Well, as an American (born/from the USA), I'm naturally very patriotic. The 4th of July (also known as Independence Day) has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I have so many wonderful memories that are still in my heart of celebrating that day with my family. I've owned lots of things (shirts, swimsuits, shoes, sunglasses, etc.) with the design of the American flag on them. I've listened to countless patriotic songs and have watched several patriotic movies that I still consider classic favorites today.

Of course, the United States of America has many flaws and imperfections, but so does every other country. No one's perfect. But America has always been (and, for the most part, still is) a country that people admire, respect and love. That's why they call living here the “American dream”.
Americans are known for their strength, bravery and resilience. We fight for what's right, and we don't stop until we achieve justice. We make our lives seen and our voices heard.

With all of that being said, I do think that America would make for a beautiful name for a person, male or female. It's a beautiful name that represents integrity, courage, resilience and strength.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read all of this. I appreciate it, as it means a lot to me.
Breathe J.  4/28/2021
Beautiful, strong, noble name! I like it! One of my favorite place names, considering I generally don't like place names.
MythicalCreature  4/19/2021
I'm Erica.

It's really pretty :)
― Anonymous User  3/3/2021
I think this is a really beautiful and strong name! It feels something similar to Erica, both good names. I like this name and people who have this name should be proud of it! South America and North America are beautiful continents, a lot of beauty to be proud about!
DeeDeeRee  2/27/2021
Too bad there is so much hatred towards this name because some people think it’s only the name of a country or continent!

One of my coworkers is named America and the name has grown on me. Years ago when my friend said she if she had a daughter she would name her America, I thought that was weird, but acceptable since you could call her Amy or Erica instead, but now I like the name America. Now I would consider naming my daughter America (or twin girls Amy and Erica haha). I’m proud to be an American and so is my husband who is an immigrant and earned his citizenship. Plus the name just sounds nice.

I know most people with this name are of Spanish heritage, but that is no reason to turn down this name. I have a Spanish first name though I’m not Spanish.
Zinha  1/1/2021

Yeah, no. I'm not American, so I don't think I would use this name. It doesn't sound bad though, it reminds me of Erika or Erica. If you're an American and you're considering this, why not Erica or Erika?
Anders1234  12/23/2020
noisynora  12/23/2020
I personally LOVE the name I had a girlfriend with the name and she was proud no matter what! (sorry to all those people who feel hurt because other people are jerks) So if you're thinking of a unique name this should be a GREAT candidate. :) #BEPROUD!
alfonso99  11/20/2020
What’s more American than naming your daughter America?
ciara23  11/11/2020
Honestly, I hate America as a country. But otherwise, the name itself isn’t bad. It’s pretty actually.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2020
Why was the GO taken out and the CA was added? AmeriGO to AmeriCA anything to do with CArolina or CAlifornia or did the ITALIAN genius explore CAnada too, since its attached to AMERICA!
Frangooch19  8/29/2020
Frangooch19, America is from the Latin form of Amerigo, Americus.
The Imperatrix  10/26/2020
This name is so ugly. I bet patriotic parents would name their child this.
Bubbles293739  7/27/2020
Wow, okay. First off, please turn down the negativity. Having an opinion is fine but please be more respectful, enough with the hate comments. That being said here is my opinion:
I love this name! It’s super cute and pretty, also it ages well. And I don’t think you have to be ridiculously patriotic to name your daughter this, you can like a name just to LIKE A NAME, okay? Do you have to be a gardener to name your kid Rose? Do you have to be a weather reporter to name your kid Sunny or Rain? An arborist to have Willow? No!
And I think everyone with the name America should be proud of it!
Tatumarore  11/16/2019
Ridiculous as a name.
someone-  11/3/2019
I'm not fond of many country names (Chad is alright because it's also a separate name) and while this one is very pretty I wouldn't use it on a real person.
picajay  10/23/2019
I like this name. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. The Americas were named after a guy called Americono. It was a name before it was a country. You could call her Ami or Erica. I don’t get all of the negativity.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2019
I think it's just plain dumb to name someone after a country you live in.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2019
No, just no. Nobody has the right to put others down because of a name. I understand that people have a right to their opinions, but there is a difference between being rude, and being someone who politely disagrees.
I was born with the name America (my first name) Rose (my middle name). I was bullied for fifteen years over it and had gone by Ami all that time. When I turned sixteen, I decided to go by my real name and wear it with pride. Seriously though, how cool is it to say you literally know "America"? I went most of my life hating it because my mother had most likely given it to me while she was drunk. I never got to ask. But my name is the only thing I have left of my family, and I'm proud.
AmericaRose  4/30/2019
Ouch. My name is America and these comments are seriously bringing down my mood. Everyone I come into contact with loves my name and loves to joke around with me about it, but wow, I never knew so many people disliked it.
AmiableAmerica  2/13/2019
It sounds pretty but I definitely would not name my child this. Very humiliating. Child would get teased to no end.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2019
Only Donald Trump would name his daughter America, but I still think it’s unique.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2019
America is a silly name for a girl. I can imagine overly patriotic people giving their daughter a name like America.
kayisforkeen  8/7/2018
Terrible and America itself would laugh at this name. This name is just a laughing stock!
Curious me  7/18/2018
Well, my name is America and I honestly have no problem with it. People usually mistake it for Amanda when I say it. I’ve never meant anyone else with my name so seeing these comments well some of them are cool.. obviously there will be people that love or hate it.. it’s definitely different but nobody ever forgets you. You also have cool nicknames like Merica, Mercie, Merri, Captain America etc. I don't really care if people don’t like my name, I just think it’s funny- telling people and seeing their reactions are priceless. One thing that I hate is that I have no name definition in the urban dictionary like my friend's SMH.
― Anonymous User  6/22/2018
It's cute, and not 'cutesy' cute (like Kayla and co.)
It's character-only, for me. Though I am American (as in, from the US) it would be weird to have this name, even to us in the south, haha.
mememan28  4/26/2018
Best shortened to Amy.
Hushpuppy  4/12/2018
Why is this name in the category 'top 10 in the US'? Its highest rank was 427 in 2005.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2018
A lovely name. Oddly, I don't see it as tacky at all. In fact, I might use this for a child someday. Nicknames are Amy, Meri, Rica, and Erica. See my comment on given name Brooklyn.
― Anonymous User  11/22/2017
I'm a very patriotic guy, but even I can understand how potentially bad an idea this name is, even if I actually kind of like it. "Hello, madam. We'd like to understand you more to see if you'd be right for our company. To start, what's your name?"

"America McConnell."

It sounds to me like the name of a stripper, but I can at least understand where the name comes from.
molten-salty  9/3/2017
In Portuguese we still have Américo, which is the masculine version. In the case of América, it was still common in the 19th Century, I'm sure, but certainly has fallen out of use.
Andre the Iberian  6/8/2017
I am a living human being with this name, and no, my parents aren't super patriotic or even racist, like these comments mention. Yes, I get the occasional jokes and unoriginal comments like my birthday being on Fourth of July, but, all in all, people compliment my name and totally disassociate it with the name of a country.
― Anonymous User  4/4/2017
America is a great name! Think of it not being the name of a country, then I bet everyone would realize how terrific, and beautiful it is.
Tatumarore  3/24/2017
Um, to those of you bashing the name "America," that's my name. I live in the US and my parents gave it to me despite not being patriotic themselves. I didn't change the name, it's on my birth certificate and everything.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2017
America is known as a beautiful country where everybody can enjoy their rights!
taxipleasantonca  4/28/2016
It is the name of the protagonist of "The Selection" book series, by Kiera Cass: America Singer.
ForeverStar11  4/13/2016
I honestly love the name. I think it's very beautiful and it gives me the impression of someone who is strong and independent just like the country itself. But, of course I'm a bit biased because I love the character America from Kiera Cass's The Selection Series.
andgirl12  12/27/2015
America /amer-i-ca/ [4 sylls.] as a girls' name is of Old German origin, and the meaning of America is "work power; home leader". Feminine of Amerigo, the name of the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci.
CatpainA2020  11/8/2015
I hate this name. By that logic, I should name my children United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Oceania!
― Anonymous User  10/16/2015
I'm a citizen of the country and even I must admit that it's absolutely tacky and dumb as a name.

America doesn't even sound like a name of person. It should just stay in use as the country only.

If you wish to encorporate 'America' in your child's name, try other locations which are within the country.
― Anonymous User  9/18/2015
I think that America is such a beautiful name. I would defiantly name my daughter America without hesitation. America was a very popular name during the 1800s. America is also the main character in the selection series by Keira Cass- her parents named her that because she was a fighter. The name America has much more meaning to it than just being a patriotic name, after all it was a name before it was a country.
Lekh  7/2/2015
I have been reading all the comments... and it really hurts a lot. My name is America. I'm Spanish and live in the U.S. It's true that people will always talk down about that name, but it's really depressing. I want to change my name or otherwise I might do something to myself if I keep hearing crap from bullies at school, social media, including this site. America is my mother's middle name and my (he is 97yrs) uncle's name is Amerigo Vespucci. My mother got the name America because her mother always wanted to live in the U.S. (American dream) I'm not named after a soccer team, or just patriotism, but after a dream to become successful in life. Bearing this strong name is difficult and attracts too much attention, and when people hear your name they think that it's actually Erica (Erika), they will call you names like Asia, Mexico, California, or other places. Some people say that it's a beautiful name, others think it's a joke, when I cross the border from Mexico to U.S. the police officers (people in charge there) will look at you with a strange face. "And why is your name America?" They will ask either to me or my mother, "Is that your real name?" " You are insulting our country" I know America is not only U.S. and it's common in south-middle America but it's really hard when I present my name in front of people.
AmericaKim  5/31/2015
My middle name is America and pretty much everyone has called me that my whole life. I didn't know almost every one thought it was such a horrible name! I guess it makes it even worse that I'm American as well :( Sure, a lot of times I get insecure about it when people crack a joke at it, or act like they misheard it and say Erica instead. I've always thought I was awesome but from what people are saying I guess it's not as "unique in a good way" as I thought. My mom got the idea for the name from 9/11 because my mom, father and brother were there the night before it happened. And I really don't like my first name "shrugs".
CatpainA2020  3/30/2015
I LOVE this name. I am 16 weeks prego! So exciting! I've stayed up all night trying to pick a girls name that I will instantly fall in love with. America... If you guys could just look at it as a name, you'll see that the way it sounds and is spelled is so beautiful. I'm an American. I love fries and a big-Mac. Pound of it. But I'm not patriotic whatsoever! I just really love that name. And plus CANADUH is an ugly ass name, lol that's why their people get made fun of. Now I'm only dissing the name Canada, not the place or the people but c'mon. That's why nobody's named Canada, lol.
America all the wayy  3/20/2015
Not to diss my own country but America as someone's legit name is utterly ridiculous and tacky. A lot of place names don't work. America has no exceptions.
It's just cheesy and way too patriotic if you ask me.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2014
Yes, I agree with most of the people here that this name is too tacky, but I don't really have a problem with the fact that a lot of Americans name their kids like this. They love their country, it's ok, lucky them. And altough I dislike the formal form, Rica would be a great, playful, exotic sounding nickname.
Christine1999  7/12/2014
A bit patriotic for my taste, but if you factor out the fact it's a continent, America is a pretty name. I wasn't surprised to see it was popular back then. They named their kids things like that.
DaisyGraceBaker  7/1/2014
Think of any country in this world other than America. Do you know anyone there who named their kids after that country? Didn't think so. So why name your kid America, especially if you're American?
xgirl  5/26/2014
How it sounds: Pretty.
Uniqueness: 10/10
Negative factors: Probably going to be made fun of, sorry, I'm not trying to be mean. Its kind of silly that people hate this name but think names like Paris are fine. Sigh.
Gio123  9/27/2013
America Ferrara (full name: Georgine America Ferrera) is an American actress who is best known for her leading role as Betty Suarez on the ABC television series Ugly Betty.
Tiger Lilly  6/23/2013
I live in Canada and no one names their kids Canada. It's really silly to name your child America, even for the respect of your country. Anyways, America sounds blah. If you want to name your kid after a place pick Ireland or Sierra!
MelissaR  3/16/2013
It's a joke that this was ever a name.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2013
This name isn't so bad if it's on a Hispanic girl. Otherwise, it sounds really tacky.
Bonquiqui  7/4/2012
I'm a proud American and I would have no problem naming my child America. I think it makes a beautiful name! United States FTW!
― Anonymous User  12/17/2011
Oh please, Amerigo was a name, they just put a ca at the end. It's not that bad people.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2011
Alright, alright, stop bashing America! I mean, I wouldn't name my kid America, but it is cute!

I love my country. I'm American. I don't bash the girls named Paris or London, do I? Not all Americans are snobs. Get over it.

Go America!
blondieboo629  11/11/2011
I didn't know this was a name, either. It's definitely unique. I might use it for a character in a story.
Joy12  4/30/2011
The name America is not bad! It's very common in Mexico. My name is America & I love it. Of course I've gotten picked on before, but believe me it's not that bad I mean you can't forget it. I've never had the problem of someone not remembering my name. I think it's unique & I've always gotten compliments on it.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2011
It's an odd thing for parents to name their child after a country. America makes me think the parents were either trailer park residents, teenagers, or even racists who believe Americans are superior to the rest of the world. I recommend picking something else.
Black_X  5/9/2010
America, in my opinion, seems more doable as a person's name than, say, Montana or Dakota. It's pretty, and it was a name before it was the name of the continent, but I guess the association with the United States puts people off.
bananarama  8/13/2009
Seriously, there are more practicable and less silly ways to show your patriotism than by naming your child after the country/continent. It does not sound like a person's name at all, and I can't picture it paired with a last name.
Anyechka  8/12/2009
Too patriotic. Imagine if America's birthday was July 4th.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2009
Overly-freaking-patriotic. It's tacky anywhere, but outside of America, you're going to hear a lot of rude comments. By the way, yes, I really like America, and am a citizen.
Kerules  5/18/2009
Wow, some serious country-bashing going on. I'm not American, I'm Canadian, but honestly, stop bashing America. You're sounding ridiculous and you're not "cool".

Well, America's a nice country and all, but I wouldn't name my kid after it. Too much association. And they won't even be American, most likely.
emmiix3  3/22/2009
Wow, comments about this name are incredibly Anti-American and wreak of discontent and hatred. I have actually never met an American native (within the country for atleast one generation) name their child America, I have however heard of immigrants (legal and illegal) using this name for their first child born in America. So, the previous comments about how horrible Americans are for naming their children this are really ignorant and I would even go as far as to say racist.
When it comes down to it, it really is just an alternate spelling of Amerigo (Vespucci), of which the Americas were named after.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2009
America is the main character of the book America by E. R Frank. America is named this because, according to his mother, "his father could be anybody in America."
bibi66  3/2/2009
I don't think I've read a list of comments more adamantly against a name on this website than these about "America." While I'd never name my child this, I think it's a pretty name. And, contrast to what most of these comments say, I don't think one has to be REALLY REALLY REALLY patriotic to name their child this. I'm an American and I'd name my child Russia but I'm not a giant fan of the country or anything (though it seems cool).
― Anonymous User  1/12/2009
I can totally imagine a guy who loves a girl named America, and whenever he says so, people just think he's being patriotic. XD

"America's the BEST! *shot*"
not_another_Jessica  12/2/2008
Okay, I know most Americans are incredibly patriotic. But this is just taking it a bit too far.
― Anonymous User  11/15/2008
It's Erica without the AM. I think it's a beautiful name and I love this land. Plus I love the name Erica and that's a bonus. God Bless America!
_0TophasNails_1  11/13/2008
I disagree with all of you.
If you don't name EVERY SINGLE ONE of your children America and give them the middle name of an American pop culture item, the terrorists will win!
That's why my kids will be named America Big-Mac, America Baseball, and America Mickey Mouse Club.
Because I love America.
amishigloo  6/27/2008
This name is ... wow. I love my country, but seriously. Who's gonna name their kid after the country they live in?!? It doesn't even SOUND like a normal name. It sounds like some parents were trying to be "different" and gave the poor kid the name of a country (actually 2 continents, but when most here America, they think of the U.S A). I highly doubt people outside America use this name because it sounds stupid. It's quite like naming a kid Poland or Ukraine or Slovakia. Now don't those sound silly?
Jesus_Freak  6/4/2008
It's highly unlikely that the Americas got it's name from Amerigo Vespucci and it's practically unheard of for places to be named after an explorer's first name. The origin is closer linked to Richard Ameryk who was the financier of John Calbot's voyage which landed in North America. The older British maps have America on it and when Italian mapmakers saw the word, it was assumed it was after Vespucci who explored the coast of South America and used it to name both continents.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2008
AMERIGO is male and I know a male by the name. His mother was just so happy to be here, and he was one of the first things that happened to her when she got here. I understand from him, he is not the only male he knows of.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2007
This name is absolutely horrific, especially if one lives in America. Yes, it was used as a name in early Italy as a feminine form of "Amerigo," and yes, it is common in the Latino world, but this does not change the fact that it's a vulgar name.
Ouaie  7/8/2007
Oh, please, this was a name long before the continent - America was named after the Italian explorer Americo Vespuccio. And in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries it's a fairly common name.
Aki  4/22/2007
The only place where you find this name is USA (not even Canada) and my friend was called America and when she moved to Australia (where I live) she was being called names like Washington, Wyoming (hope that's the right spelling), Wisconsin, Pheonix and Michigan. She decided in year 9 (15 years old) to go by her middle name Elizabeth and moved classes because she couldn't stand the teasing.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2007
I guess when condsidering the name think about all that stuff that happened above me. What if you move countries? Will the name be liked there? What if your child gets married and moves to anther country far away will she like it?
Koolgal  4/2/2007
I absoulutely, positively LOVE the name America! I would die to be American AND to bear that name - although it would be a dream come true if I was FRENCH-ICELANDIC-AMERICAN!
Miracle1980Olympics  1/13/2007
Being American isn't really that cool and I can only imagine how horrible it would be to be actually named America. I would hate it if my name was America and would change it IMMEDIATELY.
livieluvbug  12/6/2007
Most girls in Mexico are named America after the soccer team also named America. BTW, in Mexico America is a common name.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2006
A women I found in my family while doing genealogy was named America, and I'd never thought about it as a name before, but I think it's very beautiful now. The sound and look of the name are both pretty, and it's not terrible to name a child after a country/continent, any more than it is to name them after a city or state. Also, this name isn't used very often, either.
Iridosmine  10/16/2006
I knew a little girl that had the name America. Her father named her that because of his favorite soccer team. Yes there really is a soccer team called America. They're a South American team.
Veronica Mikal  10/6/2006
American McGee, inventor of American McGee's Alice.
dramaelf  9/16/2006
OK, I would never use this name and I really dislike it, but hey, America is not a country (it's a continent) - the country is called The United States of America - and the name isn't very uncommon in Latin America. Plus, Canada IS used as a name (although it's rare).
Caprice  8/28/2006
Ever wonder why Canadian girls aren't being named Canada? Because their parents aren't as stupid as those living in the United States! Surely they bare the popular names Sarah, Isabelle, Jessica and Hailey - but, ever wonder why there aren't any Nevaehs or Princesses, Uniques, Flowers, Kolours, Comforts or Liberties?! Well, I could just sit here and palaver here in my exaggerated, business woman vocabulary, incoherintly and completely inconsequentially, or I can go crazy! I mean, COME ON! It's your child that we're talking about here. *Bangs head against keyboard*
Starla-Marie_1993  7/21/2006
On the other hand, it's a good idea to honour your BELOVED country, really go ahead!
Starla-Marie_1993  7/21/2006
Okay, good. Now that I have Starla's permission and blessing, I'll go ahead and use this name. Just glad that she said I was allowed to use it. *Phew*
― Anonymous User  2/26/2007
I love my country, but this is going too far.
Mithos514  7/19/2006
I agree this IS going WAY too far! However, the United States of America is only one part of America. Please don't forget that this name is borne by two continents.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2006
Sounds more like something you might name your pet rather than your child.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2006
This is the most ridiculous name I've ever heard. I doubt anyone outside the USA uses it, either, so that just makes it all the more tacky. It's even worse than flag-patterned clothing, and that's saying a lot.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2006
This is such a tacky name for someone if you live in America! If it is pronouned "ahm-air-EE-ka", the Spanish way, that is a different matter.
Riley115  12/29/2005
A famous bearer of this name is: America Ferrera.
― Anonymous User  8/1/2005
Actually, it's América Ferrara, not America.
Merrie.D  6/14/2007
From the name Henry, which means "home rule". Hmmm, the Land of Home Rule! I think it fits too well somehow.
gaelruadh19  6/12/2005

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