Given Name ROLF

GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: RAWLF (German)  [details]

Meaning & History

From the Germanic name Hrolf (or its Old Norse cognate Hrólfr), a contracted form of Hrodulf (see RUDOLF). The Normans introduced this name to England but it soon became rare. In the modern era it has occasionally been used in the English-speaking world as a German import.
VARIANTS: Rudolf (German), Rudolf (Swedish), Rudolf (Norwegian), Rudolf (Danish), Rolph (English)
DIMINUTIVE: Roffe (Swedish)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Hrodulf, Hrolf (Ancient Germanic), Hrólfr, Hróðólfr (Ancient Scandinavian), Hroðulf, Hrothulf (Anglo-Saxon), Rudolf (Armenian), Rudolf (Croatian), Rudolf (Czech), Roelof, Rudolf, Rodolf, Roel, Ruud (Dutch), Rodolphe, Rodolph (French), Rudolf, Rudi (Hungarian), Rodolfo (Italian), Roul (Medieval English), Roul (Medieval French), Rudolf (Polish), Rodolfo (Portuguese), Rudolf (Russian), Rudolf (Slovene), Rodolfo, Fito, Rodolfito (Spanish)


Animal Crossing characters, currently out of the US top 1000, Fire Emblem characters, Legend of the Galactic Heroes characters, Nintendo characters, Phantasy Star characters, The Legend of Zelda characters
Entry updated January 25, 2013