Biblical French Names

These names appear in French versions of the Bible. See also about biblical names.
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AGAR f Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Biblical French, Biblical Italian
Form of HAGAR used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.
BILHA f Biblical German, Biblical French, Biblical Spanish, Biblical Dutch
German, French, Spanish and Dutch form of BILHAH.
JOB m Biblical, Biblical French, Dutch
From the Hebrew name אִיּוֹב ('Iyyov), which means "persecuted, hated". In the Book of Job in the Old Testament he is a righteous man who is tested by God, enduring many tragedies and hardships while struggling to remain faithful.
TIMÉE m Biblical French
French form of TIMAEUS.
ZILPA f Biblical Spanish, Biblical French, Biblical Italian, Biblical Dutch
Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch form of ZILPAH.
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