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Re: Your November Top 10
I know I've skipped a lot of these; my names just didn't change so I didn't feel the need to post them again... and again and again. :-) But this time they're a little different. I'll go with:1. Elizabeth
2. Alberta
3. Roberta
4. Patricia
5. Maria
6. Romaine
7. Thomasin
8. Theodora
9. Jolanda
10. Theresia1. Karl
2. Boris
3. Roch
4. Peter
5. Anthony
6. Raymond
7. Robert
8. Douglas
9. Richard
10. Frank
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Alberta and Boris!Awesome names you have there!!
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BorisBoris is more or less my love. If there were no restrictions at all, my very first pick for boys is Boris Koloman. &hearts &hearts &hearts I baby that name. It took me so long to find that perfect middle name for Boris and every time I say or write it I love it a little more. Sick, perhaps? Too serious about it? ;-) I can't help having a favorite!
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