer of this name.

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