Names Categorized "calmness"

This is a list of names in which the categories include calmness.
Aram 1 m Kurdish
Means "calm" in Kurdish.
Aştî f & m Kurdish
Means "peace, tranquility" in Kurdish.
Consolata f Italian
Means "consoled" in Italian. It is taken from the title of the Virgin Mary, María Consolata.
Dölgöön m & f Mongolian
Means "quiet, calm" in Mongolian.
Dzidra f Latvian
Derived from Latvian dzidrs meaning "clear".
Dzidris m Latvian
Masculine form of Dzidra.
Galen m English
Modern form of the Greek name Γαληνός (Galenos), which meant "calm" from Greek γαλήνη (galene). It was borne by a 2nd-century BC Greco-Roman physician who contributed to anatomy and medicine. In modern times the name is occasionally given in his honour.
Giedrė f Lithuanian
Feminine form of Giedrius.
Giedrius m Lithuanian
Derived from Lithuanian giedras meaning "clear, serene".
Halcyon f Various
From the name of a genus of kingfisher birds, derived from Greek ἀλκυών (from the same source as Alcyone).
Mālie f Hawaiian
Means "calm" in Hawaiian.
Menuha f Hebrew
Means "tranquility" in Hebrew.
Mortimer m English
From an English surname that was derived from the name of a town in Normandy, itself meaning "dead water, still water" in Old French.
Na'im m Arabic
Means "tranquil, happy, at ease" in Arabic.
Placid m English (Rare)
English form of Placidus (see Placido).
Placida f Late Roman, Italian (Rare)
Feminine form of Placidus (see Placido).
Placide m & f French
French masculine and feminine form of Placidus (see Placido).
Plácido m Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Placidus (see Placido).
Placido m Italian
Italian form of the Late Latin name Placidus meaning "quiet, calm". Saint Placidus was a 6th-century Italian saint, a disciple of Saint Benedict.
Placidus m Late Roman
Latin form of Placido.
Prasanna m Tamil, Indian, Kannada, Telugu, Odia, Hindi
Means "clear, bright, tranquil" in Sanskrit.
Ramūnas m Lithuanian
Derived from Lithuanian ramus meaning "calm" combined with the patronymic suffix ūnas.
Rimantas m Lithuanian
From Lithuanian rimti meaning "to calm" and mantus meaning "intelligent".
Safaa' f & m Arabic
Means "serenity, clarity" in Arabic.
Sakina f Arabic, Urdu
Means "calmness, peace" in Arabic.
Seija f Finnish
Derived from Finnish seijas meaning "tranquil, serene".
Serena f English, Italian, Late Roman
From a Late Latin name that was derived from Latin serenus meaning "clear, tranquil, serene". This name was borne by an obscure early saint. Edmund Spenser also used it in his poem The Faerie Queene (1590). A famous bearer from the modern era is tennis player Serena Williams (1981-).
Serenity f English (Modern)
From the English word meaning "serenity, tranquility", ultimately from Latin serenus meaning "clear, calm".
Shalev m & f Hebrew
Means "calm, tranquil" in Hebrew.
Shanta f Hinduism, Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali
Means "pacified, calm" in Sanskrit. In the Hindu epic the Ramayana this is the name of a daughter of King Dasharatha.
Shiloh m & f Biblical
From an Old Testament place name possibly meaning "tranquil" in Hebrew. It is also used prophetically in the Old Testament to refer to a person, often understood to be the Messiah (see Genesis 49:10). This may in fact be a mistranslation.... [more]
Stellan m Swedish
Meaning unknown, perhaps related to Old Norse stilling "calm", or perhaps of German origin.
Tyyne f Finnish
Derived from Finnish tyyni meaning "calm, serene".
Vaike f Estonian
From Estonian vaikus meaning "silence, calm". This name was coined by Andres Saal for a character in his story Vambola (1889).
Yasen m Bulgarian
Means both "ash tree" and "clear, serene" in Bulgarian.
Zola 2 f & m Southern African, Xhosa
From the Xhosa root -zola meaning "calm".