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Subject: Dangereuse! And other Medieval royal names... (long)
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: March 31, 2012 at 2:33:33 PM
I'm a Medieval history buff, so I was looking through some of the family trees, and I came across Eleanor of Aquitaine's. She had an... interesting family, to day the least (I used symbols to help map out who was who's issue):

PG-G-GF (paternal great-great-grandfather) #1: William V of Aquitaine *
PG-G-GM #1: Agnes of Burgundy

PG-G-GF #2: Robert I, Duke of Burgundy *
PG-G-GM #2: Ermengarde of Anjou

PG-G-GF #3: Pons, Count of Toulouse ^
PG-G-GM #3: Almodis de la Marche

PG-G-GF #4: Robert, Count of Mortain ^
PG-G-GM #4: Matilda de Montgomerie

MG-G-GF (maternal) #1: Hugues I of Châtellerault ~
MG-G-GM #1: Gerberge de La Rochefoucauld

MG-G-GF #2: Aimery IV of Thouars ~
MG-G-GM #2: Aremgarde de Mauléon

MG-G-GF #3: Archimbaud Borel de Bueil
MG-G-GM #3: Agnes de L'Isle Bouchard --

MG-G-GF #4: Eon de Blaison --
MG-G-GM #4: Tcheletis de Trèves

PG-GF #1: William VIII of Aquitaine *
PG-GM #1: Hildegarde of Burgundy *

PG-GF #2: William IV of Toulouse ^
PG-GM #2: Emma of Mortain ^

MG-GF #1: Boson II of Châtellerault ~
MG-GM #1: Alienor de Thouars ~

MG-GF #2: Barthelemy de L'Isle Bouchard --
MG-GM #2: Gerberge de Blaison --

PGF: William IX of Aquitaine *
PGM: Philippa of Toulouse ^

MGF: Aimery I de Châttellerault ~
MGM: Dangereuse de L'Isle Bouchard --

F: William X of Aquitaine
M: Aenor de Châttellerault

Eleanor (sometimes Aliénor or "alia Aenor") of Aquitaine!

Petronilla; called Alix or Aleith after her marriage
William Aigret; died at age 4

Eleanor's children...

With Louis VII of France:
Marie, Countess of Champagne; married, with issue
Alix, Countess of Blois; married, with issue

With Henry II of England:
William IX, Count of Poitiers; died at age 3
Henry the Young King; married, died without issue
Matilda, or "Maud", Duchess of Saxony; married, with issue
Richard I of England, or "Coeur-de-Lion"; married, died without issue
Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany; married, with issue
Eleanor, Queen of Castile (called Leonor in Castilian); married, with issue
Joan, Queen of Sicily; married, with issue
John of England; married, with issue

By Marie:
Henry II, Count of Champagne; also King of Jerusalem, though he never used the title
Marie of Champagne, Empress Consort of Constantinople
Theobald III of Champagne
Scholastique of Champagne

By Alix:
Louis I, Count of Blois
Margaret, Countess of Blois
Alix, Abbess of Fontevrault

By Matilda:
Richenza, Countess of Perche and Coucy
Henry V, Count Palatine of the Rhine
Lothar of Bavaria
Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor and Duke of Swabia
William, Duke of Lüneburg
Eleanor (died young)
Ingibiorg (daughter - died young)

By Geoffrey:
Eleanor the "Fair Maid of Brittany"
Maud of Brittany (died young)
Arthur I, Duke of Brittany (born after Geoffrey died)

By Eleanor of Castile:
Berenguela, Queen of León and Castile; also called Berengaria
Sancho (died young)
Sancha (died young)
Enrique (died young)
Urraca** of Castile, Queen of Portugal
Blanca, Queen of France; also called Blanche
Fernando; also called Ferdinand, died before attaining the throne
Mafalda; died before her marriage
Constanza, an Abbess; also called Constance
Leonor of Castile
King Enrique I of Castile

By Joan:
Bohemond, Duke of Apulia; also called Boamund
Raymond VII of Toulouse
Mary of Toulouse
Richard of Toulouse

By John:
Henry III of England; also Henry of Winchester
Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall
Joan, Queen of Scots
Isabella, Holy Roman Empress
Eleanor, Countess of Pembroke

So... some really interesting names in this family tree. I still can't believe Eleanor of Aquitaine's grandmother's name was DANGEREUSE! And we think people get "creative" today! Gerberge, Richenza, and Tcheletis are also odd names...

EDIT--So apparently Urraca was betrothed to the King of France over her sister Blanca, originally, but Eleanor of Aquitaine objected because she hated her name (apparently "urraca" in Castilian means "magpie"), and found "Blanche" to be much more suitable. This, coming from a woman whose grandmother's name was Dangereuse...

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