Names with "fire" in Meaning

This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keyword fire.
There are 20 names matching your criteria.

AGNI   m   Indian, Hinduism
Means "fire" in Sanskrit... [more]
ALDEBRAND   m   Ancient Germanic
Germanic name derived from the elements ald meaning "old" and brand meaning "sword" or "fire"... [more]
ALIPRAND   m   Ancient Germanic
From the Germanic elements alja meaning "other, foreign" and brand meaning "sword" or "fire".
AODH   m   Irish, Scottish, Irish Mythology
From the old Irish name Áed, which meant "fire"... [more]
AZAR   f & m   Persian
Means "fire" in Persian.
BAST   f   Egyptian Mythology
Possibly means "fire, heat" or "ointment jar" in Egyptian... [more]
BRANDR   m   Ancient Scandinavian
Old Norse byname meaning "sword" or "fire".
BRENTON   m   English
From a surname which was derived from an English place name which meant "Bryni's town"... [more]
CINÁED   m   Scottish, Irish
Means "born of fire" in Gaelic... [more]
CONLETH   m   Irish
Modern form of the old Irish name Conláed, possibly meaning "chaste fire" from Gaelic connla "chaste" and aodh "fire"... [more]
FIAMMETTA   f   Italian
Derived from Italian fiamma "fire" combined with a diminutive suffix.
FINTAN   m   Irish, Irish Mythology
Possibly means either "white fire" or "white bull" in Irish... [more]
HURIK   f   Armenian
Means "small fire" in Armenian.
IGNATIUS   m   Late Roman
From the Roman family name Egnatius, meaning unknown, of Etruscan origin... [more]
JOASH   m   Biblical
From the Hebrew name יוֹאָשׁ (Yo'ash) which possibly meant either "fire of YAHWEH" or "YAHWEH has given"... [more]
KEAHI   f & m   Hawaiian
Means "the fire" from Hawaiian ke, a definite article, and ahi "fire".
NINA (3)   f   Native American, Quechua
Means "fire" in Quechua.
PLAMEN   m   Bulgarian, Serbian
Derived from South Slavic plamen meaning "flame, fire".
PYRRHUS   m   Greek Mythology (Latinized), Ancient Greek (Latinized)
From the Greek name Πυρρος (Pyrros) which meant "flame-coloured, red", related to πυρ (pyr) "fire"... [more]
UGNĖ   f   Lithuanian
Means "fire" in Lithuanian.