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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the first letter is I.
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IDOWU   m & f   Western African, Yoruba
Means "born after twins" in Yoruba.
IHAB   m & f   Arabic
Means "gift" in Arabic.
IHSAN   m & f   Arabic
Means "charity" in Arabic.
IKRAAM   f & m   Arabic
Variant transcription of IKRAM.
IKRAM   f & m   Arabic
Means "honour" in Arabic.
ILHAM   m & f   Arabic
Means "inspiration" in Arabic.
İLKAY   f & m   Turkish
Means "new moon" in Turkish, derived from ilk "first" and ay "moon".
IMAN   m & f   Arabic, Persian, Indonesian
Means "faith", derived from Arabic امن (amuna) "to be faithful".
IMANI   f & m   Eastern African, Swahili, African American
Means "faith" in Swahili, ultimately of Arabic origin.
IME (1)   m & f   Western African, Ibibio
Means "patience" in Ibibio.
IME (2)   m & f   Frisian
Short form of names beginning with the Germanic element ermen "whole, universal".
INDERJEET   m & f   Indian (Sikh)
Variant transcription of INDERJIT.
INDERJIT   m & f   Indian (Sikh)
Variant of INDRAJIT used by Sikhs.
INDERPAL   m & f   Indian (Sikh)
Means "protector of Indra" from the name of the god INDRA combined with Sanskrit पाल (pala) meaning "protector".
INDIANA   f & m   English
From the name of the American state, which means "land of the Indians". This is the name of the hero in the 'Indiana Jones' series of movies, starring Harrison Ford.
INDIGO   f & m   English (Rare)
From the English word indigo for the purplish-blue dye or the colour. It is ultimately derived from Greek Ινδικον (Indikon) "Indic, from India".
INGE   f & m   Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch
Short form of Scandinavian and German names beginning with the element ing, which refers to the Germanic god ING. In Sweden and Norway this is primarily a masculine name, elsewhere it is usually feminine.
INNES   m & f   Scottish
Anglicized form of AONGHUS, also used as a feminine name.
IOVITA   m & f   Ancient Roman
Latin masculine and feminine form of JOVITA.
ISEUL   f & m   Korean
Means "dew" in Korean.
ISHA   f & m   Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Hinduism
Means "master, lord" in Sanskrit. This is a transcription of both the feminine form ईशा and the masculine form ईश (an epithet of the Hindu god Shiva). It is also the name of one of the Upanishads, which are parts of Hindu scripture.
ISI   m & f   Native American, Choctaw
Means "deer" in Choctaw.
'ISMAT   m & f   Arabic
Derived from Arabic عصم ('Isma) meaning "safeguarding".
ISSY   m & f   English
Diminutive of ISIDORE, ISABELLA and other names beginning with Is.
I'TIMAD   f & m   Arabic
Means "reliance" in Arabic.
ITUMELENG   m & f   Southern African, Tswana
Means "joy" in Tswana.
IVORY   m & f   African American
From the English word for the hard, creamy-white substance which comes from elephant tusks and was formerly used to produce piano keys.
IZZY   m & f   English
Diminutive of ISIDORE, ISABEL, ISRAEL, and other names beginning with a similar sound.
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