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Beautiful and timeless name.
Amelia euler, a scented candle (or whatever she is idk) in the Psychological thriller webseries HFJONE, go check it out, its cool.
My dead name is Amelia. The only reason I don't go by that anymore is because I'm nonbinary, not because of the name. It's a gorgeous name. Strong, beautiful, and flows very well.
I do have a question: how do people with this name fit the dumb blonde stereotype? I have light brown hair. I'm in advanced classes. And apparently girls with this name are short? No idea what that's about, I'm actually fairly tall (taller than some other girls I go to school with).
So stop saying it's an ugly name. It might be a medical condition, but it's not like you're naming your child "Lobotomy" or "Dementia" or something else. Why focus on the negatives, especially if they really aren't bad at all, just something some people find unsavory? H/ll, the first thing my Latin teacher told me was that he liked my name (mainly because it's a Latin name...)
This is what I would like to name my daughter if I have one. Not after anyone in particular, I just find it to be very beautiful and I can picture it well on a female of any age.
"Amelia is a congenital anomaly characterized by the complete absence of one or more limbs." That's from the CDC. It's a lovely name, but I'm just sharing this in case it matters to anyone choosing names for a little girl.
I like this name but I dislike it when people use Amy as a nickname.
Probably in the minority but honestly I really don't like it, much prefer a lot of the the other variations. This is my name and I just find it a bit harsh and unappealing honestly, there was also at least a few other children with the same name and also frequently got mispronounced and confused for the Amelies/Emilys as well as often being misspelled in many ways.
Yes, this is my name. It's ok, I guess. I sort of like it.
Also used in Albanian:
I like how international Amelia is. In my native language, it's pronounced a-MEL-ya, which I find prettier than a-MEEL-ya. Amelia Earhart and Amelia Bloomer are good namesakes.
Now, my name's Ronda, so I'm not gonna comment badly on this name since I like it more than my own. This is a great name, it's actually my sister's name! I just don't like how there's books called Amelia Bedilia. I would like to yell at the person who made them darn books because my sister came home, mad as a leopard from school 'CAUSE SHE'S HALF LEOPARD, telling me about these books that she saw that were free to pick out. She was almost so mad that she went on full leopard. I swear, if I see these books again, I'm telling the manager of these stupid darn books to quit it or I'll throw a cheeseburger at them.
It’s a pretty variant of Amalia, find the “a” harsh. Sad it’s trendy tho.
Amelia is a beautiful name. Very elegant, dignified, and sleek. Nice sound, look, and meaning. Good sophisticated name. I also like Amalia and I love Amélie.
I was not a fan of this name until I recently met a young girl around the age of six or seven dressed formally with beautiful ribbons in her hair. She was well mannered and sweet. It was a breath of fresh air to see someone who has this name that matches this name. I am now a huge fan of the name Amelia.
To people who think there's a birth defect called Amelia, there's not there is no such thing as a birth defect called Amelia.
Also used in Croatia:
Also Swedish and Norwegian:
In some countries, it's more popular as a unisex name.
There is a book series called "Amelia Bedelia" and I love it! People with this name I have found curious, smart, and sweet. This name is really popular, and it should stay that way!
I love this classic name. It is elegant and sophisticated. I like the nickname Mimi, Meem, Lia. Absolutely beautiful name, and can be paired with so many other names too.
Oh, what a feminine name, elegant and romantic, do not you think? I already know that it is not modern at all, but I think that adds more charm, at least for me since I like vintage names.I met an Amelia when she went to my class and, being honest, we did not get along, but later I learned to recognize the beauty of her name. Also, she was the typical beautiful, well-dressed, confident girl with good grades. She had a super long curly hair and she even practiced Karate. The truth is that I do not remember why I disliked her.In short, I have very good feeling with that name and I think it's beautiful. In addition, it is this kind of name that does not need nicknames, since it is a short and too beautiful name to be shortened at Amy, Lia or Millie. Puaj! Seriously, it is not necessary. And it is much better than certain "unique" and "modern" names that are now fashionable!
My given name is Amelia, after Amelia Earhart because my mom's side of the family had a lot of pilots. I do not like it for myself, it's very princess-y and I am more masculine. I don't really think it's either pretty or not, pretty neutral. I also did not like that it was becoming very popular due to Doctor Who's Amelia Pond. There was also a kid in elementary school who would call me Amelia Bedelia. I am in the process of having everyone begin to call me by my middle name, which is a boy's name. I think Amelia can also be tomboy-ish and wild, like Amelia Earhart was, however she was also incredibly wealthy and into building up a public image. But, for any young girls out there with this name, you're pretty cool, and I pass the torch. :)
I'm an Amelia (it's my name) and I've never once thought about changing it but I do still prefer to be called by my nickname Mia, but it's still a great name.
Amelia can also mean a lack of limbs, so some may associate the name with the defect. The name itself is still a cool name - I know an Amelia and she's cool.
Alright when they're children but as they get older it doesn't suit an adult.
If you like the name have Amelia as a middle name.
This name always makes me think of the word 'chameleon'.
Amelia is a very pretty name, no wonder it’s so popular, but it’s very common and overused. Amelia is a lovely choice.
Hmm not sure if I like this name. It’s way too common and not sure of the sound.
I really like the name Amelia, no wonder it’s so popular.
I think Amelia is a pretty cute name. It sounds soft, gentle and classy, and it rolls off the tongue ever so smoothly. It also ages beautifully, in my opinion. I think Millie and Lia are really cute nicknames, too.
I'm an Amelia, born 31 years ago, when this name was very much out of fashion. I was named after a great grandmother, whom I'm honored to carry the name on for. The 90's were not a nice time to bear the name, so I am very shocked to know that all the brats who made fun of my name are now naming their own children after me. :D LMAO! Proof that Amelias are unforgettable and mysterious. My family gave me the nickname of Ammie, pronounced AEHH-miii, and I quite love it. To all the new Amelias, keep up the tradition of being unapologetically unique. There are some fine and fierce women who bore the name before you!
Just stop removing several usage without reason.
I love Lena as a nickname! It reminds me of leopards, and so does the normal name itself! I really like the name, too. If anyone hates on it because of the birth defect, it's because they're jealous of it, so don't listen to them!
Amelia is a nice name, no wonder it's so popular. I've never heard of the birth defect that is often mentioned in these comments. When I hear this name my mind goes right to Amelia Bedelia- I loved those books as a kid. This also happens to be my grand niece's name who will be a year old this year.
First of all Amelia isn't Amalia, just to be clear and Amelia is kinda, no offense, overused compared to the less used name Amalia. How to pronounce is Amal-leah like that...I mean no offense to the Amelia's on here :)
Amelia is a pretty name actually! It's just that it's REALLY common now, so I would spell it Amalia.
Attractive spelling. The pronunciations are beautiful. This name is overall gorgeous.
Amelia Watson is an English Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive. She is under hololive's first generation of English V-tubers, holoMyth. She also goes by the nickname Ame.More about her:
It's really pretty. I understand why this name is popular. Besides, the famous namesake inspiring everyone; Amelia Earhart, the famous pilot who almost flew around the entire world. It would be cool to have the same name as her, don't you think? I've only met one Amelia in my entire life, and she is 16. I've never met a baby Amelia, and we don't have anyone with this name in my family. It's on my list of future names, if I have children. I like the names Amelia and Charlotte for twin girls. Nicknamed Amy and Lottie. But, I may or may not actually use it.
Unattractive, don't see the appeal at all. There are so many prettier names!
I really like it, don't get me wrong. It's just a teensy weensy bit too common and childish.
I really like this name. My favorite middle name for it is Amelia Genevieve.
Milly/Millie can be used as a nickname.
A little boring; however, better than Amanda.
Also Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
This name doesn't stand out to me.
Pretty, but it’s getting very common!
It's ok, although overused and nothing special.
I love it! It's feminine, strong, and saint-like. I would strongly consider this name. It garners respect and is pleasing to hear. To the dislikes: You sound so dumb! I mean really, so annoying.
I think Amelia is a pretty name. My cat was named Amelia :D! My Minecraft cat. She was a nice cat.
It's okay, definitely overused.
Lia is a nice nickname.
I tend to believe Amelia is a beautiful name. I write this with great experience on the name.
You see my daughter is named Amelia. I remember when she was born it was an emergency delivery as mom was in grave danger with blood pressure 220 over 180 the baby had to come out so they could save mom. Nicu team was ready for the C-section birth. Amelia was born 2lbs 11oz born a true fighter and having many ups and downs in nicu for 42 days. She is a bright and caring ten year old today who suffers from anxiety and found this page and a lot of the negative comments have crushed her spirits. To all the Amelia's out in the world, you have a beautiful name you are loved.
I think this name is really cute and I don't think there should be any nicknames for it. Just Amelia :)
I do actually agree with Janessa, I do still think Amelia is boring, but what am I to say about it? I kind of have a boring name as well.
Amelia is kind of cute, but the Mel bit still looks wrong to me.
I hate people using Amy as a nickname for this name. Amelia is just boring, the -lia ending isn’t very nice, I don’t like it at all.
Gorgeous name!
Name is alright, but somehow boring. Feels like some letter missing. Sounds dry and just, boring.
It’s a nice enough name. I like it. Even if it isn’t quite one of my favourites.The fact that there is a birth defect “Amelia” is an unfortunate coincidence but to be honest I didn’t realise that until I looked the name up here. And I imagine that in the context of the birth defect it’s probably pronounced slightly differently, with stress on the first A.I doubt it’s that much of an issue for most people so don’t be put off if you want to use it for your daughter.
Popular names are popular for a reason. This name is feminine, lyrical and beautiful. At present people seem to think a popular name is a bad thing... But let’s remember that this name is centuries old and has roots in literature, the royal family and many generations of several countries. It’s a shame that a classic and traditional name used throughout history is now seen less beautifully as it is currently popular. Compared to names that parents just make up to be different, which hold no weight in history, this name has much more to offer. I really hope people will soon drop this fear of the “top 10” names and stop adding stigmas to names that are obviously well loved to become popular. My name is very rare and if it were to ever become popular, I hope people wouldn’t suddenly change their view on it!?
I just don't like the sound. Uh-mee-lee-uh. Nothing that pleasant.
People keep saying how horrible this name is and that it shouldn’t even have a nickname because it’s so ugly but that’s why some of us go by nicknames because everyone hates it so it’s like what do you want us to do.
If you’re looking for a less common version of Amelia, why not try Amalia? It’s nice, elegant, and pretty.
My name is Amelia and I don't think it means anything. When I think of Amelia I think of a strong brunette that loves sports. Saying Amelia means something bad is like me saying you are stupid because your name is Lilah. Or saying you are a blonde, that means you are an idiot. I personally have met some very successful blondes and I think Amelia is a fine name. The way it sounds to you does not matter. I like my name. And no one can change that. So to all those rude people out there who say Amelia is a bad name, I suggest you look at yourself.
My name is Amelia, and for most of my life, I’ve liked my name a lot and went by just Amelia. However, in these last few months of quarantine I have been reconsidering. I like the meaning (hard worker or something right?) because you’re going to get more out of life if you have a good work ethic and some common sense. But there are so many people with the name, and I hate the thing about dumb blonds. I have dark hair and am half Japanese, and it’s kinda insulting to hear that people think that the only women with the name Amelia are white and/or are mentally retarded. I think I might like the nicknames Lee, Elle, or Em because they are less feminine, and it feels like someone might have less of a conceived notion about you.
Ugly, and overused.
I hate this name. It is long and obnoxious and very annoying. It sounds tacky and childish and only a name for a 2 year old. If you have this name, you're probably a dumb blonde girl. I hate the dumb blonde stereotype. And if you're a parent of an ' Amelia... Then why pick a name that's a birth defect? If you want to have a more strong, elegant and powerful name, pick something like Lilith, Jade, or Harriet. Hailey is also a good name. I think the name sounds like a smelly, feral cat or skunk. And don't tell me what I know, the Amelias I've seen mostly are wearing glasses, and are like so short.
I'm sorry. My name was Amelia and I am responsible for writing the comment about it being childish, and saying Jade, Lilith and Harriet were better names and that it's a defect. To this day, I still hate my name and would much rather change it to Esther.
Also occasionally used in Slovene: -- mention it as a variant, including stats
I think Amelia is a nice name. But really common to be honest.
Also Sicilian:
Also Corsican:
You'll find bearers on social media.
One of my favorite names at the moment. It’s quite lovely.
Also used in Romania:
Also used in Estonia:
I love the name Amelia, it's so pretty. I have a cousin who named their daughter "Amelya" which isn't a good name. She says it's pronounced the same as Amelia, but it's pronounced "Uh-Me-lI-uh" and you can't convince me otherwise. Please use Amelia instead of Amelya.
My name is Amelia and I actually do like it. When I was younger I wasn’t much of a fan but now that I’m an adult it’s really grown on me because it feels so pretty and feminine. I’m 22 now and I’ve never found popularity being issue but I hear it’s been a lot more common in the last 10 years or so. I spend a lot of the time on the phone at work and 8/10 times people think my name is Olivia, so it can’t be that common. I’ve never heard of the birth defect thing until today, and neither had my mum (she still doesn’t believe me). I’ve probably heard someone mention Amelia Earhart when meeting them once or twice when I was very young, but never Amelia Bedelia (I don’t even know who this is). I grew up in Australia for context. I get called Millie, Mils, and Mia by my friends and family and I like them all!
It is very pretty and classy, but also common. I know 3 Amelias (one used the nickname Mia though). I prefer Amalia.
Another name that is popular with good reason. Amelia is very nice and classy.
Amelia is youthful and beauteous. I mean, you can’t go wrong with Amelia.Personally, I prefer Amalia. It has a gorgeous aspect and is a little more mature. It is less common and you can’t go wrong with Amalia either.I still love Amelia. I recommend it, as some people are very content with it.
Also Galician: --- "Amalia e a súa variante Amelia"
Amelia is my middle name- Lark Amelia and I love it so much my parents coudln't find anything that went with Lark until they found Amelia and while, yes I am a dumb blonde [see most down voted comment] that is solely the reason this fits me so well and my first name doesn't go well with any last names except my own so Amelia leaves me another name to use if my future significant other has a last name that doesn't go well with mine, so over all I love it.
Vicar Amelia is a boss in the action RPG Bloodborne, from the Japanese game development studio From Software.
I love this name. I named my daughter Amelia and call her Millie as a nickname. She was named after my great-grandmother.
I personally don’t really like this name. For one, it’s too popular and I’m not really a fan of all those trendy like names like “Everleigh” or “Ava”. I also really don’t like the sound of the name “Uh-meel-ia” it just sounds weird. It’s just like Olivia, a medium length four syllable name. If you really love this name then go with it, it’s just not my personal favorite.
Kayisforkeen, if you think this name is pretty, you’re not alone. I love it a lot and where I live, it’s not very popular so it's not overused and it’s not underused, it’s perfect as perfect can be.
A nice name. It's kind of overused, though, which discourages me from wanting to use it all that much.
An Enid Blyton book series has a main character named Amelia Jane.(My name is also Amelia Jane)
I quite dislike this name. It sounds tacky and childish, and not very fitting for anyone but a young child. Emilia and Amy are nice, however.
I personally hate this name. It sounds like a name that a baby would have but as the girl gets older, it just sounds dumb and immature. Every Amelia I have ever met is very fitting to the dumb blonde stereotype. However if you want to give your child a long and obnoxious name, I would pick this one!
I think it could also be related to honey in Greek and Latin, like Melissa and Pamela, with the MEL part of each name.
Amelia happens to be one of my favorite girl names, and it sounds good with the last name Rose. What a beautiful classy beautiful yet strong feminine name for a sweet girl to have. Amy is the best nickname!
I prefer Amalia, it's less common and I like the spelling.
I think Amelia is really cute personally. It's hard not to think of Amelia Earhart, so it also makes me think of an adventurous spirit, which is great. Not a fan of "Amy" as a nickname tho. Has a lot of syllables for such a short name, lol.
I was named Amelia in honour of my Polish grandmother (in Poland, this names is pronounced a-MEL-ya). While here in the UK the most common pronunciation is ə-MEE-lee-ə, I pronounce it ə-MEL-ee-ə.
Amelia is such a cute and pretty name. The birth defect never comes to mind when I hear it.
I love this name! It’s one of my favorite girl names! So beautiful and elegant! And the nicknames Amy and Mia are cute! I think of a princess and/or a pink character who is born in February with this name! I think I might use it for my future daughter as a first or middle name!
Amelia sounds like it's not that common but I was surprised at the charts! It's very pretty and feminine nonetheless.
Why choose a name that is a birth defect? There are so many names out there.
“Mellie” is a possible nickname.
I dislike this name, although Amalia and Emilia aren’t so bad.
My name is Amelia rose and I love my middle name but my first name isn't my favorite. I get complements on my name all the time but I still dislike it to an extent. I would rather be named Amalia or Alia. I usually tell people to call me Rose or Lia because Amelia is just too long in my opinion (I also really like nick names but my mother doesn't and that's another reason why she named me Amelia, she thought it had no acceptable nicknames). It has happened twice now when I move to a new school and people forget my name. I have had one kid call me Amy and one kid call me Amber and I honestly would rather be called Amber or Amy, so that"s what I let them call me. When people ask me where I got my name or why my mother named me this I'm embarrassed to tell them because my mother didn't research my name or decide it before hand. She heard it in a public restroom when another mom called her kid over and the kid's name happened to be Amelia. My mom heard and was like "I like that name" but was still going to name me Emily like she had originally planned but after she had me she was like" No, let's just name her Amelia."
Famous Bearer: Amelia Earhart (Born: July 24, 1897 Died: July 2, 1937) was an American aviation pioneer and author. Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She received the United States Distinguished Flying Cross for this accomplishment. She set many other records, wrote best-selling books about her flying experiences and was instrumental in the formation of The Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots. In 1935, Earhart became a visiting faculty member at Purdue University as an advisor to aeronautical engineering and a career counselor to women students. She was also a member of the National Woman's Party and an early supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment.
Amelia is a lovely Victorian name, with a heroic connection to Amelia Earhart. It's extremely popular, not only in England and the US, but also Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and Poland, which some might dislike, but I think it a wonderful name despite its popularity.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Amelia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 559th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name is Amelia, and I LOVE my name. I'm not born in a country with English as a first language so I got to choose my own name when I was in elementary school. Back in the late 90s and early 2000's, this name wasn't so popular. I went to high school in Canada and there were none or maybe 1 Amelia in each school. I've gotten so many compliments about my name. I'm actually kind of sad that this name got "popular" now because I don't want it to be so common... but oh well those kids with this name are more than 20 years younger than me so who cares :) - I'm 27 now.
A nickname for Amelia is Mia.
I've always overlooked this name, but it's actually really pretty. "Amelia" on its own sounds great, but you can also go by Amy, Mia, Mimi, Millie, or Lia, so you still have PLENTY of options. It's pretty popular now, but I think for a good reason.
I'm named Amelia, and as much as it might be a "cute" name, I'd never give my kid this name. There are so many two year olds with this name now, it's crazy. The name itself might seem elegant, but as you get older, it is rather terrible. It's not easy to grow up being called Amelia Bedilia. It's also not easy to be asked every time you introduce yourself if you were named after Amelia Earheart. Some cute nick names are Mellie, and Amel, but that's about all you can be called.
Hello, I'm an Amelia and have always hated my name. (This is just my experience but I think it may be helpful to listen to someone with the name). It may sound elegant, fancy, or unique but now it is very popular and all I can feel is sad for all the new kids stuck with the name Amelia. I've been called Mimi for most of my life and it's no better, but I haven't seen any other nicknames that are an improvement. I just think Amelia has felt awkward and chunky as a name. And being called Amelia Earhart or Amelia Bedilia was no picnic either. I do plan on changing my name in the future.
I hate it. It stinks. Just joking, it's a very pretty name given by god.
I love the name Amelia. I would definitely use it as my daughter's name but I would quite like it as Amelia-Jane.
All the so called history but still zero meaning given for the name Amelia. Anyone notice?
Amelia Minchin, Miss Minchin's sister, is a character in A Little Princess.
This is my name and I pronounce it as uh-mee-lee-uh.
The Spanish pronunciation is also a-ME-lya. [noted -ed]
Amelia Heinle Luckinbill is an American actress best known for her roles in American soap operas. Amelia March Heinle was born in Phoenix, Arizona and has four younger siblings. She grew up in Arizona and moved to New Jersey with her family when she was 15 years old.
This name is very common nowadays. Although, it's not too common yet where you can't give your child the name anymore. I can see why, it's very beautiful.
I prefer Amalia; just changing the one letter makes the name infinitely more pretty, original, and graceful than the boring Amelia.
I don't get why people like this name so much. This is my name and I wish I was never named like that. I almost fainted when I saw the ideas of Amelia being nicknamed Mia, Millie, or whatever else. I almost had my first nightmare after finding out that Amelia is a birth defect. This is terrible. Judge me all you want, people, but I really don't like this name. Emily or Amy, for instance, is a way nicer variety.
I got bullied at school because of this name. Amelia Bedelia - would you want to be called something like that? I'm sure not.
It sounds really old and weird. And I want to learn to fly a plane, but the thought of Amelia Earhard holds me.
I am a tomboy, and this name doesn't fit me at all. It's really girly - and it bugs me a lot. Saying this name had always felt weird. Just sharing my personal experiences.
I wish my parents never encountered that name and never named me that. I want to change it into something cool.
One last thing. When I hear the name "Amelia" I imagine an old, black-and-white picture of a young woman in one of those hhuge Victorian dresses, which makes me shiver.
Exactly. My friend is trying to change her name to Amelia but I hate the name I just don't want her to know.
My name is Amelia, I'm most called Milly. I used to hate the name Amelia because I felt as if It was too 'posh' for me and a bit old. But I'm growing on it a bit.
My name is Amelia and when I was in grade school I went by Amelia. I use to think it was an old lady name but now that I have gotten older I actually kind of like the name. I go by Amie now only my mom calls me Amelia or when I go some where that they call you by your name and that is about it. My name isn't a family name I was named after one of my fathers ex-girlfriends.
I love this name. Amelia. Pretty, intelligent, classical. Amelia. The nicknames are beautiful... Emma, Millie... I was going to name my second daughter Amelia, if I ever had one. I did not. I love this name.
I really can't get past the birth defect. Of all the names out there, why pick a birth defect?
Okay, you know what, I think I can get past the birth defect thing. I still think this name looks and sounds pretty. :)
Has nobody mentioned the sweet-natured Amelia Sedley in Thackerey's "Vanity Fair" yet?Pretty enough name, but Emilia is less common and avoids the birth defect reference.
In Star Wars, Amelia was used as a pseudonym for Allana Solo, following her father Darth Caedus's death, in order to protect her from assassins. Amelia Solo was thought to be the adopted daughter of her grandparents Han and Leia Solo. Also, in Harry Potter, the witch Amelia Bones was head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement until she was killed by the warlord Tom Riddle.
Uh-meal-yah=Amelia. It's pretty but I'm hearing many other pronunciations and it means work. That's not a lovely meaning. Also if you like Mia, just name her Mia. I don't know where Mia comes from out of this name. Lia, Amy, Mel, Elle, Ellie, Lee.
This name is a little old fashioned for me but I prefer it to Emilia.
Amelia Dyer, a prolific serial-killer who murdered infants in her care in Victorian England.
We are from Belgium and named our daughter Amelia after Amelia Earhart, the first female to fly across the Atlantic. We were looking for a classy and elegant, timeless name yet not overly used, which can be pronounced in many languages and has a nice meaning and some nice role models. We only found out about the birth defect after we picked the name, I doubted a bit but hardly anyone knows it, so we were ok with that. The French variant Amélie is quite popular but Amelia is rather rare.
Not bad, but it reminds me of oatmeal, which I don't care for. Also, there was a movie called "Something About Amelia" about a girl who was experiencing incest at home.
Amelia Warner, an English actress.
Oh, gosh! D: After discovering there's a BIRTH DEFECT called "Amelia" it's really hard for me to think of this name the same way I had before! X__x.
Amelia Lily Oliver is an English pop singer who finished third in the eighth series of The X Factor in 2011.
A wonderful, beautiful name. A possible nickname could be 'Melia', though I personally think nicknames are unnecessary for this name. :)
Amelia "Amy" Pond is/was a major character on Doctor Who, and it's probably because of her that the name is now so popular in the UK. Just like how Jacob and Isabella became top names in the US because of Twilight.
Polish pronunciation is the same as Italian: ah-ME-lyah.
My name is Amelia! I do not have a nickname. Well, my sisters call me Mimi, but only because they could not say it right when they were little. Now everyone calls me Amelia. I think it fits me PERFECT. People pronounce all different ways, I don't care, it sounds good any way. Although the people that say A-mil-ea spell it that way. Sometimes my name is either way, it comes out differently, depending on who the person is. My mom named me that because she thought it was pretty and because when she coached soccer, there was a little girl named Amelia who was the sweetest, and smartest, person she ever met she said. She also said I am sweet and super smart kinda like her. And my middle name is Marie. Pronounced Ma-Ree. My mom is Denise Marie. Isn't Amelia Marie Pretty? If I was a boy I would have been named Robert Micheal. I would have been called Micheal because my dad's name is Robert. I like the name Micheal. And Robert. But I love my own name and think it is very pretty. If I had to choose a nickname for it, I would choose Mia. I can be like either one, they both fit me. And I am not kidding when I say I am smart, I am in gifted not to brag. So I am called Amelia most of the time, almost all the time. But I usaully have to say my name over when people ask me since I talk fast and clear, they think It was Emily or something, but I don't care they say Amelia is pretty. I like it.
It's okay, although its very trendy right now. I'd say if you like Amelia but are worried its too common, try Amalia instead :)
This name is so pretty, I love it :) but my cousin is Emilia (which I prefer slightly) so id never use it. However, although this name was used a long time ago, I wouldn't call it old fashioned because its more popular now than it has ever been. Probably because its being used so much by the parents who are trying to be all "vintage" by using names like Grace, Amelia, and Lillian. But those names are gaining extreme popularity now, so i'd say maybe use pretty, old fashioned names that aren't overused, like Marie or florence :)
Maria Amelia (1831-1853) was the daughter of King Pedro IV of Portugal and his second wife Amelie.
In 2010 the new companion on Doctor Who became 'Amelia Pond'(the girl who waited), also known as Amy. Played by actress Karen Gillian. The Doctor also takes note that it's a great name because it sounds 'like a fairytale'.
A nice old-fashioned girls name that is making a revival, I like it.
This name is so beautiful and perfect. I love this name it is elegant and grown up sounding but also it could be adorable for a little girl. I would totally use this name for my daughter.
Amelia "Amy" Bruckner is an American actress.
The Italian pronunciation is ah-ME-lyah. [noted -ed]
I LOVE the name Amelia. I think it's adorable, elegant, and sophisticated. I have it on my list as Amelia Celeste. (: Some cute nicknames are Mia, Lia, Millie, and Mills. I hate the nickname "Amy" though. I think Amy is boring and dated.
Amelia Vega (1984-), Dominican model and Miss Universe 2003.
Princess Amelia of Great Britain (1711-1786), daughter of George II.
I don't why but I just don't like this name... maybe because it's too common.
This name is also used in Poland. (Or rather abused, really. Call "Amelia" at a Polish playground and half of the girls will turn their heads, then call "Oliwia" and there are hardly any girls left.) [noted -ed]
I prefer Amalia.
I think it's a nice name, but it's actually quite unpopular here. I only know one girl called Amelia, and she goes by Amy. She thinks it's too "fairytale-ish".
Beautiful and uncommon. I adore the Princess Diaries connection.
Amelia Brightman (b. 1979) is a British singer. She's Sarah Brightman's younger sister.
This name is definitely becoming popular. It's very nice, though.
Although I like 'a-MEE-lee-a' better, if I ever named my daughter Amelia, I would pronounce it 'a-meh-LEE-a' simply because the first pronunciation is way too common now. However, a girl at my school named Amelia, pronounced the second way, always has to correct people, so it may not be the most convenient.
I prefer AMÉLIE.
This is my name and my family and I pronounce it as 'ah MILL ya'. My nickname is Mae (may) because when I was learning how to talk I couldn't pronounce Amelia very well and said Mae Mae instead.
A fictional bearer of this name is Amelia Pond, which is the red-haired companion of the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who, who goes by the nickname Amy. Personally, I like Amelia, I by far prefer it to the more plain Amy. :)
I think this name is pretty but not amazing. Since I read the book "Our Only May Amelia" I thought that May Amelia was one of the best combinations ever and thought differently of the name.
I find it interesting that in the magazine Parents, Amelia is predicted to be in the top 10 names in popularity by 2019. I don't know if I see that, or I hope not but interesting nonetheless.They also had Violet, Lila, Piper listed for girls. (That's all I remember right now.)
Most beautiful name for a girl. Wow. It is amazing. I love the way it sounds.
this name delivers beauty and grace.
Amelia was the name of Lara Croft's mother in the Tomb Raider games. After finding a sword in a temple in Nepal, Amelia grabs it and disappears. Years later, Lara finds her as a thrall in Helheim.
The first time I heard this name on a real person I liked it. It gives a warm and friendly feeling yet not too overly familiar. I grew to LOVE the name over time. We named our new little daughter this. She is just as sweet and gentle and happy as her name sounds. We like Millie for a nickname though I love the name Amelia so much I will probably always call her her given name. I have gotten a lot of compliments on her name as well. And once in awhile I can tell it's not an instant hit with a person:) Oh well to have a name that is beautiful but still somewhat unique not everyone should fall head over heals for it.
Amelia is a beautiful name, I love it, it is as sweet as a flower.
My name is Amelia and I don't really like it when people call me Amelia Bedelia. It's SUPER annoying! Also, I have people call me Amy because of that. So overall I don't like the name Amelia, I wish it was legal to change names.
Amelia Tan is Destroyx's (of the band Angelspit) real name.
It's also Polish variant, and it's pronunciation is
I'm an Amelia, called Millie. Millie has seen me through my childhood and I know Amelia can see me through adulthood. I've known many Amelias, mostly within five years of me (born 1990), but just about all have had a different nickname. In Australia it seems it was one of the leading names of the classic resurgence of the 90s, along with Charlotte.
This is a Polish variant, too.
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, American fiction writer, wrote her first short novel "In the Forests of the Night" when she was thirteen. Predominantly write about vampires and the supernatural.
This is the name on my birth certificate, but I've been called Amy since practically the moment I was born. I don't really like the name that much for me, but I think it's pretty in general. I hate that there are nicknames like "Milly" derived from it, too, I'm so glad my parents nicknamed me Amy.
I think this is a very nice name. A few years ago, I jokingly told someone that my full name was Amelia and that Amy was my nickname. They believed me and now many people call me Amelia even though it's not my name. They don't believe that my real name is just Amy.
I really like names that're unique without being too odd. Amelia is just a lovely name all around. It is quite feminine without overdoing the girlyness. It has a subtle beauty with a hint of intrigue as well.
While it's not as pretty to me as the variant Emilia, I still like this name. It sounds girly in a good way.
Amelia Bones is a character in J.K. Rowling's famous Harry Potter series. She is the aunt of Susan Bones and works for the Ministry of Magic.
Amelia is a very pretty name as told to me by many people. I prefer the name Mia but yet, no one catches on. Oh and by the way, that comment about losing limbs is absolutely rude and obnoxious. Keep those things to yourself please! :)
Amelia is a Latin rooted name. Amelia is common in Spain due to the Latin roots. (PURE) is the meaning of the name. Pronounced Amai-lya, the A is of the vowel sound of a short O like in the word fall. Italy and Portugal is also common since the like countries all have Latin roots.
This is a horrible name. For three reasons:
1. Birth Defect
2. Amelia Bedila
3. It sounds like an obese child: "A meal-ya!"
My, what a hideous name! It would be even more ridiculous if somebody named Emily (even for their middle name) called their child Amelia. It is so horrible, I think, because of the word meal being in it.
I really, really, really like this name. I don't know why I like it because I hate Emily and Emma.
Pronounced Ah-meh-lee-ah in Spanish and Portuguese.
Amelia Jean was the name of a little girl in the movie Split Infinity.
I always remember the Amelia Jane books by Enid Blyton when I see this name, and when I was kid and I read those books I used to despise it, but now it's really grown on me a lot and I love it. It's classy and elegant; a name that would age well and yet still sound pretty enough for a little girl. An all round perfect name!
Czech actress Lucie Zedníčková & Vítek Pokorný have a daughter Amelia Pokorná, born at 2004, she weighed 3 kg and 50 cm.
Czech Ski Acrobat Aleš Valenta & Elen Černá have a daughter Amelia Valentová, born at 2004, she weighed 3,3 kg and 49 cm.
Amelia Sachs is a character in the Lincoln Rhyme book serias by Jeffery Deaver (i.e. The Bone Collector, The 12th Card, The Empty Chair, The Vanished Man, Cold Moon, et cetera.)
I like this name, it is sweet and it will never go out of style. I really like the nicknames Mia, Lia, and Amy. I like the combination of Amelia May or Amelia Margorie. I always picture a sweet, shy girl whom everyone loves. It is such a classic name and something everyone says is so pretty.
What a pretty name!
Pronounced as "Ah-mu-lya".
It´s also the Czech and Slovak form.
I really like the sound of it, but I cannot shake the idea of Amelia Bedelia, the birth defect and meal worms (sp?). I wish I could because, save those associations, it's a really nice name.
Pronounced as "AH-MEH-lya".
Nicknames: Amelka, Mel, Mia, Amelinka, Lia.
Amelia Wil Tesla Seiruun is a character from the Slayers Japanese cartoon series.
The feline captin in Treasure Planet was Captain Amelia.
This form was first used in Henry Fielding's novel of the name; it is either a variation of Amalia or Emilia.
Pronounced as "Ah-mah-lia".
I think it is a pretty name.
This is my name, I love it and always have. It has always set me apart. I have never met another Amelia, and I love that! (though I don't like how popular it is becoming) It was one of the best things my parents ever did for me. Its origin is German and it means industrious.
Who cares if it's a birth defect? No one really thinks about that when someone says their name is Amelia or something. Amelia is a gentle sounding name, and definitely feminime. It's unfortunate that the name is so popular nowadays. I know five Amelias under 11.
This is my baby daughter's name. We call her "Milly" most of the time. We really love it, and it's a name that has a lot of nickname options: Milly/Millie, Mia, Lia, Milla, etc.
It's pretty, but it's also the name of a birth defect in which one or more of the limbs are missing at birth.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Amelia here:
Nicknames could be Amy, Milly, Lia or Mia.
The name Amelia is the first name of a character named Amelia Donaghy in a movie called The Bone Collector (who was portrayed by Angelina Jolie), she was a patrol cop.
Ameliorer is a French verb meaning "to improve".
The Amelia Islands are a cluster of islands in America.
This is my name, and although I used to not like it I now think it is quite classy and mature, which I like. I don't like how it is becoming so popular though, it should be kept unique!
This is my name and I love it. It's NOT common, it's NOT bland, and it's original enough to be special but heard enough to not be freakish. Amelias also the name of that vampire chick on Underworld. Even though I hate that movie vampires are cool.
What kind of a name is Amelia, seriouly I think it's just so blah and outdated it sounds like somthing from the 1800s. Please just let this one die.
I love this name--it's mine. Seems that it's always been classic, but never overly trendy, and I hope it stays that way. Lone_dreamer's comment about the missing limbs makes it even cooler, somehow. And if anybody was thinking of naming their daughter after Amelia Bedelia--please don't! At least when people ask me if that's where I got my name, I can roll my eyes and say "No way." I would hate admitting to something like that, or having to lie about it.
Amelia, or Mia, is the main character in Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries.
I love the name Amelia, my favourite name at the moment besides my kids' names. To me, an Amelia would be an adorably sweet girl, very caring but a little shy. The name is beautiful.
I love my name because it's unique, unlike those overused names! And it fits me.
Amelia is a name that I think grows on me. I don't know of anyone personally with this name. It doesn't seem to go out of fashion with the passage of time like some names do.
My sister's name is Amelia, and I really like it. She goes by Mia most of the time. Some people pronounce it Uh-meal-ee-a (really Texan), and other people pronounce it Uh-meal-ya. I like Mia way better than just Amelia though. It's very unique.
Amelia is my name, I used to hate it, but now I love it. I like being called Mia by my friends and family. I know 2 other Amelia's! And by the way you pronounce it A-Meal-e-uh!
"Amelia" is also the name of a birth defect most commonly associated with the drug thalidomide. It is marked by the absence of limbs.
My sister's name is Amelia. It's unique in a way. I think it would sound more classy if it wasn't so popular nowadays.
Amelia Earheart was a famous bearer of this name. Also, among teens, the main character of the 'Princess Diaries' series by Meg Cabot is Mia Thermopolis, born as Amelia.
Amelia is the birth name of actress Minnie Driver.
I always loved Peggy Parish's "Amelia Bedelia". She's a riot!
This is my name. I think it is a beautiful, unique name. I do not know anyone else with this name, personally.
The name is pronounced Ah-Me-Lee-A. It is also the name of a character in Vanity Fair.
I'm sorry but I really, really don't like this name. I don't like how popular it is today.
Amelia is a very elegant and classy name.
Common nicknames of Amelia include Mia, Milly/Millie, Mils and Mila.
I pronounce Amelia as "ah-MAY-lya".
Young adult writer Amelia Atwater-Rhodes bears this name.
An ancient Greek name, Amelia (f), Amelios or Amelias (m). A famous bearer of the name was the philosopher Amelios, student of Plotinos.

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