Nice name, I prefer it on a girl though.
Better than Tyler, I guess. Both are okay and only for boys.
Best name ever, very cool too and prob a short person.
I really hope this name does not get labeled "unisex" in the future. Just like with Shawn and Logan. It's just honestly ridiculous that Americans keep naming their daughters this. Why don't you just go for a different name that's actually feminine with woman history? Like Diana or Ophelia for an example.
The name Dylan was unfortunately given to 610 girls born in the US in 2020.
Well, I think Dylan is a very nice/handsome name.
Dylan is an aggressive name, it is very overused. These people are usually the most annoying people except for little cases. Dylan's usually have curly hot hair and fit bodies. So the name has ups and downs.
Dylan is a good name like honestly.
Dylan is such a CHAD name am I right? 8====
My son was born in October and his name is Dylan, such a strong name!My brother was called Dylan so we wanted to name our new son after his uncle. We liked the middle name John but chose Matthew as his triplet brother and sister have an M as their middle name. In my opinion the name is lovely, sporty and just overall brilliant! I'm also not against Dylan for a girl but prefer it for a male as it's my son's name!
Dylan Conrique, a famous actress known from the series Henry Danger, the rookie (Tamera Collins) and Chicken girls (Kayla).
I’ve never liked this name and don’t see the appeal at all, so many nicer names out there!
I don't have a particularly strong love or hate for this name, but it is super overused in my area. If someone called the name "Dylan" in a classroom of 20 kids about 4 or 5 of them would look up. It seems to have gone down in numbers lately, though, so it might be okay to use again in a couple of years. Oh, and it also doesn't seem very feminine to me, so I can't really see it on a girl, but that's just my opinion.
Dylan is a nice name.
One of the Columbine shooters, Dylan Klebold shot and killed 13 people along with Eric Harris.
I like this name, it's cute. It's nice on all genders. The Turkish name Dilan someone mentioned sounds nice as well.
Don't like it at all, very tacky. This name is even worse on a girl, Dylan on a girl needs to stop.
Dylan is such a terrible name and it's overrated. The name is also tacky, bland and boring. Uhh why would anyone name their girl that name? That is just wrong- it doesn't sound feminine at all. Also, it's a dumb name for a boy too. Like I said, so overrated.
Dylan is an alright name. I really dislike it on girls, it doesn't sound feminine at all.
I really love the name Dylan, for either gender. I honestly kind of wish that people would quit bickering over which gender should dominate it because it's almost to the point to where it's overshadowing the beauty of the name. It's just a really good name, in general. It's short, appealing and rolls of the tongue beautifully. I also really appreciate the meaning: “Born of the sea”. I think that's super cool.
Overall, I think Dylan is an awesome name.
Dylan is a male name. If Dylan was really a unisex name, then the home page of the name would have been labeled Masculine & Feminine.
Hella overused.
I've never liked this name and don't see the appeal at all, so many nicer names out there!
If you like this name for a girl you might want to consider Dilan instead.Dilan is a Turkish girls name that means "love". It is pronounced slightly differently but it works nicely on a girl.Dylan is all masculine to me.
It's a handsome name, one of my favorites. I love the association with the sea.It is very masculine to me, along the lines of John, Thomas and Robert.
Very unattractive.
When I see people say that the name Dylan FOR BOTH is ugly it just makes me feel bad because I am named Dylan and I do not annoy people, it just makes me hurt inside.
Okay, so as a girl named Dylan, I do see it as a unisex name. Not once have I been mistaken for a boy, and I’ve gotten many compliments for my name. The worst that has happened was people misspelled it. Everyone has their own opinion on it. If you want to name your kid Dylan, go for it. I’ve found a lot of comments talking about how it doesn’t sound feminine, but they don’t seem to care about the name Drew on a girl? Just because it doesn’t sound feminine doesn’t mean it can’t be.
I know a girl named Dylan and it fits her perfectly. Dylan is both a masculine and feminine name whether you believe that or not. If parents want to name their daughter Dylan, deal with it!
One of my favorite names for a boy, but the "Dylan on a girl" thing has to stop.
Dylan makes me want to barf. Makes me think of dill pickles that are rotten and need to be thrown away. Dylan is a no-no, do not name your son this pick something that actually is unique and creative not something that is bland and so common and DON'T even get me started on Dylan for girls.,
Dylan is an overrated name.
I'm sorry, but I'll never understand why parents choose the most obviously masculine names and decide to give them to their daughter. Dylan, Logan, Asher, James, the list can go. There are so many beautiful, pretty, feminine,and underused names out there. If anything it's best as a middle if you're going to give your daughter a traditionally male name. But hey, that's just me personally.
While this is an excellent name for a boy, I also like it on a girl. Maybe with like a really girly middle name and the spelling adjusted. For example, Dilynn Elise would look more feminine. But I also like this on a boy with a name like Dylan Alexander. Please don’t come for me, I know this is controversial I just think it could be cute.
It's not a terrible name for a boy, although it's getting super popular. Just do NOT get me started on naming girls this.
Dylan is a very nice name, and there are actually not many Dylan's in my area, surprisingly. I've only met one Dylan in my life!
Dylan makes me want to barf, do not name your son this, pick something that actually is unique and is creative not something every other boy is named since a lot of people are saying it's so popular and overused and don’t even get me started on Dylan for girls.
Dylan is such a terrible name and it's overrated. The name is also ugly and trashy. Dylan, ugh who would name a girl that- it doesn't sound feminine at all, also it's a dumb name for a boy too, like I said so overrated.
It's OK for boys, I really don't like this name for girls.
Dylan for a boy is kinda boring to me but I absolutely love this name for little girls- Dylan Marie or Dylan Sue.
Why the hell is this being used for girls?
Not a fan at all! Very ugly, hate it!
Just ugly!
I like this name a lot! Good, handsome and works so well for a boy... but I despise it on a girl. There are so many— and lovely— girl names out there... so why choose a masculine name for your daughter?
Can’t the boys have any names for themselves nowadays? Dylan is and will always be a male name.
Males can’t have any names for themselves which is something I truly dislike. For those who think this name is good for girls, I think the name Dylan is and will always be a male name. But if you want to name your daughter Dylan or any other male name, Go ahead. Just keep in mind that you might be doing your daughter a disservice if you named them Dylan as well as naming them Evan.
I can’t believe so many people hate this name! It’s a wonderful name and I love it! It definitely sounds great on a boy.
This name is crap. All of the Dylans I know are rude or annoying.
In my opinion, this is a wonderful name.
The best Welsh name in my opinion, may consider using it. Good name.
I absolutely LOVE THIS NAME! Definitely my first daughter’s name, and my favorite female name overall. I think it’s such a super cool name for either gender, though I much prefer it on a girl.
I honestly really like the name Dylan. I prefer it on boys. On girls it just doesn’t sound right for some reason. But it’s not all bad I guess.
I know too many Dylans (boys) that are so mean. I’m sick of this name, I’m out!
Whereas... the girls, your name is amazing! Your name is so unique be proud!
I actually prefer Dylan for girls, it’s pretty rare and cute for a girl. Dylan for a boys name is SOOO common and sounds awfully feminine in my opinion, shame on you (boy) Dylan’s!
Stupid American name with no meaning other than the misspelled fake last name of a folk musician. Superficial and sad. Pathetic name. And ugly sounding.
The protagonist of Golan the Insatiable is a little girl named Dylan Beekler.
Dylan is extremely common. I met like 8 different Dylan’s in my life. But either way, this is a unisex name. I can see it on boys and girls.
I don't really like this name even though it is a Welsh name, it sounds better on a dog than a human, that is just my opinion.
I hate this name, this won't work for an old man or woman at all. I prefer the unisex Jordan to Dylan.
Dylan is handsome for a boy and beautiful on a girl! I like the feminine spelling Dylanne too.
Hi angry people, it seems like everyone is mad that my name is Dylan and I'm a girl. In school, I have always been in classes with other boys with the name Dylan so I've had to go by the nickname "DD". And substitutes and teachers on the first day have always looked to the boys' table when calling my name. I think that Dylan is a very pretty name for a girl and is nowhere close to naming your daughter "Josh" or "Michael". Although I would never name my daughter Dylan because of the confusion I think its crazy how angry people are getting that a girl could have this name. It's not difficult to correct someone if they call you a "Mr" and If you people are going to get this upset about a girl named Dylan then I would like to see how angry you get if you meet a guy with a more "feminine" sounding name.
This is a boy's name. I absolutely HATE hearing it used for a girl. People will always call you Mr. when they reply to your emails or online form submissions because it's a MASCULINE NAME. You might be denied service when you pick up your dry cleaning or a parcel at the PO because people might suspect fraud or suspicious activity. If you pay for anything on credit at a retail store then the salesclerk might think you've stolen a man's card because Dylan is a man's name for chrissake.
People, Dylan is clearly, obviously, %100 percent a BOY’S NAME. It is not a “unisex” name, please stop naming girls Dylan, it’s not unique or mysterious, it’s just ugly. I don’t get why anyone would wanna name a girl Dylan, you might as well just go ahead and name her Phil then, besides the meaning of Dylan is “SON of the sea” which makes absolutely no sense if you name a girl Dylan.
I agree. Anyone who names their daughter Dylan is literally out of context.
Absolutely LOVE this name! It is my first name. However, I wouldn’t prefer it for a girl. Sounds way better on a boy.
I just gotta say, what is up with all these girl Dylans? I don't really like it on a girl!
It's good on a boy, terrible for a girl! It may sound cool when the girl is 13, but can you picture an 80 year old woman named Dylan? Dylan is a nice name for a guy! I hate it when people use it on girls. It doesn't sound feminine at all!
This name sounds perfectly fine on both genders. Everyone complaining about it on a girl is ridiculous with the 'she'll be mistaken for a boy', because from my understanding, one's gender is on school and work information. That's nearly impossible. Not completely, but very rather unlikely to happen.
My boyfriend's name is Dilan and I really like that name because I like it I think it is a really great name for a boy though I can see it as a girl name but more as a boy name and it is a really great name.
Dylan is one of my most favourite masculine names. It just sounds better on a male than a female. I named one of my characters for a story (For the future for Youtube. Lol. A lot of magic involved) He is attractive, sports-minded, smart, mature, has some flaws like disorders, he was a servant of some gods that thought he was cursed. That's what I might think of that name. It probably wasn't helpful (Still a great name. Dylan is the protagonist of the story). That reminds me of Greek gods... Dylan is the god of the sea (Like Neptune).
It's alright as a boy's name, hate it on a girl though. It doesn't sound the least bit feminine to me and a girl with the name will be mistaken for a boy her whole life...
Ever thought of using this beautiful masculine name for your daughter to have a name that.. doesn't really fit in with Dylan at all? Call your daughter Delaney, although personally I don't necessarily like Delaney but it's your feminineness of Dylan. Delaney isn't even a feminine form of Dylan, but who cares! Just call your daughter Delaney instead if you seriously want this.
I think that this name is wonderful for anyone to have. Don't listen to the people saying it is a bad name for either gender.
This name is pretty cool. A friend of mine has a dog with this name, which is quite funny.
Dylan Gould is the name of a villain in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He works with the Decepticons. Portrayed by Patrick Dempsey.
Dylan Alvarez is the real name of Hollywood Undead member Funny Man.
Dylan is a great name, for boys and girls! I like the meaning too! There are some boyish names I don’t mind on girls, and Dylan is one of them. At least Dylan became unisex sooner and it sounds softer than a really traditional males' name like John.
Man boy name.
I once liked this name, that is until I heard it about a million times. I have never heard it pronounced in the Welsh way, as Dulan or however someone described it... ugh!
Dylan is a beautiful name and I like the name Dylan for boys or girls and I personally prefer it for a boy. That’s never to say I hate it on a girl. Dylan makes a cute girl’s name too. For everyone complaining about boy names used on girls, you need to understand that those girls have feminine middle names because the parents know that you have to split the name sound for a girl in half. They know common sense. If a girl has the name Ryan or Kyle or even George, you know that her middle name would be Julia or Rose or even Marie. And also, most girls with boy names are actually really girly rather than tomboyish. So a girl with a boy’s name would get a feminine middle name likely no matter if they’re feminine or masculine, because it’s also depending on how half of the girl’s name should relate to the traditional feminine culture. If I named my daughter Dylan, I would give her an ultra-feminine middle name like Christina, and I would ensure you she would grow up to act like a girly girl!
In 2018, 9 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Dylan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 186th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 6 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Dylan who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 745th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I love this as a first name for boys. It is inappropriate for girls. You will get mistaken for a guy on a school list or whatever. All the responses to your emails or snail mails will come back to you addressed with Mr. You will have to live with that for the rest of your life. Some names just shouldn't be messed with.
Dylan McCarthy is a GoAnimate character made by JoJoauin444.
I normally don't like common names but this name is really cute to me. I can't help but find it a bit comedic, but in a good way. I love the nickname Dylz. I imagine Dylan as that goofy guy in class that makes everyone laugh. Love it.
One of the few trendy names I actually like. Only on a boy though. It looks ridiculous on girls.
The Dylan Roof association makes this name terrible.
My name is Dylan and I am a girl. I don’t like it for boys. I am not just saying that because I am a girl. I personally love boy names for girls. I just spell it DYLAN. I think it is beautiful. My middle name is girly. It is masculine, but the LYNN sounds girlish. I truly think that if you have this name and you are a girl you have a stunning name. Don’t listen to the comments that say it is ugly.
An actor, Dylan Minnette, has this name. (I think he's hotter than Dylan O'Brien.) (Don't come at me please.)
It's surprising to see that this name is actually in the top 1,000 for females. No offense to any girls named this, but I can't see how this is the least bit feminine. Anyways, I've never really cared for this name. It's not like it's an ugly name, but it feels like every other boy at my school is named this and I could never see the reason for its popularity. (Again, no offense to anyone.) Just a friendly suggestion: If you're planning on naming your daughter this, perhaps spell it at least somewhat more feminine, like Dylynn or something to that effect.
Absolutely love the name Dylan! The name is very strong and masculine and a bit trendy. Although I’ve heard of some girls named Dylan and think it’s fine, I just wouldn’t name our daughter that. We named our son Dylan Anthony.
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a nasty name- who would name an innocent baby this awful name?
Awful name. Can you picture grandpa Dylan? What's worse is Dyllenne, Dhylinn, and Dhylahn, that sort of spelling.
My crush is called Dylan, and I think it's very cute but also strong. I like how smooth it sounds and how nice it is to say. I'm not sure about it for girls but I think for boys it's quite nice.
Okay name for boys, but horrible for girls. Don't tell me that there are girls called David or Remus as well. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised. Apparently, in our society, a woman is strong and intelligent only if she tries to copy males. This includes, of course, having masculine names like Dylan, Michael and James.
Do not name your daughter this. Dylan is a BOY'S name!
My husband's name is Dylan and I liked it because it's unique. When I bore a son, I named him Dylan jr. And it's awesome. I have a daughter and I named her Dylanne Angel and it's adorable! It is unique, awesome and adorable.
Dylan McDermott of The Practice, which earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama and a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.
My son's name is Dylan Phillip, it is not very popular where I live. Boys mainly have old names like Jack or Oscar these days, I think Dylan used as a girl name is more of an American thing. It is very much masculine in the U.K.
Dylan Christopher Minnette is an American actor and musician. He is known for his roles as Clay Jensen in 13 Reasons Why, David Shephard in Lost, Rex Britten in Awake, Anthony in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Zach Cooper in Goosebumps, Jerry Fitzgerald Jr. In Scandal, and Alex in Don't Breathe.
If you pronounce the name "DAY-lan" you should go buy some meat because you really know how to butcher things.
I pronunce this name "DAY-lan".
People say this is a unisex name, but if you look at the numbers Dylan is overwhelmingly male. At the end of 2015 there were 341, 741 males named Dylan in the United States (see The Social Security Administration website top 100 names of the last 100 years). As best I can tell there were 10,195 females named Dylan over the same period (see, So, Dylan is about 97% male and about 3% female in the US. Outside the US, the name is even more lopsidedly male.
If you are thinking about naming a girl Dylan, you should probably check out this web posting by a girl named Dylan: sounds like she had some issues with the name.
This name sounds obnoxious and overused. This is just another one of those trendy, overused names.
I like this name for boys and girls. I don't know why everyone hates it on a girl. It is a name with several meanings. One meaning I like is it's from an old Irish word for butterfly dealin-de. It also comes from an Irish word for faithful. Another word is old Irish or Scottish Gaelic for lightning. It's a good unisex name.
We named our daughter Dylan. It wasn't some really considered thing, we didn't look through books or websites and like the name. We didn't even think 'hey, let's use a 'boys' name'. The name came to my partner in a dream she had about coming back from the hospital after the birth and called her Dylan in that (we knew she was going to be a girl by then). After that it just seemed so right.As for people adamant it's a 'boys' name, please feel free to come out of the 1950s and live in the new millennium. There are plenty of names that are used for both genders that nobody is complaining about; Leslie, Alex, Drew, Scout, Jesse to name just a handful. As for giving 'girls' names to boys - go for it! If you think it suits, why not?
Boring. If you wanna choose a name, please don't choose this one. It's really rather plain and bland.
This name is quite high on my list of "Most Boring Names Ever." No personality, very bland, very common. I don't like it.
I am a 13 year old girl with the name Dylan and I hate everyone commenting that it is good for a boy. There are plenty of girls with the name and I have grown to love my name. I love my name and I don`t think it shows spunk or any thing like that. It is an amazing name and other names like James for a girl is lovely and you should never tell anyone otherwise.
I have never met another woman called Dylan but I know at least 10 boys with the name. I couldn't care less! But just because you don't have the name doesn't mean you can be hurtful, because you can't. It's not a girl's name, nor a boy's, it's not masculine or feminine. But it is someone's name, and please respect that.
Dylan Dog is the name of the main character of the italian comic with the same name.
Sounds a little pretentious, but the meaning is quite nice.
It's a white trash name. I have a niece (yes, niece, not nephew) with this name and her dad (my older brother) is very trashy. The Dylan Roof association only makes it worse.
To me, this name seems like another one of those made up names. I have a hard time picturing an adult with this name.
Dylan is a beautiful name for both males and females. I don't necessarily associate gender with names. I associate people and personalities with names.
My name is Dylan! I like my name and I like how it's fading in popularity! It's a very common, little white blonde boy name. And kinda preppy sounding... I don't like the name for a girl, probably cause I don't care for masculine sounding names for girls but anyways.. the name was very common in the early 2000s! Nicknames for my name are: D, D-Man, Dill Pickle, Dill, and Dill Dill.
Actors Dylan O'brien (teen wolf, the maze runner) and Dylan Sprouse (the suite life) have this name.
I love this name on girls. I prefer Dillon on boys. I met a girl named Dylan once, and she was generous, sweet and kind. The type of person that anyone could befriend. That helped my impression of the name quite a bit :).
I love this name for a girl! I named my daughter Dillynn, I think this spelling is more feminine. I am not a fan of the traditional girl names, I tend to like the names that could be used for a boy or a girl more, but I was going for unique, and I think it is beautiful.
I like this name only for a boy.
My little girls name is Dylan. She was named after her dad who is also Dylan, lol. As soon as I knew I was having a little girl I knew she'd be Dylan jr. She loves being Dylan jr. I think the name is great for both boys and girls. She loves the ocean and the waves and her dad is a surfer so I think it suits them both. Times have changed and no longer is it taboo to name your little girls classically boy names.
I absolutely love this name. Me and my husband named our little girl Dilyn Nicole. I have noticed that everyone likes to have their opinion on what they think about her name. I have a feminine name and love it when people mistakenly call me Ashlee. I find my name boring. However, names are a personal preference and people should keep negative comments to themselves.
I can't believe no-one has mentioned American actor Dylan O'Brien. (♥ω♥*)
Note that the original Welsh pronunciation of the name would rhyme more closely with "dull-in" than "dill" (as in dill pickles), even so I honestly think that the "dill" pronunciation is much more acceptable in the United States. I'm sure a reference to pickles as opposed to being a dull person is much easier to deal with!
As the etymology of the name shows, the name literally means "great tide," and in theory could be applied to boys or girls. The ocean has both "masculine" and "feminine" qualities after all!
Dylan is a cool name for a guy. I know this is a Welsh name and is strictly a guys name BUT there is actually a Turkish name spelt 'Dilan' which happens to be a girl name and is pronounced the same way as Dylan (I think) so I guess this name works either way. I like the sound of Dylan strictly for a boy though and I personally HATE it for a girl.
Mmmmm the name Dylan for Girls? I don't know about it. I just found out here that is has been used for some girls which I don't mind. My name is Oscar and maybe one day it's going to be used as a girls name. I named my son Dylan Mateo, which Dylan was used long ago as a god's name and Mateo means son of God. Well I didn't know this until now- just found out at 7:36 am seeking a name for my pet. Anyways, Dylan is the perfect name for any gender-it is strong on a man and it's unique on girls.
My daughter's name is Dylan Josephine, and most people love it. Dylan just suits her.
My first name is Dylan and because of how I think of myself as well as the 8 other people named Dylan I know, I think of Dylan as cool, smart, and has a strong personality. I like the simplicity and popularity of the name Dylan as well.
I love all those traditionally boyish names for girls: Ryan, Cameron, Campbell, Dylan etc (Petticoat Junction may have had something to do with that). I named my 8-year-old daughter Dylan because it's the only name my husband and I could agree on. Ignorant kids occasionally mention that she has a "boy" name, but she's a popular girl in school and it's never been a big issue for her. Elizabeth was my first choice for a girl, but Dylan was on my short list all along.
Dylan Penn (Sean Penn and Robyn Wright Penn's daughter, who recently made headlines by dating Rob Pattinson), Dylan Lauren (owner of Dylan's Candy Bar and daughter of Ralph Lauren), Dylan Dreyer (weekend weather reporter on the Today show), Dylan is a girl on PBS Design Squad, Dylan Schoenfield is the female lead character in Disney film Geek Charming, NBA player Chris Bosh and his wife have a daughter named Dylan.
Don’t use it for a girl, just don’t do it! Unless you want her to grow testicles down the road. In which case you need to look in the mirror and admit to yourself you have Baby Gender Disappointment and you need to talk to someone.
It just reminds me too much of Bob Dylan. I hate Bob Dylan.
Dylan for a girl always makes me cringe. I think it's because it points out that their parents don't know the origin and they pronounce it 'Dil-Anne', because the original 'Dull-un', isn't so feminine. So they probably picked it up off TV.
In the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld, the heroine Deryn joins the British Air Service by disguising herself as a boy named Dylan.
Dylan Weir is a character on the Canadian sci-fi show "Primeval: New World". She is portrayed by Sara Canning.
I have a friend named Dylan and she's a girl. I love how it just rolls off your tongue. Great girl name.
My name is Dylan and I love my name. I think the name Dylan is a great name for somebody. Everyone at school said I have a bad name but if they would see theses commets they would say I have a great name. If you are at the web site plese tell me if you like what I wrote and tell me what you think about the name Dylan.
Me and one of my friends both agree that this spelling of the name is nice and fitting for a girl - probably inspired by Sophie Makenzie's the Medusa Project novel series in which one of the female heroes is called Dylan.
I know full-well that this name should be pronounced Dill-on, but I want SO BLEEPING BADLY to pronounce it Dye-lan. Dy = Dye/Die to me and Lan - Land, but without the D sound at the end. Sorry, but it does. :\
I love this name and your child will be really cute and sexy.
I named my daughter Dillen in 2005. I did this in honor of the origin of her paternal Great Grandmother who was of Welsh descent. I spelled it uniquely to try and separate her from all the "boys". Admittedly right now she is having a rough time in Elementary school being told by almost everyone it is a "boy name". I just continue to reinforce her beauty and I realize she probably will appreciate it more as she gets older. She has a very feminine middle name if she chooses to later use her alternate name. But, I hope she stays with "Dillen". I think there's a lot of strength to it and she certainly does not find a lot of girls to share a name with!
Pronounced "DUHL-EN".
*YAWN* So tired of this name. It's all over the place, and I can't stand when people use it for a girl. It doesn't sound a bit feminine.
I've always been fond of this boy names. I think it's terrible on a girl and hope it doesn't swing that way. Once some names get used for girls a lot, they are constantly thought of as girl names no matter what the usage was in the past.
Dylan Lewis (b. 1973) is an Australian TV and radio personality. He has also been a singer with an alternative rock band, done hip-hop and had a few parts in films.
Dylan James Alexander Ratigan is the host of The Dylan Ratigan Show which airs weekdays in the afternoon on MSNBC.
This is actually a boy's name and would never be used in Wales for a girl - sorry but it is not a girl's name.
As a Welsh speaker, I advise it should ALWAYS be pronounced "Dul- an", as the letter "y" in the first syllable of a Welsh name is generally pronounced this way, with subsequent syllables containing "y" being said as an EE or I sound. It infuriates me when people get it wrong - it is disrespectful to the Welsh language and the origins of the word.
This name reminds me of a little boy, or a rich slacker coasting by on his trust fund (for unknown reasons), despite the fact every Dylan I know is quite the opposite. Also- please, do not use this name on girls! I can't stand it when people use masculine names on girls! To me, there are a few truly unisex names (Jordan, Taylor, to name some common ones) that sound both masculine and feminine. However, Dylan is obviously a name suited for a BOY. Sadly, I know more than a few girls who have this name- and many people think it's cute. No, not very cute, just confusing and weird.
It's a cute name for a boy, but I can't see it aging extremely well.
I agree with violetagate. Too many guys names are converting to girls' names.About Dylan: it's not bad- trendy but with a lot of history behind it. Though it can suit any age, I picture a teen boy first.
It's alright, I suppose, though it sounds a little weak. Please don't use it on girls, though.
Pronounced DIL-an.
I used to LOVE this but it became so common. Very popular in America. It's better for a boy.
I have a very dear friend named Dylan, and she's female, and I think the name fits her very well. Before I met her, I thought Dylan was a more masculine name, but since, I've found it more feminine. We have fun with nicknames, too. Dyllie, and Dyl Pickle.
For some reason, I can't see this as a guy name. Dylan is the name of one of the main characters in The Clique series. And I adore Dylan for a girl.
Comedian and actor Dylan Moran from the British television series Black Books has this first name.
The REASON people have girls names and boys names is so you can tell if they're a girl or a boy when you talk about them. For example, if you read an article in a newspaper written by a "Jamie Waterson" you wouldn't know if it was a guy or a gal unless they said so. This is very frustrating to me sometimes (though I do like the name Jamie.). Also, if someone says "I'm gonna bring my cousin Ryan over, okay?" and they turn out to be a GIRL when I'm expecting it to be a guy, it frustrates me. Also when girls have nicknames like "Sam" and I'm expecting some boy name Sam, it drives me nutso as well. That, my friends, is why you have boy names, and girl names - distinction.
I hate the name Dylan, and would never use it. It is also very popular.
Fashion designer Ralph Lauren and Ricky Low-Beer have a daughter Dylan Lifshitz (born May 1974 in New York City).
Dylan Bennett Klebold was a high school senior who committed the Columbine High School massacre along with Eric Harris. They killed 13 people and injured 24 others. Both Harris, 18 years old, and Klebold, 17, committed suicide after the killings.
I have always loved the name Dylan. It is up to date and sounds quite cool.
British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Demskiy's first baby is called Dylan Demskiy.
It actually makes me sad to read about people using this as a girl's name without understanding the history of the Welsh sea GOD Dylan and proceeding to slaughter the pronunciation as well. It's a boy's name from a sea GOD which is portrayed as meaning "great sea" and "son of the sea". I have a fondness for Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and Manx, which are beautiful, but dying languages from cultures that are being hurt by ignorant people who slaughter and borrow too much from the languages. Dylan pronounced properly as "Dul-an" is a boy's name and should stay as such.
Number 24 for boys in 2005.
As a girl named Dylan, what I find annoying is when almost all of the girls I know are named Samantha, Jessica, Hailey, or Sarah. There's no rule book saying what names you can and can't use for each gender. I've never had problems fitting in or making friends: all of my friends like my name, and if I make a little joke about being a man, they just laugh and assure me they like it. I wouldn't fit into a girly, floral name that gives the impression of a mindless belle. If you don't know anybody with a unique name, you don't have a clue.
Dylan Lauren (a girl), owner of the Dylan's Candy Bar chain, has this name.
Model Carolyn Murphy and Jack Schröder have a son Dylan, born 28. December 2000.
On Family Guy Brian has a 13 year old son named Dylan.
Dylan is the most beautiful name for a boy I have ever seen.
Dylan is a masculine name. From the 4th branch of the Mabinogi, he is one of Arianrhod's two sons who are born when she is made to walk over a magic want to test her virginity. When he was baptised he dove into the sea and became a sea God.Now Dylan, the Welsh name, is a MASCULINE name. I find this happens SO often when English speakers is pronounce Welsh names, Dil-an does sound femanine, but it's a compleatly different name, so that's fair enough, if you don't care about Welsh pronunciation, and history of names, then go ahead, make up your own. You're the ones that look stupid thinking it's the same ;)The Dil-an pronunciation is also the reason why it sounds Irish to some. When it's pronounced DYL-AN, to a Welsh speaker, it's a masculine name.You don't know how irritating it is when people mispronounce a name, because of their own lack of consideration or interest, than when it happens to you.Welsh is a dying language, the people who pronounce Dylan the same as Dillon, and who think masculine Welsh names are femenine, because they can't be bothered learning to pronounce them properly, are killing it.
I think this is a horrible name, for either gender. But, I think boys are being payed back because in the early 1900s there was a Girls-Names-On-Boys-Trend.
I think that it's a cute name.
This is not a girl's name at all. My friends named their daughter Dylan and I have a hard time finding it nice for a girl.
Can you get any stupider than this name? Dumb, stupid, trendy.
I have an old female friend with this name, Dylan. I could vaguely imagine this on a guy, but it wouldn't have the same affect.
Dylan Hunt is the Captain of the starship Andromeda in the sci-fi TV series of the same name (he's played by actor Kevin Sorbo.) I know he's a ficticious character, but I wouldn't mind having him rescue me from a dangerous situation any time!
On the television show Degrassi: The Next Generation, there is a character named Dylan Michalchuk.
Famous bearer is early 20th century Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.
I think this name is great for both sexes! Really sweet for a girl and really rad for a boy! Great name!
Folk-rock singer Bob Dylan is a famous bearer of this name. Also poet Dylan Thomas.
For a girl? *gags* May as well use Poseidon.
My brother's name is Dylan. He likes it but I only like it for a girl.
I love this name for a girl. I love it for a boy too, but I think that it is a beautiful, unique name for a girl.
I think Dylan is an adorable name for a little boy, though I'm having difficulty seeing the name on a grown man. Also, I don't care what anybody says, Dylan is strictly a boy's name.
Even though it's a masculine name, I like it better on girls. As for its meaning 'great sea', has no particular gender, it could suit a boy as much as a girl.
I think Dylan is a great name for a guy! It's a very strong name. I like the way the name Dylan sounds, and I really like the way it's spelled. I have a friend, his name is Dylan and his middle name is Michael. Needless to say I adore this name and if I ever have a boy that's probably what I'll name him.
I think Dylan can be used for either a boy or girl, but I'd prefer to use it for my daughter instead of my son. But that's just me. I think spelling it 'Dillon' is more for a boy, but 'Dylan' could be boy or girl.
After reading the comments for this name, I have come to a conclusion: people who give masculine names to their daughters have a sick obsession. What is wrong with a girl's name on a boy? If you refuse to name your son Abigail, Ann, Emily, Chloe, or Dawn or whatever, then why do you bother giving a boy's name to a girl? I am tired of being paranoid about every guy's name I like because I know people who like boys' names on girls will pounce on them and turn them into girls' names AND then move onto other boys' names. I dislike the name Dylan, but I prefer it on BOYS/MEN period.
My little boy is named Dylan. I had a hard time deciding on a name while I was pregnant. I waivered between a few different names up until his birth. Now I am just glad I picked Dylan because it's perfect. And, yes, I do call him Dyl. I didn't for a long time, but now I think it's too cute. I have yet to hear any pickle jokes unless you count his aunt calling him Dyl-pickle. But, hell, I think that's cute too.
PLEASE no "Dill". Oh, God, the Pickle jokes would be excrutiating.
About the pickle comment. You're right. I have a cousin named Dylan and we nicknamed him Dill Pickle.
How can you not like the name Dylan? It's absolutely beautiful! My first child, Dylan was born in 2001 and suits him perfectly. Gorgeous! And I'm not Christian.
Icky Icky Icky, I don't like this name!
Actor Dylan Baker is another person with this name, which, by the way, I happen to think is a good one.
I know a guy who has this name but he spells it Dylin. I like the name a lot.
Please think long and hard about giving a masculine name ie Dylan, Ryan and Cameron etc to a little girl. I have to agree with the other comments above, see June 23 and June 28. I have met several parents in my boys school who have given their daughters a masculine name and now both them and their daughter regret it. They think it will give their child strength and uniqueness but at a time when a child is trying to fit into social circles and fit in with their peers, having a gender confusing name can be very difficult for some children.
My name is Dylan and I have had it spelled Dillan, Dillon, and even once Dilian. I do like it a lot, even though some people can't figure out how to spell it.
Dylan is probably my favorite boy's name. I probably would name one of my kids that in the future. Also, the graphic designer for Harry Potter fansite: is Dylan Spartz.
Dylan is my brother's name. I have always found it more of a boy's name than a girl's. I was sort of disappointed to find that in ratings, they voted it kind of stupid. People probably think that because a lot of times on TV they name the dumb boy, Dylan. TV is not reality!
In regards to the male/female debate, Dylan (pronounced DUL-an) is attested in Welsh mythology as a male name. Dulan (pronounced DIL-on) however appears in the Old Welsh charters in the Book of Llan Dav (c.1150). So with Anglisised pronunciation of Dylan - the spelling is male but the pronunciation was once female.
I fell in love with this name for a girl - well for either gender. I just love it. It can be so feminine but so sharp and masculine at the same time. My now-fiance and I had a miscarriage once, but I am pregnant again! I will definitely name her Dylan if she is a boy or a girl. I like the opinions of some of these posts, but some come on a little too strong! I think that it is a unique name for a girl, but that it is something that the parent does not want for her baby girl - to be teased. But I had an unnusual name as a kid, and still do, Micheal. My mom actually wanted to name me 'Michelle', but she pronounced it wrong at first, and they spelled it even wronger on the birth certificate! I was teased - but it helped me in life. I overall am glad for my name. It helped me understand so many things, and I learned to appreciate it.
I agree that this name is better for boys. However, I feel sorry for any girl who has this name and is getting teased about it. That's just horrible! Nobody deserves to be teased about something they have no control over. I think that this is a perfect example of why parents need to think long and hard before they give their children strange and unusual names. In trying to give them unique names they are making them targets for bullies. Kids just want to fit in with their peers.
I want to say that it is fine to have a boy named Dylan, in fact, I love the name Dylan for a boy, I just feel very strongly that it is perfect for both genders, and I feel that it is unfair to tease someone about it. I was teased for most of my life, and I was reduced to tears several times. But I had friends, friends who were there when I needed them most. Friends who fought on my side.
My name is Dylan and I am a male, and I like my name, and the history pertaining to it, but I don't like seeing it as a female name. Especially considering how Dylan was involved in Welsh myth, as a GOD and quite obviously male, I don't see why any parent would name their girl Dylan.
My name is Dylan, and I am a girl. The name 'Dylan' was originally a girl's name, as many people in Wales and Ireland and the rest of the UK know, and I am offended that you call it 'masculine' because I came here to prove to my friends that it was a girls name!
I think that it is positively terrible, to tell the truth, that anyone would be as mean to say as you do about being a girl and named Dylan. It is a wonderful girls' name. It shows outgoingness and creativity and lots of things. My current boyfriend loves my name, and my friends compliment me and say how pretty it is and how it is unique and beautiful I love my name. I used to think, ewww Dylan, that is not a girls name. I will change it as soon as I hit 18, but then I realized that it was beautiful if you thought about it, and people still say, you have a boys name, and laugh at me, and it is mean, but I do not care because I love my name and will never change it. And pretty feminine names, I love those too, but it is plain and my name is unique, and different, and I love it. So I want to thank every girl that is named Dylan out there, and give them this message. It is perfectly suitable for a boy - but a girl too.
I fell in love with this name while pregnant with my first baby, but I had a girl that I named Rhianna Faith. Now I am pregnant again. This time hopefully with a boy so I can get my Dylan. I just love this name for a boy. Not my taste for a girl. I am partial to pretty feminine names for girls.
I have a female friend with this name, and I can't think of a single name other than this one that would suit her. She is very beautiful and earthy, and the name just works for her!
I named my son Dylan Thomas in 1980! We never ran across any other Dylans back then. It sure is popular now but being of the flower power generation, everyone thought I named him after Bob Dylan. I still love this name for either male or female.
Eww! This name is so yucky for a girl!
Dylan Lauren is the daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren and owner of Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC.
To those who say this can only be a girls name and can't see it used for a boy should see my son, he is all boy, blonde hair, blue eyes and the name is very masculine for him.
I don't see how it can be spelled Dyllyn or Dylann when it is pronounced DIL-UN. Dylann or Dyllyn or anything like it is a different name. A made-up name!
Boy name for me. We need to leave a few names out there that are for boys only. Too many boys names are being used for girls.
I have seen this name spelled Dylon and Dylann and Dylyn.
The cutest name ever! It's great for boys & girls!
Cool name! Prefer it for a boy.
This is my favorite girl name. If I have a daughter this is what I will call her.
This name is really great, but only on a boy. I prefer the spelling Dillon.
I agree that this name is better for boys. There are a few names that started out as boy names that make good girl names but they almost all end in Y or begin with a M. (Madison, Shelby, Sydney, Morgan, Kelsey etc.) See what I mean. However, the main reason I do not like this name for a girl is because it just sounds really boyish. I feel the same way about some other boy names used for girls, like Tyler, Ryan, Cameron, etc. All of these names are not even a tiny bit feminine. Might as well name her Harry or Joe.
I like the name Dylan a lot, for a boy. It seems as if there are no names that are fair game to say, that is a boys' name. I think people have the right to name their child as they want, but I think that people should try to be a bit more traditional and respect name boundaries. Besides, I want to know why if a girl is named with a boys' name it's 'cute' or 'interesting' but if a boy had a feminine name, it is considered 'effeminate', 'gay', 'stupid', etc. A little bit of Johnny Cash and "A Boy Named Sue" anyone, I'm sure it could apply to both sexes. Everything else has to be equal after all.
Dil Pickles from the cartoon Rugrats is named Dylan.
Singer Brian Mcknight, whose songs include 'Back at One', has a son named Dylan.
Actress Robin Wright Penn ("The Princess Bride", "Forrest Gump") has a daughter named Dylan.
Funny, I always thought this name sounded Irish to me. Anyways, my friend has a half brother whose name is Dylan, and he's adorable. He almost ended up Michael Dylan, but I think it sounds better the other way around. Also, there used to be a boy in my class named Dylan, so I associate the name with him.
I think it's a cool name, but it's somewhat common. Maybe more suited for a middle name, at least for any of my kids.
I gave this name to my 4th son, he is Dylan Patrick (he was born on St. Patricks day). I find that his name is often spelled wrong, Dillon, and often pronounced wrong, dye-lan. We still really like this name, it shows as being quite popular and we only know of one other Dylan his age.
Actor Dylan McDermott from the TV show The Practice. He has also appeared in many movies, including Steel Magnolias as Julia Roberts character Shelby's husband Jackson.
I can't believe any girl has this name. It makes a really ugly girl name. I would rather be named Apple.
Dylan Sprouse plays one of the twins on the Disney Channel comedy The Suite Life of Zach & Cody. His character is Zach, who tends to be mischevious and get into trouble. His brother Cole Sprouse plays Cody, who is really good, but lets Zach talk him into misadventures.
In the movie Yours, Mine & Ours starring Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid, the oldest son of Rene Russo is named Dylan.
I love this name for a guy! Very masculine and sexy. It has a skater/surfer feel to it.
My grandfather's name was Daniel and my dad's name is Donal. My name is Dylan. My grandmother who was Scottish told me Donal is Scottish for Daniel and Dylan is Welsh for Daniel. I don't have evidence for it but I've always believed it and spread the info to those who ask.
My name is Dylan and I am a female. I have only met one other girl with the name Dylan, but everyone I meet tells me how unique and pretty the name is. I think it is a wonderful name for a girl to show spunk, individuality, and beauty.
In 2012 Joe Nichols' (country singer) daughter was born and they named her Dylan River. I think it's a wonderful name for either gender. If my oldest niece had been another boy (she's got three older brothers!) her name was going to be Dylan Joshua.
Both my friend and best friend's nephew are named this. I quite like it for a girl, but having a boys' name for a girl can be quite frustrating (take it from me, Riley-Aiden!)
On Beverly Hills 90210 there was the character Dylan McKay played by Luke Perry.
I named my son Dylan after a relative David who passed away. We think the name Dylan is really cool and strong. It is a great name for a child and adult! It is becoming more popular, but this spelling is quite unique.
A few celebrities have named their son Dylan, including Pamela Anderson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Pierce Brosnan.

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