Rory is a gender neutral name, so it’s a perfectly acceptable name for a boy or a girl. Rory sounds more masculine to me. This name reminds me of dinosaurs.
Cover your ears! Rory the Lion is about to roar!
It looks amazing on paper. But saying it is quite a disaster, reminds me of the word rural. Really hard to pronounce correctly.
Not a fan at all; just ugly. I don't like that it can be a feminine name too.
It's good as a legal name for a boy, and a nickname for a girl.
Can also be used as a diminutive of Aurora.
Okay, I'm pretty mad. My name is Rory, and I know three other girl Rorys' personally. I don't know any boys named Rory. Please stop saying that this name is only for a boy and please stop saying that it doesn't sound feminine. I don't even understand how a name can sound feminine! It's just a bunch of letters pushed together so that people can identify you! Rory is pronounced like Roary so, it is perfect for leos like me. If you don't like the name you can say that but, don't be rude by saying that it doesn't suit girls or that it sounds annoying.
Okay for a boy, not a girl.
Strongly dislike!
This name just annoys me for some reason.
I always think of the Rory in Dr. Who when I hear this name.
Can't believe people are so critical of this as a unisex name! I understand the meaning is masculine originally, but it's not at all like naming a girl "Richard" or a boy "Elizabeth".

It doesn't sound hyper-feminine or hyper-masculine to me. I don't know why some have such strong feelings against it one way or the other. To me it sounds like a roaring lion. Perfect for someone born under the Leo sign. All lions roar, so that doesn't give me the impression of one gender over the other.

I think the name is classic, subtle but strong.

I've known 4 girls with it as their full first name. Also knew a Gregory that went by Rory.

If I think about celebrities with it, Rory Taylor (Queen Drummer Roger Taylor's daughter) comes to mind. As for fiction, Rory from Dr. Who of course.
When I imagine what job a "Rory" would have, I always picture a race car driver.
Hi. I'm a girl and my name is Rory. I love my name and I love how unique it is. A lot of people in the comment section talk about it as a "strong boy's name" as if girls can't be strong. I'm not a tomboy but my mom named me after the Gilmore Girls show in which the main character has the nickname "Rory." Please stop trashing the name used for girls. I love it. I hate, however, people saying the name is too masculine even if the original meaning is masculine. I am Irish and German. I intend to use this name or a variation like Arorua or Loreili to name my girl. It is unisex and 8% of those given the name are girls so WE DO exist. I made an account to write this. I also saw a comment saying if you name your girl this you don't want the name to be a boy name or it embarrasses the boys having a name used by girls, but yet none of the girls named Rory are embarrassed by its use on boys. Think about that and stop being judgemental and stuck 10 years ago when a name "being a strong boy name" was an argument. I understand people are upset that the name is being "stripped" of its origins but it's not like the name isn't kind of girlish. Look, if the name John was used for girls people would get upset saying it doesn't sound feminine but Rory is kind of in-between it doesn't sound that manly. Rory is such a pretty name but limiting the beauty to one gender isn't fair. Girls should be able to wear that name without feeling uncomfortable and this comment section is making me feel more and more unsure about my name. It CAN BE a stand-alone name for a girl too. So stop arguing how it is a name for strong and playful boys because it is 2020. That is just how the name sounds. Oh and for those saying it can't be a girl's name because it means red king, well nobody cares. These days guys can be queens and girls can be kings and it's not a big deal.
A friend of mine wrote thousands of pages about a girl named Rory Joyce, so I think this a great name--strong and fierce, like a roaring lioness.
This name makes me think of racing cars, probably because of Roary the Racing Car. For that reason, it's VERY masculine and playful to me, just like Roary.
So many people are downvoting the comments about this name being used for a girl, honestly let people have their opinion! I think this name is great for any gender.
The 1st thing that comes to mind is Roary the Racing Car.
Reminds me of the word "roar" and it sounds like a little boy's name. This name doesn't sound feminine at all.
In the USA, it can also be a FEMININE name, making it UNISEX.
It was given as a name to 532 girls born in the USA in 2017.

Two FEMININE bearers of the name:
An American documentary filmmaker and youngest child of U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy and Ethel Skakel: Rory Kennedy
A Canadian-American singer-songwriter and actress: Rory Uphold [noted -ed]
Okay, I’ve tried not to get rude about it, but why are so many people on this site just SO WHINY about boy’s names being used on girls? There’s no reason for names to be assigned a gender, anyway! There’s no reason for PEOPLE to be assigned a gender! If you’re so hurt about the good old days being left in the dust, then crawl back to your man cave and call your golf friends to complain about your stay-at-home wife. We don’t need you getting all macho about something that doesn’t do you one iota of harm.
How is THIS name girly? Sounds nothing close to girly at all.
Also sometimes used as a feminine name in modern times.
Rory the Racing Car!
One of my favourite girl's names because of Rory Gilmore. I'm naming my daughter it.
This name is too harsh sounding, like roar and raw.
I'm a girl named Rory and I like it very much. When I introduce myself some people will say "oh, cool name!" and some people will kind of grimace. My close family hates it and makes fun of me for it because they think it sounds "dirty" (? I have no idea what they mean) but I think it's a beautiful name.
Rory is another girly name I like for a boy. Just like Moana and Lindsey. However, I prefer it for a girl.
Rory Calhoun, American actor (born Francis Timothy McCown).
Sorry but Rory is an Irish name. The meaning of Rory Is Red King. Some Auroras I know are called Rory, but when they look up for the meaning, sorry, it's masculine.
Of course Rory Gallagher, the great Rory Gallagher. BEST guitar player, singer and composer of rock blues!
Of course, Rory Gallagher The Great Musician.
It's a bit of a mouthful with the hard American "r", like the words mirror and drawer.
Where I live, Rory is the nickname for Marjorie.
This can also be a nickname for Aurora.
Rory McIlroy - PGA golfer, Nationality, Northern Ireland, won Masters in 2015.
This is my son's name. He's 16 and says he likes it very much. He likes that it is not common.
My wife and I are American, and we named our son this.

I think this name is unique, strong and just flat out cool.

Not hard to say, for some it is, but who cares.

Awesome, awesome name. It's catching on in popularity in the states. Hopefully not too much, so that it is still kept a rare little gem.
My daughter is Rori. I chose it more because of Rory Kennedy than Gilmore Girls. I'm from Massachusetts, and grew up hearing about the Kennedy's. Most people I meet like the name for a girl, but some do have a hard time pronouncing it, and I always have to spell it, people think it's Lori. I use the 'I' to make it more feminine, although it's not a name I would give a boy, even though I know it is originally for boys in Europe.
Sweet! I would name my baby girl Rory.
I loved reading all these comments. I had to register. My name is Rhory R-H-O-R-Y Rhory. When I was a child and people would ask my mom, "What's the baby's name?" She'd always say, Rhory, R-h-o-r-y, Rhory. So I grew up thinking that everyone spelled their name. She got it from a Ronald Reagan movie, where Alexis Smith's name was Rory. My mother, as far as I was concerned, was always ahead of her time. She stuck an H in there because I was a girl and she thought that would be more feminine. It's a great name. I love having a name that hardly anyone else has. It has made for a very interesting life. I hope that Rorie is still on this board. My mother was in labor with me for 48 hours. After that, she decided to name me any darn name she pleased!

So for those of you who like it, great. For those of you who don't, that's great too. And for those of you who name your puppies Rory... far out!

Proud to be an American with an Irish name. Love the Irish!
Seriously, why isn't THE GREATEST GUITAR PLAYER OF ALL TIME mentioned here? Mr. RORY Gallagher?
Best musician that ever walked upon the earth, hands down.
The name Rory is a masculine name from the Celts, literally translating to "red king" so I don't know how anyone could conceive using it for a girl. I think it makes for a strong boy's name. I'd definitely use it for a son.
I don't know if it's because of my accent, but I just cannot pronounce this name very well (yes, I'm a native English speaker). It's the two R's with only one vowel in between... Anyhow, all I can think of when I hear this name is Rory Williams from Doctor Who. Not a bad association at all.
GOD FORBID a girl has a masculine name, otherwise men can't use it anymore! This is the twenty first century people, Rory is unisex. Whether it's shortened from something or not, it doesn't make it any less of a 'Boy' name because it's 'Going to the girls'. Hell, Stacy is still considered masculine.
My name is Aurora and I go by Rory in school and by family and friends and even introduce myself as Rory, hardly anyone calls me Aurora. I find the name Aurora to be bold and formal. Rory is more of a laid back and simple cute name in my opinion. I honestly like it better as a girl name.
My daughter 's name is Rori-Kate. I know that Rory is traditionally a masculine name, and we were concerned it was too masculine so we added the Kate. Anyone reading her name will know she is a girl because of Kate. As a rule everyone calls her Rori-Kate, but I do sometimes find myself calling her Rori when I am annoyed or trying to get her attention, haha. She isn't old enough for school yet, so time will tell if her full name will continue to be used. When she is older perhaps she will decide to go by just Rori or just Kate.
My brother's name is Rory and is not short for anything. The name strikes me as being someone that likes to joke about and be a comedian but that's what my brother's like so I think the name definitely suits boys better. It's pretty rare from where I live in England. He's the only one in his school to have it but I think it's rare but I love the name.
Boys name ONLY no doubt (:
Richard Hugh "Ritchie" Blackmore, famed British guitarist and songwriter of the bands Deep Purple and Rainbow (and currently of the folk-rock band Blackmore's Night), and his wife Candice Lauren Night have a son named Rory Dartanyan, who was born February 7th, 2012.
A boy's name. NOT a girl's name. No ands, ifs, or buts.
Can also be short for Roranicus (joking).
Spelling Rory "Rorie" does not in any way make it feminine. And the fact that you have no Scottish or Irish descent makes it even more comical. I'm sure Scottish and Irish people would just love you and your parents. Guess what? Some people find it a little odd and irritating when male names are stripped of their identity by modern parents looking for something "unique" that eventually becomes sickeningly trendy. I'm not saying Rory will be the next Madison, but there are a lot of people who prefer names to stick to their original genders. Notice how the entry for this name doesn't even list it as female... I personally think this name's a little too childish for any gender, but naming a female Rorie is like an Irish person naming their daughter alixandir.
Well guess what everyone?! I am a WOMAN and my name is RORIE. I do live in America, I am not of Scottish or Irish descent, although I am aware my name originates there. Thank you to everyone on here talking trash, it's not easy growing up with a different name, but I've grown to love it. I would completely advocate anyone naming their kid this name regardless of sex. Rory, Rorie, Rori, they're all awesome. I love my name. And there are a lot of disrespectful people on this site, good lord. And FYI, I was named after Rory Calhoun, who was a male movie star. Imagine that, a girl with a boys name. That's soo rare. (Sarcasm).
Honestly - people are naming their daughters Rory? This is a beautiful, strong, traditional Scottish male name. I live in Edinburgh and know many Rorys. I cannot believe that people are trying to turn this into a unisex name? What a shame. Really hope this is just an American thing and doesn't catch on here.
Ok, this name isn't that bad... For a puppy. But it sounds strange on a human. Who thought this one up anyway?
Rory Hugh Culkin (born 1989 in New York City) is an American actor. He has four brothers: Shane, Macaulay, Kieran, Christian and two sisters: Dakota and Quinn.
I *love* this name, and I'm using it for my new puppy (after the Doctor Who character, Rory Williams), but it's so annoying trying to explain it to people where I live in Texas. It seems to be a name used primarily in the UK (like Nigel or Harry, I guess - there are exceptions but not many).
It is unsightly on both genders (when solely used as a forename.)
Males: effeminate, infantile, unprofessional.
Females: cutesy, childish, unprofessional.
And a trait that both usages have in common... revolting unattractiveness.

I would first like to state my adoration of nicknames-- my acceptance of "Rory" as a diminutive. Regardless, we must all know when to pull the reins on our enjoyments.

I am easily able to foresee people complimenting your decision... but it is only surface deep (like many names), for the majority will be chuckling within. Imagine yourself giving positive feedback to your co-workers new (gag-inducing) sweater... it is not your goal to bring the spirit down, so you falsely preach beauty. Now, alter the situation to revolve around your child.

It truly is not a name that will outwardly and immediately assure a future employer of the intelligence, qualifications, and loyalty that "Rory" may possess.
Singlehandedly creating an extra, unnecessary barrier for your child to overcome is ghastly.

"Rory Thompson"? "Rory Wellington"? A doctor? Lawyer? Not only will people be shocked to see a man (in some cases), but it is very likely that they will initially be hesitant when entering under his (or her) care.
Its a great name. Easy to spell and pronounce. Suitable for kids or adults. Friendly and capable somehow. BTW the previous poster has put me right off Francesca! ( which I was considering).
I like Rory as a full name on a boy only. I only like it on a girl if it's a nickname for something like Aurora, Lorelai (thanks to Gilmore Girls), or some other name with Rs and Os.
Okay, I'll come out swinging. I hate it when girls are named Rory. You know what Rory makes me thing of? A big ol' lion roaring. A man lion. I can't picture it on a girl.
Furthermore, I still don't like it on a guy. It's so goshdarn nicknamey. Not even legitimate nicknamey, like Greg or Phil or Mike or Jack. To me, it's a nickname like Junior or Spike or Wildman. A schoolyard nickname. One that has no relation to your actual name. I'd call a kid Rory if he was loud and ran around and had a big mouth. I know that plenty of people love Rory, but I... don't.
I love this name for a boy I would not use it and think it is horrible in a girl! There are waaaay more classy and feminine names for girls! But that's just my opinion.
Rory McIlroy is a famous northern Irish golfer.
I love love love the name Rory. I used to like it for a girl (because of Gilmore Girls) but then as I grew up, I began to like it more and more for a boy. I like it because of its Irish heritage and its masculine sound.
My SO and I are planning to name our first son Rory.
Rory Williams, a companion of the eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who.
Due to its beautiful flexibility of usage between either sex, I aspire one day to have adorning my nursery one child of either gender called Rory.
The o sound is too masculine and strong for girls. I love it for guys, though.
I love this name for a boy.
This is a very pretty name that sounds feminine. I do not know why many people consider it masculine. I would not use it as a nickname; I think it can stand by itself. Some people think it is hard to pronounce, but I think it rolls beautifully off the tongue.
It's somewhat hard to pronounce, what with the two r's. It's a cool name otherwise.
I don't understand how a name that means "red king" can be a girl's name! Would you call your son a name that meant "pink princess"?!

Rory is cute, a little rough around the edges, and very very masculine.
I love this name. Well, it is my name. But, I spell it differently, Rori instead of Rory. And yes, I am a girl. But I did not get my name from Gilmore girls. I was born before that show came on.
My brother is called Rory and I think it's a great name. He gets called Rozza though, anyone else have this nickname? I don't like it.
This is definitely a boys' name, though not one that I really like. I can't believe that stupid Gilmore Girls has made many people think that Rory is a girls' name. It doesn't sound feminine.
I love this name for a girl, but NOT a boy. Never for a boy!
In Betty Smith's novel Maggie-Now, there is a male character named Rory. She is the author of the book A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.
Rory is definitely a boy's name. It's very masculine. I'd never, ever use it on a girl. I have met several Rorys, and they've all been boys. I may use this name myself some day, but only for a son. Never, ever a girl. It's an atrocious name for a girl. It's like naming your daughter David or Luke.
A good name for a racing car like the series Roary The Racing Car or a very barky dog.

It's so coarse I can't picture this classic boy's name on a girl.
On its own, I prefer Rory for the boys. But I adore Rory as a nickname for Aurora, a name in my top ten.
I think this name sounds great for a girl. My best friend's name is Rory and she is a girl.
I find it very hard to accept Rory as a nickname for an girls' name. It is a boys' name in my eyes, and it always will be.
As much as I dislike the roaring and hard to say Aurora, it's improvement on Rory for a girl.
I think Rory would also be a good nickname for the name Aurora.
This isn't a "People Name" to me. It sounds too much like something a toddler would name his stuffed lion.
It sounds okay on a guy, even though it sounds like the name of future obnoxious frat boys. However, many frat boys are obnoxious anyway, and they are more likely to be named Michael and Matthew and the likes, even in the future. On females, however, this name strikes me as masculine and harsh-sounding. I'm the last person to say that girls have to have soft, feminine names like Emma and Marie and the likes, but this one just sounds a bit too boyish. It works as a nickname for Aurora, but only when the girl is young. This is more of a nickname for a tomboyish Aurora, and it might work on less conventional, indie rocker-like girls and young women, but only up to a certain age.
Okay, this is a boy's name. Use Rori for girls, please! I love this on a boy, and it's the name of one of my character's kids in a novel I'm writing. His twin brother is called Kit, which I like as a combo - Kit and Rory seem to go together, if you ask me.
Nobody have mentioned famous Irish blues/rock guitarist Rory Gallagher yet!

I kinda like the name Rory, don't know why. It sounds sweet for a boy I think.
I don't like boys' names for girls.
Famous actor Rory Cochrane.
My sister is called Rory, shortened from Aurora.
I much prefer it as a boy's name, but we couldn't think of any other way of shortening it!
I think of lions.
Rory Storm (nee Alan Caldwell) was the lead singer for and founder of "Rory Storm and the Hurricanes," a band based in Liverpool, England, best known as being the launching point for Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. He lived from 21 September, 1939 to 28 September, 1972, dying at the age of 33 from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.
I don't mind this name for a boy at all, I just prefer it on a girl. I normally think of a girl when I hear this name, and also the son on "8 Simple Rules". I don't get how they could use "Rory" as a nickname for "Loralei", either.
I like the name for both genders, but I really don't get how it can be short for Lorelei.
I think this is such a cute name, but only for a boy. I don't really think it's good for a girl.
I love this name for a boy. I would never use it for a girl. I know a girl called Aurora who uses Rory as a nickname though. I think Rory is a good nickname for Aurora.
I love Rory as a boys name. Why did they use it for "Gilmore Girls"? Yes, the name is definitely "going to the girls". It's not awful for girls, though. Just as a boys name it's much more intense.
Actors Melora Hardin & Gildart Jackson have a daughter Rory, born 29 September 2001.
I just love saying it. Rory. Rory Rory Ro-Rey Hahah. I like it, don't love it but really like it.
My step daughter is named Rorie. I've always considered it a feminine name. It's a beautiful and graceful name, just like she is!
Rory is also a Irish nickname for Roderick.
I can't believe no one's mentioned Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy! She is the niece of John F. Kennedy. She's also a filmmaker.
Ever since I started watching Gilmore Girls, this has always been a girl's name to me. And a very nice one at that.
Rory is a boy's name. Why do people have to take boy's names and give them to girls?
I love the name Rory but I think it should be spelled Rhory. That's how I spell it at least. I also think that it is a boy name and not a girl name.
I don't like it for a Man, it's ok for a little boy but eventually that little boy will grow up and have to go to job interviews. I feel the same way about "Cory".
Macaulay and Kieran Culkin's (Home Alone) younger brother who is also an actor (Signs) is named Rory.
Rory is definitely a boys name. It makes me think of a little boy with curly hair. And maybe dungarees.
I don't like this as a girls' name because, while surnames are surnames and can, I suppose, be applied whenever they are most fit, Rory is originally a boys' name, and usually once names go over to the girls' camp they lose all masculinity. I think it's a better idea to choose a traditional female Irish name if an Irish name is what you want.
I come from Scotland and I've never heard of girls called Rory. Lots of boys I know are called Rory and I really like it as a guys name.
Positively fabulous on a girl.
I like this on a boy or girl.
Rory is kind of a hard name to say. When I try to say it and slip up, it reminds me of how dogs make the sound like "Ah roo roo roo roo."
*sigh* I've had this on my name list for a SON for years but now it's "going to the girls" and now I won't use it. I like it much more on a boy.
This is a really nice name but I like it best for a girl, I don't really like it for a boy. But I still think it is very nice.
My youngest son Gregory has the nickname Rory. Rather than shorten Gregory to Greg, we used the ending sounds and came up with Rory. It's perfect for him!
Rory is the name of Robert F. Kennedy's youngest daughter.
This name is kind of hard to say, because it doesn't have any consanants. I know r is a consanant, but your mouth stays open when you say it.
This is the name of the son on "8 Simple Rules (For Dating My Teenage Daughter)".
RORY is also a nickname for Riordan, Reardan, and Rordan.
I like Rory as a nickame for Aurora. I don't think it should be a given name to a girl though.
This is a great boys name. Very masculine. Not a great name for a girl.
I love the name Rory for a girl. It seems much too feminine to be a boy's name. When I think of this name I think of a cute little girl.
I prefer the name Rory for a boy but like it as a nickname for Aurora. I don't think I would use it as an independent name for a girl.
I adore this name for boys. It sounds so strong and masculine, and is NOT unisex. Sorry, but it's for the guys. I'd bet anything Rory's usage for girls began on the Gilmore Girls. A TV show! Come on.
(My above comment may have been slightly offensive. Sorry.)
Rory is a great name for a boy. I wouldn't use it for a girl.
This is a really sweet name but I think it is not a very good girls name. It's wonderful for a male though!
Rory is the name of a lion cub at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas.
I like the name Rory for a boy. I myself wouldn't use it for a girl.
Rory sounds like a nickname for a boy named Roland Richard. And I happen to have met a boy named Roland Richard, Richard was his middle name and funnily enough his last name was Richards! So, everybody called him "Rory" because well, it fitted him. To me, Rory is the person you like to know and you either like (but not love) or hate; he's dull, unflappable, down-to-earth...that's Rory.
This a lame name/nickname. Only because it reminds me of that show Gilmoreg Girls - I hate it! Rory is definitely a name for a boy though that will never take away its lameness.
Baby name guru and author Pamela Redmond Satran has a daughter named Rory.
Rory can be a nickname for Lorelai, Gloria or Glory, Victoria, Caroline, and others.
Rory is a girl on the T.V. show "The Gilmore Girls." In the show Rory is a nickname for Lorelai.

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