This name is very beautiful! It’s quite common in France but I adore it! It doesn’t make me think of anyone ‘bratty’ and I think you should be proud to have this name.
I am OBSESSED with this name! I think it has a classic, elegant appeal. Unlike many “feminine forms”, it does not sound directly like its parent name, which I appreciate. “Charlotte” also has a wide variety of nicknames and diminutives, spanning from Char to Charlie to Lottie. It is making a comeback on the charts!
Charlotte Richards is a character from the TV Show Lucifer.
My name is Charlotte. I used to despise it but now I have fallen in love. In my country, my name is different from the Ava's and Emma's. I find this name elegant and intelligent. This name makes me think of a kind female who is not afraid to speak for herself.
Charlotte is the name of my friend. Though it is an alright name, it is way too common.
I’ve always thought this was a beautiful name.
Charlotte is a very wonderful name. It sounds strong and mature, of course, I love the name Charlotte. I am named Charlotte.
Ok. However, there are a lot better names out there!
I can’t tell you how much I love the name Charlotte. It works well on kids and adults and there’s a lot of nickname options like Charlie, Char or Lotty. It’s also a very pretty name.
The Danish singer Whigfield, mostly known for her early-1990s international Eurodance hit song, "Saturday Night", was born as Sannie Charlotte Carlson.
Reminds me of Charlotte’s Web! Spiders freak me out! I don’t see the appeal!
This name always makes me think of 'sherbert'.
It reminds me a lot of Charlotte NC.
I think Charlotte is a classy name that truly has a timeless appeal. It is not very common at all where I live so I may just add this one to my list of names. :)
Beautiful and classy name, sadly the popularity deterred me as I hear it so often now it has lost some of its luster and appeal.
Princess Charlotte of Prussia was the eldest daughter of Kaiser Fredrick III and the sister of Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Alexandra feodrovna (nee princess Charlotte of Prussia) was the consort of Tsar Nicolas I and the mother of Tsar AlexanderII.
It's a classic & timeless name. What is not to like? I think Lottie, Lotta or even Lola are wonderful nicknames. Charlie is a nice nickname too, but it's another name that is crazy popular right now.
I don't find the name Charlotte "bratty" and I grew up being one of those unpopular kids, so I'm naturally wary of names that emit a princessy meanness. Anyone from any class could be named Charlotte. To a previous poster, while Charlotte does make me think of Charlotte from SATC, I love her character! She's well-dressed, romantic, put together, and successful -- why wouldn't I want those qualities in a name? Just because a name is beautiful, feminine, and confident doesn't preclude it from sounding kind too. I've known a few Charlottes and they've all been memorably kind and intelligent, like Miss Honey from Matilda! And there are so many nicknames for Charlotte (Charlie, Char, Lottie, etc.), further bolstering my argument that it's an adaptable, classy, and yes, transcendent name that could belong to the loveliest of souls.
Really unattractive. Too common, every female newborn is a Charlotte. Carlotta is more spunky and interesting.
This name has always reminded me of a mouse that does ballet or something...
I associate Charlotte with shallow women, such as the character in "Sex and the City" which was super popular and hard to escape from when I was a young teenager. It just makes me think of a shallow, rich woman who spends her days shopping and discussing "problems" with her friends such as the new Ralph Lauren sweater being sold out or her husband not buying the more expensive bracelet for her birthday. It's such a stuck-up princess sort of name.
I love classic names and I should like Charlotte. But I just can't. It reminds me of all kinds of words such as "carrot", "harlot" and "charlatan".
I absolutely love this moniker as it sounds euphonic to my ears and has an elegant appearance on paper. It truly is, in my humble
opinion, a splendid treasure of a name.
Woah... I didn't know this name was so overused... I don't know anyone nor have met anyone named Charlotte but it's classy and elegant.
Charlotte is very noble, classic, and good. But a little overdone at this point.
Not sure why this name is so popular. It rhymes with “harlot” and is similar to the word “charlatan”.
Cute but I don’t like the nickname Char! I also think of Charlotte’s Web.
Charlotte's Web.
I really like Charlotte for a name. It's graced with gorgeous class and elegance. Its meaning: “Free woman”, is a beautiful and strong encouragement (especially for American women), as well. It ages wonderfully, in my opinion, as I can easily picture this name for an adorable infant, playful toddler, sweet little girl, adventurous teenager, lovely young adult, and wise elderly woman. I also like the nickname potentials, such as Char, Lotte, and the classic Charlie. Of the three, I must admit that Charlie would have to be my favorite, mainly because it offers an irresistible tomboyish touch, which I love. For some reason, I have a soft spot for long feminine names with “boyish” nicknames.
Overall, I think Charlotte is a very nice name.
I think Charlotte is a very pretty name, which fits very well into a regency-era context. It just sounds (to me at least) like a very sweet name.
Cute but I wouldn’t name my kid this because it’s so popular.
My name is Charlotte, I’ve always loved it. I love that it’s timeless and will never go out of style. A lot of people have said that it’s too common but there’s never been another Charlotte in my class at school ever. I think it’s really beautiful.
I've always liked the name Charlotte. Very nice.
I guess my impression is biased, since my name is Charlotte, but I do like the name. It’s becoming much more popular nowadays, but I still haven’t met very many people with the name, maybe 2 or 3.
Charlotte DiLaurentis was a character on Pretty Little Liars, first introduced in Season 3.
Like the name Alice, Charlotte rounds off the mouth when spoken, which creates a sensation on the tongue. This makes the name very popular, in my opinion, so I would recommend this name for parents wanting to name their girl something regal.
I think of Charlotte’s Web. For that reason, I strongly dislike.
Sounds so common and complicated.
I love this name! It's super pretty, and I get why it's popular. I've never met a Charlotte in my entire life, despite its popularity.
This name is kinda growing on me. I'm starting to love it, it's really pretty and beautiful.
I know a Charlotte, and everyone calls her Char-Char, pronounced SHAR-SHAR.
I used to think this was a too old name for a little girl but since this name has grown to be more popular I like it WAY more than I use to. :D.
Literary & lush, Charlotte is fabulous, especially with the nickname Charlie!
Even though it’s really popular I love it because of how beautiful it is by itself and all the nickname possibilities. I love Lottie because it’s not used as often as Charlie, which is still cute. I really like the name Charlotte Evangeline.
I've seen worst.
I always associate it with Charlotte's web though.
There are four Charlottes in our daughter's kindergarten class. Ugh.
Beautiful, though I wouldn't use it.
Okay so my name is Charlotte, so I guess I’ll give you my perspective on my name. It’s a good name, I’ve never gotten teased for it, and I get a compliment on it every now and then. Also, there’s a lot of great nicknames for it. A couple my friends call me sometimes are Char, Charlatte, and Char-Char. The only thing I don’t like is that there are so many Charlottes. It’s so popular that it’s annoying at times. One thing that happens to me really often that I hate is people will ask me what my name is, and I’ll say “Charlotte”. And then they’ll say something along the lines of “Oh I have another friend named Charlotte”. And I’m like “Of course you do.” Another thing is that often times I have to be called Charlotte F. Because there’s another Charlotte in my class which can also be annoying. It’s a good, name, I just wish it wasn’t so popular.
I think Charlotte is elegant and gorgeous.
Why? I don't get why people like this name.
I used to like this name. Used to. Now I'm just sure that if aliens ever come, they'll take one listen to us and come to the natural conclusion that the sound we make is just "Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte".
Definitely the classiest name in the top ten.
Charlotte Flax, the main character in Mermaids (1990), was played by Winona Ryder.
I really like it. It's the name of an older family member, but the name itself is ageless.
Meh. All I think about is Charlotte's Web.
Pretty. It’d be too popular for me to use as a first name but I LOVE it as a middle name.
This is my sister's name. I love it, she loves it. It isn't associated to anything nasty. Plus, it sounds beautiful. Great meaning, too! :)
I love the name Charlotte! A classmate of my brother in his current school is named Charlotte. I also wanted this to be first or middle name for my future daughter. When I think of the name Charlotte, I picture a girly girl wearing a dress with her hair tied.
Lottie is an awesome nickname!
I do not like this name. That being said, it is better than Scarlett!
Meh. There are a lot prettier names!
I honestly really dislike this name. I feel like it's very boring, and too common. Personally I hate the name.
I loved this name years ago, but now that we're ready to think about having a kid, it's so incredibly popular that I don't feel comfortable using it. It's basically like naming your kid Britney or Ashley at this point. I'm disappointed.
Nice middle name option for a girl with a short first name.
I really do not like this name, mainly the nickname Char. However, I do agree with the poster below that this isn't such a bad middle name.
I strongly agree with the anonymous commenter below. My first name is 3 letters and this is my middle name. Xd.
I agree that it’s better than Scarlett. However, I personally do not like this name. I know way too many old lady Charlotte and Chars!
This name gained a lot popularity. Not so long time ago it was more like an old lady name, uncommon. Now it has been used a lot. But Charlotte is a good name, classic, looks strong, sounds elegant. Beautiful!
I really love this name. It's elegant and feminine and is one of my favourite names. It also isn't overly popular which gives it more reason to love the name.
I like it better than Scarlett.
Okay, just waaaay too popular over the last few years!
Not a fan. Would hate being stuck with this name!
Strongly dislike this name and the nickname Char even more so!
One of my names. It’s got a nice pronunciation and is spelt nicely.
Charlotte is a good name. I like it! I was wondering if there is people thinking about this name and said "what a bad name". I think they're just stupid, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is Elizabeth II's Great Granddaughter and she (Princess Charlotte of Cambridge) is cute.
Such a pretty name, very classy and elegant! If I were to use it, I would pair it with the middle name Fern as a tribute to Charlotte's Web, my favorite book when I was little! However, Charlotte is an extremely popular name right now, so I hope that the name will be less popular when I reach my child bearing years because I won't want my kids to share their name with five other students in their class!
I had a really cool biology professor in college whose first name was Charlotte. She made me really like this name. It's a lovely, classic name.
I absolutely hate this name because it sucks.
It also reminds me of a character from H2O and >:( she's EVIL
I will never like redheads that are named Charlotte.
I will always have a hatred for Charlottes and nothing's gonna change my mind.
This is my first name, when I was younger I wish I had a more common name. But now I’m happy that my name is not too common. Charlotte is a name you hear but may not know someone with that name.
Instantly think of Charlotte’s Web. Dislike for a child!
I’ll admit, the harlot thing is unfortunate, but you know what, I can totally get past that. I think most people either haven’t realised, or don’t care if they have realised. It’s always been a beautiful, strong name to me that also suits any age. I have two friends with this name and they are some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. Would definitely consider it for a child.
I personally would not want to be named Charlotte (nicknames Char or Charlie). I also think of Charlotte's Web, which may be another reason this name just isn’t appealing to me.
Ugly, and overused. I would hate to have this name.
Hate this name for a girl. Not a fan of the nickname Char and I always think of Charlotte’s web.
I can only think of the band Good Charlotte when I hear this name. It’s pretty though.
Charlotte is my second middle name (or first, I just can't remember) and I love it just as much as my name, Amy. I don't love it just because it's my second middle name though, I quite like that there is a 'shar' sound at the start.
It sounds beautiful in French but in English it reminds me of harlot.
A Charlotte is a cooked pudding (= sweet dish) containing fruit and layers of cake or bread.
If you want to name your kid Charlotte but don’t want something quite as popular, here are some other options that sound similar.

I like the names Charlene, Chantel, Charity, and Lola as variations on Charlotte. I also like Chantelle.
Danish Pronunciation: shar-LAW-teh

Norwegian Pronunciation: shar-LAW-tə.
Elegant and beautiful.
I'm surprised nobody talked about Charlotte's Web! That's a very good book. I also like this name.
I love the name Charlotte & the nickname Charlie. This name has been on my baby name list for as long as I can remember. I most likely wouldn't use it because of how popular it is right now but if it drops in popularity I would definitely use this! I love how Charlotte is quite feminine but the nickname Charlie is a little more edgy. It gives the child options depending on their personality!
My name is Charlotte, and I have never been called a "harlot", actually, most people in my school have probably never used/heard that word ever. I was like the only person in my state with the name Charlotte, until Princess Kate's baby, then it got really popular.
It does sound nice, but it's old-fashioned and super common. I'd use Charlytte or Sharlette, those are nice, fresher-sounding variations that aren't common!
Charlotte is my name. I don’t see why so many people don’t like it. It’s a perfectly nice name. It has gotten very popular now but don’t let that put you off! I go by Charley pronounced Char-leigh.
My name is Charlotte, but actually, my mom wanted to name me the French version of the name, Charlot. (I know Charlotte is already French, but it's also English). She didn't know Charlotte wasn't the fully French version of the name. Back when I was born. No one was named Charlotte, but once Princess Kate named her kid Charlotte, it got to the top of the list.
Charlotte Amalie, located on the island of St. Thomas, is the capital and the largest city of the United States Virgin Islands, founded in 1666 as Taphus (meaning "beer house" or "beer hall"). In 1691, the town was renamed to Charlotte Amalie after Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel (1650–1714), queen consort to King Christian V of Denmark-Norway. It has a deep-water harbor that was once a haven for pirates and is now one of the busiest ports of call for cruise ships in the Caribbean, with about 1.5 million/plus cruise ship passengers landing there annually.
Charlotte, even though it's popular, shouldn't stop people. Remember people all the times share similar names, they made it work with their own nicknames: Lottie, Charlie, Chuck, Lo, Lola and etc. It shouldn't be if it's in the top 10 that the name isn't usable anymore.
I like that Charlotte is popular because there are not enough classy names in the Top 10 right now.
This isn't a terrible name, but it is rather bland. To me, it's also too "mature-sounding" for anyone younger than about 30.
In a kind of funny way, Charlotte is the sort of name that many parents consider for their daughters, but don't always end up using, once they think of a different one. It would just make me laugh if you heard a girl's parents saying 'oh, we were going to call her Charlotte, but then decided on Sarah/Chelsea/Amber/Tiffany, etc.' Just imagine it.
My youngest daughter’s name is Charlotte. Well it’s actually Ethelind Charlotte Irina. We call her Lotte (pronounced Lottie). I love the name Charlotte, it’s so cute, but could definitely be very regal. It’s also the name of a princess! Lottie’s sisters are called Lily (Sylvie Alina) and Lola (Eloise Pansy) so we call them The Three L’s. Lily, Lola and Lotte. Charlotte is a very common name in England, but I still love it. It’s almost like the name Thomas, which is my youngest’s name, you always know someone named Charlotte. I also think that the meaning is quite interesting as well. Lovely name, highly recommend for expectant parents looking for the perfect name. I also think Charlotte works as a great middle name as well. I was very close to calling Lotte, Elisabeth Charlotte so I could call her Liselotte. But even though she doesn’t have Elisabeth in her name, I still call my Lotte, Liselotte.
This name is so beautiful! The nickname I really think is a nice one to have between friends and family is Lolo. I love all of the associations as well.
Thanks guys, I first hated my name and now I like it because of all your positive comments :))
Possible diminutive of Charlotte would be Harley as in Harley Quinn.
Pretty, classic name.
Such a beautiful and pretty name; you have to use this because it’s for sure on MY list.
My name is Charlotte, Charlie for short. I'm surprised to see so many people saying they hate the nickname 'Charlie', claiming it's too boyish, but I love it. It suits any Charlotte who is anything but girly like myself and I think it separates me from the other Charlotte's in a good way.

I think it's way too popular these days. Every time I go to the park, I'll perk up when I hear my name being called, but it turns out it's some other little girl--ALWAYS a little girl. If you choose to name your daughter Charlotte, please give her a nickname.
Charlie and Charlotte are also related to Hindi, meaning 'let's go'.
I love the name Charlotte. It is beautiful and used all over the world.
Charlotte is a bit overused now, but it is still very pretty, and classic. I go by Charlie when I'm not at home, and contrary to popular opinion, NOBODY calls me Charlotte the harlot.
Sounds too sugary for my taste, and sounds like an older woman's name.
I used to like the name, but now it has become overused. If you want to honor a Charles, why not use Charlene instead? Charlotte sounds similar to charlatan, a word with a negative meaning that you might want to look up before you name your daughter Charlotte. And please stop nicknaming Charlotte “Charlie!” Charlie is a boy’s name!
It's not seen as the first time in a while to say that this name is kind of, no other word, sickly. Like chocolate or sugar lot.
Pronounced: sha-LO-də (Danish)
This name is just so so common these days. It is okay, but not a name I would use. I don’t really like the Lotte part of it.
I myself am a Charlotte, and I’m quite proud of my name. I do hate how overused the name has become. I’m seeing more and more Charlotte’s these days and it makes me feel as though it makes me a lesser person as there are many, many more bearers of my name. It’s a very pretty, fragile name, though I don’t think it really suits me. It’s far too popular now, more popular than it was when I was born, when there was a large decline in girls named Charlotte.

I have many nicknames including Lottie, Char, Charlie, Char-Bar, and I even somehow managed to become “Calthrote” - a jumble of the 9 letters in Charlotte - which I love. While it is a long-used name and an overused one, I prefer it over any other all the same.
My spouse Fabian wanted to name our little girl Scarlet. I explained why I didn’t like the name. It is not refined and it was rough to us. He understood that it simply didn’t work. Last minute.. oh! I thought Charlotte was pretty and refined and close to Scarlet. We knew we both had to agree on the name. Charlotte was also a classy, 1900s classic name. We loved it. Fits perfect.

Scarlet(t) and Charlotte are both good names. However, Charlotte suited us better personally.
Pretty but rather enviable, if it's not your own name.
Charlotte Mearing is a character in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Portrayed by Frances McDormand.
Charlotte Vertes is a tennis player and older sister of “Dance Moms” Star Kendall K Vertes.
This is the most beautiful name! I have a friend with this name and we call her Charlie.
Charlotte Nilsson or Perrelli is a Swedish singer who represented her country in 1999 Eurovision and 2008 Eurovision with the songs "Take Me To Your Heaven" and "Hero". She won the contest in 1999 bringing the show to Sweden the next year. She qualified due to the jury's choice (the 10th place Macedonia would've without the juries, Sweden was 12th) in 2008 however did not crack the Top 10.
Charoite, a type of gem, sounds like this name.
While my parents don’t care for it, I on the other hand adore this elegant French name and it is one of my guilty pleasures that has me smiling with a sigh. I wish I could name my child this but my dh does not care for it either. (Sigh).
This name is certainly not very common in America, although it may occasionally be used in Louisiana since that is mostly a French state, and maybe a few French Canadians would have the name. It just seems more common as a British and Irish name, also used by English speaking Aussies and Kiwis, but it would make a change to see the name more internationally, as it's so beautiful.
I think Charlotte is, in my personal opinion, an elegant first name that, unfortunately, has become exceedingly common for
little girls. However, if you don’t mind the popularity of this name and the added bonus of easily finding a name tag due to its widespread appeal, then by all means use it on your dear child and be happy.
I LOVE the nickname Lottie for this name!
Charlotte the Harlot ruined the name for me.
Charlotte Conant Fox was an American mountaineer and the first American woman to reach the summit of three 8, 000 meter peaks. She survived the 1996 Mount Everest disaster as a member of Scott Fischer's Mountain Madness expedition.
Charlotte, in my opinion, sounds light and delicate. A beautiful classic that works for all last names. I am in love with this name and think it's cool that the latest princess is named Charlotte. It's a name fit for a princess and it's reasonable why it's popular.
Beautiful in French, in English it sounds like harlot.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Charlotte who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 268th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Kind of nasally when you say it.
Charlotte is a lovely name if the full given name is used. Unfortunately, I just don't like the nicknames Lot, Lotte, Lottie, and especially Charlie and Lotta. Ew.
It's a beautiful name, but it's gotten wayyy too popular. It seems every other baby girl born is named Charlotte these days.
I've heard the nickname "Charlie" for Charlotte quite frequently!
Charlotte is a lovely classic. I love the nicknames Charlie and Lotta.
I love the combo of Charlotte Jo and calling her C.J.
Charlotte is a pretty name, but it's long and doesn't roll off the tongue very well, C.J. keeps the basic elements of the name, but not its longevity.
Charlotte is a royal name. Just right for your little princess.
I kid you not, there is a Peanuts character named Charlotte Braun. Yes, Charlotte Braun! She was known for her loud, booming voice. She first appeared in the comic strip on November 30, 1954; however, she was disliked by fans, and so Charles M. Schulz agreed to eliminate her. She made her final appearance on February 1, 1955.
Charlotte Rooster is a character from the anime Hamtaro. She is a chicken farmer who is in love with Laura's teacher Mr. Yoshi. However, Charlotte's father disapproves of the relationship and wants her to marry someone wealthy. Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi get married in one of the episodes.
I live in Australia and have the name Charlotte. I love my name as it is perfect for a little girl while still is nice for an adult. Many people in Australia have the name Charlotte and it is very common. It rolls off the tongue nicely and has many cute nicknames for the name. There are so many that lots of my friends have different ones for me. If I wasn't called Charlotte I would most likely have named one of my daughters Charlotte.
This name is absolutely beautiful. It rolls off the tongue surprisingly well, and it isn't too outrageous or outlandish. Plus, this is the name of my absolute best friend when I was in middle school. If I had a daughter I would name her this as a little "commemoration" for a really good friend.
Charlotte is a beautiful, classic, feminine name. If this were my name I would only go by Charlotte, never Charlie! Those of you who have this name are very fortunate.
I wonder why I don't like Charlotte more. It has the style that I like, I like many elegant, girly, but strong, kind of sophisticated, classy, gentle, classic girl names and I like Charlotte, but not like it's one of my real favourites. I think I prefer Caroline. I think Charlotte is nice on its own, it looks fine written down, as it is so long and full, but at the same time it's much shorter when pronounced, so, in my opinion it doesn't really need any nicknames to be more usable. I like the association with Charlotte Bronte.
Charlotte is the name of a Canadian French speech synthesiser created by Loquendo, not sold anymore.
Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria De Forest is a Danish-Swedish singer.
Beautiful French name, but I can't stand the fact it's so popular now.. when I hear this name I actually think about Charlotte Casiraghi who is stunning like her name.
Charlotte Gerson is the daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute, and author of Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases.
My name is Charlotte, although thankfully one in her late 20's, and who was born in a year when it was languishing at one of the lowest positions it has ever ranked at. I was named to honor my great-grandfather, Charles. While I appreciate that the name is honoring, if I'm honest, it isn't the name I'd have chosen for myself. I don't dislike the name, I think it's lovely, but I have never felt like Charlotte suits me. Having said that, I do suit Charley, which is the name I go by. The reason I've got Charley to fall back on, is one of two reasons I'd never change it, with the other reason being the honoring thing.

NB: I do feel sorry for any Charlotte's being born today, because people will inevitably assume it was inspired by Princess Charlotte. I've even had people say, "Oh, like Princess Charlotte," to me, which is incredibly annoying, given I'm over 25 years older than her, so clearly not because of her!
The name Charlotte is gorgeous and adorable, I would see it for a cute little girl! It's sweet and refined, but also strong. I love it.
Love this name.. :) would love to have a sweet cute little female puppy and name it Charlotte.
Not really a huge fan of how this name sounds. Seems too harsh sounding at the beginning.
Charlotte Jacobs, was a Dutch feminist and pharmacist. She was the first of her gender in the Netherlands with a degree in pharmacology and also active within the women's movement. She was the sister of Aletta Jacobs.
I think this name is strong and feminine. I like Charlotte and Rose together. Even though I think the nicknames Charlie and Lottie are cute, I would use the original version.
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is the younger child and only daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She is fourth in line to succeed her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, after her paternal grandfather, father, and elder brother.
Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi is the second child of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, and Stefano Casiraghi, an Italian industrialist. She is eighth in line to the throne of Monaco. Her maternal grandparents were Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and American actress Grace Kelly. She is named after her paternal great-grandmother, Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois.
Charlotte Emma Aitchison, better known by her stage name Charli XCX, is a British singer, songwriter, and actress. She released her debut single independently in 2008 and initially performed at warehouse raves in London. She signed to Asylum Records with producer Tim Gonzalez in 2010 and released two mixtapes, Heartbreaks and Earthquakes and Super Ultra, in 2012. Charli XCX's major label debut album, True Romance, was released in 2013, accompanied by singles including "You" and "Nuclear Seasons".
Don't like it. It's too overused these days, yet it sounds too old-fashioned and archaic; it would've fit just fine in the 19th century or early 20th century. Plus, it makes me think of a pretentious, spoiled rich girl.
Charlotte is so beautiful and classic. However popular the name becomes, I will always love it. Charlie and Lottie are both lovely, too.
Charlotte is an adorable name! The nicknames are also super cute (Lottie or Charlie)!
I don't like it. Very pompous and very pretentious for my taste.
My Name is Sharlotte and you can call me Sharlotte, LOL :)
Charlotte Ann Martin is an American singer-songwriter, who performs predominantly on the piano. She has written several studio albums, two of which have received mainstream commercial releases, 2004's On Your Shore and 2006's Stromata. In 2009, she released an instrumental piano album titled Piano Trees before releasing her new studio album Dancing on Needles on February 1, 2011. On February 25, 2014, she released a new studio album, Water Breaks Stone.
I love the name Charlotte! It's my name- it's royal but with a cute twist! Anybody who thinks it's posh, it is but in a good way!
I keep seeing people state that it means "strong and womanly" and I cannot find the history for that. Can someone direct that?
So cute! I have a niece named this, she goes by Charlie, and she's so cute! It's beautiful and ages perfectly, anyone of any age can be named Charlotte and it works! I would definitely consider this for a daughter if I didn't have someone in the family bearing the name.
My little sister is named Charlotte, mainly because my mom wanted to find rhyming names because she's a twin (her sister is Margarette, but pronounced like Margaret). Honestly, this is one of those "cute" old lady names being shoved down our throats because new moms want to be "unique" with going with an old lady name, but in the end it's awful. Honestly, if you want an old lady name, go with things like Ingrid or Violet.
I don't like this name, not just because it sounds too dated, but because my crazy aunt is named Charlotte.
Charlotte is a really cute name, and I love its connection with Will & Kate's daughter.
Charlotte is an okay middle name in my opinion. It is also a spider's name. I named my tarantula Charlotte because I am a fan of the book Charlotte's Web. Will I ever name my future daughter Charlotte, NO. I would much rather name my future daughter be Ann or Emily than Charlotte.
I think it's so beautiful and strong sounding, but I hate how popular it has become.
Pet names
Charli or Charlie- Charli is more feminine.
Famous Bearers-
Charlotte Bronte
Charli XCX- Charlotte Emma Aitchison
My impression- Beautiful and will suit them for different ages. Very professional yet very youthful. It's very pretty.
I hate this name. Charlotte is Frump City.
This name is simply beautiful. Every positive adjective can be used to describe it. If you are considering this name for your little girl, some combos I have that you more than welcome to take a look at are:

Charlotte Paige
Charlotte Dakota
Charlotte Josephine
Alina Charlotte
Elowen Charlotte
Eleanor Charlotte
Leah Charlotte
Lucy Charlotte
Lydia Charlotte
Savannah Charlotte
Tessa Charlotte
Vanessa Charlotte
Veronica Charlotte
Eliza Charlotte
Talitha Charlotte
Greta Charlotte.
Also the first name of Milady in Alexander Dumas' 'The Three Musketeers'.
I used to hate this name, but it has grown on me so much the past year. When the Royal Family named the youngest princess Charlotte, I didn't like it, but now? Love it!
In the film "The Patriot", Charlotte is the name of the main character's sister in law.
Very beautiful name but also very popular right now.
I am Charlotte Rae. Such a beautiful name, I believe. I went by Charly when I was younger and my long time friends and all my family will call me Charly all my life. I'm 25 and I've never met anyone remotely my age that has the same.
I adopted this name during my gender transition because it gives the impression of femininity but also strength and maturity. I don't like the nickname "Charlie" since it sounds like a boy's name and I'd prefer to not be misgendered, but the nickname "Char" (pronounced "Shar") is very endearing to me.
My number one favorite name. If I ever have a daughter, I'm naming her this. It just looks and sounds so pretty to me. I don't really like the nickname "Charlie" though.
Swedish skier and olympic winner Charlotte Kalla.
This name sounds so noble and lovely.
Charlotte Free, an American pink-haired model. :)
Charlotte Ronson is an English fashion designer based in New York City. She is currently dating Nate Ruess, and her twin sister Samantha used to date Lindsay Lohan.
I looked up the meaning of my [full] name (Charlotte Jane) and I found out that my name means "female warrior (Charlotte) of stony enclosures (S____) that was a gift from God (Jane). I was proud of my first and middle name but a little disappointed with the whole "stony enclosures" deal with my last name. I mean, come ON, a stony enclosure? How exciting! Otherwise, I'm very proud of my name. All of it. Surname included.
If your name is Charlotte and you want to find a nickname, please don't choose Lottie. I think that Lottie defies Charlotte's elegance, beauty, and style. It is too cutesy and sugary. If that is what suits you the best, by all means go ahead and call yourself Lottie. If not, please don't. Please.
I named my daughter Charlotte Nicole. She's 12 now and it's become very popular since then. Well deserved too as it's beautiful.
Charlotte Wessels, (Born May 13, 1987 in Zwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands) singer of Dutch metal band Delain.
It's funny you should mention that Iron Maiden song, angolmois, because I was born in 1981 and I'm named Charlotte, and before reading your comment today I had never even heard of the song. And neither had anyone with whom I ever attended school. In fact, no one at school even had a big enough vocabulary to know the word "harlot," something for which I was quite thankful from the time I learned the word myself and realized that it was one of the relatively few words that rhymed with my name.

(I did, however, hear "Charlotte's Web" about fifteen thousand times when people first heard my name.)

So, no, everyone at school will not in fact call a girl named Charlotte "Charlotte the Harlot." It's probably even less likely now that anyone school-aged will have heard that particular song than it was in the 1980s-1990s.
My name is Charlotte and I love the name; I think the name Charlotte is beautiful. In my opinion the name Charlotte can suit anyone, with any personality. You can also have different nicknames like Lottie, Charlie and Char. Most people call me Charlotte, however the odd one or two people call me Char or Charley. The name Charlotte is elegant, graceful and charming.
A city in North Carolina bears this name.
I think this is a beautiful name-- however, because of the new Princess of Cambridge, this is going to become very popular very quickly, so tread with caution when using it if you're worried about your child's name being too common. I like the nickname "Lottie".
Now that Charlotte has been used for both Chelsea Clinton's daughter and Prince William's daughter, it will become super popular and overused. It was already trendy in the South. Grade schools will be chock full of Charlottes in a few years, just as they were full of Jennifers a few decades ago. Also, if you choose Charlotte for your baby girl, make sure you call her either Charlie or Lottie as a nickname right from the start because her classmates, especially in middle school, will delight in calling her Charlotte the Harlot. Take this as fact from a 30-year teacher.
Can't stand this name! Like any name starting with a 'sh' sound (Sharon, Sheila, Sherley, Shawna, Shelby, Sherri, Sheryl, Charlotte), it sounds too trashy to me. Also, minus one syllable it almost coincides with the word "charlatan". Very disappointing to have a princess called that and it doesn't go at all with the beautiful middle names they chose for her -- you have to stop and catch your breath after each of them to avoid a mouthful.
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana; born 2 May 2015) is the daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and a grandchild of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. After her grandfather, father and brother, she is fourth in line to succeed her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.
We named our daughter Charlotte Evangeline. We love her name! She's 3 years old and is the most precocious, intelligent, talented, strong 3 year old we've ever met! The name 100% fits her personality. We call her Charlie. She is a complete daredevil, but extremely girlie, so both the name and nickname are perfect!
Terrible name for a child... Everyone in school will call her Charlotte the Harlot.

"Charlotte the Harlot show me your legs,
Charlotte the Harlot take me to bed.
Charlotte the Harlot let me see blood,
Charlotte the Harlot let me see love!"

Iron Maiden 1981.
I named my only child Charlotte Mary. 12 years later I still love the name. She has never been known as Charlie, she gets the nickname Lottie, Miss Charles or if I'm teasing her, Chuck. It's a beautiful name, feminine yet strong and suits my feisty daughter down to the ground.
I love this name. There was a girl in my year at high school called Charlotte. She used to get 'Charlotte the Harlot'. Despite this, I still think it is a good name, and that the people who said this were probably just mean (or responding to Charlotte's meanness, as she wasn't a particularly nice person herself)
I'd use it. It's pretty.
An old name, but a name that has become very trendy. Soft and feminine, yet strong. Very Southern sounding. The nickname Lottie is cute, but I'm not a fan of Charlie, which is ridiculous on a girl. When I was young, all the Charlottes I knew were called Shar by their friends because people just don't take the time to say the entire name. It's like girls named Stephanie always being called Steph, or like Victoria being called Vic or Vicky. So be sure you're ok with all of the nicknames before choosing Charlotte. Charlotte has become very trendy and overused in many areas of the country. On a personal note, I would never give my child a name that the Clinton family has used. Would not want my child associated in any way with Billary Clinton.
This was, and still is, one of my favorite names. I used to hate it when I was younger. Too bad my husband has bad associations with it.

There was a character in a book from when I was younger called "Charlotte Sometimes". She was at a boarding school and would somehow be transported to the school 40 years earlier as a student named Claire.
Bea-U-ti-ful! I love the nickname Lottie. Ages well and is sweet. I however, do NOT like calling a girl Charlie. But please name her Charlotte and call her Charlie. Don't just name her Charlie. It is truly a man's name.
All of the Charlottes I know, including me, pronounce Charlotte as 'Shar-lot'. Maybe it's just a UK thing.
Charlotte Forten Grimké was an African-American anti-slavery activist, poet, and educator.
Charlotte "Lottie" Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.
This name is amazing. Not just because of the history behind it but because it's my name. It is a very rare name and it suits me well, you just need the right middle and last name to suit it. I cherish the name. My friends either call me char, lotte or charlie.
There is a city called Charlotte in Michigan, pronounced the French way.
I really like this name- so classy!
Chelsea Clinton, only child of former US president Bill Clinton and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, welcomed a baby girl named Charlotte into the world today! It's a lovely, classical name. Hopefully the name doesn't become too associated with her - it would be a shame if anybody who names their daughter Charlotte from here on out gets comments like, "Oh, you copied the Clintons." Nevertheless, it's one of the best names to choose from in my opinion!
Oh wow, my husband and I are thinking of naming our daughter Charlotte (Charlie for short) but our last name is York! I didn't even think about the characters name from Sex and The City, wow haha.
This name is a STUNNER. =)
I don't care for the name Charlotte. I prefer Charli as an alternative.
My eldest daughter is called Charlotte - originally my husband named her in the hopes that he could call her Charlie - Turns out she hates it being shortened and only wants to go by Charlotte - I do occasionally call her 'Char' and get away with it when she's in a good mood.
In the TV show The Mentalist, Patrick Jane's daughter was Charlotte Anne Jane.
My mother, born in 1951, is named Charlotte. When she was little she went by Lottie, but has gone by Charlotte since high school. She is an incredible person and I love the name, but unfortunately it's just gotten too trendy for me to use on my daughter. In my son's preschool class of 22 there are 3 Charlottes. I understand its popularity, but I think it's becoming overused. At least it's feminine and classic, unlike many popular girls' names today.
It's a pretty name, but unfortunately its becoming very common with younger generations. At least it deserves popularity, unlike Madison or kaylee and all its variants. Charlotte makes a very good middle name too, if you're concerned about its popularity. It's elegant and classy, but not too over the top. I don't particularly like Charlie/Charley for girls, but I think Lottie is adorable :)
I think the name Charlotte is simply beautiful, especially with Lottie for a nickname.

But please, never use Charlie for a girl. It's just so hideous as a girl's name.
I love the name Charlotte, it is very lovely.
Pronounced shah-LOT in Swedish.
This has been one of my favorite names for a long time. I LOVE the meaning - petite and feminine. A gorgeous and classic choice, plus very unique where I live. I don't know any Charlotte's.
I've only met one person named Charlotte in my life, and she was in her forties and kind of creepy, to be honest. But I don't see why that would change my impression of the name, I think it's really pretty and it seems like its very popular.
Lottie is cuter than Charlie. Louis Tomlinson has a sister nicknamed or called Lottie.
Charlotte La Bouff was the name of Tiana's best friend in The Princess and the Frog.
American swimmer Brendan Hansen welcomed a daughter named Charlotte Kay Hansen on December 12, 2012 in Austin, Texas.
Charlotte is a beautiful name! I love that it is now getting common! It really is a classic name.
A beautiful, classic name. So formal and graceful.
Lady Charlotte Matilda Bruce (1777-1816) was the sister of the famous Earl of Elgin who brought the Marbles from the Parthenon to Britain.

Her friends and family called her Chasse - their feminised version of the abbreviation Chas for Charles, which was her father's name.

I think Chasse is a cute alternative to Charlie and Lotte.
Charlotte (1713-1714) was the daughter of King Frederick William I of Prussia and his wife Sophie.
Charlotte (1706-1782) was the daughter of King Frederik IV of Denmark and his first wife Luise.
American actress Charlotte "Charlie" Ray Rosenberg (born 1992 in New York City).
Charlotte (1798-1860) was the daughter of King Frederick William III of Prussia and his wife Luise. She later married Tsar Nicholas I of Russia and adopted the name Alexandra Feodorovna.
Charlotte (1860-1919) was the daughter of Frederick III, German Emperor and his wife Victoria Adelaide, the oldest daughter of Queen Victoria.
Charlotte (1682-1682) was the daughter of King James II of England and his second wife Mary of Modena.
Charlotte, Princess Royal (1766-1828) was the oldest daughte of King George III of the UK and his wife Charlotte.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman (born 1860 in Hartford, Connecticut) was an American sociologist, novelist, and writer.
Charlotte of Clarence was the oldest daughter of King William IV of UK and his wife Adelaide. She died shortly after her birth. Because her father didn't have any surviving children, Charlotte's cousin Victoria became Queen of Great Britain.
Charlotte of Wales (1796-1817), only child of King George IV of UK and his wife Caroline of Brunswick. She married Leopold I of Belgium, but died when she gave birth to their first child.
Charlotte of Valois (1516-1524), second daughter of Francis I of France and Claude of Brittany. Died age 7.
Charlotte Grace (b. 2009 in Los Angeles, California) is the daughter of American actors Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr.
A stunning name! So elegant and graceful.
Pronounced SHAR-lut.
My name is Charlotte and I love it! It is a timeless classic and I am proud to carry this name :)
This is my little sister's name - she was named after her great-grandmother but I've always associated this name with youth rather than old age. She's always gone by Charlotte, never Charlie or Lottie, but I think the former would be a good nickname as long as it's pronounced SHAR-lee and not CHAR-lee. People misspell her name more than one might expect (Charolette, etc.), but in all I think it's a beautiful name.
One of my favourite girls names. The nicknames Charli and Lottie are adorable too.
Charlotte is my middle name. It works well with my first name whice is Emma. I was very excited when I discovered that I shared the first two names of Emma Watson! But, I've found that Emma and Charlotte are often used together, for example, I have friend named Charlotte Emma. To me, Charlotte is both a very regal, sophisticated name and quite a casual name. It is suitable for all ages of girls and women and is very versatile with the huge array of nicknames. Charli, Chaz, Char, Lottie, Lotta, Lola, Tottie. My favourite nickname is Lotta. I love how Charlotte is a name that has made its way through the ages with grace and is not considered particularly 'old-fashioned' despite its significant age. For me, I'm not sure if I would every use this name for a future daughter because it is quite common and will probably remain so, and because I like some other names more, although Charlotte sounds and looks lovely. Being called Emma, I know better than to give my child a popular name.
In my personal opinion, the name Charlotte is ugly. Both its pronunciation and spelling are atrocious.
This name is horrible. My aunt ruined it for me plus, for some reason, I think of charcoal.
I'm a Charlotte. A number of my friends call me "Char" or "Char-char," but ever since I've been old enough to remember I've hated to be called "Charli." I still haven't convinced my grandparents to call me otherwise. I love my name.
Charlotte is a gorgeous name for a girl, it's both classic and modern, strong but delicate. If I ever have another girl her name will be Charlotte.
Bette Davis played the character of Charlotte Hollis in the 1964 thriller Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte.
I like this name. It has interesting consonant sounds but not too many syllables. I know a girl named Charlotte who is called 'Sharlie' (with a soft c sound) for a nickname, which is nice, informal alternative.

However, I think calling a Charlotte 'Chuck' is taking it too far. Remember that tv show called 'Pushing Daisies', where the girl who was the romantic interest was called Chuck? Bleh- no wonder show was cancelled.
Sarah Michelle Gellar named her daughter Charlotte Grace.
I love this name, but I can't stand the nickname Charlie.
Charlotte Mason was a leader in educational theories for children. Her methods and theories are still highly respected and replicated today.
I normally don't like names like this (classy names such as Elizabeth, Caroline, Clementine) but this name is like the only exception. It's so pretty and classy and has a nice ring to it. I love the name Charlotte Grace.
I have always favored this name. To me, it means someone loving, confident, motherly, and strong-willed. I would consider this for a future daughter.
It's a pretty name, but I fear it's becoming very common.
Sorry to say this. But Charlotte was actually a popular name for a pig.
Actually the spider's name was Charlotte. The pig's name was Wilbur.
Actually, you have misunderstood. I wasn't referring to Charlotte's Web because I have never watched it! I had only been told that Charlotte was once a popular name for a pig that's all. Sorry for the mix up!
Nothing too much wrong with it. I don't favor it too much, but that doesn't mean Charlotte is a bad name.
I love this name, definitely near the top of my list. Strong name and has some pretty good nicknames as well. I would consider naming one of my children this, Charlotte Rose or Charlotte Elizabeth.
Charlotte Pickles was Angelica's mother on Rugrats. She was the one often on the phone bossing around her assistant, Jonathan.
Such a pretty name. Charlie is an adorable nickname.
I really like the name. I had a friend called Charlotte in primary school who was a really nice girl - if I had a daughter I might just name her jointly after Charlotte Bronte and my friend.
This is one of the best names on the popular names' list.
In the web series and now TV series "Making Fiends", Charlotte is the anti-villain. She can't be called a protagonist really because she's ambrosial, friendly, and philanthropic in an intentionally creepy way.
In a sick kind of way I'd love to see Charlot (the male version) on a boy.
There's a guy version of Charlotte? Isn't that Charles? I would think Charlot is just another spelling of Charlotte or is that supposed to be where Charlotte came from?
Makes me like it less. I don't like feminized names but Charlotte didn't feel like an obvious one.
@anonymous user from 7/23/2009, I believe Charlot (pronounced SHAHR-loh) is a pet name for Charles. It's definitely not feminine, because it lacks the French feminine ending -otte. Just like Michel is masculine, because it lacks the feminine -elle.
Sophisticated and mature. You can imagine a little girl and grown woman with this name, which is perfect. =)
This name used to seem cold and hard to me, but I've started to see it in a new, more elegant light.
Usually when I've looked up Charlotte it means small and womanly, nothing mannish like what Charles means. I have loved this name for a long time and would love to name my daughter this.
It DOES NOT mean small and womanly. It's 'man'. Charlotte is the feminine pet form of Charlot from Charles.

The "man" does not necessarily denote gender either.
I found an interesting nickname for my friend Charlotte, who isn't of fan of Charlie or Lotte, in the apparent Hawaiian version of the name, Kalaki. Laki (in my made up pronunciation, Lar-key) is a bit of fun for a teenager and unique when yelled across the quadrangle of a girls' school.
When I have a daughter, I'm going to name her Charlotte. I adore this name! I also love the nickname Charlie for her. :)
I've always liked the name Charlotte. It sounds lovely and classic, and reminds me of the practical Charlottes of Charlotte's Web and Pride and Prejudice.
This is one of my favorite names. It's pretty and feminine but not frilly or overly girly. And Lottie makes an adorable nickname. It makes me picture a nice girl with dark brown hair.
Wow, I am shocked at how vicious some of these comments are, even some directed straight at people in the comments who are actually named Charlotte. And you people call it trashy? I think to put down a woman's name that way in this comment thread is trashy behavior. It's one thing to not like the name, it's quite another to insult people for having it.

At any rate, I named my daughter Charlotte over 13 years ago when it was no where near as popular as it is today, and I live in the US where it has always been the least popular. It was close to 300 when I gave it to her. I had no way of knowing it would leap in popularity at the time. I chose it because not only do I love the name, but Charlotte Bronte is my favorite author, and Charlotte is an old family name on my father's side. For a girl the meaning translates to "strong woman" and my daughter is clearly just that. It suits her quite well.
Very sugary but there are worse names.
Who pronounces it shar LOT? Don't people use shar LIT?
It's a bit overdone but it's ok.
I don't know. If it was pronounced with a hard CHAR as in Charles I'd like it better. "SHA" is just a trashy sound. It may be defined as a classic but the feel is guttery.
I love this name, it's strong, yet delicate, charming and sweet. I also liked the book: Charlotte's Web.
My name is Charlotte Kay and I adore my name. I would never think about changing it because it is so unique and it flows so well. What I like best is that I have never met another Charlotte ever. When I was growing up it was kind of strange have such a sophisticated and strong name while being so young. However I grew into and I now love it. The only bad thing is when people try to shorten it with Char. Lottie or Charlie it just sounds wrong and odd.
Where in the heck are you, "Charlotte"? It's top ten material in many countries. Number one in a couple of Australian states, number one in New Zealand in 2006, extremely popular in England, Scotland and Wales. Jeez, you must be in the US. It's climbing there though too.

I want it finished and over with.
The name Charlotte strikes me as intelligent, sophisticated, playful, and of course sexy. Also when I hear/see it I picture a redhead. I read somewhere it means 'feminine and petite'. Could you ask for a better name to name your daughter?
No, it doesn't mean that, so hell yes you could find something better. If you take the commonly accepted meaning of Charles, Charlotte is the feminine pet form of "man".
Oh I hate Charlotte. Let me count the ways. HARLOT, cutesey wootsy pudding and pie classic that everyone seems to rave about left, right and centre. Done to death. The 'sha' sound is so downmarket. I would have Violet or Scarlet over this. Lottie is very sweet though. :)
Now this is a very beautiful, and sweet name.
Being named Charlotte is OK but I always feel 'a bit posh'. Also jokers can rub letters c and te out. Rhymes with harlot and scarlot and similar to carrot - great if you've got red hair like me! Having said that, only relatives have 'teased' me with my name.
I didn't used to be that fond of this name, I thought it was pretty, but not amazing. Then I have recently met a Charlotte in the 6th form I am starting at, and this name has really grown on me. I think it's beautiful and strong and very pretty. The Charlotte I know is called Char now she is 17, but Lottie is very cute for when a Charlotte is little! A lovely name!
Harlot stares at me. Sick to death of it. Give it a rest.
I have mixed feelings about the name. On the one hand, it's a pretty, sophisticated, elegant name that you don't have to be ashamed of by the time you're 30, and it is the name of the really cool former host of certain programs on Viva Zwei and later Viva, Charlotte Roche. On the other hand, this was the name of the mother of a woman in this documentary I've seen twice, about how the woman was sexually abused by her father and the mother didn't want to believe her and really hated her and told her she hoped she'd burn in hell when the parents divorced. She blamed it on her daughter, of course. I could never really get past that. Then there's the misogynous Charlotte Allen, who really could ruin the name on her own. So I'd say the name is ruined for me, but I do find it lovely.
Charlotte is a beautiful girl's name. I plan to name my first daughter Charlotte.
My original birth name is Jacqueline with a middle name of Esme. Recently, I have added the name of Charlotte to my forenames, reason being I prefer being called Charlotte to Jacqueline. Fortunately for me, no one has foreshortened me as Charlie. I don't approve of it. Charley is okay but why shorten names when we've been given them or chosen them as a full name anyway. Charlotte is a genteel name.
Another reason I like the name Charlotte is because there was Queen Charlotte in the 18th century - she was married to King George 111 who came to stay in Cheltenham with the rest of the royal party in July 1781, I think was the year!
A famous bearer was Charlotte Corday.
Well my name is Charlotte Renee and I guess I have a love hate relationship with my name. Sometimes I think it sounds very regal and beautiful; however, I hate having the nickname Char and it always seems like when someone says my name when talking to me, that I'm in some sort of trouble. ^_^ But maybe that's just because I usually am haha. But yes, I would recommend the name Charlotte, it's uncommon while still classic and not too unusual. I also love the piece of my French heritage it brings to me.
The name Charlotte also means "manly" and so do the names "Carlota" and "Carlotta". They are still beautiful names though and they are unique.
One of my favorite names of all time! It sounds so deliciously old-fashioned, and it's strong and soft at the same time.
Probably one of the best girl names out there! Like others said, Charlotte is classy and feminine, yet is still strong. I think it's also great for a nickname! I noticed it's becoming popular, but I don't care. This name is great!
On the Disney Channel Short Series AS THE BELL RINGS, one of the main character's name is Charlotte.
Singer Karel Gott and his girlfriend Ivana Macháčková have a daughter Charlotte Gottová, born at the year 2006.
Charlotte is just one of those timeless classics that can be a little girl's name through that of an old woman! I would really love to name my future little girl this!
In a Ms Marple movie (starring Jessica Andrews) there are twins name Charlotte and Letitia and they are called Lottie and Lettie.
My thoughts about this name will always be positive, since it is my name; as I indicated in the impression form, it's a fantastic name. When I was a child some people tried to nickname me Charlie, but I would have none of that. As a young adult I did accept the nickname of Char.
I love this name. I want to name my first girl child Charlotte. I also like the nickname Lottie a lot!
Charlotte is a lovely name. It is the feminine form of Charles. I don't know ANYONE with this name. Short forms include Charlie, Lottie, and Char (pronounced Shar).
Authoress Jane Austen used the name Charlotte for several characters in her books.
Charlotte Lucas was the best friend of heroine Elizabeth Bennet in 'Pride & Prejudice'.
Charlotte Palmer, flighty daughter of Mrs. Jennings in 'Sense & Sensibility'.
Charlotte Heywood, the heroine of her last unfinished novel 'Sanditon'.
I hated my name when I was a child. None of the other kids were named, Charlotte, and they asked me where my web was or called me "spider". As I got older, I realized that I liked my name. It's unique, it means "strong and womanly", and it's also elegant and old-fashioned. My middle name is Denae (da-NAE) and my friends and family mostly call me Char. I think I would detest the nickname, Lottie!
I like this name. It sounds very formal and dressy. You can't really picture a Charlotte wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You see someone tall and skinny, pale wearing a dress or skirt from the way I see it.
A beautiful and classic name. I have always loved this name since I was little.
Charlotte is such a beautiful feminine classy name. :)
I know I already posted but I also wanted to mention that Charlotte was a named used among royalty as well. There were Princess Charlottes and A Queen Charlotte even. A very historical name it seems.
I think its one of the worst names you can have! I don't like the "lotte" in it. It's so horrible. I live in Germany, listen to the way the Germans say Charlotte:
It's shocking! Doesn't matter what language, I can't stand the name.
I love it. It is such a stunning name and the nickname Lottie is so cute!
My name is Charlotte Elizabeth and I really love it. I don't have it shortened to Charlie or anything. I like Charlotte as it is!
Charlotte is a beautiful and sophisticated name, I don't see why it must be given a nickname. Charlotte is perfect and doesn't take two seconds to say.
I think this is the most wonderful name and I would definitely call my little girl this!
I love this name, I'm using it for the main character in my book. It's strong, feminine, timeless and kind of gothic.
I had a friend when I was little named Charlotte. I've always liked the book. I was thinking about naming my first daughter, Evangeline Rose, but if I have a second, or a twin, I'd name her Charlotte Simone. And, I don't think Charlotte needs a nickname.
The bassist from the all-girl rock band called "The Like" is named Charlotte, she's so beautiful and elegant too! The name totally suits her perfectly!
Famous bearer: American feminist writer, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, most famous for her short story 'The Yellow Wallpaper'.
The rebel convict Mary Bryant named her daughter Charlotte Spence after the Ship called "The Charlotte" on which she travelled to Botany Bay.
It is a beautful, dainty, yet strong, aristocratc name. I think that Charlotte and Daphne sound like the perfect twins.
Scandinavian pronunciation: shar-lOTTe.
This is the mother of the title character in the novel Lolita.
Charlotte "Lottie" Moon (1840-1912) was a Southern Baptist missionary to China who spent 40 years helping the Chinese. She weighed only 50 lbs at her death, having given away all she had to aid the starving Chinese.
I really like the name Charlotte. Especially after reading Pride and Predjudice.
I don't really like the name, but I like Charlie for short. I have to say, if this was my name and someone called me "Lottie" I would slap them in the face.
I recently used this name as the name of Juror #4 in a male/female production of Twelve Angry Men. To me, the name Charlotte fits the character well. #4 is a very powerful woman. She is no-nonsense and very concerned with facts. She is elegant and dresses impeccably.
Charlotte is the main character in "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" by Avi.
Yes, I do really like this name. It's so delicate and feminine, yet screams strong woman. I heard a mother caling her baby girl "Charlotta" the other day and just thought it was so cute (char-lot-ah).
Listen to the German pronunciation of Charlotte here:
In Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," Elizabeth Bennet's friend is Charlotte Lucas. She marries Mr. Collins.
Nicknames could be Charlie, Lola, Lottie or Tottie.
I like the name, I think it's attractive and unique without being pretentious. But I would never name my daughter this. It's derived from Charles, meaning "man." Because the name is feminine doesn't change its root meaning. Nor would I name my daughter Andrea, feminine of Andrew, meaning "manly."
Worry not. Charles means "free man" in the general sense, not "of the male gender" (in the same sense that 'mankind' and 'one giant step for Man' includes women). "Free man" as opposed to someone who is not free. So Charlotte means 'free woman'. It's not a contradiction.

See the Oxford Dictionary of First Names here:
My first name's Charlotte and I don't like it much because whenever substitute teachers or someone get calls from the office "can you please send Charlotte to the office?" the stupid sub always asks for a boy named Charlie. Sometimes they even get my last name wrong too, oh yeah, just call me Charlie Johnson. I also dislike the fact that people sometimes call me "Spider" or "Charlotte's Web." (Those idiots think they're being so witty and original).

Anyway. I sort of like it, I guess. No one really calls me by a nickname, although my family calls me "Char-Char" for some odd reason. haha.
Charlotte is a beautiful and elegant name. The nickname Lottie is adorable.
The band Good Charlotte.
There is a city in North Carolina called Charlotte.
My name is Charlotte Leigh. The name came from the Queen Charlotte Islands when my dad was in the Navy during WWII. No nickname related to Charlotte has ever stuck, anyway, I would rather be called Charlotte.
Charlotte is a very beautiful and feminine name.
This is my little cousin's name. I've always liked it. Very pretty and feminine without being overused. She's used the nicknames Char and Charlie or even Carly throughout life.
Charlotte is a very beautiful name, but I don't think that it should be chopped up with nicknames. It is too lovely and elegant in the original form!
I bear this name, and have many nicknames. For example my friends and family call me Charlee (Char-li), Charl (Sharl), Char (Shar) or Charlee (Shar-lee). It gets very confusing but out of all my names I prefer the original version! It's classic and elegant.
My name is Charlotte Rose. When I was younger I hated to have it abbreviated but now I prefer it, yet I only let my best friends call me Charlie since there is another Charly in my year at school as well as a male Charlie. It's confusing otherwise :) Although you could always just do as one of my friends does and just call me Poizen!
Charlotte is a beautiful, elegant, classy name. Charlie is an okay nickname but I prefer it pronounced shar-lee or the nickname Carly.
I like Charlotte, but I think that Carly is a better nickname than Charlie. But I don't like Charlie as a nickname for Charles, either.
A famous bearer that no one feels like mentioning is the Charlotte from Top Gun, who was Maverick's love interest.
Charlotte Church bears this name.
This is such a beautiful name. I might want to use it someday.
Just wanted to add that Charlotte is also used in German, e.g. Charlotte von Stein, lover of Goethe. ;)
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My Mother's name was Charlotte Maria. Her nickname was Charl (pronounced Sharl.) I always found Charl to be more feminine than Charlie for a nickname.
Charlotte Bronte is my favorite author of all time and I would definitely consider naming a child for her. If I named my daughter Charlotte, I would use Lottie as a nickname.
Pronounced shar-LOTT-eh.
Charlotte is the name of one of the characters on the TV show "Sex and the City".
"Charlotte Sometimes" is a song by The Cure.
I think it's funny how Charlotte seems to be increasingly popular, yet you never hear of any little kids with the name Charlotte. I've only heard of one! I love this name so much.
I really adore this name for a girl. It's girlie, but strong. If I have a daughter, she will be named Charlotte and I would shorten it to Charlie because it's a great name for a girl.
Although my name is Natalie my friends call me Charlotte, as in Charlotte York from Sex and the City which I find flattering. It is a lovely name, it's so feminine and traditional!
I love the name Charlotte. It's so beautiful and sophisticated. A person with the name Charlotte definitely has a strong sense of character and a great personality. She would be a great person.
Sexy name!
I love this name! I think it sounds delicate and pretty and refreshing. I can't tell you how many "Olivia" and "Abby" baby girls I know lately; not that those names aren't pretty, but just over-used. Charlotte sounds beautiful and still refreshingly "new" to me. I just had a baby girl this past February and named her Charlotte!
I'm so glad you called your daughter that! I think it's a lovely name. A lot of Charlottes get called Charlie, or Lottie, which I think is really sweet. I myself tend to get called Char-lottie! I think it's cute!
My name is Charlotte Anne and I love my name. Even though Charlotte is a very popular name in Britain, it still feels unique to me. I think it is a pleasant and feminine name.
That's so pretty! Charlotte is elegant and Anne is graceful (derived of Hannah, which means "favor", graceful). I have trouble finding names that sound pretty with names like Charlotte. Nicknames can be Charlie, Lottie. :)
Charlotte Darkey Parkhurst (went by Charley Parkhurst) was a stage coach driver in the 1800s who was actually a woman dressed up as a man, acting like one too. No one knew of her sex until a physician examined her dead body in December of 1879. Under the identity of 'Charley', she was the first woman to vote in a presidental election for Ulysses Grant in 1868.
I love the name Charlotte for a girl, especially since you can call her "Charlie" for short.
A famous bearer of the name was Charlotte Bronte. I absolutely love this name, it is classic and gorgeous.
This is the middle name of actress Emma Watson. Her full name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (Duerre is a surname, so I guess this was her last name before her mom got married.) I don't like 'Emma' with the name 'Charlotte'.
Charlotte is a lovely name.
Charlotte is a pretty name. It kind of sounds medieval.
There is children's book "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White.
What a lovely and classy moniker - it's feminine without being frilly, strong without being boyish. Though it has been very popular in Britain for awhile now, the name it still relatively underused in the US.
A famous bearer is Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco and grand-daughter of Grace Kelly.

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