JemimaP1's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark
Abigail f  Maybe 
Alfred m  Definitely 
Andromeda f  The stars, what’s not to like? 
Bernadette f  Love this Name 100% 
Clara f  So cute 
Elowen f  Love. 
Felicity f  Pretty name! 
Frida f  Love this name 100% 
Isaiah m
Jasper m  Definitely. 
John m  Maybe 
Kanda f  Maybe 
Mirabelle f  Probably......? 
Morvoren f
Morwenna f  Love 
Nicholas m  Perfect 
Polaris f & m  The stars, what not to like? 
Rhoswen f  Pretty Nmae! 
Virgil m  Maybe 
Walter m  Maybe