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Subject: Re: Make a favorite alphabet (and a least favorite, if you want to)
Author: Millie   (Authenticated as ImSorryIfILoveYou96)
Date: September 30, 2012 at 1:36:56 AM
Reply to: Make a favorite alphabet (and a least favorite, if you want to) by Caprice
I'll only do favourites as I can't think of least favourites off the top of my head!

A = Annabelle and Arthur

B = Bethan and Blake

C = Ciara (KEE-arh-ah) and Chanson / Chase

D = Daisy and Dane

E = I have millions for E. Eve, followed closely by Eliza, Everly, Evelyn and Eden. And Elias, followed closely by Elijah, Evan, Edmund and Emerson.

F = Frankie and Finlay / Finnegan

G = Georgina and Gregory

H = Henrietta and Henry / Harrison

I = Indiana / Isabella and Isaac

J = Jenna and James

K = Kimberly and Klaus

L = Liliana, followed by: Luna, Lena, Lilah and Lucia. And Lukas / Luca

M = Melody and Max

N = Natasha and Niklaus

O = Onyx and Oscar

P = Pippa and Phoenix

Q = Quinn, for a boy ONLY

R = Roberta, followed by: Rebekah, Roxanna, Ruby, Ruth, Rae, Rachel and Riley. And Roman

S = Samantha, followed by: Skye, Storm, Saffron, Seraphina, Scout and Summer. And Sydney, followed by Sebastian.

T = Tilda and Tobias, followed by: Tempest, Tennyson and Theodore

U = Ulrich

V = Vance and Violet, followed by Victoria

W = Winter and Wolfgang, followed by Weston

X = Xander and Xenia

Z = Zoie / Zoey and Zander

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