Etruscan Submitted Names

Etruscan names were used by the ancient Etruscan people of Italy.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ARNTH m Etruscan
Etruscan male name of which the meaning is unknown.
ARNTHI f Etruscan
Feminine form of ARNTH.
ARNZA m Etruscan
Diminutive of ARRUNS.
ARRUNS m Etruscan (Latinized), Ancient Roman
Latinized form of ARNTH. Compare ARRIUS.
CUINTE m Etruscan
Two explanations for this name exist. The first is that this name is an authentic Etruscan male name of unknown meaning, which was latinized to QUINTUS by the ancient Romans... [more]
EIVAS m Etruscan (Archaic)
Etruscan form of Ajax.
METIE m Etruscan
Etruscan borrowing of METTIUS.
RAVNTZU f Etruscan
Diminutive of RAVNTHU.
SEMNI f Etruscan
Of unknown meaning. Possibly related to the Etruscan word 'semna' meaning "trace, track (way, passage)".
SETHRA f Etruscan
Feminine form of SETHRE.
SETHRE m Etruscan
Means "(which) hits, afflicts".
TANAQUIL f Etruscan (Latinized), Ancient Roman
Latinized form of the Etruscan name Thanchvil which meant "gift of Thana", presumably from the name of a lost Etruscan goddess Thana combined with Etruscan cvil. This was the name of the wife of Lucius Tarquinius Priscus, the fifth king of Rome in the 7th century BC... [more]
VELA f Astronomy, Etruscan
Vela is a southern constellion, one of four parts into which Argo Navis was split... Vela is the sail.
VENEL m Etruscan
Diminutive of VEL.
VENOX m Etruscan
Diminutive of VEL.
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