German Kings and Holy Roman Emperors Chronologically


NameYearsAlso Known As
Karl I the Great800-814(Charlemagne)
Ludwig I the Pious814-840(Louis)
Lothar I840-855(Lothair)
Ludwig II the Younger855-875
Karl II the Bald875-877(Charles)
Karl III the Fat881-888(Charles)
Ludwig III the Child899-911(Louis)
Konrad I of Franconia911-918(Conrad)
Heinrich I the Fowler919-936(Henry)
Otto I the Great936-973
Otto II the Red973-983
Otto III983-1002
Heinrich II1002-1024(Henry)
Konrad II1024-1039(Conrad)
Heinrich III1039-1056(Henry)
Heinrich IV1056-1105(Henry)
Heinrich V1105-1125(Henry)
Lothar III of Saxony1125-1137(Lothair)
Konrad III1138-1152(Conrad)
Friedrich I Barbarossa1152-1190(Frederick)
Heinrich VI1190-1197(Henry)
Philipp of Swabia1198-1208(Philip)
Otto IV1208-1215
Friedrich II1212-1250(Frederick)
Konrad IV1237-1254(Conrad)
William of Holland1247-1256
Richard of Cornwall1257-1271
Alfonso X of Castile1257; 1273
Rudolf I1273-1291(Rudolph)
Adolf of Nassau1292-1298(Adolph)
Albrecht I1298-1308(Albert)
Heinrich VII1308-1313(Henry)
Ludwig IV1314-1347(Louis)
Karl IV1346-1378(Charles)
Wenzel1378-1400(Wenceslas, Wenceslaus)
Albrecht II the Magnanimous1438-1439(Albert)
Friedrich III the Peaceful1440-1493(Frederick)
Maximilian I1493-1519
Karl V1519-1558(Charles)
Ferdinand I1558-1564
Maximilian II1564-1576
Rudolf II1576-1612(Rudolph)
Ferdinand II1619-1637
Ferdinand III1637-1657
Leopold I1658-1705
Joseph I1705-1711
Karl VI1711-1740(Charles)
Karl VII Albrecht1742-1745(Charles, Albert)
Franz I1745-1765(Francis)
Joseph II1765-1790
Leopold II1790-1792
Franz II1792-1806(Francis)