On its face, Emmeline is a great name. And I prefer this spelling to Emmaline because it's not immediately evocative of Emma, which has been a Top 5 name in the U.S. for the last 20 years. (I checked - for real, last 20 years; and most of those at #1 or #2!) But the ubiquity of Emma & Emily probably means that a real-life Emmeline will get called one of those two names regularly throughout her life.
I adore this name! I have no idea why it is not as popular as Emma or Emily (although I won't complain). I feel that it is much more timeless than Emma (plus I think it also ages better), but you can use Emma or Emmy as a nickname if Emmeline feels too long or mature.
I love Emmeline, personally much better than Emma or Emily, as they are too typical. Emmaline sounds good to me too. It strikes me as a sophisticated, classic, feminine and elegant name, and with many adorable nicknames.
I prefer Emma.
It's pretty, but I prefer the Emmeline spelling a little more! :)
I like the nickname possibilities for the name. I’m still not sure quite how to pronounce it, I keep saying Emme-LINE because of the spelling. I like the name Emmeline Victoria.
This is my middle name: Emmeline. I am blessed to have it. My father chose this name when he was contemplating suicide and was about to kill himself, then a woman named Emmeline came to him and basically convinced him not to. It's supposed to be pronounced Emma-LINE but I do love the Emma-leen pronunciation. I probably wouldn't use this as a name because as you can see people are complaining and debating about how their name is being pronounced in the comments.
I adore this name. I wouldn't even use a nickname (even though I like Emmie) because it's so beautiful on its own. I prefer the pronunciations Emma-Lighn or Emma-Leen over Emma-Lin.
This is really pretty and sounds almost golden, if that makes sense.
Is it weird that I prefer this over Emma? Emmeline is just less common, more elegant, and overall nicer than Emma in my opinion. Better than the overused Emma and Emily.
Mouthful. Doesn’t sound right.
So pretty.
My little sister's name is Emmeline (pronounced Emma - line) and I really love it. I think it's really cute, but also classy and delicate and it could work for a little girl or a grown woman. We have come up with some fun, STRANGE nicknames for her like Emmelemon, Lemonlime, Lemon, Lemonlimers, and Midgibledirigible (she's the youngest and she LOVES lemons). I like that there are a lot of different ways to change the name into a nickname without it being Emma or Emily (as they are so popular). It's a very cute and lovely name to give someone and I think that person would grow up to really love the name.
Beautiful name! I’d spell it Emleen though.
A.A. Milne (of Winnie the Pooh fame) wrote a poem called 'Before Tea' about a little girl called Emmeline who has mucky hands. It was published in his book of poetry for children called 'When We Were Very Young' (1924).
This is a pretty, less common alternative to the overused Emily. And the meaning is great!
I really like it but if I named my kid that, I would spell it Emmelene.
Parents loved the name which they got from Urge Overkill's cover of Emmaline, decided that was a perfect name for their first kid. Didn't have the CD on hand and ended up spelling it 'Emmalene' on my birth certificate. I honestly prefer this spelling, I think it fits the pronunciation better. Though I spent 13 years hearing teachers butcher my first and last name in school so I might not have the best judgment.
Emmeline is a lovely alternative to the overused Emma and Emily.
It means hardworking. That's nice.
Why is this labelled "archaic?" It's still used as a name. [noted -ed]
Emmeline reminds me of emeralds, and the name's meaning is very nice too.
Basically the French origin of Emma.
The name Emmeline was given to 358 girls born in the US in 2016.
I hope this name doesn't become too common, I like being different and the fact that I was accidentally named after a German co worker/friend of my mum's. Never met another Emmeline and I love it.
We have a 5 month old named Emmeline. I originally wanted to pronounce her name Emma-leen. My husband kept thinking I was saying "Emily" and he wasn't fond of the pronunciation. He preferred Emma-line, which is how we pronounce her name. I think the spelling of Emmeline and both pronunciations are very beautiful. We haven't nicknamed her because we love her name so much, but both Emma and Emmy are pretty too.
My name is Emmeline (pronounced Emma-line). I am called Emme by family. My name is still fairly uncommon. I've only known two other Emmalines in my life, and they spelled it with an a. I really hope this name doesn't become like Emma or Emily. I like having a unique name. Although, somehow, nobody knows how to pronounce it! Also, I was named Emmeline because my mother heard it in the song "Seven Wonders" by Fleetwood Mac.
I had a little girl in June 2014. We have called her Emmeline Rosa, a lot of people think you are saying Emily. I think it is a beautiful name, we call her Emmy for short. It is still fairly uncommon.
My husband liked the name Emma, but being a Sarah, I didn't want my 3rd daughter to have to share her name with every 4th girl... so I suggested Emmeline, after Emmeline Parkhurst whom I greatly admire ♡... and my daughter is now 7 and prefers to go by Emma LOL (we have always pronounced it emmaLEEN with the stress on the final syllable).
Emmeline (most definitely should be pronounced like Caroline) is the most beautiful and elegant name I have ever heard. I thought I made it up because nobody else I know had ever heard of it! I am so happy to hear that it is an actual name! (Now, maybe my mom and grandma will like it more.) Two of my aunts love it and my mom teases me by saying Limenade. I for one don't care about the popularity of the name and "the haters gonna hate." Emmeline is gorgeous, especially in comparison to Emme-leen or Emme-lynn. Spelling is crucial; Emmaline suggests that their nickname will be Emma (a name I despise) and Emeline can suggest the nickname Emily. Emmeline can be shortened to cute nicknames Emmy or Em. Emmeline is perfect and if we keep going on about it, maybe it can make the top 1, 000!
We named our daughter Emmeline & pronounce it "line". 10 out of 10 times, people assume it's "Lynn".
In Dryden's King [Arthur], a blind girl, daughter of Duke Conon of Cornwall. She was promised to Arthur but [Oswald], the Saxon King of Kent, carried her off. [Merlin] restored her sight when she was still a prisoner and Arthur eventually defeated Oswald and rescued her.
I have an Emmeline, she is 6 months old. EVERYONE hears 'Emily' but I just go with it unless I am going to be seeing them again. I've had a lot of compliments on it. I couldn't imagine her being anything else!
In the movie version of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Emmeline is the name of the head mistress Miss Mackay (pronounced Mackye, not Mackay). I don't know whether that's the case in the play. If memory serves, her first name is not given in the original novel.
It's a beautiful name, and I think Emmeline Pankhurst is a namesake whom a child can be really proud of.
I think the name Emmeline is elegant and beautiful and deserves to be used more. This makes a wonderful middle name for many name combinations. :)
My name is Emmeline and I keep going through phases where I do like it then I don't like it. My name gets shortened to Em or Emmy. I've always quite liked the name Emmalyn. I pronounce my name as Emma-leen but people who don't know me pronounce like Emma-line which really gets on my nerves. My friend is called Emily and we both call each other Em which is quite cool.
I have only ever heard Emmeline Pankhurst's name pronounced emma-leen - which I think is the prettiest alternative.
This is such a pretty alternative to the overused Emma... but, mark my words, this name will explode in popularity soon enough. It's currently trendy to resurrect old-fashioned names, and many people seeking alternatives to Emily and Emma will gravitate to this name, so before you know it, it will be as obnoxiously popular as Emma is now. My advice to parents-to-be: get dibs on this name NOW.
This is such a sweet name for a girl. It is a refreshing change from the ever so common and boring Emma and Emily. I positively love the way it is pronounced as well! It gives me a picture of a sweet, kind hearted, intelligent young girl. I will definitely be using this name in the future!
Beautiful. This name deserves more use, it would be such a break from all the Emma's and Emily's! I like the pronunciation Emma-leen. It's similar to Emily, but I feel like it's a little classier and more elegant. Emma-line sounds kind of like a crude combination of Emma and Madeline.
Emmeline Wells (born 1828 in Petersham, Massachusetts) was an American journalist, women's rights activist, and poet.
Emmeline (pronounced Emma - LINE like CaroLINE) was one of my ancestor's names, and we gave our second daughter that name. She is a teenager now. Some people try to call her Emma - LEEN, while some get it right. We LOVE her name, and so do others who hear it - many for the first time. Most importantly, she loves the name. It's beautiful and classic and a nice change from all of the trendy names of the day.
My English Grandmother's name, only spelled Emelene. I always thought my Grandfather was calling her "Evelyn", until watching the BBC and heard it being pronounced "Emmalynn"! I love the spelling with all E's.
I pronounce this name Emma-leen.
I love it. :)
Truly beautiful.
Emmeline Grangerford was a minor character (only referenced to) in Huck Finn; she was like a 19th century Goth kid. :)
Very pretty, but I have no doubt it will become popular due to its similarity to Emily and Emma. That's why I won't use it.
This is a beautiful name. Although I prefer the pronunciation Emma-Lynn, any pronunciation is nice.
This is a lovely, elegant name to use if you like Emma or Emily but aren't fond of their commonness. I like the nickname Emmy as well.
Actor Christian Bale has a daughter named Emmeline, born March 27, 2005.
Sometimes my mom jokingly calls me Emmeline in a fake British accent, pronounced "EM-ə-lien" with a hard "I" sound. (My real name is Emilie.) Her pronunciation sounds a lot more natural to me than Emmeleeeen. Generally I prefer names that end "-ine" to be pronounced like that, like "eye" - Madeline, Caroline, Rosaline, Clementine, etc. But there are exceptions of course, like Evangeline (eeeeen). I guess the Emmeleeeeeen pronunciation is growing on me since I first saw it on this site, although I still prefer Emmeliiiine.
Emmeline was the name of the girl played by Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon. The character was usually called Em.
_Emmeline_ (1788) is a famous early Gothic novel by English author Charlotte Smith, who was an influence on Austen and Dickens.
Very very pretty. I prefer the pronunciation EMMA LEEN. : )
I personally ADORE Emmeline, and think that it fits in BEAUTIFULLY with todays trends of Emily and Emma, as well as Madeline and Madeleine (both MAD-uh-line).
There isn't just one right pronunciation of this name. Ever since it was used it has always been pronounced as either Emma-line, Emma-leen and Emma-lynn so you can just choose the pronunciation you prefer. I like Emma-line.
Very pretty. Not exactly a personal favorite, but nice if you don't want your child mixed in with a bunch of "commoners". ; )
I highly prefer this name to the overused Emily, and I also think this name sounds more mature. I won't name my potential child Emmeline, as the name must have some Christian background, but I do like the fact that this was the name of Emmeline Pankhurst. It's very pretty, and it looks much prettier than Emily as well.
Also pronounced EM-u-line.
Emmeline is a gorgeous name! I adore it. I like it best when pronounced Emma- Line. And you can still use the nicknames Emma or Emmy. My favorite combo ever is Emmeline Rowan.
This name is cute. I'm quite surprised it hasn't touched the top 1000 though, with Emma and Emily at the top!
I really like this name - Emmeline and Emmaline. I think that, truly, the name can be pronounced Emma-LEEN, Emma-LINE, and Emma-LYNN, and be accepted. There's not one specific way. Remember Emmeline Pankhurst? Her name was pronounced Emma-LINE.
Can also be pronounced "em-u-lien".
This was my grandmother's name, she went by Emmy and I always planned to name one of my children after her. But sadly I have had All boys.
Emmeline is a great name to have and I hope it doesn't become overly popular like Emma and Emily. It is pronounced emma-leen.
This is a very pretty name for a girl. I like it much better than the terribly overused Emily and Emma and I'd suggest using it an an alternative. Besides, you can still use the same nicknames, Em and Emmy.
Emmeline is gorgeous! It's my absolute favorite name at the moment. I do prefer it pronounced emma-line instead of emma-leen though *blush*. I love the nickname Millie.
I prefer this name to Emma and Emily.
Emmeline Fox is the name of a Victorian-age reformer of prostitutes in Michel Faber's novel 'The Crimson Petal and The White'.
Emmeline Pankhurst. She was the founder of the WSPU in the early 20th century. One of England's original feminists and she fought for the rights of females being able to vote.
Emmeline is the name of a mixed-race slave in the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin."
Emmeline Vance is a minor character in Harry Potter. She's in the Order of the Phoenix and was a part of the team who rescued Harry from the Dursley's in the summer before 5th year.

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