It was a good idea to change into Jude the good Judas' name, to differentiate him from the traitor. St. Jude Thaddeus is one of the Holy Apostles, so it would be awful to start naming girls Jude. This name might be on the gentler side, but is no less masculine because of this, and people should use it to honor St. Jude.
(one of) the protagonist(s) of Hanya Yanagihara‘s "A Little Life" is named Jude St. Francis!
I love this name! I think it is good for either gender, but I like it better for a boy. For a girl I love June. Also the association with the Darkest Minds makes it even better.
Cute name. Remarkable spelling. I even like the meaning. Only for a boy. Judy is a good variation for a girl.
Cannot forget about Jude from the iconic tv show, 6teen!
Really pretty name.
Really handsome name.
Extremely handsome!
Great name. I love it.
I really like it. I also love the Hey Jude association. That's a nice song.
I like Judas much more.
I don’t see this as a unisex name at all. Jude is a cool name for a boy. Not a girl. For a girl you might as well go with June.
I like it as a middle name for boys. For a first name I prefer Judah.
I just can't see a girl named Jude. It's so masculine and I'd love to name my son this name or use it as a middle name because I love The Beatles.
I can only imagine a boy with this name.
I feel so vindicated after reading these comments. I always knew my name was a legitimate girl name, despite a certain celebrity's influence in recent years. It's a short form of Judith. Although it would be weird for me to meet a boy named Jude, I actually like it on both girls and boys. It's a softer boy name, and the world could use more of those.
I was named after St Jude or Judas Thaddeus as my younger brother is Thaddeus, My mother was a devoted catholic and lover of the saints, and St Jude meant a lot to her. She named me Judie with the intention of the name Judee, I've never been Judith, I was named after St Jude and when my younger brother was born my mom named him Thaddeus, in honor of St. Jude Thaddeus.
I love having my unique name and wish my mother would have gone with her first instinct to use the spelling Judee but I like being a Judy spelled Judie, very rare usage. If she'd done this along with my middle name Renee as fate would have it my last name is Ferrebee
I would've had the spelling
Judee Renee Ferrebee
I love being Judie after St. Jude, patron saint of healing and helping.
Sounds feminine because it's similar to June. I don't like the name anyhow. Sounds pretentious.
I like it on boys best. No offense to girls, I just like the name and if I have a boy I would name him Jude.
I see it as a unisex name, though I prefer it on a boy.
I absolutely adore this name for a girl. For a boy I think it just doesn't work, it would be too dated. (Everyone complains about girls taking boy names but mostly girls just take the dated ones that are going away anyways and turn them into something new).
I'm a female Jude too. I think the people who get worked up about the gender aspect are the moms who want to use this for their sons or have already used it. It's a unisex name and always has been - should have done your research.
Jude can be for a girl. I'm a girl and my name is Jude. Don't impose gender on names, 2006 people.
Makes me think of a skater kid for some reason.
The name Jude was given to 135 girls born in the US in 2015.
Also a nickname for Judith/Judy? Great for both genders.
My real name is Jude, and I'm a boy. My name was actually taken from the famous Beatles song, but it was from during Queen Elizabeth the 2nd's Golden Jubilee. My older brother heard the song, and said to my mum, who was pregnant at the time, that she should name the child Jude, after the song. I don't really like the name, but that's only really because it is my name. If you're going to name your child Jude, be ready to hear stories or people singing "Hey Jude" to them!
Good name for a boy who knows judo... Otherwise, meh...
I think this name works really well for either gender. It's one of those names that has always been unisex (despite a lot of people's personal opinions). There are a lot more well known male Jude's, but there are a lot of women and girls named Jude in the world. I would consider using Jude for a daughter or a son, just an overall great name!
Sounds a little too Jewish for my taste.
My 12 year old nephew is named Jude. He was bullied relentlessly for having a girl's name and now goes by his middle name instead.
There is a lot of misinformation about this name out there. The name Jude has a very long history as a unisex name - in fact it originated that way. Jude came into use as a unisex name in the 1600's during the Protestant Reformation in England. It is thought to have originated as a short form of Judah and of Judith. It was used equally on males and females until the mid 1800's, when it started to lean male. However, there are still female Judes today and usage is picking up for both genders.The Jude in the bible was actually named Judas Thaddeus. His name was shortened to Jude by early English translators of the New Testament who wanted to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot, the apostle who famously betrayed Jesus. Most translations of the Bible other than English and French do not make this distinction. Strictly speaking, the name Jude is not a biblical name, but rather a short-form of the biblical name Judah (Yehudah in Hebrew) or Judas (Greek form of Judah) that did not come into everyday use as a given name until centuries later.
Anyone who says it would be terrible to be named Jude because Judas aka Jude betrayed Jesus has to remeber that that was God's plan in the first place. Before the world was even made. And without the betrayal, he would not be crucified and would not die for our sins. Everything was planned out perfectly so that we would have a way to heavan. And you also have to remember Jude is a book in the Bible. And I also have a brother named Jude Revelation. The last 2 books of the Bible.
Mothers of boys resent when mothers of girls use masculine names. Because once the name becomes popular for girls, all you hear is negative comments from people. Whispers of "isn't that a girl's name?" We want our boys to have names that won't be bullied in school. I don't see why that's not clear to mom's of girls who think it's "cute" and "spunky." Seriously boys names are withering away... Not much to choose from nowadays. I liked Avery for my first born son but because it reached the top list for girls, went for the less common surname Lawson. I've gotten remarks on how masculine and unique the name Lawson is and I've had other women say "I like that for a girl." Really? That's the scary part of naming your boy something outside of the top 100 list. If it becomes popular for girls, now your poor boy has a "girl's name." I'm just saying it how it is. It would be nice to live in a world where gender never plays a role but it does. It's less socially acceptable for boys to carry popular girl's names...I really like the name Jude for a boy. First or middle name. But I'm not going to lie. Imagining it taking off as a girl's name makes me reluctant.My name is Ashley. That was a masculine name. It's hard to find popular girl's names that weren't taken from males. My sister in law is Randi and my male cousin is Randy. What can I say... just not a fan of this trend (as a mother to a boy).
My oldest daughter is naming her son Jude Alexander after my son, her brother, Alexander, that we lost to SIDS at 7 weeks old. She came up with Jude by doing one of those "what will your child look like?" type things on fb and it gave the child the name Jude, and it's stuck ever since. I think it's a wonderful name, and I like the relation to "Hey Jude" because I think that's a beautiful song. I can't wait to meet my 1st grandson, Jude Alexander. I saw on here that someone had named their son Alexander Jude.. small world :)
I have a hard time imagining this on a boy. It just makes me think of Judy. It would work on a girl as a spunky middle name.
Jude is such a handsome, masculine name. It works great for a little boy and for a grown man as well.
I love the name Jude for a boy. I would consider naming a son Jude.
Jude is a girl's name in Arabic meaning generosity :)
Jude- patron St of impossible causes. I wanted it for my son's 1st name but thought people would think I was being "cute" and spelling Judy with a new twist.. so I opted for Alexander Jude... he is going to study medicine and perhaps go into oncology where at times you are up against impossible causes. In any case I love it for a boys name... and only as a nickname for a girl for Judith.
Such a sweet name for a baby girl. Simple and modern yet has timeless appeal.
I'm surprised to see this listed as a male name. I know two Judes and they're both women aged about 40-50. I don't think it would really suit a boy as it just conjures up images of middle aged women.
My name is Jude and I'm a female. I love how this name transitions seamlessly from one gender to another. Irrespective of its origins, it's perfectly unisex in 2015.
My name is Jude and it's been passed on from father to son for five generations now. All first born sons named Jude, so far it's all been male firstborn, so the name carries with it significant family tradition. Named my son Jude as well. He's two years old so he's the sixth generation of the name passed on. Talk about keeping family tradition and history.
In modern English the name Jude can also be used as a girls name. It's not just masculine anymore.
I think the name Jude is handsome, masculine, sexy, hot, strong and perfect! :D.
Jude Sharp (also known as Yuuto Kidou) is a character in Inazuma Eleven.
I plan on using the name Jude for my son. It's really grown on me and I think it's a good strong name that will suit any age.
Most people are saying it would be annoying for people to think you were named after Hey Jude but my mum actually was going to name my older brother after this song, as she loved John Lennon and the song was written by Paul McCartney to John's son. She didn't because my nanna convinced her he would be teased at school and called Judy so she decided on Conor, after Eric Clapton's son. He's 20 now and she still says that her biggest regret in life is not calling him Jude.
I had never thought much about the name Jude, until one day many years ago now, when I happened to see it in the newspaper and it struck me as the perfect name for a (male) character I was writing at the time. It's been one of my favorites ever since.
While I personally prefer Jude as a man's name, I can see how it might have come about as a woman's name as well. I know a couple of women named Judith or Judy who are often called Jude for short. I would guess that Judy as a given name evolved from Judy as a nickname, in the way that nicknames do tend to evolve into given names in their own right. Likewise, Jude as a given name probably evolved from Jude as a nickname, rather than from the man's name Jude. Given that Judith is also biblical, the male and female Judes probably do share a root, but took different routes to get there.
This is not a girl's name! *facepalm* It can be a girl's NICKNAME (i.e. Judith), but by itself, it's strictly, completely masculine. Using Jude for a girl goes beyond just 'opinion,' it's like naming a girl Benjamin, Jonathan, or Bartholomew. I never see people suggesting those as girl's names. Besides, the girls have enough stolen names already! Madison, Ashley, Aubrey, Avery, Addison, Peyton, Riley, Morgan, etc. I could go on for hours. Point being, stop stealing boy's names! You have enough!
I think it'd be a a lovely name for both a boy and a girl. I honestly don't care about the religious connotations behind the name, being an atheist, myself. Would love to give this name to a daughter, if I ever had one.
Never liked this name. It looks too much like "judge".
Hello my name is Jude: I have been called Jude for over 4 decades now and I am 54 years young. I am a female and my birth name is Judith. Both names are Hebrew. The name Jude is usually used for males but can be used for females. It is just considered the masculine name and Judith which is considered a nickname and is the feminine name. I am Jewish and my mother was born in Munich, Germany and she went through the Holocaust. I have never practiced Judiasm as I am a Christian and have been for 50 years. I am an American; born and raised here in the United States 54 years ago. The war with Hitler had nothing to do with my mother who was just a little girl for those people who have no common sense about what happened during the Holocaust. How people can give one man so much power is downright pathetic. I love my name Judith which is a nickname from the name Jude and they are connected. Jude, a form of Judah, is a male name, but it is also used as a feminine nickname (usually for Judith). Jude is used in the Bible opposite Judas Iscariot to distinguish between the two apostles of the same name. In popular culture the name is associated with the Beatles song 'Hey Jude', and also with the actor Jude Law. In 2006 Jude was the 330th most popular boy's name in the US. It broke into the UK top 100 in 2003-4.The origin is not however from the Beatles, laughing. It is a Biblical name and it is Hebrew and a beautiful name for a boy or a girl. Only my very close friends call me Jude. I feel uncomfortable if a stranger calls me that. The strangers call me Judi. I like it that way. Love to all. Jude :)
It can also be a girls name, like Jude in Sundae Girl, the book, although it seems more masculine really.
Jude is such a sexy name, and at the same time it has class, unlike those bland, trendy names like Jayden or Mason. Oliver Jude is a great combination.
Jude is also an Arabic name, meaning kindness/goodness.
Spelling variations: Joud / Jood
Unattractive sound, and it won't suit an older man very well.
Regarding this name's feminine usage - I cannot be sure where the use of Jude as a woman's name came from, but it is my belief that it would have started as a shortened form of Judith. That said, while I think it sometimes sounds odd to give a girl a name that is almost exclusively male (and vice versa, although I don't see that happening as much), at least in the case of the name Jude, there may actually be some justification for it that goes further than fondness for the name.
The song "Hey Jude" was originally titled "Hey Jules" after Julian Lennon, John Lennon's son. Paul McCartney, a father figure to 'Jules' wrote the song for him, but changed the name as Jude was trendier and the producer thought a single involving a trendier name than 'Jules' would sell better.
* You would never HEAR a German say 'Jude' like the name Jude. The word is written the same, but pronounced something like 'yoo-deh'. *If a German saw it, it wouldn't be any different if he were an English speaker seeing "Jew"- WWII is over, bananarama.
Jude in Arabic means generosity.
Derivatives - Jad.
Or Judy for a girl.
I named my daughter Jude (who is now 10 mos old) and I am proud to give her a great name. I am not religious and did not pick names based on those terms. Not feminine enough? Right, I guess it is too strong and vibrant of a name for a mere girl to have, but she is definitely living up to it. And I run into many an independent grandma who agree with my choice. I hope there will be more female Judes in the world soon!
I choose the name Jude for my second son, it is a popular middle name in Ireland (as traditionally a saints name would be given as a middle name) and my cousin was Noel Jude and as soon as I heard it I fell in love with it. I understand that in German Jude is the singular for Jew taken from Juden for the plural, but that is not the meaning of the name as some of you seem to have gotten mixed up. It's a derivative from the Hebrew Judah which means 'Praise'. I can only comment on my own experiences, but to date 7 years after naming him, everyone that I meet that asks what are my children called, Jude always gets the remark of 'oh what a lovely name, I really really like that'. I could never think of calling him anything else. As one of the posters above said, I can confirm that my Jude is outspoken, outgoing and has bags of energy, too much in fact!
I don't like this name because it means "Jew" in German. I can picture an old German man ranting about how "horrible" Jews are, using the word constantly all the while. I also dislike Jude Law.
Let me get this straight: You don't like this name because it's a Germanic rendition of the phrase, "Praise the Lord"? What if it was a Spanish rendition? Or Hawaiian? Is it just the German rendition you don't like? Or is it the inherent Hebrew meaning? Although I will admit that a jam session at any given church/bar mitzvah can get a little loud, and old people, German or otherwise, are liable to get annoyed.I admit, I prefer Judah, because it's a little closer to the original spelling and pronunciation, and I think it sounds nicer than Jude or Judas. But Jude, Judas, Judith and Judah are all the exact same name with the exact same meaning--in Hebrew. Not German, Greek, Latin, English, Cantonese or Vulcan.
I've said this on other name comments sections, but people get too worked up about whether names should belong to boys or girls. Most people seem to think the girls-getting-boys-names thing is a recent development, but it's been happening for MILLENNIA. Romans didn't even HAVE separate names for the sexes, just masculine and feminine versions of the same names. Ancient Egyptians used the same elements for male and female names, so a name like Hatshepsut or Nefertiti could just have easily been used for a boy and Tutankhamen for a girl. Many Native American cultures did the same thing. It's not a "trend", it's a historical practice. And in any case, I don't really see why parents shouldn't be able to give their daughter a beautiful, powerful name that honors someone they respect just because the honored person happens to be a man. I haven't seen anyone denouncing Danielle and Michelle, even though in many languages they're pronounced just like Daniel and Michael. Personally, I love the name Jude for a boy or a girl. It has a good meaning, a musical sound, and a wonderful Biblical character/saint behind it. I would love to use this for my future child, whether son or daughter. Point--people PLEASE get over the "it's-a-boy's-name!" drama!
I love this name for a boy. It has a strong and energetic feel to it. I picture an outgoing and outspoken, intelligent young man when I hear the name Jude. I think it would age well into adulthood. I do not care for it for a girl at all. There is nothing pretty or feminine about the name.
Jude as a name has the the same meaning as Judah. The original meaning of Judah in Hebrew is: the praise of the Lord; confession - according to Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary.In the New Testament Epistle of Jude, the name Jude is written as follows:
ιουδαςIn the New Testament, when the name Judah is written in Greek, and refers to the tribe of Judah - Judah is written as follows:
ιουδα In the original Old Testament story of the birth of the baby Judah, it is said that the baby's mother, Leah, named the baby Judah - and then said: "Now will I praise the LORD." (Genesis 29:35)In Hebrew, Judah is written as follows:
יְהוּדָה, Although It IS possible, I guess, to name a girl baby Jude - especially if the baby's birth meant that the family believed: "Now will I praise the Lord," it should be noted that Judith is the feminine form of Judah - and also means The praise of the Lord - or Confessing the praise of the Lord.Judith was a brave widow who saved her countrymen by tricking a foreign leader and then getting rid of him - permanently. The Book of Judith is included in some Bibles but is excluded from most Protestant and Jewish canons. Mainly because many of the "historical" details contained in the book have never been verified. Therefore, there is some different of opinion as to whether to book of Judith relates a factual occurrence - or was just a story which gained popularity during that time period. Whether historical or not - I would think that a little girl could easily feel honored to carry the name of Judith. Genesis 26:34 ALSO mentions a woman named Judith who was married to Esau, the twin brother of Jacob and, therefore, the daughter-in-law of Isaac and Rebelah. In Hebrew, the name Judith is written as follows:
הוּדִיתHowever, whether you render the name as Jude, Judas, Judah or Judith - the ORIGINAL meaning of the name remains the same - Praise the Lord or Confessing a praise of the Lord -- "Now will I praise the Lord."
My middle name is Jude, but I use it as my first name, and I'm a girl. I think it's a nice name for a girl.
I began to really like this name after I saw Across the Universe! It's a great name, but please DON'T give it to a girl! Let boy names BE boy names.
Jude is such a strong, handsome name.
I love the name Jude, and it really annoys me when people just associate it with religion. What if you're not religious and you like the name? (like me) I didn't even know it had anything to do with religious things at all until I searched it just now.
I love the name Jude. It's short and strong, a very good boy's name. Not too mention "Hey Jude" is one of my all time favorite songs and I like Jude Law too. I don't really care that it means Jew in German. I like the Jewish religion and culture so I see it as a positive association. I don't think it should matter what a name means in another language. If it's something very negative than I might consider it but when it comes to Jude, I'm Dutch and not German, so why should I care.
I don't associate this name with the biblical reference, but rather the song. With this in mind, I think Jude is an awesome name! That is, in the English language. I know it can be translated into other languages as stuff you wouldn't want to name your kid!
I love this name, it sounds like a mellow, friendly guy/girl who's got his/her head together.
I absolutely LOVE the name Jude. I think that it is a great boys name, but I would hesitate using it for a girl only because I find it very rugged and masculine. I don't think anyone should hesitate using this name just because it means 'Jew' in German. World War Two is over now, and I believe and hope that racial equality is acknowledged by most everyone.
In the movie Across the Universe, the main male character's name is Jude.
I think Jude is a very strong, masculine name. I would name my son this.
In a movie I'm Not There (directed by Todd Haynes, 2007) there is a character named Jude Quinn. The movie is about six different Bob Dylan a-like persons, everyone representing some side of Bob Dylan. Jude Quinn is 60's young, androgyne Dylan played by Cate Blanchett, the one who people call Judas and ask stupid questions like does he even care about what he does. Cate Blanchett does the most amazing role and the whole character is fascinating, charismatic and wonderfully androgyne.
Every time I hear this name, I think of the musical-type movie based around Beatles songs, Across the Universe. Which is not bad at all.
Jude was the name of a teenage singer/songwriter on the show Instant Star, which airs (or aired, I haven't seen it in a while) on The N. Jude is a girl though. I like this name for both.
JUDE was the younger half-brother of Jesus Christ son of Mary and was the writer of the Epistle of Jude, was not one of the twelve apostles/disciples, but was a close companion and helped start the early Church.
In my opinion, this name is unisex, but sounds better on a girl. I also read a book about it. It was written by Jacqeuline Wilson, called The Diamond Girls, and Jude was the boyish type of girl. It's a cool name.
Jude is the name of one of the main characters in the Julie Taymore film, Across the Universe.
Jude, who wrote the epistle of Jude, is not the same Judas son of James (Thaddeus) who was among the twelve original apostles. He was, instead, the brother of Jesus, and the son of Joseph. The Bible seems clear on the fact that none of Jesus' brothers believed in Him as Messiah until after His resurrection. Thus, the apostle Judas son of James cannot be the same as the apostle Judas son of Joseph.
OK, sorry to double post, but there's some confusion among the comments as to the meaning of the name Jude, as it relates to the word Jew. The name Jude comes from the Hebrew Yehudah (Judah), which means "praised" (this is covered in the entry on Judah). It was the largest tribe of Israel, and became the ruling tribe. The word Jew comes from the Hebrew Yehudi, which means Judahite. The term was first used to describe the exiled Hebrews in Babylon collectively, as most of them were descendents of the tribe of Judah (with some Benjamites and Levites mixed in). The other ten tribes (most of Benjamin and his nine brothers) made up the northern kingdom of Israel after it divided between Jeroboam and Rehoboam. They have never returned to Israel. So "Jew" actually refers to the descendents of Judah. Judah was a very common name in Israel, as it was the name of one of the only intact tribes, and the tribe of kings. Another term to describe Jews would be "Judeans," or residents of the tribal territory of Judah (Judea in the NT).
I love this name for a girl.
I love the name Jude, I think it has a cool sound to it. There is the added bonus of Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. That's why Saint Jude's Children's Hospital is named as such. They are trying to combat cancer and other terminal diseases that seem like lost causes.
It's a pretty nice name for a boy. Although it would be kind of annoying if people thought the kid was named after Jude Law or 'Hey Jude'.
I think this is a vile name to give your child. It literally means 'Jew' in German and sounds unrefined & vulgar.
To the person who commented above this: That was the most ignorant, intolerant, and rude comment I have read on this website. Yes it means Jew to a very small portion of the world that speak German. What is wrong with being a Jew anyway? Christian is a very popular name and I'm sure you don't have a problem with that, so think before you speak becuase you are coming off as a person who would have fit in well in the World War 2 German military.
I didn't say the name was vile BECAUSE it meant Jew, I simply said I think it's vile and then stated it's German meaning in a different sentence altogether. There was no intended implication of anti-Jewish sentiment and I apologise if that's how it sounded.Contrary to your assertion that the name only has a Jewish connotation to those in the German speaking world, anyone with an education knows that Jude, Judas and related names come from the name of 'Yehuda' - an important tribal forefather of the Jewish people. The Jewish link is apparent whether your language is English, German, Danish or even Swahili!By the way, I don't like the name Christian either.
Jude is also a girls name.
Jude is not a girls name! Jude is a handsome name that I love and would give to a son one day but jeez do the girls get all the boy names now? Jude is a guys name, always has been, and I hope it will stay that way. You trendy folk can have Madison and Hayden and such but leave this one alone!
People can name their kids whatever they want. If I like Jude for a girl - I'll use Jude for a girl. I couldn't care less what you think about it just because you're using it on a boy. You want to use it on a boy, and I would like to use it on either a boy or girl. If you don't like it, well it's not your kid.
In Nazi Germany the Jewish population were made to wear the star of St David, with Jude printed on it. It was a way of distinguishing them from others.
Maggie Gyllenhaal once played a character called Jude. :)
Hey Jude, don't make it bad...
"Jude" was the nickname of Julian Lennon, whom Paul McCartney wrote "Hey Jude" about.
Jude is a great name for a boy, strong and masculine sounding. I wouldn't use it for a girl.
This name has grown on me, it sounds nice, and it is strong and masculine. Not childish at all. There is a Jude in my son's kindergarten class.
In Swedish, "jude" (pronounced YEW-deh) means "Jewish" or "Jewish man" (a Jewish woman is called "Judinna"). It's not used as a name - neither among Swedish Jews, nor among non-Jewish Swedes.
My aunt and uncle have just given Jude as a middle name for their baby daughter. I think it's really pretty as a girl's name, not just a boy's name. However - saying that, I will always think of Jude the Obscure when I hear it.
I don't really like this name, because JUDE betrayed Jesus and handed him over to die. It would be a shame to be named Jude.
I really like this name. My mum says people would associate it with Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus Christ, but I don't think so. Very nice name.
From St. Jude Thaddeus, nephew of Mary and Joseph, brother of St. James the Lesser. Annointed Christ's body after his death. Patron saint of lost or impossible causes, hospitals and hospital wokers and forgotten causes. Name means sweetness or gentleness of character.
Middle name of actor River Phoenix.
The Jude in the song by The Beatles is for Julian, John Lennon's first son. It was originally called "Hey Jules" but Paul changed it to Jude, as it was easier to sing.
"Hey Juuuuuuuuuuuuuude, don't make it baaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Take a sad soooooooooooooooooong and make it beeeeeetteeeeeeeeeeer."
'Jude Fawley' is the title character of Thomas Hardy's novel 'Jude the Obscure', which is about a young man whose ambitions extend beyond his means.
I named my son Jude because it was a family name, all the men for the past four generations on my mother's side second name have been Jude. My husband and I couldn't agree on a first name so his first name became his second name! St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and was the cousin of Jesus. There is a wonderful song by an Irish singer Mic Christopher called 'Looking for Jude' and that is my son's song - not the Beatles! When I tell people that his name is Jude they ask if I am a fan of Jude Law or the Beatles to which they are told that I am not!
I think Jude is a good girl's name. I read it in a book once (the name was given to a girl) and fell in love with it.
Famous bearer is actor Jude Law.

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