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Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. MAWD(English)
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Meaning & History

Usual medieval form of MATILDA. Though it became rare after the 14th century, it was revived and once more grew popular in the 19th century, perhaps due to Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem 'Maud' (1855).
VariantsMathilda, Matilda, Maude(English) Mahaut, Mathilde(French)
DiminutivesMattie, Maudie, Tilda, Tillie, Tilly(English)
Other Languages & CulturesMahthildis, Mathilda(Ancient Germanic) Matylda(Czech) Mathilde, Tilde(Danish) Matilda, Tilda(Finnish) Mathilde, Mechthild, Mechtilde(German) Matild(Hungarian) Mafalda, Matilde(Italian) Til(Limburgish) Mathilde(Norwegian) Matylda(Polish) Mafalda, Matilde(Portuguese) Matilde(Spanish) Mathilda, Matilda, Tilda, Tilde(Swedish) Mallt(Welsh)


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