alma_aindop's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
Aidan m & f  Mainly masculine, but can be for girls as well 
Alexis f
Allegra f
Alma 1 f
Amalia f
Andromeda f
Aoibhe f  Pronounced like Eva 
Briony f
Catharina f
Claire f
Clíodhna f  KLEE-on-a 
Constanza f
Delilah f
Domenica f
Eireann f  Pronounced AIR-rin 
Elena f
Emilia f
Emma f
Erin f  Pronounced EH-rin (with the 'e' like 'pet') 
Esther f
Evangeline f
Evelyn f  EV-lin 
Guinevere f
Gwenda f
Harriet f
Harriett f
Iliana f
Indigo f  Never ever for a boy 
Iris f
Isobel f
Keira f
Liat f  lee-aht 
Lila 1 f
Luna f
Lyra f
Maëlle f
Máire f  MY-ra 
Maria f
Pandora f
Penelope f
Persephone f
Piper f
Psyche f
Ráichéal f
Saoirse f  SEER-sha 
Scarlett f
Skye f
Spencer m & f  My favourite boy's name (which I think can also work on a girl) 
Stella 1 f
Storm f  Only as a middle name 
Zachary m  nn - Zach