Subject: Ohh I see how this works!
Author: New_Chloe   (Authenticated as New_Chloe)
Date: August 1, 2009 at 5:14 PM
Reply to: Top ten for August by DelilahRuby

I didn't know if we were supposed to list our own top ten, or just comment on yours... but I'll do both!

Yours first:

Cato Ashby Franklin - I like Franklin, but Cato Ashby strikes me as faddy.
Edward Atticus Jude - Simply marvelous!
Emmett Allan Franklin - Emmett is growing on me by leaps and bounds. It's so gentle and scholarly-sounding.
Rupert Evander John - I adore Rupert!
Heath Baxter Rowan - Very dashing. I love Baxter - it's so unexpected!

Isobel Myrtle Eve - Very staunch and proper. I admire its strength.
Beatrice Lula Poppy - Lula is such a fun one to put in the middle to brighten up Beatrice!
Jemima Ruby Adele - I love the energy of this combo. It has such warmth.
Echo Lilith Pearl - Very artsy. I like how Pearl's subdued strength balances Echo Lilith
Juno Anahera Margaret - I love Juno Margaret. It's way hip. I've never heard of Anahera before. A very unique combo!

Ok, now mine:

2. Georgette
3. Arabella
4. Ruby
5. Winifred
6. Stella
8. Marianne
9. Ivy
10. Prose

1. Wallace
2. Theodore
3. Ferdinand
4. Etienne
5. Edgar
6. Otto
7. Archie
8. Metro
9. Rex
10. Clarence

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