Given Name LAURIE

GENDER: Feminine & Masculine
USAGE: English, Dutch
PRONOUNCED: LAWR-ee (English), LOW-ree (Dutch)   [details]

Meaning & History

Diminutive of LAURA or LAURENCE (1).


actresses, currently out of the US top 1000, diminutives, female US presidential candidates, literature, male to female, song titles, storms, trendy, True Detective characters
DIMINUTIVE: Laz (English)
FEMININE FORMS: Lauren, Lauryn, Loren, Lorena (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Laurentius (Ancient Roman), Llorenç (Catalan), Laura, Lovre, Lovrenco, Lovro (Croatian), Vavřinec (Czech), Lars, Laura, Lorens, Lasse, Laurits, Lauritz (Danish), Laura (Estonian), Lars, Laura, Lari, Lasse, Lassi, Lauri (Finnish), Laure, Laurent, Laurette, Laurine, Lorette (French), Lourens (Frisian), Lars, Laura, Laurenz, Lorenz, Lenz (German), Lavrentios (Greek), Laura, Lőrinc (Hungarian), Lára, Lárus (Icelandic), Labhrás (Irish), Laura, Lorenzo, Enzo, Lauretta, Lora, Loretta, Loris, Lorita, Renzo (Italian), Laura (Late Roman), Lau, Lor (Limburgish), Laurynas (Lithuanian), Larkin, Law (Medieval English), Lars (Medieval Scandinavian), Lorencio (Medieval Spanish), Lars, Laura, Lorens, Lasse, Laurits, Lauritz (Norwegian), Laura, Wawrzyniec (Polish), Laura, Lourenço (Portuguese), Laura, Laurențiu (Romanian), Lavrenti, Lavrentiy, Lavrenty (Russian), Labhrainn (Scottish), Vavrinec (Slovak), Laura, Lavra, Lovrenc, Lovro (Slovene), Laura, Lorenzo, Laurita (Spanish), Renzo (Spanish (Latin American)), Lars, Laura, Lorens, Lasse (Swedish), Lowri (Welsh)