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Spanish Royal Family
Hi !!!!Here there are names from Spanish Royal Family's members.
Do you like their names?EX King: Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María
Ex Queen: Sofía Margarita Victoria Federica- Elena María Isabel Dominica
Jaime Rafael Ramos María*Felipe Juan Froilán
*Victoria Federica

- Cristina Federica Victoria Antonia
Iñaki *Juan Valentín
*Pablo Nicolás Sebastián
*Irene-- REY Felipe VI de España (Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso)
*SofíaPersonally I love: Letizia, Irene, Victoria, Isabel and Margarita for females.
Alfonso, Inaki and Jaime for males.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Ooooh, Lovely. I'm not hugely fond of Jaime but otherwise they are all lovely. Carlos
Sofía Margarita Victoria Federica - the whole combination
Elena María Isabel Dominica - the whole thing.
Rafael Ramos María - everything here but Jaime
Felipe Juan
Victoria Federica
Cristina Federica Victoria Antonia
Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso
Letizia - I prefer Leticia
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Iñaki is adorable yet very sophisticated sounding at the same time. Margarita is gorgeous! I also like Valentín, Alfonso, Victoria, Dominica, and Letizia. I also have a bit of a soft spot for Pablo.Cool list!
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Federica is a name that always catches my eye, but when I say it aloud it sounds harsh. However, I'm sure when a native Spanish speaker says Federica it sounds great.I love Victoria, Maria, Antonia, and Nicolas Sebastian
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I like Sophia that's it
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