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Subject: Erb816’s Academy Award Nominations Congrats! (Part 1 of 11)
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: January 19, 2020 at 8:01:15 PM
The nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards are in!

Following SecondStar's previous KUY Congrats game regarding the Golden Globes - and with their permission - I have decided to create a KUY for the Oscars, in 11 parts.

So, let's start with the initial couple: Which of these is the Best Picture of the Year? (If you haven’t seen any of them… just pick whichever poster you like the most.)

1. Ford v Ferrari

2. Jojo Rabbit

3. The Irishman

4. Joker

5. Little Women

6. Marriage Story

7. 1917

8. Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood

9. Parasite

If you chose...

1. Matthew Christian Jonathan Joshua Noah Raymond / Caitriona Mollie Tracy Carol Lee Shelby
(LN: Beebe, Ferrari, Ford, Iacocca, Lunn)

2. Roman Johannes Samuel Alfie Stephen Archie / Thomasin Elsa Scarlett Rosie Melanie Josephine
(LN: Betzler, Finkel, Klenzendorf, Korr, Rahm)

3. Robert Frank James Joseph Russell Harvey / Anna Peggy Lucy Stephanie Irene Carrie
(LN: Bufalino, Hoffa, O’Brien, Provenzano, Sheeran)

4. Jaoquin Arthur Murray Alfred Thomas Bruce / Penny Sophie Zazie Leigh Frances Debra
(LN: Dumond, Fleck, Franklin, Pennyworth, Wayne)

5. Theodore Friedrich Timothée Louis Christopher Alexandre / Margaret Amy Elizabeth Florence Emma
(LN: Bhaer, Brooke, Dashwood, Laurence, March)

6. Charlie Jay Henry Carter Neil Adam / Nicole Nora Sandra Maryann Nancy Scarlett
(LN: Barber, Fanshaw, Katz, Marotta, Tilden)

7. William George Dean Mark Andrew Mackenzie / Lauri Claire Jamie Leslie Adrianne Kay
(LN: Blake, Erinmore, Hepburn, Schofield, Smith)

8. Richard Cliff Marvin Samuel Emile Leonardo / Francesca Margot Julia Dakota Samantha Lorenza
(LN: Booth, Capucci, Dalton, Izzo, Stacy)

9. Ki-taek Dong-ik Ki-woo Hyeon-jun Geun-sae Min-hyuk / So-dam Yeon-gyo Ki-jeong Da-hye Moon-gwang Ji-so
(LN: Choi, Kim, Lee, Park, Song)

Part 2 (First Child):
Part 3 (Second Child):
Part 4 (Third Child):
Part 5 (Fourth Child):
Part 6 (Fifth Child):
Part 7 (First Child's Family):
Part 8 (Second Child's Family):
Part 9 (Third Child's Family):
Part 10 (Fourth Child's Family):
Part 11 (Fifth Child's Family):


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