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Meaning & History

Variant of LAURENCE (1). This spelling of the name is now more common than Laurence in the English-speaking world, probably because Lawrence is the usual spelling of the surname. The surname was borne by the author and poet D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930), as well as the revolutionary T. E. Lawrence (1888-1935), who was known as Lawrence of Arabia.
VariantsLauren, Laurence
Feminine FormsLauren, Lauryn, Loren, Lorena
Other Languages & CulturesLaurentius Ancient Roman Llorenç Catalan Lovre, Lovrenco, Lovro Croatian Vavřinec Czech Lars, Lorens, Lasse, Laurits, Lauritz Danish Lars, Laurens, Lourens, Lau, Rens Dutch Lars, Lari, Lasse, Lassi, Lauri Finnish Laurent French Lourens Frisian Lars, Laurenz, Lorenz, Lenz German Lavrentios Greek Lőrinc Hungarian Lárus Icelandic Labhrás Irish Lorenzo, Enzo, Loris, Renzo Italian Lau, Lor Limburgish Laurynas Lithuanian Larkin, Law Medieval English Lars Medieval Scandinavian Lorencio Medieval Spanish Lars, Lorens, Lasse, Laurits, Lauritz Norwegian Wawrzyniec Polish Lourenço Portuguese Laurențiu Romanian Lavrenti, Lavrentiy, Lavrenty Russian Labhrainn Scottish Vavrinec Slovak Lovrenc, Lovro Slovene Lorenzo Spanish Renzo Spanish (Latin American) Lars, Lorens, Lasse Swedish


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