Tristan is a very handsome sounding name. I can definitely see it getting more popular in the future.
Extremely pretentious name that can't get to be popular here.
Tristian Thevenot, model bears a variation of this name.
I think this name is amazing. But people think it's for nerds. So what? Be good and show them who's boss! This name is awesome for a boy but horrible for a girl!
I consider this a more feminine name, I’ve met more girls named Tristan than boys.
So elegant and handsome!
If you are tempted to use it on a girl, please consider Trista instead.
I definitely prefer it for a boy. I think it's handsome.
I like the name Tristan, but for boys only! I hate it when people are naming their daughters this. Just because the ending sounds like "a" does not make it feminine.
I changed my name to Tristan and I always get compliments about how it's such a handsome and poetic name. No one thinks it is a posh name and I'm not posh. I get called Ris or TC. I love my name now and I have never met or seen another Tristan.
Tristan is a Pictish (early Scottish) name meaning future king. It’s not a Latin name, so it has nothing to do with the French word triste. It’s a very masculine name given to warriors and a Knight of the Round Table. It has rocketed in popularity where I live and my son loves his name, which is known as a hot guy’s name lol. It’s also associated with sports, as there are a few famous players with this name. There are no good nicknames, so my son is always called by his full name which I like. I only know of boys named Tristan, but it’s not unheard of for some parents to give their kids opposite-sex names. There’s a little girl at my church named Owen; her parents didn’t want her body to determine her gender, so they picked a boy’s name. That’s not my style, but to each their own- after all, according to Johnny Cash, there was a boy named Sue lol.
This name is chill, Tristan suits a boy way better than a girl.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
I like it for a boy. People are actually naming their daughters Tristan? Oh lord.
Name of the day 1-19-21.
"Tris" is a flame-retardant substance. If you're naming a character, "Tristan" or its other forms would make an excellent name for a firefighter!
I love the myth behind the name. Works for a girl too in my opinion.
Love it for a boy.
I really like it. Sounds so strong and handsome. I hate it on a girl, though. I'd use Kristen instead.
Not for a boy. Too feminine. Reminds me of Kristen.
The perfect male Hollywood name is Tristan Thor Henry, and it's mine.
My niece's name. Not sure why my sister choose this name for her daughter and her middle name is Jamison, which isn't obviously feminine. I think it sounds well enough with Jamison, though I prefer it as a masculine name. It also brings to mind Tristan Thompson.
One of my personal, all-time favorites.
My name is Tristan and it is a good name.
My friend is called Tristan, he's a boy and he's LOVELY. I prefer this name on a boy, however if you like it on a girl I don't see why you shouldn't name a girl Tristan. Tristan is a GREAT name!
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Tristan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 618th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 14 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Tristan who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 869th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Rare yet simple.
I saw where some Hollywood celebrity named their daughter James, so no wonder people think it's okay to name their daughter Tristan. I bet they end up calling James - Jamie anyway. Next there will be a generation of women named Thomas, Fred and David or Tom, Dick and Harry. If the girls are okay with their names then okay, that's fair. But it is very difficult to know how a young person is going to feel about their name. Sometimes a risky move fails miserably. Good luck to these girls.
Tristan is a man's name. Always has been. Just because you give the name to a girl doesn't make it a girl's name. You are completely ignoring the origin and history of the name. When I was a teenager I had a friend (girl) named Edward and her sister named George (not Georgette). Their father had a couple screws loose. Just because he named his daughters with men's names didn't somehow miraculously make the names unisex. Both of these girls changed their given names when they were adults. They became Ellena and Genevieve. Changing the spelling of a name to make it more feminine like changing Tristan to Tristyn changes the name and its meaning. It is no longer Tristan.
Funny on a girl.
At first I thought this name only sounded feminine, but now I can picture it on males too.
You know when I was younger I had a friend who was convinced Tristan was the masculine form of Beatrice.
Nice to know that my name basically means sad, lol. Given my life, it defines me very well.
Tristan Milos Trump is the third child of Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Haydon.
My name's Tristan and I’m a boy and I love my name. I wouldn’t change it ever!
It's funny seeing all these people saying that Tristan can't be used as a girls' name. My name is Tristyn. With a "y". I'm 21 years old and female, and I've never once been told that my name was too "masculine" for a girl. In fact, I get almost daily compliments on my name AND the spelling of it. Many people say that my name is unique and very beautiful. And just so people won't start to think that I'm one of those girls, I'm very feminine, love to dress up and wear heels and makeup. I'm not masculine, although I am strong, but because I ride horses. I'm not butch. I'm not manly. I'm a feminine woman that thinks that my name fits not only me as a girl, but it fits my personality. I'm strong minded and even stronger willed. And it works. The spelling is not ruined. The meaning is not ruined. I love my name, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
I think it is a muscular name and it is nice to have because not a lot of people have it. It has been in a lot of movies including Legends of the Falls, King Arthur, and Tristan and Isolde:)
My sister is naming her female child Tristan. I don't like it much. Why couldn't she use Kristin / Kristen or Isolde?
Oh, gosh! This name is perfect for a girl! It's almost as good as James, William, Jacob, Richard, John or Bob.
Naming a girl Tristan is like naming her John or William - sure, someone has probably done that, but it doesn't make John or William gender neutral/female names. And butchering it by spelling it Tristyn or relating it to Kristen, with no regard for the history and etymology of the name is just silly. Names aren't just a bunch of letters randomly put together.
There are loads of girl names you can choose. If a boy's name sounds soft, feminine, or whatever, it doesn't mean it's any less of a boy name. Male names can be soft too.
Tristan Taormino is an American feminist author, columnist, sex educator, activist, editor, speaker, radio host, and pornographic film director.
You know I used to like how this name looked and sounded, as it's not too common yet somewhat familiar, but I met a guy with this name who was very rude and inconsiderate towards me and that unfortunately made me change my mind :(
When I named my son Tristan in 1986 I was unfamiliar with any meaning of the name; it was simply the name of a little boy I had known years before.That year I had a very large dictionary of etymology, it being a hobby of mine from time to time. I was surprised to find the name Tristan in that dictionary, which explained about the possible connection to the Pictish (Scottish aborigine) name Drostan meaning bold; but said that the author of Tristan and Isolde actually "invented" the name Tristan, with "tris" indicating sorrow.To my further surprise, there was a quote from "Tristan and Isolde" in that dictionary -- a quote from Tristan's mother in the story of Tristan and Isolde, where she said, "I name him Tristan because he is born out of my sorrow."This was very interesting to me, because my entire pregnancy had been a time of great sorrow (although I cherished the life inside of me). What an amazing "coincidence" that was!Another reason I chose the name is that the sound of it always sounded to me like the name of a gentle and thoughtful person. These were qualities I certainly did want my son to have. It is a gentle name for a man.
Tristan Wren is the brother of Sabine Wren on the TV show Star Wars Rebels.
Tristan is found all over Europe but has different meanings according to the language. In Wales/Ireland, it means bold and is a noble warrior name (legends of the famous knight in Tristan and Isolde or King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table). Latin/French root of Triste may mean sad in France, but it's pretty popular in France so I'm guessing it's translated there as "sensitive" which is a quality the French like.Whether a warrior or a thinker (or both, a sensitive warrior!) this is a strong name.
My first name is Tristan and I was born in 1965. I have been traveling a lot and my name is pronounced in 3 different ways.
There is the French, English and Dutch/German pronunciation.
In either way - they all put the emphasis on the first syllable and never on the second.
In the tree language groups the first syllable is always pronounced the same in a short way "TRI".
The second part is that is pronounced in 3 different ways.
In the Latin languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French) the second syllable is pronounced long and in Dutch or English short.
The sound is different between English and Dutch/German.
In English the second syllable is pronounced like the English "can" and in dutch like the dutch name "Jan".
My parents saw the name on the poster of a Belgian pop-group in the sixties but also in the music of Wagner in the play "Tristan and Isolde".
My name is Tristan, and I am a girl. I'm 22 now, I was teased constantly as a child for it, but now that I'm older I quite like it. Also my parents didn't know the meaning of it, my mom mixed her two best friends names together to come up with it. I think that is so sweet that I would never really want to change my name.
It sounds like a soft, romantic name for an artsy, quiet type of guy. I do like it, but it's too common for my taste and I'm not keen on the potential nickname "Triss." I suppose I can understand how people think it's feminine, as it is awfully close to "Kristin" in sound. But I respect that it is not, in fact, a feminine name, and I suggest using the female variant "Trista" instead.
To all who believe Tristan or Trystan are girls names? You are not very intelligent. Really, that's what it comes down to. Ignorance and basically rhyming words. Kristen, Krystan, etc. Abroad the name/pronunciation -Tristan- and its variations of spelling, is considered a masculine name, masculine meaning- for men to clarify for the slow and persistent ones messaging and defending Tristan as a girls name. I've read all these comments thus far and concluded some posters are deliberately confusing people on gender names to further confuse the general public.. but that's a topic altogether you should all look at.
My name is Tristin and I'm a GIRL! The name Tristin can be used for a girl or a boy. I've never been made fun of because of my name and I don't think I will.
Tristan Evans, the lead drummer in The Vamps.
I have grown to like my name, Tristan. I don't like that people are naming their daughters Tristan. Growing up, my name was/is very unique, which is mostly a good thing, with the exception of getting into trouble. No one ever asks which Tristan or needed a last name for reference. The girl's really love my name, especially the Jessica's for some reason. Adults and the older generation love the history and pop-culture that Tristan brings to their mind. Growing up, kids thought my name was a girl's name and to me it sounds a little feminine to be honest. But I would have to say I have more than a few notches on the bed at 32 years old and am often reminded of Mr. Cash's song,"A boy named Tristan". I am very considerate, caring, loyal, and giving but definitely have the warrior side if need be. Hope that helps.
If Tristan is a unisex name simply because a few dozen unfortunate girls have been named that, then so are the likes of William. Yes, there were some - very few - lunatics who named their daughters William prior to the 1990s. The shame does not befall those of us educated enough to research statistics. It befalls the parents who gave their girls boys' names or boys girls' names. Regardless of how a name like Tristan sounds, if it has officially been a boys' name for centuries, it is a boys' name. It's better just to own up to it than go into denial.P.s.: Trista and Tristana are fine for girls, because the pronunciation - not just the spelling - changes to be more feminine in that they end with -a. Think Reno/Rena or Paul/Paula, for example.
My mother named me Tristan and constantly insists that it's a unisex name, therefore my concern that it is not a girl's name is inaccurate.I looked it up for reassurance, and sure enough I found several "it's cruel to name a girl Tristan" comments.Think before you post people, you just ruined a teenage girl's day, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.Names shouldn't have specified genders either way, this is a new era, and stuff like this shouldn't matter.Name your kids what you want.
I know a little girl named Tristan. I believe she was named this as a variation on "Kristen". Personally, I think this name is too feminine sounding for boys. Many people I know who aren't familiar with the name's history associate it with "Kristen".
Tristan was the name of Brad Pitt's character in the movie "Legends of the Fall." The meaning of the name "sad" or "sorrowful" was perfect for Tristan's tragic character. Brad Pitt as Tristan is credited for propelling the boy's name from # 451 in 1994 to # 68 in 1996 after the movie was released in 1995.After the movie's release, the name also began appearing on the poularity charts for girl's names in 1996. Although the sad meaning of the name causes some hesitation, I love the name and would have used it if I had a second child - boy or girl!
Tristan is also the middle name of Supernatural star, Jared Padalecki.
Tristan is a very sexy name for a guy! I love this name so much. It's classy, cute & amazing. :3.
My son is 18 and is named Tristan. I had no idea the name would become so popular. He got the 'triscuit' teasing too. They really have to stretch to come up with that one, but if that is the worst they say, no complaints here. I really abhor the boy's names for girls trend.
My 13-year-old son is named Tristan. We still like the name, although it does bother us a bit that— like so many other boys' names, it has become a girls' name as well. The only teasing my son gets about his name is when people call him Triscuit. But just about any other name on the planet has the potential for someone to find a similar word to use as a taunting nickname. He's not a sissy, by the way. I first heard the name from the James Harriot stories, although I definitely would not say my son is "named after" the rascally character in those books.
I'm surprised by all the comments arguing over Tristan's potential as a girls' name. I didn't even realize it was used on girls. Looking at the rankings from the different countries, it's clear that it's FAR more popular on boys. This is a good sign; Tristan won't be so associated with girls to the point that parents might be afraid to use it for their sons (which is what's currently happening with Avery).The people thinking it sounds feminine are probably associating it with the similar-sounding Kristin. In fact, Tristan for girls emerged in the US social security rankings as #979 in 1982, right after Kristin peeked at #31 in 1981.
I find it amusing that so many people think this is only a boys name. I'm 43, female and my name is Tristan. My name was very rare as I was growing up and only started to explode in popularity in the 90's. If I had a dollar for every dolt who told me that MY name is really a mans name, I'd be rich. In all reality, this is definitely one of those names that should fit in the gender neutral column.
Its only now, as an adult, that I know three other people (all male) named Tristan. I don't believe we have any similarities (except for two of us being born in the same decade), yet the same name seems to suit all of us. I pronounce my name as Tristun and have only ever heard others pronounce it this way too. I wouldn't want another name for me, but I chose very different names for my three sons.
Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife Actress Elsa Pataky named their twin boys born on March 18 2014, Tristan and Sasha.
Well my name is Tristen and I'm a girl... I see nothing wrong with a girl being named Tristan tho... If u don't like it that's your problem.. it doesn't effect you so you shouldn't care... Just Saying. People call it a masculine name.. I agree.. Im not a girly girl.. I have never worn a dress in my life, haha.
I completely take offence to people commenting Tristen (Tristan) is not a girls name. I am 28 years old and though I've never met a girl named Tristen, I absoultly love my name. Tristen Miranda- it has a pretty ring to it. It's not a masculine name. I'm a girly girl in every sense of the word. A friend of mine has vowed to name her first daughter after me. It's beautiful! I LOVE my name and have been told how beautiful it is. I've even had people tell me it should be a girls name. I agree with the comment of "it's your name enjoy it." If you wouldn't name your daughter Tristen, then please by all means don't. Tristean, my mom got my name from all my children too. That's just too funny! I LOVE that it's diffrent. And I met my first Tristan when I was 18. That's 18 years in a big city not knowing anybody with the same name. Which was awesome since in school every other kid was named James or Micheal or Ashley or Amanda.
I've met more males with this name. However, I'm a female and my name is Tristean. My parents decided to spell it with an "ean" to give it a "girlie" spelling. I've lived 30 years with this name and see it being used a lot more for females. I personally always liked it because it was different. Originally my mother got the name from a male character off All my children (yes, my mother was one of "those" people.) Hopefully it doesn't become overly popular.
I know twins named Tristan and Cole. I think the names together sound awesome!
I LOVE this name and was so sure on being able to use this for a future son, but it became super popular (for my standards at least) and so I've let go of that dream! Would probably still use it as a middle name option though. This name reminds me a lot of Dylan, which was also considered quite an obscure name with a more literary/romantic feel, and grew hugely in popularity. Since this medieval romantic-esque name has come back, here's to hoping for Percival, Theseus etc.'s turn in the popular name sphere one day! XDAnd this name is all-boy to me! Having Tristan as a girl name is equivalent to James or Benjamin as girl names to me, and some people may like that but I guess it's just not my cup of tea. (I don't like those gender-neutral or crossed-over-to-the-girls names like Bailey or Addison, either)I also find that there's a huge gender unbalance in this whole boys-names-for-girls mindset- you'd probably not want to name your son Karen or Sophie even if it sounded more "boyish" but boys names for girls are more okay. I've found that boy names on girls can be considered strong and feisty by some, but more girly-sounding names on boys sound "prissy" and would be subject to teasing. It's sad because then "masculine" traits are lauded but "feminine" traits are considered weak. I for one do like softer boy names such as Tristan, and it's not a bad thing to have a more gentle-sounding name for a boy!
I'm surprised this is as high as #89, because I've never met one besides my boyfriend in real life. But I love his name and he fits the profile - very sensitive romantic principled military guy.
The name Tristan was given to 87 baby girls born in the US in 2012. How sad.
Never even imagined someone would use this for a girl before reading these comments. It is such a guy's name and a girl named Tristan would be made fun of. Spelling it like Tristyn, etc, is stupid, but I would still assume the bearer to be male. I like this name because of its sound, and because it reminds me of a handsome knight.
Sorry, but it IS for a boy. I could say that Benjamin or Jonathan are for girls, but that wouldn't make it so. Anyway, regardless of this being a 'stolen' name (i.e. a traditionally masculine name now being given to females) as some above users have pointed out, we can at least be thankful that it's still predominantly masculine! At least it hasn't gone the way of Ashley, Aubrey, or Madison.Personally, I would never use it because the guy I knew named Tristan (spelled Triston) was the biggest jerk on the planet, so it's ruined for me :P.
I am a girl and my name is Tristan, and my parents did not name me for the meaning. They loved the way Tristan sounded for a boy or a girl. I have heard of a few other Tristans (all boys) and they love their name. It's unique and the best part is the name doesn't make the person. Tristan is the kind of name that fits a lot of people and you can make it your own. I constantly get complimented on my name. It's great to not just be another Emily or Sarah or Elizabeth. It doesn't matter how you spell Tristan. IT IS YOUR OWN NAME! I've seen it spelled Tristan, Tristen, Trystan, Tristyn, and Triston. It is a great name and you don't have to have the history define it. Make it your own! A name DOES NOT need a meaning, but if you want one, the meaning does not go away if the gender changes. Tristan also means "noise of arms" or "clanking sword", and it has a lot of history other than a star-crossed lover. BTW, it sounds like some of you are saying it wrong. It's Triss-tin. It can be very feminine if you say it right and you get the idea that it is for a boy out of your head.
A missing variant of the name is Dristan.
Tristan was the youngest son of King Philippe II o France and his second wife Agnes.
I just don't get the comments about it sounding more like a girl's name. How can you choose a name that will be with someone throughout their life without taking into consideration that this is a masculine name, and not only a masculine name, but the name of the MALE in one of history's most noted romances? I do NOT understand choosing a name just for the sound of it, and entirely lacking any awareness whatsoever of its meaning and history, or doing it even further insult by tacking on some stupid random spelling variation.
Definitely my number one name for a boy! Since my ideal husband would be Danish, and it's fairly well known in Denmark, he'd have no problem with it. I can also imagine Tristan on any man. The mythological aspect of the name also appeals to me, because I'm a fantasy fan and writer (you can probably tell by the word 'elf' in my username) and mythology is an inspiration for a lot of fantasy works.
I like this spelling of the name for boys, but for girls I would spell it either Tristen, Tristyn, or Tristanne (or something like that).
On its own, this name sounds very... heavy... in a way, at least to me. Depressing I guess. Although this is probably because I speak French and it pretty much sounds sort of like a bastardization of the French word 'Triste' which means sad. Makes me think of someone who constantly mopes around all day.Otherwise, it's actually a very nice name. I think as long as the child going by 'Tristan' is relatively cheerful, I would not make such an unfortunate association.
This name comes off as extremely metrosexual to me. Not that that's a bad thing, but if I wanted to give my son a manly name, Tristan wouldn't be my first choice.
Love this name, guess I'm partial, it's my 14 year old son's name, however it's spelled Trystan.
The name Tristan is a really cool boys name.
My brother's name is Tristan. I like it a lot. It's ALL boy to me.
I think it's cool sounding, and does have a certain strong masculine feeling to it. On the other hand, I don't think it will fit too well on a guy in his thirties, much less an old man.
Tristan is a lovely name for a boy; on a girl I think that Trista is better.
There is a very handsome, cocky, bit of a trouble-making boy in my class named Tristan, and I really think the name fits.
For me, instead of thinking of Tristan and Isolde, I think of Tristan from Yu-Gi-Oh! first. Which, in my case, is a pretty good association.
It's from an Old Welsh word for "noisy one"; "clamor". Confused with Tristram; Tristan is mentioned as a Knight of the Round Table in the Arthurian sagas.
I love this name, though the only Tristan I've met was a girl. Still, it sounds very masculine.
Tristan is a BOY name. Tristessa is the girl version.
Tristan is one of my all-time favorite names. I've heard the story of Tristan and Isolde, but the name has grown more on me after I watched Legends of the Fall (also a favorite) with Brad Pitt's character named Tristan. I also like it as a girl name, but it should probably be spelled differently (Trystan, Tristyn) to avoid confusion. I think it's a very masculine and classic name, with a slightly sad element to it.
Tristam Shandy is a famous 18th Century Novel by Laurence Sterne and also the name of a great opera by Wagner on which the 2005 movie is based.
Although it sounds nice, a good mix of proper and down to earth, the meaning of this name is morbid.The root of the name is the word "sad" in Latin and other Latin-based languages. Though in English, the word tryst is maybe even related to the story of Tristan and Isolde. I also find it negative, because its medieval variant is 'Tristram', which I associate with the dark and apocalyptic song in Diablo 2. I doubt many people would make that connection though.
Wonderful name, but it does seem a little soft to be only used for males.
Go ahead and name your daughters this, it's your kid anyway.
Woman at 65, her hair gray and interminable bags under her eyes. She is the first female American president, and probably the most successful.
Of course she changed her name from Tristan. Even if it wasn't her respectable husband's name, she would.
I named my son Tristan and absolutely love the name for a boy. I am not saying one cannot name their child Tristan for a girl, but to me it is definitely a boys name. I have heard it both ways and will not criticize anyone's choices in what they name their child, however there are several criticisms made in this site referring to Tristan being more feminine and one who names their child this for a boy is creating an atmosphere for ridicule and being considered prissy. I don't agree, obviously and history shows this name has a male dominance and is just another one of those names that are liked so well that one has a girl and wants to use it so therefore justifies their choice by stating it is more feminine and boys with it are prissy.
I like one other post, "a name doesn't make the person, the person makes the name".
I actually like this name on a boy. It's a shame that it's trendy right now. It sounds quite masculine, so it just looks stupid on a girl. I also hate the misspellings.
(Tristan is a masculine name through and through! The feminine forms are Trista and Tristana.)"Tristana" is a 1970 Spanish film starring Catherine Deneuve in the title role. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.I believe Tristana is the Spanish feminine form of Tristan, then.
Tristan is a fine masculine name and I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would suggest it for a girl, it would be like calling her Bob or Kevin. Calling a girl Tristan shows a clear lack of knowledge not to mention laziness by the parents. I could never name a child without delving into the meaning or history of a name as to not do so potentially setting them up for ridicule throughout their life. I have adored this name since I saw Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall - the least feminine character imaginable!
I'm sorry but that is just what comes into my head when I hear this name. I met a boy called Tristan not long ago and I was like 'Did you know, your name is on a film called Stardust?' I wouldn't make such a big deal but I LOVE that film! And the book is cool too, and yeah I know it's spelt different in the book but I prefer the way it is in the film. And it is quite a cool name.
Once in a French class in school we had to say how we were feeling and my friend wanted to say 'I am sad' but instead of saying 'Je suis triste' she said 'Je suis Tristan' by accident so we all called her Tristan for ages afterwards and really got on her nerves!
The Australian actor Tristan Rogers has played Robert Scorpio on the soap opera General Hospital, and now General Hospital: Night Shift, on and off for 50,000 years.
According to T. H. White's The Once and Future King, Sir Tristan was a cad.
I really hate this name. It has both a hideous look and sound. It's a masculine name by the way and when it's used on a woman it sounds a thousand times worse. This name is disgusting.
The main character in Anthony Burgess' "The Wanting Seed" is named Tristan, I think. He is a teacher in the future where the world is horribly over populated. Eventually, society collapses and people turn to cannibalism. The book is very disturbing, much more than "A Clockwork Orange."
I think Tristan is a wonderful boy name, but I wouldn't exactly describe it as strong, at least not in the hard warrior kind of way. I think it sounds more like a nice gentleman, perhaps on the lean side. Intelligent even. But not strong really.It's pretty on a girl too, if spelt a little different like "Tristin". But not as interesting.
I'm a Tristan, and I must say that I absolutely love this name. It just has this feeling to it that many other names just don't. Also, I've never been teased about it; in fact, several people have told me that my name is absolutely gorgeous!
I'm iffy on using it as a girl's name however. It feels a little odd, though "Tristyn" is a nice way to adapt it for feminine use.
My name is Tristan and it is not a girl's name. I'm 29 years old and I get complimented on my name almost daily. I'm not prissy, but I am a "sensitive warrior" much like the fabled tale. This name is a strong one and it's hard for me to see it turn into a girl's name, but they did it to Taylor, Morgan, Tyler and beyond. I'm just glad my name's not Sue. :)
Neville Longbottom's toad was named Trevor, not Tristan. Tristan is also a character in two of Ann Rice's "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy (listed under her pseudopen name.) Tristan is also named in Thomas Mallory's "Le Morte de Author" which considered by some scholars as the most complete and oldest versions of the King Author stories. In Mallory's writings Tristan is definitely a knight of the round table. In both cases Tristan is definitely not a girl or feminine in any way!
I very much prefer this on a boy because 99% of the Tristans I know are MALES. Naming a girl Tristan is just tacky and insipid. Why is it such a trend for people to use boy names for girls? There are enough beautiful female names as it is. If people continue to do this, then they might as well name their sons Emily or Samantha.
I like this name a lot, and I find it quite beautiful, but it's become so damn common that it isn't going to sound very exciting when all these little Tristans are in their teens. I don't like it when people use this name on girls. It's a masculine name, just like Aidan and many other names that have this ending, and it was the name of a male character in the well-known story about Tristan and Isolde. If you like this name and have a baby daughter to name, go for Trista.
Some people insist on using boy's names for girls and vice versa. And if the name is obviously masculine or feminine they bend the correct spelling of the name to their whims, regardless of the fact that these spellings convey the meaning and if they are arbitrarily changed the meaning will be ruined if the name does not become outright meaningless. It is what I can't understand. Tristan is another example of this fashionable but quite meaningless trend. Everybody knows it is masculine and most people even know the famous legend but again they insist on using it for a girl or changing the spelling. And to the parent in the post above (Starla-Marie_1993) who named her daughter tristyn, couldn't you be happy with a proper name without ruining the spelling and meaning of a wonderful name?
"Tristan and Isolde" is a great love story, no doubt. Tristan was a manly, heroic, romantic figure as well. However, the name Tristan belongs in the pages of myth, not stuck on a poor little boy in the 21st century. It's just too effeminate today. Sounds like name of a gay hairdresser. Perhaps that's what some mothers want their sons to grow up to be.
I will never understand people's urge to turn perfectly respectable boy names into girl names. There are SO many lovely girl names to be had. I love the name Tristan for a boy, as it was intended to be. If anything, it has a heroic connotation to me, though I admittedly know nothing about the tale of Tristan and Isolde. (Perhaps that connotation came from watching "Legends of the Fall".) I think it's ignorant to call this "pop-Celtic trash" or to say so assuredly that a boy will be teased for this name. That's absolutely ridiculous. There's nothing feminine about it!
I think this a great name for a BOY. TristA is a fine name for girls but Tristan *Trist-on* makes me think of a sensitive Knight, NOT lady. A warrior who is also classic, proud, sexy, in touch with the earth.As for trashy pop-celtic stuff 'like Enya', I'll have you know that Enya is a true Gaelic speaker whose English is a second language. I think if she has anything to do with 'pop-celt' it is in accidental inspiration only, of people who have no real Celtic heritage and obviously not enough sense to delve into the historical Celtic peoples. Anyone who, like myself has Celtic heritage and an understanding of the historical context of names like this have the unsavory task of sharing this name with idiotic people who think Celts wore silken green dresses and golden headbands and spent their days sitting under trees playing harps. There is nothing wrong or trashy about this name, until it's used like Tyler, Taylor, Shannon, or Aidan. And warped into a unisex fad name. Theres nothing wrong with popularity, but geeze, how about picking names based on their meaning and gender and your heritage instead of what is cool or acceptable this week in helly-wood. And as for being teased, why don't we all work on teaching our kids not to be bullies. Do you want your kid to be what is acceptable to this trashy, trivial, and fake society "but oh he'd be called prissy" or someone worthy of this name and heritage? This is a noble name.
Look, it's a great name from a great story, but do NOT name your child Tristan, especially if you have a boy. We're not living in medieval Europe. To modern American ears, it's a really prissy, sissy name, like Percival and your son will hate you. I think only dopey mothers who are too into pop-Celtic trash like Enya would like this name.
Tristan is also used in France and is derived for the French word for sad (triste). It sounds better in a Francais accent and less feminine when pronounced Trees-stahn, not Tris-tin (like Kristin).
Bad name for either sex, very trashy and overused.
In Welsh Tristan means "bold". Another variation of Tristan is Trystan, Trysten, or Tristen.
I loved the name and the story and then years later I saw they made a film and in my opinion ruined all love I had for the name.
I LOVE the name Tristan! It is such a good name for a boy, very masculine and cool! Don't like it for a girl. I know it sounds like Kristin, but just not a girl's name. This is also one of my sister's all-time favorite names. Plus, I love Stardust! And Tristan! :)
Tristan the main male character in Stardust. He's ordinary in every way (or so he believes), and is constantly shot down. However, when a star falls, he escapes over the wall that surrounds his village (named "Wall" for its enclosure), and into the magical world beyond it in search of the star for his beloved. However, Tristan soon finds that the star is not just a hunk of rock, but that it is in fact a beautiful and spunky woman by the name of Yvaine. Tristan is still determined to bring Yvaine back to Wall, but as their journey grows more and more treacherous in nature, they grow closer together, and, by the end of the story, live happily ever after and Tristan's obnoxious lady in Wall is forgotten (because that's how these things go).
Actually, in the book it is written with an R: 'Tristran'. I don't know if this is supposed to be pronounced trist-ran, but I'm pretty sure they don't in the film, so it wouldn't be hard to make this mistake. I saw the film, then read the book, and I was already at Chapter 3 when I noticed it was spelt differently. LOL.
I think that we just have to live with the fact that some names are unisex, like Skylar, Tyler, Taylor, Rene (Renee), Robin, Shawn, AND Tristan. Then it's up to the parents on the spelling. I know a mother who named her girl Giovanni, knowing this is a boy's name, and has told her little girl all along that it IS a boy's name. In some cultures some girls are given boy's names and some boys are given girl's names. When in Spain I knew a woman named Jose and a man named Maria. I have a grandniece named Harleigh (not Harley) Skylar, and another soon to be born who is named Tristan.
Seriously people, do not name your children Tristan and Isolde unless you are ready to face endless incest jokes. Same goes for Romeo and Juliet.But I love Tristan. It is a good strong name. I think Tristan James sounds great.
It's a gorgeous classy name and we're calling our son Tristan. It's really not right for a girl, it's far too masculine.
Also used as a boy's name in Slovenia.
I love the story of Tristan and Isolde, and while I dislike the name Isolde, I just love Tristan. It's gorgeous! In my opinion, Tristan is very masculine name, and I'd never use it as girl's name.
The name of Siegfried Farnon's hilarious brother in "All Creatures Great and Small" by James Herriot.
Tristan is the Norwegian name for Neville Longbottom's (Nilus Langballe here) toad in the Harry Potter books. I thought of it as cute, trist means sad here, and that just struck me as he might just be that when trying to escape so often.
At first I thought it was more a girl's name but now it seems to actually be a boy's name. So I can understand why girls and boys are named Tristan, it's a good name overall.
As an older sister to a very sensitive, cocky, athletic, handsome Tristan, I think it was a good fit for him. Personally, I wouldn't ever name my kid that, or want my grandkids to be named Tristan, but it seems to work well for my bro. However, I think he makes the name, not the name making him the way he is.
Great name for a boy, not so great name for a girl. Why does it seem like all the boys names are being used for girls?!
I think this is a good name for a boy OR a girl. I dunno why, that's just me.
I really like the name Tristan. It's very classy!
I like this name and am thinking of someday naming my son this. As for it being "fairy" or "prissy" it definitely is not. I know a Tristan and he is very athletic and in no way girly. It's alright for a girl but much better for a boy.
I think this is a great name for a boy! I may consider this name for any future sons I may have. It makes me think of someone very handsome.
Tristan is a wonderful name and yes it is also Celtic and means the one who is heard.
I was on a website that said Tristan was Celtic and meant the one who is heard. I really like this name. It reminds me of a person who would be romantic and sensitive but at the same time knew how to be manly. It's a great name.
The name seems too old-fashioned to me to use at all, and for a girl it seems completely ridiculous - it'd be like naming a girl Romeo or Lancelot.
I can't believe everyone is saying this is a masculine name. The name "Peter" is a masculine name. Tristan is sounds like a girl's name. If I didn't personally know that Tristan is a man's name, I would think that all the Tristans I know are girls. And all the Tristans I know are not strong and the hero/warrior type. They are the "fairy" or "Prissy" boys. If I have a son I don't want him to be a prissy boy. I would want him to be masculine and strong. Tristan is neither masculine nor strong. Please, everyone who likes the name Tristan, don't give it to your son. He will be made fun of!
I named my son Tristan after watching Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt. For the last poster that said that the name "Peter" sounds masculine and the name "Tristan" does not, what are you smoking? Peter Pan? The dork that runs around with green tights? Oh! Okay! Tristan is a beautiful name, very masculine and very modern. Untrue about any picking in school - Tristan has many friends that think he's "cool" because of his name! If I had to do it again, I would name my son Tristan all over again!
I agree. Tristan is extremely masculine. Just because it rhymes with "Kristen/Kristin" doesn't mean it's feminine! My first association with it was that it sounded like "Kristen/Kristin", but I love it now, and that association was easy to overcome. No, no, no, Peter and Tristan are on the same masculinity page, in my book.
I love this name for a boy, NOT NOT NOT for a girl! (Why must we always ruin boys' names by turning them into girls' names?!) I love the sibset combo of Tristan and Ian.
I like the French version of it. The English one is kind of ew.
Tristan is the main character in Robert Newcomb's "Chronicles of Blood and Stone." He is a Chosen One, with his twin sister, Shaliha.
This is my absolute favorite boys name! It makes such a nice sound, and is so sensitive and handsome. I also love the legend 'Tristan & Isolde". The only way that I won't use this name for my first son is if I marry someone whose surname is "Preston", or something. I think it's very sad when girls are named this. It's obviously a very masculine name. I hope this doesn't get too popular. If 'Tristan' becomes the second 'Tyler', I'd die!
I have to say that I love the name Tristan, especially for a girl! My 4-year-old sister is named this, but we spell it Tristyn, with a y at the end to make it more feminine. She had come at a time of sorrow in my family after a miscarriage, and now it is forever happy! Tristyn is a fun-loving girly-girl, loves ponies, Barbies and the colour pink. And I can truly say that she lights up every room she goes into! Feel free to use this name on your girls because it is the perfect mix of modern and classic, and cute as can be!
I actually prefer this for a girl, Tristan Skye or Tristan Rose. ;)
Tristan is the name of one of Yugi Mutou's friends from the anime show Yu-Gi-Oh!
Trista would be better for a girl. The name Tristan isn't too bad for a boy.
I hate this as a girls name, no offense. It's too "strong" and it reminds me of James Franco, the star of the 2005 movie 'Tristan and Isolde'. Though I so like the name Trista as a girls name. :)
When looking for names for our daughter 3 years ago, the baby name book we chose had Tristan listed under girls names as well, we chose it, and in the last 3 years, we have met more parents who have as well. It is becoming a more popular girls name as well.
The correct Latin word for "sad" is tristis/triste - not tristus. Happily, Joe. [noted -ed]
I will name my son Tristan, and my daughter Isolde. Beautiful names.
For the poster who said that they'd name their son Tristan and their daughter Isolde, do you not find that at all odd? Tristan and Isolde is a love story, similar to that of Romeo and Juliet. Not exactly conducive to a brother/sister relationship.
I think the earlier commenter's idea of naming her children Tristan and Isolde is a great idea. When her children fall in love and have kids together, they can name them Romeo and Juliet. And when Romeo and Juliet fall in love and have a kid together, they can name their little child Incesta.
I might name my son Tristan OR my daughter Isolde, but not both as sibsets.
As a child, I disliked this name because of the meaning. My Grams would tell me the story of Tristan and Isolde and I'd say 'why would she give her son such a sad name?' But, after hearing the story so many times it's certainly grown on me - to the point where I'm definitely giving my first son this name. It's tragic and romantic. I see Tristan as being the name of a sensitive warrior - a man who stands by his principles and morals and yet is still a man. A good man.So, even though it has such a sad meaning, the connotation for me is a wonderful one - Tristan to me means hero.
This is all the information I have on this name. It is from the Welsh root name Tristan meaning "clever one". May have also been the name of one of the knights of the round table.
I'm not quite sure if I'm right, but TRISTAN means ''the sad one'' in Spanish.

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