Wendelina could be a longer form. Names ending in '-wen' like, for example, Bronwen, could also work as longer forms.
I like it best as a nickname. If someone loved the name and wanted to use it, I don’t think the other cultural associations make it unusable.
I had no idea this name was practically coined by J. M. Barrie. I've always assumed it was a name like many others by the time he wrote Peter Pan. It's very much according to modern preferences, unlike Gladys or Myrtle, but because of the fast food chain, I'll be surprised if it ever rises in popularity again. It's cute, but I don't particularly care for it, and wouldn't be allowed to choose it anyway.
Wendy is a pretty name!
Also used in French:
It's pretty but it would suck as someone's actual name.
I like it, I think of "Peter Pan".
When I was 2 and 3 years old, I had a nanny named Wendy, from El Salvador. SHE WAS THE BEST NANNY EVER! I might even name a child this, it's such a beautiful name, any little girl would be blessed to have it. I don't think I have ever had Wendy's before, but it sounds and looks yummy, which makes the name EVEN BETTER!
I like it, only it's too associated with the restaurant.
I love this name, I think it's beautiful.
I think Wendy is a beautiful name! I absolutely love it, this name is just splendid! I absolutely just adore it!
Wait a minute, so you mean to tell me nobody mentioned Wendy Williams? Wow.
I honestly don’t think the name is that bad. It’s quite nice actually.
WAAAAYYY too old for a girl now a days.
Um, gag me on a smurf. This name just reminds me of our nation's obesity problem.
Very pretty! I love this name!
"Wendy" is one of those delightful names that has fallen out of popular use, but is still familiar and charming. It also reminds me of the character Wendy Corduroy from the cartoon Gravity Falls.
Wendy is a singer and a member of the girl group Red Velvet.
Wendy can also be a diminutive of Wendel (masculine), Wendela, or Wendla. In Stephen King's book "The Shining" Wendy was a nickname for Winifred but this appears to be a stretch.
I just noticed that Wendy is a nickname for Gwendolyn! So pretty and classic and I love the Peter Pan reference.
Wendy is a pretty name. I think it's great as a nickname or a given name. I don't think of the fast food restaurant when I hear it.
I don’t care for it.
Wendy is a pretty name, despite the fast food association. By the way, I love Wendy's and it's one of my favorite restaurants. I also like the name Peter, but if I paired it with Peter, it would have the Peter Pan association. But Wendy is pretty, and I wish it was more popular. I've heard it on a local playgrounds.
I used to hate my name being Wendy because people wouldn’t say my name correctly and ultimately said like windy and that kinda just irked me lol. AND NO I DONT LIKE WENDY’s! I also wish they used some other name cause I always get asked if I can make someone a cheese burger.
The name Wendy is recorded as a parish in the English county of Cambridgeshire as far back as 1086. It was twinned with the nearby parish Shingay in 1957 as Shingay cum Wendy. Wendy lies near the river Cam, in England still today. Wendy parish was recorded during the time of William The Conqueror, King. The name as transliterated “Wendi” is also recorded as the name of a respected Chinese Emporer (Wendi) of ancient times. It is not a new-name.
Reminds me of the nasty fast food restaurant.
Disney voice actress Wendie Malick, starring in "Emperor's New Groove" and, most recently, "Owl House" as the elegant, streetwise sorceress Eda.
I was named after the friend of Casper the ghost, Wendy the Witch. It was my mom's favorite cartoon growing up in the 60s. I adore my name, and it is odd to me it is going extinct. And for all of you who said such hateful things of my name, I'm glad it repulses you so much, that way I never have to have the displeasure of your company. To hate on such a simple thing such as a name, what a waste of life and energy. I do hope that someday you all become happier and kinder people. I feel so very sad for you. What a pity.
Every name means something.
Didn’t know this name was made so recently!
My name is Wendy and I love it! My friends have given me nicknames like Wenderfluffle and Wendigo and I love them! People always ask if I like Wendy's and it gives me a chance to be my loud self and yell yes.
Wendy is the worst and ugliest name in the world it makes me want to throw up every time I here it.
I think this is a very nice name. I just think that it is odd the name was created by the movie of Peter Pan. This is my mom's name and I still love it!
Wendy Oldbag is a character in the video game Ace Attorney. She is in love with Miles Edgeworth, much to the latter's dismay.
I like how it sounds but the spelling looks weird to me.
My name is also Wendy but I hate my name kind of because I get mixed up with my name Windy and Wendy... But I'm starting to like my name! :)
My dad named me Wendy after Peter Pan. I've rarely meet anyone named Wendy. I love my name. I spell it Wendee. My middle name is Lynn. So I often call myself Wendee Lynn, which I think would be a perfect porn alias. Haha. For those naysayers, we probably wouldn't like you much anyway. It just so happens, I'm watching Peter Pan now.
I used to be totally attached to this name for some reason. I still like it, however, and I think this name fits all kinds of girls ranging from cute to cool. As a result, I highly recommend it!
My name is Wendy. The other Wendy's I've known in my life were unlikable (to me). This has made me not like my name very much.
Wendy Waters from Rescue Heroes has this name.
To the commenter who said the name Wendy reminds you of the name Dorothy, I wonder if your brain subconsciously connects them because Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and Wendy from the fast food chain have visual affinity (pigtails, blue & white dresses).
In 2018, 43 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Wendy* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 215th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
Since when is this name tacky? It's actually quite sweet-sounding and adorable. Plus, I've never met a Wendy who wasn't kind.
Wendy is such an unattractive name.
Wendy O'Koopa is one of the Koopalings in the Mario series. She is the only female Koopaling.
This name sounds very 1960's to me, and oddly reminds me of "Dorothy", but I like it.
Famous quote: "Wendy! Darling! Light of my life!" - Jack Torrance (The Shining, 1980).
To the comment below, Wendy is a beautiful name and it isn't tacky at all.
I was disgusted by this name since the first time I read the sign "Wendy's" off a restaurant and figured it must be a name. It's just not nice, period.
I love the name Wendy!
And ironically speaking, people in my country rather think it's very informal and unserious, too unserious to be boring. For the meaning of Wendy? I'd like to go with 'Friend' or Blessed.
Wendy has indeed been used for boys on rare occasions, but that's usually as a pet form of Wendell. One example was Wendy Bagwell (1925-1996), a famous gospel singer who led the group Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters:
My mum named me Wendy in 1971 because she adored the Peter Pan and Wendy book.
However, I wish I could have another name as to me it seems so boring and plain, which are certainly not my characteristics.
The two things I do like about my name is that it couldn't be used in some other way by school bullies. But also because my cousin calls me 'Wend', for short, which I actually like.
My name, given to me by my father, is Wendy Jo. Wendy from Peter Pan (one of my all time favorite movies) and Jo from my mother's father's middle name, Joseph (my absolute favorite Grandparent). All of my life kids always associated my name with the wind calling me Windy - which I have always found to be not funny & rude (although, I can be long-winded). Even my father (who, if you remember, named me) couldn't say it correctly! I can't remember even one single time that he called me Wendy & not Windy! I love my name! To me, it's wonderful to be named after something & someone that I hold so dear to my heart! I have absolutely loved Peter Pan as far back as I can remember, even before I knew I was named after Wendy Darling. When I was told that's where my name came from, it made it that much more special to me. It wasn't until I was in my mid 30's that I found that it was in Peter Pan that Wendy was used for the first time on it's own & not as a derivative or nickname for another. How exciting that the ironies come full circle! To all who have and dislike the name Wendy - just remember... it could be SO much worse!
I love this name for some reason. It reminds me of a wheat field and the colour yellow.
This name is also a diminutive for "Wendeline".
Wendy Babcock was a Canadian activist for the rights of sex workers. Born in the city of Toronto, Babcock became a sex worker at the age of 15. From 2004 to 2007 she was a key member of Sex Professionals of Canada, an advocacy group whose main objective is to promote the rights of sex workers and the decriminalization of sex work in Canada.
We named our daughter Wendy, but just for a little variation we spelled it Wendi. As far as I can recall, she was the only person with either spelling that I ever personally knew, and I'm in my 60's. It is a name recognized by everyone, but rare enough to be unique in most groups. It's shortness sounds almost like a nickname, but that saves everybody from having to come up with one.
I like the name Wendy very much!My first association is with the world "wind" after with the charming girl of the fairy-tale.So in my mind this name is linked with elegance but also the lively lightness of the wind.This name is ranked 8/10 IMO.
In 2014 were born 33 Wendy in Italy (the highest ever).
The name Wendy was given to 328 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Wendy are female.
Wendy Webb is a poet.
Wendy Cope is a poet.
Son Seung-wan, known professionally as Wendy, is a South Korean singer. She is a member of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet.
Wendy Patricia Salas Acosta is a Costa Rican footballer who plays as a midfielder. Acosta attended the University of Costa Rica and hence could not play professionally. On 28 April 2010, she made her international debut against Honduras. On 7 October 2011, she scored her first ever international goal against El Salvador. In the following matches against Honduras and Guatemala, she again scored a goal in each match. Then on 22 January 2012, she scored a brace against Haiti. On 7 March, she scored a hat-trick against Belize, with goals in the twenty-sixth, forty-fourth and sixty-fifth minute during a match in which Costa Rica won 14–0. She would continue her scoring, as she found the net in consecutive matches against El Salvador and Panama.
St. Wendelin of TrierBorn about 554; died probably in 617. His earliest biographies, two in Latin and two in German, did not appear until after 1417. Their narrative is the following: Wendelin was the son of a Scottish king; after a piously spent youth he secretly left his home on a pilgrimage to Rome. On his way back he settled as a hermit in Westricht in the Diocese of Trier. When a great landowner blamed him for his idle life he entered this lord's service as a herdsman. Later a miracle obliged this lord to allow him to return to his solitude. Wendelin then established a company of hermits from which sprang the Benedictine Abbey of Tholey. He was consecrated abbot about 597, according to the later legends. Tholey was apparently founded as a collegiate body about 630. It is difficult to say how far the later biographers are trustworthy. Wendelin was buried in his cell, and a chapel was built over the grave. The small town of St. Wendel grew up nearby. The saint's intercession was powerful in times of pestilence and contagious diseases among cattle. When in 1320 a pestilence was checked through the intercession of the saint, Archbishop Baldwin of Trier had the chapel rebuilt. Baldwin's successor, Boemund II, built the present beautiful Gothic church, dedicated in 1360 and to which the saint's relics were transferred; since 1506 they have rested in a stone sarcophagus. Wendelin is the patron saint of country people and herdsmen and is still venerated in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. He is represented in art as a youth, or as a bearded man, with a shepherd's bag and a book in one hand and a shepherd's crook in the other; about him feed lambs, cattle, and swine, while a crown and a shield are placed at his feet. St. Wendelin is not mentioned in the Roman Martyrology, but his feast is observed in the Diocese of Trier on 22 October.
Using the Church of The Latter Day Saints records ( my search has produced the following information.
The name Wendy, is usually female, but is sometimes used for males in the U.K.
The earliest entry for the name found in USA records, is Wendy Pitz born 1796 in Pennsylvania. However, in the U.K. the earliest record is for Wendy Evans born 1469 in Redenhall, Norfolk. There are records for more than 90 names by the year 1900.
(Latter years are death records where recorded.)1469 Wendy Evans F Redenhall, Norfolk
1510 Wendy Gail Orr F England
1524 Wendy Ellsworth F Cantebury 1550
1527 Wendy Jones F Yorkshire 1585
1531 Wendy Rice F Cork, Ireland 1587
1540 Wendy Palmer F England
1541 Wendy Greeke F Lanc's
1546 Wendy Talbois F Armagh, Ireland
1555 Wendy Orr F England
1579 Wendy Womack England
1598 Wendy Taylor F Hertford, England 1661
1607 Margaret Wendy Burgoyne F Haslingfield, Camb's
1615 Wendy Oxford Harston, Camb's
1618 Wendy Howard F Witshire
1636 Wendy Zeller F England
1637 Wendy Phillips F Sussex 1708
1662 Wendy Williams Swarby, Linc's
1682 Wendy Thompson England
1684 Wende Willmut Shalbourne, Wilt's
1698 Wendy Burgoyne Wroxall, Wark's
1703 Wendy Bank F Yorkshire
1705 Hannah Wendy Crocket F Kenmare, Ireland
1709 Wendy Oxford Royston, Hert's
1711 Wendy Fuller All Saints, Camb's
1718 Wendy Victoria Fairchild F Somerset
1734 Charles Wendy Addington M Litchborough, Northants
1739 Thomas Wende Beddoe M Ludlow, Shrop's
As a Wendi (I changed the lettering from an Y to an I years ago) I love my name. It has numerous meanings -
1: Seeker of Truth
2: Friendly
3: Blessed
No matter what name we have - learn to love it...
My name is Wendy, my mom named me after Wendy in Peter Pan. As I grew up people would ask me "Do you own the restaurant Wendy's?" I always thought that was insulting. So I like my name it keeps me young at heart since I am 52. My middle name on the other hand is kinda embarrassing, Rosemarie. How my mom came up with that I have no idea.
This is my name and I've always loved it. Couldn't think of a name I liked better for myself. It always reminds me of something or someone mystical like Wendy the Good Little Witch and Wendy from Peter Pan and Merlin's sister was called some variation. I think Gwenddydd was the name. However, despite all this mystical connection, I was very excited when I saw an explanation of the name in the comments above: 'A wanderer in the footsteps of Our Lord.' If only I was.
My name is Wendy and my middle name is Leah. I've always liked the name, but did think that it did not sound like an adult's name. My mother didn't name me after Peter Pan or anything else - she just liked it. I always thought my middle name worked with it well. When I was little my mother said that the 60's song "Windy" by the Association was for me. :) I certainly don't think it's boring.
My name is Wendy... Or my nickname is, rather. My name is Wendellyn. Pronounced Wen-duh-llyn. My mother wanted to name me after her Uncle Wendell and call me Wendy. My father wanted to name me Gwendolyn and call me Gwen. They decided on Wendellyn with Wendy as my nick name. I have always gone by Wendy. Even in school, I would write Wendy on all my papers and friends and teachers would call me Wendy. Of course my drivers license and medical records and all official documents have my full name Wendellyn on them. I love my name and feel my parents really thought of something very unique for me. My middle name is an "old name" too. Vesta! You can be sure I've never ran into any Wendellyn Vesta's in my life! I have only ever met one other Wendellyn, and she spelled her name Wendolyn. My mom also said that my name was popular in the 60's. However, the popular spelling for it at the time was Windy. I have never been made fun of for my name, so whoever said that is being ludicrous! Wendy and Wendellyn are beautiful and unique and I don't believe either of them sound "old"! As far as my middle name, I love it equally as much and am so very glad that I wasn't given some common and ordinary name!
Wendy is my name. I find it funny that people would think this is an old lady name. I always thought growing up that my name would never sound like an adult's. I felt Wendy was a kid name. I've never been picked on because of my name. I was the only Wendy in my school. I love my name. I didn't always when I was a kid, because I wanted to sound a bit older. Ha, As I grew up I found it's a fun name. I like that it (is thought to) mean friend. I did know a boy who went by Wendy, he was named after the Saint Wendlin. I thought that was an odd name for a boy. (By the way, I was named Wendy after my father, Wendall). I have always been told it wasn't used as a name until Peter Pan, nicknames yes, but as the person's name, no. But that could be very wrong according to writings here.
I have carried this name for 53 years. It's a wonderful name. Not many others have it. I can count on one hand how many other Wendy's I have met. I was named after Wendy in Peter Pan by my sister. I think that is lovely. People are able to spell it, pronounce it and remember it. My name is unique, and so am I. :)
Wendy is not Biblical or Christian in any way -its anglo-saxon (German/English) and pre dates Peter Pan by at least 300 yrs. On record. Once thought to be derived from Gwendolyn it's now shown to not be related, originates from wendh/wend/wind as in to turn/twist/wind on a pathway/down river... Polish Wanda and Germanic Wendel is also related as 'the Wanderer'. (And in English language fair/white.) as a prefix)
A great name to have as a kid and not very common. Which is why it ISN'T boring. I got Wendy Witch as in Wendy and Casper which I was proud of and since that nickname came from friends I wasn't offended. Teasing... Only downside is the somewhat juvenile sound because of ending in "y" but my whole family has always called me by just the first syllable -and thankfully it's the opposite of an old lady's name such as Edna, lol. (not that there's anything wrong with Edna, I love old-fashioned names, especially my aunt Edna's). Because it has featured in more than one song, people used to sing Bruce Springsteen/Beach Boys to me when they first heard that was my name etc. It originally started as a man's name in the U.K. where it's definitely the most commonplace... I know more than one man, Irish and English, both rough and tumble he-men farmers -in Ireland they have all kinds of fantastic nicknames and unusual sounding names. There was nothing feminized about either of these men being called Wendy! I don't think I've ever met a young Wendy. Most of the Wendy's I've ever come across were born in the 60's... I really loved having a "W" as my initial as a kid.
To the person who doesn't believe that the name Wendy can possibly have have Biblical meaning, I ask you: Do you speak Hebrew, Greek, or Latin? Do you know how to look up the origin of words in the Biblical text? The Bible was NOT written in English. In fact, over 5000 years of human history passed from the time of Adam before English even became a language. Every person living came from the line of Noah, through his three sons. Abraham, who came from Noah's son, Shem, became the Father of MANY nations, not just the Hebrew nation of Israel. Scripture says that if we are in Christ, we really are Abraham's seed, and therefore heirs of the promises that God made to him. As for the name Wendy, the person who said that it means: "Wanderer in the footsteps of the Lord..." Thank you. What a very lovely meaning to a very lovely name.
I really like it, but I feel like I couldn't use it because of the fast food place.
Such an amazing name! Cute, yet sophisticated!
Wendy is my name and I do not feel it is an "old lady" name. The only nick names from my name have been "Windy Wendy" because I do enjoy socializing and talking. I have also been called "Wendy Lou Who" because my middle name is Lou. I like my name because it is not extremely common. I do not feel it is boring, I am not sure how a name can be boring? When I think of boring, I think of people that have no imagination.
Wendy is a beautiful name. It doesn't have to have a meaning because I make the name beautiful because I'm a beautiful person.
My mum wanted to call me Ruth (after the Bible and her middle name). My dad liked the name Wendy (from Peter Pan) so I became Wendy Ruth. Whenever I meet another Wendy, I always ask them "what is your middle name?" Many varied responses from Wendy Lee, Wendy Lyn, Wendy Susan, Wendy Anne, Wendy Louise to the worst one yet, Wendy Ethel (by the way she hates her middle name) In Australia we have Ice Cream/milkshake shops called Wendy's. Happy to be associated with that! I really like my name because it suits me, it is different to all my friends the same age, it's also easy to spell and remember. I never had any unpleasant nicknames when growing up. When I met my husband-to-be, he said "I'm going to call you 'Wren' like the little blue chested bird" and now my in-laws and others call me 'Wren'. Recently I become a Grandmother and I'm known as Nanna Wren. I feel Wendy is a sweet sounding name for a young girl and can easily transition into a name for the more mature woman.
"Wendy" is a great name and to all of the ladies who have commented that they don't like their name I think you should reconsider, it's a very sweet name and not nearly as overused as similar sounding names like Brandy, Mandy, Sandy etc. I wonder what inspired Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys to choose the name Wendy for his 1964 song? I picture her as a fresh sweet girl next door type that catches the interest of every guy in town, although she pays little attention. Probably a bit of tomboy, but a real beauty inside and out.
I think the name explanation could be clearer. James Barrie had a literary friend WE Henley, whose four year old daughter Margaret called Barrie her 'fwendy-Wendy'. Margaret died at five and Barrie used the pet name as a memorial to her. It was after the name was used in Peter Pan that it caught on, but its earlier occasional use may have contributed to its acceptance both by Barrie and his readers. A name, or any word, may have more than one impetus leading to its acceptance. Linda is another example.
My sister is called Wendy, she finds people call her Mindy, Sindy, Mandy, all sorts of things. We used to call her Gwinnie Winnie which she hated. I had to show her how old her name was and its history before she stopped disliking it for being so childlike. She just felt it was not a name for someone in authority, which she is. Perhaps Gwendolyn or Guinevere would be better?
Such a lovely name! It sounds sweet. It always reminds me of a pretty girl wearing skyblue night gown in Peter Pan. X)
Wendy's is a fast food chain that sells burgers, French fries, and other fried foods. The logo for Wendy's is a little redheaded girl with pigtails.
My name is Wendy also. There is a parish in Cambridgeshire called Shingay cum Wendy. The separate parishes of Shingay and Wendy amalgamated in 1957 but the parish of Wendy had 17 inhabitants in 1086. Here is a link to the history. gives the name much more significance and raises the level of seriousness than just the Peter Pan and Wendy connection.
Wendy is my name and personally I hate my name. I have gone through school with people asking me where my friend Casper is or where is Peter Pan and then everyone would laugh. My middle name is Lynne. No matter how many times I tell someone that is my middle name they think it is cute to say Wendy Lew and like sing it. It is so annoying. I have learned to just tolerate it now since I'm older. But when they re-released Peter Pan I thought I was going to hear that all over again. There were 4 Wendy's in my class in school and we all went through the same thing. The one girls mom spelled hers Wendi. She always was having to tell someone how to spell it. When they say there aren't any nick names for it... well most people call me Wen. Another annoying thing is when people are talking and you hear the words "When do"... you might turn at first thinking they might be saying your name. My parents picked it out of the blue. They thought I was going to be a boy and were all planned for to have Craig and then they had to come up with a girl's name when I was the disappointment. I actually like Wen better than Wendy. My husband and I went to have a hanging on what our names mean. His name was easy for the lady to do. The lady said to me... your name is made up for Peter Pan. I got so mad. She said we can do it on Wanda. So that is what I got. Every time I looked at that I thought of Peter Pan. I think the worst comments I have gotten are from guys in my life... they have asked me if "I'm hot and juicy". Referring to Wendy's hamburgers. That really upsets me and is insulting to my name. I hate my name so much that I have all my emails pre-signed so I don't have to write my name.
My name is Wendy. I love my name. I have met several other Wendys over the years. But overall, it's not a very common name. I like that. I would hate to be like everyone else. For those people saying "imagine the teasing she must get", if someone wants to tease you, they will find something to tease you about. I don't recall ever being teased about my name by other children. I remember an occasional remark about burgers, a frosty, or Peter Pan, but nothing bad. I don't feel like it's an old lady name either. But, most of all, I love my name because my brother, Paul, gave it to me. When he was alive he loved Wendy the Good Little Witch from Casper. He asked my parents if they had another girl (my mom was pregnant at the time Paul died) if they would name her Wendy. They told him yes. Paul died 2 months before my mom gave birth to my other brother. But, almost 5 years later, my parents had me. To honor my brother, Paul, they named me Wendy Paula.
Wendy Wilson, member of singing group Wilson Phillips and daughter of singer Brian Wilson.
It is a good nickname for Gwendolen. I wish could get the "Peter Pan" association out of my head, because I LOATHE that story and the characters in it. The association with the restaurant's logo isn't really that bad, actually.
I like it as I think it sounds sweet and whimsical.
Hello there, my name is Wendy. I never really liked nor disliked my name, it seemed so boring because it's heard of, but yet not common. Since I've been looking into meanings and where my name originated, like websites such as this made me realize my mother, whom I'm very attached gave me a beautiful, unique name, and now I'm very proud to wear it. I have never been teased. Maybe the occasional restaurant joke, but nothing crucial. My nickname is Wendilynn. I heard the name has some ground in Germany. Thank you for putting thoughts and comments to make me appreciate that my namesake is as unique as my personality.
Haha! Interesting reading all the comments.
Well, I'm a Male and my Name is Wendy. I had never looked into the history of the name until I met another guy 2 weeks ago when I went on vacation in Mexico and his name was Wendy also. He was the one that told me some history behind it how it went back to Wendel in old Germany. But my name was not chosen because of that, it was rather chosen from a Mexican Soccer Player from the 80's. His name was Guillermo Medizabal "Wendy Mendizabal" became one of the best in 84-86 in Mexico winning championships and my mother loved him so she named me Wendy. And its been tough bearing with it, but now grown up, I have adapted to it. But growing up it definitely got me into plenty of fights.
Wendy was a very common Dutch name in the 1980s; it reached up to about fifth place on the charts.
There is also a Cherokee Morning Song that has the words...
We n 'de ya meaning (I am of the Great Spirit) check it out on youtube.
It's a lovely name.
This is a wonderful, charming, pretty, vintage name! :)
I'm a Wendy and I love my name. I don't think it's common and I'm happy my parents chose it.
My mom's best friend had a daughter named Wendy, they pronounced it windy.
Wendy Padbury played Second Doctor companion Zoe Heriot.
Wendee Lee, a voice actress who has played characters in the English version of well-known Japanese anime such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi), LuckyStar (Konata), and Ah! My Goddess! (Urd).
Wendy Midener Froud, wife of British artist Brian Froud, is a British sculptor and designer.
A famous bearer of this name is Sister Wendy Beckett (b. 1930), a world renowned art expert and Catholic nun. Sister Wendy is most famous for the series of BBC documentaries on art history she hosted throughout the 1990s.
I have an ancestor named Wendy who was born in 1839, so obviously it did exist before Peter Pan...
This was the title of a 1967 song by the pop group, The Association, however, they spelled it "Windy".
I love cute vintage names like this. There aren't many appealing girls names that start with W.This one's going on my list!
I recently watched the 2003 film 'Peter Pan', and now I really like this name. It can be used as a nickname or a given name, and it seems like one of those names that is youthful while the bearer is young and more mature when the bearer is older. If you named your daughter Kylie, for instance, I can't picture a 90 year old woman named Kylie. The only thing is that many people, when they hear this name, will automatically think of the name Peter.
I'm not crazy bout this name, but Wendy Torrance made me like it more :]
It's very cute, but I'm not sure if it'll look good on a resume. But somehow it doesn't sound as youthful as Kaylie and Kylie do.Also there is the fast food restaurant association.
In "Peter Pan" Wendy's full name is Wendy Moira Angela Darling. I love it :)
One word: YUK. Horrid name. Okay, that's three words.
I'm also a "Wendi" but with an"i" at the end. Don't really understand the comment made earlier referring to "Wendi" as "YUK", but whatever, (to each it's own). I never really cared for my name. I always wished I was named Sarah or Sofia, or something sophisticated. I too love the name Kate as mentioned in an earlier post. I think Wendy Kate would be a beautiful name! With age, I'm now appreciating my name. I've always gotten compliments. I've been told what a rare beautiful name I have throughout my life, from complete strangers. I've known and met a dozen Wendy's throughout my life, so not entirely that rare, but still, very few, to where I enjoy having a pretty name that isn't so common, not to mention, again... I'm a Wendi with an "i" so even less common. I've known a Windy, and a Windi. Don't particularly like the association with the fast food restaurant, nor South Park, of which, I was unaware and would never watch! I was named after the 1967 song by my father but my mother refused to spell it like the wind?? They compromised. I was going to be named Lisa Marie like Elvis' daughter. I prefer Wendi! I appreciate the comments about it sounding lovely and vintage, suits me just perfect! There are a ton of wonderful girl names, but not many with a W. I had boys so I didn't get to pick from all the lovely female names! Lastly, I was never teased, my grandma called me Pooh, after Winnie the Pooh, I always loved it!! Thank you Dad for naming me Wendi! Someone recently told me they loved my name and said, it sounded so cosmopolitan. If I was having a girl baby today, I'd probably choose from a dear family name and incorporate my maiden name, of which I won't mention. I'd love to know if the original poster of this question named their baby Wendy? If you love it, use it! I'd assume not many of us appreciate our name until we are older. If your daughter doesn't while growing up, she will later in life!
I would like to see more of this. It's friendly-sounding.
Wow, interesting comments page for this name! Love all the debate and research about this name. I think this is a lovely name, especially when I think of Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. However, I have a strange association with fat girls with any female "W" name. I don't know why! So I'm on the fence with Wendy. It's pretty, but sometimes I think it sounds like a fat girl's name. I probably won't use it on a future child.
My name is Wendy, and I have never really liked it. To me it is a very girly name, and while I am quite feminine, I am more of a strong person, so I don't feel it fits me. I really like the name Kate, and would love to change my name to that. But at my age, it would just be too weird and likely difficult even for me to transition. The best I can say about "Wendy" is that it is not common, but not too annoying. :)
I love the name Wendy! It has a nice sound and it isn't popular. I plan on naming one of my daughters Wendy. :)
In many first name books, the name Wendy is thought to mean "motherly" or "caring", because in the story of Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie, the character Wendy Darling is referred to by the Lost Boys as "Mother", rather than "Wendy", because she is seen by them as the only motherly figure they have ever had. Other sources suggest the name Wendy could have originated as a diminutive of Gwendolen, which means "fair" or "white"; some sources also regard Gwendolen and Wendy to mean "white bow" or "white circle", the latter referring to the moon. Despite this, Wendy was not used as a first name officially until the beginning of the 20th Century, when J. M. Barrie's book Peter Pan was released, so it is more likely that the name was totally invented by J. M. Barrie, but with possible influences from Gwendolen, alternatively, in other sources, the name Wendy is also thought to mean "friend" or "friendly", this meaning originated from Barrie's close young friend, the 4 year-old Margaret Henley, who referred to Barrie as her "friendy-Wendy", which gave Barrie the name Wendy the idea for his main female protagonist in the book, Wendy Darling. :)
Wendy Richard, MBE (born Wendy Emerton 20 July 1943 – 26 February 2009) was an English actress best known for playing Miss Brahms in Are You Being Served? and Pauline Fowler in EastEnders. Great name, great actress. :)
Yet another famous bearer is Wendy Craig (born 20 June 1934), who is a BAFTA Award winning English actress that is best known for her appearances in the sitcoms Butterflies, ... and Mother Makes Three and ... and Mother Makes Five. She currently plays the recurring role of Matron in popular TV series The Royal. :)
I think it's a really nice name. It would go really well if the child had a 'W' surname. Overall I think it's a really pretty name.
I can't seem to get the greasy fast food restaurant out of my head.
It doesn't seem like a formal name to me.
My name is Wendy, and I love it! Sure, when I was in elementary school some kids called me "Wendy the Pooh" or things like that, but it wasn't that bad. By the time we got to middle and high school, no one made fun of my name. I always liked having a different name--makes me more unique. As for it being an "old lady name," I have to disagree 100%!
This name would be so sweet if you could think of Peter Pan, but when I hear it unfortunately the Peter Pan image gets pushed aside and it just sounds like the fast food chain and some trashy uneducated girl. I wish it didn't have that connection because the Peter Pan image is just so lovely but I always think "trashy" when I hear it especially because someone once decided to come up with "Wendi". Yuck.
My sister's name is Wendy, and she doesn't like it because she's only met one other Wendy. Like that's a bad thing. In the meantime, yes, you can get mean names out of this. I call her Windy all the time. I like this name, even if my sister doesn't.
It's a pretty name, and even though the name ends in the ''ee'' sound, it doesn't come off as immature and too girly. The problem is that the obnoxious misogynist Wendy Shalit has ruined this name. The more I learn, the more names are ruined. Ah well.
My name is Wendy and I have never liked it! It is too simple and it is a very BORING name. And I think it's a bit old fashioned.
I don't think James Barrie invented the name per se, I think he just popularised it.
The son of William Lloyd Garrison, (the noted 19th century American abolitionist) was named Wendell Phillips Garrison after a family friend (also an abolitionist), and affectionately known in childhood as "Wendy". Although a son and not a daughter, it is perhaps worth mentioning. Wendell was born in 1840, graduated from Harvard in 1861, and as literary editor he co-founded the magazine, The Nation. He remained at the magazine from 1865 to 1906, dying in 1907. Attribution for his nickname can be found in the biography of his father, "All on Fire", by Henry Mayer, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1998, page 298.
I just searched the British births, marriages and deaths register (which begins in 1837) and found three Wendys born at least forty years before 1904, when Barrie's play was first staged. So clearly it was used as a name before then, though not very often. I'm also inclined to think it's a contraction of Gwendolen - though possibly it's from Anglo-Saxon wendan, 'to make one's way'.
I am really skeptical that there were any female Wendys born before Barrie's play, especially as a full name.Pie below says he or she found "at least three" Wendys born before 1904 in the British births, marriages, and deaths register. From looking at that register as it appears today on, I think "Pie" was only looking at the index and did not look at the original records.In that index as of today there is only one person with Wendy as a first name --"Wendy Edmunda Petley", born in Camberwell in 1855. The handwriting of the original record is bad, and Ancestry now gives "Unity" as an alternative reading, which may have been suggested by a descendant of that woman.There are four records before 1904 that have Wendy as a middle name. They are:"Georgina Wendy Poulton", born 1855. When you click on the original printed index, the middle name is clearly "Weedy", not "Wendy"."Margaret We?dy Taylor" (printed with the question mark in, born in 1886, is also clearly "Weedy" in the original index.The last two middle name Wendys are almost surely not female, but male. Although sex is not specifically designated in this data set, this is over 95% sure because of the first names:John Wendy A. Taylor was born in 1879 in Keynsham, Somerset County.Cecil Wendy Chapman was born in 1895 in Braintree, Essex County. (Cecil was regularly used as a female first name in the late 19th and early 20th century USA, but not in England.) The use of Wendy as a middle name for these two men is probably from the very rare English surname Wendy. Thomas Wendy (1500-1560) was a royal physician to King Henry VIII and a member of Parliament : later Thomas Wendy (1614-1673) was also a member of Parliament. As both of the Thomas Wendys represented Cambridgeshire, the surname is probably derived from the same place name in Cambridgeshire which is already mentioned in the comments.I have found one very clear example of a man with Wendy as a first name in England before 1904: Wendy Oxford, who in the 1851 UK census is listed as a carpenter who was an inmate of a poorhouse in Plymouth. The index to deaths has an entry for Wendy Oxford in Plymouth in 1853. This is surely the same person and with two different records giving the same first name we can be pretty sure Mr. Oxford went by Wendy as his first name in later life even if he wasn't born with the name. But this is a man, not a woman.I am also skeptical that Wendy has anything to do with Gwendoline. The index to the 1881 English census includes three female Wendys. If you look at the original record, one of them, Wendy June Bugby, looks as if someone tried to cross out "Wendy". The other two are "Wendy Amy Mence", where the original record is actually illegible to me (the census taker obviously first wrote "W. Amy Mence" and then tried to squeeze in the full first name later), and "Wendy Scuffam", where the original record looks to me to read "Weney", not "Wendy". Even if Mence and Scuffam were really called Wendy, though, there are links on to family genealogical records for both of them showing that their full given names were Winifred, not Gwendoline.P.S. I had not seen the post by Birkensee below when I wrote the above. I am just really skeptical about a list like that without being able to see the original records. I have seen scores of examples in the index on of indexers interpreting handwriting in old documents to as modern names they are familiar with, and then when I look at the original document that's not what it is. I am especially skeptical that there really was someone named "Wendy Gail" in England in 1510, as that puts two modern names together at a point in history when middle names were almost nonexistent.
Wendy James was the vocalist in the 80's group Transvision Vamp.
Wendy Testaburger was Stan's girlfriend in the first few seasons of South Park. She is best known as the political, sweet, outspoken and quite revengeful little girl with the beret.
Wendy has on rare occasions been used as a male name, where it is a pet form of names such as Wendell. One example is the gospel singer and humorist Wendy Bagwell:
Well my name is Wendy too, and I like my name. I have always received complements on it. I have never had anyone make fun of my name in school. And I did get my name from the fast food resturant. I think the name is rather soothing. And it's not hard to say. And for you history buffs you might want to look up (Wendi). He was the first emperor of the Chinese Sui Dynasty back in (557-604). =)
I think it's a rather pretty name. I don't think it's boring at all, and since my name is Martha, I think Wendy is not a name just for old ladies.
In reference to the debate above regarding Biblical names: the Bible was written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Though there are Latin names in it, no part of it was originally in Latin.Regarding the reference to the Domesday Book: you may be right about that but it might depend on who wrote it down and who read it. Some of those names are hard to make out. It's not uncommon even today for something to be mis-spelled or mis-read, or both.
There are several references to 'Wendy' as a first name on the LDS Genealogy website, The earliest being from England in 1524. The early references are almost certainly contractions of Gwendoline. There is also a village in Cambridgeshire, England with the name Wendy recorded in Domesday.
If Audrey is a form of Etheldreda, then Wendy could be (whether in actuality or in retrospect, to give it some historical legitimacy) a form if Wendreda.
Like Etheldreda, who was her sister, Wendreda was a 7th century Anglo-Saxon saint associated with the east of England.
In the village of March, Cambridgeshire, there is an ancient church dedicated to St Wendreda.
Wen is a Celtic word meaning "white" that is still present in some English place names (such as Wendover, meaning "white waters") so Wendy probably does have white as its meaning, whether we associate it with Wendreda or with Gwendoline.
As a previous poster says, there is a place called Wendy in Cambridgeshire: it means, however, "island at a river bend" in Old English and I doubt it's connected with Wendreda.
I'm sorry, but can you imagine how much the poor thing would be teased going through elementary/junior high school?
I've loved this name ever since I first watched Peter Pan. It's a very cute little girl name and I believe the name came from a brilliant man. =)
On the contrary, I don't see it as a common name at all. I named my first daughter Wendy -- I was surprised to see that it had such high rankings the year she was born. I LOVE this name! It doesn't sound old to me at all. It has always sounded bright, fresh, youthful, full of energy, and sweet.
I do not like this name, it is very common and it is also my mother's name.
There is an author named Wendy Corsi Staub.
The legendary punk singer, Wendy O. Williams.
I haven't got any evidence of this, but logic suggests that a girl born or baptised in the parish of a church dedicated to St Wendelin (who was a male) might be given Wendy as a made-up name that was close to the church's name. That's where I would start looking for pre-JM Barrie Wendys.
My name is Wendy too, and it really is a boring name. Of course, I will probably change it eventually, but I'll always keep it. As for if it was used by anyone before Peter Pan, information shows it as a nickname for anyone named Gwendolyn or Guinevere, so it could have been used for ages! I can't stand the name Gwendolyn, a kid I know used to call me that as a joke. The worst thing about the name Wendy is that it sounds like an old lady name.
Wendy is my name, and I've never overly enjoyed it. It's rather boring, actually. However, it is used for the restaurant, in Peter Pan, in the song of the same title by the Beach Boys (search the album "The Endless Summer" and you'll find it), and by Blink-182 in the title of the song "Wendy Clear." If you name your daughter this, at least give her a more exciting middle name. She'll appreciate it. :)
Quite sweet sounding.
I like this name. It is short and sweet and uncommon. No horrible nicknames can come from this but only the connection to the fast food restaurant.
Well, Casper and Wendy, from the Casper movies, both their names mean "friend"! I think that's clever!
Wendy Testaburger is a South Park character, for a while Stan's girlfriend.
Dame Wendy Hiller was an English film and stage actress.
Wendy is also the girl in the song "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen.
Stephen King used the name Wendy for the wife in "The Shining".
Wendy also has a Biblical meaning: Wanderer in the Footsteps of the Lord.
Excuse me, but how can a name which does not occur in the Bible have a "Biblical meaning?" Personally I'm still waiting for the evidence that Wendy was used as a female given name (as opposed to unofficial nickname) before Barrie's play.
Let me clarify the comment above: The Bible is made up of the Hebrew, Greek and Latin languages. Example: although the name "Candace" isn't mentioned in the Bible, it's Latin which traces back to the Bible. Wendy isn't mentioned in the Bible, but what does that matter? The names used in the Bible and what not are translated, and do derive from different names and/or usages.
The above comment doesn't make any sense. Candace is in the bible, Wendy is not.
Maybe Candace is in the Bible; but it is also true that names develop and derive from different names and usages. And the Bible contains Greek, Hebrew and Latin. Example: the Latin name "Quintus" isn't mentioned in the Bible, but it does have a root.
Wendy is not in the Bible and therefore cannot have a biblical meaning. There is no evidence, furthermore, that the name was used before J.M. Barrie's play was written, except perhaps as a nickname. Names that have "roots" in the Bible are not the same as names that appear in the Bible.
I love this name! It's one of my favorite names ever! Besides Emma, Russell and Julianna this is my FAVORITE name! I recommend it very STRONGLY!

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