Medieval Ukrainian Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Ukrainian peoples.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Dawyd Давид m Medieval Russian, Medieval Ukrainian
Medieval Russian and Medieval Ukrainian form of David. Dawyd Igorjewitsch (usually transcribed as Davyd Igorevich in English), the Prince of Volyn (1086–1099), was the son of Igor Yaroslavich and grandson of Yaroslav the Wise from the Rurikid dynasty of Kievan Rus’.
Dobroniega f Medieval Polish, Medieval Ukrainian
Derived from the Slavic name elements dobro "good" and niega "delight". This name was borne by Dobroniega Ludgarda of Poland and Maria Dobroniega of Kiev.
Evfimija Євфимія f Medieval Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Euphemia. Evfimija Vladimirovna, known as Euphemia of Kiev in English (fl. 1112–died 4 April 1139), was Queen Consort of Hungary by marriage to Coloman, King of Hungary.
Iziaslav Ізяслав m Medieval Ukrainian, Medieval Russian
Means "coming from glory".
Izyaslav Ізяслав m Medieval Ukrainian, Medieval Russian
Variant transcription of Iziaslav.
Mal Мал m Ukrainian, Medieval Ukrainian
Derived from contracted form adjective mal (мал), which means "little, small". It could have been as well used as a diminutive of a dithematic name, such as Małomir... [more]
Olelko Олелько m Medieval Ukrainian
Old Ukrainian form of Oleksandr. Olelko Volodymyrovych was a 15-th century Prince of Kyiv, the penultimate of this title.
Ovdotia Овдотя f Medieval Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Eudokia.
Poloneia Полонея f Medieval Ukrainian
Shitij m Medieval Ukrainian
Tomyla Томила f Medieval Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Tomila.
Wyola f Medieval Hungarian, Medieval Ukrainian
Medieval Hungarian and Medieval Ukrainian cognate of Viola.