Micronesian Submitted Names

These names are used in on the islands of Micronesia in the western Pacific Ocean.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Achina f Chuukese
Means "good" in Chuukese.
Alanso m Chuukese
Chuukese form of Alfonso.
Andon m Chuukese
Chuukese form of Anthony.
Ansina f Chuukese
Chuukese form of Angela.
Apono m Chuukese
Chuukese form of Apollo.
Apwete f Chuukese, Micronesian
Derived from Chuukese a meaning "to be, to make" combined with pwete, from pwetete "soft".
Asansa f Chuukese
Means "towards the east".
Asou m Chuukese
Means "awaited" in Chuukese.
Atiniui m Chuukese
Means "man of the sea" in Chuukese.
Auseto m Chuukese
Means "come to me" in Chuukese.
Divavesi m Micronesian, Nauruan
The president of Nauru's name is Baron Divavesi Waqa.
Ekit m Chuukese
Means "to strive for" in Chuukese.
Enap m Chuukese
Means "powerful one" in Chuukese.
Enerita f Chuukese
Possibly elaborated from Inaria.
Eponu m Chuukese
Means "navigator" in Chuukese.
Haani f Micronesian
Means "daytime" in Chamorro.
Helya f Chuukese
Chuukese form of Helia.
Inaria f Chuukese
Feminine form of Inario.
Inario m Chuukese
Chuukese form of Hilary.
Inina f Polynesian, Chamorro, Chuukese
Means "glimmer, a faint intermittent light", from the Polynesian, Chamorro and Chuukese word ininä; ina.
Leihana f Micronesian
The name Leihana is unknown where it originated, but has been used in many islands in the Pacific Ocean, especially in Micronesia. The first recorded use of the name Leihana was for the name of Princess Leihana of an unamed island in the Pacific... [more]
Lienia f Chuukese
it is originated from chuuk specifically the outer islands..for the islands in the chuuk lagoon it is "finia".."lien" is an expression for girls.."ia" means where..the name is more likely to ask a question..it can only be used for girls..the true meaning is "where is she from"..lienia and finia are the same meaning..
Mitag f Micronesian
Means "my eyes" in Yapese.
Navaleen f Chuukese
beautiful, independent, and smart.
Simiram m Chuukese
Means "sun (shining) on the water" in Chuukese.
Sosefina f Tongan, Chuukese
Tongan and Chuukese form of Josephine.
Tana f Chuukese
Means "dream" in Chuukese.
Wani m Chuukese
Means "boat" in Chuukese.