Subject: Re: Your November Top 10
Author: BBH   (Authenticated as BBH)
Date: November 3, 2009 at 3:55 AM
Reply to: Re: Your November Top 10 by New_Chloe

I adore Ivy, Agnes and Isadora, though for me, I prefer the spelling Isidora (also adore Isidor for a boy). Eleonora is also pretty, but I prefer Eleonore. I am more keen on Georgiana than Georgina, though I like Georgina as well. Mary Celeste is pretty, but I'd sooner go with Mary Cecily. As for Augustine, I definitely prefer Augusta (family name).

Casper used to be my favorite male name, but if fell out of favor with me for some reason. Etienne is pretty, maybe too pretty for my taste. Love Oscar, Otto and Louis. Hugh I am on the fence about. I *think* I like it.

Nice list :)

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