Names Categorized "Latvian words"

This is a list of names in which the categories include Latvian words.
Ausma f Latvian
Means "dawn" in Latvian.
Daina f Lithuanian, Latvian
Means "song" in Lithuanian and Latvian.
Dzintars m Latvian
Means "amber" in Latvian.
Gundega f Latvian
Means "buttercup (flower)" in Latvian. This name was used by the Latvian playwright Anna Brigadere in her play Princese Gundega un Karalis Brusubārda (1923).
Ieva f Lithuanian, Latvian
Lithuanian and Latvian form of Eve. This is also the Lithuanian and Latvian word for a type of cherry tree (species Prunus padus).
Ilga f Latvian
Derived from Latvian ilgas meaning "longing, desire" or ilgs meaning "long time".
Laima f Lithuanian, Latvian, Baltic Mythology
From Latvian laime and Lithuanian laima, which mean "luck, fate". This was the name of the Latvian and Lithuanian goddess of fate, luck, pregnancy and childbirth. She was the sister of the goddesses Dēkla and Kārta, who were also associated with fate.
Liepa f Lithuanian
Means "linden tree" or "July" in Lithuanian.
Madara f Latvian
From the Latvian name for a type of flowering plant, known as cleavers or bedstraw in English.
Mantas m Lithuanian
From Lithuanian mantus meaning "intelligent, clever" or manta meaning "property, wealth". Herkus Mantas was a 13th-century Prussian hero who fought against the Teutonic Knights.
Mirta f Spanish, Italian, Croatian
Spanish, Italian and Croatian cognate of Myrtle.
Rasa f Lithuanian, Latvian
Means "dew" in Lithuanian and Latvian.
Rasma f Latvian
Means "fruitfulness, fertility" in Latvian.
Rosa 1 f Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, German, English
Generally this can be considered to be from Latin rosa meaning "rose", though originally it may have come from the unrelated Germanic name Roza 2. This was the name of a 13th-century saint from Viterbo in Italy. In the English-speaking world it was first used in the 19th century. A famous bearer was the American civil rights activist Rosa Parks (1913-2005).
Vieno f & m Finnish (Rare)
Means "gentle" in Finnish.
Virve f Estonian, Finnish
From Estonian virves meaning "sprout, shoot" or virve meaning "ripple, shimmer".